South Jersey Buffy Weekend 3

I decided to add names to the faces. But I have a poor memory for names and didn't get them all. If you see a name I missed, let me know. Looking back at these, there were shots I wanted and didn't get and people who were there that I either didn't get or didn't get well. So if anyone isn't completely satisfied with what they see here, neither am I.

My thanks to all of you who did not object to having your picture here.

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Friday night at Copperfields
Friday night at Copperfields
deadguy, Sentinel and daughter
Ivy's on the right. Can't remember the other two. Sorry.
Mar, Kiera, Kiera's guest, RedThunder, DELiver
Belmont and tiggy3323
Mr Margot LeFay, Margo LeFay, Buffyenta
Margot, Buffyenta,the top of Willowjadia's head, St.Germain, Dianne, FASTEDDIE, OzLady, someone, Petrona's guest, Dr. Mr. OzLady and Ozlet
LeatherJacket, Petrona, valMichael, Mrs Beasley, Phil PhuD
Petrona's guest, Dr. Mr OzLady and Ozlet#2, Genevieve's Lucie, LenS, Dao Jones, Seniorslayer
Mrs. Dak and Dak
SweePer, Mercy, and Dao Jones
Fatima, St.Germain,Dianne, Margot
A bunch of people in the background with FASTEDDIE standing
FASTEDDIE, valMichael and two people I can't put names to
Genevieve's Lucie, LenS, Phil PhuD
Fatima, LeatherJacket, Belmont.
No, I'm not that bad. I was taking a picture of the kids in the background
Mr. ED and EverDawn
Little Phud, Phil PhuD, Mrs. PhuD
LenS, Belmont, tiggy3323, Buffyenta, Newfan, Genevieve's Lucie, St.Germain, Cricket, Dao Jones, Mr. ED
Sunday brunch at Sage
Sunday brunch at Sage
same table different angle
Don't know what the heart hangy thing is. I never noticed it until I started adding these captions. Observant, that's me.
Sunday brunch at Sage
The OzLady family
Sunday brunch at Sage
Ivy and Cricket
Sunday brunch at Sage
The deadguy family
Sunday brunch at Sage
Sunday brunch at Sage
same table different angle