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Cleio says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:59:19 2001
Keywe smoochies. :)

Lmo well since I feel pretty confident that our boys are making the playoffs, I'm going to say THE POOL! lol Plus I'm in the hunt for top spot. ;-) lol Glad to hear that work is of the non-worrying. What's new with me? Going to check out a possible new apartment in Steveston pour moi. It's more than I want to spend but it's on the beach and I've been thinking of buying in the area so I thought it might be a good idea to "test drive" the location.

Hey Mal. Looking forward to seeing you in February. :)

DeMoriel guess one can't escape the long arm of Cle(i)o. :)

Arctic Lurker! Life on the west coast, not that I've seen much of it of late, has been okay. Could be getting better starting tomorrow though. :) Life north has been all mathy eh? Please tell me red wine and Buffy viewage still continues??? lol As for getting any better, add in some numbers, a stripped down Angel and said red wine … wouldn't that be better? ;-) Oh yes, say hi to the youngest son some time for me. Had a few nice chats with him via ICQ a while back. Did he ever graduate? :)

Ms. Alucard lol :-P right backatcha babe. Although I should be nice since you're dropping like a stone. ;) lol

RSO Spooky Magoo, Laurence, white wings, Old One et al.



Meteor says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:58:58 2001
Ty King, if you're still around lurking somewhere.. I have a little baby thy slayer lurking and we have Roanna on the phone..

here Ty.. here little Ty.. *g*



The Huntress says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:58:16 2001
Sita - about time you noticed me!

white wings - SusieQ is the name of the command to format the hard drive now. :) My VCR has never recovered.

Malista- Thanks for they Hey Starr! :)

Old One- well, I'm off the caffinee so for now it's root beer. Then, next week I'm trying to give up the calories for the diet so looks like dt root beer. So, enjoy your rita while you can.

Lord Mysty Mage- well, I didn't know I was missed this much! I may have to stay.

Starr - Still hanging in there?


Lmo says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:57:34 2001
right….lets see if we can do this without dropping a tag this time…..

Huntress not quite sure who my roommates are….seems to keep changing lol but will find ya!

Lady Wolfsbane oh…I aint kidding :-D red maple leaf with eh! In the middle of it hehehe and trust me…this red hasn’t faded yet! Bright it is……

Starr *WAVES* LOL k..sorry about not getting on that book thing quicker…my bad……

OldyOne yeah…..define “nice” in Otterwa……sunny but still –20? hehehe


Malista says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:57:21 2001
Re: L.O.S.E.R.s -- Lovers Of Sleepless Evening Repartee-athons. Coined by Ty King in a mad night of suggested names for the Midnight-to-4:00-AM block of the board. Ty King did not actually invent L.O.S.E.R.s, although he was one before it became the In thing to be for a hot minute, but he did name it, with a majority vote for his suggestion.

EverDawn -- I luvvers you and I missers you toooooo! Please give Mr. ED a ferocious hug from me, and have one for yourself!

Juggernaut -- Hey! <G>


Grinn says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:55:39 2001
Malista: Yeah, but me and Lady Bathory kinda broke up, and I'm going back to Alaska in about two weeks...

DeMorial: Umm, I just meant the sugary nasty Peeps... Yeah, that's it... :-)

Still Grinnin' Since March, 1998


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:55:21 2001
Raithen, ack! Stop!!! She's a freshman in college, but my darling, demented daughterlet is underage! She's only 16!!! No hard liquor for her while I'm around!!! Sorry. It's a Momlet thing. I haveta spoil her fun. It's in the contract or something.


Kiera says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:53:50 2001
Mrs. Beasley Roomie, did I see you hereabouts earlier tonight? Hiyas!

Slayergrl99 *waves back* Hi!

Old One {{{hugs}}} That it has. (Is it disturbing that one of the things I'm most looking forward to after graduation is being able to actually post on a regular basis? No? Good.) How goes? And might I have a grasshopper to sip while I catch up with everyone? :) Thanks.

FASTEDDIE You'll be missed--but I'm sure there'll be plenty of tri-staters bringing back pics. :) And plans are good. *g*

Gunther {{{tacklehugs}}} Hi there!! It's good to see you here. :) :) :) Yup, got your e--thank you, my friend. {{{hugs}}} And hmm. . .does this mean I have Evil Overlord possibilities? *hopeful eyes* Today delusions, tomorrow the world!
Hopefully, I'm really non-AWOL now *does a little no-more-cognitive-psych-ever! happy dance*, and will e you soon. :) I promise, e, Dots, the whole communications spectrum.

little bam bam is a poster of eloquence and poetic paragraphing. (read: "Aw, thanks. :) And hi!") And will have e of the another-last-minute-notice variety shortly. *wry g*

Dunlin Ah, good to know. *whew* I'll have to abstain from the Pop Tarts debate, tho', since I've never really eaten them. *sigh*

Vanessa I thought the whole point was to use the force but turn away from the dark side. Y'know, "once you start down that dark path. . ." So shouldn't I avoid the pink leather? *innocently puzzled eyes*

Antipartnerincrime Y'know, on my first read, I thought you were measuring by "sheep." Sheep in a rocket ship are now firmly ensconced in my mental imagery, and I think they plan to settle and grow crops. *shakes head* So, what's all this about pink? *g* (And whee! re: countdown. . .I can't wait!)

white wings LOL. Sounds like Texas, indeed! And I'm thinkin' we should be careful with her in LA next month--after all, Monday the 19th is President's Day. . .(Not to mention Valentine's Day, tho' that's before. . .)

newfan Be extra-careful during our LA weekend! (see post to white wings) {{{hugs}}} to the (now-sleeping?) babyvamps. . .

Hi, Slavey! Hi, Rags!

Multitasking. *sigh*
Aiee! Pink, sheep, sleep. . .


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:53:41 2001
Sita, you are posting for AjO. Are you his nurse as well? If so, he doesn't need Sarah. :)


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:52:43 2001
EverDawn, you know, I'm still kicking myself for not spending more time with you and Mr. ED when we met up last summer in Chicago...don't let me get away with it next time we meet up. Smack me or something! Stood in line to meet Joss when I should have been stalking you and Mr. ED instead...sigh...all the missed opportunities...

Well, back to packing whup again...evil Ty King is STILL refusing to post!


Vanessa says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:52:04 2001
Malista: Yeah, Dunlin is loony tunes when it comes to those pants. One day she's accept them, wear them, call them her own. :)

Antimtamgurlie: *Smoooooch* I'm ready anytime baybeee!

white wings: You're only just now questioning my sanity? ;)


white wings says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:51:50 2001
SpookyMagoo - I shall be there! Yes, falling asleep at the desk is awkward. Office chairs don't offer the best support.

Lady Wolfsbane - Yes, no SNOW! It's not all bad. *g* As for your job, well, you might be planning to approach people on goat or walrus care. *eg* Better watch that! heee!

The Huntress - Better watch out for that bad apple! Mention your slave labor camps in front of it a few times. Or SusieQ. *g*

AjO - Don't neglect the chocolate and ice cream food groups. Hint, when I was laid up with a bad hind leg, I would lay on a couch with the leg on pillows, and say pitifully, "Would someone make me a root beer float? I *sniff* can't carry it with the crutches. *sniff*" It worked really well. *g*


Grinn says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:51:36 2001
EverDawn: What ever happend to our ICQ chats? You kinda disapeared around Christmas... :-)

Ooo, Freakylinks in an hour. Maybe. Is it new? Old? Not on at all? Sometimes FOX urks me...


Raithen says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:51:30 2001
Slayergrl99 popped on line for a quick scroll before bed, and your post was the first one I saw. We haven't spoken before (I tend to lurk more than post), but I feel, as a 10 year Yipes, it looks scary in black and white! *G* veteran of university, that I must send you {{{{{HUGS}}}}}.

I know exactly how you feel. 2 quick survival tips:

(1) The profs pretty much know that you won't get to read absolutely everything. Figure out the important stuff, and focus on it.

(2) Remember that A recently??? The one you got all those congrats for here?? Remember how good that felt?? Well, see, it is all worth it! And btw, the A, that's a sign that you ARE in fact keeping up, even if you don't feel like it. :)

Oh what the heck, one more piece of advice:

(3) Hot Choclate or gin really helps the studying. So have one take your pick :) on me.
Bartender - whatever she wants, put it on my tab.

Raithen :)


Sita the Night Goddess says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:51:04 2001
* is waiting for her secreterial perks!! ;-) *

The Huntress: HELLO!!!!!!!

AjO: Ok this is just too wierd. It's like typing to myself...well I am guess it IS tying to myself. lol

LadyWolfsbane!: *HUGS* Aw! Dumb geocities! *grrrrr*

Spooky Magoo: *woohoo* LOL! I'm not an alkie damnit! *lol* I just like to have fuuuuuuuuuuuun! :)

type type typity type


Arctic Lurker says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:50:41 2001
DeMoriel: And smoochies to you too, my dear. Are you still and Ashley fan? He has been playing in the pubs of his old stomping ground Antigonish, NS. My youngest goes to uni there and I guess the shows are amazing...everyone is up Scottish dancing. He plays mostly traditional music when he's in that neck of the woods.

Cleio: How are things on the west coast? I saw your kind shoutout the other night. Thanks. My life is still mired in Math. It just doesn't get any better than that. *VBG*

Malista: Remember some of the best things he wrote were the poems that rhymed with your name. LOL

Margot: Return smoochies and {{{}}}too. Hope you are well. Can't wait to see what you have to say about last week's eppies. It was one heck of a double header. Hope the WB doesn't do any more of that splitting them up thing. It's just wrong in so many ways.

Thoin Did anyone second your nomination of Little Willow as Homecoming Queen? If not, I sure do.

Keywe: It's so good to be heard from. :-) Are you going to the PB party? I think I have to wait till I retire. :-( LA is just a trifle too far from here. Hope Buffy is still on in a couple of years. lol

Has TV James, the father of the Posting Board, been by for Homecoming?


DeMoriel says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:49:55 2001
Grinn: Don't talk about "peeps" or Closet Buffyholic will come poking around, asking questions... and she's a L-A-W-Y-E-R!

Lady Wolfsbane: I did not think it would hurt to ask, at least. *g* There is a time and place for everything and I certainly hope, with great optimism, that Bronzers will act with decorum and tact towards any VIPs they might encounter, esp where it concerns restraining the urge to solicit career advice/aid. Unfortunately, this has been a problem in the past, so many Bronzers are sensitive about that possibility. best of luck to you.



Malista says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:49:54 2001
Thoin -- Actually, I'm such a bad Fan, I don't remember the titles of anything (including half the BtVS episodes). Someone who remembers what they ate for breakfast will have to do the honors.

Menkh -- It's still up in the air, but we're paid up, anyway. :-)

Lord Mysty Mage -- If Leather Jacket couldn't take him out with his ack-ack-very-big-gun, do you think a little adulation will do the job? although he might run away again, which would be bad

Angelalex242 -- Reasonable, sir. Yourself?

HEY, STARR!!!!!!

Keywe -- Public Consumption e-addy above -- I'll respond with my private addy. If I make it down to LA, you're so totally on for the visit! :-)

Destiny -- Hey! How's by you?

Grinn -- I'm not on a lot any more. Lots of reasons. Photography stuff keeping me pretty busy. and games.....but thanks I think! And that's OK, about the not getting together thing -- I don't see 'stina and DarkLady, and one lives within walking distance of my house, and the other did while she was looking for her own place. I'm a hermit. But we'll do the hooking-up thing, young Jedi, never-you-fear!

can't keep up girl


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:49:40 2001
Slayergrl99,'re a freshman in college for HOW long now and you're STILL trying to hang onto you sanity???

Thoin shakes her head in amazement at the tenacity of teenagers...they seem to accomplish feats of derring-do not to be believed outside a soap opera script.

Oh, Ty King! Dear Ty King...tell us you're only gone in a Ty King way and not for real! Post, darn you!!! You've tortured your faithful minions long enough. Don't make us rise up and smite you!

Thoin checks to see if she still has her Smiter handy...she does...


Old One says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:49:24 2001
Thoin - well, let us know, dear adversary, we can squeeze you into our crowded facilities

Dunlin - thanks for the invite..

white wings - I'd feel awful if I ever forgot that, my dear!!

The Huntress - Mountain Dew is great, but I'm having a 'rita right now.. so what have you substituted for Dr Pepper?

lmo - it was nice here too.. *growl*


julietta says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:48:02 2001
Well, goodnight all..(or good day from where I'm at)..was interesting to read everyone's posts..although, as a newbie I mostly doesn't seem that anyone had an answer for my one question tho (not an exciting one, tho..and there are VIP's in attanedance), if anyone can answer e-mail would be greatly appreciated...Have a good one!


Juggernaut says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:47:50 2001
Sita the Night Goddess Hey COOL !!!

Malista HOWDY !!!

and in memory of chi HOWDY too !!!!!

Hi there scram :)


amorphia says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:47:31 2001
SO to: Adri (super-gudderer with the lovely laugh), Algerina, andyourlittledogtoo (with the lovely gardinia), AngelRachel, AngelStarr (*hugs* momlet), Antipodean (ambisexual goddess), belmont (alcohol providing saviour), Boo, Catriona (isn't she lovely?), clarrie, CYMru (Welshketieer drinking partner), DAISY, DeAn:) (of the Arsenal), DeMoriel, Dr Lectre (knight who says...), Dunlin (kilted h*ttie lover), Erika (vocally talented all round sweetie), Extra Flamey (the best adoptive dadlet a girl could ever have), Frodo (student of my topography), gin soaked boy (he's my cabana boy and I'll do with him as I please *eg*), GLR crew (I luvvers you guys!), Gray ("Have you ever thought about doing books on tape?"), greeneyes (provider of daily inspiration), IreneAdler (P.A.L. Founder), KAT in the dark, Kiba Rika, Leather Jacket, Lioness, little bam bam (in the pink leather pants), Madame Butterfly, Margot, MelWil (Boober Fraggle), -mere- (stiletto heeled Angel wonder), Mh (of the weevil flatmate), milk'n'cookies (ASH, ASH, ASH!), Morella (entirely justified BT/Freeserve hater), Mr. Whyt (I have your pants held hostage), Polgara (evil, evil, evil) Prince of Lunacy, Rachie (fellow Londoner), scram, ShyGirl, Sita the Night Goddess, Slayerdaddy (haiku king), Slayergrl99, Slaygal, Tauri (where are you? *sob*), the red hood (TAG slayer extraordinaire), The Sci-Fi Bard (what a woman!), Vanessa, Vilia (the bronze's favourite grandma), Violet... who is always weevil, Welshketieers, wolfguard, Zeus (no sleep 'til Easter?)... Upset I forgot you? So *bap* me

Well the 'puter is back up and running, the bronze legend that is Ty is on the board and I'm ready to go a few rounds with my weevil twin Dunlin (and guess who's next in line Polgara *eg*). I'll do some scrolling and then...

"Ladiiiiies and gennelmen. Make I present for you tonight's feature attraction, the World Gutterweight Title Fight. In the reeeeeed corner we have the defending champion amorphiaaaaaa, weighing in a quite a lot thanks to a diet of HMWL and beer. In the bluuue corner we have the ex-featherweight champion *snerk* at the bad bird reference. Duuuuunliiiin. It's shaping up to be quite a fight this evening, join us after this scrolling for more action."

"When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, that's amorphia."
Dunlin's Weevil Twin
Bardlet #4
Welshketieer #18 (CYMru's drinking partner)
GLR #655 (Queen Pimp)
Apprentice TAG slayer/catcher
Ambisexual Co-High Priestess of the Great Anitpodean Goddess
P.A.L. member #2 (Perverse Angel Lovers of the board untie unite)
Honourary Member 126 of Buffy, Eh?
Proud holder of the Flossie-2 Insomniacs Medal of Honour presented for distinguished service by Zeus.
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:47:13 2001
Destiny: Okay, ‘splain this LOSERS thing to me. I have heard a lot about it.

Irene: Well, our drinking word is bartender so we are going to get pretty shnockerd.

Dunlin: Poor dear. hands lots of cookies I must have missed your mess up.


Lord Mysty Mage says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:47:04 2001
I've been around, but also not around. (Make sense?)

And is "my spider" a poster or your spider. 'Cause if it's the latter... well, I may have, um, stepped on it.

The Huntress:
Well, welcome back my MIA friend. Are you planning on staying at the bronze for a while, or disapearing again.

Sarah's Carl:
I think that her particular episode will be airing on Friday the 16th, right after the finale of Popstars.

Ow. You deserve major re-bappage. If only you'd been here during the Calvinball game earlier. I'dve hit you with a bezoar head. Just ask Adri! *g*


Destiny says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:46:40 2001
Keywe Another I've not seen in a while. Mostly that's my fault since RL has taken over my Bronze time. But will see you in LA?

Spooky Magoo And you also chica! Need to get some more pics of us to post in the album. :) Just wanted to say hello before you went off to sleep. :)



Meteor says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:46:29 2001
~sara~, heya! :)

Julie, my little Juwi-pie.. ahh, the good old days.. you.. me.. Gia.. and scaring the crap out of the kitty on the phone *eg*



Starr says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:46:21 2001
JukeBox Tie me kangaroo down sport...


EverDawn says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:46:20 2001
I'm not really here--just sort of popping on and off the computer while doing grown up stuff....yuck....I hate being a grown up! LOL

Keywe: It's slow, but he does get a little better all the time.even if he doesn't see it... He's been able to get a few more words out recently, and his right hand is getting a little more feeling back. He's just a bit frustrated. Hope your year is going well! {{{HUGS}}}

Malista and Grinn: Love you guys! MISS you guys!


TaraAnyaKate4eva drive by says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:45:10 2001
We Love Her. We think she's adorable. She's Amber Benson. If you think she's beautiful, a great actress, and/or a down to earth person then this is for you!

Amber Benson is a Hottie Club
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Do you like Emma Caulfield? Do you like Anya's witty remarks? Or are you just obssesed with joining Buffy clubs?
Then become a Caulfieldian

We have 65...Who will be #66?


Elisabeth Rohm: A great actress, a beautiful woman, a down to earth girl.
Do you like her character Kate?

Then join Lockley Lovers United

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Her beauty and talent has given us much joy. Julie Benz is a goddess. Her evilness and manipulative ways enthrall us. Darla is a vixen. Come and join the Darla's Darlings to show your support for such a great actress and character!
Join Darla's Darlings

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She's beautiful, down to earth, and is the velvet voice behind Velvet Chain. What more do you need?

Join and show your support for Erika Amato.


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We have 20 members....who will be #21?


Slayergrl99 says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:44:59 2001
*sigh* I can't take this any more! How the heck am I suppose to maintaine sanity when I am holding on by a thread?? I'm studying a million hours a day, and I still can't keep up!



CYMru says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:44:48 2001
Scroll 2 morrow morning!


AjO's secretary (lol It's just Sita...) says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:44:41 2001
Lady Wolfsbane: Thanks for the concern. I'm still fighting to get to LA. So I hope to meet you soon. As for the hurting part, too late. Concusions tend to make typing hard (so thanks Sita!)

Sita: I'm going as fast as I can. I'm hoping to get pampered, but make sure they're pullups. *hugs back*

Old One: Very much thank you! Healing vibes are good, and hugs help to heal fast!

Dunlin: HI to GLR's back. Trying to get well my best. Thank you VERY much for the good health vibes and the card really was the ray of light on a gloomy day. Thanks again.

WhiteWings: The more healing vibes the better. Taking care of myself is hard to do, luckily I have some helpers around here. As for the worrying, I'm doing enough for all of us. Hope to post to you soon. Thank You!

SarahsCarl: Trying my best to heal fast man!! Missed Sarah and luckily missed Freddie. Wouldn't it be nice if I had Sarah as my nurse??

AngelStar: Aw thank you very much for your concern. And, it's truly a pleasure to meet you! I wish it was under beter circumstances! :)

Spooky Magoo: Making the crippled feel special here! *g* Keep sending the vibes, thanks a bunch! *smoooooooch* :)

Boy, I have to say Sita is the best secretary in the whole wide world!!


Julie says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:44:09 2001
Ahh's Homecoming. How could I not pop in and say hi? :)

Leather Jacket- I *still* can't belive you do that! Whatta guy :) I still adore those mentions *laugh*

Belmont- Ahh..those were the times! I had so much fun on here, and things got even crazier on AIM or ICQ too with those marshmallows :) And just for you, hey bro! (becker!) --==(__()

~sara~- Oh!!!!! My Goddess hath returned!! --==(__() --==(__() --==(__()

Keri- Oh hello my Karebear. I remember the color wars we used to have ..with Viashino and Medallion :)

'stina m'dea ... catch! --==(__()

So are those enough marshmallows for you all? *grin* I've missed you guys!

And thank you Meteor for telling me about this :)



SpookyMagoo says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:43:09 2001
Floating back...

Keywe: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm dessert...had to kick that out of my diet : ( I've started the year exercising nd eating better...the exercising is great but the eating habits are killing me. Miss lyrical pursuit as well...haven't met the man since our first meeting...hoping to meet him again if he comes back in June to launch Virgin Airways. How are you? Missed ya! Can't wait to see you in LA!! {{huggies}}


Monique says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:41:28 2001
Aww crap!

I forgot to post some love for Slavey. Because I am old and senile. OK. Because I'm in my mid-20s and senile.

Slavey: *smooch* I'm glad I met you here. You have kept me calm so many times.

Oh and *BAP*.

Lord Mysty Mage!


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:40:59 2001
Lord Mysty Mage Yes I will watch SMG on Grosse Pointe at the hotel in LA. But a home recording X-Files


Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:40:17 2001
Malista, PSA
LOL It was a badly phrased, passive-agressive ploy to get an opinion one way or the other about the Pink Leather Pants. I'm sorry. My bad. I will take my embarassment and *bap* amorphia over the head with it.

Weevil twin, I need you to keep me from getting myself in trouble over here! LOL

I need another cookie. Joss forbid I do something humiliating every night. This is getting to be quite a bad habit! *sigh*

The Smithsonian is a wonderful idea! We could devote an entire wing to Buffy Memorabilia. True, burning the Pants is a bit harsh, but as long as they're behind bulletproof glass and can no longer come in contact with Sarah's anatomy, I'll be happy. *g*


Menk says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:38:07 2001
Angelex242 no I love those the best. I like Final Fanasty lots. Not that great in that one but I'm learning...


SpookyMagoo says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:38:06 2001
Last one before bed...

Sita: Shopping alkies, alkie alkies...we're just alkies of all ; )

Evening to Ty King!

AjO: Package leaving this Monday...last of the bunch are arriving then : ) {{{more healing vibes}}}

white wings: Actually it's slow but picking up...I was sooooooooooooooooooo bored today that I literally fell asleep at my desk. I hate it when it's slow...will you be joining us in LA this year? Hope so : )


Grinn says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:38:05 2001
LOL, yeah, Ty doesn't do any Buffy/Angel writing anymore... Aparently they only hire teddybear killers like -mere- for writing jobs now... ;-)

Malista: 'Kay, I'll send it anew... You still on at nights anymore? Me and some peeps have a game of Online Scrabble going... You seem to know lots of big words. ;-) And it sucks, I've been living down here for over a year, and we never hooked up.

"It's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone's throwing up!"


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:38:03 2001
Good Night to All



Starr says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:37:57 2001
Antipoprocks And I thought I was the multitask queen!!!
Huntress!!! WTG!! Just embarass me! LOL
LMO **SMOOCHAS** sweets!! Had to oder through Chapters.CA for her. At least it'll get here in time for her birthday! LOL ((((Hugs)))
Old One Waves again!!


Lady Wolfsbane says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:37:36 2001
The truth? I would NOT have gone to the PBP this year if I couldn't have justified it with another reason. I'm borrowing money for this trip don'tcha know. So, while I'm there for the party - I've really got to try to secure a job too... otherwise I'm just lying to myself inside. Know anyone hiring in the animal care field in LA, with labour certification? *g*

Are you worried that I'm all bugging the VIP's for a job or something? *g* I'm a good girl, *smirk* I'm not going to do that... my beautiful scripts will stay locked away at home... *sniff of exaggerated pouting*

Sita the Night Goddess
Geocities sucks and doesn't work for me anymore. And now I go to school, have a job, I'm trying to find a better one, find a way to cross the border to stay... I... can't doodle wolves like I used to. *g*

Lord Mysty Mage
Where have you been? Geez... where has everybody been? *g* We need mudpuppy, and Merlin, and my spider to show up too...

You're not serious! *g* Wait, maybe you are - you've told me that before methinks. I'd love to do that myself, but I've heard red fades so quickly... and I've already got my sexy dragon. Very cool.

white wings
I would be the tragic one, no Timmies, no snow, no clean air, no snow, no Leafs, no SNOW!


Destiny says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:36:47 2001
With a siggy like that, who else could it be by Ty King!
I just love homecomings! :)
Now where is KAM? He was mentioning Ty just today.

Margot! Long time no speak! Hows the writing going? PBP bound this year?

Malista Evening to you also. It's been awhile since we last spoke.

amberlynn Lord woman!!! You still here? I dare ya to make it to LOSERS!!! *G*


Rags says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:36:29 2001
Peeks in the door, whispers quietly, then withdraws back into the cold, rainy night...

Hello to Old One, Antipodean, and, of course, Slave2Faith....=)

back again in a bit...


Keywe says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:36:18 2001
Could this day feel any better?

Malista I am so looking you up for a long visit in Feb. {{{hugs}}}

Arctic Lurker Glad you re upholding the honor of all the mathy people of the world....even though the board usually lacks in that department. *g* So good to hear from you again, my friend.

EverDawn Big {{hugs}} and smooches going out to you and Mr. ED Hope he is getting stronger everyday. :-)

Spooky Magoo Any more meetings with the 'object of your admiration'? *g* I miss our games of lyric tag....even though you always won. :-) We need to whip up another dessert soon...or at least start sampling the last one. lol {{{hugs}}}

Ty is back? Welcome, oh absent one; I knew this we going to be a great posting day/night. Hail, hail....:-)

Margot Expect e from me this weekend. I miss that 'daring' repartee. :-) Keep writing, sweetie. I have a difficult time waiting. *g*



Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:34:31 2001
amberlynne well, girl, if you've got the story past the part where LeatherJacket heads for the roof--POST IT!! Inquiring Minds want to know.

Don't tease me with the "It's much more interesting than being drunk watching 'Coyote Ugly' carp. that was NOT a typo


The Huntress says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:34:07 2001
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE WAVE AT STARR!!! She's feeling left out.

Starr - does that help? :)

SIta - what? no hello for me?

Lmo- I can't agree more! I'm rooming with Greeneyes and DreamingHawk so you wont be able to miss us.

white wings - well, my my husband's pc is acting up, but I'm not in charge of it's discipline. Other than that, they are peachy.

Lord Mysty Mage - why no my Lord. I have been on the MIA list. Whup kicking my butt.

Anitpodean- HEY THERE! Dunno. I'm in an 80's kind of mood. Ironically, "Holding Out for a Hero" just came on.


white wings says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:33:43 2001

white wings collects her own errant tag, while she is at it.

Now it's done.

Antipodean - Um, I've slept since then? My Oldtimer's is getting to me? which night? Or was it about Puppypodean? I saw that, and I hope he's recovering nicely.

IreneAdler - You forgot the mocking. Oh yes, hands up the one who spotted my deliberately dropped tag?


Angelalex242 says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:33:36 2001
Menk The games I play aren't about skill. They're about patience. Try playing any Final Fantasy. You'll see.
Margot Haven't had a chance to talk to you in a while. How is ya?
MalistaHaven't seen you in a while either. How is you?


Lord Mysty Mage says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:32:42 2001
He killed Jenny. Why should we let him breathe? *g*

Sarah's Carl:
I assume that you're looking forward to SMG on Grosse Pointe?


Antipodean says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:32:32 2001

Ummm... hang on a minute....

dunlin - sweets! keeper of my altar, protector of the velveteen, promoter of my ambisexuality, whom I adore beyond reason When was I ever reasonable? Who said burn? No no no no no. No fire. Fire bad. Pants pretty. I just don't wanna see them on the screen again when I can see them up close and personal and quite clearly we decided on the Smithsonian, didn't we?

Oh and since, you know, you occasionally say nice things about me Against your better judgement ;) and the arrival of newbies like you Hey! I can too say that.. I'm a lifer twelve months in two weeks!! is one of the things that makes this place so great (even if you are WRONG about the poptarts. And unsurprisingly the Anti-PopTarts) *smoooooooooooooooch*

scrolling, aiming, posting and e'ing like the spaz she is
Alpy -- would it kill you to return a SO occasionally, mister?


Menk says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:31:43 2001
Malista!! Big HUGS!! did I 'read' the list right? are you and himself coming down?

Antipoopoo!! workin' on the next 'adventure' as I lurk! still no developed pictures, i'm so LAZY

Angelex242 re games: any and ALL. I don't own one but played anything they could put infront of me. i've a wicked kool aim and good hand eye coordination...


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:31:12 2001
Malista, well, it's good to know he's still writing, but as he hasn't deigned to answer yet, do YOU know which films he's written so far? I've got my Blockbuster card just WAITING to be used...


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:31:11 2001
Irene laughs and points at white wings's tag, which was dropped while she was busy picking up Irene's dropped tag

Thank you. I'm sure you did that on purpose so I wouldn't have to feel silly alone.


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:30:54 2001
amberlynne’s roommate is planning on getting her drunk while they watch Coyote Ugly. She is just getting to the part of the drama where Ty King enters the Bronze to face Leather is much more interesting than "Coyote Ugly"...

Irene Adler: I know. It is almost too much to bear.

Margot: Hello, evil writer woman. Ty King is here!!!!


Malista says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:29:31 2001
Important announcement of the lets-not-go-overboard kind

Ty King does not, repeat, does not write for BTVS any more. He can't tell the costume department anything. He can't put Angel and Buffy back together. He writes feature films now. He happens to have written one of the three best BtVS episodes ever, but he doesn't do that any more. Let the man breathe.

Grin -- The e- addy is good, but the hard disk that collected your story wasn't. Please resend, and I'll burn it to CD. And I promise to answer your letter, too. <G>

Defender of retired BtVS Writers


Ms Alucard says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:29:16 2001
I would post some wonderful Bronze memories, but I haven't got time to sort them out, there are so many. I can tell you that most of them involve DSP, Cirrus' hoochie crew, mudpuppy & Alpy. If I have time to come back in an hour or two, I'll share then.

Vanessa!!!!! *smooooooooch* I need to email you about that tape you sent me. I don't know if you got the message I left you earlier in the week. Thank you so much for sending that so it would get to me before Checkpoint aired! I owe you BIG! You are the greatest! ;o)

Huntress!! Hey Chica! Looooong time no see/type/whatever! *g*

Hiyas and RSOs to SlaveyDarlin', Cleio ;oP , Angle Man, Leather Jacket, Antipooooo!!! Grinn, Old One, FSM CDMan, Laurence, and everyone else!

Miz A


AngelStarr says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:28:50 2001
Huntress Hey!
AjO I don't think we've actually met before but I've heard of your accident, I wish you the speediest of recoveries.


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:28:35 2001
AjO !!! Get Even Better Faster!
See Sarah & Freddie at Golden Globes?


Lmo says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:28:09 2001
Huntress yup…will be there!! Need a vacation big time…and what better place than LA with friends!! Will be looking for you for sure :)

Cleio things ok…tired….work was definitely……interesting…..this week….don’t gotta worry I don’t think though woohoo hehe and come on! Whats more important…our ‘Nucks or the pool….careful how you answer that lol Hows you doing?

Lady Wolfsbane damn! You mean I coulda just used paint?? Ooops….and here I’ve gotta a permanent tattoo on my ankle of a maple leaf…sheesh…shoulda consulted with you first eh ;) they WILL know I AM CANADIAN!

Starr heya sweetie…never answered me about that book! Did ya order or want me to get for ya oh….forgot…{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}

OldyOne course you is fine ;) oh….btw….did I mention it was really beautifully sunny here today? lol

Anti!! hey you!! I dropped a tag in my last post....just for you...yeah...thats it.....hehe


PSA says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:27:56 2001
NoisyFlower and Dunlin: Even though I think it would thrill most Bronzers beyond belief if he did, Ty King doesn't write for Buffy anymore. :-(


white wings says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:27:10 2001
Lizza Slayer - Welcome to the Bronze. As others have said, a lot of long-lost posters are coming in, and we are all rather excited.

Old One! How did you know I'd be wanting just that? *g* Thank you very much.

The Huntress - It's good to see you! Are your appliances behaving these days?

amberlynne - Courage now. *g* You can bear it. You got a pantsless Fury, after all.

SpookyMagoo - Hey! Are they keeping you busy these days?

AjO - {{{{some more healing vibes}}}} Take care of yourself. Folks have been worried.

IreneAdler - white wings picks up Irene's errant tag in her tagbagcreations by scram and white wings. There, all gone.

Lady Wolfsbane - Well, there had to be some suffering involved. *g*


The Huntress says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:26:48 2001
Old One- your memory is sharp as ever. Mt Dew was it? Ironically, I gave up Dr. Pepper last week to help a friend stop smoking. We're suffering together. :)

Bronze Juke Box - I can't sing without my Diva friend. At least I thought she was a friend... ;)


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:26:25 2001
Old One, well, one good thing, I didn't get fired, but we won't know about raises, etc., for weeks yet. Sigh. So once I'm moved and have everything turned on that needs to be turned on, I'll go over the financial picture again. I'll know better, I think, in about a week.


Margot says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:25:59 2001
GodWhedonNacht, All!

Arctic Lurker Smoochies.

Ty King: ! What a fabulous surprise to find you here tonight. Let me join in the chorus of "what have you been up to?"



Antipodean says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:25:41 2001

This is a OMJ, I am the worst multi-tasker in the history of Multitaskism type of post…

Allyson - Ya done good kiddo!!

The Huntress - *smooooooooooooch* What’s today’s tune? :)

Mr Gordo!!! Me!! Me!! Me!! What? You haven’t been getting my gifts in the mail? Damn, I’ve gotta upgrade my version of subtle. Besides, I’m the perfect age for you ;)

KieraCrimePartner - Fifteen sleeps ‘til blast off. Nineteen ‘til LA – wheeeeeee!!

Mesuvipopopo - (((((tacklehugs))))) I miss ya!!!

sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! sanj! - Just incase the goonster and her herd of snoopys should happen by…

white wings - Thanks :) And I posted to you back on LOSERs a couple of nights ago, did you miss it? Or did I miss you? Or was there missage of some kind?

Menky!!! Menk!! Menk!

Starrlet - Rightbackatcha baybeee *smoooooooooch*

Rachiepoie - This is your mention, My Queen

scrammiepoie and the whole damn clan o’ scram Just scram, that is all!! *smooooooooooch*

Vanessabiscuitgurlie - *smoooch* and when do we head to Thailand kiddo? Can you ask your Mum? She was responsible for the countdown, right?

mudpuppy who is a hottie And had better post soon if he wants his *smooch*es and e’s

little bam bam bam bam bam vegetable man! And without you, there would be no gourd to carry + *smoooooooootch*

and with that many tags, I hope superscrammie is dressed and ready...
My SO List - Alpy :)
My Queen – Rachiepoie
My People – scrammmiepoie & the entire Glorydarned whole damn clan, Alaric and Dao Jones
My Princess - Catriona
My Let – Starrlet
My Mindsharer & Thaigurlie – Vanessa
My Hottie Minion Gourd Carrier + little bam bam bam bam bam bam bam
My High Priestesses of Ambisexuality – amorphia and dunlin
My Lurkers - Blaberus & 944
My Hamster co-Captain - Calypso
My Fish Boy - Scottish Lad Amish Boy
My First FAMILY BOARD! belonged to BECKER, but Polgara beat him to it
My Hotties = Coleman & mudpuppy <this space for rent>
Member of the Greek Chorus LWF Loopy Gurlies. Truly!
My Me My My Me Me - mudpuppy knows the truth. And he still adores Me (me me)


Angelique's Faith says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:25:36 2001
I've actually been reading all of the board, instead of ctrl+f today!! Loving this idea

Little Willow A post from you, will always make my day. *g*
Well, I finally saw "The Pack", and have decided how MUCH I love the first season!! Prophecy...yes. Brilliant. The tears... I'm a sucker for tears gets me every time. It was also good wonderful to see Darla's "early days" on BtVS again, especially after the current Angel season!! :) I still think "Fool For Love" / "Darla" is the best crossover yet. *g* Although IWRY does come close! The "hero shot of the fearless four" during the Boxing Rebellion....I wanna know who the director, and camera opperators were!! *applause! applause*

Working on the Amber Goddess' HTML? Shall go and check it out then. :)

Hey...this VIP Conjouring Club is paying off.

Seen Fury today.....and now....the infamous Ty King!!

DeAn:) Stop sleeping and get in here NOW!!!!!!!


NoisyFlower says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:25:00 2001
Mr King,, or can I call you Ty King? I just have to say that I am 31 and my favourite show has always been BTVS since Day 1!! The whole love/angst passion of the series is unbelievable.. People make fun of me because Tuesday nights are my favourite nights of the Week!! No interruptions allowed. People make fun of me,, that is,, until THEY watch the show. Then they too are hooked. I have converted many people young and old. And I have to bow in the reverence of your appearance!!!

please oh please... bring Buffy and Angel back together... they need each other,, they are not whole without each other! Will this EVER happen? Please oh please.



Lord Mysty Mage says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:24:22 2001

The Huntress:
Is it just me, or have we not talked for several months?


Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:24:05 2001
Irene Adler
Time Zone , shmime zone. I choose to work a strange shift so I can sleep in. I've never been a morning person, they scare me. Lovely droppething of the tagths, too. Now I don't feel so alone.

The GLR's say hi and get well, mostly because I know they'd say that if they could get theilr little butts ouf of chat and onto the board! ((((good health vibes))))) and we're glad you liked your card!

Old One
Hi! OO, get thee to chat! Long time no see!

Ty King
My dear, if you have any influence over the weevil costuming department, could you be a sweetie and burn the Pink Leather Pants? Their weevilness deserves no less. And whatever Vanessa tries to say in their defense, she's WRONG. *g*


Old One says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:24:02 2001
AjO - *gentle hugs and healing vibes.. my thoughts are with you

Thoin - I believe you told me and Mia mentioned her offer to us.. let us know..

lmo - *hugs, friendlet.. the kidlets are fine.. as am I..

Starr - *waves back.. hiyas!!!


Grinn says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:24:00 2001
....HOLY CARP! Malista!! Dude! I've been trying to get in touch with you forever! I sent you an e with a new story I'd written about a month and a half ago, but I wasn't sure if you still used that email address...


Malista says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:23:52 2001
GRINNY!!!!!! I owe you e-, too. It's all about the third hard disk crash in 4 months...can you re-send the stowy, pleeeeeeeeeease?


Sita the Night Goddess says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:23:15 2001
I am REALLY enjoying this homecoming. Since it's kinda my homecoming too! :)

AjO: Hurry up and heal you! I need you in LA so I can pamper you! :) *little soft hugs*

Lady Wolfsbane: I am not sure how you'd do that without getting arrested! *lol* No website no more? I can help you make a new one! :)

Irene!: *hugs* Sounds good! What this? I missed drunken, nekkid posting? Man! Well you all better hope I can't access the Bronze Thursday night PBP weekend. Since it's Official Get Drunk Night... *lol*


Little Willow!: WOO HOO!!!!! Maybe the curse is broken! ;-)

Juggernaut!: HI! *hugs* Yes, I am PBP2001 bound! Can't wait to see you! Party in my room Thursday. B.Y.O.B (me, EvilSIT, Spooky Magoo....and AjO is he gets unbendy)

SpookyMagoo: *lol* Shopping alkies we will be! ;-)



Angelalex242 says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:21:16 2001
Ty King Your Angelus poetry continues to stir the hearts of the people to this day. It's an honor to finally meet the creator of LOSERS too :-)


Lady Wolfsbane says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:19:51 2001
OMG AjO!! Are you Ok? I didn't have your E-mail - but I felt horrible! We luv you, even those of us that haven't met you but still have this little soft spot for ya... (don't type silly you're going to hurt yourself...) *g*


Grinn says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:19:48 2001
Adventuring far away, in the deepest depths of the web, The Grinning Man pauses, and snifs.

"I'd recognize that smell from anywhere!" He exclaims, sniffing again, "Why... That smells of Ty King! There's LOSERs about!"

And with that, The Man What Grins makes great haste to the Buffylair to meet old friends.

True story.



Beldin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:19:27 2001
Greetings, FASTEDDIE.


Rainmaker20 says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:19:10 2001



I am doing an informal survey to find out how many of you in the LA area and those of you who may be in LA on February 13th would be interested in watching Buffy in a public place with the band Summercamp, who will be featured on the February 13th episode?

Please take the time to Email me a quick response (in case I miss it on the board). The Email is

Thank you so much! You guys rule.

~ Rayne


Malista says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:19:05 2001
::sigh:: If you're gonna drop a tag, that would be the one to drop, I guess...


DeMoriel says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:18:51 2001
Arctic Lurker: *smooch* just for you, and a bucket of "C's" that I'm sure I left out ages ago.

Lady Wolfsbane: I just wanted to clear something up cuz I'm confuzzled... your first priority is getting a job, and is that for coming to LA or coming to the PBP?



Barrymore says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:18:45 2001
By the way, how do we know this is the REAL Ty King and not someone like Wesley Wyndham-Price posing as Ty King to look cool?
And I thought the real Ty King was a non-smoker in his early 20's, not a smoker in his late 60's.
(By the way, I am not the real Barrymore. My father was the real Barrymore and his father before him. As each dies, a new generation takes their rightful place at the Bronze. Now, the torch has been passed to me.)


Malista says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:18:22 2001
Dear me! Is that my pocket poet I see? Major big *smoooooch-a!* to the talented Ty King. I owe you e-. I owe everybody e-. I'm an equal opportunity e- ower. But I would send you pictures of Wonderful Things if you accepted attachments. <G>

Scrolling to see who else has surfaced....



AjO (as told to Sita on the phone! ) says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:17:30 2001
THOIN: I appreciate the healing vibes and I am trying to get better! :)

Keep the good vibes comming they
are really needed!

ParisAngel *HUGS* I am up for the phone call later!

Irene: Muchos Gracius for the healing vibes and keep them comming. :)

Huntress: I've got a really long road ahead of me. Seems to be more complications comming at me as time goes by. But, I am giving it my all. Thank you for the well wishes! :)

dizzy boy


The Bronze Juke Box says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:16:56 2001

A request.. for The Huntress Bronze diva extrodinaire...

I ain't missing you at all,
Since you've been gone away,
I ain't misssssssssssssssssssss

oh wait!! wrong song... back in a tic


EverDawn says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:16:12 2001
Ty King !!! The man who brought me out of lurkdom!

Can I thank you? Because of you I have met so many wonderful wonderful people. If I tried to name them all I know I'd forget someone and then feel bad!

So suffice to say, because of you, I met some of the dearest and closest people in my life!

I hope you are well these days! And I'd love to know if you are working on anything in particular?

Passion is still my all time favourite Buffy!


Slave2Faith says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:15:48 2001
Wait wait wait.

I missed Fury? WAAAAAAAAAH!

But Ty King is here? coolness! Finally, the face behind the jokes myth! ;)

Monique: yes, you are scary. VERY scary. As scary as... Elmo. :D *smoooch*


Cleio says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:15:45 2001
Lmo yeah, it was great to see them win, especially when we're trying to elbow Phoenix out of the 6th position, BUT, I have Tkachuk in my pool and I could have used some points out of him. lol How's it going with you???

Ty King welcome back Ty. It's nice to see you here. :)



Lady Wolfsbane says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:15:30 2001
Ty King? The guy, you know, the guy that... well, the guy that wouldn't know me from mud actually. But Greetings! I'm Lady Wolfsbane - too recent an addition for you to know, but.. well.. greetings! Am I getting repetitive yet? I do that a lot...

We need red and white face paint - so we can paint ourselves with little Canadian flags! *g* I dunno I'm feeling rather wacky tonight..

white wings
They don't have Tim Hortons though... that's gonna be really tough, eating those icky crispy cremes I'm heard about...


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:15:27 2001
and that, my dear newbies, is what we call a dropped tag.

Irene hides under the bar, embarrassed to be dropping tags in front of Ty


Old One says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:14:58 2001
white wings - hi my winged friend... a TGIF root beer float?...

The Huntress - it's been way to long, dear.. I haven't been able to get you a Dr. Pepper in ages.. *g*... hoping my memory hasn't failed me this time


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:14:53 2001
Old One, thanks for the drinks, Friendly Adversary. Hey! It's looking more and more and more like I can go. Got the money together for the tickets, just have to get the tickets. Then figure out accommodations. Money could be an issue there, or not, depending on several factors. Think I told you about them. Packing whup calls again...evil packing whup. Move is at 8 a.m. tomorrow though, HAVE to finish. Posting while packing is weird...


BeMu says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:14:46 2001
MeeB Hmmm... which is scarier?? An earthquake or Ty, Joss, and -mere- posting at once??

Ah, hell, in the spirit of Homecoming, I'll deal with another earthquake...


The Huntress says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:14:18 2001
LMO - hey there! Has been a long time. And yes, I wouldn't miss LA for anything. You?

white wings - hello to you!

Ajo- as I live and breathe! There you are. Hope you're healing nicely.

AngelStarr - Hey you!

Paris Angel- Howdy!


Barrymore says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:14:17 2001
Now I know why everybody forgets who I soon as I post something, someone FAMOUS ALWAYS shows up and takes all the notice away from me!
The other night it was Joss.
Tonight it is Mr. Ty King.
Oh well, I guess I can't complain TOO much...


Arctic Lurker says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:14:12 2001
I found my old, yet mose recent, shoutout list so I thought I'd post it on this trip down memory lane.

Keywe: Hey there. It was so nice to see your shoutout the other day. Thankyou. You'll be happy to know that I've spent the day correcting Math exams for the end of the semester. "This place could be mathier. We need more Math."

wildwolves: Hi rightbackatcha. :-)

Ty King!!!! I just knew it was divine intervention that sent me to the Bronze tonight after so many months away. How the heck are you? In the staff room today I was telling one of the new teachers how much joy you brought into our lives when you used to live here instead of at home. :-)

Leather Jacket: Been missing you. I'm glad there's no need for the BT. Otherwise I'd have to send out the batsignal to she could protect Ty.

Eiddileg: Thank you so much for posting about the homecoming.

wolfguard: Hey! It's good to be back.

It's good to be home shoutouts to: DS205, scooter, Vlad the Impaler, jenny68, Crossbow, Big Al, Taster's Choice, Leather Jacket, Kim P., kim!, Karent, Irishgirl, Tallulahdahling, StGermain, Gryphon, Buffy13, Margot, greengirl, Gatekeeper, fenric, Erestor, Red Thunder, ~sara~ bec, Beth, horizon, Haven, Megdalen, Emerald, OzFan, Kaboo, gazoo, keywe, Clattering, Kain the Demon Hunter, BuffyBrazil, DeadBoy, fangboy, fiver, curlysue, kate228, stormtrooper, WolfShadow, Buffy Sheridan, banana, Laurence, Dreamer, Amywyn, Cleio, Yooper, X-Lander, Godeater, Beldaran, Professional Lurker, SarahNicloe, NightOwl, Moxie, Lady Bathory, Little Willow, Jayne, Earth Girl, Sara the Brown, carl, Wolf Guard, Old One, Zophiel, XandersGirl (XG), VaBuffyFan, Blackheart, Jaan Quidam, and last but certainly not least, Closet Buffyholic.

Arctic Lurker
"I lurk."

UBC #128
Angel Avenger--Soul Rescue Division
Buffy, eh? #4
PBA #62
BAH Room 104 (next door to the elusive DS205)
Ty King Waiting Room
GDLM #19
S*K*R*E*W the B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S #37


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:14:06 2001
Seth Green scheduled for Celebrity Jeopardy for Las Vegas airing week of Feb 5th


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:13:23 2001
Angle Man,


Lizza Slayer,

I do not know the answer to your question, but from reading the posts, think "Homecoming" may be referring to an anniversary of the Bronze. Not certain.



Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:12:45 2001
Irene sends {{{healing vibes}}} to AjO

Ain't typing with one hand fun?

Hope you are feeling better.

Lizza Slayer Welcome to your first posting at the bronze. As a former newbie, myself, I am always on the lookout for brave newbies who are posting for the first time. You have picked a fabulous day to post--Somebody declared today the first annual "Homecoming", and old bronzers and VIPs are coming in like crazy. Have fun!! If you have a question that can't be answered by the Welcome Wagon, please feel free to post to me directly. I promise a quick response.

Irene--Priestess and Keeper of the Spirit of the Bronze Flame


wes says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:11:36 2001
caal me a first timer but,how is everyone?
...time is everything if u have it and nothing if u dont


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:11:10 2001
MeeB: But...but...takes a deep breath it is Ty King! I invoke his name and I have never spoken to him. He wrote my favorite episode. He made me cry!! Um, is he gonna speak? Although, I am not sure I can handle that.


MeeB says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:11:05 2001
BeMu: Yeah, but didn't that happen after 3 VIPs, including Ty, were posting at the same time? So we just need -mere- and Joss to show up, too. . . . ;-)


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:10:42 2001
Greetings Ty King


Not waxing pedantic. Heart felt belief. *g* And I have no doubt that you can beat me at tennis. :)



Paris_Angel says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:10:17 2001
Just to join in. *g*

Ty King-Legend of the Bronze we welcome you back.

AjO-*hugs* phone ya again later when mother doesn't know *g*

Hunt-HUNT! Okay, AIM-ing....picnic.

that was then
this is now


Lizza Slayer says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:09:35 2001
Lizza Slayer sips more of her hot chocolate happily soothed by the music of the Bronze and the yummy taste of hot chocolate.
Hi. anybody gonna answer my question?


BeMu says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:09:31 2001
OK... the last time I remember seeing Ty King on the boards, we had a freaking earthquake...

putting on her shoes... Mabb'll understand.


Angle Man says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:09:24 2001
Um sorry to sound like a complete newbie, but

um Ty King who are you and why are you considered a VIP?



Phoenix says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:09:17 2001
Definite delurk time. :)

Hi Ty!!!!!!!!!! Long time no see!!!! :)

Lurking again...



Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:08:54 2001
Dunlin exeuberantly waves Adri's pompoms in celebration of the Bronze Homecoming.

Oh, most emphatically, eggo waffles count. Except that they're not exactly toaster treats, they're more toaster food. But I suppose they count. Just not in the pop tart debate. *g*

LOL on the flobberworms. And oh, yes, there is much howling at the moon. And streetlights. and, yes. But scaring the bejeebers out of people is the best part. That, and you don't need a jacket in the winter. *g*

Glad I could help. Night!


Lmo says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:08:45 2001
first...forgive me for incoherent posting...its friday...bad week...gin...need I say more? ;)

STARR!!!!!!!! heya gorgeous :) miss you!

Huntress hiya!! havent seen you in ages neither....LA bound?

OldyOne hiya capt....guess what....finally watched this weeks eps! but havent watched previous ones...oops hehe how be the kidlets?

Cleio hey you....'bout time the 'Nucks won a game again eh ;)

scrollin'.....I think....


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:07:47 2001
AjO!!!! HI!!! How're you feeling? You're MISSED around here! {{{HEALING VIBES}}}}


Starr says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:07:30 2001
Huntress My cover has been blown over less and worse people ((((Hugz))))
Antipuffnstuff ***Smoochas***
scramalamadingdong!! So you need extra smoochies? ***SMOOCHAS***
Waves at Old One


MeeB says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:07:15 2001
amberlynne: Breathe!! :-)

Ty King: *ahem* pardon the shout in your ear. 'tis excellent to see you. and we didn't even have to conjure up any Beckett. :-) How's the Smart Guy: The College Years pilot coming? Any other news? ;-) Thanks for stopping by.



little bam bam says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:05:33 2001
vanessa sweetie :) that is all.

and, hey, Ty. welcome home.


Meteor says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:05:32 2001
wandering through..

hey thy!

Well, I scrolled and as this is the Bronze Homecoming Day, I thought I'd add my little piece into the festivities..

I remember Roanna, one of the original LOSERs, who is also having a birthday on Sunday, so..

Happy early Birthday Roanna
we miss you! come back soon :)

Other memories.. hmm..

Ty during the LOSERs boards..

The Coffee Clubbers..

NOSFERATU as started by Sage and SWMF..

The old chats in UTV Chat before the board came over to Apollo with people like Spence, KAM, Bookish Girl and many others..

The first summer here when Aly and Lost Boy would post.. especially finding out that Aly had painted her bathroom purple *g*

I remember posting during LOSERs.. and between posts, spending all night long reading fanfic at Anya and Biohaz's Slayer Fanfic Archive..

And TV James. Who could forget James.. the guy who helped us out on numerous occasions.. fixed the board.. put up the Who's Who and the Starbucks pages for people to post their poetry..

And as I see that Ty has once again joined us from the realm of darkness.. Greetings oh *poof*'ing one *g*



AjO (the broken) says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:05:29 2001
One thing that could drag me dizzily out of bed...

Ty King: OMG! Hello! My left hand is broken right now or trust me I'd type more to you, my favorite Buffy writer. So all I can say is an excited "Hello!" and much missing of you.

Me=Very dizzy.


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:04:56 2001
Ty King, may I STRONGLY second that call to know what you've been up to lately??? Inquiring minds DEMAND to know! 'Cause we've all been left in the dark way too long!

And do you have ANY idea how often your immortal name is evoked around here? There are lots of people who leave either "in" or "not in" a Ty King have passed from hero into legend. Go no further, for further there be dragons, and you are crunchy and good with ketsup.


AngelStarr says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:04:32 2001
Ty I've heard your a legend, I've always wanted to meet a legend. Does that mean I have to bow or kneel in your presence?


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:04:11 2001
sniffs the smelling salts so kindly administered by Irene Adler...

Irene Adler: Thank you!! Ty King is here!!!! I can't even believe it.


DeMoriel says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:03:40 2001
Oh my GOD! It's APRIL SMITH! The Smart Guy writer, whom I adore... she wrote the one where the Smart Guy learns about the importance of integrity on one's math exams! OHMIGOD!!!!


April Smith: Is it too much to ask to get a shirtless Smart Guy scene? *hugs. I knew there was a reason I took a pointless cab ride today with your lookalike.



Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:03:28 2001
LeatherJacket Pleeeeze!!! Tell us how you got off the roof!!!


Lizza Slayer says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:03:15 2001
Lizza Slayer walks into the Bronzer muttering about how much guys suck, orders a hot chocolate and sits down.
Hello all. Since i am a newbie i gotta ask: What the hell is homecoming?!! (please tell me without shouting or replying rudely) thanks!! I scrolled down and read some of the really nice posts made by you fellow Bronzers such as little willow on your past as Bronzers. I have no past other than reading all of the posts for awhile (think months) without getting the courage to post some of my own until a couple of days ago. that's all for now-


white wings says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:03:11 2001
newfan - Um, can't you manage some new clothes for babyvamp2? That holiday outfit must be getting a little worn. *g*

scram - I think I would have tossed the tongs myself. It's a rough world out there. Which reminds me, I need to fix a drip system that they chewed through. I've been remiss in filling water dishes since the drought broke. *g* I enjoyed our joint tagbag design and tagnip concoctions as well.

Little Willow - I confess to a fondness for Baskin-Robbins French Vanilla, but I usually work with Blue Bell these days. Besides, they are headquartered in Brenham, where one of my favorite rose sources has a retail center. *g*

Kiera - Nice in Austin until tomorrow, give or take cedar. *g* MLK's birthday got newfan, though she waited until the day after for the full effect.

Lady Wolfsbane - Better wait until you actually see LA. *g* Not that I think it will deter you. You'll still be able to get Kraft there.

Vanessa - Um, Antipodean has embraced the pink pants?!? white wings wonders a bit about Vanessa's mental stability, but shrugs. What's a little insanity in here?

Ty King - I came long after you left, but your memory lives on.
And Passion nearly killed me too, as I recall. *g*

Old One - Good evening!

Ah, memories.
My entrance into the Bronze (lurking) in the fall of '99. I'd been haunting spoiler pages all summer, laid up with my snakebite with little else to do, and finally decided to see what this posting board thing was. And the first thing I saw was a discussion of dorm rooms. I remember thinking "they seem to have really different accommodations in dorms than I ever had". And decided to see what other strange things would appear. It only took 2 months after I got my own PC and non-work ISP to get up the courage to actually post. *g*


Vanessa says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:03:00 2001
Monique: *Smooooch*

little bam bam: A finer hottie minionator there never was. :) Great dream you had earlier today, btw. Too bad you forgot the rest. ;) Heee!

dog: If you're still a-lurkin'... I was bummed that you couldn't make dinner too. But be glad you missed the flying food and forks anyway. :) I feared for my life! OK, maybe not my life, but still! Scary!

Leather Jacket: Well, you'd better send it to me. The part I read practically moved me to tears!!

Ty: Cool. Now I get to see this great job you do of not leaving that I keep hearing about. :)


CYMru says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:02:23 2001
Tis a good time to be a bronzer!

Ty - OMG what the hell are you doing on here!
You do realise that you are going to get swamped! *g*
Hats off to you man! You are a ledge!
That is all


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:02:08 2001
Leather Jacket: Since you are probably not psychic, my address is:


Archangelus says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:01:49 2001
Well good eve fellow Bronzers!!!

LOved this weeks ep!!..It rocked....Buffy has like she always had the Council by the proverbial balls...I am glad she realized it finally!! One question is on my mind. When will we see Dru back in Sunnydale?? And please do tell me if there are plans for BVS on DVD....I was recently corrupted by it and VHS as no meaning to me anymore. Keep up the good work Joss..cause you make my eve every Tuesday!!

Arch V^^V


The Huntress says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:01:09 2001
Starr- sorry for blowing your cover! Forgive me?

Leather Jacket - Graham smoochies? I'm not going to sleep tonight thinking of them. ;) Smooches right back!

Old One - missed you there! How are you?


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:01:06 2001
Irene rushes over to the prostrate figure of her favorite (newbie) amberlynne and administers smelling salts.

Wake up, dear. You can't take advantage of the overposting if you've passed out.


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:00:35 2001
Thoin is rooted to the spot...struck by thunder...flatfooted agog...there are no pretty colors, to be sure, but...could it be? Dare she hope? The immortal Ty King???????

YEOW!!!! No way! Get out! Not for REAL??? Is it? Is it REALLY????? ohpleaseohpleaseohplease be you! I always wanted to post with you on the board...always JUST missed you in the old days!



amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:00:23 2001
she wakes up briefly to say

MeeB: Ty King is here!! Ty King is here!! Oh my Joss!!! You are still wrong! *smooch*

Leather Jacket: Please email me the whole story. I want to know what you did to Ty for his evilness.


SpookyMagoo says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:00:04 2001

{{huggies}}How are things buddy? Say hello to your lovely SweePer for me : ) Everything here is good...too grey for me though but totally looking forward to the sun, beach and ocean that is LA : ) Sorry to hear that you and SweePer won't be there : ( Hoping to make it to NY in spring, early summer : ) I need to spend a bit more time there to see everything.

My sislet thy!!!

How you be? {{huggies}}

Sita: Not soon enough, not soon Shopping shopping shopping...

Evening to Old One, wolfguard, white wings, and Laurence! Hope you all are well : )


julietta says:
(Fri Jan 26 19:00:01 2001
I take it no one knows when the new seasons of BtVS and Angel will be screened in Australia?


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:59:57 2001
Hi Ty King !


touched says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:59:37 2001
Wolfgard: I remember plenty about the "process" that I read about just this afternoon. Are you waxing pedantic on me?

Hey, I bet I can beat you in tennis.


Teaz says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:59:34 2001
jst like to say that Davy B is cool is Sarah michelle.kik butt ou two


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:58:59 2001
amberlynne looks….does a double take and screams.…

OhmiJoss!! It is Ty King!! Passion is my favorite episode ever and I cry every time I watch it. You are so very evil in a really good Joss kind of way and I am so glad you are here. Oh my Joss Joss Joss!!

then she passes out with a big *THUD*…


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:58:42 2001
Hi Ty King !


Slayergrl99 says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:58:33 2001


little bam bam says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:57:45 2001
Coleman, i'm there, babe. all we need is a tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, and sunglasses, and we're gone.


NoisyFlower says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:57:37 2001
Do you think that there will be another Buffy/Angel cross-over? I wonder if see Buffy friends with Spike will send Angel to the Dark Side......


Leather Jacket says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:57:33 2001
Ty King : Welcome back. Shall we dance?

Leaving now, perhaps in a Ty King way. *snerk*


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:57:27 2001
Great Joss!

Another freakin' VIP!!!

Greetings to Ty King!!

--did somebody forget to lock a cage door at the production offices or something? ;)


(Fri Jan 26 18:56:35 2001
HEY TY! Long time no post!

(Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out.)

What have you been up to? I know many of us here would love to support you work?


CYMru says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:56:00 2001
Slayergrl99 - I am not here! This is a figment of your imagination!

Dog - Chimay? I think I need summon stronger after the exam! Paint stripper anyone? *g*


Menkhare says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:55:40 2001
bronzer memories, thanks, etc...

*Alpy* for convincing me that this place wasn't so bad and bringing me out of the lurking darkness.

*deM and *Adina for being just so damn kool and letting me hang around (even though I'm a tad unique).

*the LOSER crew including Bluey! Malista! Shadowslayer! 4W! etc. for letting me ramble about nothingness for all hours of the night and not complaining one bit about my non-topicy madness at that time.

*Kenickie for showing his concern even though I had never met him when my father was sick. and everyone who posted their sympathy in March when my father died.

*everyone who thought i was "Olivia" last Feb...this past Oct. smooch! couldn't have asked for a better compliment. guys all rule. So glad I'm 'one of you'.


Old One says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:55:20 2001
Irene Adler - I've missed it to, my dear... I have been remiss... OO takes his dance partner in his arms and they glide around the dance floor.. enjoying this brief wonderful moment.. *g*, allow me my poetic licence.. he he


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:55:09 2001
Good Night umbris

Greetins Irene Adler

little bam bam,

Kind words. Thank you.



Ty King says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:54:43 2001
Just checking an old code. Ignore me... After all, I've been ignoring you for a long time... ;-)


MeeB says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:54:40 2001



Ty (forgot my code, hence these parentheses) King says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:53:43 2001
Hey, boys and girls…

Sorry, but eighteen months ago, AOL kicked me offline and they've been keeping me off ever since.

So, where was I? Oh, yeah… I was *poof*!

Ty King (who will now step outside for a siggy)
Killer of Calendar
Remover of Robia (“okay, who else wants to renegotiate their contract?”)
jealoss of Joss
Kristmas Karded by KAM (and gg)
Went MIA on AKA
-made- -modest- by –mere-
L.O.S.E.R. on the L.A.M.
Hollywood Has-been
DeNamored of DeMoriel
‘stina’s ‘statemate
Once entered the fray with Leather J.
Malista’s pocket poet
groupie’d by greengirl’s guy
Madd about Mabb
Ignorer of Cate… who I am ignoring
Circe Freak
Meeter of Meteor
Shanghai'er of the Seattle Six
MeeN to MeeB when first we MeT
Always kept my eyes on the horizon
Brightened by DarkLady’s presence
Mispeller of Matsu Terwilligger
Angelique (who was yellow when I was codified)
To Bruce’s Mom, from Nicholas’ Dad
Fan of Hanson – the Future of Rock and Roll
Mused by Lovely Poet
*poof* daddy
Sorry, I don’t mean to snub… I’m just addled by age. Trust me, when you hit your sixties, you’ll understand.


Sarahmichellegel says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:50:12 2001
does anyone think that buffy is letting the fans down? i mean the 4th and 5th season r not very good.


Leather Jacket says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:50:00 2001
Helpful hints Questions & answers
Friend or Foe's Newbie page OzFan's Newbie page
Welcome Wagon Spoiler Warning Examples

Arctic Lurker : Hee! No need for a BT. Amberlynne wanted to see my lunacy brilliance, so I retrieved it. It's good to see you here.

Vanessa : If you really, really want to see the entire overblown, melodramatic moving piece of rubbish, I can send you the whole messy thing.

genrefan : You know, today really wasn't the day for me to get into this. I apologize.

amberlynne : One sweet little word that means so much in a situation like this: "revenge". *G*

Kiera, Gunther : Heyas!

nil8r : "secret" roomie smoochies!

Monique : *smoooch*

The Huntress : Graham cracker *smooches* to you, also.

Slay On Buffy
Leather Jacket
Float the Rose Club

Good night.


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:49:35 2001
Greetings Respected Old One. I have been missing dancing with you.


Barrymore says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:48:59 2001
Hello Bronzers!
I couldn't miss Homecoming Day!
Anyway, even though no one ever remembers me, my name is Barrymore and I've been coming to the Bronze on and off since the site was or whatever! I'm usually on during LOSERS hours since I'm a night person (but not a vampire).
My memories include a couple little talks with OzFan awhile back (year or two ago?). And, yes, I was the person who was making nasty comments about how Glory is such a terrible villain when Mr. Joss Whedon showed up and started posting the other night.
My favorite characters are Buffy, Giles, Xander, Willow, and Spike (and Angel, Faith, and Cordy).
My least favorite characters are (were) Riley, Anya, and Glory.
My favorite episodes are Halloween and Hush.
Long live the Bronze and Buffy!


Laurence of the Rats says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:48:34 2001
BeMu lol, evil and sappy? you frighten and confuse me. though you are prepared ;) *g*


The Huntress says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:45:05 2001
The Huntress peaks her head in the Bronze.

I heard rumors about a Homecoming? Is this the place?

Starr - Smooch back at ya!

Adri - Hey Sis

SO's to andyourlittledogtoo, Ms Alucard, and Antipodean who is bound to show up.


Old One says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:44:52 2001
TGIF everyone.. what's up for tonite?.. Hey Thoin.. have a frosty ga & l, Kiera, it's been too long.. *hugs, Irene Adler how are you tonite.. newfan, hi there my dear DDP.. hottie adri, *hugs.. hope you're doing great, andyourlittledogtoo, chimay, friendlet? and heyas to anyone else I may have missed in my quickie scroll

SOs to Adina, Adri, AjO, Algerina, Anais, andyourlittledogtoo, Angel Chick, Angelicious, Anne, Arana, ArcticLurker, Arielle, Bastion Ridley, Buffy5202, buffyisrael, Buggo, Carita, Carl, Cave_Buffy, Chi, Cian, Claddagh, Cleio (VoD), ClosetBuffyholic, CYMru, Cynster, Dao Jones, darkhorse, Dave, David2, Dayloro, DELiver, Destiny, devil, Eire, ergo sum, fenric, friday, Frodo, Gazoo, Georgie, GilesLady, gin soaked boy, greeneyes, The Huntress, Hollyn, Horizon, Icelord, Inca Gold, Irene Adler, JenNaPen, Jenny68, Jewyl, Joe the Owl, jono, J.S.K., KAT in the Dark, Kiera, Kristen, Labrynth, Lady Wolfsbane, LilBufBuf, Little Wiggins, Llewellyn, lmo, Lovely Poet, Maverick, Mesuvius, Mia, Missi, Monique, Mr Whyt, Ms Alucard, mslong2th, mudpuppy, MySlayre, newfan, Norns, Oleanna, pdx, Persephone, Phil Phud, Prince of Lunacy, Raelynn, Rags, Redhead, Reyna, RobynTSH, rtyrrell, Safarigirl, The Seer, Siltik, Sita the Night Goddess, Skyler, Slave2Faith, Slayerdaddy, Slayergrl99, SlayerMom, SpookyMagoo, Starr, Stevie, StGermain, SunnyD, SusieQ, TGWIS,  Thoin, valMichael, VABuffyFan, vampire_angel01, Vanessa, Velvet Slayer, violet, white wings, wiccachick, Witchy Woman, Wolfguard, W-Sky, wyrmhunter, XG,  X-Lander, xxM, Young1, 4paws

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Bro-let to Buggo and Eire, cousin-let to Slave2Faith
Gutter neighbour to Slave2Faith
Wise Omelet, er Onelet to LilBufBuf
Dearest Delicious Peer and personal tootsie masseuse of newfan
Dadlet to Cave_Buffy
Friendlet to tail-swinging Arana
Margarita bud and Dear Far Neighbour to Jenny68
Friendly adversary, chocolate and ga & l supplier Thoin
One of KAT in the Dark's Bronze Boys
Squidjigging buddy of Wolfguard
Dear Near Neighbour to friday
Future co-star with That Girl Who Is Snug (TGWIS)
Guardian of the world with X-Lander
Lady Wolfsbane's beta male
Chimay provider to andyourlittledogtoo
Adri - my unabashed protectrice, your hottie. *g
My soul bro Prince of Lunacy
Drinking Buddy of lmo
Co-Producer with Kiera in "K-OO Mind Meld Productions"
Friendlet to ergo sum.. "Salut" It's hanging great
My special one in a nillionSusieQ
Dadlet to my pst, Mia
Personal Poofer and bodyguard to wiccachick (My No 1 Harem Girl *g*)

"Is that it, am I done now?" - Doyle
"This is the crack team that foils my every plan?" - Spike
"I do not babble. I occasionally run-on. And every now and then I yammer..." - Xander
"I'm a soldier, take that away and what's left?" - Riley
"Buffy, Eh? Is Eh-Okay!"
"That's for calling me a ponce!" - Wesley!
"Sometimes I think about 2 women doing a spell & then I do a spell by myself" - Xander


Keywe says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:41:59 2001
Irene Adler Hi, I always wondered if I was the only one with that reaction. Glad to know I was not alone!

Mabb You doubt your power?? of course you have power. Isn't that drilled into us during the training for our profession OK, ex-profession but let's not nit-pick *g* We must be all powerful....or those little educational vessels would run all over us! *g* I have something for you....I just hope I remember to pack it before coming to LA!

Mrs. Beasley I know you are lurking...come out, come out. *g*

--Remember when the board would 'break' with every errant blinking or marquee tag?

--Or the change over from UTV to Apollo? We were in a state of panic! *g*

this is fun!


Menkhare says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:41:43 2001
happy homecoming day!
{{hugs to everyone}}

men-care (naw)
mink-hair (naw)
men-car-ray (yay!)
tee hee
Mikeym...swoon lol


(Fri Jan 26 18:41:39 2001
Sita: Hiya!!! [[{{HUGS}}]] :)

Kiera: [[{{HUGS}}]]. We're not LA bound this year. We got plans... "grin"

Gunther: Hey there!!! Hoping all is going very well with you on the left coast... :)

Beldin: Good evening!!! :)

Guess who is gonna post soon... YAY!!!!


Monique says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:40:17 2001
I know I'm late, but work was hectic!

I know I don't post much anymore. And I find it terribly sad that the last couple days I have been left to post in defense of attacks on friends.

But in an odd way, I find that to be a good thing. That this place could be the tool to bring people together, to help them become so close that I will come out of lurkdom and throw down for them because they are my friends.

So while I can't stand the fights here, I am most grateful for what the Bronze has given me. Gonna small-font it to save space:

* I remember starting the Nicholas Brendon Aficionados because Charity had such a great Xander club and I thought it needed a companion club. This helped me grow close to Charity, who's so sweet and better get out here for college. =)

* I'm glad I started the NBA, because Polgara joined and asked me one day why I hadn't told her Nick would be coming to town for a convention. This started the planning for the 1999 Bronzers Brunch/Visions Outing -- my first Bronzer gathering. I had the great pleasure of getting to know Polgara while freaking out together over whether or not anyone would actually show and where we were going to eat. Then there was her whole thing where she kept getting to meet James, but I don't want to talk about that. =)

* And thanks to meeting Polgara, I got to meet the lovely Little Sister, who I've become incredibly fond of. I also got to meet lots of wonderful Boston Bronzers. *s*

* I'm so glad that DarkLady moved to the area -- even if she eventually moved out. I'm honored to call such an eloquent, talented, loyal person my friend.

* Thanks to DarkLady, I got to meet Leather Jacket, loki, Allyson, Lovely Poet, willa and Robyn TSH in person, and they're all just as wonderful in RL.

* I am also thankful that the board has introduced me to, among others, precious little cats, Little Willow (WHERE do you get all that energy?), Tana, kenickie, Bruces Mom - I miss talking with you about the truth that is B/O!, Adina, Anais, MeeB, Vanessa, moppety, Sachiel, Angle Man, elusio, little bam bam, SarahNicole, Closet Buffyholic, Laurence, Godeater, Eiddileg, devil, DoBoy, Narrator, Mesuvius, Dalia and more.

* And last, but goodness, certainly not least, I am thankful that thanks to the Bronze, I met Kristen. What I find really odd though, is that I don't remember how we initially started talking. It seems as though you've always been an important person in my life. You are precious to me, and I admire you greatly. You know, we really should meet in person some day. Hee.

There's much more to say, but that's the important stuff. Are you happy now Allyson? =)


pumpkin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:39:03 2001
Evening bronzeroonies....

Homecoming, huh. Well, seeing as how I haven't posted much in at least a month or two, I'll share...

bronzer memories
--starting to post in October of 98 and chosing pumpkin as my board name, thereby being stuck with a month of adding not the plant to my posts
--let's see. First person to post back to me was, I think, -mere-
--having a discussion about weather and how it just shouldn't, cosmically speaking, be sunny and cold at the same time
--RTBS's funeral and rebirth and the gift of Evil Willow
--The COQ, of course
--Tuscana West

and overall, just meeting some of the best people I've ever known, including some that I'd probably been looking for my entire life

OK, I got sappy. Going now...

I used to have a siggy.
Exotic dancer of the Bronze.
Director of Correctional Facilities, aka Mistress of the Dungeon, to the COQ
co-conspiratorMinion with lunec


Coleman says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:37:43 2001
little bam bam Hey. I stiiiiil got it.

Yeah, baby


Gunther says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:37:04 2001
Newfan So the second baby vamp is always nekkid eh? I am so glad that he was out with the BHH the one time I was there, and was just getting back as I was leaving to drive back home. ;-P Anyway what is the big deal that I posted yesterday, you think it was a once in a lifetime event :-). Ok so it is a once in a year event but I always send a birthday post to Charity on her birthday, come hellmouth or high water.

Kiera Since you have decided to stop being AWOL, stop scrolling, and simply look here. :-) Good to see you are back from being AWOL, but since you have a penchant for doing this, *BAP* for going AWOL. You have mail of the hey is anyone out there kind. :-/ So good to see you are alive, and rest assured that with some practice, you will be back to your multitasking goddess status in no time soon. Besides I am so proud of you for living in that delusional world that senior year is easy and laid back. I always said if you are going to have delusions, always have the really big ones. I never thought you would actually listen to me.*g*

Mesuvius Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather and not very talkative tonight. You have mail as well, and I hope college life is treating you decently. Please take some {{Get Well Vibes}} in the hopes you feel better soon.

Hellos to Leather Jacket, FASTEDDIE and SweePer

Now since it has been so long since I posted or even came back here, lets see if I dropped any tags.



Beldin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:37:00 2001
Ackkkk!!! Forgot the most important part......

keywe - *SMOOCH*!!!


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:36:59 2001
Ah...the names, all the lovely names, most of which I can't spell or pronounce even today...hi, all! (I'm hesitant to name names for fear of leaving someone out...which is awful, 'cause then I can't really talk to anybody I used to! Whimper...)

Slayergrl99, daughterlet! {{{HUGGLES}}} back to you. And...ow.


* says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:36:34 2001
Hmmm is this where MIA posters check in?
scram I have it on good authority that you need **Smoooochas**
Huntress... oh HUNTRESS!! Where for art thou my Huntress?? **Smoocha**


Vanessa says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:35:45 2001
Kiera: But to embrace the pink, you must fully embrace it. Love without condition. It's moments of shining glory cute wooly cropped sweaters; days of purity and clarity Buffy's brush with potential nun-hood; and reminders of the thrall of the dark side those infamous pants. The whole pink package. :) Ask Antipodean. She's the pink's campaign manager.

scram: Heya! You are so a bronzer! What would the bronze be without your superior tag collecting skills!

Hey Miz A! Hee! I rhymed!

Being told I'm wrong and that I'm right so close together is making me all dizzy! Wheeee!


Beldin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:35:35 2001
Sachiel - Ok, I can accept that, the spell being energy, it may have the capacity to shortcut space and time. So it wouldn't take as long to get the information.

keywe - Hello, me darlin'. Yes, I got in late Wednesday night. Pleased to be home but the change of location and activity was nice.


My Life Site (Guestbook is working. Hint, hint. New quotes added 12/1/00. New trivia 11/24/00)
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" the end of the day all I really need are these actors and a good idea. The rest doesn't really matter." - Joss
"Someone's boring me. I think it's me." --Dylan Thomas


little bam bam says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:35:10 2001
Kiera is of the good! a poster of taste, distinction, and insight.

and the same can, nay, must be said of wolfguard!

elusio is a sprite, who occasionally lends grace to our board. more can only be hoped for. less can only be lamented.

little cats! when you guys were posting regularly, it was one of the things that told me the bronze was the place to be. thank you so much for that!

there are so many people i want to give a smootch to. or, you know, bap. or ignore. or something. if you stop at this post, you know who you are. we've posted together, even if in passing. seen some things. not always been in harmony. and that's a "family board" if i ever heard one. but this is a shout out. take care of yourselves.

and, in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.

yeah, i know. cut me some slack here!

i am the proud founder (and, you know, only member) of the Tara Fight Club. I miss Masquerade and DSP and Coleman. I postively yearn for Mr. Gordo,. i am Fury's Butt Monkey. I am Vanessa's hottie minionator, and i carry the gourd for Antipodean. i've had the pleasure of meeting so many people: LJ, Kristen, devil, dao jones- smoootch, sweetie- eddi... you know, whose name i can never spell, and so many more...what can i say? you've all got it going on.

and i want to give a special shout out to all the Lurkers. at heart, i am a lurker. i just, at some point, posted.

and this is a seperate line for CLOSET BUFFYHOLIC.


Adri says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:34:51 2001
Night Bronzers! Happy Homecoming! Adri gives her pompoms to Dunlins as she leaves.



FSM CDMan says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:30:10 2001
Happy Homecoming Day!

Warmest SOs to my pals: 3 Cats, Adina, AjO, AKA BECKER, AleXander, Amelia, andyourlittledogtoo, Angelfood, Angela, Angellover 24-7, Anya, Arcadia, Aug and her Moms, Banana, Batra, B.B., Bec, Bella, Belmont, BeMu, Blade the Vampire Hunter, BlondyMu, Blueronin, Brandi the Slayer, BuffyBrazil, Buffyenta, BUFFY SHERIDAN, Bug!, Camarillo Contigent, Carita, Carl, Cate, CCool, CD, ~ceridwen~, Charlie X, Claris, Clattering, Closet Buffyholic, Colleen, Corpelia, Cosmic Bob, Corvus, Cosmic, Cricket, Christophe Beck, Darklady, Darling Violetta Jymm, Demon Squirrel, DeMoriel, Destiny, Destructo Girl, devil, DingoBaby, Dirk, Dirty Socks, DreamLurker, Earth Girl, Eiddileg, Erestor, Evergirl, eviLS I T, FASTEDDIE, Fatima, fax 1, fenric, Figaro, gazoo, Gervase, Green Falcon, Greengirl, Greg, Gretchen, Grifter, Gryphon, Gyspyrat, Haven, Hollyn, horizon, Icelord, IrishGirl, IT, Ivy, Jasmen, Jeff K., Jeanie TTF, Jenna, Jennie, Jennifer Lynn, Jimbo, Joel, Jossey, KAM, Karen T, Kelly, Kenickie, kim!, Kim P., KrazyKat, Kristen, kugelmass, Labrynth, Lady Bathory, LadyJack, Lady of Buffdom, *LB*, Leather Jacket, Lena, Leslie, Lexy, Little Sister, Little Willow, LJC, loki, LouWho, Lovely Poet, Lulu, Mabb, Maryloye, Mason, Malista, Mallory, Manx, MeeB, Menkhere, -mere-, Miguel, ~~m i r e m b a~~, Moriah, Ms. Alucard, Morbius, Moxie, Musicbuff, Myslayre, Nad, Nancy E., Newfan, Night Blooming Jasmine, Night Owl, NuPhalanx, Occido, OzFan, Pen, Phoenix, Phoenixflame, Phred, Pixie, Polgara, Rachie, Raelynn, Ramona, Richard, Ripley, Roxanne, Rudy, Safari Girl, Samiel, Sandy, Sarah W., Sasheer, Sean, Shadowslayer, Shannah, Shehawken, Sita the Night Goddess, Slave2Faith, SlayedMySelf, slay_me, Sonja, Sonja Marie, Stacy, 'stina, Susan, SweePer, SwingChickee, Tana, Taquitos, Taster's Choice, The Birthday Gnome, Thistle, Thy Slayer, Tourogal, Trixie, TV James, VaBuffyFan, Valjean 131, Viva Las Buffy, VT, Witchy Woman, X-Lander, Zeus, Zomb, Zoneerg, and Zu...



Slayergrl99 says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:30:00 2001
THOIN! CYMru! Little Willow! Names I see all the time! *g*

Kiera! Cian! Scram!

THOIN THOIN THOIN~!!!! *Tackleshugsandkissesandrollsonthefloor*


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:29:17 2001
Lady Wolfsbane, as the supply commander for the invasion, would Liv-A-Snaps and bottled water be sufficient, or do I need to pack something else???


Ms Alucard says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:28:42 2001
Ack! Did I miss the Homecoming? I almost forgot! It is today, right? So, I'm alive, somewhat happy, and in one piece, so I guess I'm doing good these days. ;o)

I haven't scrolled at all yet, so big ole whoppin' {{HUGS}} to any of my buds who are here. I love my buds!

OK, off to scroll for a bit. See what I've missed.

Miz A


Lady Wolfsbane says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:28:22 2001
Sita the Night Goddess
The Web site broke. *sigh* But the invasion goes on as planned (I'm even seriously planning on moving to LA after graduation now... see how corrupted I've become?) *g* I wonder how you can actually smuggle Canadian beer across the boarder...


Kiera, addendum says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:27:52 2001
scram! Hi! :) And I agree, wholeheartedly, with you and Vanessa surprise, surprise ;)--the people are what make the Bronze so special.

In chorus


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:27:47 2001
Well, I'm gonna stick my neck out here (and probably upset some people) but for all she's done for this community, if we DO have a Homecoming Queen, I nominate Little Willow!!! Yay her!


andyourlittledogtoo says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:27:46 2001
cycling by in Almira's bike basket . . . eep!

Sorry about the examage! I am heading out for a chimay myself -- tough week! Take care my welsh bud.

Happy Homecoming Everyone!

Now if David2 would just show up. I missers him.

do da do da do do
do da do da do do


~*~Gaia~*~ says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:26:44 2001
Who hates Riley? I do. Yeesh, I miss one ep. and suddenly, he's back on the show! What's up with that! *rips off Riley's head* heheheheheheh...


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:24:43 2001
amberlynne skips in, eating her favorite Marble Slab Peanut Butter Banana ice cream, still giddy from seeing that David Fury was pantless for her.…

Hi everyone! Those of you that organized this day, thank you so much! I have heard so many neat stories! You guys are so very cool.

Leather Jacket: Oh you poor man!! hugs and *smooches* How did they get you off the roof?!?!

Oh, by the way….

Margot is evil!

Because of my roommate’s inability to appreciate the Buffyverse, I am looking for other fans in the Houston and surrounding areas to maybe get together on New Tuesdays. I have never been able to watch with other people who enjoy it as much as I do and I feel like I am missing out. So, all you Houstonian Bronzers who think it would be fun to get together, please email me at: Thank you! Serial Killers need not apply!

Hi, my name is amberlynne and I am a tag dropper and I would die blushing if David ever came in here and saw the things I say!
UG!! I….HATE…..DARLA!!!! rant over. No Darla issues here. Keep moving.
SO’s to every Bronzer that has been nice to me! and one for Narrator, too.. and RSO to all the really cool people that SO to me.
VIP SO’s to those I have been lucky enough to converse with: Erika, Marti, -mere- and David Fury, who was pantless! *gasp*
Founding member of Anti-Tarts UNITE! ”Don’t make us go Medieval on your bon bon!”
Praise be to Ani and Joss, amen…
S*C*R*E*W the B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S Member # TBA
Vote for David, Sarah, Aly and James at TV Guide Awards.
Don’t forget to check out wet sexy David and watch the video!
I hate with every fiber of my being love Valentine’s Day. Thank Joss for David’s new movie


umbris says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:24:19 2001
wolfguard: Thank you. I wrote a dissertation - it would have been a thesis if I'd been studying for a PhD. Semantics aside, it was entitled "Mutiny and Discontent in the Roman Army, 264BC-AD14."

'Night, all.



BeMu says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:20:39 2001
Laurence I have plenty of candles, and a fully-charged battery for my laptop. Bring on the blackouts!!! I ain't askeered of the dark. No sir. BTW, that lovely cow is now my wallpaper...

Where's bec???

sappy, but still quite possibly evil.


CYMru says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:20:31 2001
CYMru staggers into the bronze after a 14 hour drinking session after an absolutely terrible exam!


SO’s to - Algerina, amberlynne, amorphia, andyourlittledogtoo, Anne, Antipodean, Bastion Ridley, Beldin, Bullseye, chiquens, DeAn (stereos rock man!), DEL, Dirty Socks, Dr Lectre, extra flAMeY (my first SO), Fiveby5, Freddy, gurlgreen, Icelord, Idle Hands, IamDaria21, Imogen, Kameko, Katiesangel, killer, Kohoutek, Lady Wolfsbane, LilBufBuf, Lil Pia, LJC, Madame Butterfly, Maeve, Maldwyn, malista, Margot, MedusA, melwil, Morella, Mrs.Pointy, Mr.Whyt, Nails, Newfan, Old One, Olivia, Ozrocks, Prince of Lunacy, Rainbow, RedThunder ( Bows in presence!), Roman Around, Shade, Shanniah, Slayerdaddy, Slayergrl99, Stevie, Sushi, Susie Q (GODDESS!!!), the red hood (rogue tag slayer), the Chef, Thoin, TMorel, >>u>pipistrell>>u>, willows gimp, wolfguard, zedsdead, , and all the bronzers and VIP's especially Erika Amato, -mere- and Jeff Pruitt!!! The only VIP's I've ever posted with

SO's also to the Sleepless 6ix - Algerina, SusieQ (GODDESS), Prince of Lunacy, Sushi, Lil Pia! YAY

And also the magnificent se7en - Lady Wolfsbane, Algerina, SusieQ (GODDESS), Prince of Lunacy, Sushi, Lil Pia! YAY

Honourable mentions to - the red hood and ANNE (who helped keep me awake!) and of course the organiser RedThunder and the official timekeeper Newfan!

I hate the BBC and channel Four and Telewest and unix/linux


That makes me sound like I’m insane!

ICQ - 96151280
AIM - theevillight

Free to all

CYMru previously known as cymru, cymru_lover
A man among men Thanx EF, the manly man thanx Freddy, the maaannnnn thanx Susie Q

Official member of the -
Sleepless 6ix
and the
Magnificent se7en

Member number 13 Freaky? of the Faith Fanatics!

Are you Welsh? Part Welsh? Do you like A welsh person? Celebrity? Tom Jones? Leeks? The Stereophonics? YAY!
Then you can join the Welshketieers!
Just drop us a e and you can have a number!

Oh what a beautifull morning
Oh what a beautifull day
I've got a wonderfull feeling
That things are going to go our way



Kiera says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:20:19 2001
Can't multitask, can't even singletask. . .and yet, I trek bravely on. . .

Vanessa Ah, but there's a big difference between pink in general and pink leather in specific. And, having rewatched BvsD just yesterday, I'm gonna have to stand firm in my beliefs regarding pink leather. Now, if it were pink wool, or pink cotton-polyester blend, or even dark magenta leather, I might be waffling. . . Still, campaign away--my beliefs may be less firm after a few more days. *g*

Dunlin Hmm. . .Do Eggo waffles count as toaster pastries?

little cats *rolls some sparklyjinglebellballs for little cats to play with* Can't wait to meet you guys in LA. :)

FASTEDDIE (and SweePer *g*) Hi! And thanks--it's good to have a life again, however brief. :) Are y'all LA-bound this year?

newfanbestestbud Yikes, I go AWOL for awhile and come back to find a broken-footed bestestbud? What's this world coming to? (And what holiday was this in celebration of? *g*) ~~~~bone-healing vibes~~~~ And can you *bap* whoever invented theses? 'cause I thought senior year was supposed to be all fun and relaxing. (I've been living in a delusional world, haven't I? *g*) I haven't been scrolling, aside from today, but I'll have to go look for Gunther's post (yay! Thanks for the heads-up)--and I've been checking the Party forum, but I guess I'd better go re-check. ;) And whee! for Princeton a-cappella. *g* That 'bout sums it up.

RSO white wings! How's Texas these days?

Needing a spare brain


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:18:45 2001
More SO's to Lady Wolfsbane, Jenny68 (do you lurk), Dirty Socks, Algerina, Lady Samantha,

Sita Hugs to you. I seriously debated taking the Flame with me after last night, for safe-keeping, but drunken, nekkid posting soon followed.

No ritual necessary--tonight is Homecoming, and we have had the special blessing of VIP visits.

But, I am wearing my purple stole tonight, and am ready to act as spiritual advisor, should it prove necessary.


Little Willow says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:18:30 2001
Nephy: Hi there! Scroll a little - I posted to you just a few minutes ago re: Watcher's Guide 2 and such.

Sita: I'm not leaving! I'm here. Insert Willow resolve face here.

white wings: Cream of Gold Vanilla is my favorite. I wrote "Golden" there first. Force of habit, as I'm updating Christopher's site right now.

Yummy: After this post, I'll be in Amber HTML mode.

I Remember...

I remember... my very first day of posting, May 21st, 1997. Creating a username for the internet based on BtVS, and for this board. Seeing how few people there were on the board, and knowing the numbers would increase if the show was renewed.

I remember... when all was silent one day and posters were assumed to be asleep. When we tiptoed with the grace of a cat so as to not wake up those 'asleep' or unaware. And we laughed, and spoke of Chapstick and nail polish, and wondered about crossbows and crosses.

I remember... a certain day in January 1998 which included literally colorful posts and salty crackers.

I remember... various weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, postaversies, ranging from digital to real. With dingoes. Goats. Ponies. Rice. Lack of rice. Stakes. Stones. Broken bones.

I remember... January 2000, the worst month of my life, watching someone I loved suffering. Bronzers trying to help as best they could. A year to the day tomorrow...

Little Willow


scram says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:15:43 2001
Happy Homecoming Day Night!

I'm not a regular Bronzer, in fact 'Bronzer' is a title that I'm not sure I would actually qualify for these days. But having read people's memories of their Bronzing past it has spurred me add a small post to the mix.

I lurk more than post these days and although I don't know many regulars, I read you in scrolls and thank you for the topics, the fun and intelligent posting :-)

There are many Bronzy things that have a place in my happy memory vaults but there are some others, little snap shots in my personal Bronzer album that I hold dearest. In no particular order : Being peopled, scrolling songs, tag collecting, tagbag designs and finding pics in my mail box of real life tagbags!, syd scrollage, having topicy thoughts when I didn't know I could have topicy thoughts, nekkid dancing, the *waving* and fence sitting and the clan both whole and damn who these days have more of a posting life than me and strangely enough, I'm ok with that ;-).

Vanessa'shey! Vanessa right, it's all about the people. The people who these things involve and include. The people I have spent real time with and consider myself lucky to know. For me, it's all about these people :-)

Ant! *smoooooch!*

Ant2 and Allyson Thank you! for organising this Homecoming Day! It's obvious with so many people making their way back today, but a few weeks ago a great idea was born :-)

white wings Those wall dwelling squirrels live a dangerous life moving about in the walls. I wonder if they play mah-jongg or join the mice in playing with Joyce like knees ;-) And ewww, I'd be throwing those tongs away very quickly!

Hi's and Howdy's to Keira and Vanessa and Juggie :-)

and *smooch* for the Starry one :-)

that is all.


CianWolf says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:14:12 2001
Dunlin, you're a hoot! Happy pounding on your weevil twin! Go ahead & send the nightmares where needed. I'm having a great evening so won't need them to scorch anyone tonight.

Doing a flit now to spend time with the family. Night all!



Olivia says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:13:26 2001
nephy: You're welcome. *g* Albus Dumbledore! What an honour, sir! *curtseys again*

It will be interesting to see who your friends turn out to be, won't it? Happy results hunting!

Dunlin: Well, I have to be flabbergasted, you see, because as you rightly said, it would be absolutely heinous (not to mention rather messy) to be a flobberworm. Although, come to think of it, I've been mistaken for one before... Thanks ever so much for reminding me! sob *g* So, tell me, is it true you werewolves howl at the full moon or is that just an urban type myth? *eg*

Juggernaut: Wow! That's terribly warm. I hope you're taking suitable precautions? nag nag nag *g*. I admit I was recently in the Manchuria where -30s to -50s C aren't unheard of. Brrr! OTOH, I returned from dry cold to intensely horrible wet cold! And now snow snow snow again. sigh

I haven't been to LOSERs lately...anything you care to elaborate on?



In says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:13:20 2001
Inis on


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:13:00 2001
Dunlin Hon, I can't help it if you are in the wrong time zone.

SO's to slayerdaddy, wolfguard, Bastion Ridley, Thoin, Slayergrl99, amberlynne, white wings, CianWolf, greeneyes, Little Willow.

Keywe I, too, remember being absolutely terrified in my first post.


wildwolves says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:12:21 2001
Thankyou Wolfguard.See ya all tomorrow


Thoin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:11:41 2001
Thoin makes a fast and furious dive in from the Lurkage...she is in the middle of packing whup, but it's a special night and, having cheated at work and scrolled a bit, she's seen names she hasn't seen on the board in YEARS!!! This is all so wonderful!!!

Hi!!! Haven't scrolled, want to, might be able to, just to find names of older posters. Oh my! I saw soooo many this afternoon that I haven't seen in awhile...can't name everyone, so I shouldn't name anyone. It's just got me all teary-eyed.

My first memory of the Bronze, aside from just wandering around and staring at all the wonderful people, is the games of Calvinball that I never participated in 'cause I couldn't figure out the rules (yeah, I'm mentally-challenged, arent I?) and the dingoes that were everyone's pets. And the dingo that dented my brain (I never DID figure out who's dingo that was...) and all the wonderful insane VIP's, and ~mere~ and ccool's wedding and the day ~mere~ and TV James moved to LA and...oh, many memories...and all to to...getting sentimental...and I wasn't that much a part of the Bronze back then. Only scrolled occassionally. Seems silly to be so nostalgic at this point. Wonder why that is?

Irene Adler, you got your first cyber-kiss, eh? Well, hon, I scrolled. You got tonsilled good and proper, there, didn't you???

Keep the flame burning daughterlet. We need it, don't we?

Slayergrl99, hon, I'm here, but I can't stay. And, unless I post from the parental unit's, I probably won't post again 'till Tuesday or Wednesday. And as for getting places, get over here and help me PACK why don'tcha??? Huh??? ('Cause my back, hips and knees are KILLING me! And all the heavy lifting happens tomorrow! Urk!)


ShyGirl says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:11:02 2001
Hot wings and the Avs vs. the Blackhawks. Time to go!



Laurence says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:10:38 2001
Mabb i paid her better, now yer doomed ;)

Blackheart A habi-trail?? lol awesome *g*

white wings thank you very much :)

BeMu give it time, they might black your area out ;)



Juggernaut says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:10:26 2001
Sita the Night Goddess !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi there!!! How are you my Bella Donna?

You able to come to the PBP? I'm going (for sure this time) I have the tickets and a room (sans roomie at the mo)...

Dunlin Hi there !


Angelalex242 says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:08:26 2001
Umbris Thanks for the clarification.
Wolfguard Tiberius was the second emporer. And he was the one a chap by the name of Pontius Pilate was under.
You are no friend of Ceaser!


wildwolves says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:07:36 2001
Ahhh.Sorry for all my typing errors.


Sita the Night Goddess says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:06:37 2001
*gets back into her comfy hammock*

Irene!: Good evening. Ok. I'm here! *lol*

Little Willow: Hey girl! Ok I am posting to you...does this mean you are just getting ready to leave? *lol* I swear I can sense when you are about to go.... *hugs* Quite the pain in the ass I am, eh? lol

ADRI! *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* *bap* had to make up for all the days I've missed doing that! *lol*

SpookyMagoo!!!!!!!!!: Is it time to go yet? I want to go shopping!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!! *lol* I guess you know that though, eh? *lol* 19 days and counting! :)

Lady Wolfsbane: HI! Another person I havent talked to in a long time. How are the invasion plans coming along?

HI to EVERYONE ELSE that I haven't seen in a long time! :)

AIM NAME: SitaNightGoddess

scrolling now......


godsunderling says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:05:37 2001
Just wondering, but with this being Homecoming Bronzer Day, shouldn't there be a Homecoming Queen and King??? Sorry if this seems silly.
But anway, nice meeting u all but i need to go to bed (looking at my watch...2:22am)wow. Bye all and have a very happy Homecoming Bronzer Day ;o)


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:05:32 2001

You see what difficulty I'm having with dates. *g* Congratulations. Did you write a thesis?



Keywe says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:05:03 2001

--Typing up my first post and absolutely having my heart pound out of my chest **ewww** after I hit 'add view' and waiting for someone to notice or for everyone to ignore I'm still not sure which one I was actually praying to happen *g*

--All the quotes from various gatherings....the farther from the original context; the better. You go quote girl *g*

--SJBW #1 and #2.......PBP 2000......

--Being the official witness to the CMB Wrecking Crew a free meal can always get me to lie witness....

--All the WITTs, RD's funeral, Ccool and mere's wedding, sitting by the comp for hours reading about the fun at the first two PBP's and declaring never again! I swore I was going to LA....*g*

--Having the nerve to send an e-mail to a complete stranger and have them be accepting, encouraging, and loving from the get go; not to mention a darn good travel planner and roommate *g* Thanks Tana I lovers you, too.

Meeting someone who is not only a good friend but takes the time to care about my kids....after all; I have 20 of them. *g* Thanks Cleio, your not a bad roomie either. {{{hugs}}}

--Who could forget Thuggies, fishies, lost rings [Kristen don't let Cate try to shmooze you, she was one of the ringleaders. I remember not being able to see over her head during the search...and she is short! LOL ]

Arctic Lurker! This is twice in 3 days? Are you back on as a regular? {{{hugs}}} We miss the mathiness you bring to the board....well, actually, I don't need the mathiness of your level but, I'm sure others could use your expertise. *g*

FASTEDDIE **Smooch**

Beldin Are you home from the big city yet? **smooch** me darlin'....

So many little time



Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:05:02 2001
Vanessa Well, wrong. Have a great weekend, anyway, in spite of your wrongness.

What a team! Well, if I'm Lupin, then that means...I'm a werewolf. Where's Oz when I need him for advice? LOL You're flabbergasted? As long as you're not flobberwormed, everything's good. How horrible that would be, to be an Animagus who changed into a flobberworm. *snerk*

LOL sorry. I suppose it's marginally better than yellow snow? Night!

Happy RSO's to you, too! I may have to send the nightmares after Vanessa tonight, however, since she's so clearly wrong. *g*

Dunlin waves hello, since it's been a long time since that long-ago LOSERs board, but memory's still there...

Evening! Nice to see you again on such an ex-sunny day. Have a great weekend!

Irene Adler
Oh, great, you wander back in as I'm leaving. *sigh* Well, I hope your weekend goes wonderfully and free of bezoars. And lots of lovely WITTS.

On that note, Dunlin flies away towards home, gearing up for a knock-down drag-out fight with her Weevil Twin. And no, there won't be any tickets sold. Goodnight, Bronze!


wildwolves says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:04:43 2001
Hi.Leaving now.I suppose i should be thankful of my time here with my sisters first begging,then bullying me off the computer.Ouch!I hate it when they look over my shoulder, scanning all this Buff stuff, then smirk in that big sister way.Unfortunatly,i have no hope in coming up with some cool comeback, and humourous remark like Xander.Or my sister.Thank God for small miracles, and send one my way, or at least my own room, with my music and my stuff,and my very own lock.Does anyone have this problem, or a solution.Please, please type me up, and i should get it tonight or tomorrow.Sorry for being so boring.Talking,or typing, are not my best point when done in silence,with know hint how other people feel about my clumsy invasion.Thank god no-one knows who i am.Again.Bye.


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:02:31 2001
Welcome out lurkage Artic Lurker

Greetings SpookyMagoo


I believe Joss posted this past Tuesday around 21:00-22:00 board time.


A number of us, thought it would be very coincidental that the Mayor would select a sorcerer that owed Giles a favor. :)


Your theory reads well to me. ~ "Go Piper" LOL.


I enjoyed my conversations with Oki. I didn't know if you knew his reason for departing.


Until umbris posts the dates, one could also check a reference book. The name Tiberius keeps floating in my head, but that could be the influence of James T. Kirk. *g*


Within Christian theology, Jesus had to die on the cross.


It's a grand thing to remember names and dates because one can be impressive in conversation. OTOH, understanding the processes behind the names and dates can be applied to the present and future. What do you remember of the process behind the recorded history of Julius' fall?


Well, umbris said Octavius, so I'll go with it. Pompeii brings images of smoke, ashes, and ruins.



(Fri Jan 26 18:01:54 2001
someone catch that loose tag. The fab four are not on this computer...

Kenickie: Hey there dude!!! :)

nil8r: Hiya!!! :)

waving hi to Laurence!!! Nice moo. LOL!!!! If only Ivy can see it. "grin"


julietta says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:01:00 2001
Hi everyone..
Does anyone know when the new seasons of Buffy and Angel will be shown in Australia?


umbris says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:00:39 2001
wolfguard: You need to stay with the times ;). I've had my MA for a year or so now.

thy: 'afternoon :).

Angelalex242: It depends from which event you're measuring. Augustus' main political reforms occurred in 27BC and 23BC, but, seeing as he was granted tribuncian power in the latter, that's when his reign should be dated from really.



keanu says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:00:24 2001
I heard this weird chanting, so I thought I'd drop by.

Hi Mabb *smoooooch*


Juggernaut says:
(Fri Jan 26 18:00:01 2001
Olivia Hi :) I have been known to venture outside of LOSERS once in a while. Well more now, since LOSERS has been a less fun place to be...but that will change for the better soon I feel.
It is damn hot downunder, the last few days have been over 30 degrees C, and one day it was 46.
Otherwise things are going well.

I second the last bit of Blackhearts post, and anyone else's that expresses a similar sentiment.
He has insulted one too many of my friends in the recent past.

I'm gonna take a stand...


slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:59:31 2001
slayergirl99 — Thoin is moving house and changing phones this weekend; she may not be around...


nephy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:59:23 2001
Olivia I'm Albus Dumbledore! That rocks, thanks for the link, I sent it out to other HP fools.
Little Willow!!!!Ahhhh!! Charity drops by and what am I doing? WHAT!!! I'm watching Popstars, that's what! Argh! They are evil grinning men mocking me for this horrible catastrophe!


nephy, who must go now, because Popular is another sin I indulge in. farewell!


(Fri Jan 26 17:58:00 2001
newfan: SweePer says hi. She's making my favoritist cookies. White chocolate chip cookies "grin"

SpookyMagoo: [[{HUGS}}]] How's everything??? :)


Miss AngelLover24-7's AIMage, Sarah W's detailed eppy synopsis, etc... :(


BeMu says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:57:13 2001

What a nice day this turned out to be.


kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:56:46 2001
keywe me? trouble? i think you have me confused with someone else. ; ) aim, maybe? i'm here for a bit.

eiddileg um. nice, yes. uh-huh.

little catsies iff'n you want me to send you chocolate, i can. : )

*lb* it's cold. and it's wet. but we played a cracking gig so i'm happy. and mmm. you gotta love goth clubs. only places in the world where people dance worse than me. ; )

allyson *bap* i have school issues. you will get it soon enough. ; )

angle man *hic*

hi laurence, demoriel, yummy, mabb, sachiel, fasteddie, thy, wg, darklady, nil8r



Slayergrl99 says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:56:38 2001
THOIN! Get out here! NOW!



white wings says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:56:26 2001
Little Willow - You've got a good eye for the essentials. *g* I'm afraid my most recent ice cream has been vanilla, which I prefer for root beer floats. I sort of mushed a nail between two shopping carts and only a root beer float could make it all better. *sniffle* It's not quite as good as chocolate for smearing over one's chin, I admit. ;-) Speaking of ice cream, though -

Jenny68 - dental work really requires the application of copious amounts of ice cream. {{{sympathy}}}

white wings looks casually around and whistles innocently as she just happens to trail a skein of lavendar yarn behind her. Not that little cats would do anything naughty like pouncing on it or anything. *g*

newfan - wave *sob* They made me work today instead of scrolling. Heartless.

SusieQ - Good to see you, you've been out and I've been out.

Antipodean - I have Thoughts to send you. Which I shall send as soon as I think I've stopped having them. Which could be soon. *g*

AKA Becker - Good to see you back. pssst! There will be fudge in the Caritas suite, if Kristen can be trusted with it. She seems trustworthy. But I don't actually know her views on Chocolate, come to think of it. But I shall try.

Laurence - Good evening. I've been wanting to congratulate you and Mrs. Laurence on bringing a new Longhorn into the world.

scrolling madly

SOs to 4paws, Adri, Aiglos, AKA Becker, Algerina, Allyson, amberlynne, amorphia, Antipodean, Arana, Beldin, Boo, BUFFY SHERIDAN, Carol, Caspian, cats, chi, Chrysanthemum, Claris, Clattering, Cleio, Cyrano, devil, Dianne, {dru}, ducky, ergo sum, Everdawn, friday, gazoo, greeneyes, Hollyn, horizon, IreneAdler, Jenny68, Jipsy Girl, JoAnne, KAM, Kiera, Lady of the Lake, Lady Wolfsbane, LilBufBuf, little wiggins, Little Willow, Lord Mysty Mage, Margot, Merlin TWD, miremba, Monique, Mrs. Beasley, Mr. Whyt, newfan, Old One, Other Kitty, pdx, PlainDave, Polgara, Reyna, Robyn TSH, RoseBud, Sapphire, SarahNicole, singsinthecar, slayerdaddy, Slave2Faith, SpookyMagoo, sanj, scram, Spacebabie, Starr, StGermain, SusieQ, Talis, Thoin, TGWIS, The Huntress, The Narnian, Ularu, violet, Vanessa, Willow's Acolyte, wolfguard, xfiler, XG, X-Lander


Mabb says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:55:38 2001
Laurence you're mistaken, that's the one i sent to steal the heir visit you ;)

horizon {{{hugs}}} as for your how am i question, short form: work sleep work live music out with BeMu hanging round saw Keanu ate breakfast with's all good ;) hope life is being as good to you!

Keywe if this is the power i have... lemme try something. keanu...keanu....
damn. *g* yes, can't wait to catch up and see how you be! {{hugs}}

FASTEDDIE *smoooooooooooooocha*!!!! hey sweetie!!

and although BeMu pretty much summed it up, i have say my thanks for everything leading up to her & I trundling out to LA a gazillion times and deciding we could take on LA. BeMu you are truly a Goddess, and I'm damn lucky to have a roommatesistahfriend who appreciates...all my wackiness. {{{{{hugs}}}}} and *smooch*

back to whup


nil8r says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:55:34 2001
Happy Homecoming Bronzer Day!

wow, I've been feeling AWOL lately.

Lot's of memories...
Vegas 2k and meeting such a fantastical group of weirdos and freaks. =)
Cricket: Vegas totally rocked! Dude- Ivy was awesome with a gun. Oh, and thanks for not screaming either on that insane rollercoaster!
Surviving the record-breaking BGoD game with the ability to walk... and all the evidence "disappearing"; Coolest roomies Angleman and Leather Jacket, and too many other tidbits to share.
Oh, Seattle PBFP- meeting Corvus and crew... and *Gazoo* too!
Polgara,and the caramel vs. "that other substance" celebrity wars. *huggs* some people will never grow up, ya know?
Eiddileg, the spandex of doom, and helping me live through the Evil Empire era. I sooo love Adobe now!
The Canadian Mounty/Cabana boi quests, the Bizarro Bronze, the Bezoar days of death, all the GLR's the privilege of chatting with some of the sweetest and down-to-earth people associated with the show; especially to Amber Benson fulfilling a teeny-tiny shout out request; getting the "dirt" from ~mere~ and Joss, oh and Marc....mmmm...
and everyone else a part of the Bronze who's been supportive-- a family of sorts, and a friend in some way or another.
Especially all those who share my obsession for some silly WB network hosted series called "BTVS" and "Angel". =)

siggy time...Heya's To the usual suspects including:

ABPositive, Adina, Adri, AKA Becker, Allyson, Angela, Angela's mom,
Angle Man, Antipodean, A Polite Bronzer *looking good in a kilt*, Batra, Belmont, Blade- The Vampire Hunter,
Carita, cats *sparklies & catnip*, chiquens & Mr. Chiquens, clarrie, Closet Buffyholic, Corvus, Cosmic Bob, Cricket, DarkLady, DeMoriel, devil, ducky, Eiddileg *of
the spandex*, elusio, FastEddie, fenric *the list man*, frodo, FSM CDMan, gazoo, Godeater, greeneyes, greengurl, Hollyn, Huntress, Ivy, Jaan Quidam, Jasmen, Jayne,
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Yummy, the GLR's, the Vegas 2k crew, the quest for cabana boys, PBA's, magic bowling shows and the ability not to care; and of course VIP SO's To: Alexis,
Alyson, Amber Benson *who is not only a hottie-- but a goddess*, Anthony, Charisma, Chris Beck, David Boreanez, David Fury, Eliza,
Erika Amato, James, Jane Espenson, Jeff Pruitt, Marc Blucas, Nicholas, Sarah, Sophia Crawford; and anyone else I may have
overlooked or have yet to meet!


SusieQ says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:55:33 2001
Dunlin ewwwwwwww the visuals you give me!!! *shakes finger* SHAME on you! *LOL*

t-20 and counting


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:54:49 2001
Irene Adler, Priestess of the Bronze, returns from house-whuppage. She sits at her customary stool at the end of the bar and orders a guiness


Little Willow says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:54:44 2001
Monique: Thank you for the woo hoo info - It will be at the site tonight. Thank you for listening to my grr arrgh trauma - I may have a goat!

*LW waves to Moriah, prophecy_girl, horizon.*

==alpha replies==>

Frodo: It's less than eight degrees of separation with not just BtVS/A but with so much of young Hollywood right now working with each other, related to each other, being in this business since they were small, etc. Also, we're seeing 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation actors, writers, directors so everything is pulled into past archives as well.

hayley: Welcome to the Bronze! "Nice meeting you," as Willow says. As per Spike/Buffy, I like the tension between them as depicted within "Fool For Love," and I love the humorous/loving side of the ladykiller, but I don't necessarily want to see them in a relationship. Buffy needs some single time now.

horizon: With all of MTV's news specials and documentaries going on right now, I'm thinking they need one on indie films, and/or upcoming stars. I'll host it - and bring you Amber, Danny, Bailey and company along.

Jassa: Congrats on your Eliza first.

Keri: You missed it - I have music on, and Faith's little IM sound ("Ya think?") nearly 'rapped' right in time.

Mary Lou: One can only hope Riley will reappear later on in season five, following in the footsteps of Oz in season four. Did you hit the Mission Marc portion of The Marc Blucas Initiative yet? Courtney runs it all, and it's great - The mission to support Marc is located at:
You'll have to cut and paste it since the board highlights Marc's name and thereby breaks clickable links.

Matsu: *pounce* Everyone always picks me up and feels the need to swing me around. I suppose it's made my stomach stronger. I too remember the -mere-/ccool wedding fondly. I believe I gave them each a pair of stake shaped earrings. I haven't seen it archived anywhere, unfortunately.

nephy: Thanks for the kind words re: published. I haven't had anything solely my own published by Pocket for BtVS or Angel yet; I only wrote 7 of the actor profiles (Alyson, Sarah, Seth, Nicky, Eliza, Charisma, David) for Watcher's Guide 2, and then Nancy Holder went through them with me - and the editors let them go through VERBATIM! I was so pleased. I also contributed around 100 sidebars and they shoved in as many as they could. Then they misspelled my credit, joy of joys.

Vanessa: Yes re: email! Just tell me which Bronzers, which tracks, et al and I'll whip up something fun. :)

Little Willow


DeMoriel says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:54:10 2001
Circe: This is what I remember of the Seattle Six, and one of them might have to correct you on it. There was that Seattle crew that Ty King was always saying g'night to.. and one night, or a series of night, they had all just poofed, when at least one of them was usually hanging around. They were just... gone. So the rest of the people postulated that Ty King was keeping them captive in his basement... hehehe and Ty came along and said that he was forcing them to enact Buffy scenes for Nicholas. *g* It was great fun.

Cleio: Cleo's reign of informercial hell extends even up to Canada? I HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS SO POWERFUL.

truly frightened.


Olivia says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:53:57 2001
carlycat, Dunlin, Cian Wolf, elf: You're all very welcome. So we have Hermione, Hagrid, Lupin...and the great Harry himself! *curtseys* I'm all flabbergasted, I am! *g*

Heyas to newfan, DeMoriel

BTW, does anyone have Excite UK? I haven't been able to figure out how to make html work on my emails! That is, the ones I send to people. Grr. Thanks in advance for any assistance.



godsunderling says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:53:26 2001
slayerdaddy _ having read what you said i think i wont go ahead with my idea of starting a site about Angel wearing dresses to battle evil do'ers, even if i still think he would look quite fetching in a silk dress lo
......Son of the Dot Freaking Rats, Laurence the Mad...... - OK! who released the savage rampaging cow on us? (hehe i bolded both of your names...least i think i did)


DarkLady says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:52:52 2001
My boss has gone home, which means so can I...

Vanessa I knew any man cool enough to sing "Bye Bye Mr. BBS Guy" would be on the path of pop tart righteousness.

LW! hey you! why haven't I gotten to see you now that we're in the same state? *pout*

*HUGS* and shout outs to all the old timers dropping by! Y'all come back now, hear? *s*

Bronzer. 'nuff said


elf says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:52:27 2001
Olivia thanks for the quiz!!! I got Hagrid!!!!funnyand Gryffindor!!!! Woo Hoo

To all those Aussies out there the Village website said that 'Valentine' won't be screening till 17/5.
NOT HAPPY AT ALL (and yes that is my voice that is echoing round the Bronze!!)


wildwolves says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:51:11 2001
Hello.Arctic Lurker,lurking in doorways works wonders.


Blackheart says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:49:41 2001
Homecoming Driveby

Laurence Um, Laurence? If any Bronzers buy Duncan a Habi-Trail for his first birthday, blame me. :-) How ya be?

Hollyn Yeah, when things happen here to tick me off I should stay away, but I keep getting drawn back. Call it my pigheaded side. *g*

devil I'll be on at work later tonight. Tell me then kiddo! {{hugs}}

Off to do permitting my honey will be here tomorrow!

Meteor-If peace were your concern you wouldn't have posted again. And you would have kept your mouth shut to begin with. Right now, the best thing you can do for the Bronze is take an indefinite hiatus.


CianWolf says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:48:48 2001
I just tried out Olivia's Harry Potter damn! I'm Harry Himself, in Gryffindor! Whee!
Thank you Olivia for sharing that link!

Happy SO's to Dunlin, Irene Adler, Kiba Rika, Lady of the Lake, Rainbow, and Wolfguard!
And a VIP SO to ~mere~.

Exploding ducks gather no moss.


Vanessa says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:48:43 2001
Dunlin: Narrator agrees with you? Well, there ya go. I've known for a long, long time just how WRONG she is. :)


carlycat says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:45:29 2001
Laurence-- Yep. It's me. I've been doing the lurk on Tuesday nights after Buffy and Angel but no posting cause of lack of time. Cute cow.



Lizza Slayer says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:44:36 2001
Hey Bronzers!! Just saying howdy and top of the evening to you all.
Possible Spoiler Warning!!

I think the ending of this week's buffy was awesome!! the suspense leading up to it was just well written and ... wow!! Anya was just on it!! I like how professional the buffster has gotten. She really has grown up a lot.(like anyone hasn't noticed? Anywho, Angel is pissing me off!! I hate his whole i'm not evil but i'm not good attidude. it's so frustrating. I hope that someone kicks his @$$ and forces some sense back into that head of his. preferably cordy. : ) that "anne" girl has the hottie hots for angel. even if she slapped him. he deserved it. she's giving him the hostile attitude but she likes him. I think that he likes her as well as kate (what the hell is she up to now?) but he still loves and always will buffy. that's just me though. hope that all of this doesn't constitute as a spoiler. c ya later.-L S


Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:42:58 2001
gin soaked boy
That's okay, m'dear, I know you're a semi-innocent bystander *snerk* You're never really innocent, though. held at bay by Adri's weevil bappage. I'm sure you tried your best. *g*

My closest match was Remus Lupin, with Hermione a close second, and Gryffindor. *shrugs* I would have bet money on Ravenclaw. Who knew? Thanks for the link!

Don't you know I always take your name in vain? Especially when I arrive too late in the mornings for the MENSA quiz. *g* ((((hugs))) to you too, and try to convince Yummy that more money is worth the Green card and job insecurity!

Ppppppttthh. I scoff in your general direction. I will never recant! Amor should be pleased that I trust her strength enough to escape from you. I have a better idea. We'll take you on together! We'll bite your legs off! Only if they're chocolate, that is. Oh, and *BAP* because you should know by now that I don't have AIM at whup! Bronzing's bad enough, but getting those little "ding" messages would really get their panties in a twist. And if I'm a bitca, what does that make Amor, who's my Twin? Chopped Liver? *snerk* And I'm going to attempt staying up late and burning up the ISP hours, so she can yell at me later.

I'm supposed to change my intrenched opinions because your hubby says so? But he's allied with you! His opinion is necessarily biased! *g* Ha. Kiera is full of wisdom in realizing that the Pink is evil, unlike deluded folks whose names start with V and Mr. V. *g* The pink should die the death, and Brown Sugar Pop Tarts are the only toaster pastries! Plus, Narrator agrees with me.

Well, no wonder it's just ok over there, what with snotty snow. *g*

colorado's not that bad, just a little conservative. It's got great skiing, and's got ShyGirl! Yeah, I understand. The only way I could move to Seattle was when I moved with my friend. It really helped having someone to show me around the city. But now, I wouldn't leave, weevil traffic and all.


wildwolves says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:42:09 2001
Ok, i'm pretty new at this, and haven't written for a while. I'm likely to stuff up, for though i've read the rules and that, i'm known to forget. So if anyone notices me making a mistake, i wouldn't mind being told.(too much).We just got the internet, so i've got a ready exscuse.Does anyone think that Buffy needs a new direction?And this may be a lot late, but g'day to colour person.U'm, Fury.
I am so embaressed.Thank god no-one knows who i really am!Does anyone also know if Splattyboy,
(Joss)has recently,(last few days)been in here?Sorry for all the questions.I have 3 older sisters.A 4 B.Ahhh!Strangle noise.


Arctic Lurker says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:41:46 2001
I heard there was a reunion going on over here, so I thought it was time to once again delurk.

My first memory of the Bronze was from back in May of 97. I kept wondering why kirbyclaus insisted that Angel was evil.

Leather Jacket: Darling boy. Are you still crying over Jenny's untimely passing? I have your BT handy so that you can do a number on Ty King.

Arctic Lurker
"I lurk."


Laurence says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:41:06 2001
Sarah's carl Oh, lowardy, that's gotta be New Yawk. ;)

carlycat That you?


Yummy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:38:46 2001
gin soaked boy - My incredible lust for work is only surpassed by my constant search for money ;) Tell you what; if I win the 12.5 million$ jackpot tonight, I'll get you to LA too *g*

Little Willow - Coolness! I'll drop by the Essence for a good dose of Amberyness =) And "Buffy contre les Vampires" en français sucks major big time, but since I missed seasons 1-3, it's the only way I can catch up for now. Too bad because French Buffy is so witless *g* Not to mention I can't get used to Xander being called "Alex", and Buffy being called the vampire killer instead of slayer *g*

Dunlin - Well, colorado doesn't sound so bad to me; jkust far far away, and a little scary *g* And I probably don't even have enough money left right now to move *g*

ShyGirl - You name is never spoken in vain; I know how to treat the elderly ;-) Ow! That foot stomping was totally uncalled for ;)


......Son of the Dot Freaking Rats, Laurence the Mad...... says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:37:24 2001
Mabb Thank ye muchly, ya brain eating cutie evil alien.

BTW, be on the lookout. This was seen headed your way. ;)

So, hmm, whats up tonight, everybody? :)

SOs to Little Willow, KrazyKat, Avarice Dot Freak, the Original, Lady Bathory, Figaro, Medusa2306 Soon to be a rock star!, Blackheart, DeMoriel, Akasha, carlycat, Witchy Woman, dorrie6, Miguel, Mabb, Father Godeater, *LB*, Lisa, CharlieX, Sarah W, Arcadia, gazoo, horizon, Cleio, AKA BECKER, Jayne, bec, Jocor, Night Owl, ?, Destructo Girl, Nyte-eyes, Moxie, Whelk, stormtrooper, Jubilee, fenric, Angle Man, Decay, funklord, strigoi, Lothos, Shalazar, Grinn, Strange One, Nouveaux, 3 SDftN, Fatima, SarahNicole Aggie, EverDawn, Mr.EverDawn, SailorMoon, BuffFrog, Rain of Toads, Angela, Loopy Jello, BuffyBrazil, TexasWook, Chrisa, Sonrisa, Chrissy, Rebecca Lynn, StGermain, Closet Buffyholic, GYST, kooger, Michael7770, Mysty Mage, MeeB, banana, ana, Briolette, Melinda writer woman, ~Amber~, devil, Sanguineus, Beldaran, Jennifer Lynn, Lady Sawall, Maverick, Haven, Kestra, NuPhalanx, SweePer, drdan, Mircalla... Mircalla... Mircalla..., VaBuffyFan, Amywyn, Tallulahdahling, Missi, fiver, golden girl, Shadowslayer, Kara, Lil'Tree the bad, Leather Jacket, Natalie, melanie, shehawken, Sara the Brown, Corvus Crow, Noshferatu, Macho Macho Man, valMichael, Gryphon, Scotlore, Piasalady, NancyE, Haven 3 in a row *g*, Opus, Cosmic Bob, Lovely Poet, Earthgirl, Margo, Jade, Southern Girl, Lexie, slay_me, AngelLover24-7, mudpuppy, RJ, Fly-by-Nite, Wild Weasel, Carita, txyankee, WatcherX, Acid Cross, Angelphyre, thy slayer, Anne, SpookyMagoo, KittyWillow, Megdalen ~Lance is watching you, KitCat and her awesome hair, kugelmass, Devil-girl Adina, SunnyD, Sultress, loki, Moriah, OzLady, Safarigirl, Polgara Demonic French Maid, elusio, Sachiel, Kristen, Monique, clover, DreamingHawk, The Huntress, CBBro, Ms Alucard, Antipodean, greeneyes, PlainDave, 'stina cuz she loves siggy's so much *eg*, DarkLady, the lurking Laura of the Freaking Rats and everybody else!

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Sachiel says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:37:21 2001
Replies to Sunday posts:

wolfguard~ Re: Dawn Spell Theory
For Dawn's birthday, I guess the spell would just choose a random date and toss that into the memories. Also it would choose dates for major events in a childhood based on the norm (My theory seems to be all about norms.), maybe altering it a tad.
As for how people were chosen to be interview, I'm thinking the spell went to Buffy and Joyce first and scanned their memories. Then from that data it would have compiled a list of people most likely to come in contact with Dawn. The scanning, compiling and etc. would be repeated creating a huge branching. The priests wouldn't have to decide who would need to know Dawn, they would choose a starting point(s) and let the spell go on its way. My thought is that this was all done quite quickly since Dawn is energy. It could have been that energy that made it able to travel from person to person and perform multi-person surveys at once through various forms of energy.
Beldin~ What wolfguard said about the consensus. As for the haste of the spell, see above about the energy. Or the spell went Piper on reality as we know it and froze time while it did its work.

AIM~ Sachiel
Grr Arrgh Causer of the week:

Seeing a better model cell phone less than two months after getting mine.


carlycat says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:37:20 2001
Olivia-- Thank you for the Harry Potter quiz link.


Cleio says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:36:56 2001
DeMoriel I saw Cleo's ads -- think I could get a percentage of her act? I own a set of tarot cards ... ;-)

Keywe hey roomie, how's it going!

Scrolling ...



newfan says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:36:56 2001
FASTEDDIE!!!!!!!!! Hey did anyone else just feel the channeling of Columbia? No? Never mind... *SMOOCHES* to you and your better half - who needed no spackle but will soon if she doesn't come out to play :) Missers you guys! And, so you never have to wonder, if babyvamp2 is home ...he is nekkid. No exceptions. Even Christmas dinner. *sigh* :)

Did anyone get my Columbia reference or am I just too random for words???


Adri says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:36:17 2001
Dunlin: Oh, and amor said to tell you that she called you a bitca. ;)


Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:33:25 2001
wolfgaurd - Well, Christ is God Incarnate first off. Secondly, I should have said 5 BC, so that the part it hit would be rid of all sinners and people who would try to kill Jesus. That way, when Jesus was born, he would be less likely to be killed or have anybody there to hate him in the first place.


slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:31:20 2001
godunderling — I doubt it; my Shirtless Wesley page hasn't brought me any work... let alone my Scooby gang as The Monkees site...*g*


SpookyMagoo says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:31:08 2001
It's the weekend…

SOs: IceLord, Letich, Quidam, Cinnamon, Maverick, Clattering, Fly-by-Nite, Blackheart, Cosmic Bob, BellaDonna, LeatherJacket, Monique, fenric, Carita, Jessica, weeping willow, loki, flip, TouroGal, elusio, Gangrel, Witchy Woman, panther, Willow1000, redruM, Lillith, anime, carl, Kenickie, JD, Mishale, Angle man, wolfguard, amy aka a rat, EverDawn, gazoo, Sarah, wolvie, Hollyn, AjO, FASTEDDIE, Candy, Jade, ROANNA, Margot, banana, heavenly, Umbris, Mirella, Fuchsia, Hitomi Terwilliger, Black Aria, Sultress, Kyle, Claddagh, stonewall4, SixthAngel, VaBuffyFan, Megdalen, St.Germain, Beldin, Laurence, Anne, Corvus, CharlieX, WiddleOne, hokiefan, Green Falcon, Willow-, krypticon, devil, brittany, Sami, Lil'Tree, Cleio and my fellow Z.A.M.B.O.N.I. teammates, Vlad the Impaler and all the Buffy, Eh? Members, StGermain, SupaMonkey, Keywe, Ivy, DarkLady, Kara, WinterRain, LunaMoon, Tallulahdahling, WillowtheWitch, devil, Oki'LLbyte, Adina, kugelmass, Narrator, bec, Alpy, Jimbo, thy Slayer, Marlinda, DingoBaby, Buffygurl, BabyDoll, J.S.K., Brewster Vamp Kitten, Missi, Qui-gon Jenn, scottj, Nipsy, Queen C, Zeus, tallgirl, Angelphyre, Tiki, SASHA, Rum Spike, NJ Wicca, Oz-27, darkhorse, brittany, GYST Lena, Mrs. Beasley, Angel, delf, PDR, willow kitty, !, jazzybell, research-girl, keylime, Ce'Lisse, Manx, Godeater, angelgazer, strawberries, buffman, Angelus, DELiver, Eiddileg "Rice Chef Extraordinaire", buffy5202, Dru, Anya, Bri, Rachie, VT, shadowbound6, SWEETANGEL, Luna, lulu, menkhare, KANE, NuPhalanx - Ms.Parker ROCKS!, Claris, horizon, Sachiel, British Angel, Willow Wannabe, shehawken, Kaboo, Temptress, X-Lander, CHRIS, LilBufBuf, Slave2Faith, cats, Dana, Buffyenta, Tana, Evil S I T (my Giggling Partner in Crime), Sita the Night Goddess, Xander's Girl (XG), Artemis, Sara the Brown, FYG, Jayne, valMichael, AngelGrl, SweePer, Raelynn, OzLady, WiccaWillow, Jewyl, Arielle, Lady Wolfsbane, white wings, Antipodean, Slayed Soul, ABPositive, Calen, TaraAnyaKate4eva, Aetheleaf, friday, Tisiphone, Angelicious, Safarigirl, Slayermom, greeneyes, Dr. Lectre, and everyone here today, and forever!

Big Special SOs to Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Stewart Head Thanks for coming to the Toronto Sci-Fi Convention, you are a blast and a sweetie : ), Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Erika Amato, Jeff Pruitt, TV James, Sophia Crawford, Jane Espenson, David Greenwalt, Marti Noxon, Todd McIntosh, Great Composer Chris Beck, Ty King, Elizabeth Anne, Emma Caulfield, Marc Blucas, Elisabeth Rohm, Alexis Denisof, David Fury, Jeff Mariotte, Nancy Holder, and last but certainly not least especially Seth Green You made this year's MuchMusic Video Awards the best one I've attended…see you in 5 minutes! *lol*

RSOs to those who shouted!


Angelalex242 says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:31:01 2001
WolfguardS'ok. Although my primary memory of Ceaser Augustus is Biblical, I remember seeing it independantly confirmed in the History books. If Umbris knows otherwise, I'll accept the judgement.
touched You're referring to the first Triumvirate of Rome. Being Crassus, Ptolomey, and Julius Ceaser. Crassus and Ptolomey both died off, then Julius took over in 46BC.


DeMoriel says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:30:44 2001
AKA Becker: You used "Poke your eye out" blue. Fantastic! Speaking of Ty King, my cabbie looked so much like him as to be spooky. No accent, though. Are you going to see Kane tomorrow at the Viper Room?

wolfguard: I liked the mystery and the surprise but I certainly would have liked to have known if the Mayor had called the ninja sorceror first, who then went to Giles... or if Giles called the sorceror to get help with the Mayor and the sorceror happened to know that the Mayor was up to some conjuring? Something like. The former scenario is probably more likely, but it's very lucky that the Mayor happened to call the very demon that Giles happened to be a foine matchmaker for. *g*

Disgusted. And trust me, you have to *work* to disgust me.


Adri says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:30:33 2001
Dunlin: You are in trouble now! amor is not pleased that you would leave her at my mercy (or lack thereof) rather than try to rescue her. tee hee Meanie! amor says she will be up late if you want to try to rescue her later when you get home

ShyGirl: Hihihi! How come you and Duns aren't with us? GLR chat is broked, we are in aim chat.


(Fri Jan 26 17:30:22 2001
Gotta do the Bronzer thing...

Keywe: [[{{HUGS}}]] Hiya!!! Hope all is well. :)

Mabb: [[{{SMOOTCH}}]] Hey there!!!

Kiera: Yay!!! On the end of school stuff. For now.

newfan: [[{{SMOOTCHIES}}]] from SweePer and I. Still got the babyvamps running rampant in their birthday suits??? LOL!!!

Hi's to Moriah and everyone else that I missed while doing the non-scrolling...

Anne: Bronze [[{{H's & S's}}]] when you stop by... :)

My favorite Bronze memories:

Posting that first time back in Sept.98 and my life forever changed. Going to the PBP2000, VLB2000, Spring Fling 2000, the Gotham gatherings and of course SJBW1 & 2...

Meeting so many Bronzers here at the Bronze and on AIM too numerous to name now...

And of course meeting the one person that has and will change my life forever... SweePer I LOVE YOU!!! [[{{SMOOTCH}}]]

And if I drop a tag.... YOUR FAULT!!!! "grin"


newfan says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:30:04 2001
KIERA! KIERA! KIERA! My bestestbud! *tacklehugs* 'cos I'm happy to see you, and *bapppage* 'cos you're all about the AWOL! I cited you as a missed Bronzer on the last board! AND I called to you on the Caritas forum...have you been checking??? Hope it's not too late! You totally missed that I broke the same #%&@ foot as last year, the same way! Hee! But it's all good now! And I am listening to Princeton is Free right now on napster! :) Hey - Gunther posted last night!!! Do you still scroll?

wolfguard: Yes I remember his feelings about that. Which I didn't agree with. But I still miss him :)

white wingsroomie! Stop scrolling and come out and play! :)

kids still up...special Rugrats- with Kimmie -is on


prophecy_girl says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:29:05 2001
Hello to Little Willow, Moriah,
KAM, stina. Loooong time.
Hope you've all been well.


godsunderling says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:29:03 2001


Keri says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:27:24 2001
Little Willow: *laughs* I refuse to drop the scissors, but I will put 'em in my back pocket for the time being. One can never be too cautious when you're around, ya know. *smirk* Heh, I don't think you have to worry about me duct taping Joss... this time. You gotta admit that was a fun time when Jacinda and I attacked him... and you saved him. Did you really have to do that? ;) It was no problem posting though... I've got fond memories of the Bronze, and definitely wanna celebrate it when those type of days come around... even when I'm AWOL. ;)

Back to my lurking... :)



horizon says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:26:58 2001
Mabb: Great! I'll definitely see ya at the PBP. I know that Haven has been very busy lately. I'm sure she'd be happy that you were asking about her. Hopefully she'll be able to post more soon.

Hi Little Willow!

carl: I'd do a write-in vote and vote off Texas.

Okay, gone again.



godsunderling says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:26:54 2001
Angle Man - thats pretty cool. Does that mean if i start sucking up to someoen and make a fanpage for them, can i get my glorious name (ahem) in a program too?
Mary Lou - This is kinda linking up to the same subject but about a different couple, ive alwasy been a Xander/Buffy backer myself. Even though other people may not see the logic behind this, i've always thought that they get on so well and they know eachother practically inside out thus letting a romance to slowly bud from this. The fact that Buffy doesn't and never will love him is a minor complication. Also the fact that he has a girlfriend also confuses things. The most important thing is it wouldbe a comical ralationship. But to be honest i think that Buffy will get back with Riley some seems destined (till we find out in a couple of months shes dating another guy)
Little Willow - Hi there, i just like to say i really enjoy the WPWP andwould like to say thanks for creating it. I likte your other sites too, superb!


Olivia says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:24:38 2001
Dunlin, nephy: You might enjoy this site, as you are fellow Harry Potter fans:

Harry Potter Character Quiz

It also contains a link to the Harry Potter House Quiz...if this link works...

I ended up as Hermione Granger and in Griffindor. I thought I'd be Minerva MacGonagall and in Ravenclaw. *shrugs* *g*

RSO and a big wave to Kiera!



slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:23:57 2001
wolfguard — Wasn't it Octavian and Pompeii who whupped up on Marc Antony?


thy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:22:54 2001
*chants* roanna roanna roanna roanna */chants*

misses Avarice, Roanna, shadowbound6, &many others.. :(


touched says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:22:10 2001
WOLFgard: I hate myself. I was just reading a history of the Roman Empire today and have forgotten many of the (previous) names of a the key players. Wouldn't you know it? Also, I left the information at work! All I remember is that Crassus is one of the group of three that included Julius! I don't remember Augustus's previous name. Wait a minute! Was it Octavanius or something like that?


Vanessa says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:21:55 2001
Mesuvius: Heya! Nice to see you!

Leather Jacket: You left us on the roof. For the love of all that's pure and RIGHT and true, what happens next??!! ;)

Kiera: But pink lives on! It does! Buffy cannot turn from the pink. Dunlin has gotten to you. I didn't realize her campaign had spread so far. :)

Little Willow: I may owe you e. Expect stuff this weekend. It's all good. Wheeee!

Dunlin: Apparently, you're wrong about more than just the pink. :) I just got off the phone with hubby, and he says brown sugar pop-tarts are of the devil. Having never tried any form of pop-tarts, I wouldn't personally know. But with your pink issues, I don't think you can be trusted, so I'm going with him on this one. Hee!


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:21:03 2001

YIPES! Typo - I was not disputing your dates.



SusieQ - learning to refresh first says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:20:49 2001
Dunlin {{{{hugS}}}} back doin' ok here *g* maybe not woo hoo, but ok



little cats says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:20:49 2001
kiera! *hughughugandbellsnribbosn!* hihihi!


gin soaked boy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:20:33 2001
psst Dunlin .. those were her new terms ..*g*


genrefan says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:20:32 2001

Thanks for the response! Yes, I'm sure that Spike loved that Buffy entrusted Joyce and Dawn to him. And I loved that he loved it ( ever notice how easy it is to use the word "love" when talking about Spike? But I digress). Although I spent most of the episode swooning over Spike when he was onscreen and awaiting his return when he was off, I did spare a few moments to wonder what this Ben is really up to. If he is associated with Glory and the monks, it seems that he must be evil. Still, Joss Whedon does like to counter our expectations at times. I predict that Ben will make a romantic play for Buffy in order to use her for his purposes (whatever they are). After Buffy is burned by Ben, maybe Spike's dreams will come true. He did say in his interview with the watcher's council (wasn't it cute how Spike was flattered that tweady watcher girl wrote her dissertation about him) that a couple more disappointments might send her into his arms. If Spike does a really good job protecting Joyce and Dawn, perhaps he'll demand a little payback (nonfinancial). Could it happen?


Keywe says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:20:18 2001
Mabby Hi sweets, you called?? :-) I am trying to catch up on the day's reminiscences. Looking forward to seeing you in LA. {{{hugs}}}

I miss keylime *sniff* As far as I know, we hold the distintion of being the only 'declared' twinlets on the board.

Hi's to sonlets Wild Weasel, St.George and UnSonlet Kenickie thank goodness you haven't given me one moments trouble *g*

Lost absent daughterlet nya you are missed, sweetie.

Thanks to Tana and Cate for answering a longtime lurker's [16 months!!] e-mail and talking me into becoming a known part of this community. {{{hugs}}}

Narrator, MeeB, Circe Ah, what more intelligent and entertaining niecelets could a person ask for? okay, you guys, don't jump all over that one..*g*

gotta save some for the next post ~Keywe


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:20:15 2001

I was disputing your dates, only my own memory of same. Are you certain Augustus was reigning when Christ was born? Or, various solar system debris are daily burning up in the atmosphere. Let me introduce you to umbris. Graduate student studying Roman history. Resident expert on same.



SusieQ says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:19:13 2001
Shygirl hi *g* Iowa is fine tonight. A little more snowy and *slicker than snot* than the usual, but still fine. How are you?

another hour*sigh*


gin soaked boy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:19:04 2001
Gere's comforter ? well take care of him , he was always special *g*

She is presently indisposed , and cannot be unindisposed till you renouce caramel .. FOREVER ! these are Adri's terms .. I tried to mutiny , but she umm .. foiled me , lets leave it at that .. *g*

Hey , you should have ;) That sucks about the jobless thing , i know you have this bizzare attraction to working *g* ... good luck finding stable , or at least more well-balanced work :) I've been good , there is no chance of me going to the PBP , unless you decide to split your winnings with me *g*

Frisky and tassley .. *g* how's you ? :)


Moriah says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:18:47 2001
Amberlynne: :-)

KAM: *bows to KAM* Oh, we had fun with the Conga line.Making the room fall down and go BOOM!

'stina: I really do miss those days. Thundering Loonies Untie!

BeMu: hee hee... The back rub of Death..I await my next victim...

K8: :-)

I bake
Cookie Girl
BAH rm 813


Little Willow says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:18:25 2001
Kiera! Kiera!
sara! sara!
Matsu! Matsu!

Sorry. Geeker joy. Blame...Willow. :)

aliCe: See my earlier post to Yummy re: Amber, site, et al.

Charity aka Taygeta: I'm so pleased that you dropped by. You must keep me posted on You're a Good Man, Rupert Giles -- er, Charlie Brown. Glad the card arrived in one piece. Someday you must come to an L.A. R&R when I'm in town! You are sorely missed. We have to catch up in email or something, work on Slaywrite, just chatter. We've had some discussion on today as well, which is fabulous.
[nephy: See above to Charity.]

Polgara: I'm proud of my innocence. I haven't tried that ice cream. Links right into my post to white wings: Sorry I missed you. Was there chocolate? I still have a hard time watching Dawn eat ice cream, simply because it makes me wants some.

Little Willow


Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:17:55 2001
I see you. :) Heloooooo of the whoo hoo variety! ((((hugs))))

Hm. That does put a damper on our relationship. *g* I'm kidding. Money is of the good, but I know the feeling of being completely unqualified for the computer job. LOL First day on the job, I had to ask, "So how do I log off?" *snerk*
Yeah, and it is colorado. It's pretty dry. Literally. I still get bloody noses.

I will never renounce the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Pop Tarts! If I did, I'd have nothing to eat in the mornings. *g* If I renounced my semi-caramel, I'd have to renounce my momlet (Hi, DreamingHawk!) and my lovely dadlet, and that will never happen! You'll just have to wallow in your weevilness, since I will not fold under your weevil blackmail plan.
Poor amorphia will have to find her own way out of the glue, much to my chagrin. However, as resourceful and weevil as my twin is, I have complete confidence that she'll break free and torment you. *g*

Harry Potter rocks. That line from Dawn had me rolling on the floor. *g* Hey, I just had a thought. Hey, I'm allowed! Hogwarts would be a wonderful place to protect Dawn. It's covered in anti-Apparating spells, and I'm sure they'd be practiced at defending magic. Let Buffy, the Scoobies and Dawn stay for a few months, and everything might be solved. I'd be gung ho for a Buffy/Harry Potter crossover!

Sarah's Carl
Definitely Florida. After the colossal flub at the last immunity challenge, they deserve to get sacked.


prophecy_girl says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:16:27 2001
Well I don't know about you guys but I think Angel needs a shot of Buffy. He's really DARK! He can't deal with those b##ches the way he should because he still has reticient feelings for them. He's lost himself, tossed out his friends/colleagues and needs someone strong enough to give him a good swift kick in the pants and show him how to get his life back in order again. Would be good for the Buffster too caus she needs to know that there are SOME people that are worth fighting for/with and that they will in return ALWAYS be there for her when she needs them. Angel left her because he loved her, not that he wasn't strong enough to handle others we know who were too insure about themselves.
There. That otta start a tirade from someone!


Olivia says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:16:02 2001
Juggernaut: Fancy meeting you here outside of LOSERs. *g* Hope all is well Down Under?

Lady Wolfsbane: Yes, indeedy, 'tis a masculine sounding name, but then that's quite the strength of it aside from a wolfsbane's effects, no? *g*

I have heard, unsubstantiated, that the series is meant to continue through a 7th season... unfortunately, I don't see them doing much better a job than they have over the past 4.5 seasons... That would leave them the remainder of this season and 2 more seasons... A possibility one supposes... and hopes...



wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:15:59 2001
Good Night piper


Thank you.

I think historians, as a rule, tend to shy away from monocausal explanations. That said, if you could only point to one factor that lead to Rome's first defeat of Carthage, what would it be?



slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:15:25 2001
Shameless Plug —


aka Captain Sheridan of Babylon 5, will be signing his new novel


at Dangerous Visions Bookstore Saturday, 1/27, 2-4 PM.

For more info, check out

Dangerous Visions


Mary Lou says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:15:01 2001
I just want to say I hope Riley comes back, Buffy and Riley were so good together. I love spike but no, he's not for Buffy, but it would be nice if they ended up great friends sort of like Angle and Buffy. I mean you know they never could be together that wasn't even in the future for Buffy and Angle, we all knew that from the begining, and yes it was so sad. I would like to see Willow have a boyfriend even though its not Oz. That was the beggest let down of all. Mary Lou


Lady Wolfsbane says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:14:48 2001
K - my brother's a moron... it was Madonna. I have no idea what he's talking about anymore. He's high on Pepsi or something...


Little Willow says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:14:41 2001
What a pleasure to see old friends (or current friends who are board-AWOL despite my reminding *G*) post, even just a fly-by. AKA Becker, Keri, sara, Matsu, piper and more - Thanks for coming by. You've all been sorely missed. Even Glory was starting to worry.

Angelique's Faith: I hope you enjoyed / are still enjoying the Slayer Fest in your area. "The Harvest" is brilliant no matter how you slice it. My favorite season one episode remains "Prophecy Girl," which is my top favorite overall as well - tied with "Restless" as of last May.

Jenny68: Feel better soon, dear. Here, have some chicken and stars soup like Joyce makes. :)

Keri: "I only dreamed you'd come." - Dru Without the bad-kitten growl, of course. Thank you so much for posting. Drop the scissors. You don't want to use the scissors. Don't you dare use duct tape on Joss either. :) Thanks for the kind words, Keri & DarkLady.

piper: Good to see you! Best wishes with the pre-med studies, tests and dreams. I know you can do it. Break a leg, stake, stethoscope...

Yummy: I'm trying to picture "I, Robot...You Jane" en frances. Moloch's evil in any language. As per Ambery goodness, you can count on massive newness tonight at The Essence of Amber ... That's all I'll say for now.

More folks I miss: Nightshade, Viashino, JustAnotherAngelLover, Angela, delf...

Little Willow


beautifulstars says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:14:03 2001
Happy homecoming!!! I feel oddly a little traitorous because I have been so rarely here lately, but I ocassionally lurk to enjoy the good topics you guys throw out.

Fury, what a pretty color you are!!! Hope you are having a good season. I have to say, I like the darker emotional bent everything is on this season.


dt says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:13:46 2001
I have just gotten a satelite. I have Directv. Where do I watch Buffy and when?


Kiera says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:13:45 2001
Hi, everyone! Geez, it's been awhile. And an hour-and-a-half since I started this post. *sigh* Did I always type this slowly? Woo! and hoo! to Antipodean and Allyson for organizing this reunion today--and to all the long-lost, temporarily AWOL and perpetually present Bronzers who joined in the fun.

newfanbud Lookit! :) And {{{hugs}}} finals are all done, and I've returned to the Land of the Living. Before I enter the Land of the Thesis, any day now. . . How goes?

Antipartnerincrime {{{hugs}}} Spiffy reunion y'all have going here. *g*

Mesuvius!! {{{tacklehugs}}} Sorry you're sick--sending lots of ~~~healing vibes~~~ your way. Are classes going okay? (Or are they only contributing to the oogies? *wry g*)

little cats! {{{tacklehuggles}}} Hiyas!

Jenny68 Yikes, your day sounds not of the fun. My brother had his out while I was home for Christmas *wince*. . .what you need is a sibling to dance attendance on you. (Or your momlet, that works too. *g*) ~~~~healing vibes~~~~

Labrynth Hee! Colin air, tabasco, fire at the Crashdown *eg*. . .Wait, we were there for a Buffy party?

Liza (if you're still lurking) Give us some time, we'll know your name. :) (And give the Buffystuff time, and you'll eventually be caught up on it all. But the catching up's such fun!) Don't worry if it takes awhile to become part of the place--the people and conversations are definitely worth it. Welcome to Buffy and to the Bronze! :)

Vanessa You have an evil image? Oh, your evil image is perfectly safe, despite any sappiness. The pink leather pants saw to that. *g*

More hiyas to Olivia, Monique, Kristen, devil, Little Willow, wolfguard, Sarah's carl and the rest of the Bronze!

Bronze Memories. . .

My very first Bronzer outing, a Renaissance faire in October '99. It marked my transition from mostly-lurker to regular poster, thanks to darkhorse (who organized the event) and all the other wonderful Bronzers I met there (bec, Gunther, Lurking Little Feet, Leather Jacket, BellaDonna, MacAber, this means you *g*). And the posting only led to meeting more wonderful people, both at the Bronze and in RL.

The strange realization, during the weekend of PBP 2000, that I was spending 4 days with a bunch of strangers and/or in crowds. . .and loving it.

Contemplating further memories and scrolling. . .
I missed this place. *happysigh*


Erin says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:13:08 2001
I love the web page it's nice to be kept informed of whats going on especily when you live in Australia like i do.


Angelalex242 says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:12:40 2001
Wolfguard: I'm pretty sure of my dates on this one. The reign of Ceaser Agustus was 27BC-14AD.
Jono What he said. God is not about to let his only begotten Son get hit with an asteroid. It'd be disentegrated before it even hit the atmosphere.
LittleWillow We've never really talked much've got mail! :-)


ShyGirl says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:11:50 2001
Yummy PORN So there! :^P

gin soaked boy You here? Hiya! How's my only favorite O.I.S.M. tonight?

Dunlin Hey! What's up, girlie? You and Yummy taking my name in vain> *g*

SusieQ How's Iowa tonight?

Adri Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!


Lady Wolfsbane says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:08:17 2001
SMG Fans...

My brother's babbling something about SMG on celebrity wrestling right now... if you're a fan of either, I suppose you should go watch - me, I'm not moving. No offence to her... but wrestling??? *g*

Why thank you. Wolfsbane... loved that word for years. Masculine sounding though... therefore the Lady.

Yes, there's got to be a Giles revelation eventually... I'd like to see it start next season (I've always visualised seven seasons, I suppose that might be too optimistic, but oh well). Then finish up a little over a season froom then. That's my vibe.


Yummy says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:06:01 2001
Ooooh! Buffy is on in French right now! I totally forgot about that. It's "Moloch", which of course I haven't seen... But man! Does dubbing suck or what?! *g*

Little Willow - Hihi! Um, that is all :)

Dunlin - ShyGirl sent me the job description, and that was pretty much it :-( It pays way more than my current job, and I'm sure working with her would be super cool, but the job itself sounds so incredibly boring! Not to mention I'm not qualified enough IMO (for one thing, I haven't touched a PC computer since I had one, with Windows 3.1 on it *g*). I'm still tempted just for the money part and the work visa part (and the ShyGirl part!), but I don't think it's gonna work. And the colorado is pretty far from NC too ;-)

gin soaked boy - Wow! If I'd knows that all I needed to make you appear was to ask where you were, I would have done so ages ago! :-D I'm good. Jobless but good (well, semi jobless; got some unstable part time work, but still looking for a real job). Are you going to the PBP? In my case, unless I win the lottery this weekend, I'm not :-( Damn money shortage... And have you been?


SusieQ says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:05:47 2001
drive by of the whup kind

*g* just checkin in :)



Mabb says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:05:30 2001
quick *foop*

Shiraz Petra *so* not a problem, sweetie! anything for the ukers! (well, barring threat of jail. wait, no..barring..death. yes, death. ;)

redruM hey there :)

CharlieX you ARE the Master of Firsts. always will be sweetie :)

Lil' Tree *smooooooooch*

Jipsy Girl HI SWEETIE GIRL! ;) missed me again!

NBJ i will be there with bells on, hon!! and i'm getting all excited about it :) FIND ME! or wear a sign. or honk a horn. or something *g*

horizon see above! :)

and hey, why isn't Haven round today? or the Keywe?!



Adri says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:03:38 2001
Dunlin: You're weevil twin in not here because I have glued her to some secret location...until you renounce your weevil attachment to brown sugar pop tarts and caramel! Uh huh!


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 17:00:14 2001
In a game of Survivor which state would you vote off first? California, New York, Arizona, Florida or Hawaii


umbris says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:58:43 2001
wolfguard: Gaius Octavius. And the early you drop the it, the more affect it would have :). All variations are interesting at that stage.



piper says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:58:07 2001
last post....

wolfuard- youre gonna have to give me some time to come up with a response. youve opened some new thoughts in my head, and i must pan them out. you do that alot to me! go you!!!!



Angle Man says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:55:55 2001
godsunderling it's called, 'Having the negatives'

Actually it's his way of thanking me for being such a complete suck up, and starting his fan club..


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:55:34 2001

Say that Christ was the son of God. If so, they'd change the birthdate. If not the son of God, then likely the similar social forces would have spawned a similar social movement.


I often have to look dates up. The Republic was already in ruins when Julius Caesar was assassinated. Then came the wars between the contenders. Sickly, lord my memory is going, what was Augustus' name before, P .... ? Defeats Mark Antony, rises to first amongst equals. Rules for ~ 14 years? The early in time, the less research. *g*


I thought of aiming the asteroid at the wolf, but you know what Willow says about hitting dogs with thrown bees. *g*

I am tempted by the Carthage-Etruscan-Hellenistic Greek triad with the Celts and other bar-bar's running amok on the Marches.


Oki' turned off the television sometime during New Moon Rising. Cut his ties with BtVS.



nephy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:55:20 2001
hee hee, quidditch! I love quidditch! hee hee, Harry Potter, I love Harry Potter. hee hee, SMG loves Harry Potter and so, does Dawn Summers "yeah mom, it's not like I'm going to Hogwarts"

hee hee, bad nephy


elf says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:52:58 2001
Good Afternoon all from sunny melbourne!!!! I'd just like to say that this Homecoming Day is fantastic, it's making my otherwise boring (mind-numbingly so)whup day all smiley!!!

:) elf


Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:52:15 2001
gin soaked boy!
*hee hee* (((((hugs))))) Where's the Queen Pimp? I miss her long-winded posts. Did you finally stage a mutiny and leave her hanging from a spaghetti noodle out the window? *g*

Speaking of ShyGirl, any news on the potential job front? AIMing smut ain't exactly a resume, I know that much. LOL

the Librarian
Silly bunny, I'm from the west coast of the US. As much as I wouldn't mind being in the UK, I'm less than four states away from LA. *snerk* But I still see no point in American football.
*gasp* You don't know quidditch? Pick up a Harry Potter book, pretend you're twelve years old, and it's quite a rollercoaster ride. Suffice to say it's a really complicated game involving five balls and broomsticks. *g*
I fully agree on more Scoobyage. Not that I dislike following Buffy's story arcs, I want more Scoobies! I agree, Giles's story needs more development. Plus, the world really needs more of Xander in a Speedo.

I miss amorphia. It's only been a few hours. How sad is that? Weevil Twin, where are you?


Little Willow says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:51:11 2001
(LW enters the board room and waves at all of the familiar faces)

Welcome back, everyone participating in the Homecoming! It's so good to see you here.

Shouts back to everyone who shouted, and raised stakes to all newbies and lurkers. Don't be afraid to step out of the shadows and start a new topic or join in on a current discussion. That's what the board is for.

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As usual, here
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Look! I'm condensing "post #2" into its simplest form.

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Juggernaut says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:50:49 2001
SO's to:
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Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:49:18 2001
Slayergrl99 - Well, not as -mere- at least.


The Librarian says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:48:18 2001
Well off to bed now...

Hope everyone has had a great day and will continue having a good time on the Bronze tonight!

£ poof £


Mesuvius says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:47:58 2001
I'm sick but I had to post something today. Sorry I'm not especially talkative. :)

Hey all Homecoming peoples...


-mere- says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:47:53 2001
So I see.


nephy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:44:09 2001
Evening all,
Just lurking and I just wanted to post that today my manager, who was leaving to go back to school, said the nicest thing ever. I had given him my email because we had bonded over Buffy and Angel and he gave me his email saying that he wanted to keep in touch because I was the only intelligent person he had to talk to about the show. Then I told him he could find lots more like me here, but I was really moved, and I thought I'd share.

Lurking now,


godsunderling says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:43:54 2001
Hey there everybody!!!
Angle Man - Hey. I know we've never met but i was reading the Wathcers Guide 2 and it says how one of the script writers used your name for the character of Dr. Angleman (was that David Fury?) and i was just wondering how did that come about?


Bronze Welcome Wagon says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:43:53 2001
Are you new to the Posting Board Hi and welcome! The posting board is like a big room full of people. If you walk into that room and say "Hi!" folks will most likely nod at you and go back to their conversations. If you walked into the room and said, "Anyone wonder what school of philosophy Joss is in?" You might get an answer, but people might just nod at you and go back to their conversations. If you listened in on a couple of conversations and then asked: "greeneyes, I agree with what you said about Buffy. But don't you think her leaving was just copping out?" You probably would get more responses! Start by listening, reading the postings, and respond to the person by name. When it’s really busy, a lot of folks just scroll to find their names, so an unfamiliar name can get overlooked. We don’t mean to be rude or exclude anyone with something interesting or intelligent to say about Buffy!

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Juggernaut says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:43:45 2001
Greetings and Salutations All !!!

Homecoming Thoughts

My best thoughts about the bronze are the people I have met, and how (on the whole) just how genuine and sincere Bronzers are.
I have made some dear friends via the Bronze. Friends I could not imagine being without now.
I have met many a bronzer (in Holland, England, the US and here in Australia).
And been greeted warmly at every meetage. Some Boston bronzers even wanted to keep me *eg*
Just recently I had dinner with a couple of bronzers, we were sitting in the back garden, chatting and laughing... having a great time. I sat back thinking "ain't the Bronze a brilliant place".


Beldin says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:43:18 2001
pete - As others have said, don't worry about being new. We were all new once. To see what eps Fury (and the others) have written take a look at The Buffy Crafters. Shameless self-plug time here.


oz imposter, not the librarian! Stewart Head, and -mere- says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:43:07 2001 cut me off. *g*



slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:42:29 2001
gin soaked boy... just the one you left me...

IreneAdler...Must...control...mouse... of... death...


little cats says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:42:28 2001
angle man you may have one laugh. and a mocking email. *tacklehugs!*

slaya yes. 3 of them. or maybe no. or possibly. see, that Joss shaped person doesnt like to say. he's funny that way.


Delusions of Grandeur The Mad Bomber Bombs at Midnight Fury Buffy is da bomb! Dirty Pig there i says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:41:51 2001
This is Slayergrl99.

Jono: This is to show you what it says when you don't have a password for Joss, Alyson, Fury, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Apollo, Seth Green, Anthony Stewart Head, and -mere-



The Librarian says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:40:44 2001
Dunlin The Superbowl! You don't follow it! I don't blame you, well being from England you don't see that much NFL and what's with all the padding? Is it really necessary?
quidditch fan??? Go, Chudley Cannons!??? Okay i'm confused at this point! sorry...
Willow and Tara up and coming eppies to watch out for? hmm... sounds good we haven't seen too much of them so far so i guess it was time for a willow/tara eppy along the line. There are so many regular memebers in the show now, in someways it is good as it allows more variety in the show but screen time is spread across them more, where it may be better if we saw more of Xander or Buffy or Giles...


Leather Jacket says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:40:30 2001
amberlynne : Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear. The year is 1998. The date, February 25th. Leather Jacket has just seen Passion.

His finger shakes as he tries to push the button on the remote control. He has watched the tape over and over. Each time, pressing the stop button was as difficult as the time before. Now he is turning the power off. Finally, he pushes the red button and his arm goes limp as he drops the remote to the floor with a clunk. *It's true* he thinks, *It's really true. She's gone. Forever gone.* A deep moan escapes from his lips.

"Why? Why? Why? Why did she have to go like that?" Leather Jacket cries. He burries his face in his pillow at the BAH and sobs uncontrollably. Finally, weak from crying, he rolls over and off of the bed.

In his hospital gown, he lifts himself off the floor and moves toward the TV console. He places a hand on the screen and the other falls onto a stack of video tapes. The labels blur before his eyes. "I Robot You Jane", "Prophesy Girl", "When She Was Bad", "Some Assembly Required",... He picks one up and hurls it across the room. "It's not fair," he screams. "The father is never on the show. Owen wouldn't be missed. Harmony and Mitch were a couple expendable losers." Another tape flies across the room, shattering against the wall next to a picture of his obsession. He walks haltingly toward it. "She was so sweet yet sultry. Your heart skipped a beat when she walked into a room." But now she was gone.

He turns and his face becomes fixed, like stone, as he crosses the room and walks through the door. His favorite security guard, who's name still escapes him yet who bears a striking resemblance to Robia La Morte, is sitting behind the desk. "Is everything all right?" she asks "Can I get you anything?"

"Nothing," he replies. "Nothing matters now." Like a blind man, he neither turns to the left nor the right, but somehow, he heads straight for the stairwell... and to the roof...

Slay On Buffy
Leather Jacket
Proud to be a Buffyatric
Resident Room 701 of the BAH (Jenny Calendar/Robia La Morte floor)


Mrs.Beasley says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:40:10 2001
pete: We're all newbies sometime. David Fury is a writer on Buffy Go Fish the Xander in speedos episode was his first credited BtVS episode.


gin soaked boy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:39:25 2001
*bap* you'll never catch me , i'm wiley i am .. *g*

Hiya , saw your sig .. here i am ! ... ummm .. carry on ..
how's you been ? :)

Alright there ? been taking care of the mongesssessesss ?

Hello weevil twin of amorphia .

Hello weevil twin of Dunlin . I told you it was sh.. not worth it *g*


Enchanted says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:39:22 2001
Hiya there are buffy/Angel crossovers in season four but I'm not currently watching season five so I can't help you! Sorry!


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:38:57 2001
can't. scroll. any. more. experiencing. severe. scrolling. cramps.back. later. poof.


Angle Man says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:38:54 2001
little cats may I just laugh at Fury then? *huggles*

Fury I guess the next email should include detailed yet simple instructions huh? ;-)


slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:37:42 2001
wolfguard — w/o looking up the exact dates, howzabout right at the time the Romans would otherwise have been rising against the Etruscans? With no Rome, no Empire, no latinized West, no Christianity as we know it, no Byzantium...


horizon says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:36:13 2001
Just wanted to say a special hello to my friend Labrynth. It's been a while sweetie. Good to see you. :) I've had such a good time hanging out with you at past PBPs...and that was so much fun when you and slay_me met me and my bro at the Atlanta airport to hang out with me during the layover. You guys rock! And it was interesting talking in tongues so my bro wouldn't figure out the internet Bronze thing. :)



slaya says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:35:31 2001
I hope I'm not asking a stupid question, but if anyone has an answer it would be appriciated:

Will there be any Buffy/Angel crossovers?

(don't yell at me!)


slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:35:03 2001
Pete — David Fury is just zis guy, y'know? (yes, I'm old...)

wolfguard — I think he was a skeptic at least regarding Mulder's perception of his motivations; by the time he got offed on Millenium he was much more openly credulous...


newfan says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:34:30 2001
Jenny68! Oh Lord, I remember when I had mine out! In fact, I have a very funny story about it...not appropriate for a Family Board! :) Yes sweetie, come over. I have a milkshake waiting for you and the VCR set up in the spare bedroom so you can snuggle in bed and watch Buffy eps. OK? *smooches*

wolfguard: Heee. I knew what you meant, but said taste is still questionable. Catdog! for Joss sakes...*shudder* :) BTW, I posted that I miss Oki'LLByte! Remember him? Remember the decoder ring? Don't you miss his crypticness?

Kids? Oh yes, they need me...forgot about that in all the posting excitement *g*

baths & stuff


Angelalex242 says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:34:20 2001
Wolfguard If you wanna get the biggest bang for your disaster, drop it about 27 B.C. on Rome itself.
That is, I believe, the year in which Ceaser Augustus took power, and the Pax Romana started.
That might cause a few ripples, to say the least.


piper says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:33:57 2001
wolfugard- have not got to your email yet, but will soon. : ) im sure youll hear back from me shortly.



Eiddileg says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:33:34 2001
Kenix *bap* *sigh* Do i need to put you through reprogramming again? I am NICE!

not to be confused with loki, who is "sweet". sarcastic quote marks there dearie

horizon mah smurfette, I shall most assuredly be there! Maybe even with bells on!

but more than likely not. The constant ringing annoys the voices


Yummy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:32:25 2001
Dunlin - hehe Know that I am always lurking ;-) I spent the afternoon sending obscene large bold words to ShyGirl at work on AIM today hehehe I'm evyl... But you know, I don't think I was on at 15h anyway; I was having dinner :-) Anyway, I am here now, and I have no life, so I could be here all evening! (as long as I think to program the VCR to tape "Popular")
I need all the luck I can get with those tickets! I have one chance on 12 million to win the 6/49, and 1 chance on 23 million to win the Super 7 *g*

Fury is my new héros du jour! :-D (too bad you dropped a color tag; I was gonna elevate you directly to godhood without having to pass on Go and get your 200$ *g*)


Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:32:12 2001
wolfguard - I'd have to go with 4 BC (Jesus' birth).


Willow like says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:32:04 2001
Frodo Thanks, I like my name too...

Kenickie Posting drunk huh have you tried chatting drunk,it's hard.

Hayley Spike and Buffy together huh.. Hmmm!
Even though I think Angel (David) is a babe, I think Spike (James) is hot too.
I think they would be good together...
willow like


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:31:27 2001
Good Evening piper,

Trust my email today did not come across as actor bashing. :)


If I were to drop an asteroid on or near Rome between ~ 750 BC and AD 400, what specific year do you think would have interesting repercussions on European history?



Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:29:52 2001
pete - Fury is David Fury.


Maeve says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:29:18 2001

Well, Bronzers.. it's 12.50am where I am, so I'm going to round off my friday evening by watching an ANGEL (probably Blind Date) and a season 3 Buffy ~ um.... Bad Girls, or Anne, or Faith, Hope and Trick..

Decisions, decisions...

Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say farewell 'till it be morrow...



pete says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:28:56 2001
iam new here and dont mean to sound like a newbi but who is Fury?


little cats says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:28:09 2001
kenickie you send ppls chocolates??? *big eyes* and yes, be glad it's your ear!

kristen but pointing is ruuuuude.... *gigglesandtickles!*

everdawn!!! *tackleloveyhugs!* hihihihihihi!


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:27:55 2001

My impression of the character was he was a skeptic. I read Strieber's Communion and went away thinking Strieber believes he's in contact with sentient creatures.



Labrynth says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:27:33 2001
Only because greeneyes asked.

Best Bronze memories...

1. All the Bronzers gathering around me when my Grandmother died, making me feel like I wasn’t quite as alone as I felt.

2. Bronzers to the rescue for Will, the Golden Retriever that almost didn’t make it.

3. Something Danny Strong said to me at the PBP. He totally made that weekend. Danny Rocks.

4. Tad singing Happy Birthday to me the night of the PBP Pre-Party.

5. Hiding out with Quidam. I miss you too.

6. Anything and everything that had to do with slay_me. Damn you for moving:)

7. Joss signing the Joss Torture Fics and seeming ready to call security when he found out what they were.

8. All the intelligent conversation and opinions on the new eppies... and even some of the old ones.

9. The Atlanta PBP’ers. You know you rock.

10. Chris Golden. Sins of the Father. Need I say more? Have you watched the damn IM Pilot yet dearie?

11. AKABecker... cause he cracks me up.

12. All of those friends who have been there through so much crap. Even in the storms.

13. Kiera, clover and iris... COLIN AIR!! COLIN AIR!!!

14. Having dinner with Tim and Jane at Dragon*Con. You guys so rock. Uh, gay now.

15. More than I could ever name.


You! Off my planet!

Dingo food... (Even tho many of the links don't work now.)

Spike Lustee #1 and Founder of the SLC (Spike Lustee Club) I *love* my James issues. | Unashamed slavish James devotee | Guardian of Spike's Passions... Keeper of his black nail polish | BAH on the Spike/James floor Room #836 | non-slavish Chris Golden devotee and Founder of the CGEC - We want a Chris Golden eppy! | Not so slavish, but might consider it, Seth devotee | Admitted Seth-Aholic | OLC Moon Phases Monitor | Simple Oz fan and Slavish Oz devotee... I love Oz | Founder -- "Come back to me..." We Want Oz Back! Club, thing... | Slavish devotee to Brendan Fehr's mouth. MOUTH people MOUTH!!! | Keeper of all things MOUTH as appointed by Slave2Faith | I Breathed Colin Air | Queen of the Stargazer Fics | Labrynth's Roswell Archives | Danny Strong's Fiancee | PWCJC #24 | Honorary Boston Bronzer | BRLQ #107 Too many quotes to name | Serenaded by Tad... ok, it was Happy Birthday, but still! Ok, so I'm a Tad groupie. Sue me. | S.C.R.E.W the B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S #25 | PBA #421 "It's better than Spike Shots on a bad day." | One of Jane's Junkies -- #27 to be exact | Sophia IS Buffy | Volunteer #20 to hit Wesley | Buffy bookish member #36 | WPWP #726 | Buffkins 5'2" | Viva la Diva #71 | Runner Up in the Angel's Secrets Fan Fic contest with Land of the Living | CBCC - Simple Groupie | Determined to torture RD and put him in women's clothing *eg* | Part of shehawken's Harem | TV James... Ok, so I figure I can only fit the name James in here a few more times, even though James is a very popular name. Just not here. So James, I guess I'll stop for now and catch you later. Ok James? *g* | Local Fan Fic<


Mh says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:27:26 2001
Nite all I really got to go...

Happy Homecoming You all

Mh picks up a rather large case and waves to everyone in a rather madening energic manic type wave leaves



Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:26:29 2001
Fury - Sorry. That link again is


whitehorse_dreams says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:26:18 2001
Hi David Fury (again) :-)
I'm writing a book about nightmares (I'm a dream counsellor). I'm curious to know if nightmares have fueled any of your work? Part of my book is about how nightmares manifest in the media.
Bright Blessings


*LB* says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:26:01 2001
Back for a sec...

Hi Kenicky! How are things in jolly old? It's raining buckets here! Will we be seeing you in Feb? Cause there's lots more Goth Clubs to be had in LA:)

And since it's Homecoming and everyone's remminicing, I thought I'd share two fond memories: "Joss Appreciation Day" the day before "Anne" aired and "The Angel's Tattoo Fan-Fic Contest" that Blueronin, Banana and I sponsered. Yes, I've had many good times here:)

Hi Kristen!


The Librarian says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:25:24 2001
David Fury Hi Fury! Glad to see you were able to post on Bronze Homecoming Day! at this point Fury is thinking who the hell is The Librarian? And if your not thinking that then i have no idea what you are thinking, he's a nutter? i get that a lot Would just like to say that you have written some great eppies for Buffy! I liked 'Helpless' with Giles going against the councils orders and Buffy with the Holy water? Fantastic!!! I liked that part *g* Showed us the type of person Buffy would be without her super strength slayer powers. And 'Fear itself' Lol! Now that was good, such a frightening demon! I was scared, real scared for the first 2 seconds...
Which eppy do you prefer that you have written?
And of all time from Buffy which eppy do you prefer?


EverDawn says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:25:10 2001
little cats: drive by smoochies for each and every one of you! Miss you!


Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:24:47 2001
Fury - I don't mean to be advertising or anything, but can you go check out please? Me and Damia are there chatting. It's not too active of a board, but it's very much like this one to make you feel
"at home".


maryloye says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:24:03 2001

Talk about the animated Buffy series, please. Still in the works? When/where would it be on--Saturday morning? Some evening? And I think you said in some interview that the writers and actors would still be able to do it despite any strike. Why's that?


Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:23:43 2001
Fury - I prefer "it". It's non-gender as to eliminate any descrimination by sex.


Luna says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:22:40 2001
Hey all... Just lil note form AjO

Hello! Miss the board! Im dying to post reviews about the last few episodes but injuries forbid it. Hope to be back soon. Thanks for all the prays and well wishes.. Keep it coming!

P.S... Hey Fury! It would make AjO's day if you posted to Yeah.. Im shameless...*weg*


piper says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:22:39 2001
hey everyone!

im sure not many people remember me here, and im sure someone has my posting name and thinks i am someone else, but alas, i was a poster ofor about a year and thought id do a drive-by and say hello to everyone on this lovely bronze homecoming day.

everything here is well, pre-med major is kickin my butt these days. but everything is okay. thanks for all the memories everyone....

SO's to DeMoriel, Misako, Some Psycho Named
Sam, Wolfguard(love ya hun!), Little Willow,
Cabin7dad, Buffy Guy, Suzie Q, Spikey, Labrynth,
Narrator, Buggo, LilBufBuf, Slave2Faith and
anyone else i may have forgotten.

thanks everyone!



umbris says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:22:38 2001
Angle Man: *bap*



Angelalex242 says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:22:38 2001
Fury: Hey. So when do you get to make a new ep? And which show will it be?


Allyson says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:22:26 2001
Fury Sheesh, and I was so looking forward to taking home a pair of your underwear as a souvenier from the Buffy Mecca in February. Now I'm stuck with Kenickie who I'm told will do just about anything for five bucks and a six pack, except maybe send me that high res scan I asked for LAST YEAR...


slammy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:22:24 2001
Fury - dont worry about the dropped tag. Blame it on amberlynn!



Angle Man says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:22:07 2001
Kenickie I think sir that you are an alcoholic and you have a serious problem.

Oh wait, you're english never mind :-P


Maeve says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:21:42 2001
Hi Fury!
{{This has been such a busy VIP PB this week! Joss, -mree- and now Fury? Can't keep up!}}

I don't suppose you want to tell me that Buffy and Angel are going to *magically* get back together anytime soon?
Be warned - I'm listening to Sarah McLachlan!!

Maeve, who is still laughing at Miss Britney Spears' microphone mess-up!!


Monique says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:21:26 2001
Slavey: What's this? I'm NOT scary? Come on now. You're going to ruin my reputation if you keep talking like that.

SocKs: LOL. I almost always answer e-mails. Only just sometimes not in the same month that I received them.

Is that the sound of violins I hear?


Adri says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:21:10 2001
Bronze Memories part Deux: I can't forget dancing with Extra Flamey, and doing what I am doing now (hiding from the whup monster).


Kristen says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:20:59 2001
Fury Would it be really wrong to point and laugh now? *s*


MeeB says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:20:46 2001
Hey Fury!

We're having a Homecoming Day here in the Bronze with lots of great memories. Care to share any fond memories of your visits to the board or of working on the show the last couple of years? :-)

I must say this season has me counting the days and hours to new episodes and thinking and pondering and anxious for the next new twist. I'm really enjoying it. So thanks! And keep up the great work! :-)



kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:20:39 2001
Fury that's the word i used too.

eiddileg i'm sorry. you used the word "nice" to decribe yourself. my puny brain is having trouble with this concept. ; )

as i am blatantly overposting, i shall leave for a bit.



slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:20:38 2001
wolfguard — Yep, that was Charles Nelson Reilly doing a veiled take on Whitley Streiber. And then Carter, that dipstick, summarily and gratuitously crossed the character over to Millenium and killed him...

Frodo — Yeah, probably. Gotta see how it compares to the first run of the original. (okay, I'm old...)


Fury says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:20:21 2001
Sorry. I mean... SH*T!



Dunlin says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:19:54 2001
The Librarian
Sorry, I don't follow the Superbowl. I think it's an inane sport. Don't kill me.
I'm a quidditch fan, myself. *g* Go, Chudley Cannons! Concerning the Willow/Tara relationship, I think it's wonderful. It's done them both good in terms of personal growth, and they care for each other a great deal. I wish we all could find someone with whom we're that close. Run-on Sentence Girl Strikes Again! Wait for some of the episodes coming up for you, it's super sweet. They've got some great moments. I support them all the way, and whoo hoo!

LOL The amusing thing is that right around 1500 board time, I was thinking, "Wow, everyone else is here...where's Yummy?" but I didn't post and drag you out of lurkage! *sob*
((((((Good Luck Lottery Vibes))))) I hope you win enough to come PBPing! Does anyone around here have a Lottery Font that you could take a dip in? *g*

Lovely turquoise, as always. I'm glad you kept it for yourself. *g* And most definitely, No More Pink Pants. Vanessa is WRONG and should be completely ignored on the Pink Pants issue.

Irene Adler
I'm a usual suspect? ((((hugs)))) I'd also like to retroactively say that the Bronze Cleansing Ceremony was also a very memorable and verklempt moment for me. I still get warm fuzzies from the memory.

"Anyone else feel like they've been Keyser Soze'd?"


horizon says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:19:48 2001
Hey J68! How ya doing roomie? I'm alright...just planning on enjoying my weekend. And I'm oh so psyched for the Super Bowl! I love football. :)

Hi Eiddy! How's smurfette today? Been a long time. Hopefully I'll see ya in LA.

Good to see you AKA Becker. Hope you've been doing well and maybe I'll catch ya in LA. :)



Fury says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:19:27 2001


Eiddileg says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:19:18 2001
Kenix is alright. I prefer the other way. It makes me sound nicer. *bap*


Fury says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:18:55 2001
<1295>Sorry, that's all for now. It's the Fury Signal. I must answer the call.

Bye and sorry to all I neglected to say "hi" to.


kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:18:03 2001
eiddileg that's what i meant. did i mention i'm drunk?



Mh says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:18:01 2001
Frodo Yea you lunch is my favorite thing in the world. And I get to have lunch in Boston with Bronzers life is so good. I tallked with the admission person at EDS yesterday after I spoke with you. Right in the middle of my "yes I am a reasonable adult person who you should let in your school" my dog Zack the wonder dog started to gag on an old sandwich he pulled from the trash at work. So I drop the phone and fish this melted cheessy mess out of his throat. When I got back on the line, I explained and then asked the addmissions officer if she was a dog person. She said she was not. Oh well.....there are always other schools I can go to.



Adri says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:17:27 2001
gin soaked boy: Chocolate Fish Guts baps???? eeewwwww!!! sets a surprise trap for gsb where he will not expect it. *g*

Bronze Memories, hmmmm...midnight, not a sound from the pavement...eeep! *blush* sowwy, wrong memories...:

Definitely meeting the GLRs and commandos

Attending the Bronze Prom, one of the first times I interacted with several posters at once. and one of the first times I felt like I really fit in here.

Invasions of Canada and California....woo hoo! hottie excursion, need I say more? LOL!


Fury says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:17:04 2001
Sorry, guys, I'm keep meaning to post something but keep getting called away.
amberlynne - You're welcome. And thanks alot. (my shirt's on, but I'm not wearing pants. Is that a problem?)

Hi, kenickie.

Yummy - Now I'm the SECOND vip to post to you.

Jono - All is forgiven. Guards, kill him! (or her!)

Allyson - You can enjoy a semi-naked cameo I did on an upcoming ANGEL. (I wasn't wearing pants. They added to paint a pair on me digitally.)


Jackie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:16:37 2001
Fury, thanks so much for all
the great episodes. I love both
BTVS and Angel. I do not miss
an episode and I won't take
phone calls on Tuesday night
between 8 and 10. Is there any
spoilers you can give us about
upcoming episodes and are
you guys going to throw us
Buffy and Angel fans together
a bone?


Eiddileg says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:16:11 2001
Kenix No, more like blackmailing. but i see how you could get the two confused.


Eidddileg says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:15:31 2001
oops, missed one



kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:15:25 2001
eiddileg *bap* are you bribing me?


damn that was hard to type fast.



*LB* says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:14:37 2001
Drive by!Drive by!Drive by!Drive by!Drive by!

AKA BECKER I remmeber the night he posted that:) I have it saved too. That was a fantastic LOSERS.

mildlyobsessed I saw your SO. I'm glad you stopped by. And wish you would more often!:)


slammy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:14:17 2001
Hi all!

Speaking of MIA Bronzers, I wanted to SO to my bud goldspike. I dont know if you are going to scroll at all today, but you have e!

zedsdeadHi, and long time no see! I'm glad to hear that you found an apartment! Yay!

Hey Fury!



Eiddileg says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:13:27 2001
Nope, you never said it Kenix, and if you had, I certainly would never tell on you.

Not if you sent me chocolate, I wouldn't. Nope.

And just be thankful it was your ear.


Beldin says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:13:04 2001
Here now.


Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:12:46 2001
I'm gonna run to the store now for some pop so I can sit here for a few hours and chat with ya'll, especially Fury!!!


Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:12:45 2001
Well, thank Joss it's Homecoming.

Saves me from those exhausting purification rituals. And saves money on bringing in MaidsRUs in their black VW bug.

Greetings to the VIP's, who seem to be without their colors today.

Greetings to the usual suspects--slayerdaddy, Dunlin and anybody else I missed.

Irene dons her purple stole and watches the flame burn brightly as she enters a meditative state.

I have only posted since September, so my memory of the bronze is short, but fond.

I remember slayerdaddy sliding me my first pint of guiness, of hiding my first fifth from Thoin, of being required to fill out a questionnaire when I first got adopted into the Thoin famlet.

I remember the bronze coming together one Monday night and invoking the Spirit of the Bronze, and slayerdaddy burning a wicker man in the parking lot.

I remember asking mere if she could arrange to have David B do an episode without socks, and slayerdaddy's rather naughty suggestion.

And last night, I got my first cyberkiss.

So, of course, I'm remembering Caspian


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:12:25 2001
Hi David Fury! What have you been doing?


(Fri Jan 26 16:12:00 2001
Hey Fury- I was wondering are you worried about audience retention in the event of a long writers strike? Might you do something in the season finale in the way of a cliffhanger to help motivate viewers to come back?

Eiddileg- hiya


kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:11:09 2001
and for the record? being drunk so you forget you have a relatively new piercing halfway up your ear and then scratching? that's a *bad* thing.



Maeve says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:10:01 2001
..filled with Buffy/Angel memories, as I am *cough*downloading*cough* the divine Sarah McLachlan - possibly the best writer in the world. (With the exception of The Beatles of course).

{{My hand is aching after that *oh-so* long post!!}}


Frodo says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:09:06 2001
I see Angle Man, Kenicke, where is Polgara?

Slayerdaddy -
Thanks, gonna see Nosferatu?


kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:08:44 2001
Fury good afternoon. : )

eiddileg *sigh* no. it wasn't. except, my band rocked. whoo! and um, our guitarist's sister is a hottie. but i didn't say that.



Yummy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:08:29 2001

Hi Bronzers!

Wow! I lot of scary legendary mythic names in here! *g* Been lurking all day, but frankly, I feel a little out of place today among all these old ancient long gone Bronzers I only heard of by other Bronzers. So anyway, not wanting to interrupt anything here. Just wanted to say hey to my buds before the weekend! WOO-HOO! (guys, wish me luck with my lottery tickets this weekend! Very last chance for me to go to the PBP!)

Oh and what the heck... Best Bronze Memories - I've only been posting for 9 months, but I still have some fond memories of the Bronze. The best general "memory" has to be all the good friends I've made already. We may not spend a lot of time talking about Buffy, but we still have long meaningless conversations ;-)

Also, of course, I have to mention that meeting my sweety TAK4eva on here was the best thing in my life in general, not just as a Bronze moment. I still have the long post I made for our cyberdate on the Bronze *g* Sounds cheesy, I know, but it enventually led to something ;-)

I also remember Erika because she's the only VIP who posted to me (to be fair, I think she's the only VIP I posted to *g*). And I remember staying up all night because I had a feeling Amber Benson was gonna post that night for some reason. I went to bed at like 3am, and in the morning, when I got up and went online (it was my first weekend of posting btw), I saw that she HAD posted that night! A lot! And I missed her by 4 hours! For some reason, I still list that as a good memory, because still, I was so excited just to read her posts in my scrollage =)

OK, done now. Leaving the floor to the oldies ;-)


SO's to:
Allyson, andyourlittledogtoo, AngelRachel We love Amber!), BuffyRileySlayTA,
Calen (one sexy dude), Catriona (Who is wrong about MKF), Cian, Cobby, Coyote,
DAISY, Darkangel, DeAn:) (you BETTER post to me from the PBP!), Dunlin, Eowyn,
Extra Flamey (he's a HE people! Stop asking me! *g*), Freddy, Gin soaked boy
(where are you?!?), Greeneyes, Icelord, Janni, Jakk Frost, Joe the Owl, Kenickie,
Kiba Rika, La Dame Rouge, Lady of the Lake, Liquorice Stick (little cute nicelet in law!),
Little Willow (Amber goodyness provider), ~melody~, Prophet6, Prince of Lunacy,
RoB (the cool guy), Roman Around (the quiz guy), §abre, The Sci-Fi Bard (the hot bard),
Scram, Selenay (twinlet!), ShyGirl (sisterlet in law... in a momlet way *g*),
singsinthecar, Slave2Faith (you know, I don't trust those gays one bit *g*), S
layed Soul (so few of us on the board...), Slayerette 2000, SocKs (she who I miss),
Spikey, SusieQ, Talenyn, TheName, TaraAnyaKate4eva (the love of MY life),
X-Lander, and all the others I'm sure I forgot.

Want to know how to get your very own Bronzer CD
"Bronzed!: Music for Bronzers by Bronzers"?
Or know what the CD cover will look like?
Or other information on this very special project?
Then go to the official CD website!
Pre-order your own copy TODAY!


amberlynne says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:08:12 2001
David Fury: Please see post on previous board. I would say more or repost it but my roommate is dragging me away to the ice cream shoppe. I will have an extra scoop for you! *g* Again, thanks for coming by!


Night Blooming Jasmine says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:08:10 2001

Hi! That is all. Well... and how's Angelfood and the little one... oh heck... you'll have E... from home

Yep... you have color.

... 'night... for now.


Mh says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:07:42 2001
Fury glad you got the colour figured out *eg* (I am a big tag dropper myself)

Slayerdaddy How about naming the fifth Ottis



Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:07:39 2001
Fury, like I said earlier:

Finally got your colors, eh? Yay!
And I'm sorry about questioning your VIPness. Forgive me please oh mighty VIP!


Olivia says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:07:04 2001
Hi, Jenny68. It has indeed been awhile. How are you? And how is work working out? I hope it has improved since we last 'spoke.'

Mr Fury: Lovely colour choice, sir! *g*



whitehorse_dreams says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:06:50 2001
Hello Fury - yes you most certainly are in glorious technicolour now :-)
Bright Blessings


Eiddileg says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:06:44 2001
Kenickie, sweetie, posting drunk? gosh, that is sooooooooooo not like you.

at *cough* all *cough*

and was it a successful trip to the pub?

and if Arctic Lurker happens to be lurking: hidey ho!


slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:06:40 2001
Fury — okay, now I believe it's you... and where's my quarter, cheapskate? BTW, you do rock, typage-wise...!


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:06:39 2001
Greetings Mr. Fury

You're in baby blue.



little cats says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:06:37 2001
bemu! *tacklehugsandsparklysnuggles!*

kenickie! *tacklehugandlovys!*

becker now we can call you big blue? *gigglesandhairrufflings!* and a *tacklehug* for good measure :)

Fury heeee! you did it! yay you!!! *sparklieconfettis in your hair!*


Allyson says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:06:36 2001
Fury You are in color..., but the real question is, when are we getting the all naked Fury cameo? Sheesh. I'm tired of naked actors...dime a dozen. I'm all about the naked writers.

What say you?


(Fri Jan 26 16:06:25 2001
27 2001

Hey Fury, color is looking good.

I read somewhere that you're from Old Bethpage, NY. I'm right around the corner in Dix Hills. Do you miss it? (I assume you live in LA.)


wolfguard says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:05:54 2001

You're quite welcome. :)

AKA Becker

I had never read Ty King's "real" inspiration for Passion. Thank you. *g*


I saw that X-Files. Enjoyed it. Do you recall the episode where the writer did a book on UFO's and the X-Files? Believe the actor playing the author was Charles Reily ???

over-posting in the spirit of David Fury



Fury says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:04:34 2001
Okay, is it working? Am I in color now?


3Cats says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:03:48 2001
I came, I saw, I posted.

SO's to the SoCal-Bronzers-!



kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:03:22 2001
jenny68 we still phone each other a lot, so i still speak to her, but how many other bronzers would bring voltaire to the board? ; )

the posting board awards where i stole jeff pruitt's car...

the monkey-owning/lesbian subtext australian newspaper debacle...

posting drunk, several times...

starting the amber is a hottie bandwagon...



one mo time says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:03:00 2001
yeah right...



vampgurl says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:01:55 2001
Hey Bronzers!
wolfguard: Thanks for the key, I've always been wondering what all of the letters meant.*g*


slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:01:48 2001
frodo —





Mulder and Scully invesitgate a series of cattle mutilations that turn out to the the work of a trailer park vampire and the ep turns into a Rashomon-like story of duelling perspectives in the retelling. Quite funny.






Jono says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:01:38 2001
Finally you got your color codes!


(Fri Jan 26 16:01:30 2001
There are people who have shouted to me since I last posted, I'll get back to you. No, really.

In lieu of other things, I'll post this great (and oddly fitting) old post:

Ty King says:
(Wed Jan 20 03:47:16 1999

The Posting Board
It lies in all of us...
And, though unwanted, unbidden...
It will stir...
Open it's jaws and howl.
It speaks to us...
Guides us...
The Posting Board rules us all...
And we obey.
What other choice do we have?
The Posting Board is the source of our finest moments...
The joy of love...
The clarity of hatred...
And the extacy of grief.
It hurts sometimes more than we can bear.
If we clould live without hte Posting Board, maybe we'd know some kind of peace...

But, we would be hollow...
Empty rooms, shuttered and dank.
Without the Posting Board,
We'd be truly dead.


gone again-Board-devotee

"Is it just me, or did you just turn into a biblling idiot."
"It's not you."


Eleni says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:01:25 2001
I've noticed that too, altho I'll reply to your message!
I did watch last week's episode of Buffy, and it was a surprise to me at what went on. Anya would have to be the most entertaining cashier/salesperson of the year...
When Glory entered Buffy's house, uninvited, she seemed somewhat negotiable at first, but i just couldn't stand the way Dawn acted towards Buffy in front of her. Also, what are those little crusty helpers of Glory called anyways? I'm interested to find out what and who Ben really is-the hospital guy.
Wonder if any of those monks are still alive? During the episodes involved with Glory hints are being dropped all the time. Like the one where Glory stomped on the floor of the warehouse, and the whole place shook.
Or she appears "sick" if she doesn't have her brain food. The counsil giving in as they did shocked me, considering the measures they took with Faith, and Buffy at first. But I do have to say Buffy's "power" speech she gave them, including the sword thrown at one of the watch guys was incredible. To know now that Glory is a god, how in the world does one defeat a god? And you know Spike absolutely loved that Buffy trusted him to protect her sister and mom. Nobody knows what this key is except Buffy, Giles, and the monks.
Also, what about these knights? I presume them to be on the good side, since the main one told Buffy that they are not fighting for Glory. Maybe they don't know about the slayer, Riley didn't know about any slayer except of the myth behind one. Wow, i wrote a lot. I'd love to discuss the whole Buffy thing, as well as Angel, I'm a lover and loyal fan to both. That might sound a bit kinky..oh well.
I can't wait for a new Buffy episode. Plus don't forget that Giles and Spike watched Passions all summer long too...just a thought.


Sarah's carl says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:01:10 2001
Remember Six hour boards?


Jenny68 correcting herself... says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:01:04 2001
horizon = horizon


Jenny68 says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:00:16 2001
Olivia - Hey, it's been months...or something. Good to see you around : )

kenickie - I miss anais and her posting presence : ( We actually live within city blocks of each other and yet she's still elusive ;-)

horizon - hey roomie, I hope things have been good with you lately *hugs*

newfan - Can I come to your house for some TLC? I'm all sore and drugged from getting the wisdoms out a couple of hours ago....

SO's to the rest I missed in my drug-induced scroll...

tylenol 3


kenickie says:
(Fri Jan 26 16:00:09 2001

Previous Posts