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Dunlin says:
(Thu Jul 17 22:10:31 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 22:11:23 2003
gin soaked boy

Fine. You asked for it. You'll have to scroll down to about the middle of the page to the appropriate picture, since the article's long and has to do with happy meals. I'm sure you'll recognize the thing when you see it. It would be the big purple thing standing next to the Spawn of Evil. Mwaaa ha ha ha ha.

Yes, a movie is indeed the ticket, I do think. More than one. Three? Eighteen? Let's hold out for a franchise!

^ v
newtlette says:
(Thu Jul 17 22:10:02 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello Cutie: You know what? My mom says come over and get your damn book if you want it so much. Ha ha! That's not what she said but I'm not old enough to relay messages. She left you a message on your answering machine, if it's really your answering machine. Why don't you just call her already.

KAM: My mom is way ahead of you. She lets me suck on Frappuccino lids while she is posting on the computer (my brother thinks she is working! boy is he dumb!)

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 22:08:46 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Happy 5 year Postiversary, Beldin!!!!!

newtlet: That's a wonderful joke, honey. Your mother must be very proud of you. :)

^ v
newtlet says:
(Thu Jul 17 22:03:59 2003 [Edit/Delete]
darcie: Sure Vinnie can come. The more poop the merrier.

Superella: Just because I'm potty-trained doesn't mean I don't know to make a mess with poop! (What? No one wants to know this???)

eirefaerie: I know YOU will appreciate my excellent poop joke. I made it up myself, and I laugh so hard every time I tell it, which is often. Yes, my mommy will sure miss me. It goes like this: "What did the diaper say to the pee and poop?" "Get stinky!" Ha ha ha ha ha HA!!! Isn't that funny? Feel free to tell all your friends.

Superella again: Wow I am so glad you asked about my super-cool science experiment! Actually, I suggest you try this at home - it is really easy and all you need is a bunch of dirty pennies. You put them in whatever you want for five minutes, rub them off and see which ones are the cleanest. It doesn't even make a mess. Kind of disappointing.

Anyway, when they tried this on Zoom, tomato juice was by far the winner over lemon juice, vinegar and Coke. At home we tried a bunch of other stuff and the big winner was Tabasco sauce, also ketchup, salsa and - surprise - yogurt! I think someone like valMichael will be able to explain this to us.

My mom thought of trying the Tabasco sauce because when she used to work at Taco Bell when she was "young" (ha ha ha! she was never young!) she and her co-workers used to put pennies in the little packets of hot sauce and shake them and they'd get all clean. What a hoot. You can see where I get my ideas of fun.

^ v
darcie says:
(Thu Jul 17 22:03:10 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Happy Postiversary, Beldin!!


This month (dunno what day) is my one-year postiversary, and you being here is part of the reason I likes it so much!

^ v
Liz says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:57:19 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Crossover- Have I failed to mention how naive I am? I am a jerk magnet, but cannot understand beta jargon. Am I falling into the generation gap already? Thanks for the email.

^ v
Kessie says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:56:12 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 22:04:22 2003
Princess of Darkness
hm i will only believe she is getting back to me when i see it .. probably neither will get back to us ..( so no bet happening .. i can see Rebecca crying right now lol) and the other *guys* probably wont either *sigh* btw did you read colours yet? really interested what you think of it hehe! Oh and do we still write an Angel ep like we planned some time ago? lol

that really sounds fun *g* i just want to have august now cause then i have holidays .. *sigh* I just hate exam period ...

*poof *

hm i know what you mean with a decent job .. i´m studying english and law at the momemt ... so this helps me with both with writing and getting another job first! btw what is Ramen? never heared that word before! *g* But that might just be because i´m from Germany..
POD and me are also planníng to move to LA some day .. which might not be easy cause getting a greencard is hard *sigh* anyway i refuse to give up yet! ;)

^ v
Beldin says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:53:04 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 21:54:05 2003
Here now.

Five years. One half a decade. One twentieth of a century. A long time. It would probably be fitting to mark this day with a grand and glorious post but I am neither grand nor glorious. Tana *smooch* used to accuse me of rambling. I've never figured that one out but I wish it was true 'cause then it would be easy to string along a bunch of words that would somehow make a readable and meaningful post. But I don't know what to say. If I say how I found a place called "The Bronze" through a Yahoo! internet search on July 1, 1998 and lurked seventeen days reading every single post through a weeks work of archives I would simply be repeating what I said last year. And those who've read my posts for the last five years know how I hate to repeat myself. I could say how the wonderful EverDawn and the wonderful Jubilee responded to a very timid first post and made me welcome. But that would also be repeating what I said last year. And I hate doing that. I could mention some names that were there that have vanished. And new names that have come. I could mention the three SJBWs I've managed to attend and the SJBWiAO I've mangaged to miss. Next year, I swear How do you cram five years worth of posting and lurking and lurking and posting, through WITTs and VIPs and debates and arguments and arguments about debating and reviews and laughter and tears and board closings and board openings into one postmuch less one sentence? I don't have it in me. So I'll take the easy way out and repeat what I said last year. Thanks. It's been a grand four five years.

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:47:54 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Lol about *ping*. *ping* is not an attack sweetie. It means that I have sent you an e about it. Have a look in your e-mail and there should be one there form me.


^ v
BlackMagickBitsy says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:41:15 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Thank you to all who spelled my alias correctly. *weg*

DaddyCatALSO-Hey! Sadly today is not my birthday. My b-day was 2 months and 5 days ago. :o)

eirefairie-I'm ok. Still wondering how I got yayed. I think this was the second time.

Kessie-Yep, writing is my dream job. But unlike other writers I simply refuse to be poor. So I'm going to tech school to get a degree in Info Technology so when I move to Cali I'll have a decent job. Unless you're independently wealthy or love eating Ramen(I prefer the stuff in the cups) you'll need steady employment until you're able to write full-time. I'm hoping I win the Lotto otr Publisher's Clearing House. ;)

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:34:51 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Nirvana1 I'm sorry, I don't think your message was quite clear. Exactly *where* was Spike again??? *eg*

genrefan You read my mind. That is exactly what I had in mind with Giles and Jenny. Call it the hopeless romantic in me.

^ v
Liz says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:34:00 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Crossover- Explain "ping". From the text, I may have offended you, but I didn't mean to. I must have read or intrepreted wrong about the CD. I thought you had produced a cd and wanted to show my support for you and try it out. Sorry I misunderstood. No hard feelings?

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:27:09 2003 [Edit/Delete]
darcie: It's a fun word to say. Poop!! pooooooooooooooooop!!!!!


^ v
Liz says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:26:02 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Gotta run. Be back later!

^ v
darcie says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:25:54 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 21:26:34 2003
VIP eirefaerie ~ Eeeew. What is it with the poop fixation?

newtlet, newtlette, Superella ~ Can Vinnie come play too? He won't be any bother. Really, all he does is eat, sleep and poop so far. He needs to find some friends. *nod*

Edited because ooh and eeeew have different meanings.

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:23:55 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Princess of Darkness

I do hope this mail strike here doesn't happen, or if it does it doesn't take very long.


*ping* about the CD.

Do you have a VCR? When someone calls me in the middle of something I usually just put a tape on it and then watch it after it's over. I know the feeling though.

The vibe I got off Scott even before the show started when I saw his picture on the website, I thought he looked really conceited. It turns out that he was conceited in a way that was different than I thought. I thought it would be in a pretty boy way, but it turned out to be in a nasty hurtful to others way.

I think that Justin is exceptionally intelligent, and is physically capable of anything. He's formed an alliance early on with Jee and Frank, which will help. Jee is HoH this week, so those three will carry on until next week. Assuming one of the seven (which were eight at the start) goes this week, it'll come down to six on three, with one non-allied person. (Michelle).

I've got to believe that Allison will go because she's annoying, and that she will probably be next. Jee may seek revenge on Nathan for nominating him though. Who knows. What do you think? Who do you think will win at this stage?

I was being my inquisitive self and noticed you have a CD out. That is wonderful. Where may I go to purchase a copy?

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:23:06 2003 [Edit/Delete]
that might be true! ;)

Im poofing...need sleep...and my Book...yes its Chosen...I still not over the end of Buffy *sigh*


^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:21:00 2003 [Edit/Delete]
darcie: A living off a webcam, eh? Well, I am almost always nekkid while posting (but that's just cause Texas is damn hot. Less clothes the better), so maybe that's an idea. I already know she has bigger boobs than me! She is CleavageDi after all.

Mr. Holtz: Glad I could help!

Superella: Borrow some of your brother's doodoo. Everyone likes doodoo.

^ v
Mr. Holtz says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:13:19 2003 [Edit/Delete]
darcie: Hallo, sexy. *eg*. *smoooooooooooootch*.

^ v
Terwilliger says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:12:47 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM: It's more a generic "How ya doin?" than a literal thing. It also doubles as a nifty Futurama reference.

Also, the Orange Dew, despite being Dew, is way way better than anything Dew should be. It is worth drinking.


(Knew I should have kicked it off with "Kurohito must die.")

^ v
darcie says:
(Thu Jul 17 21:08:03 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Holtzie ~ Hi, babe. *Smooooootch*

gin soaked boy ~hi. Can I just say how much I *heart* your name? Truly.

VIP eirefaerie ~ Well, she's claiming superiority over you too, ya know. So you gotta post yours too. We'll make a fortune at this rate. Job? Who needs a job? I'll just make my fortune off of my web-cam. *nod*

Or maybe not. 'Cause, ick.

^ v
Will says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:59:42 2003| [Edit/Delete]
Have a nice night everyone.


^ v
Liz says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:58:49 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Crossover-Shall I call you Friday night to remind you! I do that all the time and it drives me crazy. What's worse, when I do remember, talkative people tend to call. Being the incredibly nice person that I am, I sit and listen. What a gal!

I believe Scott needs help, but I still think he is jerk like. I've know sooo many, I can usually spot them a mile away. The first night, even before Amanda came in, I felt this way. He does need some lithium,paxil, therapy or something, you're right.

You think Justin will take it? Jack said he was the biggest threat there when they did spy type montage thing with the FBI ish music in the background. Very Jack Ryan.

I was being my inquisitive self and noticed you have a CD out. That is wonderful. Where may I go to purchase a copy?

^ v
Tiamat says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:58:09 2003 [Edit/Delete]
wolfguard: Re: Emmys ... see my post at Thu Jul 17 15:00:39 2003 for the list of those who would receive an Emmy IF Buffy or Firefly were to win ...

Princess of Darkness: A good majority of the Academy (of television arts & sciences) are older people. According to Mike Davis at Tv Guide magazine, it usually takes the Academy about 7 years to catch up to what is hip & happening (i.e., Buffy / Angel / Firefly) ...

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:57:39 2003 [Edit/Delete]

I can find Buffy dvd seasons for about $50 and sometimes less. X-Files is about $80. It seems almost impossibly good.

^ v
Mr. Holtz says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:54:39 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Hate having to uber-scroll, so thankfully, I don't have to anymore. This is of the good.

littlexander: Ooh... alternate S5. Email is on the way. Though, I don't know when you'll get to read it. I haven't written quite as much as I said I would, but, I've done another scene. I wanted to do more, but I'm kind of thinking we should come together and figure out where the whole thing's going. And I could have just emailed you this whole paragraph, couldn't I? Meh.

helygen: Yay days are always good. How am I? I'm goooood thank you. Certainly better than I was, but, quite honestly, I think Suicidal Dave, the most depressed man this side of the Danube, was actually happier than I was a couple of weeks ago. Shame you won't be able to go to Oxford. But, there'll be other meetings. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking about one in Liverpool, though, I don't really know anyone who lives that close, except for you and littlexander. It'll probably never come to anything, on account of I'm useless at organising stuff.

eirefaerie: Cheers, luv. I feel better now. Well, I've actually felt better for, like, a week, but I mean, that comment helped. So, yay. *g*

Nikka: *Smooooooooooooooooch*. Because I wanted to. And you're standing there looking all... smoochable. I could hardly not, could I?

LittleFearDemon: I have now succesfully passed the 'meh' stage. I'm now pretty much back to normal. And, yes, the 'dagger in my heart' phase, well, I'd already been through that. Have you heard that song that's been on the radio lately that goes something like 'Why don't you listen to me? What is the problem, baby?' Well, the lyrics remind me of the latter days of me and my now-ex-girlfriend's relationship. Anyway.. .over it now. Better. Yay.

Oh, and then there were the quiz answers. Well done, everyone. You all got some right. I can't be bothered giving the marks now. I'm so lazy.

SOs and RSOs to: _star_, abt, alantie, Algerina, Allyson, Almond, Amarra (the rockingest girl this side of Nadia ‘Rocky’ Rockson, lead singer in the group The Rocking Rockiness. *smoooooooooch*), Angel_Smile, angel4ad, Angelized, Anyanka, anyas_wrath, Aramina, aub, ausTurtle, Batcat, bitemeagain, BtVSFunatic, buffsgal, Buffy_Addict, buffywchs, Bugg, CarpeDi, Cashmere, Christopher Marlowe, Comteacher, corrupteroffire, corsa_am, Cushy, darcie (sexier than any woman has the legal right to be… *kisses*), Darkest_Sin, dayzee, Django, Dogmeat, DreamOn, Dru242, DSOAA, dudley, ektagraph, Erika Amato, Fantasma (who pretty much just rocks), Fellow Passions Fan, Firephly, FortuneTeller, fraggle_red, gabriella, Genevieve's Lucie, GoddessIris, gordy, GORGOYLESHEAD, gothicwoman2001, grimma, halfrek, harpee, helygen, Hollyn, Hostile_Sub_Terrestrial, HumVee, HurrySundown, Jaan Quidam, Jaynbob, Jessanne, Jocasta, JudetheObscured, KAM, Kansas, Killow, kronos, Kung_Fu_Cowboy, LaLuna, Leather Jacket, Leisar, Lissie, Little_E, LittleFearDemon, littlexander (I’ve never seen one before, nobody has, but I’m guessing it’s a white hole), LOTD(NTSO), Lucille, magista, MarsGirl, Mazzy, miller’s angel, Mistress of Pain, Molly, Momkat, Morella, Nikka’ (*smoooooootch*), notthebrightestgod, numba1buffyfan (the beautiful, and more than slightly naughty one *eg*), Ojagwers, OldManFan, OldOne, opy1canoby, Oz_, paks, Phil PhuD, P1081 (drinking partner, babe, a very good dancer *weg* and lots more besides), PreBuffy, puckles, Queen of Shemakah, Rack_The_Warlock, redwitch, Rikki, Rileyx3, RippersGroupie, roja, Saiph26, Scourge, seniorslayer, skinnybitch, shebit, Southsea, sparkly_roy, spikegood, SpikeLuva, spikesgal314, SpikeyGoodness, Spikmeister, STAKEnCHIPS, Stitch, S2K, Syrdarya, tarasApprentice, thatcrazytara (Numfar, do the dance of quotes), The_Black_Sparrow, thecheeseisfolly, Thoin, tiggy, TMorel, tralfamadore2001, Undead, valmichael, Watcher’s Pet, WednesdayAdams, WW77, Xanderella, Y_Slaybelle, YesPlease, Yoshi the Weevil Hamster.

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hunny says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:50:33 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Little Willow:
thanx for the update on the emmy nominations. I dont understand why they Joss never wins any emmys. Hes really brilliant

^ v
gin soaked boy says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:47:44 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Never have i been so grateful for a lack of motivation ;) Though i like the idea of a pear with eyes . I'm strange . *g*

Also Spike is a vampire , i would have thought that automatically made him a misanthropist *g*

I say nothing that isn't true ;) Red with blonde streaks sounds good .. you'd look like a cooler Willow *g* If i catch you on AIM i'll tune in ;)

Well the main character is dead , seems appropriate :)


^ v
Tiamat says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:43:26 2003 [Edit/Delete]
newt: Buffy & Firefly garnered one nomination each ... and, they are battling against each other ... and against THREE episodes of Enterprise ...

Once again ... the Emmy nominations were dominated by a handful of shows ... shows that I don't watch (Can't watch CSI cause I've been scarred from watching the movie To live and die in L.A. ) ...

IF they would limit nominations to one nomination per show per category ... MORE deserving shows would get accolades (and maybe more viewers) ...

Other shows garnering one nominations:
Kim Possible
Lizzie McGuire
Spongebob Squarepants

Dunlin: "Bah" ??? Umm, no sheep here ... though, there are some down around the corner ... Heck, there's some goats around the corner ... waitaminute, I haven't seen those goats lately ... hmmm ???? My doctor has put me on the injured reserve list, cause he doesn't want to have to operate on it again ... It's a d@mn good thing that he's a major league hottie who's the spitting image of David James Elliott from JAG ... or I'd have to disobey his orders ... Mebbe we could go cruising the military bases up here some day ;-) Gotta find me a hottie commander ... LOL ...

^ v
trouble says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:36:46 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 20:37:49 2003
Allyson: That's excellent. Congratulations. You should send that site out to all the production coordinators, not just producer's assistants. I would have loved your services in my wrap party throwing days.


I'm referring just to the last segment of the one sheet - I realize your target public is much larger than that. :)

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:36:42 2003 [Edit/Delete]
im not just a Princess but also a Star. *G* Nah i bet ah no not bet i think she will get back to you. But ya know im pretty sure you have to do the bet not me...i mean hello he wont call me...not in my sweetest dream lol.
Pro 7 is crap...but we already knew because of the translation stuff.

Little Willow
Im pretty sure the Emmy people either dont like us Fans OR they dont like Joss...which is impossible! It sucks again... I mean well yeah they got nominated for Best Visual Effects but Chosen and Serenity...thats mean...also on the other hand its good...oh well

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:31:24 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 20:35:47 2003

Noted BtVS VIII thoughts. Reflecting and will respond. *g*


Reno, LOL. I'm a fan of Sheriff Griffith. *g*


It maybe that your con's against the job were real ones, thus making your position sincere.

I'd love this position, but my present job could best be described as golden chains.

How much gold?



Before the events of Seeing Red, Buffy had told Spike she did not want to continue the relationship. This would be Buffy choosing Spike as family? *g*

White Wings,

"Nuh-uh," *g*. I said the AtS characters were dysfunctional. I may have elaborated later. Yesterday, I did post on complexity and character to abt.

ETA Little Willow,

Are the Emmies for best visuals given to the production studio or the technician(s)? If the latter, did the same technician(s) do the visuals for both Chosen and Serenity?


^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:23:00 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Like a fool I went and missed the episode last night. for some reason I thought it was on on Thursday and not Wednesday. I got the idea of what happened from the website though.

The thing that I couldn't help but think in general is that I think there is a lot more to the little things about people in terms of day to day living that gets people turfed out. For instance, Amanda was the only smoker (other than Scott), so I was wondering if she went because of that. Jun will probably last a long time because of cooking, as another for instance.

I totally agree about letting everyone into the hose at the same time. It didn't even have to be at the same time. It could have been in two minute intervals or something. That way they still could have let people into the house without them knowing that they were about to encounter their exes.

I didn't so much think of Scott as a jerk. I just ended up thinking that he was very unstable mentally, and that it was best that they take him out of that environment. He may be a jerk in real life, but his behaviour in the house was just clearly the sign of someone who was unstable and needs some help.

That was one of my fears with this whole exes thing. I doubt somehow that by making any of these people dredge up all this stuff that CBS is going to pay for therapy for any of them. I am beginning to feel more and more that this was a terrible idea, and just not a very safe one.

The people who I think will go deep into the show are the people who stepped up and showed leadership abilities during the meeting with Scott. Jun, Nathan, and Justin were the three who stepped up and actually had the courage to say something to him and to try and deal with the situation.

I also think that anyone who has been the strong silent type will go far. Jack is definitely that. I predict Justin to take the whole thing.

I too like Dana a lot. I have a soft spot for New Yorkers though, and she is very New York.

^ v
XanFan32 says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:20:02 2003 [Edit/Delete]
extreme drive-by

Saw the Emmy noms. Sigh. It's better than just an F/X show.

Anyway.. I have a question. I saw Miracles was up for music, too. Should I feel better or worse that Firefly and Miracles got some sort of recognition?

XanFan (who will be posty again soon)

^ v
Kessie says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:19:10 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hi all!

YAY! BlackMagickBitsy!

Old One's Oldest
Slayed Soul
And to anyone who has a Birthday today!!!!

Princess of Darkness
well its only one bet .. but i´m still sure you have to do it not me hehehehe I´m sure she doesnt like me and will never get back to me again ... so start to make your beggings hehehe

coool for copying the book .. you are my star! But you know that , right?

As for Pro sieben i think you could call them the german fox ! I mean they could cancel the monster hunters . nobody is watching that crap!

^ v
Little Willow says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:17:51 2003 [Edit/Delete]
"Hi honey. I'm home." - Buffy, Halloween

Regarding the Emmys:

Without directors, writers, camerapersons, costume designers, set designers, lighting crews, carpenters, musicians, composers, stuntpeople, special effects teams, and other brilliant technicians and behind the scenes people, there would be no BtVS. There would be no television or film for that matter. Praise be to the people whose faces are never seen on camera but whose blood, sweat and tears are.

CHOSEN was nominated for Best Visual Effects. Also nominated in the same category: SERENITY, an episode of Firefly. As soon as I saw that, I groaned, "Oh, nice. Split the vote."

Little Willow

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:16:02 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Kansas Thanks for the quote. Child support and the need for livingup to the commitments is a sore spot with me; I'm not under a court order, but when I'm working a full 40 I make a deposit to my wife's account for almost twice the average percentage usually ordered in this state. My wife gets SSI and has a half-time job and it's still not really enough. (It's especially annoying since I haven't HAD full-time work since the beginning of December. My only consolation is, by concentrating on straightening out my life now, I'll be there for my daughter long-term.)
As to my name, that was determined by events long before I heard of the Kitten, where I post under my old UPNBronze posting name daddykat. When my daughter was little, she used to like to prteend to be an animal baby and I had to play the daddy white tiger or rabbit or velociraptor or whatever she was being. When she was a kitten (with a truly ear-splitting meow) she would say "Daddy Cat" as if it was one word. Later on, my daughter provided my excuse for watching Buffy from Season 1 up to "Yoko Factor" when she lost interest. So when I started going to Buffy sites in spring 2002 I picked an alias with a daddy-daughter connection. When I had to move and start using a different computer, UPN was set up so you couldn't use the same alias from 2 places, so I came up with D'C'A and have been using it most sites ever since. (Nobody at the Kitten has called me on the presumptuousness of the name there.)

el It seems to tie into the whole perception of males by Dr. Joss and His Bunche. Like female empowerment lacks meaning unless it's shown to be in opposition specifically to male obstructionism, as opposed to empowerment in the face of the over-all business of living which SHOULD be hard enough for everyone. The problem I see is that, if male attitudes by definition remain chauvinistic, female empowerment will just produce an on-going war. Which maybe is how Joss sees it with his education in classic leftist class-struggle models. The thing is, unless a genertaion fo men comes along who accept and enjoy the new realities, that's all it'll be, war. By not showing guys with a truly supportive attitude, the Whedon-verse doesn't seem to hold out much hope for anyone. (Yes, if I lived in the Buffyverse and I was about 20, I for one would be very happy to wait back at the apartment for Faith or Buffy to get back, have a nice snack waiting for them, and massage the combat kinks out of their super-strong muscles etc., oops family board.)

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:15:31 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Usually it takes 3-4 days but with Mail Strike... lol yay mail strikes around the world...we had one too 2 weeks ago lol

^ v
KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:14:56 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello again,

newtlet: Yes...a fireplace. Of course, I have to insist that you stay away from it. I am sure you understand. Also for your for example. Bet you can find something to try those out on. You have a fun time at gymnastics.

Superella: Oh, KAM knows doodoo happens. Just make sure it only happens in the potty.

Mountain Dew...I am afraid not...KAM doesn't drink the devil's dew. But instead, I can offer you a nice piping hot cup of coffee! And I know it is a little bitter for your young tastes, so we can add a whole lot of sugar!

I started drinking Coffee when I was seven, and considering kids today grow up a lot faster...everyone can have some...even the newtlette!

Oh also...I have some pots and pans that you all might enjoy banging together.

Ty King Fan

^ v
miller's angel says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:09:21 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Ok, I was worried that something terrible had happened and you might need somewhere to stay. Glad to hear that you're just waiting for the new digs to be ready.

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:08:44 2003 [Edit/Delete]

No hurry about getting posty about 28 Days Later or returning e. I'm sure you want to celebrate and then sleep for several days. Take your time and recharge them batteries.

Princess of Darkness

I'll put the CD in the mail later today or tomorrow. I'll let you know how long it will take. I will warn you of one thing and that is that there is a mail strike being threatened here in Canada, so it may take longer than what I am told. I'll let you know if there is a mail strike.


Of course you may have a CD. E-mail me your snail address and I'll send you a copy. I'm not selling them because I have no desire to start a music career. I thought I had explained that to you. I'll explain it again in an e if you want.

^ v
Superella says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:07:24 2003 [Edit/Delete]
eirefaerie -- Of course she'll miss me. I'm me. But she's had me for years. It's unfair of her to keep me all to herself. Also? For some reason, my suitcase is already packed and by the door. Doodoo? Eewww. You're gross. We've been pottie trained for a long time. Well, except for my little brother and the newtlette, but Uncle KAM knows doodoo happens.

newtlet and newtlette -- What did get the pennies the cleanest? (My mommy is surprised it wasn't the Coke. She's not very good about letting us drink tonic soda. Scrooge.)

Uncle KAM -- We'll get lots of Mountain Dew to wash down our chocolate with, right?

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:03:22 2003 [Edit/Delete]
newtlet, newtlette and Superella: Your mommies told me to tell you that the thought of you leaving makes them sad. They miss you already. I would recommend that y'all go draw a BIG picture for your mommies on the dining room wall. Make sure to mix your medias - finger paints, crayons, doodoo . . . I think your mommies will really appreciate it. *nods*

^ v
Liz says:
(Thu Jul 17 20:00:30 2003 [Edit/Delete]
I'm such the slow scroller!! Bronze people are just too interesting, I can't stop reading.

Crossover- Yes indeed, PC wars are frustrating, but I won this last battle.
For BB, I think I would've had the whole cast be on the front steps at first. I think the way it was gave them too much time to plan the alliance.
Scott indeed lost it! He was the epitome of butt-head. I didn't like him from the get go. He thought he was soooo cool with his boggin and sunglasses. Just seemed like a real jerk, no wonder he and Amanda broke up. Jee seems very immature for his age. Michele seems ok, very under the radar. I like Dana,she's tuff. Jack is my hero! I usually like older men any way, but FBI. I always wanted to be an FBI agent. Nathan doesn't seem to have a lot of common sense, but Allison doesn't seem to mind. I'm really tired of hearing her whine about her boyfriend back home. Jun will probablly go far since she is cooking for the crew. Erica and Robert and the others I'm forgetting, I haven't paid enough attention to them yet.

Have you seen Basic with John Travolta and Samuel Jackson? Good Flick. cc: Daps

Ojagwers- Doing well thanks, just not enough free time. Summers are always busy. I like it that way though. What do you like to do in the summer?

^ v
newtlet says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:58:42 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM: A fireplace!!!

Whoops, I really gotta go.

^ v
Miss Kitty says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:57:41 2003 [Edit/Delete]
i am v traumatised to hear how miss kitty died

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:57:29 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 20:01:32 2003
PoD walks into the Bronze..just is right now pretty much pissed: 1. her damn computer always freezes and second the ******* (sorry) german Tv Channel Pro 7 that airs Angel and Buffy just took Angel off Air for some time...that means 6 episodes will be missing...oh she would love to kick their *****...

Hey Bronzers

Birthday Happies to all who celebrating today and YAYs to everyone who wants and/or need one!

Its both to keep it in shape and because she teaches me a lot of good stuff. And its always fun with her. *blushes* thanks hun. Im soooo excited to hear your CD ;)

Drew Goddard
(in case you are lurking) I guess you mean his finger in the socket, right? ... because everything else would just be too pervert... or is it just me and my bad thoughts? *G* And you dont really believe that I would ever sing THAT song at a audition, do you? *bap* :P

Bets? Well there is only the one we have right? And I dont think I will ever get THE SPECIAL phone call so i will never have to do it *g*

lol yeah age is also my excuse for everything...HeY what? I mean I have the second 0 in my age... 20 *G*

guess what? I copied today almost a hour Hollywood 101 for you! Geez my good heart will get me killed anytime *G*

Special Birthday hugs to Slayed Soul!

*hugs* I hope you will have a great day. I saw you were here a few days ago...damn missed you. I really miss talking to you hun! And because of Zeus havent seen him for a maybe a week or even two?

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Glenn Quinn, you are missed!

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^ v
newtlet says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:52:40 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Superella: Ooh, great idea. How do we do that? I'm not quite sure I have a handle on existence. *frown* I'm pretty sure Peter Pan is real, because I saw him in a play. Can Narrator fly?

I did an experiment yesterday that I learned on Zoom where you put pennies in lemon juice and Coke and stuff to see which one gets the pennies the cleanest (Guess what! It wasn't the lemon juice or Coke!) -- do you think that would help with Narrator somehow?

And I think we can still visit auntie white wings when we get done with KAM. I mean with visiting KAM. Look at all the fun ideas he has for us! Chocolate, even. He might not have a horse (do you KAM?) but he said I could drive his car and go to a restaurant. *jumps up and down* My mom I can't wait!!!!!

^ v
KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:52:12 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello again,

newtlet: Well, I might find myself repeating a key-word in the punchline of that knock-knock joke more than a few times if you come to visit, and manage to succeed at some of your planned activities.

Oh and looking forward to you demonstrating those gymnastics maneuvers...just use the couch--and don't bother taking off your shoes! Insurance? Bah!

Poop jokes on the other hand...those are my favorites...well, unless you mean they actually INVOLVE poop in some physical fashion...I am sure Newtlette's diapers would provide ample supplies.

Oh yeah--here is another possibility--I have these fragile comic-book character Busts on some feel free to shake the bottom or throw things until they fall down to a level you can reach. Don't worry about the missing parts that turn to dust.

Oh yeah--and for the newtlette, I have these great stairs that are would probably love playing on those.

And if you don't ask why too much I can take you to visit my friend's children...then I am sure the 5 of you can share all your "exciting activities" with each know--exchange ideas. Oh wait...make that 6.

Superella: I haven't met you, but hey...the more destruction done to my home the better right? Come on down.

Oh yeah...and all of you...I am SURE you will enjoy my comic book collection and fireplace...what a promising combination!

Ty King Fan

^ v
Django says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:51:32 2003 [Edit/Delete]
I loved the plot for that one. And the guest stars. Of course, I'd want Gunn in it just long enough to dismissively refer to Anthony Daniels as "C3PO" (or maybe Wesley should get the chance to call someone that).
P.S. Maybe "Sex & The City" having shorter episodes and seasons affects the price of the boxsets.

CD Thursday

The Specials - The Singles

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:47:05 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Whoa. I got FIRST on MENSA. That's never happened to me before. Of course, it *was* an X-Files question, so, had I gotten it wrong (like Irishrose - shame!shame!), I'd have to flog myself publicly.

Nirvana1: I'm not going to enter into the discussion you and paks have going here, but something you said caught my eye - When paks said you had "left a mess" and you said - "it's like I left a hotel room trashed" - I figured I'd help you out here. Most posters tend to refer to the Beta as an actual place - i.e. a "physical" presence on the internet - so we refer to it in physical terms. This is why we have a bar, certain different counches, a stage, etc. It's something that's leftover from The Bronze proper. So, you will often read other posters referring to this place as if it were an actual place. Now, I imagine that paks was merely referring to the script (or whatever it was) that you posted here from Cross&Stake - that sort of "leaving a mess" is actually physical, since other posters now have to scroll through it, skip over it, etc. It ruins the aestetic feel of the linear board. (This is similar to someone dropping a tag and then not editing it - No one wants to have to read a huge long post that's now in bold font, yes?) Anyway, I hope that clears some stuff up for you.

IrishRose: Shame, shame, i know your name! *Someone* obviously needs to study more. Hmph! *g*

Genevieve's Lucie: Yay, Humbug! With Engima(The Conundrum)!!! My one and only X-Files connection in life!

darcie: You could just take a picture of you without your top on and post it at eljay. Then we could have a contest between you and CarpeDi. I could sell tickets. (i will get my ten dollars yet!)

^ v
Superella says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:37:45 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 19:40:57 2003
newtlet -- Hey handsome.



newtlette -- We're going to Uncle KAM's? Grrrrreat! But won't auntie white wings get jealous?

Oooh. You know what we should try to do? We should try to prove that Narrator exists. That's what we should do. Yes.

^ v
newt says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:29:36 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 19:33:27 2003
Hey! I posted under my mom's name by mistake! Boy it's a good thing I'm only 4, or people
would be mocking me for being dumb!

newtlet says:

KAM: Oh yes please. I hear that is a really good one. Could you say it slowly, and then
maybe repeat it a few times, so I can repeat it just right to my Mom and Dad? And maybe my
grandparents on the phone? And the social worker?

Ha ha ha ha. I can hardly wait.

Now I've got to go to gymnastics. When I get to your house I will use your furniture to show you
the jumps and stuff I can do. I'll bet your bed is bouncy too. That will be great. Do you have

p.s. I know some poop jokes too.

^ v
genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:27:46 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Ooh. Good title. Kind of...tittilating


An Ethan Rayne cameo is a great idea. Or, maybe he could be the big bad.


Jenny's spirit could come to escort Giles into the next world. *sniff* I love it.

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:18:27 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Genrefan's Quiz

1. Title for the Buffy sequel?call me corny, but I like "Bite Me" or "Slayer"

2. Casting: Budget is not unlimited, so you can only have 7 stars and 2 cameos. You can choose from anyone who had appeared on prior BtVS or Angel series.
(IF you want to resurrect someone who died, that's ok too)Buffy, Willow, Giles, Angel, Spike, Wes-Cameos to Jenny and Faith

3. Location:
Sure, studio shooting is cheaper, but we want to have some on location shooting too. Pick one city!Vancouver

4. The Big Bad will be someone new. Describe the character a bit and cast the part ( only new faces, please!) Not sure whom I would cast, but it should be completely human. A person so diabolically evil that all the demons and vamps worship him/her.

5. Pick an artist to do the soundtrack.GOTR and Common Rotation

6. Rating? Hmmmm. We're not on TV anymore, after all. R

7. If you plan to kill off a character for dramatic impact, who would it be? Giles


^ v
KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:11:30 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello again,

newtlet: "Because Why?" Well, because if you keep asking questions such as this then we just won't have time for chocolate...or cookies, or anything but long boring conversation. Now, which would you rather have...cookies or chit-chat?

Oh yes, I have a car...I'm sure you will be fine sitting in the drivers seat...and don't worry--I will leave it on so you won't get too hot.

Knock-knock, sorry, haven't heard any of those...oh wait...I did hear this one in 'Catch me if you can' Would you like to hear me tell it?

Ty King Fan

^ v
el says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:02:50 2003 [Edit/Delete]
My apologies! You had posted to me and I responded to Slayerdaddy. Sorry…
Well. that should confuse him for a bit!

If only Angel’s decision made the series last longer *g*, but of course it did - what with happy situations sounding the death knell for a show and it would have meant both shows going down the tubes!

And its not that obscure. Warning - Gross generalizations to follow - Men do not believe, even with the proof in front of their eyes, that a woman can protect herself. And it is possibly even hardwired, that to be a man, you must protect the woman, specially if she is your woman - be that - wife, daughter, sister or mother.

Having said that - women feel the same about their children. No matter how big or capable your child gets - don’t do something wrong to the child!

Oh. Well do I get a CD too?
Aren’t you supposed to be selling these to start your musical career?

Always more to learn about relationships and yourself!

I think Spike may have been the black sheep cousin or something *g* but he was definitely family at some level to all the Scoobies and to Buffy.


^ v
ginger says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:02:04 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Thankies to Rocksette. I'm now off to have celebration drinkies.

Of course you are invited, o supportive one. And i will get posty on 28 days later soon. And i know i owe you e. soon (ish)

The little happy adopted cheese children warm my heart. Because I have eaten them and they are now being converted into fuel.

End of dissertation celebration in my live journal. All invited.

SO’s to abt, Angelrain, Achilles, Angela, Bear, Britslayer, Cassie,
Cashmere, Crossover, Dachelle, Daps, DeAn, Dr Magic, Ducky, Dunlin, Eirefaerie, Faithx5, Goddess@home, JessAnne, Kaymyth, Kaisa, Lovemonkey, Mapleleaf, Mar, Molly, Nirvana1, Ojagwers, Oubourous, Redwitch, Roja, RomanAround, Safarigirl, Scourge, Shebit, Slayerdaddy, Spik, Sunlit5, Tenik, Trouble, TheStage, ValMichael, White Wings, Willowkitten, Wolfguard, Zeus.

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:01:58 2003 [Edit/Delete]
1. Title:
Buffy: Hunting, Biting, Slaying.
2. Cast of characters:
Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Angel, Andrew, Chong.
Cameos: Oz, Dru, Harm.
3. Location: All over the world (la, la la laaa)
4. Big Bad:
One of the new slayers has gotten vamped, and assembled a group of supernatural misfits to hunt down and kill off the slayers. She wants to be the One. Casting: Sarah Jessica Parker, Bob Hoskins, Antony Daniels, Erika Amato.
5. Soundtrack: Raucous rock.
6. Rating:
7. To kill off:
D'Hoffryn, err, I don't any of them to die really... I guess Calendar. Did they do that already?

^ v
Q says:
(Thu Jul 17 19:01:28 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Remember when Joss said ( I think) that they would never do a Buffy motion picture until the series wrapped? Well, here we are. How about producing the new Buffy Movie?

1. Title for the Buffy sequel?

*** Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

2. Casting: Budget is not unlimited, so you can only have 7 stars and 2 cameos. You can choose from anyone who had appeared on prior BtVS or Angel series.
(IF you want to resurrect someone who died, that's ok too)

****Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Angel, Wesley cameo's by Faith and Ethan Rayne

3. Location:
Sure, studio shooting is cheaper, but we want to have some on location shooting too. Pick one city!

****A Big Bad SO Big it requires AI to relocate for a spell to conquer it-- Batman redux (Angel) reuinites with his lover in Gotham (New York City) to fight this scourge!

4. The Big Bad will be someone new. Describe the character a bit and cast the part ( only new faces, please!)

*** No idea.

5. Pick an artist to do the soundtrack.

*** Christophe Beck has GOT to do the score. It should also have songs from classic Buffy bands-- Four Star Mary, Velvet Chain, Darling Violetta, etc. etc.

6. Rating? Hmmmm. We're not on TV anymore, after all.

*** PG 13-- a little harsher than TV, but not too smutty. Unless they want to do an Angel/Buffy sex scene that shows some breast-- we'll see :)

7. If you plan to kill off a character for dramatic impact, who would it be?

Probably none

The last of "Q's Reviews" for the day...

I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Grade: C-

There really aren’t too many episodes of Buffy or early Angel that I liked much less than this. This episode was just plain not that good. The exorcist style demon possession story has been done millions of times, and this didn’t make it any less boring.

Thing I REALLY didn’t like about the episode...

* The Red Herrings. Red Herrings are a very important part of writing a GREAT story. They have to mislead you, but make sense, so that when you re-watch, or read, or whatever, you think “Oh... that’s why that happened”. Nothing gets my ire up more than red herrings that are thrown in to throw you off the plot, but that don’t make any sense later. After reading the Harry Potter series, and seeing how WONDERFUL Red Herrings can be written, I am really critical of poor ones... and this episode was FULL of poor ones. The big twist of course was that Ryan was evil WITHOUT the demon.. This would be fine, but we saw the demon doing a lot of things that didn’t make any sense. Though Ryan could start fires without a demon, he COULD NOT have caused the doors to slam, the elevator to refuse to open, and the many other obstacles to happen while at Angels apartment. This HAD to have been the demon. Yet, the demon WANTED out, he admitted later. He was practically BEGGING to be exorcised, by sending a message in the marbles. So why, throughout the ENTIRE episode, did the demon do SO MUCH to thwart Angel and co. from releasing him? I’m sure some explanations could be came up with if we all fanwanked enough... but whenever a fan has to sit and work out an unexplained reason... it means the Red Herring was already too messed up to ever be a beautiful thing.

* The promotion of the episode. The episode previews and blurbs in TV guide type magazines ruined the show, in a way. I know that they are somewhat spoilerish, usually, but they aren’t supposed to give away MAJOR plot points. It is OBVIOUS that the show’s writer meant for the suspicion to be squarely on the dad of the family, and for Ryan’s demon introduction to be a big surprise. I can tell this because it came right at an act break, and because it came 17 MINUTES into the show—almost halfway! So for almost HALF the episode they are trying to fool us into suspecting the dad, only to shock us with the son... BUT all the promotion had already told us the episode was going to be about the possessed son. Half of the episode, that could have been used to explore other more important things, was wasted because we already knew the outcome

* The ending. Rather than seeming like some prosaic statement about human nature, and how humans can be more evil than demons, and putting a big twist on the guilty party as it had meant to be, it came out as a cop out. To me, watching all the work put into it for nothing seemed like a giant anti-climactic moment, that left me with a cold feeling about the episode.

* The whole exorcise the demon cliché was old and tired long before now, and now, a lot more so.

I did like some of the personal touches added. I would have liked Angels “Doyle” issues a lot more if they weren’t brought up in this episode, and dropped after this episode. If they had been more consistent in the few weeks before this, and kept up a little while after this it would have played out a lot better.

This was the first time that we get a glimpse that Wesley has paternal issues, though, and this is a huge character revelation that is very important. It plays out well in this episode, especially where he lets the Demon (Ryan couldn’t have read minds, I doubt) taunt him about his inferiority until he had a crucifix jabbed in his throat. Other than this though, I thought the episode was extremely stale.

^ v
Kansas says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:59:44 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 19:11:47 2003
Dallas Viewer - OK, I've read the entire two parts of the David Fury interview at CofA (thanks for the URL's!). DF does say that because he'd previously been concentrating on A:tS, he had to struggle to get up to speed on BtVS Season 7, when it came time to write "Showtime."

But this doesn't mean he didn't get up to speed. Just that it was a challenge. The test of this, of course, is the story itself. Which elements of "Showtime" do you feel didn't fit with the rest of the S7 arc?

(If he's concentrating just on A:tS next year [and he says he prefers to concentrate on one show], seems likely to me he'll do well at it.)

DaddyCat - Hmm. Does your name refer to the Kitten board? Interesting. Anyway, Buffy does refer to Hank as "my deadbeat dad" (in "Life Serial"), and there's never any suggestion that (apart from the onetime help from Giles) Buffy isn't the sole support of herself and her sister.

Is this credible? *shrug* While things have improved somewhat, it's still fairly easy for divorced dads to duck their mandated child support. Especially if they're overseas, which Hank apparently is by S6. Hank is written out so as to make Giles the only father figure, it's pretty clear to me.

^ v
newtlet says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:59:18 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM: Because why?

Those are GREAT ideas. Especially about the computer. Also, do you have a car? I am safe to leave
alone with the keys in the ignition. Yes I really am.

Do you know any knock-knock jokes?

^ v
Crystal says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:58:54 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Q: If you are still lurking as I frequently do, I really enjoyed your review of "She". Throwing Baudelaire in the mix, brilliant stroke! I've only scratched the surface of study but I find a certain affinity between the poet and Angel. Though Angel is no where near as decadent, and on the up side no VD. I still see it. Everytime I read the poem "To the Reader" I think of, among other things, Angel

Infatuation, sadism, lust, avarice
possess our souls and drain the body's force;
we spoonfeed our adorable remorse,
like whores or beggars nourishing their lice.

Our sins are mulish, our confessions lies;
we play to the grandstand with our promises,
we pray for tears to wash our filthiness,
importantly pissing hogwash through our styes.

The devil, watching by our sickbeds, hissed
old smut and folk-songs to our soul, until
the soft and precious metal of our will
boiled off in vapor for this scientist.

Each day his flattery makes us eat a toad,
and each step forward is a step to hell,
unmoved, though previous corpses and their smell
asphyxiate our progress on this road.

Like the poor lush who cannot satisfy,
we try to force our sex with counterfeits,
die drooling on the deliquescent tits,
mouthing the rotten orange we suck dry.

Gangs of demons are boozing in our brain --
ranked, swarming like a million warrior-ants,
they drown and choke the cistern of our wants;
each time we breathe, we tear our lungs with pain.

If poison, arson, sex, narcotics, knives
have not yet ruined us and stitched their quick,
loud patterns on the canvas of our lives,
it is because our souls are still too sick.

Among the vermin, jackals, panthers, lice,
gorillas and tarantulas that suck
and snatch and scratch and defecate and ****
in the disorderly circus of our vice,

there's one more ugly and abortive birth.
It makes no gestures, never beats its breast,
yet it would murder for a moment's rest,
and willingly annihilate the earth.

It's BOREDOM. Tears have glued its eyes together.
You know it well, my Reader. This obscene
beast chain-smokes yawning for the guillotine --
you -- hypocrite Reader -- my double -- my brother!

Okay, no more pretension, just lurking. ;)

oh, could someone tell me how to use italics and bold features and whatnot, I'm a little technology challenged.

^ v
KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:56:58 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 18:58:24 2003
Hello again,

DaddyCatALSO: Well, so then if she weighs as much as a duck, she is a witch?

Terwilliger: postiness...lack of silence...whatever works.
Kids...meaning like neighborhood kids? Or like babies who seem intend on harming me?

Ty King Fan

^ v
Terwilliger says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:55:58 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM: There was a stint as Ninja Dude you overlooked. Or didn't know about; I'm not big with the dramatic reveal. Going quiet for long stretches? That's I've got down.

Soo...the kids still belligerent and numerous?

Allyson: Go you! Go you & Maya!


("And to prove it, he has put on all the man in black's clothes and masks and hoods and boots and gained eighty pounts.")

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:52:17 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Add the Ravonettes - Whip it on to your collection. Or Radio 4 - Gotham. They will both make your speaky English good.

Buffy is reasonably priced here, but more expensive than the US (£ can get them for about £55 if you shop around). The Star Trek box-sets clock in at a similar price(£70). The X-files are the most expensive sets at £90. I've no idea why that is because they are the same length...maybe it's because of the pretty plastic boxes. Sex&theCity goes for £20 a season...
I think Seinfeld should be released on DVD sometime...

Retail 'ho' HumVee.

^ v
KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:50:49 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello again,

newtlette: Well, my home has a strict "must wear something on your bottom" policy. To be clear...that means diapers stay in place...even if that means fastening them with duct tape.

As far as "The Wheel" ok, we can arrange that...many other people bring babies there, so I will be happy to take you as well. Also--feel free to scream as loud and long as you want while there--it seems to be encouraged.

Swimming...well, we have a pond and a creek that runs behind my garage, but unless you really enjoy ducks you won't enjoy it.

As far as Chocolate...ok kid...we have chocolate...which I am sure would be promptly enjoyed by the edges of your mouth, and perhaps whatever you happen to be wearing at that moment.

And painting...that is great...I need someone to hit those hard to reach areas near the floor! Someone as old as me has a hard time bending over that far.

As far as newtlet's "why?" I have a perfect answer for him..."because."

Some other suggestions for activities during your visit...mashing my computer keyboard after decorating it with your drink.
Testing out your teeth on my nice pristine suedey couch.
Tasting various DVDs.
Making some nice confetti out of lower shelf books.
And of course the ever popular...hit KAM.

Oh we just can't wait for your arrival!

genrefan: No one said it was easy being a "witch" in the old days.

Ty King Fan

^ v
genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:38:54 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Bored Quiz:
Buffy the (new) movie

1. Title:
Buffy: The New Hellmouth
2. Cast of characters:
Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles plus Spike, Andrew and some New Slayer ( not Kennedy!)
Cameos: Oz and Wes
3. Location: Cleveland, of course
4. Big Bad:
I want to see another old school vampire as the big bad. I'd see him as a megalomaniac who wants to organize vampires to take over the world, kinda a mob boss vampire. Casting: Michael Imperioli from the Sopranos.
5. Soundtrack: the guy who did American Beauty
6. Rating:
Hey, I'm a grown up and wouldn't mind an R, but I wouldn't want to lose the under 17 crowd, so we'll make it PG 13.
7. To kill off:
Much as I like him, I'd say Giles. It's time.

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:29:25 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM genrefan ShadowQuest The running wtaer thing always seemed to me to be like the not entering a dwelling unbidden, a supernatural barrier. InD&D/AD&D they made it into a weakness; a vampire held under a natural stream or waterfall for so many rounds will die. The Palladium games like Rifts made ANY running water deadly, even water ballons and fire hoses, which helps explain why they stink. Holyw ater's just a little more harmful, but that company dropped the must-be-invited weakness. In many old movies, it seems that an open window (people in the Middle Ages I assume always kept the shutters closed at night) was considered an invitation. (SCreens didn't count since they were a new invention I guess.) Th wild rose I doubt has anything to do with the Crown of Thorns, probably just acts as a symbolic tangling fence.Obviously only applies to universes where vamps sleep in coffins. (In one of my unsold pro-fics the vampire satisfies the "sleep on native soil" rule by putting a layer of Transylvanian dirt between her mattress and box spring.)
The witch thing is that God's natural creation, including water, will reject a servant sworn to Satan. It was a question of sinking or floating. While the procedures are written down in several texts, I don't know how accurate any accounts are of how this actually worked in practice. The whole "if you drowned you were innocent" statement is not so much history as it is self-sophisticated moderns finding a new way to say "look how silly peopel in the past were."

el Was taht psot to slayerdaddy or me ? Actaully the only reason I supported Angel's decision was to keep Buffy alive on Tuesdays. You're right about how his decision was flawed. And it's interesting how all the guys shown, even Xander when he was hitting on Buffy and on Kendra, insisted on going out with her instead of "playing cop's wife" so to speak. Joss may have had ametphor in mind there but it's too obscure for me.

^ v
newt says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:22:26 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Buffy only got one nomination and it's up against Firefly? That's a bummer. Was that Firefly's only
nomination too?

Allyson: Woo hoo for you and Maya! One small step toward world domination.

^ v
Nirvana 1 says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:18:19 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Gooooood morning, everyone!

"May women rule the world"-Kurt Cobain

paks, hello.

It's not so much the spelling and stuff, but rather how you seem to be so upset about people not knowing what you mean or somebody breaking the rules on accident. And I'm not dissing you for being upset about that but it's just that you then go refer to their not understanding you or the unwritten rules as "whining" or doing an "oh, poor me" routine".

But I COULDN'T email the admins (even if I had known that was an option and that what I did was wrong at the time) cause I HAD to go to my mom's then. My dad was waiting on me and that's why I left the Bronze Beta in the first place. Otherwise, I would have explained more to Halfrek. I just didn't have time and I had to shut down this computer.

And again, I figured that since it (Bub's statement) was taken from FF and posted at the C&S, that it would be alright if I posted it here...but I was wrong and I didn't find that out untill I got back on Sunday and read Halfreks second post to me.

Also, not sure what "laissez faire" means (or how to pronounce it) but I'm not even gonna ask you cause you hate it so much, okay?

And I know you told Halfrek you contacted the admins (in fact, I think I HEARD you tell her and saw the things you threw *g*). And when you refer to it as me leaving a "mess", it seems like I intentionaly trashed a hotel or something...damn.

White Wings, hey.

One thing about Angel is that he always seemed to treat Buffy like a child in their relationship (then again, she was indeed a child in the beinning when they were going out which still doesn't sit well with me). Like when he left her, he seemed to make all the decisions. Now I'm only 19 so I can't really refer to any experience when it comes to this but I wouldn't take it to well if the guy decided that he knew what was best.

Now what he did with Buffy's head in IWRY wasn't too good. She was aaall growed-up (now) and should have had some say. From what I have heard, she didn't take it too well and was crying "I'll remember, I'll remember".

Now, the thing with Angel and wanting redemption (does the word "redemption" have a religious thing to it kind of like "repent" in your ears?), that is fine but I don't see it as necessary for a vampire with a soul to want to (then again, Angel's goal seems to be becomming human) be on this mission of redemption cause that won't bring back the people that were killed by the demon in them. Besides, they aren't really responsible for it. Now as long as they feel bad about the blood on their hands (genuinly feel bad) and don't be evil (or a killer, etc.) with a soul, I just don't see why they have to be on this big mission.

So you are saying that Angel did want forgivness for what he had done? Well, you seemed to be mad about Spike's babbling on in the church when his insane rambles suggested that he wanted forgivness from "everyone" (which sounded very wishfull). So are you saying that, to you, it's okay for Angel to want forgivness deep down but not Spike?

In "Help" (I'll have to look at the script cause I don't have that one on video), Buffy came down and asked Spike if he saw any wierd demons and after she left Spike said not to let them "hurt the girl". So while the insane Spike may have been helping Buffy kill the demon, but it was clear that he was helping Cassie, and she seemed to know it, too.

I saw Buffy recover alot from season 6. And it wasn't just all about Spike "manipulating her to keep her controlled" (the sex didn't even start till mid season which was, in fact, started by Buffy and I see manipulating and stuff comming from Buffy so it's easy to see that it was mutual). Also, it wasn't Spike's fault that Buffy was pulled out of Heaaaviiin. It wasn't Spike's fault she felt dead inside. It wasn't Spike's fault she hated living in this world after being pulled from Heaaaviiin. It wasn't Spike's fault she couldn't feel. It wasn't Spike's fault she was tired of the same old same.

Yeah, the S.I.T. stuff was pretty blurry. But I think alot of stuff may have started to slow after "Never Leave Me" and realy started to during "Bring On the Night" with all the S.I.T.s. Because after that, it seemed to concentrate on them more than anything. It also seemed to concentrate more on Andrew, Wood, the First (of course), and eventualy Faith. So the only cast members who got arcs after the whole S.I.T.s thing were Buffy, Willow, and Spike.

Soul-having Spike isn't similar because he isn't evil and he has remorse. So he has changed enough (he doesn't have to be exacly like Angel and I'll get to that soon). I have even said it before: Spike doesn't, thankfully, wear his remorse on his sleeve like Angel (at least, so far. And I hope they don't change it). He seems to keep it inside and shows it mostly when people aren't around (which I don't think is good for you) like in "Conversations With Dead People". But it took Angel a couple years (well, a bunch of decades) to see the pain and stuff that was caused and understand it.
Also, Spike didn't really have alot of time to concentrate on things like Angel did when he first got his soul cause Spike had the First and the apocalypse waiting for him.

Now, to hold Angel up as the poster child of how all vampires with souls should act is inaccurate for several reasons: Angel was cursed with his soul by gypsies (who won't let him have a moment of happiness, which I don't get but I'll get to that) so it pretty much came to him as a shock. Spike sought out his soul and he has NO curse at all. Also, the kind of people they were before they were sired seems to have an effect on them, too. Liam was kind of a major(excuse my language. I'll put it in stars) **** who had sex with just about anything that walked and also drank all the time (some say it was due to his being so young but he was 26 or something, come on, he wasn't a teenager!). He also seemed to have issues with his dad. Now William was a socialy akward dude in the Victorian era England (so you know what that means). He couldn't get a girlfriend at all, although he seemed to really love. He also was taking care of his sickly ma and was a very bad poet (yeah, he was a mama's boy. But I think that may have been because they were modeling him after Sid Vicious, like I said before).
Now, I think who they were as humans seem to effect who they are now with souls. Now the thing with Angel's "can't be happy" thing may be part of who he was as Liam. What I mean is he wasn't totaly happy when he was just in Buffy's arms or when his baby was born, only sex. That may be part of Liam.
We see how insecure Spike is, especialy in "End of Days" with the "God, I'm such a jerk" and "if you poke fun at me, you bloody better use that thing". That's William. We see it in him all the time.
Plus, the situations they were in right after they got their souls: Angel still with Darla and eventualy abandoned by her and just roamed around. With Spike, he seemed to be taken by the First immediatly and then the whole apocalypse thing with wierd things happening and was eventualy kind of helped by Buffy.The circumstances there were different, too.

So all in all, I just don't see how it's right to hold up Angel and say that a vampire with a soul MUST be JUST like him, or they are wrong. It's just not right. Two different things, different circumstances. Okay, I'm done.

And Spike most definitly did NOT make a "beeline" back to Buffy! In "Lessons", she ran into him (on accident and she wasn't even sure if he was real). In "Beneath You", Spike did go to Buffy after he saw something wrong, while trying to keep his soul secret and then went back to the basement. In "Same Time, Same Place", Buffy went to Spike who the basement. In "Help", Buffy went to Spike who the basement. Then he came and helped Cassie and then went the basement. In "Selfless", Buffy went to Spike who the basement. In "Him", she had him move out of the damn basement and in with Xander (which neither Spike nor Xander were too cool with. But to be honest, I wanted to see a Joey/Chandler thing). Even then, Xander was going on about how nuts Spike was. In "Him", Spike also helped Xander with the jacket thing (Spike was quiet and clearly disturbed). In "Conversations With Dead People", Spike was in the bar drinking (not going after Buffy). In "Sleeper", Buffy also came to Spike. He most definitly wasn't going to her at all! In "Never Leave Me", the interaction between Buffy and Spike was Buffy trying to learn about the First through him. He also tries to get her to kill him (considering all the stuff he says in the basement, I doubt it was just a "show". Besides, if it was, the script would have indicated that and the writters would have said so. It was genuine.) No Spike and Buffy action in "Bring On the Night". In "Showtime", she saves him. In "Potential", he helps her train the potentials. In "The Killer In Me", she goes to him in the basement and they eventualy try to figure out whats up with his chip. In "First Date", she dates Wood and Spike tries to tell her he no longer pictures a tomb with a fence, blah blah blah. And at the end, he offers to leave but she says "I'm not ready for you to not be here" or something. In "Get It Done", they definitly weren't friendly with eachother (also, he tries to leave but she stops him). Spike really wasn't trying to get with her, there. In "Storyteller", well, there was really nothing. But they did go into the kitchen. In "Lies", they try to find out what's triggering him. In the end, Spike walks away from Buffy. In "Dirty Girls", they fight together and she sees Spike with Faith but thats it. In "Empty Spaces", no Spike and Buffy together there. We know what happens between them in "Touched" and "End of Days". In "Chosen", we see Buffy come down to Spike (although earlier, we saw him seeing she and Angel but he was checking on Caleb like he said he would). In the end, we see Spike say "No you don't, but thanks for saying it"...and then he dies. So, he did not make a beeline for her at all.

It's 2:17 and I have to take a shower and it looks like I may be taking up alot of space so I'll finish when I get out.

*poof for a few*

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:15:06 2003 [Edit/Delete]

28 Days Later discussion continues ...

((My thoughts on the Zombies were that maybe they were a metaphor for how a virus behaves. Maybe they didn't attack each other because they were a literal interpretation of a virus. The main purpose was to reproduce itself and spread. After it couldn't do that anymore, it died off. However, that doesn't quite work for me in the case of mindless Zombie guys. It doesn't quite translate.

The scene with Jim's parents was that they had committed suicide. There were large numbers of pills strewn all over their night table. I'm not sure if you noticed that or not. That's why the note saying 'Don't wake up' was particularly horrifying. They had gone to sleep, and they were wishing the same thing for their son, Jim, who was in a coma.

You're right about the soldiers with the broadcast things. I had meant to say that yesterday if I didn't.

Anyway, I agree with you, it was just a great film. I actually recommended it yesterday to someone who I know doesn't like horror movies, but who really loves London and the UK. I thought she'd like the shots of London being empty. I hope she's not too freaked out by the horror aspect.

What specifically did you like about the movie? Was it just the two scenes that you mentioned?

cc:angela, ginger

^ v
newtlette says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:14:05 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM: Whee!! The newtlet and I will be on the next plane to Chicago. Nevermind about
Mommy being around. I will just go diaper-less. It'll be fun - you'll see! We want some of those
wagon wheel thingies you keep talking about. And we want to go swimming! And we want to paint
the walls of your house! And empty the drawers! And go up the Sears Tower. And back down. And
push all the buttons on the elevator and make the alarm ring and try to put our fingers in electrical
outlets just to see adults get that funny look on their faces. And the newtlet will want to know
"Why?" a lot. A whole lot. And chocolate, did I mention chocolate? We are going to have SUCH a
good time, Uncle KAM. {{{{bighugsandwetsmoooches}}}} until we get there.

cc. Xanderella's Superella. Get your mom to get you a ticket and we'll meet at KAM's
house. Hurry!

^ v
Django says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:03:49 2003 [Edit/Delete]
"Awakening" was quite gripping in places (although Connor's Kevin The Teenager act dragged on...and on...and on...and etc). Sorta disappointed (to say the least) that half the ep turned out to be Bobby in the shower. Makes the whole thing seem a bit pointless and a bit of padding.
"Bring On The Night" - Mmmmm, Juliet doing her thang! This really was a Christmas episode! Despite lovely Jules though and a decent factory fight at the end, the episode didn't feel all that engaging to me overall. Buffy's Joyce dreams were sweet and aww that poor Anabelle died but Giles was there but not there in a way(his return at the end of S6 had a lot more impact and emotion to it). Did like the end speech but that's certainly part of Buffy's forte by now.

Welcome Back Amarra!!!!!!

^ v
trouble says:
(Thu Jul 17 18:00:28 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Mia: Hi, Mia. Sorry to barge in, but Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was amazing. I had sworn off reality TV, and now I'm forced to eat my words. cc: eirefaerie, genrefan, paks

^ v
Cassie says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:56:30 2003 [Edit/Delete]
crossover~Nice to meet you as well! : )

Spoilers for 28 Days Later...
*I thought the movie was excellent!! Just the concept of waking up in a hospital
and finding that your entire city is deserted is scary to me. I also loved the horse scene,
and the scene in the grocery store seemed very realistic to me. It's what I would do if my
city was deserted : ) I too was wondering how they got those shots of London without
any people in them. I think the fact that the movie was filmed digitally made it look even
creepier...almost like a documentary.

The thing that bugged me the most was how Jim's parents died. The girl said that they
went "peacefully," and they had died in bed, so how did they die? I didn't see any blood
on the sheets, but they were holding a note for Jim so they obviously knew that they were
going to die.

As for your questions....I was wondering the same thing. Why didn't the zombies kill each
other? Was there some type of metaphor behind that? Maybe it was showing that the
zombies were more civilized than us because they didn't kill their own kind?

As for the broadcast...the thing I wondered was why didn't the soldiers send out a
broadcast to the rest of the world saying that there were survivors? Obviously the rest of
the world thought that there might be survivors because they sent planes.

Despite all the unanswered was still a great movie : )
cc: angela, ginger

AussieBullDog~You're welcome...hope your birthday was a happy one!!

Spikmeister~Awww...that's so romantic!! : )

CD Thursday~
Michelle Branch...Hotel Paper
Common Rotation~The Big Fear

And now...the siggy.....

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dogtrot says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:49:24 2003 [Edit/Delete]

How about Giles, he turned his back on the council because he had faith in and love for his slayer.

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Mia says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:49:06 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Cassie When you say "get along" how do you mean? Because while I think that they might have a mutual understanding of eachother, they would not be suited romantically well together because, well..Spike. Not Gay. I also hold strong to the fact that Lorne isn't either. cc:ginger

miller's angel Because I find living out of a suitcase thrilling and exciting. when in reality it's because we are moving and out new house isn't ready yet. ;)

paks We have doubters in the house. *sigh* They want Lorne to be with Spike. Can you believe it? My poor baby. A green God with a wrinkly tired Vampire. If they only knew how good I really am they would cast me immediately ;) Plus, I'm thinking Andy would prefer a women over having to kiss Marsters. lol Oh, did you watch Queer Eye for the straight guy? Hotel doesn't have Bravo so I missed it. *sob*

Algerina Really? Well then my dear you don't know me very well at all...maybe I should show up around here more often offering my spanking services. lol

eirefaerie So, whats the scoop on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Any good?

tiggy I'm not really here either. *g* I got your email, I will try to read and respond soonish. *smoooooch*


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Q says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:42:21 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Grade: C

“She” tells a subtextual parable about the evils of female genital mutilation, or closer to home, just the abuse of male power and the attempt to control women. Though the genital mutilation that is paralleled in this episode is mostly left in what we would consider less than developed societies—the other problem is present everywhere. The idea of some males that woman should suppress their true nature, sexual or other, and conform to a certain standard, mind their P’s and Q’s while the men sort things out is ever present in every society, and this is a good topic to deal with.

That being said, I’m not sure it was dealt with all that effectively. Though it brought conscious thought, discussion, and awareness to the topic, it didn’t delve into it too deeply. This was definitely one of the strengths of the episode—but it surely could have been a little bit stronger in my opinion.

The other strength was the humor at the beginning of the episode. I truly never thought I’d see anything funnier than Wesley’s dancing, and the way he blindly treated the advances of the hot girl who ;) liked his sweater ;). Just when I thought that however, we get to see Angel dancing—and I see I was wrong. I now KNOW I’ll never see anything that funny ever again! DVD’s are great too. I only had it on tape, and I didn’t have the dancing over the final credits, because local affiliates always shrink that part down to promo the local news, so I missed it when it originally aired. Thank God for the DVD player! This is also the second episode in a row that Wesley has started crying out of sentimentality and had to cover it in a lie—good stuff.

I also loved the scene at the museum when Angel went undercover as tour guide. I love when they show this sophisticated side of Angel. Angel listens to and whistles Beethoven, he reads philosophy, recognizes modern sculpture, and knows EVERYTHING about classic art. It is great to have this kind of character to contrast with the other personalities. I wish they would have stuck with him being a classical music fan instead of showing his Barry Manilow crush, which really dropped him a few pegs from where he is now. The idea that Le Vampyr was written about Angel himself was truly a nice touch!

A lot of the rest of the episode played out a little slow to me, and was less than thrilling. It seemed to be square in the middle of a 3 episode slow patch, which is a little bit of a bummer. It had some good points, but was nowhere near a great episode.

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tiggy says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:41:58 2003 [Edit/Delete]
i'm not really here.

*ping* at the work addy.

woo! good luck to you and artemis. i'm sure you'll be amazing. :)

CD Thursday
Common Rotation-The Big Fear
Red Hot Chili Peppers-By the Way
Incubus-Morning View

i need some new cds. any suggestions?

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genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:40:20 2003 [Edit/Delete]

That's right. If you throw an accused witch in the water and she/he survives, the she/he is guilty. Only innocent if he/she drowns. Talk about a no win situation.


So, vampires are pretty much landlocked then. Technically, Angel and Spike could have never come to the USA.

Another Boring Day Quiz:

Remember when Joss said ( I think) that they would never do a Buffy motion picture until the series wrapped? Well, here we are. How about producing the new Buffy Movie?

1. Title for the Buffy sequel?

2. Casting: Budget is not unlimited, so you can only have 7 stars and 2 cameos. You can choose from anyone who had appeared on prior BtVS or Angel series.
(IF you want to resurrect someone who died, that's ok too)

3. Location:
Sure, studio shooting is cheaper, but we want to have some on location shooting too. Pick one city!

4. The Big Bad will be someone new. Describe the character a bit and cast the part ( only new faces, please!)

5. Pick an artist to do the soundtrack.

6. Rating? Hmmmm. We're not on TV anymore, after all.

7. If you plan to kill off a character for dramatic impact, who would it be?

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Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:39:50 2003 [Edit/Delete]
RSO to valMichael


Sorry, I think I've misled you. I myself do not play stand up bass. One of the musicians in the band I recorded with did. I, however, wrote the music for him and orchestrated various songs for stand up bass, if that holds any water with you.

And speaking of water, lol about cleanliness being easier to sleep beside. Very true.


The Hip are great, aren't they? To me, they are definitely a band that has gotten progressively better. Now, don't get your hopes too far up. Again, I personally don't hear the resemblance, and I/we certainly weren't trying to sound like them.

The description of where that Magic shop was sounds about right. I'm sure your family is ding as well by being on-line. That's kind of neat. Do they have a 'virtual store' on-line or anything?


Okay, Kathy Bates as Mom? Wouldn't you be afraid of waking up one morning and having here smash your ankles to a bloody pulp with a sledge hammer? I can never forget that scene from Misery when I think of her.


Sorry about that. I misunderstood the head smacking thing. Pedro would be great to see, wouldn't he? I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's him in the pitching rotation the day you see the Sox play.

Your idea of a Beta get together to go see a game is a great one! I really like that idea. We'll have to kick it around some more for next season. Is there a time of year that's better for you for that kind of thing? (What I mean is, do you work in an industry that's busy in June but not as busy in April or September or something like that?)


Thank you for the flower. That's so nice! I'm glad to see that you're in such a good mood after class last night. Good for you.


Yeah! The dissertation is in!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

However, there seems to be some trouble with your link to your live journal. I tried clicking on the link, and a bouncer appeared and said it was by invitation only. I guess you forgot to put my name on the list? Yeah, that must be it . . .

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Allyson says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:36:03 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Congrats to the crew at Zoic on the Emmy noms!

Maya (artemis) and I are incorporating this Fall. Woo! If I write another proposal, my hands are going to fall off.


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Adri says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:24:30 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 17:29:24 2003
Yay BlackMagicBitsy!

slayerdaddy: Not a healthy relationship with women doesn't mean misogynist to me. Buffy didn't have a healthy relationship with males but that doesn't make her a man-hater either.

ETA: el: I agree with your view of Spike *g* and of Buffy, with respect to relationships with the opposite sex.

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Syrdarya says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:21:51 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Yay BlackMagicBitsy!

Happy birthday to the birthday peeps!

Hmm, I think I missed Hollyn and Christopher Marlowe's birthdays, so belated birthday wishes to them. :)

deadguy's QOD: It pains me to say it, but I think Riley did, by acknowledging Buffy as a Slayer, by working with the Scoobies (well, when he wasn't going ahead and bombing vampire nests ahead of them), by accepting Oz and, although it was never made a big deal, Anya, and by not killing Spike.

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KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:21:37 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello again,

Terwilliger: Are you Matsu/Hitomi Terwilliger?

nails & Shadowquest: Ok, so it was possibly Stoker that came up with the running water bit?

Genrefan jostled my memory about submerging...likely related to witches and not Vampires.

Ty King Fan

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ShadowQuest says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:14:54 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Something that just occured to me, re: vampires and submergings - cc: KAM

It wouldn't make any difference if you tried to drown a vampire, because they don't breathe.

I'd have to reread Dracula, see if any reason is given for holy objects, such as crosses and Holy Water, affecting them.

I think it has something to do w/the sacredness of the objects, and the fact that vampires are unholy, i.e. living dead.

Crosses repel and burn, Holy Water burns, if The Host (Not Lorne; holy wafers) is spread around the crypt a vampire is in, he cannot escape.

A wild rose branch on his coffin will prevent him from leaving, and a sacred bullet fired into his coffin will then kill him. (Hmm. Sacred bullets also kill werewolves. Curious.)

I am assuming the rose branch represents the Crown of Thorns Christ wore on the Crucefix, but I'm not sure. Vampirism has a very long history, in more countries than just Europe; it'd be interesting to look into some of the other beliefs and see if they have similar means of dealing with the creatures.

Gee, and I just happen to have a few books on vampires...

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dogtrot says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:11:18 2003 [Edit/Delete]

We have all those shows on DVD (at least some of the seasons) except for West Wing (as far as I know). I'm pleasantly surprised that BtVS is relatively inexpensive compared to some, eg the X-Files.

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genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:09:42 2003 [Edit/Delete]

I'd definitely watch Slayers In Cleveland, or whatever you're calling your new show. *g* I think the First is gone, though. You'd need another big bad. Abominable snow monster, come winter time, maybe ( it snows a LOT in Cleveland). Drew Carey could be a pretty frightening foe as well.

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:01:38 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 17:02:30 2003
Good Afternoon, Bronzers.

YAY! BlackMagicBitsy!

Happy Birthday to Old One's Oldest and Slayed Soul!

A belated Happy Birthday to AussieBullDog!

deadguy's QoD: Buffy, when she made the decision to put her trust in Spike, sans chip.

eirefaerie: I'm not positive, but I believe THE X-FILES episode on TNT today is Humbug. "Must have been something I ate." A classic, for sure.

Old One: I hope you are enjoying your time with your daughters.

newt: If I don't "talk" to you before, have a great time with the hunbby's family!

Later, Beta!

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Algerina says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:01:37 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Who wants to be a Mensa Member?
Catagory: Mocvies
Question: Ad Line for what film read "On June 19th take your greatest fear and multiply it by X"
Answer: X Files

New Mensa Members
Eirefaerie 1st

Oh so close
Mrs Beasley

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nails says:
(Thu Jul 17 17:00:57 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM, Terwilliger I think the running water thing comes from Stoker. Or maybe he just used some mythology that was already there.

^ v
ShadowQuest says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:59:56 2003 [Edit/Delete]
ShadowQuest squints at the screen, adjusts her towel, and responds

KAM et al re: vampires and water.

In Bram Stoker's Dracula it is stated that a vampire cannot pass running water, except at high and low tide. This means rivers and streams as well as larger bodies of water, such as oceans.

They can control the elements, creating thunder, storms and fog.

I compiled a list of other interesting factoids while reading that book - research is fun!

^ v
Terwilliger says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:53:57 2003 [Edit/Delete]
KAM: I associate "can't cross running water" with vampires, too. Just don't ask me where I picked it up.


(Lurk, lurk lurk...)

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darcie says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:45:46 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Was that an Amarra I spied? Drat, she left before I could give her {{Huge Running Tackle Hugs}}

VIP eirefaerie ~ I'm not wrestling Denise ~ she could definitely take me. 'Cos she's mean. *nod*

VIP eirefaerieis a handsome gay man ~ paksie didn't *smooootch* me, either. *sulk*

VIP eirefaerietres ~ I am not sending you ten dollars. But I'll spring for all the virtual tequila you want!

Bawston ~ Oh, I told him. (I always think of Mr. Darcy when I type mr. darcie! hee!) He says he shall live forever! Mwuahahaha!

CarpeCleavagedi ~ that's just cause I didn't get the chance to publicly flaunt mine! hmph! (Okay, mebbe yours is better. *sulk*)

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Tiamat says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:37:44 2003 [Edit/Delete]
genrefan: That's it on the Emmy nominations ... just the special effects.

I think the Emmys would be fairer IF they limited it to one nomination per show per category ...

None of this junk of FOUR nominations for Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series for Curb Your Enthusiasm ... OR ... the TWO nominations for Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series for The Sopranos ... THAT is just INSANE !!!!!

This has ALWAYS bugged me ... long long long before BtVS was ever thought of ...

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Daps says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:27:59 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Good afternoon everyone!

*waves* to everyone!

Darn, sorry I've not been on here for any length of time in the past few days. I know I have stuff to respond to, so I'll try and scroll fully tonight since I don't want to go to Oxford uncscrolled because I'll have a tonne to catch up with....


Just found out this second that the job I applied for need me to start in an hour. It's the same bartender job as I had until a few months ago, only I'll be working for people other than my parents this time. No scrolling for me for a few days. Uh-oh. *g*

On another note, I've read a few things about people preparing for Oxford. This worries me, since I've not done a single thing to prepare. I'm gonna forget to bring something really important... like my wallet, I just know it!

*poof! for work* *grumble grumble*

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KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:27:55 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello again,

genrefan: You are probably right about the submerging thing referring to witches. However, I am fairly certain about Vampires not being able to cross running water.

Ty King Fan

^ v
genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:25:51 2003 [Edit/Delete]

Wes decided that he needed her help to fight the Beast and Angelus and went to the prison to ask for her aid. She smashed through the glass separating her from Wes and made her escape by jumping out of a window.


Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't remember that Wes had spoken to his mom also.


Running water...sure it's not witches that have a problem with it?

^ v
Amarra says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:25:03 2003 [Edit/Delete]
So... I guess I'm back at Beta again. Behold the Bronzing!

Yup, I have now caught up on new Buffy and Angel. Took me long enough. *whaps self*

And on that note, gotta go organise the Oxford PBfP.

That's a lie, Redwitch is doing anything. But I'm bringing DVDs, and much needed cheer.

Well, ok, the cheer probably won't be needed, but I'm bringing it! And possibly vodka.


Gone now.


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genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:20:01 2003 [Edit/Delete]
One lousy special effects nomination? Was that it?

^ v
abt says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:07:09 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Aha! Found it! ATS s2, Belonging:-

Hyperion day. Wesley is sitting in his office talking on the phone.
Wesley: "Yes, mum. Yes, well, put him on. - Right. You too. - Hello father. Happy Birthday. - How are you? - Good. - No! It's going quite well actually. - Yes. I have news. - I've been put in charge of our group. - Yes, as their leader. No, it's a permanent position. Well as permanent as these things... - (the smile on Wesley's face fades away into nothing) - No, I certainly won't be fired. - Ah. Well, yes, I was that one time, yes. - Again... No, you're right. I see how... - Yes, I'd forgotten, thank you. - Yes. - Ah, just recently. Uhm, it's going quite well so far. - - No, I think this time... - I hope it will be different. - No. No, you're right. I see how... - I just thought you'd be... I thought you'd want to know, that's all. - Right. Well - again, happy birthday. - Okay."
Hangs up and looks down at the desk.
Gunn comes in munching on some chips.
Gunn: "You talking to someone?"
Wesley closing the folder in front of him: "Yes, my father."
Gunn: "English senior? How is he?"
Wesley: "Well. It's his birthday."
Gunn: "Nice."
Wesley still moving stuff around on his desk: "He sends his greetings to everyone in Tinsel Town."

^ v
PotentialSlayer says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:06:59 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Thank you eirefaerie. It helps a lot. The network didn`t even tell when the forth season will be on air.
abt: It`s the episode Over the rainbow, Part one.

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:06:40 2003| [Edit/Delete]
Thanks so much for stepping in. I had a dentist's appointment and thought I would be done in time.

My guess: The X-Files Movie (Fight the Future)

^ v
Spikmeister says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:03:11 2003 [Edit/Delete]
MENSAAlgerina: The X-Files movie... I have it on video at home...

redwitch: I'm coming along to Oxford on Saturday... Not sure what time exactly, I'll check the website... I have people's mobile numbers so I'll get in touch with someone...!!!

Old One: Thank you...

Off now... Back tomorrow...


^ v
nik says:
(Thu Jul 17 16:01:59 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Mensa: X-Files movie?

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:57:52 2003 [Edit/Delete]
eirefaerie *witness Irishrose thumping head on table..thunk, thunk, thunk,...* I really should have known that one. I *DID* know that one. I have the blinking movie! Argggg!!!!! I feel so ashamed now. I have let down all the XF groupies I used to chat with. I don't deserve the shirts and videos I own. *thunk, thunk, thunk*

^ v
abt says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:57:23 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Re Wesley's parents, wasn't there a scene of him on the phone to his mum, and then he speaks to his dad to wish him happy birthday? Wesley says something about how they made him leader, and the person on the other end of the phone says some comment about what happened with him and the CoW.

I could be remembering it wrong, does anyone know what episode this was so I can check?

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:52:57 2003 [Edit/Delete]
MENSAAlgerina: X Files: Fight the Future?

Potential Slayer: Arent' tv networks insane? Faith got out of jail because Wesley helped her escape (more or less). She was needed in Los Angeles, and after she finished up there, she went to Sunnydale. Hope that helps.

^ v
Claris says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:52:51 2003 [Edit/Delete]
I love the smell of procrastination in the morning..... is proud to present its latest round of Ways to Avoid Doing Actual Work:

In Shreds:
Five days, 3,000 miles, and Dead Man's Curve - Who Says You Can't Make a KIA can't do that?
~ Claris
Claris drives cross country with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company..
To my credit - every state I drove through is still there.. more or less.

In Freaks:
Um, Hi there officer....
RTBS goes the extra mile to make sure that can reach its full potential.
It's 10pm. Do you know where your Kum N' Go is?

Conversations with Jesus, remembering your pants, and of course - porn...
Quotes page update.
MeeB & Harry Potter - it's not just a book, it's an obsession....

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Cassie says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:51:55 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Good morning everyone!!!


Off to scroll.......

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ShadowQuest says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:51:01 2003 [Edit/Delete]
ShadowQuest was hungry to begin with, but with all this talk of sausage muffins...

No cheese or egg on mine, please. Especially the cheese and egg on those microwave ones - slimey!

I don't remember who mentioned it, but I saw that teeth-whitener commercial last night w/the woman dreaming of the Irish dancing William Shatners. I was deeply disturbed. That's just wrong on so many levels!

Minions of Mine Looks like your goddess has a serious problem - an accessory navicular bone in her foot.

From what research I've done, surgery is an option, but as a last resort. There's wrapping and casts and fun stuff like that, first.

So, I'm understandably feeling down right now. Especially since I'm of the non-insured variety. (Go ahead - yell at me. I deserve it. My own fault.)

ShadowQuest checks her watch, sighs, and goes to take a shower, muttering about working shifts that start in the late afternoon and end at close...

^ v
KAM says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:50:52 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Hello again,

VERY old Scrolling...I have been absent since last Friday


Ojagwers: On the power behind crosses and holy water in the Buffyverse. You seem to be implying that Joss's lack of religious belief means that the Buffyverse follow his personal beliefs. I don't see this as a given. As such I don't see any issue. Not that it isn't an interesting topic.

Daps: You mentioned water in relation to Vampires. Well, running water traditionally was a problem for vampires in that they couldn't cross it...and I seem to recall something about submerging them in running water...not sure. So, there is a basis for water not working well with vampires, but I am not sure about any pre-Christian blessing relating to the crosses. It is as probable as any explanation I suppose.

newt & newtlette: Sure you can come and long as Mommy remains within the area or isn't out of pocket for longer than changing duration. KAM loves babies...not diapers. And the newtlette IS indeed adorable.

green blip: In regards to Harry Potter's similarities to 'Books of Magic' Perhaps she was inspired by it...or perhaps she never saw it at all. Hard to say. Personally--I find the similarities to be a bit too close to be pure coincidence. It wasn't a Wizard with an Owl...that is common Wizard Imagry. Harry looks VERY similar to Tim Hunter, and has a similar setup...untrained, kid who has never heard of wizards, destined for greatness, etc. Also with the Owl, and bad attitude.

That possibility aside...we would indeed be on opposite sides if you have a very positive view of the Harry Potter Books. As I mentioned before--I have only read one of them, and have a rather low opinion of it...not entirely related to its "originality" but rather its themes. I like the setting, and adventure aspect of it however, but the first book was sufficiently unimpressive, so I didn't want to read more. But to be fair--the target audience isn't me. I hear the other books are better, but it remains low on my list of books to read.

Jitsudude: Even thought I was disappointed in The Two Towers Movie, I look forward to the DVD sets...the extras alone are worth it.

Ty King Fan

^ v
Dunlin says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:49:00 2003 [Edit/Delete]
XXX? That movie scares me. It can't really be called "acting" that Vin Diesel does...

Bah. Excuses, excuses. Drag yourself up there, bad knee and all! You can always get a new one. *g* I'm kidding. Too bad, it could have been fun.

^ v
PotentialSlayer says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:43:48 2003 [Edit/Delete]
It`s so frustrating. I live in Germany and our network shows the senenth season of Buffy but the third season of Angel. Can anybody explain me how Faith came out of jail?

^ v
genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:42:22 2003 [Edit/Delete]

You're so right about the "chosen family" theme. That was clearly stated in Family, when Tara was made family by declaration. We've had the impression that neither Willow nor Xander have much of a support system from their blood relatives, so they've been pretty much adopted into the slayer/Summers clan. That was one of the factors that made Joyce's death so universally devastating. She was always willing to be "mom" to anyone in need, even Spike. I do think Spike would have become another surrogate brother, like Xander. Giles was, of course, the father figure even when he really didn't want to be.
Question: Do Willow or Xander know ( or care?) where their parents are or if they're even still alive? Presumably, they fled Sunnydale with everyone else. It's a bit odd that Willow's Mom, at least, wouldn't try to drag her daughter to safety. Maybe her Mom disowned her when she came out? Hmmm.....Still so many things to ponder.

HumVee/ abt/ ginger/ onecoldcanadian and everybody discussing Wes' parents:
I honestly don't remember Wes ever mentioning or speaking with his mother. The time Wes was on the phone with his dad, we never heard him ask to speak with his mom. I was wondering then if she was dead or had long ago left his father.
I'd hate to think that Wes had two cold parents. More likely, the mom was some free spirit hippie type who split long ago.

^ v
Django says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:42:03 2003 [Edit/Delete]
"Long Day's Journey" was decent but the fight at the end didn't seem as all out as the one in "Apocalypse Nowish", which is strange considering what's at stake. The return of the lovely Gwen was welcome. Connor surviving that fall seemed a bit much.
"Never Leave Me" - I loved the bit with Spike breaking free and attacking Andrew through the wall. I know Andrew's popular with fans but I found him annoying in this one. Disappointed with how the very big Watcher's Council scene was handled. It would have made more impact to have built up a storyline of them gathering information and being attacked over a few episodes. Buffy's scene with Spike in the basement was good. I'll wait until I see what the Ubervamp's capable of before I comment on him.

Yeah, I guess it's just like some radio stations, insisting they're giving the public what they want, when in reality they're telling the public what they want and ignoring any evidence to the contrary.

Glad you're still liking it :)
When me and Dru get wed we'll need to send you and Wes an invitation ;)

^ v
Mrs.Beasley says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:41:25 2003| [Edit/Delete]
MENSA Algerina; X-men? Or party disasters in Akron. Ohio?

^ v
el says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:39:09 2003 [Edit/Delete]
What a lovely harbour. I did lol because obviously more people live on the harbour there, than live in this community! Condos on the harbour. People here would be horrified!
It is beautiful. I am looking forward to a trip to England.

Angel was not alone in the “not able to sit and wait for her to come home at night“ thing. All the men felt that way, and most of the women. I think that is natural. If that were the only reason that he gave up that day, destroying their lives together, then that goes way beyond selfish and into other areas. He, making that decision on her behalf, was wrong. And when she finds out…

I am still pondering "the time was turned back so it never really happened" argument that White Wings *waves* - mentioned to me. So far the time “travel” paradox is with me.. Still pondering.


^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:39:06 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 15:43:53 2003
MensaAlgerina X-Men?

edited to correctly spell Algerina's name!

^ v
Algerina says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:34:26 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Oops! maybe I was supposed to stand in for MensaGirl again today. Sorry!

Who wants to be a Mensa Member?
Catagory: Mocvies
Question: Ad Line for what film read "On June 19th take your greatest fear and multiply it by X"

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angela says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:33:48 2003 [Edit/Delete]
wolfguard very interesting quote form Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide. I stumbled upon negotiating for a job by accident. I had no idea you could negotiate over a job. I was applying for a gallery position in SF as the office manager. Galleries pay is VERY low… the benefit of working in the environment is suppose to make up for the poor pay. I had met with the owner and we had hit it off and I really wanted the job. He gave me the offer and I asked to think about it because I already had a job that paid a lot more. The next day I decided the pay cut couldn’t work especially since he wasn’t offering any benefits for a year. So I told him over the phone no… to my absolute surprise he raised the salary. I was so shocked I told him I still had to think about it. After thinking I decided that it still wouldn’t make any sense because health care cost so much money so I once again said no because of the not having health benefits for the first year. He decided to wave that rule so I got lots more money and benefits!!! Since then I have become “the great negotiator” and never looked back. You wouldn’t believe the cushy job I have now.
Anyway that was an awfully long story about women negotiating. *sheepishly smiles*

Ojagwers ohh… creepy, slimy and bizarre… that sounds like something I would LOVE. Now I really have to rent it.

deadguy's QotD- I think Xander look the biggest leap by walking out on his wedding. Not that I think he made the right choice... I
Catmint best line of season 7... all those lines of Spike's trying to prove he and Angel are not alike... differnt coloring, etc..

worst line- ??? hmmm... I'll have to think on that.

^ v
redwitch says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:33:10 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Quick mid-DIY-drive-by postspam...

People going to Oxford

If you don't know what's happening or where you're supposed to meet people or anything like that, then go here or email me (addy above).

I will be there tomorrow, late afternoon. Anyone (littlexander, Daps) also going to be there Friday, do you want to arrange to meet up at a specific time and place tomorrow evening to go for drink/food?

I will be (virtually) unavailable from about midday tomorrow onwards (unless I sneak into a net cafe in Oxford), so if you need get in touch with me about Oxford do so ASAP. If you need to get in touch with my after that you could try posting a message to Amarra, Mr. Holtz, jessanne or ginger who all have my mobile number and could probably get in contact with me.

See you all on Saturday and some of you tomorrow!

/drive-by spampost

^ v
trouble says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:31:08 2003 [Edit/Delete]
eirefaerie, paks: Count me in. Sausage and cheese only, thank you very much. With a hash brown or two on the side.

TheStage: Try this one.

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:31:04 2003 [Edit/Delete]
paks forgot to *smooooch* me. Figures. paks hates me. She's so mean. I hate paks! I'm going off to cry now.

But first,

YaY BlackMagickBitsy!!! (How are you?!)

Congratulations, ginger!!!!!!

Here. Have some cheese. It's very good cheese. It's cheese that is in the shape of small children, which will be adopted in the UK. Doesn't that make you smile?

^ v
Tiamat says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:17:57 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Paks / Dunlin: No tengo dinero for Canada (mebbe I'll save up for 2010 ;-) LOL) ... That and I messed up my knee ... IF I had the money, I'd be up for a weekend in BC, CA just to get some cheap Claritin & 220s ;-) ... Those were the ONLY nods for Buffy/Firefly/Angel ... Heck, Everwood only got a nod for music & I love that show (Wish they'd show more of Treat Williams - can only stand so much of "Hair") ...

We've got a "Claim Jumper" opening up at Alderwood sometime in the not too distant future ... Still tryin to cash in on owed meal(s) from a certain Jenny Whacker ...

I think I need to go to one of the reservations and try to hire a troupe of rain dancers ... my normally lush & green lawn is brown & crunchy (my folks won't be happy when they get home in Sept) ...

Plus ... I'm trying to scrape together a lil $$$ for when a certain NASCAR Winston Cup driver comes to town (near your neck of the woods) for a race next month ... Woooo Hooooo!!!!

^ v
Rocksette says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:16:17 2003| [Edit/Delete]
Ginger - WTG!!! Bet you're relieved it's all over now...well done :))


^ v
Morella says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:14:40 2003| [Edit/Delete]
Sorry about the 2 "i's" in your name in my post to you below :0( "sigh", the edit facility would not let me go into Edit it for some reason either "grrrr!"

^ v
green blip says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:10:00 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Yay blackmagickbitsy!

biggest leap of faith....Buffy.
she's always been bound by duty and destiny, but believing in everyone around her was always
a great test.

red crayon:
torture yourself no more!!!!!!
read only what makes you happy!!!!
i like spike too!

sharon kay pennman! have read 'em all! history with characters and dialouge added for interest!!
a very good fantasy fiction novelist is Terry Goddkind...1st book is Wizards First Rule...quite fun!

oopps...E address was written wrong. correct E is above...


^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:06:12 2003 [Edit/Delete]
AussieBullDog: I dunno . . . what's the current exchange rate placing the Australian dollar at?

paks: Ooh! Another person who doesn't like egg on their egg McMuffins, etc! ha ha! We will RULE the WORLD!

I'm tired. Meh.

^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:01:35 2003| [Edit/Delete]
Well, offta whup! Later all!

MENSAgirl — The answer is SEX! SEX! SEX! or chasing rollerbladers with a butterfly net on Santa Monica Beach...

Yay! BlackMagicBitsy!
Happy birthday, them as wuz born!

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:01:35 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 15:02:35 2003
Yes, I always found it peculiar that in the UK, we get the DVD sets so long before they get released in their home territory. SFX reviewed Firefly and said to watch it or watch the DVD set, so I thought they might be out soon. Maybe I'm clutching at straws though. I hope it's soon, and they are resonably priced.

Do you have shows like the WestWing, Dark Angel, CSI, Sex and the City and 24 on DVD over there?

^ v
Tiamat says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:00:39 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Emmy Nominations:(this is it)

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer • Chosen • UPN • Mutant Enemy, Kuzui, Sandollar in association with 20th Century Fox Television
Loni Peristere, Visual Effects Supervisor
Patricia Gannon, Visual Effects Supervisor
Ronald Thornton, Visual Effects Supervisor
Chris Zapara, Lead CG Artist
Rick Baumgartner, Visual Effects Coordinator
Christopher Jones, Lead Compositor
Michael D. Leoni, CG Supervisor
David Funston, Digital Artist
Kevin Quatro, Digital Artist

Firefly • Serenity • FOX • Mutant Enemy, Inc. in association with 20th Century Fox Television
Loni Peristere, Visual Effects Supervisor
Kristen Leigh Branan, Visual Effects Coordinator
Emile Smith, Digital Effects Supervisor
Rocco Passionino, Digital Effects Suipervisor
Lee Stringer, CG Supervisor
Kyle Toucher, Animator
Jarrod Davis, Animator
Terry Naas, Animator
Chris Jones, Compositing Supervisor

Sidenote -- Mike Davis (I think that's what he said his name is) from Tv Guide said that he felt the Academy really should've given SMG a nod for "Best Actress in a Drama" as a sorta "goodbye" present ... He was on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends" this morning ...

^ v
Morella says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:00:17 2003 [Edit/Delete]


From yesterday

YAY! Pet Lunatic!



I’m Kid
Vviolet's daughter
and anyone else who had a Birthday on this day

for today

YAY! BlackMagickBitsy!

Old One's Oldest
Slayed Soul
And to anyone who has a Birthday today

That is a lovely harbor, all that fresh fish so near too :0) Here is a web address to a site about Brixham and it’s harbor, which is in Devon in the UK, it is one of my favorite places, but it is a 4 + hour drive away, so I do not go there as often as I would like to.

For some reason reality TV shows like Big Brother etc., are supposedly, “popular” and viewers would rather watch these than anything else, or so we are led to believe by the TV Companies and Producers. Truth be known is that they are so cheap to produce and the viewers are brainwashed into believing that they are the best thing to watch. So while the producers etc., can get away with it they will “sigh”

genrefan, TheStage and giinger
Oh I do hope that they never change the actors who play Harry, Ron and Hermione, as I really just do not see it working, Like you say genrefan part of the fun of the series of films is and will be watching the characters grow up. I think Harry was supposed to be 11 years old in book one. As you say ginger if Nick Brendon at 25 can play the 15-16 year old Xander Harris, then hopefully the cast of the Harry Potter films can stay the same and it will work out okay. I know I would rather that, than have a cast change. To be honest, hopefull none of the cast will change, I know, unfortunately that they had to find a new Dumbledore, and I hope the change works out well. I thought Richard Harris was excellent in the part :0(

Sunday is okay with me for a meetage, hopefully it is okay with the others.
cc She Bit, redwitch, Scourge, jessanne, and anyone else?

Hi! Waves and [[hugs]]

Kiba Rika
Waves :0)

I hope you are right about Spike next season, I really do [[[I think they would loose too much of his character if he was human, I think he could even become a boring character then]]]]

ROFLMAO whoops what happened to your post on Tuesday evening “g”

I hope you had the very best of birthdays :0)

Rso to helygen, kronos, Comteacher, Spikmeister, Django, The Birthday Gnome, valMichael, angela, AngelBabyDTM, Dust'em, Princess of Darkness, halfrek, notsoShyGirl, dudley, ShadowQuest, HumVee, and everyone else who shouted out :0)

Waves hello to everyone here :0)

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DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu Jul 17 15:00:11 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 15:04:35 2003
HAPPY B'DAY BLACKMAGICKBITSY may or may not drop one at that other place

white wings My favorite sport, nit-picking. Quor-Toth being so many dimensions away from Buffearth, I always assumed the "sluks" came from an intermediate dimension Connor raised some heck in on his way to earth.

Q Along similar lines, Angel was ent to a different helld. than Buffy visited in "Anne" so we don'tknow the exact chroonlogy, but I agree with you he was there for years at least if not millenia. The Hell of Acathla is apparently much farther from the Hell of Ken than the Hell of Ken is from Buffearth. Glory's *original* home dimension is likely even more remote, altho where she is now may not be.

el Actually I supported Angel's decision based on the Oracles' telling him he'd endanger her. Angel isn't the type of "Slayer's boyfriend" to hang around the house and ahve a tureky sandwich and a pot of cocoa waiting for her when she gets home at night. But Buffy *ought to* be at least a bit mad when not if she finds out about it.

wolfguard 'Shippers; yeah,letting go is a problem for me too.

slayerdaddy gin soaked boy ShadowQuest Now we're proposing DEAD guys to guest-star on _Angel_? I didn't think they were that desperate.

paks Agree with the no fanfics rule; do my occasional "humorous" self-quotes go over the line or is it okay since nobody understands them ?(I assume)

[q]Bawston [/q] I remmeber my 20s very well and I'll stop there before TMI. As to women, I read soemwhere (once! years ago) that it improves a woman's health to have "O"s while a man is touching her. (That includes his hands.) Consdiering how (Satrt sarcasm font)good most of us seem to be in eliciting that (end sarcasm font) it DOES look like you lasses come up short again.:-(

Nirvana1 Can aggree with you about the decision to use THE ATTEMPT to change viewers' feelings towards Spike and move his charcater on would be seen as a bad move by many. But can't see it as "hard to buy"; a soulless vampire, in addition to lacking a conscience, lacks at least certain types of empathy also. (Has to; living off human pain and death would be hard if one felt their pain and fear.) So his taking his obsession to that level didn't surprise me in the least.

ETA slayerdaddy ginger Hank is guilty of aggravated absence of body (his choice) but it was never said he was delinguent on court-ordered support (soemthing they can go after him for; a respectable businessman like Hank can't exactly hide from the constable.) And Buffy's money problems don't prove anything; by themselves support payments don't go far.

^ v
ginger says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:59:54 2003| [Edit/Delete]
But he's a man- there was never any hope for him.

^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:58:05 2003 [Edit/Delete]
quick good morning then it's off for a run..

dudley - I forgot to mention it last night, but thank you very much.

Crossover - I'll keep my eyes open for it

Spikmeister - that's wonderful. May you have many more years together.

have a nice Thursday, all

^ v
Q says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:53:52 2003 [Edit/Delete]
On Firefly

I have read that the release date for the U.S. DVD's of both Firefly AND Buffy season 5 are in early December-- Dec. 9 or 12, I believe.

Q's Reviews mid-season 1 slump edition:


Expecting was a side-episode that dealt with Cordelia getting pregnant with the forces of evil FAR more effectively than when they later used it as a major over all season arc. Not that this was great... just that the whole Jasmine story was so weak.

The episode was entertaining enough, but had no real sense of urgency, and didn’t do much for the overall story, so I didn’t love it. Things I did like?...

* Some pretty good humor... especially the image of Cordelia guzzling blood by fridge light, dribbling a bit out of the corners of her mouth. Very funny.

* Some good development of Wesley. Wesley coming over to play board games was touching. We get a good sense of how lonely Wesley is here, and it adds to the bond he forges with the gang. Speaking of the bond...

* “ I learned that I have 2 people I trust absolutely with my life”. Cordelia says this, and we see that we really do have a strong bond between these three characters. It really seems like a familial bond. When the bartender asks Angel if he is Cordelia’s boyfriend, he answers... “No, I’m family.” This statement sums up what made the Angel/Cordy relationship at this juncture so compelling... and the Angel/Cordy relationship of seasons 3 and 4 so disturbing. Not only did that relationship seem incestuous (something the writers must have really liked—as they showed during season 4), but it DESTROYED the nature of the relationship that was established here... and that was a tragic destruction for the show.

* Dennis. What a great character. How sweet was the scene when he handed Cordy a tissue and tucked her into her bed a little more comfy? I know, I’m a sap... but I am genuinely touched by how much Dennis cares for Cordelia.

Anyway... the episode had some good points, but felt rather like filler for a lot of it.

^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:47:22 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Ginger — We'll see. We also saw eps where Buffy's dad actually showed up for visitation and paid his child support on time; look how that got revised.

^ v
ginger says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:43:09 2003 [Edit/Delete]
It was on... oh look at that... choooocooolate... what was i saying? Oh, it was on stuff that wasn't chocolate and as such has no interest for me now.

(it was on adoption policy in the UK, which is quite like adoption policy in your country and a bit unlike anywhere else. and it was me trying to start a scrap between long-term fostering and adoption)

my paaarty live journal

^ v
genrefan says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:43:07 2003 [Edit/Delete]
SO to all here on this lovely summer day.
Any (good) word on Emmy nominations?

^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:41:31 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 14:42:39 2003
Dogtrot — I read that Firefly comes out in August '03 in US. It's still airing on Sky so it will probably be later in UK

^ v
angela says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:35:41 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Good morning all. Isn’t is a lovely Thursday. angela skips through the bronze handing out little pretty flowers to everyone… she is unusually happy today and while it does feel good she is a little disturbed by the feeling as well. I am at work. I don’t get to leave early. Why am I happy? I’m sure it will wear off after lunch. That is when I usually crave a nap. :-)

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TheStage says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:33:47 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 14:37:51 2003
flys back in...

YAY BlackMagickBitsy!

Happy Birthday to:

Old One's Oldest! Happy birthday.

And Slayed Soul

deadguy Cordelia, in many of her dealings with the PTB.

Edited to say - A Fifth! Bwa ha! This Fifth is a girl. I hereby name her The Stage's Luck cc. Thoin, Halfrek

What was that about portents...

...flys back out

^ v
Smidge says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:33:40 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Smidge tiptoes into the Bronze, dumping a big bag of Godiva chocolates onto the table, and takes a seat at the bar.

ginger Yay you! What is your dissertation on?

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:30:04 2003 [Edit/Delete]
I haven't heard about any definite dates of the Firefly DVD releases anywhere. And what's up with making us poor slobs in the US wait interminably for the release of the rest of the Buffy DVDs? I surely hope they will speed up the schedule so we can have them all by maybe June of 2004. Is anybody listening?

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 17 14:26:39 2003 [Edit/Delete]
Edited: Thu Jul 17 14:28:37 2003
Do any of the illumini here know when/if a UK DVD release of Firefly is set? I can't find anything solid elsewhere on the net, but it was mentioned (in passing) in the new SFX.

I would percieve Wesley's mother as very over supportive/protective to Wesley during his childhood years, possibly molly-coddling and always telling him how good he was. I say that because of how his early, Buffy S3 persona, was portrayed. His father seems to have been the complete oppostie, distant and critical, although only indication of this (as far as I remember) was one telephone call, which is nothing to go on. His father may not be a complete villian, but maybe father and son had a dispute and haven't resolved it yet. It's a mystery.

Yes, the girl who stood up against the bully may just have chosen that time to make a stand, given an inner empowerment without nesessarily realising the physical one. All the SiT's got the full deal during the empowerment spell though, so I would assume it was true for all the girls. Maybe the SiTs werre just naturally disposed to being aware of it, what with the ubervamps and all. What we really need is a movie to answer all this *g*. Still, it's fun to speculate on questions that may never actually be answered.

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Riggghhhty, then:

ginger Congratulations! *does the dance of achievement* in honour of the mighty ginger.

trouble Yeah - weird! I've just checked and I got a 'failure delivery' message back. I definitely sent it to that address, double-checked. I'll try sending it again anyway, but do you have an alternative email I could try if it still doesn't work?

Django Still loving When Django Met Drusilla - it's making me laugh out loud in some places (in a good way *g*) And nice reminder with the Wes thing. ;) I'm still on a happy...

Falco Have you read The Sword In The Stone? That's T.H. White as I recall, without reference to my bookshelf. I love it. I like the sound of The Once And Future King as well.

jitsudude Thank you kindly good sir knight. Alas, my pending bookshelf is so stuffed with tomes calling for my attention at present, that I think I'd better wait for Mists Of Avalon, but I'll certainly call on your book-lending services when I've made some dent in the pending shelf! *smooooch* And I'm looking forward to reading the first instalment of your Pratchettesque / Buffy fic!

littlexander Bah! Now I'm jealous that you and chums are going to be there from tomorrow, watching Monty Python brave Sir Robin ran awaayy..., RD and LOTR without me! (Yup, I was reading Amarra's LJ just now *g*.

Dogmeat Hallo to you too, and thank you for the Yay :)

valMichael Many thanks - I will certainly do that.

ShadowQuest Nothing wrong with a penchant for Samwise Gamgee! A most excellent hobbit *g*.

Edited to say - A first! The portents are gathering I tell you...bwa ha haaa...

*poof* for now.

Later, Bater!

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