Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:58:32 2000
Anyone who is interested. I read the following Spoiler for Season 2 of Angel on another Web Site. It is only a rumour though. Something Joss has supposed to have spoken about.
It is rumoured that Bad Angel and Good Angel have a fight in the next Season, rather like the fight in Superman 3. Also Bad Angel is supposed to be in next Season more often.
End of Spoiler

Has anyone any ideas on this. If so I'm looking forward to hearing them.?



daywalker says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:57:51 2000
its me its me that good old daywalker that makes love to beutiful women so any one out there in teh slayer world want to talk


faith halliwell says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:55:52 2000
hey i love the show i love u buffy and angel i mean Sarah and David will keep up the great work bye faith


TH says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:55:00 2000
Devil are any VIPS with you there?


Yoyo21 says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:53:27 2000
I was just wondering if anyone out there could tell me the site of a good updated spoiler page for Buffy and Angel. I'm curious if Eliza Dushkin is returning and what Darla's role is, and whats goign to happen on the coming season of Buffy. Thanks and I'd really appreciate it if someone would respond. Thanks =)


devil says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:53:00 2000
hi from SJBW2! having a great time..

greeneyes: I was about to say hi to you on aim after St George was done, but you disappeared *pout*

Extra Flamey: St George says hi

*smooches* to Kiera wherever yiou are



wolfguard says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:52:55 2000

Attempted this last Thursday night, but my server did not cooperate.

A qualified MEA CUPLA

Your memory of the dialogue was almost verbatim. Of course, Spike's behavior as a human has to be inferred from Giles summary of the WC notes. That Gile's does not specifically tie Spike's anti-social behavior to his human past does not proof Spike was a happy-go-lucky angel prior to being vamp'd.

OTOH, the railroad benchmark is persuasive. OTO-OH, according to Cameron1 there were hundreds of miles of railroad track laid in Britain prior to the first working steam locomotive in 1801 (Pony powered, which vamp-Willow might have appreciated).

OTO-O2H, Joss probably doesn't do that sort of research.

So, I stand corrected.

Margot - Have some lemonade?

1A Concise Economic History of the World



Extra Flamey says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:52:52 2000
Morella- I'm here! Thanks for the support! I recently got my Bezoar Hunter's Licence... but I'm out of ammo! Joss Durn-it-all!

Yaritza Fontanez - Hola! Mi espanol es muy mal! Me gusto Buffy mucho!! I hope I said that right... or at least fairly close!

Ohhh.... getting hungry! must.... get.... food.... soon! ...but that would expel unneccessary energy!


TH says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:52:11 2000
Are there any VIPs hiding anywhere?


Brandi the Slayer says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:50:39 2000
St. George, Auntie Icelord, Margot, and SJBW2 attendees: Darn it! I really wish I was there! Can y'all please tell Erika and Jeff I say hello? Thanks, guys! And i'll let y'all know how surgery goes. Enjoy the party!

Extra Flamey: It's okay. I totally understand...not sure if I wanna stick around w/ a Bezoar either...

And my Joss, what was w/ the vampy board?

Brandi the Slayer


Acathla666 says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:49:45 2000
Hi everyone!


Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:46:53 2000
It's gone horribly slow on the board? What up? Or has everyone gone into hiding?


Extra Flamey says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:45:39 2000
EF peeks in... Is it safe yet?

Brandi the Slayer- I'm here!...sorry I abandoned you and left you with that bezoar! I just got sick of it! But I cant stay away for long! So, how be you this fine day?

Icelord and Margot - sounds like a great bash! Have fun and tell St. George I say hi! (And Erica, too!)

Flame- hey! Nice name! How about Spike? He's pretty cute too! And Giles, too! Sarah and Alyson are indeed fine actresses, and I'd have to put the lovely and talented Amber Benson at the top of that list too!

Prince of Lunacy- hey there! How's everything?


Yaritza Fontanez says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:45:29 2000
Me facina su programa tengo el juego y no me pierdo ni un solo capitulo del programa en WB los quiero me siento como familia de todos ustedes y que vuelva oss please y el nuevo programa de angel es una porqueria se debio quedar con Sarah michelle hacian muy bonita pareja y espero que nunca quiten el programa me facinan hasta los grabo soy de puertorico la isla del encanto no me pierdo dowson greek bye


Juggernaut says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:45:02 2000
Rachie Nice to have had meetage again :) Too bad it couldn't have been for longer, but hey *eg*
If things go to plan I will be residing in London next year. Just giving you fair warning *weg*

Antipodean Hi there. Just testing the extent of your scrollage.

lulu Hi there! Long time no post. We must get in touch soon. As my arrival back to the shores of Australia ain't too far away (Late August infact).


St. George says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:44:53 2000
Hi there from SJBW2...."token" brit speaking live!!

this is so cool!

Just to confirm to the few of you that have not met Erika Amato, she truly is a Hottie!!

St. George


Yaritza Fontanez says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:44:44 2000
Me facina su programa tengo el juego y no me pierdo ni un solo capitulo del programa en WB los quiero me siento como familia de todos ustedes y que vuelva oss please y el nuevo programa de angel es una porqueria se debio quedar con Sarah michelle hacian muy bonita pareja y espero que nunca quiten el programa me facinan hasta los grabo soy de puertorico la isla del encanto no me pierdo dowson greek bye


greeneyes says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:44:38 2000
vamp board?


Brandi the Slayer says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:43:17 2000
Broken Bronze?


Juggernaut says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:34:13 2000
Greetings & Salutations All !!!!!!!!

Any topicy goodness to discuss???

AIM = Juggernaut19


greeneyes says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:33:22 2000
Brandi thats what I figured. :-( aim me when you can
SJPBP you all are having too much fun. :-) Good for you. Did devil ever make it there? Hi wanttoknow. :-)
Jamie who is your favorite character? and why do you keep posting here? Is it just to annoy people or are you trying to make friends? The first is working the second isn't. :-)


Brandi the Slayer says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:33:18 2000
Margot & Icey: OMJ, are you guys serious?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! OMJ, OMJ...

Brandi the Slayer
Who cannot believe she's missing Erika and Jeff...NOOOOO!!!!


Flame says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:32:51 2000
who here thinks that Oz (Seth Green) and Angle (David Boreanaz) are the cutest guys on t.v? And that Sarah Michele Gellar and Alyson Hanningan are the best female actress?


Brandi the Slayer says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:31:09 2000
green: Hi! If I suddenly dissappear from AIM, it's b/c AOHelL hates me =(.

Vanessa: I can't stand bezoars, but I also can't stand bezoars irritating my friends...thanks for the thanks =).

Swoop: Buffy pinatas?! I SOOOO WANNA BE THERE!

Morella: Yeah...I think that getting us all off the Bronze is what the Bezoar wants...besides, i'm not gonna let some little impotent nazi w/ a bug up his butt the size of an emu ruin my postage...sorry, got carried away *LOL*.

Brandi the Slayer
Gone soon to help pack some more...


Icelord and Margot says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:29:43 2000

Margot and I are here. This is not a joke:

We told you SweePer knew how to throw a party. . .

Margot Le Faye


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:28:52 2000


andyourlittledogtoo says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:25:28 2000
Vanessa's hubby
Hi ya! How's all?

I will resend e! with ASHness!! Piccy's are done and I am about to post them!!!



Weasel69s says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:24:52 2000
hi to all my chat mates catch you again tommorrow


Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:24:17 2000
Extra Flammey and Brandi the Slayer

I've really enjoyed myself on the board over the last few hours, but like Extra Flamey, the Bezoar is tending to get on my nerves. I like to help people out if they ask a question and I can give an answer I will try. But this one is really putting me off. But Ill keep on lurking awhile..

Popping off to other things for a while

Bye for Now



4paws says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:22:47 2000
Vanessa- oh what an idea!!!! You're eeevil... I love it!
Really gone tree-shopping now...
4paws, still giggling...


Skye says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:18:18 2000
How needs any thing else when we have Buffy


Vanessa's Hubby says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:17:54 2000
sigh Ok. I guess the only way we'll make you happy is to get you some Spike/Anya fic. I happen to be working on one, right now! Here it is:

Scene: Xander's basement

Anya sits on the bed, watching Days of Our Lives. Strangely, it reminds her of a lot of the more cruel wishes she granted as a demon. Spike comes down the stairs, munching on a box of Wheatabix. Anya looks up and sees him. "Oh, it's you," she says. Spike replys, "Mumble mumble crunch crunch," turns, and goes back up the stairs.

The End.

There ya go!


Swoop says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:13:32 2000
Brandi All of the good! Time to bust the Buffy Pinatas!!! *L*

We'll pop back later guys!



greeneyes says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:09:53 2000
Brandi, Vanessa, Dawn's Kiss hello :-)



Prince of Lunacy says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:09:31 2000
Wow...your right....the more you post....the more people will see how VERY ANNOYING you really are!!!
Good thinking!


Christina says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:08:55 2000
The show is awsome!!!!The guys r hot!!!


Vanessa says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:08:03 2000
No e yet....is the ASHness lost somewhere? Try my other account maybe?

Extra Flamey
I'm with you on this one. I like my weekends to be bezoar-free.

Well, you may have the made the word up...but I like it...and I think you're right, sadly.

Brandi the Slayer
You're fighting the good fight. Those of us with no strength left to do so thank you!

Sounds excellent. Hello to you all!!

I never feed them...I really never do...but it's Saturday, and I'm cranky...and surely I'll be forgiven just this once....

You realize, right, that you've given us all your e-mail address? And wouldn't it be annoying if hundreds of us overflowed your e-mail box with flames....? Posting the same thing over and over for days on end isn't going to win you any friends and will make anyone who has the information you are looking for not likely to send it to you. And Brandi's right, you'll probably be reported to Apollo soon, which tends to lead to not being able to access the board at all...Just some friendly advice.

And on that note, *poof*!


Brandi the Slayer says:
(Sat Jul 15 11:05:57 2000
Extra Flamey: Don't go! Please don't go! Don't let bezoars ruin being at the Bronze! Please come back =(.

Swoop: Howdy! Hope you're enjoying SJBW2! And I can imagine the craziness that must be happinin' *LOL*. Enjoy the party! =)

Brandi the Slayer


CoA Council says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:56:39 2000
Summer in CityofAngel.com

CityofAngel.com has launched a summer-long "behind the scenes" look at ANGEL.

COMING SOON: Behind the Scenes of Dragon*Con: the ANGEL Experience

CoA attends the SCi-Fi convention, Dragon*Con in Atlanta and gives you the inside scoop on what the VIPs and attendees had to say! Find out how your favorite ANGEL stories are conceived and take a look at year one, reviewed from the writers' perspective!

Now Showing: Behind the Scenes of ANGEL Special Effects

Digital Magic's Loni Peristere gives us the scoop on the special effects that make ANGEL rock and CoA highlights an exclusive interview with John Vulich from Optic Nerve.

In the upcoming months, look for more Behind the Scenes interviews with

You can find it all only at


Laurz says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:54:36 2000
I love Willow because of her wica attributes and I especially love Angel because hhis character is so human yet so demon.


The Slayer says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:52:18 2000
I love Buffy!!!!!!!!
Who ever doesn't is sad
and angel's my botfriend
(i wish)


4paws says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:51:58 2000
Hey, all! Just a drive-by to say Happy Saturday! Off to buy a tree to replace my (sniff) cedar, which had to be cut down due to rot.. and to make this BtVs-related, I'm getting a willow tree!

Something tells me this is gonna be the Bezoariest izzat a word?? summer we've ever seen in the Bronze...

Hope all the SJBWers are having a blast :)
Proud AA'er, TBB, WPWP #198
#74 leftpaws of the mighty XDC, MA #29, (neon orange)
BWGDC, Honorary #21 of Buffy, Eh?, BAH res 1011/ Joss floor
#9 J&tBC, #9 COB (tv broke during BtVS= nervous breakdown)
Keeper of Willow's Lava lamp and rainbow candle holder
Mommy to Hosehead the Dingo Moof
UBC #116
member of "Look Ma, I've been impersonated", and S.P.A.G.H.E.T.T.I.
Acetylene torch toting member of the "Kill Buddy Lee" Club
#2 holder of the Sacred Founder Pin of Homage
PBA# 423
Adulating Sycophant #21
Lemming #10- the slippery one!
Blissful Buffyatric!


Rayvin says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:49:56 2000
Hey all!!! Whats up? Blah blah blah! I am so bored! La la la la la la la. Ugh. Well, anywho tonight I am going partying with my boyfriend, so that should be fun! *g* I had a weird dream about Charisma's hair last night... very weird. Laterz!


Extra Flamey (overposting...) says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:49:47 2000
Well, I'm dealing with it by leaving! I desire a bezoar-free environment! I'll check back later to see if there's anything fun happening, and people aren't posting the same dull message over and over and over and over and over and over and over again! Be well, my friends! And don't be like me... don't try to be friendly to bezoars, and don't feed them!!!



Brandi the Slayer says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:49:11 2000

Jaime: Like Extra Flamey said, we heard you the first time. It's nice that you like Spike/Anya, but please keep your posts to 4 posts per hour. You've already past that this hour, and I understand you want more people to see your post, but people will see it when they scroll, so please stop posting it repeatedly. And if you continue to break the 4 post per hour rule, you will be reported to Apollo, who runs the board, so please obey the rules. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but i'm just trying to warn you before you're reported to Apollo. Thank you.

Brandi the Slayer


Swoop says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:47:48 2000
Posting from the SJPBP!!
The waterguns are flying . .and the food is great, we're all talking about the Bronze! Feel loved and missed!

*L* These guys are crazy!!!! :))


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:45:08 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:40:31 2000
Im posting because the more i do the more people will see it. so jsut deal with it.


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:40:26 2000
Im posting because the more i do the more people will see it. so jsut deal with it.


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:40:20 2000
Im posting because the more i do the more people will see it. so jsut deal with it.


wolfguard says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:40:09 2000

Thank you for the link.

Extra Flamey,

Thank you for the information.



Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:38:52 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


Extra Flamey says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:37:28 2000
Jaime - I, and I'm sure everybody else, heard you the first time! I have nothing to contribute, and I guess nobody else here does at the moment either! You know, you only get 4 posts per hour, so use your last one wisely! Tell us why you love Spike and Anya so much! (I love them both too!)
Well, this little message was my fourth post this hour, so I'll bid you all a fond adieu! (Or a fondue, if you'd rather!) See y'all later!!!

*poofing into lurkdom!*


Ashley says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:37:02 2000
hey all i love angel


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:36:21 2000
Our House in the Middle of our Street. :-)

K must Poofies..I have a Party to get to! :-)

*hugs* and *smoochies* all around


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:32:54 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:31:32 2000
Charity aka Taygeta: :-) Hello *waves* back

Toronto Summerbash People....6 DAYS!

Oh Tisiphone et all I haven't yet met..I can't wait!


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:24:26 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


The Sci-Fi Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:24:00 2000
goddamned sassafrassarassin' stupid dumb-ass tags!....grrrrr!



The Sci-Fi Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:21:37 2000
drive by

Mmmmmmmm, lovely dinner! Fish fingers, fritters and fresh broad beans...*g*

Anyhoo, where was I?.....
oh yes...

clarrie, you are a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad girl...but I luv ya! *g*
I now own Trap Door, Willo the Wisp, Bod and Chorlton and the Wheelies videos. There eezzz no 'elping meeeeeeeeeeee! *g*

DreamLurker, hello again. You've not been lurking in any of MY dreams recently.... had a strange one the other night about trying to get out of a labryinth with someone off of Blakes' 7 and a can opener???? ergo, my dreams = weirdness.

Extra Flamey, why thank you! *blushes* And I haven't even begun to get ready for my night out yet!!! *g* {{{smootchies}}}

Vanessa, hello there! You're not my old A-level English Lit/Lang teahcer are you????? didn't like her at all, the philistine!!!
I'm afraid I'm going out now, so I shall be unable to accommodate your Kiba Rike/pigs poem. I never like to turn away requests, so here's a balloon instead! *g*

Morella, safe trip to Florida! envious smile
Yes, copies are kept. In a vault. In the Pentagon. Protected by lazers. And big dogs with scary, scary teeth.
But I digress.....*g*

and lastly...

gin soaked boy, despite my protestations to the contrary, I have been known to "cut" a very fine "rug" ! Thank you! {{{further smootchies}}}}

Gotta go and fight with my hair! *g*

"I've got rhythm, I've got music....OH YES!!!"



Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:19:57 2000
Hi! Wolfguard

If you go to the Watchers Web
site, it gives you lots of info, on lots of things, including the DVD releases. As I really dont know much about them, other than they are due out next year

Watchers Web

Steve The Angel Series books are totally different to the Buffy ones, I think they are aimed at a bit older reader then the Buffy ones, I may be wrong on this though. The first Angel book was Angel-City of, just like the first Episode of the series, but enjoyable, the Second Book Angel-Not Forgotten, was a new story, good, although I found it a little bloodthirtsy, and hard going. But I really am enjoying Angel Redemption, its by a different auther to the first two, well worth the read.



Charity aka Taygeta says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:18:57 2000
Hey all! Conked out early last night...and now must awaken to work on the Slaywrite! that I didn't manage to do because of my abrupt need of Zs...actually, I was waiting for "Spoof" to load, but I got a little more than half the film...but it was great though. Provided many great laughs...Danny Strong was rockin'. In other words, go see it.

Antipodean: Bravo on your Xander Dream post. Great analysis. Have nothing in rebuttal. Do you mind if I use it for the Xander Guardian Guild's Defenders section?

Last, but not least...

Hi Carita! *waves*

-Charity aka Taygeta


Extra Flamey says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:17:37 2000
Sorry 'bout that dropped tag! It was supposed to go to Wolfguard!! Someone squash that buggery little tag for me please!!


Extra Flamey says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:16:14 2000
Kiba Rika- not a word since Wednesday night. :( I realise that means they're having a great time and there's no time to call Flamey, but gee... I'd like to know if they're alive anyway!! TAK4e returns tomorrow morning! Wooo Hooo!

- From what I understand, The DVD's will be released as full-season box sets. I don't know how many seasons would be released at once... I'll bet they do them like the Avengers discs... a Season (or 1/2 season) at a time! The un-official announcement (last May at DVD Review) only said "in 2001"! Not much news, really!


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:14:42 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


Chris says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:12:01 2000
I have faithfully followed Buffy and Angel since their first season, I happen to think that these two shows are some of the very best that WB has managed to come up with and I truly hope that they will be around for quite awhile yet. Way to go Sarah and David.


Steve says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:08:56 2000
joe the owl: movies seem to be the natural progression to ALL successful tv series anyway nowadays. At least if it's going to be done (?) I think it should be done properly and with the Angel / Buffy franchise, there is sufficient mileage in both that completely different storylines could be presented in the movies compared to the series. I don't for example think that Angel's early life would be a successful series but a movie trilogy would IMO complement the series well. Definitely don't want either show cancelled though so I'll shut up now :)


Aaron says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:08:20 2000
I love Buffy.


joe the owl says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:07:18 2000
Heather: I think that it is unavoidable that Buffy is scary cuz it deals with demons and vampires, death, etc. But I keep it in perspective by realizing it's all make up , computer special effects and of course, good writing. If have also seen photos in magazines of the demon makeup being put on. Also, Buffy is really make believe. Spike/Jas. Marsters really is a Californian, not an Englishman and S.M.G. is really a New Yorker, not a Californian.


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:04:27 2000
Vanessa: Thank you! :-) My Brain is slowly starting to accept the flip. We mentioned it to the Woman at the colours store today, cause she still has the Original plans. Even she was surprized that they never mentioned it!


Steve says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:03:54 2000
Morella: I haven't read the books actually, you'd particularly recommend Angel: Redemption then? The only Buffy book I've got is the Watcher's Guide - intending to get volume 2 when it's out. Thought the books looked a bit simple - wrong first impression?!


wolfguard says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:02:56 2000

Do you know how the episodes will be released on DVD?



joe the owl says:
(Sat Jul 15 10:02:02 2000
Steve: IMHO, there are enuff merchants out there with outstretched hands trying to get you to spend $$$. I do not want to have to pay to see what I get for free or for low cost(yeah, the advertisers pass off the ad costs to us but even if there was no more advertising, I don't think that everything would suddenly get cheaper). I will not shell out $8-10 plus parking to see a tv show on a big screen or not and IMHO, we should not encourage tv execs to make movies for the big screen. Remember, Star Trek the next gen. was cancelled cuz they wanted to concentrate on movies based on S.T; So pullleez don't inadvertently get Buffy cancelled or Angel cancelled by asking for movies. Furthermore, I prefer tv cuz I can relax in a bathrobe, eat dinner and play the Buffy drinking game. With Fruitopia of course*g*

I am not saying that you cannot have your own opinion. Just expressing mine.


Vanessa says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:59:09 2000
We were all drawn here today by some supernatural force. I was doing a quick drive-by, but had to stay when I saw so many friends! I'd still be swoony too.

House looks great! Even flipped. When I saw your post, my brain couldn't help but start to sing...Our house, is a very, very, very fine house.... :)

Will check e shortly. I'm always happy for ASHness to arrive in the e box. Will also expect James pics!Am currently on hubby's computer helping write song lyrics. How was jury duty? Are you going to be sequestered for weeks? Can you imagine? No Bronze!


DreamLurker says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:58:29 2000
Forget it. Gotta go anyway.

Happy weekend, all!




Lmo says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:58:14 2000
P aim or msn...yahoo sucks...*sigh*


DreamLurker says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:57:30 2000
How the heck do you refresh on

Cr@ppy browser! @$@^*$*(%&@!



Calen says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:55:07 2000
Carita Done. *g* Your invisible #2006 of the CiaHC. :p

really gone now......


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:52:58 2000
Calen: Sign me up as the Invisible Member :-)


clarrie says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:50:05 2000
willo whisp, willo whisp videos.
That was in no way a freudian slip caused by the continual 'dutch porn' references.
Nope, not at all.


oh bugger



Calen says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:49:03 2000
Carita Well....*sob* okay....if you really don't want to.....*sob*......:p

clarrie I'll take it that you want to sign up then, tankee and later. :)



Mr. Anonymous says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:48:24 2000
Well I saw X-Men last night. If you've ever wondered what a boring old t.wat Spike would be if he got his soul back, Jim Marsden's character provides a brilliantly bland illustration.

I must say, there aren't many actors who could do such a boringly written role so well--I almost fell asleep every time he had dialogue.

It's not Jim's fault--the character in the comic book was about as dull.

Hugh Jackman was inspired as Wolverine though. Anna Paquin's touching performance as Rogue will no doubt earn her many grown up roles in the near future.

Overall, a well done action movie. But I hope they replace Storm in the next one. Halle simply cannot act. Someone with L'il Kim's sass would be far more appropriate.


Heather Mitchell says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:48:23 2000
Why does buffy have to be scary


Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:47:53 2000

BVS is supposed to come out on DVD IN 2001



clarrie says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:47:14 2000
Andyourlittledogtoo - the exam? Not good. Realisticly I think I've failed again, but it's not all bad, better to know now etc etc.... *gulp*

Sci-Fi Bard - Willo Wips and Bod videos? Out of date kids telly rocks! says the owner of more than one Supergran video.....

off to recharge brain.....



DreamLurker says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:46:45 2000
Drive by from Sunnyvale
not Sunnydale at
my parents' house...

Hey, Bronze!! How's everyone
this fine Saturday? Strangely,
there's a lot of folks here I

Hellos to Kiba Rika how
was your birthday?
andyourlittledogtoo pics?
your pics are ready?
, Extra Flamey,
greeneyes, Allyson, The Sci-Fi
Bard, Vanessa
and Prince
of Lunacy!

Still kinda swoony from
the James show.



llaama says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:44:27 2000
Hi my fellow Bronzers!Whassup?
just popped on here to say hi to everyone and if anyone wants to e-mail me and chat my e-mail address is:


Blade says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:44:12 2000
Will 'Buffy the vampire slayer' ever come out on DVD?


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:42:44 2000
Calen: LOL I'm not sure that I can...I mean I joined the Amber is a Hottie Club, and that was against the Buffman's wishes :-)

Missi: I'm 5x5 :-) It only took about an hour to pick out Carpet etc. for the House..and the Buffman and I didn't fight! :-) We both made very good decisions together! :-)


Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:42:01 2000
Hello Steve

I agree with you about the films re Angel, I think they would be a great idea.

Do you read the Books? They are very good, especially Angel Redemption, I think that would make a really good film. It has a lot of flash backs (with a difference). Very good.



The Sci-Fi Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:41:19 2000
in a faraway voice

I've gone for my dinner now, but thanks everyone! I'll see if I can reply to you all before I go out later! *g*


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:40:05 2000



Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:39:17 2000
Our House


VT says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:38:33 2000
Vanessa why thank
you!! and Hi..

who is going to clean
the jaccuzi and play in the
beautiful California day


Kiba Rika says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:38:16 2000
greeneyes Way cool. Yay Chris. I think I'm gonna e-mail him, just to tell him how much I'm enjoying Child of the Hunt and the Watcher's Guide.

Extra Flamey Thanks! Yaaaaaay! Any more word from TAK4E and Yummy?


andyourlittledogtoo says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:37:34 2000
drive by

You have e of the ASH kind!

so how'd it go?

How you be? I should be doing laundry, but I am working . . . that would be after I scan piccys of James singing!!!



The Sci-Fi Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:37:13 2000
Well, alas, I must be going now...

Shower to get...
Hair to do...
Drinks to be drunk...
Dances to be danced... FYI, that wasn't a poem...*g*

clarrie, hello again Moog! (Sorry, I bought a Willo' the Wisp video the other day!*g*)

greeneyes, oh that is such a great name for a princees to have!!!! *g*g*g*g*
Thanks! I'll pull out all the Bard-stops for a childlike masterpiece! *g*

Kiba Rika, I've only got red balloons...how can I compete with Little Mermaid ones! I've only got crappy red ones...sulkety-sulk... *g*

Well I am going to make like a banana now...*g*

muchos luvos
The Sci-Fi Bard
a Pepsi/Primula-based lifeform
#133 in Amber Benson is a Hottie

*split and poof*


Extra Flamey says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:35:51 2000
Hello, friends! Happy Saturday!

SciFi Bard- hello! Might I say you look enchanting today?! BTW, that was a bloody good poem!! Thanks again for gracing us with your talent! {{{hugs}}}

Kiba Rika- Sounds like your birthday was great! You deserve it! BTW, I think that Watcher's Guide is essential for any Bronzers bookshelf! Enjoy!

I'm a scrollin'


Steve says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:35:11 2000
I'd like to see an Angel trilogy filmed for the big screen. The first episode would feature him up to his turning into a vamp, the second some consolidation of his character, fights with other vamps for territory etc and general ferocity and terror towards all other creatures! The final installment would follow him up to and just beyond his soul being returned by the curse. I think there's plenty of mileage in this idea and a truely dark feature and horror could be created with much success. Dracula would be tame by comparison!!!!


Vanessa says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:32:52 2000
But, really, who wouldn't want high-grade Dutch porn?

Sci-Fi Bard
Excellent poem. How about a birthday poem for Kiba Rika involving pigs?

Prince of Lunacy
Heya! Didn't see ya there. (Faces blur when you're driving by).

...here taggy, taggy....here taggy, taggy.....squash, squash.


gin soaked boy says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:32:27 2000
please please don't use that word around me . oh and high grade dutch porn eh? well if you ever see donkey capers! bear in mind i was young and i needed the money...

Sci-Fi Bard
that was excellent . i hope you cut a decent rug tonight btw :)


Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:31:09 2000
Sci-fi Bard

Not a very exciting weekend planned, unfortunately, I had to go into work thismorning, grumble grumble.

We are of on hols next weekend, going to Florida, so Ive got to save the pennys. We've got family over in the US and we are hoping to do a bit of visiting whilst we are there. I've got a cousin in LA, but we won't manage to get up that far.

I loved the Rhyme, I wish I could be so inventive. Do you keep copies of all you're rhymes? You should get them printed.



Allyson says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:29:04 2000
Weekends in the Bronze are always
so dead...*sigh*

Off to do some other stuff that
may or may not be constructive.
Everyone be well.

Willow2 Glad to help. I
think i win the title of Martha
Stewart Bronzer. I hope it all
goes well.

dingowall dingowall dingowall
dingowall dingowall dingowall
dingowall dingowall ding


VT says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:27:23 2000

some one kill that tag

grrr arrg


Missi says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:27:18 2000
hi Carita and elusio!!!

Carita: how ye be, hon?

elusio: haven't talked to you since right after the awards, which was FOREVER ago! how are you?



Who's this.....? no OP....? says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:26:58 2000
Carita Heya pallie. Wanna join a club? Look at the 1st club on this list....?

Clarrie I've got the money and the liquor so.....? *g* Check the first club on my siggy list. :)



Calen says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:26:31 2000

So's to Xanderphile-Willte Whuffy Puppy, TickleBunnyMorel-HK Spirit!, Cobby-Oooo, pretty....:p, Pooka-the fabbo driver, Flossie-the sheep....?, MedusA-MapB:p, Shaun-the sweet trans******e, Jennie-I wanna sing, Kenickie-the honoury vip....?, Mabb-ohso cool. :) Rachie, Carita, Juggernaut, faith5by5, Davids chick, IceLord, elusio, Absinthe, Wolvie, Rum Spike, Cosmic, Dana, Cleio, dusy, chi, Kendra, nails, scram, Sententia, Dao Jones, Rum Spike, Cosmic, Jill, KAM, Slave2Faith, Closet Buffyholic, Polgara, BabyCordy, BladeTVH, X-Lander, Leather Jacket, Sabuto, Yooper, umbris-the hyper, Narrator, Suzanne, Vaal, Eire, KAT in the dark, KANE, Antgirl, Antipodean, Catriona, greeneyes, Mrs. Pointy, Hollyn, SpookyMaggooom, Jakk Frost, TaraAnyaKate4eva, SPIKEY(IAMGIRL)

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VT says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:26:29 2000
Don't faint

and Boo

HippyGal where are
you?? *smooch*

Swoop do you have
our bec<./b> there with
you?? Have a great weekend
SJ ppl

geeky freaky arse girl
IE makes BoB post funny.. yet
MACs still rule!!!


greeneyes says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:25:34 2000
Carita hello
Kiba met him in Atlanta. I'm not at the party this weekend. Wish I could be sounds like a fun group. :-) I'm planning another Atlanta PBP for Oct. 21 :=) I reserved a room at Dave and Busters. :-)
Calen :-) 2005 though right?


clarrie says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:24:06 2000
Calen - you see, people think because you're drunk young and easily bribed by shiny things innocent that you'l join any club that comes your way. What exactly does CiaHC stand for? I could join thinking it was the fluffy bunny newsletter and get sent high grade dutch porn every week for the rest of my life.

Gin soaked boy - Alas, international copyright fraud does not go well. It seems that I'm forced to stay with my actual job.


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:22:15 2000
*waves* to Kiba Rika, Missi and greeneyes..and elusio! :-)


Kiba Rika says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:21:25 2000
Hi Carita!

Sci-Fi Bard Why thank you! And i hate no one for missing my birthday, that's silly. My parents got me a Little Mermaid balloon. *g*

greeneyes You met Chris? That's awesome. Are you at SJBW2? Or did you just bump into him in Atlanta?'


Calen says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:18:03 2000
Clarrie hey....my friend, pal....wanna join a club? It's the CiaHC? You get a member ship newsletter and everything??

eyesofgreen why thank you, thought it up jst for you. :p Remember to put your new CiaHC Member #2004 in your sigggy. :)

Kian Wow!! Your that guy from that band right??? The famous one, the one with five guys in it right? Wowie.......? :p

siggy up next......


Carita says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:17:32 2000
Done :-)


The Sci-Fi Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:16:49 2000
Kiba Rika, I sense I may have missed your birthday a tad... oh the shame! Here's a red balloon, don't hate me too much....*g*


Missi says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:16:45 2000
*pop in*

no whup until 6 tonight pop in. hope everyone is well.

RSO Arana, AjO

Charity aka Taygeta, redsun: you really liked it [x-men] that much? wow. hmmm. and sorry, i didn't spot Robia LaMorte.

Uncle Mr. EverDawn: you just happened to e-mail me during that week and a half my internet was down, didn't you? ;-)

the Librarian
college student
Anna Paquin, Famke Janssen, and Hugh Jackman are HOT.
"words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup
they slither while they pass
they slip away across the universe..."


greeneyes says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:15:37 2000
Kiba cool, I just met two of the writers of the Watchers Guide, Chris and Keith were so cool. Very nice, and crazy. Sounds like you had a great day.
Sci-Fi :-P yep you got the blush, lol Now stop it. *g


Kiba Rika says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:13:03 2000
Hi clarrie!

Thanks Vanessa!

greeneyes I got Buffy & Willow dolls, the Watcher's Guide, the Buffy & Angel video set, Addicted to Love, Election, WarGames (I have a big crush on Matthew Broderick), a Piers Anthony book, a silly Slammer, a digital solitaire game, a pig toy that walks and oinks (I collect pigs), a bracelet, and a glass apple full of stickers (I'm going to be a teacher, and I tutor my 5 year old brother, so he picked that out for me). Ooh and a good friend of mine gave me a REALLY cool lamp - candle-kind - which will look awesome in my bathroom in my apartment!


The Sci-Fi Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:11:08 2000
Isn't it wonderful to be alive people?!!! *g*

You have mail, greeneyes! You are still totally, completely and UTTERLY, the sexiest pair of ocular devices ever invented!!! do I sense more blushing? *g*

I am so wicked! hehe

Greetings to you once more Morella! {{{hugs}}}
My weekend has been of the pleasent variety so far thanks! *g* I have had a lay-in, I've meditated in the sunshine and I'm off out tonight with my bestest friend for a night of dancin'dancin'dancin'!!! *g*
How goes it with you, prey tell?...

{{{hugs}}} to cian(i'm irish) How's the crack? *g*

Drusilla, you have now been added to my address book petal! Expect mail from me in the next couple of days....you have been warned! *g*
BTW, I'm half Scottish on my Mum's side. Perhaps I'm related to Robbie Burns? Could be....

And now for your delectation and delight, a poem, as requested by the Lady of the Lake, some days ago....


The core of my spark
So crimson and dark
Lying warm in my veins
My life it contains
A fine wine to shed
Vintage burgundy red
Viscous key to my life
See the slash of the knife
Ruby river, congeal
With the power to heal
Just so precious to me
Scarlet vitality.

well, ya like? Do you think Angel would approve?



gin soaked boy says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:11:08 2000
hello how are things in the world of mass copyright fraud then?

cian (i'm irish)
hello how are you?


Clay Scott says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:09:39 2000
I would like to introduce you to my Buffy the Vampire Web Site. I would reall appreciate it if you went in a looked around if you like it vote for me! And please e-mail me with tips or things you would like to see on my site! Thanks Clay


greeneyes says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:09:34 2000
Vanessa {hugs} :-)
Kiba so what you get for your birthday?
Calen I love that nickname :-) thank you.
SJPBP have fun! Hi Sarah's Carl, Fasteddie, Devil, Wanttoknow, and everyone else. :-)


Vanessa says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:07:57 2000
Saturday morning drive-by

Kiba Rika
Happy Birthday +1!!


cian(i'm irish)
Even the Bronze has open house sometimes....

Have some fun for me!!

Can I be one of the naked, nubile demon girls? I realize that the nubile part may be difficult for me to play, but I think I can manage the rest.


clarrie says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:06:13 2000
Calen, Sci-Fi Bard, Kiba Rika, gin soaked boy - hi.

to lurk makes my posting english bad....


Rachael says:
(Sat Jul 15 09:02:05 2000
Do Buffy and Angel Sleep together AGAIN in the season 4 episode pangss?


Prince of Lunacy says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:58:25 2000
1) Xander is hiding underneath the bedknobs and broomsticks bed that the constant Sarah McLaughlin is taking place on....I'd like to see him explain his way out of THIS one!!!

2) Buffy gets such a shock when she sees Xander,she loses control of the bed and it crashes into the hellmouth.

3) hmmmm....I think your quizzes are DEFINATELY the work of the devil....especially Question 4!

4) Most boozers would be to drunk to type anyway....let alone notice what Giles is up to.And anyway where's Olivia?


Allyson says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:58:10 2000
Jenny I posted this on the
previous board, and since the
Welcome Wagon isn't around, I'll
play surrogate...

(Sat Jul 15 07:50:13 2000

Hi! You seem new, and
may be a little lost. Let me
give you the run down.

This isn't a chat room
You love Angel? Great. But give
examples from the show to back up
your opinion, and maybe offer a
suggestion that would improve the
character, that way, you aren't
just wasting a post telling us
something that doesn't really
make for conversation.

Play well with others You
seem like a polite girl, and we
like that around here...jump into
an existing conversation, use the
poster's name in your response,
don't call people names. Maybe
introduce yourself as you go, you
are sure to get a post back that

Respect your elders
Some people have been posting
here for years, others for a few
months, (like me!) or even just a
few days...let us show you the
ropes, and get to know you.
There are all kinds of great
links in the archives to help new
folks get to know the language,
culture, and rules of the Bronze.

Develop a thick It's
easy to misunderstand someone,
like me, who is trying to help
you get acclimated to the Bronze,
for someone trying to give you
are hard time...The Bronze has a
reputation for being unfriendly
to newbies because of this...the
truth of the matter is, the
Bronze remains such a special
place because it is so fiercely

I hope you will take my
suggestions to heart and become
one of those Newbies who becomes
a Bronzer who becomes a valued
member of this community...oh,
and welcome to the Bronze!

dingowall dingowall dingowall
dingowall dingowall dingowall
dingowall dingowall ding


Kiba Rika says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:58:06 2000
Sci-Fi Bard Hello!

Allyson Great quiz!
1. Xander is clearly sitting at Giles' house, scratching his head and wondering where the rest of the Scoobies are.

2. D. None of the above. It was Riley. He gave her a heart attack because their bedroom antics were so exciting and she'd just had a mega dose of caffeine so she wouldn't sleep through patrol.

3. D. Mac + Netscape = bad

4. What? I kinda like it the way it is.

cian we must have a psychic Bronze link. i'm great; muy bueno buffy presents for my birthday yesterday, so i'm a happy Kiba.

Hi greeneyes!


Swoop says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:51:11 2000

Hey Bronzers!!

I'm here at the S.Jersey PBP!
We're having a great time . . it's fun meeting all these Bronzers!

Enjoy! Slayer

Amber Benson is a Barrett Hottie!!!!


fdsafdsafdsafdsafdsafdsa says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:47:19 2000
goto my web-site for advice..games...boys....and loads more including chat at www.flissandkim.homestead.com ok!


Calen says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:46:41 2000
Allyson Hey ho, hmmm.....

1) Xander is back at the strip club in Oxnard taking one and sometimes even three 'fans' at a time. :¬p

2) DShe fell of the bedknobs bed and snapped her spine during yucky sex with fish boy. :)

3) Definately d

4) Er....yes....?

Drusilla Hey ho. :)

eyesofgreen W'ello. :p



Jenny says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:41:51 2000
I LOVE ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody else agree with me???


baby buffy says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:41:15 2000
hi every one just saying HELLO


greeneyes says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:40:48 2000
The Greeneyes Daily Challenge is updated. :-)

Good Morning SO to Adri , Aethelaf, AjO, Allyson,Amber Benson, Anais , Andy, AngelicShadow, angelnbuffy, Angeloudi , AngelStarr, Angle Man, Antipodean, Arana, Arielle, asilnna, Auqi, Aura, Bailey Chase,Basia, Bastion, Batz Maru, beautifulstars, Beldin, Belmont, Blade the vampire hunter, blub, blueyedjenn, Boromir, Brandi the Slayer, browneyedgirl, BtVSchick, BuBBle, buffluv, buffy guy, buffyisrael ,buffyrileyslayTA, cabin7dad, calen, candy, CaptainAmerica, carey, Carita, Catherine, catriona, cats, CC, cckdem, chi, CHRIS, Christian Kane, cian(I’m Irish), Claddagh, claire, clarrie, Closet Buffyholic, closeyoureyes, cobby, Coma Girl, Cosmic Bob, crybuffy, cynster, dane, Dao Jones, dark ivory, Darkness, David Fan, David’s chick, Dawn’s Kiss, deadguy, DeAn:), Delf , DeMoriel, destiny, Destructo Disk, detante, devil, Dianne , dog, Dragonlady, dreaminghawk, DreamLurker, {dru}, drubie, echo, eire, elusio, emerald, English slayer, esther, erin, evilS I T, evilwicca, eyez, fangs, fenric, 4paws, Friday, Frodo, Fruit Bat, greengirl, Georgie,ghostwriter, Gray, greendude, guilty pleasure, Gurlgreen, gypsychick, Hollyn, horizon, Huntress, Icelord, ishmael, jakk frost, jen, jenicalndr, Jessy, Jewyl, Junior, kalika, KAM, Kameko, kara , Kat in the Dark, KathyK_au , Kendra, kenicke, Keywe, Kiba Rika, Krystal, Kurupt, Labrynth, Lady of Buffdom, Lady Ireland, Lady of the Lake, Lady Wolfsbane, Laurance, lazy_dreamer, Leather Jacket, Legal Lurker, Lestat, Lexdra, Lilac, lilbandit, liquorice Stick, Lisa_H, little bam bam, LJC, lmo, Lord MystyMage, Lurking Girl, MacHeath, madjack, Maia , malista, Manx, Marc Blucas, Mark, Marylove , mayven, MedusA, melclaire, Melody, ~mere~, Miguel, miremba, Misako, Mischief Maker, MMQC, MojoDiva, moppety, Mr. Whyt, Mrs.Beasley , Mt. Sunrise, Myslayre, Narrator, newfan, nightdreamer, nil8r, Occasionally, OldOne, Olivia, Ophelia, Opus, Other Kitty, paper flowers, Paris Angel, peacefire, PeakFreak, Pete the eel , pheobejeeby, phoenixflame, piper, Plain Dave, Polgara, Prince of Lunacy, prophet 6, proteus, Purity, Raelyn, redhead, redjade, Robyn TSH, Roman Around, Ryan, Sabre, Safarigirl, sanj, Sarah's carl, scarlet, Sci-fi Bard, scram, shehawken, shoe buff, shy girl, sidana, sian, Sita the Night Goddess, slave2faith , slaymebuffy, slay1angel, Slayerette2000, Slayermom , SocKs, spacebabie, spellcaster, spooky magoo, St. Germain, St. George starr, Stevie, sunrunner, surleigh, Susie Q, Sweetdreams, Sweet11172, SWMF, TAK4e, Tamerlane,Tana, TB, thoin, TomS tourogal, Tracy E!, vaedus, valMichael, vanilla slayer, violet, wanchai, wanttoknow, westcoastgal, whateva, whitewings, wiccachick, wireghost, w-sky, Xanderphile, Xanetia, XG, X-Lander , Yooper, Yummy, and anyone who I missed especially all the Girls who Love Riley
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Morella says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:39:10 2000
Goodmorning/afternoon/evening to everyone in Bronze.

Hello Sci-Fi Bard How is the weekend treating you, has it been good so far?

Amy Some good Angel sites are as follows:

The Sacrifice of Angel

Angels Night

Angels Passages

BigAnyaFan Welcome to Buffy World is a good site, and it has pictures of all the cast of Both Series, including Anya,
Who I think is very entertaining,
and likeable.


TMorel Hi! If you are about, Ive done more luking than posting recently, and I havent spoken to you since I first came to the board, so I hope you are well, life is good to you

Bye for now



Cyrano says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:37:50 2000
ALLYSON: Aha! Makes sense now! Thanks!

PHBA: Thank you kindly!

Bye For Now Everybody! Have a good day (or night, or whatever it may be where you all are.)


Drusilla says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:36:23 2000
Sci-Fi Bard:I've always been terrible with names. Still I could spell my best friend Roisin's name before my own! I live in the UK too, Scotland. Email me soon, my addy's in my name. Gotta go, see ya!

Following previous reports on TWW, Joss Whedon confirms that The WB's occult hit will add a regular character, a girl named Dawn who has darkly psychic powers. Variety & Reuters confirmed today that Michelle Trachtenberg, previously known for her roles in Harriet The Spy and Inspector Gadget, has won the role. Trachtenberg's official web site, yet to be updated with today's news, notes that she is an avid Buffy fan.

Dawn is expected to be the 'little sister' previously alluded to in the show. So is she Buffy's blood relative? ''It's more complicated than that,'' teases Joss Whedon. ''But they become like squabbling siblings.''


Good luck with the party!

Well I gotta go, I'm going to watch the film Can't Hardly Wait which has the gorge werewolf Seth Green!

See you all! Have a great day to the Americains and have a great night to the UKers!


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:34:12 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:34:09 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


cian(i'm irish) says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:33:42 2000
Emm theres alot of new people today,is it open day?*g*

Sci fi Bard Hello,how are you on this hot yet kinda cold day?Everything treating you well?

Kiba Rika How come your always here when i'm here?*g*Well hows are you?

The Irish Guy


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:33:00 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


Jaime says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:28:54 2000
If anyone has a site with fanfics and stuff regarding a spike/anya romance, e-mail me! If you hate the idea, don't e-mail me b/c i really don't wanna hear it. Sorry if that sounded mean. Spike/anya kicks @$$!


Allyson says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:27:47 2000
I so hate it when a quiz ends up
on the previous board...

confidential to Cyrano One
of the bugs that occurs when
Netscape marries a Mac is that
posts appear column-like and get
dingoed at the end...dingo refers
to Oz's band, "Dingoes Ate My
Baby"...in other words, the last
few lines of your posts get
"eaten"...on a brighter note,
Joss also has the same problem
when he posts, and adds a few
lines of characters at the end of
his posts, so that the
"substantive" stuff doesn't get

If it's Saturday, it must be
time for a Lame Quiz....

1. The Hellmouth has reopened,
and the Scoobies are racing
against time to get there to stop
the End of the World (again).
Giles and Spike are in a humvee,
traveling 60 mph, returning from
a fabulous vacation in Cancun
that they won on Wheel of
Fortune. Willow, Anya, and Tara
are riding a broom built for
three, returning from an
intermediate witches' seminar on
Easter Island. Buffy and Riley
are on the bed from "Bedknobs and
Broomsticks" returning from
Buffy's dorm, stopping to make
Sarah McLaughlin love every 30
seconds...The question
is...where's Xander?

2. Buffy is dead....again. Who
killed her this time? Was it...

a) The Master in the Library,
beat her down with the Books of
b) The bartender at the Sunnydale
U Rathskellar...proving once
again that friends shouldn't let
friends patrol drunk.
c. Faith...who doesn't have the
patience for a spinoff...

3. Which one of these common
Bronze visual aids is The Sign of
the Devil?
a. @-%--
b. ; )
c. *g*
d. Those weird columns produced
by mating a Mac with Netscape...

4. The following sentence has
words that have been replaced by
spellcheck, reconstruct it to its
original state...

Ripely and Buffo are in Sarah
McLoughlin love, which makes
Spike want to puke. Annie and
Dander are in Nine Inch Nails
love, which makes N'Sync fans
uncomfortable. Tara and Willow
are in Any difference love, which
makes the Christian Coalition go
donkey in protest. If Giles does
what single, lonely men do when
they are alone with books filled
with nubile, naked demon girls,
how many Boozers will post that
they will no longer watch the

dingowall dingowall dingowall
dingowall dingowall dingowal


PHBA says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:25:23 2000

To change the look of your text, use the following:

Bold: <b>Bold</b>
Italics: <i>Italics</i>
Small: <small>small</small>
Large text: <font>Large</font>
Underline: <u>Underline</u>
Strike out: <s>strike out</s>
Supertext: <sup>supertext</sup>
Subtext: <sub>subtext</sub>

These will work, just put what you want in the “your text” space. Hope it helps.


buffy fan #1 says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:21:38 2000
I heard that next season buffy will have a sister named Dawn if that is true I can't wait to see the new and improved show.


Willow2 says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:21:31 2000
Allyson: Thanks so much for the ideas, those were insanely great and I'll definitely use all of them along with some Zeus gave me last night. This party is going to rock! Thanks again!!


Cyrano says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:21:20 2000
ALLYSON: If it's okay to ask, I'm curious about the "Dingowall" lines I see at the end of your posts. What does this mean?

BRONZE: Does anyone know the tags to creat very small text?


Mr. EverDawn says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:20:15 2000
Hi valMichael!

<jealousy>Wish we could be there with you at the SJBW!</jealousy>

Anyway, a big HI! to everyone at the SJBW from the EverDawns!


gin soaked boy says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:19:17 2000
Sci-Fi Bard
wow now people really will start to talk :) but let them! {{{smootchies with an extra portion of hugs for you my dear}}} .so what great universal truths have been informing your stanza's of late then ?
yes it's ...sumerian


TEST says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:17:26 2000



The Sci-Fi (that's "Fi", Drusilla, "Fi"! *g*) Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:17:19 2000
{{{hugs}}} to you Drusilla! Long time no see.*g*
Yes I vaguely remember you, but I get a little confused sometimes as I have you and DrusillaUK in my address book! (Wibble!*g*)

Where are you from again?...
I find meditation just so relaxing. It clears my mind.... (And o-boy, does mine need clearing from time to time!!! *g*) I do it by the pond in my back garden so I have the noise of a waterfall as well...
I highly reccommend it to anyone!


Allyson says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:16:40 2000
Willow2 There's all kinds
of things you can do...

foodDevilled Bezoar eggs,
use blue food coloring in the
yolk batter to make them
greenish...black cherry Jell-O
molds will have a nice effect...A
big black pot filled with fruit
punch and sherbert will be a cute
witch's cauldron

You can make a really vampy cake
by getting by getting red food
coloring and adding it to a white
cake mix..., use a packet of red
Jell-O in the mix as well to make
it really bloody.

decoration Party store
outlets might have some cool
stuff, but you can always throw a
few old, dark colored sheets in
some black dye in the wash to
make black tablecloths. Put out
favors on the tables like plastic
crucifixes, whittle some sticks
into stakes, and you can make
little spell books with black
contruction paper folded over and
a white or silver gel pen for
placecards, get a spell book from
a library and photocopy a few
spells to paste inside, or make
up your own. You can always
print out the the Bronze logo at
the top of this site and make
some copies for invitations, make
them look like flyers and put
your theme on them so people will
dress appropriately.

music Of course the Buffy
soundtrack, but you can make mix
tapes or burn some CD's with
stuff like Ministry's Everyday is
Halloween, Nine Inch Nails,
Deftones...anything industrial
will add to the ambiance.

dingowall dingowall dingowall
dingowall dingowall


valMichael says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:16:35 2000
A quick drive by from SJBW2! Hi! it's nice here today!


944 says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:14:07 2000
elusio well done on first.... is what it should have read.



944 says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:13:07 2000
De Lurk

well done on first :)



Marianne says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:12:34 2000
Buffy:What have you been? HERE?
Spike: Je vien te tuer


Marianne says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:09:08 2000


Drusilla says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:08:58 2000
Sci-Fic Bard:Hi stranger! Remember me? Probably not but I'll remind you *g* So meditating huh? Always wondered how to do that. Have to try it some time.

Allyson:Cool lame quiz, you often do them? Hope I do better on this one than the last!

1.He's at the Drive-Thru trying to earn enough money to buy an engagement ring for Anya.

2.a)She's foiled his plans twice now. He needs to get revenge somehow!

3.c)You don't know if their grinning evily...

4.Do I have to?

Firestorm:Hi! Haven't got any topicy goodness but knowing myself there probably will be once I finish this post.

"I haven't seen you my whole life and now you come back and expect a realtionship. Hmmph I hate you!


The Sci-Fi Bard says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:06:10 2000

I knew that linky-thing wouldn't work! Except it did work, in a roundabout way! *g*
Anyway Amy, enjoy! *g*

Happy-happy-hallo's to Kiba Rika and cian(i'm irish)
{{{hugs}}} to you my dears!

Special, gin-drenched greetings to my very own gin soaked boy! I feel all warm inside now, just knowing that you are here! *g* {{{smootchies}}}

"Back to Russia!"


elusio says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:02:56 2000
wow. R.I.P the Bronze... i didn't mean to get first. I'm not here really...


elusio says:
(Sat Jul 15 08:01:21 2000

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