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Daps says:
(Fri Jul 4 07:45:16 2003
Crossover - Doing pretty well thanks, how about you?

It wouldn't have been me you were discussing Matrix:Reloaded with - I still haven't seen it! I'm definitely going to see it next week before it's gone from my cinema! The Animatrix is the short movies, right? I've seen one of them... Final Flight Of The Osiris... or something? Do the short films have a continuing/inter-related storyline?

Other cool songs from Donnie Darko:
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels
The Church - Under The Milky Way Tonight

I really enjoyed that movie. I need to finish watching the cast commentary today before the DVD needs taking back. You were discussing the commentary a while ago, if I remember rightly?

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Crossover says:
(Fri Jul 4 07:34:36 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 07:39:30 2003

Hey man. What's up?


I watched the Animatrix tonight. I can't remember if you and I talked about Matrix: Reloaded when it came out or not. I actually like the Animatrix better than Reloaded.


I do like some of the '80's stuff from Donnie Darko. If I remember correctly, Thompson Twins were in there and they're good. What else was in their that you liked?

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Daps says:
(Fri Jul 4 07:33:12 2003

I killed the board.

It's gonna change soon as well.

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Daps says:
(Fri Jul 4 06:53:30 2003
Does anyone else really love the 80s tunes that were used in Donnie Darko?

That's all I've been listening to since I saw that movie a few days ago.

Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon is my particular favourite one.

That'll be my belated CD Thursday offering for the week. :)

Hey there Crossover!

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Crossover says:
(Fri Jul 4 06:51:55 2003

That's great. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got.



That does sound like one of the times that George Carlin was filling in for Johnny Carson. That's hilarious. LOL.

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Daps says:
(Fri Jul 4 06:24:07 2003
Daps runs into the Beta trying and failing to dodge all the objects being thrown at him by ginger. "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours RULES!" he yells. A particularly heavy object hits him on the head and knocks him out.

He cannot scroll.

No? That excuse not gonna work? *g*

Alright then. :)

Good morning all!


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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 06:17:24 2003
Time for me to head out. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

If vegetarians eat vegetables what do humanitarians eat?


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Mason says:
(Fri Jul 4 06:13:02 2003
Wolfguard: Because a coat is really Joss's version of a cape. We all know chics dig capes.

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Adri says:
(Fri Jul 4 06:04:38 2003
white wings: Ah, I don't put my email addy on the board :)

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Thoin says:
(Fri Jul 4 06:03:37 2003
Everybody's going to bed. I don't understand it. Haven't they trained their beds to come to them yet?

Oh, well, I'm off. And I'm also headed bedward (my bed is totally untrainable, it won't even fetch my slippers anymore!).

Night all!


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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:58:37 2003
ducky - Best of luck on the descrambler. It sounds like a good season.

Crossover, ducky2 - Every time I think of George Carlin I think of a routine he did as a guest on some show in the '70s (may have been The Tonight Show) where he was a news anchor. I can still hear him say, "The Federal Food and Drug Administration has determined that saliva causes stomach cancer. *beat* But only when taken in small quantities over an extended period of time." And there was something about a gang of midgets running amuk with submachine guns and baseboards being shot up. But I don't remember that one as well as the first.

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Major Wiggins says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:32:02 2003
Well, time to get my beauty rest.

Night all.


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paks says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:31:28 2003
Just dropping this off.

Dachelle, Lady Ireland, Christopher Marlowe and other TARflies

Just as I was beginning to like the Supremes, they had to go and get themselves Philimenated. *sigh* But I think they gave up when when they couldn't get to the train. I know they kept saying It's not over til it's over channeling their hubbies much? but they had a look of defeat in their eyes.

Team Tangerine. Got it together and realized they had to stop with the bickering. Had I been either one of them on that train though, the first guy who groped or pinched me would have drawn back a bloody stump.

Poor Chuck. More hot and tight places. The man has serios clastrophobia. Not to mention commitment phobia. I forsee that Millie and Chuck break up after TAR.

I still don't like ChipnDale, although they were much less obnoxious this leg. Big shock for both of them to see that not everyone has a privileged upbringing.

Team Who?? is fast becoming my favorite team. Flying low under the radar and staying focused.

TeamAsshole aka Kelly and Jon simply have to go. She is such a mean spirited little bitca. I just wish she would have done the detour. *BWAH* fish-juice.

Team Clown-stop with the mugging for the camera already. I was liking you until you started up again.

Overall, the roadblocks and detours this race have been great.

At least nobody misread any clues this time. First time for this race.

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:23:46 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 05:25:55 2003
Dachelle: Yes. Yes. Yes. It's incomprehensible to me as well. I tried explaining that Hotel California would be included on most lists of the most famous rock songs ever ( regardless of whether one likes the song or not, it was, no, still is, huge ), but alas, no recognition. Btw, I'm not a big Joe Walsh fan. I like the album Hotel California, but I prefer The Eagles more country sounding songs. In fact, my favorite track off of Hotel California is New Kid in Town, which I just listened to the other day... What a gorgeous song. Anyway, even though I'm not big on Joe Walsh, I just LOVE the guitar solo from the song Hotel California. That dual, harmonizing guitar work between Mr. Walsh and Don Felder is exquisite. I never tire of hearing it. And, hey, it's good to see young people enjoying good music, no matter what era it's from. I've always liked a lot of music from before my time as well.

'Night, Beta. Sweet dreams.

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trouble says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:19:53 2003
Crossover: Okay. I surrender. But you'll have to wait till the end of the month... cc: el on earth do you scroll without getting a migraine?

*poof* to bed

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Nirvana 1 says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:15:25 2003
faithx5, thanx alot! I appriciate that! Like I said, I'm new at this and half the time, I'm afraid to touch anything cause I'm in fear of blowing up my computer!

I'm glad you did'nt totaly come to the conclusion that I can't debate logicaly or other offensive things and that you considered what I said.

Yeah, I'm not sure how to keep my posts or what Word or Notepad is, but my dad's friend will and he can tell me. Our computer has been acting up alot and he may have to re-load everything (don't know how you do that, either!). Again, I REALLY appriciate that! I'm glad I know there is a way to keep my posts!

You help kids speak English in Mexico? Thats so cool! I've wanted to go to Cambodia and help out since I was 10 (Cambodia, my other obcession! I have a folder filled with pictures from it!) and now that I'm old enough, my mom wo'nt let me go on a plain! With all thats been going on, she said if I go to an airport, they wo'nt let me in with her wrapped around my leg! She also said she'll point to me and say: "shes got a bomb!"! You seem like a really compassionate person and it is so great of you to go down there and help!

Again, thanx for the advice! That was realy considerate. Have fun in Mexico!

Well, I'm off to bed, all! Goodnight!


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Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:14:27 2003
Major Wiggins We are talking about my (nonexistent) love life.


very slow night.

And I, too, am going to bed.

Good night, folks,

Irene Adler
Refugee Priestess

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Thoin says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:14:23 2003
ducky, mixing the potato salad with your hands is the ONLY way to do it! (Actually, my sister makes the world's best potato salad and she lets me help sometimes. She doesn't use fish heads though, or fish manure, or a roto tiller. And I don't understand how her potato salad keeps coming out so good.) I've tried using my feet, but I always miss the bits around the edges that way. And my ears? Useless. They never quite reach to the bottom of the bowl. So hands? Yep, that's the way to go (though a good elbow now and then also proves quite useful).

Irene Adler, hmmm...this is sounding more serious by the moment. Taking him home to meet the folks? Already?????

And YAY on your MCAT scores! Maybe other people won't sit up and take notice, but I will!!! You GO, daughterlet!!!

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Crossover says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:11:33 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 05:19:28 2003
Old One

I sure hope you're right. Hey, did you see the broadcast where they had Mr. Ricardi talking about that awful sounding article from the Toronto Star? I was kind of amazed to hear that they would try to stir the pot by saying that having more white people than any other team in baseball was racist.

I was also surprised to hear that the media in Toronto has been snubbing the Jays. Maybe that's part of the reason why it seems like there aren't many fans at the games. Nobody knows how good the team is!



LOL. That's hilarious. I didn't know about the 'sacred cow' thing. That's great.

The last routine that I saw him do in 'You Are All Diseased' was talking about germs and driving. He did some other stuff too. He talked about the Catholic Church and how badly it's been screwing up lately. My favorite part was that whenever a germ gets near him, it is attacked by his immune system who are armed with rifles after his having swimmed in the East River when he was a boy, and all germs are shot and deposited directly in the colon. Funny stuff.

He also talked about cleaning the four key areas (teeth, armpits, groin and butt), and if you use the same brush, it's even faster. No need to bathe if you just hit the four key areas.

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slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:10:17 2003
Well, I'm turning in... nite all!

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Major Wiggins says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:09:27 2003
An unscrolled Wiggins strolls into the Bronze(bater), takes his usual seat at the bar
and orders a very tall, very cold drink.

Howdy, all! So what have I been missing, besides all the dirt on Irene Adler's love


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Thoin says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:08:17 2003
Thoin takes out a large picture of the last principal of her daughterlet's old school. This idiot is smiling smugly and has $100 bills tucked behind each ear.

Irene Adler, inspirational enough for you? Get into med school and someday you can visit this idiot, point and laugh and be so perfectly justified in doing so, that said idiot will blush themselves into an early decline.

Failing that, I could make some fudge...? {{{HUGGLES}}}

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ducky says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:07:33 2003
I make terrific potato salad. I mention this in passing, because EVERYONE who has ever eaten my potato salad says that I make terrific potato salad. And anyone who has ever had my potato salad always asks me if I will be making my potato salad. Of course, it's all a plot to make me smell like onions and hard boiled eggs for weeks at a time. To quote Buffy, "The smell comes out after many bathings." In spite of this - shall we say - redolent aura, and in spite of the awesome amount of time and effort involved in dicing and slicing (not to mention the whole thing with the radishes and the topless dancing), I still continue to make my potato salad. Why, you ask? (Okay, maybe you actually asked something completely different, but let's just stick to the simple questions tonight) I do it because I make terrific potato salad. I have, in fact, just finished making about eight pounds of terrific potato salad. And if people don't eat it, I am going to be mightily pissed. I may be mightily pissed, anyway, because there will be beer. Oh, yes, there WILL be beer.

seniorslayer I'm tee-heeing over your Derby answer to #4. Also chuckling over the garlic-laced fedora.

paks Oh, that site was funny! Do you mind if I pass that link along to a few of my friends here in RL? I especially liked the link to the poetry of Donald Rumsfield, gave me a giggle, it did! George Carlin was pretty "cutting edge" when I was younger. My Mom would never let me listen to him when she found out about the "Seven Words." Fortunately, I had headphones, so what she didn't know didn't hurt me. I think some of my favorite bits were the parochial school routines. I went to parochial school for a few years, and the "Heavy Mysteries" used to have me howling, as we used to try to come up with similar Catch-22's during Catechism.

Beldin You used the word "algorithm" in a sentence. I am now officially impressed, and somewhat ascared of you. But I will try very hard to de-scramble (unscramble?) the messed up signals from Denial Channel so that everyone can see new Buffy like I do!

BigBuffyFan7952 Well, I got no problem if you want to talk about all the new Season Eight Buffy eps, but I hope that we're watching the same episode, because it would get kind of weird if I was talking about the newest ep and find out you're talking about something else completely! And we still have to use the spoiler font until after the international friends see it, so we won't spoil anyone. (See "Supported HTML Tags at the top of the page for how to do this). I actually started watching Buffy regularly during the second half of season two, so I had to catch up. I used to have a weird work schedule where I was always on second shift, and had no VCR to tape it. I think there might still be some good links on the links page to read episode synopses if you're trying to catch up. I was fairly sad about Spike, but not quite so devastated as I was when Joyce died. Probably because of the way they built Spike's character, I sort of saw it coming. Even without reading spoilers, I think it became kind of obvious early in the season that they were heading in that direction.

Algerina Yes! I LOVE your #1 answer on the Dialog Derby! Now, if only more people would quit believing those rumors about Buffy being over...Sigh.

Crossover This would mean he's going back to his roots, which is excellent! He always had a way of looking at "traditional" things that had me splitting my sides when I was a teenager. For a while, it seemed like he was just using rehashes of all his old material, and it was coming out a little tired. I'll have to give a listen to what he's doing lately. As someone who finds a good deal of inanity in the whole political corectness bandwagon, I'll probably be chuckling along. I think his old motto used to be "Oh, look, it's a sacred cow. BARBEQUE TIME!"

Thoin !!! ducky races to hug her pal I made lots of potato salad. Mrs. GuruGuy thinks it's very odd that I mix it with my hands, but I wash my hands very thoroughly first! Seriously, I have made about four batches of it in the past six weeks, and I'll probably never get the smell of hard-boiled eggs off my hands. I never thought of using the fish heads as anything but garnish, will have to drop a few of those in next time. You must have a really big bowl for yours. I can never get the roto-tiller to fit in mine.

ducky looks around, trying to figure out what time it is. She casually looks for a digital watch, because she never has figured out the whole deal with the big hand and the little hand, and doesn't understand why a clock needs hands, anyway. It's not like a clock is going to be using its hands for important things like making potato salad or anything. Suddenly, she sees flashing digital lights on top of the jukebox, and quickly notices that it says "All the Latest Hits." This can only mean that it is very late, and if ducky does not go to bed soon, something will hit her. Thus, ducky races for the cloak room and dons her Technicolor bathrobe, Dayglo Orange nightcap and fuzzy pink houseslippers. Properly outfitted for bedtime, she heads out for her little ducky bed, to dream about potato salad, or possibly something involving Angus Mac Fadyen, Anthony Stewart Head, and feathers...

Nighty night, all!

-A simple duck that occasionally snores.

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Oblivia says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:07:16 2003
Genevieve's Lucie {{hugs}}
Hello! I plan to hang around the Beta as much as I can this weekend before I go back to the grind on Monday. I miss talking to everybody. Hopefully, I won't have any new and improved stories to tell before the weekend is over, although my entire family is coming over tomorrow for picnicing and fireworks. Anyway, I'm glad you're here.


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CorrupterofFire says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:06:58 2003
*Fire finishes her drink and tosses the bartender a few coins.* Off to pick up Cody at the fifths cottage, don't worry, I'll take the bus, and I borrowed an Andrewbot from someone.

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Dachelle says:
(Fri Jul 4 05:05:32 2003
Delurking because Oblivia's here! Hey! Haven't heard from you in a while. Tell Sarcasmo happy birthday from me :-)

Genevieve's Lucie - O.K., I just turned 25, which is only four years older than this college girl, and not only do I know who the Eagles are, I own several of their albums and some of Don Henley and Joe Walsh's solo albums, too. I find it incomprehensible, given the ubiquitous nature of "Hotel California," "Take It Easy" (which was originally a Jackson Browne song, just to show off my classic rock geekiness) and others, that she hasn't heard of them. She must have graduated from her high school under a rock and gone straight to college in a cave. Unbelievable.

I saw Holland Manners on Without a Trace tonight. It was a guest star extravaganza. Ernie Hudson and Larry of "This is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl," were on as well.

paks, Lady Ireland, Christopher Marlowe, other TAR addicts - {TAR spoilers} Wow, I loved this episode! Very intense. I was kind of sad to see the NFL wives go. I would have rather seen Kelly and Jon get kicked off. I really dislike Kelly.

While I'd love to visit India someday, I'm not sure I could have handled this leg if I'd been on the race. I could easily see myself getting sick from the heat and the cramped train (motion sickness is a huge problem for me). A lot of this leg's tasks seemed downright sadistic! What was up with Chuck at the train? He spent forever staring at it like he was trying to figure out what it was and where on earth he'd seen a shiny metal moving thing like that before. I can understand why Millie yells at him so often.

My favorite line of the episode? "Rapidito doesn't mean go fast in every language." Should have been the episode title.
{end TAR spoilers}


Thank Heaven Drew Goddard exists.

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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:58:49 2003
Genevieve's Lucie - lol. One must make allowances for the young and ignorant. Think what she's misssed and pity her. *g* I'd heard the Eagles were getting back together for a tour. Didn't know they had anything on CMT as I just tune that channel occasionally. I see I'll have to keep on it a bit more.

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Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:55:56 2003
Momlet, slayerdaddy It was NOT a date. It was just dinner with a potential friend. I do not date anymore.

Well, he's spent the last few years in Tennesee--he doesn't have a degree because he never got around to finishing it, but he's super-smart (and unmotivated). He's been a professional nanny for several years. He got tired of being a nanny, and decided to move west to be closer to his family. He loves kids. He's as upbeat and cheerful as a kindergarten teacher on steroids. Since he doesn't want to be a professional nanny anymore, and that's the only thing he likes to do, he's decided to get a 'real job' to pay the bills by going to pharmacy tech school.

We've had dinner together twice now, and both times we talked for a couple hours. He's a nice guy. Since he's new in town and doesn't know a soul, we've convinced him to come up to the parents house for the 4th (my sister and the kids will be there). We've emailed a couple of times in the last three weeks. I helped him move into his current apartment (that's how we met).

He helps my sister out with her kids and cleans the house out to earn money. And he loves to babysit.

He'd at least be a nice guy buddy.

As to my MCAT: 25,000 people took the test. They grade it on a curve, so my percentile grades are NOT like letter grades; they tell you how many people I scored better than: (rough numbers)

Verbal (11) 85-90% percentile
Physics (8) 50% percentile
Biology (10) 75-80% percentile

Overall: (29Q) 70th percentile, which puts me in the upper third.

And my writing score was also up in the 85% range

Not enough to make anybody stand up and salute, but enough to get the job done. I've started my application--this weekend I write my "Why I want to be a doctor" essay, so my Muse had better be working overtime. I need some major league inspiration.

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:50:12 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 04:53:38 2003
Beldin: I will pass on your congrats to Lucie. She's just tickled pink about doing so well. She really loves school.

I Can't Really Be That Old...Can I: Okay, so I was trying to catch up on some paperwork tonight at whup, and I had CMT on for background music. When the college girl who covers the overnight, who just had her 21st birthday in May, came in, she sat down and we were shooting the you-know-what for awhile. Anyway, a new video from The Eagles came on I didn't realize that CMT even played The Eagles, and Jen asked me who the band was. When I replied, "The Eagles", she just looked at me with a blank stare on her face. So I said something like, "Please don't tell me you have never heard of The Eagles". And she very nonchalantly replied, "Nope, why, should I have?". So, naturally, I said, "Surely you've heard Hotel California". And Jen says, "I don't think so. How's it go?" So, out of sheer frustration, I started naming every Eagles hit I could think of ( I'm a big Eagles fan ). She'd never heard of a one, until I said Desperado, and she said, "Oh, I know that song. Travis Tritt sings it." I gave up.

How is this possible? The Eagles?! Now, you know, some one hit wonder band from the seventies, I could see her not knowing. But The Eagles?! That's just not right.

Bed soon...

Edited to add...

Oblivia!!! Hello! It's good to see you here. You have the best stories. *g*

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Oblivia says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:45:29 2003
white wings Hello!!
Yes, I rescued the little stinker. Chance is still around to cause mischief another day. As for tomorrow, I'll have you know I do have bottled water, (I thought of that), and charcoal, so we can cook gas or not. And a fire extinguisher. I'm all set for the 4th of July picnic.

Oh. :-)


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Thoin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:40:01 2003
Thoin stares at her daughterlet in amazement...then TACKLEHUGS her...!

Irene Adler, FINALLY!!! I've been going NUTS worrying about you, kidlet!!!

A date? With a man? Who? When? How? Why? And does he have an older, nearsighted brother with a strong sense of humor?

Now then, about those MCAT's! Help a curious Momlet out here. How'd you do? And don't give me the raw numbers, kidlet, they make no sense to me, I have nothing to compare them with. Just tell me! I've been going nuts for WEEKS now!


I lovers you.

A date? And he held the door and everything? Wow.

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faithx5 says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:39:49 2003
My head hurts. Note to self: when opening car door, move head out of trajectory of said car door first. Also, my wrist hurts. It has for several days now, and I think it's getting worse. My dad thinks I should go to the doctor and make sure it's not carpal tunnel (sp?) or anything horrible like that. I think I just drive one-handed too often. I think I'll take a Tylenol and go read Harry Potter, which I am bound to finish before leaving on Saturday. less than 200 pages to go....I can make it...I can...

BlueBoy -- I guess I just don't see the self-check out lanes as poor service. I mean, they haven't taken away the staffed check out lanes. (Like they have taken out full-service gas pumps most everywhere.) If you want to be served, you can. And if it's a staffing thing, I can agree with you somewhat if they use the self-check out lanes as an excuse to cut so far down on their staffing that people who don't want to use them are forced to wait in lines a mile long for the normal checker. But I don't see any real difference in the stores I go to. There have always been horrendous lines at the grocery store, for all the checkers, and it's better now that some people use the self-check lanes. It's an option.

chaos813 -- Okay, now I have all sorts of dirty thoughts in my head reading that quote...never thought of it that way before! But there is definitely potential between Faith and Gunn. Actually, pretty much Faith and most everybody. On both shows.

Nirvana 1 -- Your last post to me is still in the archives...geez, some five boards back now. I got all the way back to it tonight when I was scrolling for my last one (*g*). Click previous posts at the bottom of this page or click the link for archives at the top of the page and then keep going into the archives until you find it. Do Ctrl-F for "Nirvana 1 says" and you should find it pretty quickly.

If you're not reading or keeping your previous posts so you can reference exactly what people are replying to, that could be one thing that's causing the lack of communication. There have been several times when you've seemed surprised by something I've said, when I was just responding directly to something you'd said previously. I know I haven't been the best at keeping up with the board lately, so my responses have been a long way from your posts, but if you keep a record of what you've said (save your posts in Notepad, or Word, or whatever you use to write them up, or be willing to go into the archives to look them up), our conversations might go smoother, with less misunderstanding. Just a thought.

I'm in the US, but my trip has nothing to do with Independence Day. I'm going to Mexico on a mission trip to teach kids to speak English. It's a great experience (I've been twice before), but I'll have no way to access the internet.


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CorrupterofFire says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:36:44 2003
*Fire signals the friendly bartender for a drink, looking pissed off and exhausted.* Ugh, I hate holidays.

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slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:34:33 2003
Irene Adler — slides her a pint Good lord, woman, it's like something out of a Fellini pic.

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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:33:02 2003
Genevieve's Lucie - And edited my last one for you.

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Irene Adler says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:29:16 2003
Irene Adler wanders into the bronze. She sits at the famlet couch and gives her momlet a hug. Signalling the bartender, she arranges for an icy GA/L for the momlet and a full tappet-hen of guinness for slayerdaddy

Yo. I'm actually home on my home computer this evening--drove into town to make sure the apartment hadn't burned down.

And, I had an 'undate'. I don't date anymore because they invariably end up as disasters or I get stood up. So I had dinner with the brother of my sister's best friend and we talked for two hours. And he held the door open for me. Twice. sigh

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Thoin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:29:02 2003
Slayerdaddy, well, two weeks is the recommended time, but I've gone devil-may-care and just aged 'em for a couple of days when I've been in a rush. Thanks for the drinks. Sorry about the Flaming POS. Better than an Extra Flamey POS, I suppose Please don't make that your next upgrade!

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:28:57 2003
Oops, almost forgot this: Congratulations twilight!!!

Beldin: Did you see my edit below?

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Irishrose says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:26:34 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 04:28:03 2003
Last quick drive by before bed. I'll pop in tomorrow to say hello to everyone.

White Wings There is indeed a lot of nowhere in Texas. I live in west Texas. Though we argue that it isn't really west so much as north. But the people around Dallas seem to think they are north and well, we don't want to confuse them more than they already are *g*. Not to mention, if we are west, then what exactly is El Paso? I can certainly see why people get confused when we speak. North is really east central, west is north and we have no name at all for a sizable chunk of land. lol


Night all!!!


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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:23:59 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 04:27:44 2003
white wings - Thank you. Don't know how ceremonial it'll be. I made last year's post with my bags in the pickup ready to head to SweePer's and FASTEDDIE's. This year Mrs. Beasley's shindig is the same weekend and it doesn't look like I'll make it. I'm sure that's going to affect what I say. Almost wish I hadn't thought of it now. I do better with the spur-of-the-moment posts.

Genevieve's Lucie - WOW!! I'll just bet you're proud of her! Pretty, athletic and a brain too. That's wonderful. Congratulate her for me.

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ShadowQuest says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:21:50 2003
ShadowQuest is fading fast. But she makes a valiant effort to post one last time before a week-long dry spell.

Name That Episode

"Snyder, you alive in there?"

Special Fiance Smootches to AussieBullDogstudly.

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"And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free/And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me..." - Lee Greenwood, "God Bless the USA"

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slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:19:18 2003|
thoin — slides her a GA-L But how long do you age the fish heads?

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:16:50 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 04:24:32 2003
BlueBoy: Ooh, I really like Sister by The Nixons too. As for Possum Kingdom, I'd always thought the song was from the perspective of a psychopath, who was asking his girlfriend to meet him behind the boathouse, around the lake tonight, because he was going to kill her. However, a few months ago, I was surfing the 'Net out of sheer boredom and I came across a website that interprets the song differently. They whoever they are said the song was about a guy who's a vampire and is going to sire / turn / make his girlfriend. I promise you, you'll stay as young and beautiful, with pale skin and dark hair forever... Do you wanna die...

Beldin: I'm sorry about the financial setback. I really hope you can make it. As for Lucie, nope, this accomplishment was academic, not athletic. Back in May, the entire second grade took a week long standardized test. We got her scores in the mail this past Tuesday. Overall, Lucie scored in the 95th percentile, which means that she did better than roughly 95% of second graders in the country!!! The test was broken down into twelve different sections. Lucie's highest score was in spelling, she scored in the 99th percentile. She scored in the 97th for reading. Her lowest scores were in the three math sections, but she still scored way above the national average. I don't have the paper in front of me, but I'm pretty sure her math scores were 83rd, 85th and 87th percentiles. Go Lucie! We are all very proud of her.

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Old One says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:13:04 2003
OldManFan - what will I be doing? Should I be worried? You mean unpacking, cleaning.. Hey, we have one of those central vacs.. Neat. I even enjoyed vacuuming.. Is that too pathetic for words?

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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:12:59 2003
Genevieve's Lucie - Serena will win. Again. As I've mentioned before, I don't like watching either of them so the women's draw is over for me. I saw the end of Roddick's match. I'd like to see him go all the way. I remember that post. I saved it so I'll have to go back and read it so I won't repeat myself. I've tried my best to make it to the SJBWiAO and a couple of days ago I was about ready to make hotel reservations. But a couple of extra expenses and two weeks without income has set me back so far I don't think I'll be able to make it. How are the girls doing? I saw someone posted praise for Lucie but didn't see what was the reason (other than being Lucie, of course). I assume she triumphed at a gymnastics meet?

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CorrupterofFire says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:12:43 2003
AussieBullDog, you were always power hungry, it just took a fan club to bring it out of you!

Kaymyth, well, you seem to have done that to a few people. CarpeDi isn't too happy about it.

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white wings says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:12:19 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 04:14:31 2003
Everyone be careful! Oblivia's on vacation!

twilight - Congratulations!

wolfguard - The problem with C/A (apart from the other problem that a lot of people would never buy into it) was that the writers established what looked logical - but they had to alter both characters to make it believable. I didn't find either character change to be believable or interesting. Cordelia's was more so, until she turned out to know how to comfort grief-stricken people. That crossed a line and I couldn't follow. Unfortunately, then she was not interesting (to me). Angel just seemed to change from Angel to a walking joke - and a teenaged one at that. I didn't grasp how they got from point A to point B with him (except by letting DB play himself). I didn't find it humorous after a while, and I couldn't respect it. (ETA: I mean Angel with DB's mannerisms as I've seen him on talk shows, not DB himself, since I've never met him)

I think that if they actually want to salvage the show for more than one year, they are going to have to have Angel get ahead of the game from time to time, and actually be shown to have some intelligence, not simply be the easily-manipulated pawn of whoever is really in charge. Perhaps not always, but often enough that we don't see him as a total failure. It really saddened me that we never saw Buffy growing up emotionally except to actually realize that she wasn't even half-baked.

p.s. Joss was careful to give hints about the Second Union. *g* OTOH, he said (in the guise of the Master) that "we" would find out a lot more about ourselves. Spike did find out that he'd never get what he'd worked for, so I guess the "pathetic schmuck" turned out. All Buffy found out was that she didn't know what she was or would be. Promises, promises.

Oblivia - ROTFLManklesO! I'm very glad that you rescued Chance. I'm glad that you had no flat tires. It doesn't seem to have been too restful, though. Do you have a lot of containers of water in case they cut it off while your family is there?

Have a safe 4th!

paks - Narrator has nothing to do with my being RIGHT about the BBS, who is alive.

roja - I'm glad you are surviving, even with the deprivation.

faithx5 - It seems to me that people said the Moloch game once executed, but that it was rather simple. It was under construction all the time I posted at the Bronze. *g*

Beldin - Five years? Congratulations in advance. A ceremonial post would be appropriate.

Preview is our friend! Repeat Yay Artie

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slayerdaddy says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:11:50 2003
Yes! Finally got the G3 back online. I haven't got a nickname for this thing yet but "Flaming POS" suggests itself...

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valMichael says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:11:09 2003
ShadowQuest What you have there is what's know in the parlance as "Power Music!" Those are excellent pieces though.

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OldManFan says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:10:41 2003
Old One - no need to ask you what you'll be doing this weekend, now that you have a house. *g

Oblivia - it's just a great name.


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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:06:13 2003
Old One - Thank you.

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:04:17 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 04:08:21 2003
Beldin: So, I watched most of the Williams - Henin-Hardenne (sp?) and the Roddick matches. I have to say that I was glad to see Serina win. Okay, right now, what's your prediction...Venus or Serina in the final? Part of me wants to say Venus, because she's due, but Serina looked mighty impressive in her semi-final win.

Btw, I'm sure your 5 year anniversary post will be something special. I remember last year, you made a post just as you were heading out for SJBW3. You talked about how much the Bronze / Beta community means to you. It was very touching.

valMichael: Thanks for the update on the "dingoes ate my baby" case. I was not aware that bones had been found matching the parents' DNA. If I recall correctly, wasn't there some religious bigotry involved as well, the family were part of a community of I believe Seventh Day Adventists, who were not looked upon favorably by others in the area.



Preview before posting...preview before posting...preview before posting...

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Thoin says:
(Fri Jul 4 04:03:29 2003
ducky! You stole my potato salad recipe! (Pssst...I use fish heads as well as fertilizer for more texture and the roto tiller fits in MY bowl!)

White Wings, you found a stash of Cadbury eggs????? WHERE?????

Ah, the pupper's thingy...always faithful, that puppers...

I'm thinking perhaps it's time the WIT characters and objects got a chance to come out and play...I'm being unfair in lumping Yoshi in this category, but I'm gonna do it anyway, just 'cause I can.

AussieBullDog's Dialogue Derby

1. Buffy: Sorry.
The Friendly Bartender (in a strangled tone): That's all right, I suppose giving you an extra couple of cherries in your drink wouldn't have killed me...much faster than this will, anyway.

2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
Yoshi: Was it my plan for World Domination? Or my adorable smile and short stature? Just thought I'd warn you, though, you're really not my type. I like girls. And humans who aren't obnoxious sociopaths. I'm fussy that way.

3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
Xander: I don't know, I was just standing here and this horde of tiny, shiny...creatures raced out and swarmed all over me. They were giggling and one had a big piece of drapery in its mouth. Another was clenching something that looked like cat fur and this other one had some old lady's hat on it's head. Did I mention the giggling? It was creepy. I'm not sure I'm ever gonna stop shaking. And they went through my pockets and stole my pens and one of them tried to chew on my hair! I was clear about the creepiness, right?

4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
The BBS: I do SO know exactly what I want! I want to remain decently dead. But these people keep digging me up and insisting that I be alive and it's all very upsetting. I LIKE being dead. Don't they understand that? You'd think after Buffy got dragged out of heaven they'd have learned to leave me be, but NO. They have to go digging me up and dragging me out all the time. I'm DEAD, people!!! I want to stay DEAD!!! Sigh...

5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
The Friendly Bartender: No, I'm serious. The management decided to discontinue the onion blossom. We still have the hot wings, except we're out of them at this particular moment. I've got those little taco roll-up thingies if you want a plate of those. Or potato skins. Please don't bite me, sir. I've already had to give free drinks to both Thoin and ducky today and I can't take much more.

6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
Yoshi: Me! Got any walnut quesadillas?

7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
Cabana Boy: Well, actually I was hoping you'd ALMOST wear it. I've got my hidden camera all set up and everything.

8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
Thoin opens The Purse of Doom...

9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
Kilted Hottie: We were taken in a Daring Raid and though a Rescue Attempt was launched on our behalf, we fought it off successfully and were able to stay here, where the women know how to appreciate a man in a skirt!

10. Angelus: That's really pathetic.
Thoin pauses in her torture of some hapless Bronzer and turns a cold eye on Angelus...who gulps and finds an Elsewhere to be...quickly.

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Old One says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:59:21 2003
Oblivia - thank you. :0) and sorry, but lol about your evil cat... You are having a holiday..

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wolfguard says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:57:59 2003
chaos813 fickleshipper,

With Angel's walking away, some B/A'ers became like prophets. They'd always find a clue pointing to the Second Union. Have faith. *g*

Spuffies, on the other hand, were often running around trying to explain platty boy's behavior as being misunderstood. Okay, he drank blood from the victim Dru killed, but he was just being polite.

They're all dreamers. *g*

I think Joss left enough ambiguity in Chosen for either group to find solace. And even if Joss did not, they'd still find hope. It's the nature of the beast. *g*

Before the last few episodes, SMG said in an interview that she'd love to do a guest spot on any spin-off, provided Joss did not kill Buffy. :)

Yay Artie

Good Night to All


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Old One says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:53:21 2003
Beldin - wow, you are an oldster. :0) Early congrats.

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Oblivia says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:53:01 2003
Hey there OldManFan!
Sarcasmo is my charming son. A grown up now, I admit. (I was nine when he was born.) His vacation luck is notably better than mine when on his own, but when we're together, my vacation curse is pretty unstoppable. The last time we drove down to the ocean together, two or three years ago, the closer we got, the harder it rained. By the time we crossed the bridge into town, roads were being closed, the electricity was out, and emergency crews were moving people out of the lower areas. At one point, Sarcasmo and I just laughed hysterically. Yes, we are on vacation again. Anyway, it's good to see you again OldManFan.

seniorslayer {{hugs}}
I want to hear it all. Maybe I should call you on the phone one night.
I should be able to hang out at the Beta this weekend though. I am determined not to work. And when I'm not working, I like to write.

Old One {{hugs}} Ok, I will email you.
And Covergirl, it is always a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Yes, it has been work keeping me away from the Beta. I work all the time. I am a lazy person trapped in a workaholic's existence. It's a mistake, I'm telling you. And I have grand plans to scale back, but it will take some doing. Of course, with vacations like mine to rest and rejuvenate me, who knows what I can accomplish?

Believe it or not, and trust me, I'm not trying to be funny, my evil cat Joey just had a diarrhea attack on my bed, so I have to go boil the mattress or something. I'll catch you later this weekend.


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Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:48:21 2003
Wow. That last bit about my first post I mentioned to BigBuffyFan7952 made me realize that two weeks from today will be my five year anniversary. I must work on a fitting post.

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Old One says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:48:15 2003
Crossover - Oh ye of little faith!! They are in a minor slump and will once again go on a nice winning streak, especially after the All Star Break. Now if they can only stay close enough for it to matter. Glad Boston lost, it keeps them from gaining more ground..

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Nirvana 1 says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:39:57 2003
faithx5, hey! How ya doing? Are you leaving for the holiday (unless you are'nt in the USA) Saturday?

I'de love to continue to debate with you and I don't see you as an anti-Spike at all! I do like how you said you don't feel "we're not really communicating with a high level of logic and focus" instead of implying that I lack the ability to do so entirely! In all honesty, so much has gone on that I don't totaly remember what I last posted to you. Is there a way I can review it (again, I'm new at this) somehow?

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ShadowQuest says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:37:08 2003
CD Thursday

My Classical burned cd, which includes such thunder as:

The Festival Overture from Tchaicovsky's "1812" (appropos given the fireworks show I just watched)

Richard Wagner's (I'm reading that w/an accent!) "Ride of the Valkyries" from "The Ring of the Nibelung" (Reminds me of an NPR funny...)

Stravinski's "Augurs of Spring" from "Rite of Spring"

"Also Spracht Zorathustra" by Johann Strauss

Modeste Mussorgsky's "St. John's Night on the Bare Mountain", aka "Night on Bald Mountain"

(Hmm... "Prepare to have your spines tingled and your gooses bumped by...Fantasia?")

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Molly says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:32:36 2003
YaY Artie
Thanks for *counts on fingers* two years of a great board!

I see folks have been partaking in some hearty *thunking* of late. So sorry I missed it. But who knows, the opportunity may soon arise again.

ABD's Dialogue Derby - I Only Have Eyes For You Consider #1 a shout-out to my friend Meredith, who does indeed eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches.

1. Buffy: Sorry.
Willow: It's okay, just never make me a peanut butter sandwich again.
Xander: Hey, what's this jar of mayonnaise doing here?

2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
Giles: Hmm, dimmed lights, candles, Barry Manilow...
Snyder: *girlish giggle*
Giles: Uh-oh...

3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
Xander: Spike tried to frisk me. I got away just in time.
4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
Snyder: Oh, I think I do, Rupy.
Giles: Please leave. This is very disturbing.

5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
Angelus: I knew you'd enjoy costumes.
6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
Buffy: I'll eat anything as long as it doesn't start with "Vege" and end with "mite."
7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
Joss: Believe me, it's nothing compared to the clothes we'll have you wearing in a few years.
8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
Spike: Just be thankful Dru enjoys picking the corns off blokes' feet.
9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
Xander: The Far Side is just too advanced for some people.
10. Angelus: That's really pathetic.
Xander: Don't you insult my Vegemite sandwich.

I apologize for the Snyles that snuck in there. I don't know what came over me.

Should I be worried that the word Fraith pops out at me whenever I see it posted? *g*

^ v
Crossover says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:29:43 2003

Oh my goodness, that is a wicked funny site. Gosh that's good. I'm glad to know that there are other Carlin lovers out there.


Sorry about your Red Sox' with the Tampa's tonight. Gosh that's frustrating.


Sorry to be ignorant, but what's a niblet? Is it a baby? That's wonderful if it is. I caught a little of what you're up to from other posts and it all sounds great. You must be so happy, and relieved that the move is over with and that things are coming together.


George Carlin seems to go after political correctness more than anything now. Anything where people try to keep things clean or prove themselves superior to society, he's after them.

Old One

Yes, indeed, they lost again. It wouldn't surprise me if Mr. Ricardi gives up on the division and starts bringing up a lot of pitching from the minors and sending other people down to see what he's really got in the way of minor league pitching. I may be wrong though. We'll see.

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chaos813 says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:29:22 2003
Wolfguard--Your exceptionalness is duly noted. *g* You seem to have a little bit more of an open mind toward "Buffy's" progression as well as the events on "Angel". What makes your stance different, (if I am understanding it correctly), is that even though you were not pro-"Spuffy", it wasn't because you necessarily had to have Buffy and Angel be together forever. It seems the usual is either pro-Spuffy/don't really care about Angel or pro-Angel/hate Spuffy; with about half of the later hating Spuffy but o.k. with Spike and the other half totally anti-Spike, convinced that Spike ruined the show. Seeing as you would have liked more core-four emphasis in the later seasons, would you have killed Spike off sooner? How did you feel about the Oz, Riley, Anya and/or Tara story-lines?
The cynic in me knows that B/A and B/S love stories will end according to whether or not SMG agrees to appear on Angel, or will be left open for viewers to decide and much like in "Chosen", B/A and B/S fans will both find enough to point to for their happy ending. If Joss does ever make a final either/or statement, I think he will have Buffy choose Angel, but will give Spike a new love or higher purpose to alleviate some of the angst. I don't say this as a B/A shipper,(as I am a fickle-shipper and was suckered into both relationships*g*), but because I don't see Joss ever having Buffy pick Spike over Angel. It will be interesting to see how much, if at all, this triangle plays into the future on "Angel".

Faithx5--I hear the "ewwww" to Connor shippage *g*. I just had to put something a little less "Taboo-Vampire Style" to counter the icky, ickyness of ConCord. I'd be all for a Funn arc--I've been trying to read "hook-up potential" into:

Faith: I hear you're a good fighter.
Gunn: I hold my own.
Faith: That's a shame.

What do you think?

^ v
valMichael says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:25:17 2003
faithx5 That a reasonable assumption, but I doubt that relativist is what a "personal" atheist would use.

I love your conclusion after doing Mr.Holtz's quiz! "I must rewatch all seven seasons of Buffy!" I may have to rewatch them also.

^ v
Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:24:49 2003
BigBuffyFan7952 - It seems we're spending more time telling you what not to do than anything else but we're really not trying to be mean or anything, just trying to guide you on how to fit in. It takes a while, as it does anytime you move into a new community. And that is what you're doing. Regarding your question to ducky, it's long been an unwritten code at the old Bronze and here that once someone comes up with a trademark or schtick no one else copies it, whether Asantis wings (I know you don't know what that is) or ducky's reviews. Take your time, scroll and read the boards, join in conversations. You'll eventually find your niche. I lurked 17 days, reading every single post on the board, before I made my first post. It just takes time.

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wolfguard says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:23:54 2003


Touche. *g*


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BlueBoy says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:23:39 2003
Yay Artie!!!

CD Thursday
The Cult – Sonic Temple
Fuel – Sunburn
INXS – Greatest Hits
Rush – Hold your Fire

Sorry to hear about your dad, but glad your brother is doing better.

Genevieve’s Lucie
That Toadies song was a favorite of a local cover band my friends and I used to see most weekends a few years back. Every time I hear it, it still brings back great memories:) Sister by The Nixons has the same effect.

Yeah I can understand kids fascination with those machines. As for your mom, honestly it would never even occur to me to bag my own groceries either. I would feel like I was being impatient and insulting towards the checker/bagger by doing so. Plus wouldn’t that be a union violation or something? Like I said, I enjoy grocery shopping and am willing to pay a little more at the nicer stores, but part of what I’m paying for is better service.

Nope, not at all opposed to pay at the pump, in fact I love it and use it all the time. The difference being pay at the pump is a true convenience and the “work” required is so minimal, it’s not really like I’m being asked to do someone else’s job.

So was that a yay or nay for self checkout lanes?

Myst, Smidge
sigh Well it looks like Genevieve’s Lucie, ShadowQuest, and Christopher Marlowe may be somewhat sympathetic to our plea to abolish self-checkout lanes but unfortunately there are quite a few who have embraced the vile machines.

eirefaerie, tiggy, faithx5, Dogmeat, Paks, Cashmere

Ok here’s the deal. I get the whole not wanting to deal with incompetent people, I’m not thrilled with that either. It’s just the store’s “solution” is the exact same crap I used to pull on my dad to get out of trimming the lawn. If I screw it up bad enough, he’ll just do it himself.

The other thing is the grocery store I saw this lane in is a rather expensive nice upscale store, at least by grocery store standards; and the employees are actually pretty good. I don’t mind paying a little more but part of what I’m paying for is better service. I guess my rant is really as much about how we’ve largely just come to accept poor customer service as the norm.

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white wings says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:15:48 2003
Yay Artie
Happy Birthday Brandi the Slayer

Adri - *shudder* The things you think up in the *gudder* are appalling. Simply appalling. *virtuous looks*

Kaymyth - I'm sorry about your step-dad. Your brother, however, seems to be keeping his spirits up. *g*

Dogmeat - You are very generous with your chocolate. I don't wish to be ungrateful, but I'm not a great fan of chocolate-covered cherries. However, with a bit of sleight-of-hand ...white wings deftly sneaks a Cadbury's Creme Egg from the pile left for Ojagwers and leaves the chocolate-covered cherries. Ojagwers still has many eggs, and now the cherries.

May I offer you fudge in return? *g*

Daps - I'm beginning to think that W&H's planned apocalypse is just an ever-receding plot-promise that is nothing more than an excuse for an unfollowable story line. Like Jasmine's arrival seemed to be the final event of an extremely strange and jerky set of arcs even without the retcon of S3, however much I liked certain aspects of each of the arcs and loved the retcon. Unless Jasmine herself will turn out to have been manipulated by W&H to get Angel in line. Wheels within wheels. Am I being cynical?

Daps, Adri - It's really been common for people to dash in, ask a question, and say "everybody email me". Not just recently, but forever. I think it must be an established protocol in a chatworld we don't wish to comprehend. But giving it out - while unwise, you risk it anytime you put it on the board for off-board contact, because anyone could see it. Best to use an eaddy that gives no information and could be dropped.

el - Whew! I'm glad that I mistook the bit about correcting crochet errors. I know I'm not expert, but that seemed too much of a leap. *g* Pretty blue gelcaps of Advil helped the gardening morning-afters. *g* Good luck with the painting.

trouble - Yup, never an easy answer. Um, I don't know about the scarf. *g* You could try it. If there's that much difference, you might consider *shudder* ripping it out past the tight part. Of course if it is mohair, that could be a problem.

nik - Heee! When I left school, my father told me he wouldn't let me starve, but the horse was my problem. It was an incentive. ;-) That was a long time ago. '73. Austin does Eventing now? I used to be on the outskirts of organized events. Some friends and I owned some horses jointly and did some showing (unsuccessfully *g*). It was all hunter-jumper in those days. We moved to a pasture and puttered around for years - we had a sanded area and lights and home-made jumps, though. Dressage became fashionable after that. Now I guess it's the combo with cross-country. I haven't ridden in a long time, and my last horse is now retired up in San Saba with the last horse one of my friends had. I'm glad others keep up the fanaticism tradition.

Irishrose - Now I know I've been skimming. There's a lot of Nowhere in Texas. What part of it do you live in the middle of? North, south, east, west, central?

halfrek - Ah well, it wasn't as hard as it might have been. *g* Good luck, and don't let the roses be a pain in the butt.

I needed to knit up my yarn before the last two or three shopping sprees. *g* But I decide to knit something else, and need yarn for it, and while I'm in the store ... One reason I work on small projects is so that I can move to different yarns/colors before too long.

I thought beading wouldn't be a problem. Beads don't take up as much room as yarn. *cough*

That box in the back bedroom? Oh, well, I used to sew for more than simple repairs. Cloth ...

eirefaerie - It's gay eirefaerie bashing day today? But ... but ... when I was growing up, see, people didn't discuss that kind of thing. Not with me. So I didn't get in the habit. I could try to cobble up some kind of abuse at need. After all, there are always Aggie jokes to adapt (or newspapers to read) but I feel I wouldn't reach a high standard. I feel so inadequate. Just generic rudeness, I think I could handle that if I felt inspired.

And that's up to 6pm. Gone scrollin'

^ v
Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:13:46 2003
wolfguard - Otherworld Online Provider Service

^ v
Nirvana 1 says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:08:48 2003
paks, I think the problem is that we are misunderstanding eachother (or I am misunderstanding you). We started this so long ago and its taken you so long to post back and I have made so many other posts here and at the C&S, that perhaps I'm not remembering what started this: something about Spike and getting a soul. Its been a while and I guess I should've said that in the first place.

If it seems I'm ignoring what you are saying, I apologise. I just may not understand it, is all. In all honesty, I feel kind of the same way about YOUR posts as you do mine, only I'm too shy to say something about it and am afraid I'm gonna insult you. I also feel a little like a broken record (please don't take that wrong).

However, if we did understand eachother clearly, we could both sound logical to eachother, but I can't force you to post to me so thats up to you ofcourse.

On a lighter note, thanks for the congrats on my cousin! I can't wait to see him!

And of course I'm gonna take it personal! I'm gonna be 19 Saturday and you made me sad (I kid, I kid!).

^ v
Thoin says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:07:25 2003
Thoin, who has been absent for Too Long due to yucky Real Life (EVIL!), bursts in from the Lurkage and heads straight for the Friendly Bartender with fire in her eye...and a large sharp object in her left hand...

The Friendly Bartender weighs his options, decides his loved ones would miss him too much, and serves up a frosty gingerale-and-lime without comment. And then steps well back as Thoin heads for the comfy famlet couch...

O.k., I'm back. Unwept, unhonored and unscrolled. Anything good going on?

^ v
ShadowQuest says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:06:02 2003
ShadowQuest is slightly blind and partially deaf.

But, OH BABY was it worth it! Hoo! What a fireworks show!

I had a prime spot - I sat on the trunk of my car.

If it was so loud for me a couple miles away that it shook my car a few times, I can't imagine what it had to have been like at Ground Zero.

And, I get to do it all over again tomorrow night in Oshkosh!


^ v
faithx5 says:
(Fri Jul 4 03:00:25 2003

Yay Artie!!!

tiggy, white wings -- Ah, I actually remember the Moloch's Revenge non-game, at least at the WB site...I went there a good bit, but was always intimidated by the Bronze portion of it to post or anything. But I remember wondering if the game was ever going to come up. Guess it never did, huh? *g*

SheBit -- *waves* back, even though I'm sure you're not here now, much like I had already left when you *waved* at me yesterday. *g* I haven't been around as much lately. The whole working thing...keeps me from either posting all day or staying up all night to post. :(

Daps -- Oh, was that you predicting the onslaught of chatters if the chatroom closed? Hehe...I forgot. Job going fine. Except it's so dang timeconsuming! I mean, 9-6 every day, that's like...half my waking hours! Sheesh. ;)

Kaisa -- Thanks for the cakes. *g* They have been overdue! And lame dances, also appreciated. But rhythm is important, on that. :p )

redwitch, HumVee, Daps -- I haven't had time to really read your posts about Harry Potter and reading and seeing the movies and stuff yet, but the bits I've skimmed have been quite interesting. I plan on reading it fully, but I doubt I'll be able to until I get back from Mexico on the 12th. By which time everyone will have forgotten about the conversation anyway. :( I just didn't want you guys to think I wasn't interested! Please, if you do keep talking about it...or Harry Potter...or books in general...keep ccing me.

redwitch -- Specifically on the ways of reading topic: It used to be a conscious thing for me not to read straight through a series. Kind of like pacing myself...spreading things out...making myself read other things in between, both so I read more different kinds of things, and in order to lengthen the amount of time I had reading the series. Because to me, the anticipation and the not knowing what's going to happen is almost better than finding out what happens. I absolutely HATE finishing books that I've really enjoyed reading. Now it's not as conscious, because I'm so used to spreading series out that I don't even think about it...I just do it naturally. (Even on individual books, I'm more likely to be in the middle of like four at one time and read a chapter a day in each one than read straight through one before starting another one.)

Your comment about forgetting what you've read...I do that too! I rarely remember the exact ending of books, or the catalyst that caused the resolution to be able to take place, or who actually did the crime and how in mysteries. It's weird, cause I have a really good memory on most things. I've decided that it's part of the not-wanting-to-finish thing. I don't want the ending to come, I enjoy the reading (the journey...*g*) more, and am more interested in the conflicts than in the resolution. Thus, I remember the beginning and middle, the characters, the language, etc., but not the ending.

chaos813 -- Faith and Gunn would be cool, I think. And I specifically left off Dawnnor because....ew...I have an intense dislike of Connor, and pretty much any ship that contains him. *g* Spuffith! LOL. Spike with two Slayers...that would be wild.

ABD -- Well, Frillow may not be as creative as Fraith, but it has better chances of actually happening...and working out if it did happen. :p

Nirvana 1 -- It's been days since your last post to me, because I've been neglectful and non-posty and haven't answered you. *g* I'm going out of town Saturday, and know I won't have time to respond to you properly before I go. So, if you like, I can pick the debate back up in a week when I return, or drop it. I don't care. I'm getting to the point where I'm defending a position I never even held (because I'm not anti-Spike, and actually like his redemptive arc quite a lot) simply for the sake of arguing it. *g* Which I can keep doing, if you want to. Although, I kinda feel like paks, that we're not really communicating with a high level of logic and focus.

Turk -- Ah, I guessed you might've meant Touch of Evil. *g* Good movie. Probably my favorite Welles movie. I've never even read Othello. Probably the only major Shakespeare play I haven't read, actually. Well, we read Julius Caesar in high school, and I didn't actually read it...but I listened to everyone discuss it and everything. *g* So what's your super-hacker-proof password now? "6"? :p

faithx5 finds a musty Notepad file, blows the dust off of it, and posts these written-and-forgotten-about least, she thinks they're unposted...they could possibly be twice-posted...*shrug*

*Sunburst* -- Splodey. Good Fifth name. *g* You hadn't mentioned it, so I wasn't sure you'd seen it. I'll leave it to you to hand the Fifth over to the proper parties, then. I get the no having time to post... *sigh* It's all I can do to not-quite-keep-up with whatever "discussion" is currently going on. *eg*

dudley -- No, I hadn't seen Pastor Steve's Buffy Page. Thanks for the link. It's interesting. I always enjoy seeing Christians rate Buffy highly, because it so deserves it (obviously *g*), instead of lambasting it without having even seen it. Christianity Today did a good article a few months ago, too. Yeah, that was probably me on Calvinism. *g* Limited atonement is most likely the hardest part of 5 point Calvinism to accept. Because it involves election, which is difficult, because it seems to contradict free will so entirely. It's certainly the part I've struggled with the most.

valMichael -- That's a decent definition of atheism, and the difference between atheism and your "untheismists". Thanks. I was having prefix fun. *g* But yes, it's one thing to merely believe in something and another to trust in something. That's what I was getting at. When I say "I believe in God," I mean that I put my trust in him, not just that I believe He exists. I believe in my cat--I believe she exists, but I don't trust her with anything more valuable than a plastic plate. If I read what you said correctly, the big difference between your positive athiesm and personal atheism is relativism. (Tell me if I'm putting words into your mouth...I'm just trying to understand the full extent of what you said.) It sounds as though a positive athiest is an absolutist. "God does not exist." Whereas the personal atheist would say "I do not believe God exists," but perhaps would not say that those who do believe that God exists are wrong? Thus being a relativist. Am I right? Or am I adding things to what you said?

CD Thursday
Evanescence - Fallen
Daredevil Soundtrack

dudley's PC Techie Quiz cause I'm board at work:

1. What type of computer do you have ( Mac /PC and brand)?
Dell Inspiron 8000 notebook, and I use my Dad's Dell desktop a lot, too.
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind?
Well, two if you include my dad's...see above.
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.)
Both have Windows XP.
4. Favorite/Most used Applications?
Hmmm...Internet Explorer 6.0. *g* Also, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Macromedia Dreamweaver.
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online?
Lately, like 2 hrs a day. But when I had no job, like 8 hrs a day. Online for most of that.
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ?
Uh...I'll go with 7 software and 3 hardware.
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats)
The Slayers would have PDA cellphones with wireless internet. Then, back at Central Command (aka Casa Summers, or now, possibly somewhere-in-Cleveland), there would be a T1-connected computer for fast internet research, a nice database to keep track of monsters (in case the server for goes down), and yes, I did steal that idea from wolfguard. *g* Oh, but then there'd be a fancy Alienware model with tons of RAM and top of the line video and sound cards, so Xander and Andrew could face off in the video game of their choice. That one would have video out, which would be hooked into the giant TV screen so they could play games on that...oops, forgot and started spec-ing out my future setup.... *g*

Mr. Holtz's Seven Seasons Quiz

Seven seasons, five questions on each season. (S7 questions are spoiler fonted, as should your answers be).

1: What was the first line ever spoken in the series, and who said it?
*I think Darla said it...but I can't remember what it was...*
2: Which actress, who would appear in Buffy as another character later on in the series, was offered the role of Cordelia, only to turn it down at the last minute?
*Elizabeth Anne Allen?*
3: In which episode did Xander utter the immortal line; ‘I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away’.
*Damn, I wish I's so immortal that it's completely disconnected from its context for me.*
4: Who was the witch in ‘Witch’?
*Catherine Madison*
5: Complete this Master quote: ‘You still don’t understand your place in all this. You’re not the hunter’ what comes next?
*You're the prey?*

1: In which episode of this season does Jonathan make his first ever appearance?
*Inca Mummy Girl -- but he was in the unaired pilot, too, I think, wasn't he? Waiting in line to enter the Bronze. Maybe it wasn't Danny Strong, though.*
2: What instrument does Buffy play in Spike’s ‘band’?
*Bass...or drums...*
3: What is Jenny Calendar?
*Computer science teacher at Sunnydale High, technopagan, Giles' love, member of the Kalderash gypsy tribe (Janna Kalderash), and victim of Angelus.*
4: Translate the phrase ‘nici mort, nici al fiente’ into English.
*Nici dead, nici to the fiente. So I'm missing a few words! *g**
5: "Who died and made you Elvis?" Who said that, who did they say it to, and in which episode?
*Sounds like Cordelia*

1: In the episode ‘Anne’, who was Anne?
*Buffy, then Chantarelle/Lily*
2: Name all the recurring characters that died in ‘Graduation Day’.
*Larry, Harmony, Principal Snyder, Mayor Wilkins*
3: In the alternate Wishverse, where was Buffy before Giles called her to Sunnydale?
4: In which two episodes did the Mutant Enemy monster do something different this season?
*I have no idea. Not even a bad guess. Okay, one guess. He has on a graduation cap at the end of Grad Day Part II.*
5: Name Xander’s zombie ‘friends’ in ‘The Zeppo’.
*Their names? I have no idea. Dead guys. Icky. Annoying.*

1: What are Graham and Forrest’s (Riley’s Initiative buddies) surnames?
*Don't know.*
2: Which regular guest star appears for a total screen time of five seconds this season?
*Elizabeth Anne Allen, when Willow briefly turns her human again in Something Blue.*
3: In which episode does Anya confess to actually being in love with Xander?
*Fear, Itself?*
4: In ‘Fear, Itself’, what were the Scoobies’ fears?
*Xander-that his friends wouldn't notice him. I don't remember the others...I remember the ones from Nightmares...*
5: In which episodes are Riley and Spike added to the opening credits?
*I didn't pay attention to that when I was watching that Initiative....and....Something wrong guesses*

1: When Dracula tells Buffy, ‘You think you know what you are, what’s to come, you haven’t even begun’, he is echoing a line from another episode. Who said it first and when?
*Tara, speaking for the First Slayer in Restless.*
2: Who said "Glory isn’t a demon. She’s a god"?
*Quentin Travers in Checkpoint.*
3: When does Spike first openly admit to being in love with Buffy?
4: What was the name of the Knight of Byzantium who Glory brainsucked?
*No idea.*
5: In which episode does Joyce die?
*I was gonna say The Body, but you're tricky! It's the one before that...I Was Made to Love You.*

1: Complete the following verse from ‘Walk Through The Fire’

She came from the grave much graver,
First I’ll kill her, then I’ll save her,
Everything is turning out so dark."

What comes next? Bonus points for including what Sweet sings over this verse.
*"No, I'll save her, then I'll kill her,
I think this line's mostly filler,
This I can't remember 'cept for 'spark.'"

2: Tom Lenk, who plays Andrew, was in Buffy prior to this season. Which season was it, who did he play, and in which episode?
*He was? That's cool! I'll have to look for that.*
3: Who helps Warren defend himself against Willow in ‘Villains’?
4: Who wrote the episode ‘Seeing Red’?
*Marti Noxon?*
5: What’s different about Riley this season?
*Um...he's married, and he's not as annoying?*

SEASON 7 (spoiler fonted for those who have yet to see it)
1: Is the actress who played Nikki Wood (Principal Wood’s mother, and the Slayer that Spike killed in the ‘70s) the same actress as played her in ‘Fool For Love’?
2: Which actor guest starred as two different characters this season, and what were they?
Camden Toy. Gnaarl, and the Uber-Vamp. (And he was also a Gentleman in Hush, I think.)
3: Who plays Kennedy?
Iyari Limon
4: Name all the guises the First takes throughout the season.
Warren, Glory, Adam, Mayor Wilkins, Drusilla, The Master, Buffy, Spike, Eve, Chloe, and random girl from Caleb's past. Possibly Joyce. Not sure she was The First, though. Possibly Jenny...but I think she was just in Amends.
5: Why did Andrew kill Jonathan?
Because First!Warren told him to, to open the Seal of Danzalthar.

And what did I learn from this? I need to rewatch the whole series. And I really need to rewatch S1, S2, S4, S3, S6, S5...wait...yeah, the whole series.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:46:22 2003

All those costumes. You're planning to put OldManFan on a catwalk? *g*


^ v
roja says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:45:59 2003
paks Tee hee.. I liked that word... I feel a little brain addled right now. I haven't engaged in a good Buffy conv for so long... I think I will pull out my buffy philosophy book and get cracking. *g*

NYC is goign well. I love my program. I found out that our program will work with us to give us time off to become S.A.F.E examinors and despite laws limiting the ability to moonlight (work more than 80 hours a week) we are aloud to be on call as SAFE examiners. It's really cool because this is discouraged around the country for phsysicians.. (no reason why). The city is great, our place is huge, the niblet loves the park. I do miss tex-mex though.

how is your zoo? *g*

*poofing to go read and sleep... woohoo the whole weekend off!!!*

^ v
Algerina says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:42:05 2003
ABD's Dialogue Derby - I Only Have Eyes For You

1. Buffy: Sorry.
Ducky: Its not true you are so not over
2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
Christopher Marlowe: I am afraid, very afraid
3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
Xander: I am dazed and sore. This woman named Thoin ran me over trying to get to ginger ale and lime.
4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
Adri: I do and its Tweed covered
5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
Old One: I knew we Canadians had a sense of humor
6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
AussieBullDog: I got the vegemite
7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
OldManFan: Hey it is a traditional French maid costume
8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
Algerina: Shhh! Don't tell or they will all want me to do it
9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
OldManFan: Just be patient it takes me a while to get into the lion tamer costume
10. Angelus: That's really pathetic
Major Wiggins, Dudley, Slayerdaddy: Hey we haven't had a lot of time to practicebut give us time and we will do the best damn hokey pokey you ever saw

^ v
paks says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:40:36 2003
roja *smoooooTch* Well like I said, we may not agree about certain things, but you have style, grace and articulateness is too a word. So how is life in the Big Apple going? Finding it a huge change from Texas?

BigBuffyFan7952 My point was for you to stop asking the same question over and over after it had already been answered several times. It is the way things work around here. You post, you leave to do RL things, you come back and scroll to see who has left posts for you. It will help you fit in better if you don't ask the same question a dozen times.

brad It has been down for at least a week. Perhaps the ijits at Fox finally made good on their threat of a C&D order.

Or it could be server problems.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:36:04 2003

I think Anya may need a very special ISP. *g*

The current Economist has listed the six rules of writing from George Orwell's Politics and the English Language.

1. Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

2. Never use a long word where a short one will do.

3. If it is possible to cut out a word, always cut it out.

4. Never use the passive where you can use the active.

5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.

6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.


^ v
brad says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:34:34 2003

anyone know what happened to psyche's transcripts? the webpage appears to be down...


^ v
Molly says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:34:32 2003
dash...scroll of the let's-see-if-I-can-make-this-more-than-a-driveby variety...

#25 of MSPEL … #18 of Insane for Kane … #51 of Hallett Is a Hottie … #4 of Eliza Dushku for President … #80 of Joss Is a Hottie … #49 of Devoted to Drew … #60 of FTTWP … #8 of the RRK club (whatever its name may be) … #6 of LWT … #12 of DMBBC … #160 of MKFftNBB … #1 of Minions of Ultimate Drew … #14 of the Beta Chocoholics Society … #18 of Merely Amazing … #6 of the Don’t Kill Conner Club … Pants Player #20 … DeKnight Rider #36 … Fury Fanatic #205 … Caufieldian #70 … Buffy Ape #22 … Bronze Well-Wisher #7 … Petriette #14 … Minearketeer #544 … Denisof Devotee #250 … Gershman Groupie #11 … Jane’s Junkie #152 … Beta Ho #3

Faith Dance Club ID: 3663
City of Angel Citizen
Personal Trainer of the NTGSC
Keeper of the Critter Treats
Diehard B/A shipper and proud of it!
A firm believer in the Alive!ness of the BBS

Amy Acker
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Malcolm Reynolds
Gwen Raiden
Simon Tam

Keeper of:
Glory’s red ritual robe
Anya’s rollerskates
Fred’s yellow shirt
Dawn’s toothbrush

Adoptive Parent of:
Billy Blim
One of the giant “Fredless” insects (I call him Bitey, because he bites)

I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the regfuge of art. And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Lolita. --Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov

If you imagined love as a force, not established and not immutable, patched together by all best intentions, kindness, forgiveness—what does love do about death for everybody? It throws up its hands, and gets weaker, and sickens. It is crowded out by its opposite. Love has at least two opposites. One is hate. One is death. --London Fields, by Martin Amis

My Live Journal
“The world doesn’t work in spite of evil, Angel. It works with us. It works because of us.” –-Holland Manners, “Reprise”

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BigBuffyFan7952 says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:30:42 2003
paksand your point is??
ducky It's okay ducky I understand, I only started watching Buffy about two years ago when a friend told me about it, and I grew deeply attatched, so it's hard for me to get over also, and I am still sad, mostly because of Spike. So ducky, can I watch that "channel" too and tell the board about what I "see"?

^ v
Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:29:55 2003
Dudley's PC Techie Quiz:

1.What type of computer do you have (Mac/PC and brand)? I have a PC. I bought case, motherboard and processor separately so I'm not sure whether to call it an AMD (processor) or a Soyo (motherboard).
2.Do you have more than one computer? If so how many and what kind? I have one that's mine and, right now, I have one that I picked up from my brother-in-law and am going to reformat, and replace some driver boards and give to my mother. It's a generic brand from the PC Warehouse.
3.What Operating System(s) do you use? Windows 98SE and Redhat Linux 7.1
4.Favorite/Most used Applications? On Linux - Mozilla (browser), mutt (email), slrn (news reader), OpenOffice (Office suite). On Windows - Quicken (financial), LView Pro (image processing), StarOffice (Older version of OpenOffice).
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? 2-4 /day
6. Rate your PC technical skill. 9
7. For any or all characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them and what would they do with it? Xander-none. He'd be like a friend of mine who bought one and it's been sitting in its box for nearly a year. Buffy - none: she has no interest in one. Willow - Anything she wants. Anya - a simple PC with financial programs being the only thing on the desktop.

ducky - Of course! Duh! Denial Channel encodes their signal with a algorithm to prevent taping so there would be no bootlegging among those not experiencing Denial personally. I knew that.

wolfguard - You're welcome.

^ v
ShadowQuest says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:29:06 2003



Nope. Not watchin' the fireworks. (Not dark enough here yet, though some morons are making noise.) I'm talkin'

ABD's Dialogue Derby - I Only Have Eyes For You
(In honor of the Fourth, I'm going to attempt to make all my answers fireworks-related. Oh, my.)

1. Buffy: Sorry.
Xander, shaking his hand: Nah. That's all right, Buff. I don't mind a few singed hairs. But next time, could you wait until I move my hand before trying to light the firecracker?

2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
All, bored: To lecture us on proper firecracker safety.

3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
Xander, fishing an ice cube out of his soda to put on his hand: Ah, it's nothing. Just got too close to Buffy's match, is all. Couldn't be worse than second-degree.

4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
Buffy: So that would explain why he keeps scorching his fingers with the match. Spike, light the fountain one!

5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
Giles, who had pulled the firecracker away at the last second: It always got big laughs for that dark-haired girl in the comics when she pulled the football away from the round-headed boy.

6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
Clem: Me! Got any kittens? Uh...not that I eat them.

7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
Willow: Hey, it's Buffy's party. If she says we all have to wear silly hats that look like the American flag, we all wear silly hats.

8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
Buffy: ..."o'er the land of the freeeeeeee and the home of the brave!"

9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
Spike: It's the national anthem, ya bleedin' twit. Show some pride in your country.

10. Angelus: That's really pathetic.
Angelus: I'm sure I can sing it better...
All, running: NOOooooooooooooo!

Happy Independence Day!

I'm off to pack the car and see if I can catch some of the light show....

^ v
Old One says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:22:08 2003
Oblivia/ Angelicious - will gladly email you, but with the switch to the new pc, I don't have my email addy book. If you could email me, I'll build it up again.

seniorslayer - excellent Dialogue Derby. Will bring more donuts tomorrow

Crossover - Did they end up losing again tonight? It was 6-5 the last I looked.. grrrrrr

KAT in the Dark - continued good luck with your course. *smooch*

^ v
roja says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:20:56 2003
paks Awwww, I just saw what you said to Myst. *smooooootch*.. though we haven't ad a long discussion in a long time.. I wonder what we could disagree about... ;)

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:20:23 2003

Thank you.

Christopher Marlowe,

I'm agreeing there could be a reason why the books and the series could feel different. *g* I glanced at the site. Will read later. Back in the 70s, a political scientist wrote a book on the dangers inherent in group decision-making where he coined the word "groupthink." He used case studies to demonstrate the process. One was the Kennedy's administration's decision to continue support of the anti-Castro Cuban military plans. These plans resulted in the Bay of Pigs. The author believed JFK learned from the experience1 and applied the learning to his administrations handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis in the fall of 1962.

1 JFK was elected in November 1960 and sworn into office in January 1961. The Bay of Pigs happened in April 1961.


^ v
ducky says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:16:24 2003
The making of potato salad is on hold until all these people get out of my kitchen. (It's not really MY kitchen, but when I am making potato salad, I like to think of it as such).

valMichael Sparky was an original 8088 IBM with an external hard drive. It had a 640k memory, as I recall (of course, 640k went a lot farther then than it does now *g*). I don't even remember all the specs on it anymore, but it absolutely GROANED when I tried to install things, as it was already nearly 10 years old when I got it in 1994. Before that, the only computer I'd ever touched was the IBM that we used for warranty information at a car dealership. I'm one of those people that swore they would never become dependent on computers (riiiight!). Within six months, I had a 386, moved up to a 486 three months later ("Power! I need more power to play Arena!"), then realized that I was never going to keep up with all the upgrades at the time, so I had my friend the computer guru build one for me. The one I have now is a Frankenstein, and I'm not even sure exactly what it is now because it's been altered so drastically. It started out as a new Pentium about four years ago, with a 5 gig hard drive, and a FAX modem for dialup only. Of course, it's been through some changes since then *g*. It's sort of like a Borg unit-we asslimilate the new stuff into it as I need it. Next on my list of technology to acquire is a new chip (mine's about ready to bite the big one), a CD burner and a much larger hard drive. I'm thinking 120 gigs might do it. For now.

Crossover I used to have a few of his albums. "Toledo Window Box" and "Class Clown" are the two I recall best. Somewhere along the line, he seemed to lose his edge and resorted to just sarcasm without any real commentary, but I've heard he's starting to pick up the old pace again. His baseball vs. football routine still holds up excellently! (I don't remember if it was me that pointed you to popcap, but you're right, they have some cute stuff. They used to have a game called Bejeweled that I could just zone over for hours.)

Beldin Sorry, I didn't have a blank tape available to tape any of the new episodes. I tried to tape a movie from Denial Channel once, but all I got was static. Must have been a bad tape. *g*

BigBuffyFan7952 Season Eight Buffy airs on Denial Channel 44 1/3 on most cable networks. I am in denial over Buffy being over, and therefore, I watch new Buffy episodes on Denial Channel every Tuesday since Season Seven ended in May. Since a lot of people are not in denial as I am, they are probably not watching new Buffy episodes on their own television sets, and most television sets do not let you tune in a channel number that contains a fraction, anyway. Since I am in denial, I cannot possibly tell you that there is no Season Eight Buffy, because this would deny my denial. If I actually said that there was no more new Buffy, I would have to admit that the series is over, and since I am in denial, I do not want to admit this.

Adri People are trying to make me say that Buffy is over. *sniffle, sob* Not as long as I have Denial Channel on my T.V., it isn't! ducky stomps her little webbed foot and continues to wallow in denial

Okay, they have finally cleared out of the kitchen. Let's see, I'll need five pounds of potatoes, a bunch of celery, some onions, fish fertilizer, mayonnaise, iron shavings, eggs, olives and a roto-tiller. Just kidding about the roto-tiller, it doesn't fit in the bowl.

^ v
roja says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:07:32 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 02:10:09 2003
Crossover yup, take the niblet to the park almost everyday.... it is celebrating it's anniversery soona nd they are having a really cool fireworks artist do a special thing later this month.. plan to watch it from the roof.


paksie *snicker* I liked the link......

^ v
paks says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:05:53 2003
white wings Still delusional HI ELUSIO I am RIGHT and you are WRONG. I blame Narrator for that.

Kaymyth {{{{hugs}}}} I am so sorry to hear about your stepfather yet glad at the same time that your brother is doing so well. *smooooTch*

tiggy So MMP has been having stubble-burn trouble? Not surprised *g*

Yay Artie

Happy Birthday Brandi the Slayer

Smidge Well I think we have sashes we were supposed to get some time ago, but I haven't taken care of that yet. I will put it at the top of my notto do list.

As for the average rain-fall, the secret is we don't want a whole lot of people moving out here, so we make people believe that it rains all the time. sssshhhhhhh, it is our little secret

Myst I waited last year to buy the extended version and I am doing the same again this year. Frankly it is worth the wait and it isn't a whole lot more money either-around $30 for the extended version

I forgot to mention that I have Aliens-one of my all time favorite movies. cc halfrek

Myst2 The kid is better, as am I. I think I have gotten sick more times this year than in the past 2 years. Comes with having kids around I suppose. At least the Girls didn't get sick.

Myst3 Yes, you are remembering what started my conversation with Nirvana 1. I am giving up, because it is obvious that Nirvana 1 can not contrusct a logical, well thought out argument and keeps throwing things out onto the table as it were that had little or no bearing on the original point. I find myself just becoming frustrated in trying to discuss something with someone that they do not seem to be able to discuss with any form of debate. It is just a personal preference of mine I suppose. If I want to have a lengthy discussion with someone, I would rather do it with roja or KAM At least they can contrusct a logical debate and are very articualate about it. even if I disagree with their POV

Nirvana 1 Nothing personal, but I feel like you are ignoring what I am saying. So for my own peace of mind, I am going to not discuss this topic with you anymore.

Also, spell check would catch alot of those contraction errors.

Congrats on the new cousin.

tiggy2 As one of your handmaidens-HEY, standing right here. I am only doing what you, my Princess has set the example for me to do.

and I haven't see Dunlin in months either. I think the whupbeast has her firmly in his grasp

Kasia Obviously your ex has an axe to grind and I am sure that Phoenix knows that. It takes alot to be banned from this place.

Mia Kisses given and in the order you asked for and I know Starr appreciated it *g*. I should take more pics of the puppies and post them soon, shouldn't I? And you have never smelled mouse breath, have you? ;)

Also, *smooooooTch*

BigBuffyFan7952 See, there is this little thing called scrolling. It is where you look at previous posts and even previous boards to see if anyone has answered your questions. You can even do a control-F to just check for your name.

Do it and you might discover that several people have answered your question about the next Party.

For the last time, there is NOT going to be another Offical Posting Board Party

Yay twilight on passing your boards.

KAT in the dark on a hot fudge sundae *smooooooTch* Long time no see. Welcome to the LJ cult gang.

Crossover, ducky I *heart* George Carlin. I thinkone of my favorite bits that he does in Fussy Eater euphamism for big pain in the arse or Ice Box Man.

And this is a funny site.

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:03:33 2003|
Wolfguard Someone put up this link on another board and I thought it extremely interesting....

A Group Is It's Own Worst Enemy

^ v
Comteacher says:
(Fri Jul 4 02:02:12 2003

Special Los Angeles Youth Enforcer Regime

Read the fifth chapter of this summer adventure and show that Buffy still lives in our hearts
Special Los Angeles Youth Enforcer Regime
The fifth chapter, Chapter 5, He Is The Slayer? posted 6/29/03.
Remember to use the email link to let me know how great or how horrid the writing is.

Any new posters or any old posters that have not read or would like to re-read last years summer Buffy novel can still find it at
Buffy's European Summer Adventure


A warm SO to:
1Cham, 4paws, Adri, aligator, Allyson, Algerina, Alpy, Amarra, AmberBensonFan, Amish_Boy, Andyourlittledogtoo, Angel_Rachel, angelica, Angeloudi, AngelStarr, Angus, Antipodean, Aramina_(Andrea), Archaic, Artie, artemis, atter, Aurora, AussieBulldog, Balf, Batcat, Beldin, Blade_The_Vampire_Hunter, belmont, bhd, biobabe, Brinn, bruinbuffygirl, Buffybuff, Calypso, carebear, Cashmere, Catherine, Catriona, Chalkdusty, CharlieX, Christopher_Marlowe, Cleio, Closet_Buffyholic, Carita, Chianne, Chiquens, Chrissy, Corvus, Count_Zero, Covergirl, Crossover, CYMru, Daisy, Dak, Daps, darcie, Darkguardian, DarkLady, dayzee, Deadguy, DeAn, Del, DELiver, Destiny, DevilsAdvocate, Dianne, Dirty_Socks, Django, Drewler, drunkenfairy, ducky, dudley, Dunlin, Dust'em, dualslayers, Eden, Eiddileg, eirefaerie, ektagraph, Enchanted, Evalie, EverDawn, faithx5, Falco, Fantasma, FASTEDDIE, Fenric, flowerpower, Frodo, Freaking_Amazing_Witch, FreakyOne, fuzzywuzzy, Genevieve's_Lucie, Gemma, genrefan, Georgie, GORGOYLESHEAD, Greeneyes, halfrek, happy, helygen, Holy_Water, Hollyn, IMMORTAL, Impaler_General, intoit, Irene_Adler, Jaan Quidam, Jamboski, janni, Jassa, jessanne, Jitsudude, Jocasta, Juliette, KAM, Kat, Kathypg, Kestra_Troi, Kiba_Rika, Kooger, kronos, Kwinakian, Labrynth, Leather_Jacket, Leila, Lester_'Creep'_Crawley, Lil_Pia, Lilyana, lion_+_dove, Little_Bubbles, little_wiggins, Little_Willow, LittleFearDemon, littlexander, loop, lucille, Lupe, LurkingGirl, Luv_Lux, Maki_Maus, Major_Wiggins, Malum_Forma, Mar, MedusA, MeeB, Megdalen, melusine, MENSAgirl_(notsoShy Girl), Meteor, Mia, Midiangirl, miller's_angel, Miss_Tartie, Moira, Molly, Monique, Morella, Mozzarella_Demon, Mr._Holtz, Mrs._Beasly, Narrator, Natasha, neonate, nephy, newt, Nighthawk, Noetic_Concordance, numba1buffyfan, Oblivia, Ojagwers, Old_One, OldManFan, Ozlady, Pagan_Baby, paksenarrion, Pandora, Phil_PhuD, Phoenix, Pippin, poetlover, Prince_of_Lunacy, puckles, pumpkin, Rainbow, Raindeer, Raissa, RedCrayon, redwitch, Reyna, Rikki, roja, Roman_Around, ronia, S2K, Safarigirl, Saint, Sarah's_carl, selwyn29, Sephiroth, Sera, Seska, seniorslayer, Scourge, ShadowQuest, Slayer_daddy, Slaygal, SocKs, Spikmeister, Spikenip, squireboy, Stir_Fry_Veggies, Stitch, strangestgirl, superrmk, Syrdarya, TAMZ, TB, Terry_McGuiness, The_Birthday_Gnome, The_Mayoress, The_Partyman, Thoin, Thumper, tiggy, Toiletduck, Toni, toscem, tralfamadore2001, Turk, twilight, Uberman, Undead, Vaal, valMichael, vampire_in_a_basement, vampWillow, wanttoknow, Watcher's_Pet, Wendy, white_wings, WildHeart, Will, Willow's_Acolyte, WireGhost, Wolfstein, wolfguard, Xanderella, XanFan32, Yelowsub, Y_slaybelle, Zedsdead, Zephyr, Zeus

A special SO to the fine cast of Buffy, you’ll be missed.
Sarah_M. _Gellar, Alyson_Hannigan, Nicholas_Brendon, Emma_Caulfield, Michelle_Trachtenberg, James_Marsters, Anthony_Stewart_Head, Amber_Benson, Marc_Blucas, Seth_Green, Eliza_Dushku, Kristine_Sutherland

A special SO to the fine cast of Angel
David_Boreanaz, Charisma_Carpenter, Alexis_Denisof, J. _August_Richards, Andy_Hallet, Amy_Acker, Glenn_Quinn

A strong SO to the writing staff and crew of Buffy:
Joss_Whedon, Marti_Noxon, David_Fury, Jane_Espenson, Douglas_Petrie, Steve_DeKnight, David_Greenwalt, Rebecca_Rand_Kirshner, ect.

Thanks For Seven Incredible Years!

For links to several shows and their casts as well all the Comteacher Buffy summer novels visit

^ v
Adri says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:58:02 2003
BigBuffyFan7952: Psst, I think ducky is kidding about the new BtVS eps. Or possibly being sarcastic but in a funny way. She does things like that. Be funny, I mean.

^ v
Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:57:27 2003
wolfguard - The word is "homonym".

^ v
BigBuffyFan7952 says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:55:52 2003
ducky:So they DID make a season 8? Sorry I'm not following.

^ v
Covergirl says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:52:38 2003
Covergirl wanders into the bronze, tired from having spent the last few days unpacking boxes and suitcases.
Tired that is but happy...
She spots a friendly face or two across the room and pops over for a chat..

Sorry to hear your hols have been so grot so far, but really your story had us both in stitches..
Yes we have moved, not far, just to own a house instead of renting. But the puppies of which the Old One speaks are the same ones as always...
Has whup kept you away ? or something else perchance.
I shall instruct *him indoors* to e you swiftly with all our news.
It's lovely to see you btw.

You're quite right..senor slayer is a poppett..
I'll get mine to give him some further pointers.
Off to have tea. I think the other half has made Tuna pasta..
Mind you...he's watching one of his favourite shows, so it's probably burnt. The show is *Coupling* by the way, sort of a British *Friends*....well sort of.

No siggy 'cos of the new computer. Sorry

^ v
Beldin says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:51:54 2003
ducky - I'm sorry I missed it. Who'd have thought Bronson could do embarrassed? Most of the characters he plays would have probably slapped Dawn silly for pointing it out. Or stared her down until she admitted that it was all her fault and that the raspberry jelly wasn't noticable anyway. But if Buffy was in the scene they couldn't have done it either way very convincingly. I don't suppose you have a tape, do you?

^ v
Angelicious says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:47:38 2003
OLD ONE. Hey pal! Congrats on the move and hope all went well. Must love the new home now with the Mrs. eh? I believe i have your new address - just in case, please "e" it to me again. Yes i am pathetic - i still have loads of pics to send you and the Mrs. which i promise to do soon! Take care!

^ v
Nirvana 1 says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:47:37 2003
el, thanx! I also like that name. Yeah, I may change my mind about kids in the future, but right now, its scary! But I do believe that in the end, through all the pain, its worth it just like you said!!!

valMichael, hey! Sorry I jumped the gun. Its just that when I first used that phrase, I used it differently to make it sound more like it was comming from me and did'nt say who said it origionaly and somebody was pretty mean and bossy to me about it, so much so that I thought that they actualy RAN the board! Sorry again, I was just too defensive about it.

Yeah, I believe you saw the video! Mtv played alot!

Yes, Kurt was a complicated, troubled man who was hard to understand. I can see why you'de see him as a 90s Jim Morrison since they both died at 27 (Kurt by his own hand), both had drug problems, and both in a band. But actualy, Kurt lacked the ego (BIG TIME!) that rock stars seem to have. He was also a feminist and anti-racist. He was very elusive when it came to rockstardom and--okay, I'll shut up now (sorry, got a little into it!). But if you are interested, you can read his published journal and the book about him called "Heavier Than Heaven"...if you are interested.

Thanx for complimenting Austin's name! It sucks that the kid at your camp was made fun of. I was made fun of for my real name, Colette, with stuff like 1-800-collect. Also my last name, but I do'nt think we're allowed to post it!

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:45:05 2003|
ABD Heard from alexis_angel yet?

Wolfguard So you are actually agreeing with me on what I originally said? That I have to read the books with a different mindset because the characters are different in both mediums? *g*

^ v
Crossover says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:42:33 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 01:45:30 2003

Hey there! How's everything going for you in the big apple? Walked through the park yet?


Yeah, Carlin is great. His take on the Nun's is hilarious. Everything he does is great. The seven words you can't say on television, his take on God, drug use, all of it. I saw him do stand-up (on TV) recently where he did an entire sketch on germs. He talked about how he and his childhood friends used to jump into the East River in Manhattan. Yet nowadays, people can't take germs. It's because they have no immunity from doing things like jumping in the sewage filled East River. Just hilarious.

I said this the other day to you, but I'll say it again incase you missed it. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of popcap games. I've gotten a kick out of some of the little games they have there.

Old One

What's this? The shameless flirt is going to do poetry corner? That's great. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

By the way, did you see that huge thing falling from the heavens the other night? It bared a striking resemblance to te Blue Jays record of late.


Thanks for the derby includage. Just another way for you to exercise your creative abilities!

I'll keep that in mind about that area of Vancouver. My Grandfather used to work in what was a bank on Hastings right close to Pigeon Park that I've always wanted to go and look at, but have felt hesitant because of the area. When I first got to Vancouver (in '99), I was interested in Co-op radio, and went to there offices. I decided that I didn't want to volunteer for them because of the area. However, they've moved now, which is good.

That's too bad that the genelogical groups and historical societies have no teeth. You would think in a smaller town like that that people would feel more inclined to save things because their families were involved with them.


Old One

George Carlin has taken a lot of cameo roles in comedy movies recently, and he still tours from time to time, as well as writing books. As I was saying to ducky, I just saw him recently on an HBO special called 'You Are All Diseased' that was just hilarious. He's definitly not as active as he used to be.

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:40:54 2003
ABD's Dialogue Derby - I Only Have Eyes For You

1. Buffy: Sorry.
Old One: No need to apologize. Just send Willow and Anya to my house, and all is forgiven.
2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
Willow: I am not helping you hack into porn sites. Forget it.
3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
Xander: What? Is my Speedo too tight?
4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
ducky: Well, I know what I want, mister. Get over here.
5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
slayerdaddy: Oh, c’mon. The exploding, garlic-laced fedora is a classic. Geez.
6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
seniorslayer: I am, darn it. Where’s Old One with more donuts?
7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
eirefaerie: This from the woman who wears fringed maternity clothes with platform heels.
8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
Algerina: And I love it when you do this, darling. Here, let me show you…
9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
Lorne: Here’s what I don’t get, cupcake—the hair. I mean, really. Do you own a mirror?
10. Angelus: That's really pathetic.
seniorslayer: Hey, give me a break. I haven’t done one of these in, like, forever.

Apologies to anyone who didn't want to appear in my first derby in, well, forever. That was fun. Tired now.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:40:37 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 01:44:31 2003
Christopher Marlowe,

As you've suggested, Spike's portrayal may reflect the season setting. As for Buffy's speech, didn't Christopher Golden write Monster Island? He's not tied to a Mutant Enemy season story plan. His book, his Buffy. *g*

Not to cater to some bronzers' beliefs, but it may be Joss felt angst attracted fans.1

Play it again Joss. *g*

The professional writers responsibility was to one project at a time. If readers did not like one book, they might still buy the next by a different author. This could not be said for an episode.

And having said that, certain ME was monitoring the sixth season mutterings. Hmmmm *g*

1 Joss has said of teen-age emotions, ~ Thar's gold in them hills.

He's such a capitalist running dog. Numfar, do the dance of ratings! *g*

ETA What's the word that describes two words sharing the same pronunication, but different meaning, e.g. "buy" and "by"?


^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:35:04 2003
Old One--I'm taking computer admin. It's going well. I'll be done at the end of Aug. :o)

Going home now.

See y'all again soon.



^ v
Old One says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:22:31 2003
Algerina - there was no thunking done in Monty Python, unless it was with a 10,000 lb weight.

Crossover - is George Carlin still funny? I haven't heard much about him lately.

slayerdaddy - what can I say, but 'huh'? ;0)

el - we can write our poems about beaches on the frigid Atlantic (well, you can). Crossover are situated on the more temperate western coast.. tee hee

seniorslayer - that was indeed nice of senor slayer. :0) Darn mosquitoes..... we don't seem to have many here.. shhhhh, don't tell them

KAT in the Dark - what classes are you taking and how are they going?

Oblivia - you experience more on a two day trip than most people experience in a lifetime. *g* So nice to hear from you. *smooch*

ABD's Dialogue Derby - I Only Have Eyes For You

1. Buffy: Sorry.
dudley: "you're forgiven, just open the door so I can remove my finger!"
2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
Kaymyth: "If you're who Old One is trying to set me up with, forget it. I said tall and a baseball fan, not short like a baseball bat!"
3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
Xander: "I was standing their minding my own business and Algerina ran by and thunked me with a pillow!"
Willow: "Doesn't she understand Monty Python."
Xander: "Don't tell her, a pillow is much less painful than a 10,000 pound weight."

4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
AussieBullDog: "Just give him vegemite. It pleases everyone."
Giles: "Good idea."
AussieBullDog: "That was easy. Old One must be tired tonight."

5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
slayerdaddy: "I thought it was a great idea. Your duster suits me fine and, well, my tattered burberry looks good on anyone."
6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
Bawston: "What's for dinner?"
Xander: "AussieBullDog calls it vegemite surprise."
Bawston: "I think I'll pass."
el: "Me too.. gag"
AussieBullDog: "ah, nice how you slipped that one in there Old One."
Old One: "It's the old lull them with an easy one and then hit them hard."
AussieBullDog: "Third time I've fallen for that one this week."

7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
seniorslayer: "If I have to wear it, you have to wear it!"
Cordelia: "Yeah, but I don't have a senor to give me a dvd!"
seniorslayer: "That's your problem. Now put on the maternity swim suit and stop complaining!"

8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
Algerina: "It's really fun. Now I'll go hit OldManFan with the pillow."
Angelus: "So easy to keep her pleased."

9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
halfrek: "Neither do I"
Old One: "See now normally I'd stick CarpeDi in here and make a blonde joke. I'm mellowing."
CarpeDi: "Don't leave me out!"

10. Angelus: That's really pathetic
buggo: "I can't help it. I skin my knees every year. This is the year of the right one."

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:14:02 2003
Oblivia! You're probably gone, but just wanted to wave back. Your stories, as always, were priceless. Poor Oblivia and her Vacation Curse! At least the car never broke down...

I so owe you an email. Lots and lots going on here think BABY and books. Until then, though, enjoy your Fourth! I was just thinking that this exact time last year I was deep into the Story of S. Wheee!

^ v
OldManFan says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:10:59 2003
Oblivia - Sarcasmo!?! LOL - shame about the vacation though.


^ v
Oblivia says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:09:52 2003
A quick scroll to the bottom of the page revealed that Old One has moved and has a puppy. And seniorslayer is talking maternity clothes. Say what?! Cheese Louise! A person stays away for a month or two and all hell breaks loose! If you have a chance, seniorslayer and Old One, email me... I would love to catch up!!


^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:08:36 2003|
Wolfguard In the Book 'Monster Island', Buffy makes a kind of rally the forces speech to a large contingent of demons. I thought it was a highly effective speech and was deeply impressed with it. A kind of 'St. Crispin's Day speech'. I was thinking to myself, the tv Buffy would have never been able to do this kind of speech.

Spike in the books doesn't seem to have the same range of emotions that I'm used to seeing James Marsters display on the screen. He seems colder and less sympathetic. The Buffy in the books, on the other hand, seems a lot more self-assured.

I don't know if the above is because the books are currently a year or two behind the tv show.

Sorry for the lame explanation. *g*

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Fri Jul 4 01:05:12 2003

No problem. People were still using slide rulers when I was in high school and college. A few days ago, you signed-off a post to me with a mathematical expression. I believe it was e raised to something, an infinity symbol??


^ v
valMichael says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:58:40 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 01:07:21 2003
Nirvana 1 I was in no way implying that you are a “world owes me” type person. If that’s what you thought I meant, then I apologize. The comment is only about the phrase itself. That you like Nirvana and Kurt Cobain is pretty obvious. :) I have definitely heard of, listened to and watched the video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The song’s pretty good, actually. I did not know that the phrase was originally used in jest. It doesn’t come across that way in the song or when Spike quoted it, either. With Spike, it had a mocking(?) tone. Maybe the “world owes me” isn’t right or is too harsh, but the phrase does seem to be mocking(?) something, maybe even itself. Like I said, it’s a feeling about it, not something I’ve analyzed. Of course, I never did understand Cobain. He sounded like a 90s version of Jim Morrison, of the Doors.

PS Austin is a good name. I can’t think up anything nasty from it as kids are wont to do. That always helps. I met a kid a long time ago at Boy Scout Camp named Dameux Burford, pronounced da-mu, obviously a family name. He hated it. Why? If they wanted to get under his skin, the other boys would call him DamnYou Burford.

wolfguard A quick synopsis of speare’s comments on Normal Again? I’ll need to find it and read it again. Maybe tomorrow. Sorry about the math reference. SR-2000 was to something that no longer exists.

edited to add
ducky An 8088? The original IBM PC or a clone like the original Compaq portable? In 1978, my first was a 6502A based Ohio Scientific, and it was NOT an Apple I or II. I had 4 computers before my first IBM clone, a Compaq Portable, in '84

^ v
Oblivia says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:58:01 2003
Hello friends,
seniorslayer, Old One, Mar, Dachelle, Watcher's Pet, Serina, Hello Cutie, Reyna, Rikki, bufidiot, ojagwers, halfrek, Genevieve's Lucie, genrefan, newt, kathypg, Nikka, willowkitten, Noetic Concordance, miller's angel and white wings.
How are you? I know it's been a while, but I thought I'd let you know I'm on vacation this week. The warning is a little late in coming -- it is Thursday already -- but the vacation's not over yet. I will be staying home for the rest of the week, so you only have to batten down your hatches if you're in Baltimore for now.

So far, this hasn’t been one of my favorite vacations. I drove up to visit my son Sarcasmo in NYC on Sunday. Visiting Sarcasmo is always fun. But this trip, not so much. For no apparent reason other than the fact that it was a Summer Sunday, I sat in stop-and-go bumper-to-bumper Traffic for 200 miles of I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike, (with my dog Chance in the car, of course). The 3 1/2 hour trip took over 7 1/2 hours. And for the entire State of New Jersey, I was stuck behind some bratty little girl in a blue Chevy taking one Kleenex at a time out of the box and throwing it out the car window. Grrr…

The next day, Sarcasmo had to work, so I decided to take Chance to a dog beach I found out about online. It appeared to be about an hour or so away on the southern shore of Long Island, (about midway out to the eastern shore, where the ferries leave for Fire Island). But once again… nightmare traffic. Plus my internet directions were questionable, and I got myself lost several times. It took over four hours to get there. And it was getting to be quite late in the day when I finally found this little county park on the water. I figured I'd spend some time on the beach, then find a nice little café with outside seating where I could sit with Chance and eat a leisurely dinner… Yeah.

We parked in the little parking lot and I walked Chance on his leash down a long sandy path through the woods. You could just see the water in the distance. It was a little buggy in the woods, but not bad if you kept moving. When we got out to the water, it was a pretty view, but a nothing beach. Only about three or four feet of sand between the somewhat dirty water and this swampy marsh. There was no one else there. So I thought I'd let Chance off his leash to run up and down the beach. But the moment that little villain was free, he headed straight into the swampy marsh. At a gallop. I was starting to panic as he was getting further and further away. I was calling him and he was ignoring me. I could see those red ears bouncing up and down through the reeds. Then splash. And all went still. No reeds swaying. No splashing sounds. No ears bouncing. Nothing. So I went after him.

I trudged through the swamp, there were mosquitoes and snakes. (I saw snakes!) Then I found him. There was this trench, about two feet wide, full of black muck with red foam bubbling on top. It smelled like open sewage. And Chance was stuck in it up to his neck. It was like quick sand. The more he moved, the lower he sank. And, of course, I started to sink as I got closer. I finally got ahold of his collar and hauled him out of there, both of us splashing and slipping and sliding. By the time I had pulled him free, we were both covered with the black muck. It was all over my clothes, down in my shoes and socks, dripping from my hair.

I dragged him all the way out of the marsh and into the water. (The brown foam on the bay water didn't seem so bad in comparison.) And with my hand, I scraped and rinsed as much muck off of Chance and me as possible. (He was still all stained black.) Then we walked the long sandy walk through the woods back to the car. And I thought the walk was buggy before -- that was before I tried it covered with toxic waste!

I figured the table at an outdoor café idea was out of the question. But I did brave a 7-11 for bottled water and a map of Long Island. I finally got back to Sarcasmo's place at about 10 pm and spent the next several hours in the bathtub. First with the dog and then alone.

So that was a day…

The next day, Sarcasmo and I had lunch in a little place in Tribeca, where his friend is a chef. That was fun. Delicious food. But we accidentally got onto the Manhattan Bridge on our way back through the City and spent the better part of the afternoon driving around in circles in Brooklyn. Then Wednesday, Chance and I got back in the car and drove home. The traffic was only bumper-to-bumper until I got to New Jersey. It cleared up a little just about the time the torrential downpours started. And I drove all the way home through the driving rain.

Anyway, I'm home now. So far, I have spent the better part of my vacation playing in traffic. (And that was the high point.) There were no flat tires or hurricanes or FEMA evacuations, (although, I don't know what might have happened if anyone official had come across Chance and I after the toxic waste spill). But I don't go back to work until Monday, so take care if you're in Baltimore. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, (Sarcasmo's birthday), and my entire family will be coming to my house. (You can watch the fireworks in Baltimore's Inner Harbor from my deck, which is way cool.)

I hope you are all well and thriving without Buffy. At least the Season 4 DVDs came in the mail. Take care and {{hugs}}.


^ v
ducky says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:46:38 2003
ducky skips merrily through the Beta doors, knocking over furniture and drinks as she makes her way to the bar. *Note: "merrily" and "gracefully" are not necessarily two ideas that work in conjunction in ducky's universe.* She hops up on her usual barstool, and looks at the bartender with a twinkle in her eye. The bartender clearly understands this to mean that ducky would like a delicious icy beverage, but is somehow going to find a way to receive this delicious icy beverage at no charge to herself. The bartender sighs, realizing the futility of trying to get money out of ducky when she is clearly determined not to part with it. She takes out her "Buy One, Get One Free" coupon and gives it to him, explaining that someone else already bought one and left without getting the free one, so ducky will take the free one. The bartender decides that it will be better for his sanity to simply give ducky the drink, lest he be faced with 45 minutes of ducky-logic, which is not always based on real-life logic, yet always seems to make perfect sense when ducky uses it.

So, what happened to the chat room, anyway? ducky quickly ducks behind the bar to avoid the flying objects. *g*

Okay, I guess I will just do a Ctrl-F thing, because I have to go and make pounds and pounds of potato salad in a short time.

BigBuffyFan7952 Well, I don't know about everyone else, but I get new Buffy every Tuesday on Denial Network (channel 44 1/3 on most cable networks). I think a lot of people here must not get Denial Network, because they don't seem to be getting the new episodes like I do. Of course, since I live in the state of Confusion, I probably get better reception than everybody else does. Some people will tell you that I am delusional, that Buffy actually ended in May, and that I am simply making up all these new episodes as I go along. *g* They are only saying that because they are not in denial.

Beldin The thing I liked best about (spoiler ahead for all you folks who have not seen the new ep yet) the Charles Bronson cameo in this week's new ep was that he didn't do the stereotyped Bronson thing where he acts all tough and broody. When Dawn points to the jelly, he looks embarrassed and uses a napkin to wipe it off instead of just using his sleeve. It was pretty cool.

ShadowQuest Yep, I'm certainly enjoying the new Buffy eps. Spoiler regarding Giles ahead I think once Giles gets back from his bookmobile journey to Los Angeles and sees what Xander did to his favorite sweatshirt, he's definitely going to go Ripper on the boy. I haven't really seen anything in the spoilers about it yet, but I think it will probably take the cold-blooded, calculating qualities of Ripper to defeat evil Mayor Jane Campbell.

el Are you checking for new Buffy episodes on Saturdays? Because I think they get them later in Canada. It might be on a different channel there, too. 44 1/3 seems to be the correct channel number here where I live, but they may be using 1/6 or some other fractions where you live.

Smidge Well, I couldn't give the spoilers the one week, because I think they preempted Buffy with baseball that night. It was the Cleveland Indians versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Pittsburgh was winning, so I stopped watching after Terry Bradshaw hit a home run on the 40 yard line. I guess even Denial Network has problems with preempting Buffy during baseball season.

Denise I'm sure once they are all done with the hearings, they will give you the rest of what you are owed, too. Mine took forever, but they are finally getting it together here, too. I get to go to Job Activities next Monday and get enrolled in some sort of training program until the doctors get all the disability stuff documented. I'm thinking they take forever so that people will get tired of waiting and just drop the claim. I ended up having to contact the governor's office here because they were jacking around so much. It seemed to help.

Mrs. Beasley Ah, the buzzards of Hinkley. How I've missed them! I don't know if they will be featured in any of the new Buffy episodes for season eight. Of course, they would be terriffic as harbinger birds, I suppose.

dudley What, they don't show new Buffy episodes where you live? *g* I've never been to Alice's Restaraunt. Can I get anything I want there? And is the food any good? I've been missing a few of the Dialogue Derbies lately, because RL has been keeping me from properly scrolling, but anytime I get to play with Giles is a good thing! I'm still hoping for that Giles/ducky relationship in season eight! Okay, I'm going to do your quiz now!

Dudley's PC Techie Quiz cause I'm board at work:

1. What type of computer do you have ( Mac /PC and brand)? Frankenstein, but a really GOOD Frankenstein!
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind? I have one. However, we have five in our household, various styles and types, none of them Mac.
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.) I use Windows 98.
4. Favorite/Most used Applications?
Master Of Orion, Diablo II, Dink Smallwood, a personally created application that allows me to control the world through the Internet (I call it DuckRuler), plus this cute little program that allows me to look at you through your PC and watch what you are doing. (I love the pink camisole, by the way, but those yellow dangly banana earrings are a bit much with it!)
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? Oh, a truthful answer here would be a clear indication that I have no life, so I'm going to say about three hours a day, total.
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ? 14 - I personally control the world through the Internet, without Bill Gates' knowledge or consent.
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats)
Dude, they're gettin' a Dell! Top-of-the-line, with all the bells and whistles, plus childproofing features to keep Dawn, Xander and Giles off the porn sites. Hi speed cable, password protected, unique firewall (we are talking impenetrable here, only not quite as good as mine), spyware blockers, antivirus program, popup killer, 120 gig hard drive, CD/DVD plus burner, voice mod, HTML editor/generator and FTP for those days when you just gotta put up a web page fast. What the hell, I'm feeling generous, let's give them a domain, too!

wolfguard My first computer was an 8088, too! The good old days of DOS, ah, the memories! When I first installed a Corell Word Processing program, I thought the whole thing was going to blow up!

Crossover I like George Carlin. "Sister Mary Discipline with the steel ruler." Hee hee.

Okay, it's away to the kitchen to make potato salad! If I don't make it back in time, Happy Fourth of July to Everyone, and Happy Independence Day to All Americans!

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el says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:40:34 2003
That is great. Austin - good name for the little guy. Don’t worry about the kids thing. If and when you want to do it, it will be worth it!

ABD's Dialogue Derby - I Only Have Eyes For You

1. Buffy: Sorry.
el: and you should be. Spike is now ruined.
2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
el: Does it have something to do with the bad poetry?
3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
el: yeah Xander - explain yourself to Q. We want to hear it
4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
el: That would be Xander.
5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
el: Did you say mate? *g*
6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
el: I think Crossover is still full from his meal at the Crime Lab
7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
el: No, Cordeila. No one expects you to wear off the rack
8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
el: I liked it when Faith kicked Connor’s butt too.
9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
el: Well, first you seduced Angel’s son, then became mother of the people eater and then there was the coma.
10. Angelus: That's really pathetic.
el: Hey! That hurts. It’s my first try at the Dialogue Derby.

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AussieBullDog says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:38:32 2003
Scrolled now.

RSOs to Comteacher, dudley, el, Irishrose, Kaymyth, LittleFearDemon, Morella, puckles, ShadowQuest, Spikmeister, & valMichael.

Kaymyth {{hugs}} You know something? You're all greedy. Which you, of course, already said. But it's true. *g*

ShadowQuest {{smootch}}

halfrek No, you're the sweetie. {{hugs}}

Irishrose Nice to see you sticking up for the Derby Kaisa. *g*

Kaisa What they said. :)

Fire In my defence, if I'm power-hungry, it's mostly your fault for giving me my own fan club. *g* cc. halfrek

And backing up what halfrek said - the pic of me and James does repeat. But I imagine that's the idea, so fair enough. (I know nothing about websites. It probably shows.)

Morella No, no, I'm sure the misunderstanding was my fault. My italics tag must have been defective. *g*

Spikmeister Can't wait. Let me know if you need any help serving up the freshest MKF spoilers.

Bawston No, we'll definitely get back to that Fatal Attraction fiance thing, I'm all curious now. *g* See you soon. :) {{hugs}} and {{smooches}}

Later all.


Miss Kitty Fantastico for the next Big Bad ~ Whiskers Of Fury ~ ABDFC
Minion #37 of Ultimate Drew ~ #222 of Fabulous Fred - The Fred Fanlisting
#258 of Crazy/Beautiful - The Faith Fanlisting ~ My Song Parodies ~ My PBP Pics

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KAT in the dark says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:30:30 2003
Adri--you have return e. :o)

MrWhyt--You shouldn't thunk your head on your keyboard like that. You might damage your keyboard. Better use that pillow Adri gave you. :o)


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roja says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:28:16 2003
trouble Wow, that is a great story. I would be jealous but I just think that is so cool. Amazing how we don't appreciate stuff when we are younger.

Crossover Hi there!

HumVee Hi there! Things are going well. Getting lots of lecture before I am thrown into the ICU. And you know... those albums are on sale for a reason. *g*

Yup, jazzing it up. Some......... *g* They do a thing at lincoln center called Swing until midnight where tey have free live jazz every weds evening in the summer.. its quite lovely.

When did you started watching: Seven years ago.... back to the beginning...
Favourite Scooby? Tara
Favourite Buffy's love interest? Explain : Spike- because their relationship forged new and very different waters for both of them... it changed them both drastically.
Favourite Xander's love interest? Explain: Anya- I loved her directness and she really complimented xander.
Favourite Willow's love interest? Explain :Tara- didn't like her at first but well, she was so soft and kind.. very different from all the other scoobies.....
Favourite Giles's love interest? Explain : Mrs. Calendar... she was spunky and made him stutter cutely......
The baddest bad on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and why? The Gentlemen... they still creep me out...
What is the status of the BBS? Does it really matter?
What color is your toothbrush? purple and white
Do you like chocolate or caramel or taffy? Chocolate and caramel.. together... ymmmm
What other people think about when you talk Buffy? 'huh?'
What planet are you from? Zarlin of course....
What do you do? Currently obsessing with craigs list to find furniture for our new place.

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AussieBullDog says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:20:49 2003
G'day all!

ABD's Dialogue Derby - I Only Have Eyes For You

1. Buffy: Sorry.
2. Snyder: I'm sure you know why I asked you here.
3. Willow: Xander, what happened?
4. Giles: Unfortunately, he doesn't know exactly what he wants.
5. Spike: Very funny, mate.
6. Xander: Okay! Who's hungry?
7. Cordelia: You expect me to wear this?
8. Angelus: I love when she does this.
9. Cordelia: I don't get it.
10. Angelus: That's really pathetic.


^ v
tiggy says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:16:00 2003
Mr. Whyt
as Fred Durst would say, i'm in total agreeance. ;)

i know i don't.

*smoooooooch* whee! you're going to love it. :)

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:15:25 2003
Mr. Whyt There are pillows around here somewhere. I know others have been using them all day. :-)

Old One I'm feeling pretty good. Except for some pesky mosquito bites, and I'm pretty sure that's not the baby's fault. :-) I was feeling down today about the ugly maternity bathing suit I got (not many were left to choose from), but senor slayer got me the Season 4 DVDs. What a sweetie, huh?

Genevieve's Lucie I guess the "dingoes" thing pretty much should have tipped me off to Australia, huh? :-)

^ v
BigBuffyFan7952 says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:13:37 2003
Godess@homeWhat was that about screening Amber B.'s movie? And James your smmooch partner, he's myne to!LOL!

*What's CD Thursday? I saw someone mentioned the GoTR CD, whatever it was about,..that's an awesome CD!!

*Did someone here publish "Chosen", I just bought that book, and it has in Akcnologments, to my fellow beta bronzers type thing, neato!

^ v
Room says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:12:58 2003
like i care

^ v
Nirvana 1 says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:12:52 2003
Hello, el!

It is a boy named Austin and I guess he had hair and everything!
The funny thing is, when Shannen was complaining, my mom thought "Awww, the drugs wore off". But no, she just could'nt take the pressure!!!! And my Aunt Kimberly said something and Shannen goes "Mom, you do'nt know!" to my aunt who mothered 2 kids in their now early 20s!!!

Yeah, I don't know how Shannen is gonna handle the terrible 2s but I know she will cause she is cool! And the teen years? Dear love! I have an older sister and I saw how they are. I'm gonna be 19 on Saturday so I'm almost done (thank the good dude!) but I hope I was'nt too bad! I had a sister to learn from and my mom says because of that, I was'nt as severe (does that usually happen with the younger ones?).

Yeah, I do fear the terrible 2s and the teen years so that and labor, plus 9 months of pain seems hard to handle!

^ v
Adriana says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:12:38 2003
Edited: Fri Jul 4 00:13:31 2003
Kat in the dark on a hot tin iced coffee: Email me with your LJ user name and I will send you mine back :) Then you can add me as a friend if you wish and I will add you. *re-loops Kat*

Edited to give Mr. Whyt a thunking pillow.

^ v
Mr. Whyt says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:10:03 2003|
*thunk* *thunk* *thunk*

^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:06:39 2003
Adri--I did get a lj. What do you need to know? LOL I'm way out of the loop. hee hee

tiggy-- All fixed. You can comment now. LOL


^ v
BigBuffyFan7952 says:
(Fri Jul 4 00:04:35 2003
Hey Room: I just got done watching back-to-back episodes of BtVS. And the first one I hadn't seen before, and I didn't understand. What was up with Buffy in an institution and her thinking her life isn't real?
Then I saw Entropy, where Anya and Spike, well, anyway, I hate that one. Anya and him hsould have never done that, that's not fair. That never should of happened. But the only reason I'm not mad at Spike is because he was drunk, and desperate, and hurt. But by the way, what IS SPike's "Sexy dance"?

^ v
el says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:55:28 2003
Nice pitch there to Trouble. I’d do it. Did you see my nice segue into the pitch for OldOne? I am proud of it.

I used to live in Strathcona - Chinatown. Two blocks from Main and Hastings. Trust me when I tell you that you are safe walking in that area. The junkies, hypes, drunks and dealers do not want to give the cops or Immigration a reason to roust them. Straight folk (not as in hetrosexual, but as in NOT involved in "the life" are safe for this reason. The locals will kick, kill and rob each other. I was probably safer there most of the time than other areas except perhaps the west end. You can say NO to the assorted drugs and sexual favors offered and that’s it. Say yes once and you are doomed!

Lots of graveyards have are still in existence. Saw markers from the 1600's. We have genealogical societies and historical societies and graveyard societies coming out of the woodwork. But they seem pretty toothless.

Good! You caught my nearly too subtle hint. Crossover and I are recruiting for the sake of hiding my attempts. If you can’t have quality have quantity!

Boy or Girl?
Don’t be afraid of the labour. Be afraid of the terrible twos and the teen years! I am down to the last two teens in the house and I will count myself lucky if we all make it out alive…. Well, some days I think that way. *g*

On another topic - Have you thought about joining the poetry corner?

Canadian theme - well really it was a reference to Canadian posters showing our talents. *g*
We will just talk about the ice floes and seal pups and things like that to make it theme appropriate.


^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:43:28 2003|
slayerdaddy enters the Bronze(bater), tattered Burberry flaring dramatically, home at last from whup…

HumVee — Lissen, if you've ever seen a 300-lb offensive lineman nekkid, you'd want to wrap 'em back up as thoroughly as possible, too...

Old One — Is that why your nickname all through school was Old "Anghk 'oo" One...? *gillicuddy*

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:41:23 2003

Having watch BtVS from first season, I'm writing as an exception. *g*

Angel was Buffy's first love. Had there not been the curse escape clause (CEC), then they might still be together. With the CEC, there was no where for the story to go. Just walk away already. *g*

Since female-male leads are often circled or coupled, I was happy to see Cordy and Angel's relation being portrayed as sister-brother. OTOH, that's just a preference, and I think the writers established a believable path to their being lovers.

I could see Spuffy coming. Wished it not. There was no narrative showing why Spike would have fallen in love with Buffy. There was no reason for Buffy sleeping with Spike. So she "came back wrong." Whacky Buffy. Okay, but I could not keep my eyes away from the puppetmasters playing a commercial tune.

OTOH, given Spike is obssessed or in love, his getting a soul was believable. Once he had decided and acted to get a soul, there existed a reason for Buffy to be moved. There were powerful scenes between the two of them in 7th season.

OTO-OH, with so much focus on Spike, there was less storytime for other characters. I'd much rather have seen stories with Willow, Xander, Giles and Dawn than of Spike. Then again, I'm probably the odd fan out. The money was with the large group that adores Spike. C'est la vie.


- No problem with B/A.
- No problem with Angel leaving.
- Would have preferred C/A as "siblings," but C/A as lovers was believable.
- Sixth season Spuffy was unbelievable.
- Seventh season Spuffy was believable.

- In AtS, Spike should be sent on many out of town assignments. He gets his marching orders in scene 1 and calls in just before fade out. *g*


^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:25:52 2003

!Yay Twilight!

Welcome to a wonderful and exciting profession! Now you can officially talk about various bodily functions while other people try to eat. *g*

Wolfguard The Note huh?


Two words: You. Snore.

Kind of wierd for a vamp. Oh well.

Later dude!


^ v
Nirvana 1 says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:25:14 2003
valMicheal, hey. I'll say it again: "Here we are, now; entertain us" is something Kurt Cobain used to say when he went to parties and needed to break the ice. He also used it in a song "Smells Like Teen Spirit": "With the lights out, its less dangerous/here we are, now; entertain us...". Also, Spike said it in "Two To Go" (thats not realy why I use it though").
Now, Kurt was a front man for the band Nirvana (notice my name?).
Now, if that reeks of "the world owes me" to you, I can't change that. I'm paying homage to my favorite band and a man that I admire.

For the record, I'm realy not the "world owes me! Boo-hoo! Whine whine!" type of person, nor was Kurt.

^ v
Rocksette says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:23:52 2003|
Irishrose - Don't you be giving me a Sunday now! Knowing my luck he'll use that as a day of rest lol. A Monday when he's all rested up would be much better lol.

abt - lmao @ your aeroplane imitation...that looks like fun lol

Twilight - congratulations on becoming an RN!!!

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:21:11 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 23:22:36 2003

I've little idea when the abacus originated, but thought AD-100 would slip past more people than 950 BC. I had to google transcendental function. One of the first sites was sponsored or created by Wolfram Research. This did not deter me. *g*

I'm not able to read through a speare analysis. Can you summarize his thoughts on Normal Again?


^ v
chaos813 says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:16:41 2003
Daps--Yay!--someone else who is fluent in "kujy6ri7*&%"! *g* I agree that Faith is one of the best characters to ever come to tv--I loved "Five by Five" and "Sanctuary" also. I think those episodes with "This Years Girl" and "Who Are You" were the best as far as the use of Faith's character in a crossover arc and I loved that they added more depth to the Faith/Angel, Faith/Wesley and Angel/Wesley relationships. I would love to see a "Faith" spin-off or at least more Faith on "Angel". I know Eliza Dushku has a new show this fall, but maybe someday...Your answer to my question about the influence "Buffy" has on "Angel" viewers makes sense. From reading the boards it seems that those who came late to Buffy were also o.k. with the Angel/Cordelia hook-up and are all for Spike crossing over, while fans who have been there from the beginning of Buffy, remain adamant that Angel should only be with Buffy and seem wary of Spike on Angel full time. Of course there are always exceptions, but I think the original theory does hold up pretty well for the most part.

Algerina--Thank you for the "Yay"! It was a good outlet for my Connor irritation--*g*. I'm sorry it went on for so long :).

halfrek--Re: ((((positive vibes))))--Anytime :).

^ v
valMichael says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:02:02 2003
Normal Again just finished. That is one amazing episode. speare's analysis of this episode the other day makes perfect sense.

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 3 23:00:00 2003
Old One

However you cut it, George Carlin is just plain funny.

^ v
Adri says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:54:03 2003
Congratulations, twilight!

Kat in the dark on a hot tin long weekend!!! It sounds like you got an LJ! If you did, let me know and I will add you as a friend on mine :)

^ v
Cashmere says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:52:57 2003
Congratulations, twilight!


^ v
valMichael says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:50:13 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 22:56:21 2003
wolfguard Is the AD-100 lastest model of the Abacus line? We need to make sure Giles is on the cutting edge. He also might need an SR-2000 slide rule for the pesky transcedental operations.

Nirvana 1 "Here we are, now; entertain us..." There just something wrong about this statement, or someone say this. It reeks of a "the world owes me ... " attitude or something disaffected or disaffecting - can't quite put my finger on it.

twilight Congratulations!!! Break out the champagne!!

PS: Gateway does cows.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:48:59 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 22:52:45 2003
Congratulations twilight

Is it appropriate to say, break a leg? *g*


LOL. Somewhere, I read that Dell was rethinking the Holstein boxes. It is Dell that does cows?

..inserting Dawn into her delusions made everything inconsistent...

There's something interesting about this line, but I cannot yet put my finger on it.

ETA: Ah, if without Dawn, Buffy's delusions were consistent, then what is it about Dawn that makes them inconsistent? In the Buffyverse, Dawn is real, but her pre-5th season history was not, a shared delusion. In the Normagainverse, where Buffy's friends and enemies are said to be delusional, Dawn is not.


^ v
tiggy says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:42:32 2003

Congratulations twilight!!! *smooooch*

whee! now all you have to do is add everyone as friends. i just tried to comment and you have it set so only friends can comment. let me know if you need help figuring it out. :)

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:41:08 2003

Your topic's question 7.

For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it)?

As a group, their two basic needs are communication and research. Much of their past research seems to have been done over the Web, so all that's required is a brouser.

Now that they may be assemblying the slayers, there's a need for database and possibly some sort of financial and project management software. This is Willow territory, though if Xander's been doing construction management he'll have some knowledge of project management.


Buffy - Cell phone and possibly notebook computer.

Faith - as Buffy.

Slayers - Cell phones. They may have their own computers, so its choosing compatible software and security measures.

Dawn - I'll go with valMichael's suggestion.

Xander - CAD/PM

Giles - Abacus AD-100.


^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:34:28 2003
Good Day Bronzers!!

Old One--(from last night) I'm doing ok. :o) School has kept me busy. I lurk here once in a while when I have time during class. hee hee Hope you are well.

tiggy--Thanks for the info. I'm all signed up and have an entry in. {{hugs}}

Adri--Hiya hon! (if you are around)

SOs to all here.


^ v
twilight says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:33:07 2003
Driving by on the way to my couch... I'm relaxing, after finding out today that...

I passed state boards and I'm officially an RN!!

Thanks for the all the ((vibes)) you guys sent to me along the way, B-Bronzers!! I'm only sorry that my school commitments kept me away from here so much of the time. *sigh*

white wings: Awww... that's so sweet! Thanks for remembering. It's been a long road for me. It's going to be nice to pick up my first paycheck, to be sure!:) I'll stay off the ledge, I promise.

Mia: Email received and returned backatcha, baybee!


^ v
Adri says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:30:48 2003
Algerina: The thunking pillows werena supposed to be hard. They were supposed to help cushion all the heads thunking here. But, if they are hard, then perhaps they can be used as things to thunk others with *g*

^ v
Algerina says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:28:06 2003
You mean if I have a Canadian theme Old One will start writing poems again? How about life is a Canadian beach, eh?

I chose my computer because I loved the cow box

Did you like my revised note? I am watching your favorite episode the one in the hospital. It always amuses me that the doctor says that inserting Dawn into her delusions made everything inconsistent and that the trio of nerds are lame villians. I always thought the writers were speaking for themselves

Vampire in the Basement
Can't wait to get your story

Old One
The thunking pillows were hard. Not soft tickly

^ v
Nirvana 1 says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:17:37 2003
Hello, all!
"Here we are, now; entertain us..."
-Kurt Cobain

My cousin had her baby (yes, el, thanx for asking!) this morning at 10:31 a.m.!!!!!! She did not enjoy it, I guess (first time mom!). When I asked my ma how she was while in labor, she said "Shannen made herself known"!!!!! I'm never having kids!

paks and Daps, thanx for the congrats! I realy appriciate it!

Daps, yeah, its a good album! I was impressed!

paks, hey! Again, thanx for the congrats!

When I say I'de hate it if they were the same, I mean like their stories, attitude, and , on a shollow note, their style. But it means the same thing if they make decisions for people, you know what I'm saying? Again, it does not make them eevvvill. People make decisions for people all the time, good and bad.

Yeah, contractions (get it? Contractions? Aw, sorry. Hope that does not contribute to the "soft core porn" they say people were writting. Whats up with that, anyway?). I'm not good with keyboards.

Myst, how are you? Well, the thing is, we've been talking/posting about stuff over a long period of time, paks and I and although it was about the same thing, it did kind of shift from the whole soul thing to making decisions thing. But I mean decisions wiyh a soul.

^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:13:03 2003
wolfguard - as do I.. *g*

el - I assume you are referring to the Poetry Corner submissions? I've been known to submit the odd poem.. Will try to get going again. :0)

Crossover - a big pessimist or a realist.. *g*

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:04:13 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 22:58:46 2003

You're welcome.

Old One

Allow me to quote the great George Carlin in response to your last post to me. 'Some people see the glass as half empty, some people see it as half full. I see the glass as too big'.


Oh c'mon now. Who's your favorite btvs character? Surely you can do something creative about that peron. I have faith in you. You are a very creative person and a good writer!


There's my next pitch in operation:trouble above. I hope it works!

I'm having a little difficulty with the beach theme for some of the characters as well. I hope Algerina doesn't mind if we switch it up for some of them. She seems cool with it.

LOL about taking the skytrain during the strike with the dogs and everything. That's hilarious.

That's horrible about tearing down all the old buildings. I'm so sorry to hear that. I am always happy to see old churches or cathedrals that have survived the test of time. It's too bad that none of those survived.

None of Vancouver is too old though, with the fire in 1886 and all, so you shouldn't be too jealous. My biggest complaint is that the really nice part of Vancouver that is so lovely is the red light district (around Pigeon Park). I wish I felt safer walking around in that area, because I'd love to go and look at some of the old buildings there.

That's amazing that the graveyard has survived. Is there a historical society in Glace Bay? They must be upset that they haven't been able to save more.

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Thu Jul 3 22:02:36 2003
I got a haircut. Yippee! I also got my car inspected! She passed. We studied very hard - the spelling list alone was brutal.

paks: The all-time favorite comment I hear is "I don't mind gays, as long as they don't shove it down my throat." What does that even mean? "It's okay to be gay, as long as we never, ever talk about it." Sigh. Some people. Yeah, I wish I were here for the New Moon Rising uproar. Would've been fun.

nik: See there, you're endeavoring not to piss me off *and* you live in Austin! Works for me! *g* Do you stable your horses in South Austin, or do you have land? I'm a big fan of horses, and prefer them to most people. Austin is a great city, now that I'm used to it. Coming there from Houston, I was like "Trees! What are these things you call trees? Where's the steel? Where are the reactors? Why hasn't that man bathed in the last week?!" But now, I'm mostly Austin-ized. (still don't like hippies. Their aversion to anti-persperant and soap troubles me greatly.) I live across from the UT campus, but now I have to find a new place to live. And, also, a job. I need a frickin' job.

white wings: I believe today you're supposed to be gay-bashing me. I'm not sure - haven't checked the calendar. *g*

tiggy: I am a handsome gay man. Was someone doubting the veracity of my claim?

Mia: It's our old age. *weg* These chat speakers are driving me bonkers.

^ v
Mr. Whyt says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:57:15 2003
wolfguard The "note"
Spike make yourself useful, get:
Crunchy Peanut Butter


^ v
Beldin says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:47:39 2003
abt - I haven't watched Smallville in a while but, yes, I was the one praising Annette O'Toole. I still miss The Huntress. I thought she and Jordana Spiro made a good pair.

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:32:04 2003
1. What type of computer do you have ( Mac /PC and brand)? Well, I have a Fujitsu Lifebook laptop at work. I have two PC's at home. One a Pack Bell and one an E-Machines
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind? Yes, see above.
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.) Windows 95, 98, and 2000
4. Favorite/Most used Applications? MS word, MS Office, and MIE
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? I spend all day on my PC and leave the browser on while I'm at it. At home, I spend maybe 1 or 2 hours on each night. Weekends vary greatly.
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ? "4"
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats) Ugh, that would take too much time to list out. I think everyone needs nifty little laptops, and wireless networking!

CD Thursday
Mad Brilliant-GOTR
Little South of Sanity-Aerosmith


^ v
BlackMagickBitsy says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:31:56 2003
Dudley's PC Techie Quiz
1. What type of computer do you have? A Compaq of some kind.

2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind?
I wish...

3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.) ?
98 at home and NT at school.

4. Favorite/Most used Applications?
Adobe Photoshop!!

5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online?
2 hour on average at home(it really depends on when the mojo hits me) and 4 hours on average at school(I go to a technical school)

6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ? 5, I'll be a 10 when I graduate from school. The only thing standing in my way are CSS!!

7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats)?
I'd give Buffy a heat sensor. She could kill anything thats cold. He he!! Xander could use a pheremone detector. Any chick giving off anything more than usual would make it beep annoyingly loud and he could use the confusion to escape.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold...the second coming of the slayer is here...

^ v
el says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:29:36 2003
Austin sounds like fun. Laughing at the hair - mine too - about that short but not sticking up - well, not as part of any style.

I blame British TV. Big influence on the younger generation, eh wot?

5 pairs - three sandals, mules and runners

Thanks. Are you sure? About the poetry? Just try one. It’s free. *g*
Yarn is considered a knitter’s retirement plan, as fabric is a sewer’s…. You can never have too much.. I knit or crochet - baby blankets - same yarn - different looks.

That was not the big guns… oh now I am afraid!
Thanks. I just couldn’t get her to the beach…..

I hate to tell you how much we used the sky train during the strike! Hubby and I would take it for a stop or two, take the dogs on. We were BAD! We lived close enough to walk back and forth to work, but would get out of Gay Bingo after a few too many and ride two stops. Ah, the wild days for us.

Glace Bay actually tore down every historic building in town save the Old Town Hall which is now the museum. The Cape Breton public culture says new is better - but it is starting to change. There is no evidence of the mines, the steel mills are gone (literally). Anything that was indicative of early settlers has been erased except graveyards. Can find them going back 300 years!

Vancouver - younger by a hundred years has many more historical buildings than all of Cape Breton.

I just have to ask. Are you making sure that Yoshi’s teeth are being cleaned properly and that he is getting some other kind of - well actually, getting ANY nutrients at all. Cause I am thinking with all these slurpies, the rodent is gonna have serious tooth and health problems…

Join the poetry party. We will be there with you. Notice no one mocking my attempts.

You work on Trouble some more. We have to branch out.

So about this poetry thing. I am thinking a Canadian theme. What do you think?


^ v
poetgirl says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:28:51 2003
Thanks for the update - I am old friends w/ Steve DeKnight from way back in the day...we went to HS together & were pretty tight..I was in touch w/ him up until a couple of years ago I lost touch w/ him - probably due to his WILD success!!! If anyone knows another place I can try to post a note to him, let me know!!! And if you have any questions about a younger,gentlier Steve DeKnight, I may answer...

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:26:31 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 21:27:19 2003

A blue one, a tan one, etc. LOL


Some people speculate software will one day be a utility. Using software would be like using electricity. If so, how literate does one have to be to use electricity?

- I can do the light switch.
- Program VCR to time record.
- Haven't figured out all the stuff sound system can do.

There's a computer scientist named Gerlernter1 whose interest is in software. Cares not a fig for hardware. In his book, ~Mirrow World, he gave a couple paragraphs to hardware, probably because the editor demanded it.

What do computers let us do? What do we need to know about computers to use them?

1 He was a victim of the Unabomber. He survived. Ironically, the Unabomber had meant to kill his brother, a scientist, but mixed up the addresses.

ETA Old One,

LOL. I delete those to, unopened. *g*


^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:24:24 2003|
wolfguard - you techie you! We were talking about canned spam, not emailed spam.. *g*

^ v
abt says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:22:41 2003

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:16:49 2003

But why the coat? *g*

Mr. Whyt,

LOL. What was on the list?

Old One,

The US Congress is or has passed a law limiting telemarketing calls. I'd rather have spam restricted. On any given day, 2/3rds to 3/4ths of my email are spam. I delete them unopened.


The writer did not speak of "coach" potatoes. *g*

Dudley's PC Techie Quiz cause I'm board at work:

1. What type of computer do you have ( Mac /PC and brand)?

Something by Gateway. I bought it last winter. My first computer was "powered" by an 8088.

2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind?

Yes. The Gateway tower and a Winbook.

3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.)

The tower runs Windows XP and the Winbook Windows 98.

4. Favorite/Most used Applications?

Microsoft Word 97

5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online?

Average number per day or week? Around six hours a day, six days a week.

6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ?

What's computer literacy? How does one scale it? I've done the following...

- Programmed in Applesoft Basic (83)
- Built some decision-support systems.
- Did a "systems analysis" for a company considering installing a computer system.1
- Assembled computers under a friend's supervision.
- Built a website using FrontPage XX. Now trying to figure out FrontPage 2002.
- Can use some HTML coding, all learned through the Bronze.

... Yet I don't feel computer literate. *g*

1 This was around 1988 or 1989. In those days, small and middle size companies were thinking they might need PCs, but didn't know how to proceed. Often they would buy one or two computers and toss it to a secretary to sort out. I know one person who ran a six person IT center (PCs and mini-computers (now serves?)), who had begun with the firm as a legal secretary. They'd given her the first computer and Word Perfect (?) and said, get this up.

7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats)

What to think on this one.


^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:06:09 2003
Rocksette LMAO!!! you are too funny! Ok seriously, I say that as # 1 I designate days! No, that won't work? OK, names in a hat it is. cc:the rest of the Harem

Thanks for the congrats on my part!

I really think the plan for Buffy and Angel could work! Might have to really stock up on those orbs of Thessula but hey, small price right!

Halfrek I am certainly hearing it used in place of more *familiar* four letter


^ v
trouble says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:05:43 2003
Dudley's PC Techie Quiz
1. What type of computer do you have? 2 x Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300 (i think) Laptop, Eurocom Laptop, 3 x home-built desktops.
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind? Yes. See above. My husband is a computer geek by trade.
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.) Window 98 (work) and Windows XP (home)
4. Favorite/Most used Applications?
ScriptThing (or Screenwriter), Word, Excel, Explorer, and this really cool search engine thing I tapped into through McGill U.
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? 8 hours/day, 2 hours
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ? 4
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats)
Buffy could use a GPS for vamps, but in all honesty, the whole Scooby gang is remarkably low tech.

Crossover: Two words: Poetry. Scary. as in, I don't think you want to see mine....

I'm leaving work now, but as soon as I get home, I'll scroll for yours. I've been spotting compliments aplenty....

*temporary poof*

^ v
abt says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:03:45 2003
Yay Artie!

I saw a trailer for Trading Places on TV today. That Dan Ackroyd/Eddie Murphy film. Maybe W&H gave Angel the L.A. branch for a bet. ATS s7 silly spec above.

redwitch daps humvee - I read the Jane Espenson interview, this bit:-AICN: As one of the key architects of CHECKPOINT, do you suspect that Buffy was not the first slayer to tell the Watchers Council to piss off?

JANE: Buffy is very special. I think she might've been the first!

Is this not rather insulting to women to suggest that only an exceptional woman was capable of telling the CoW to get stuffed, that a standard woman would just accept it?

ASH might be right about tears. I googled for 'tears chemical composition emotion'. I knew that ASH-mocking journalist was a fool!

waves to halfrek, re thinking out loud, I usually have access to the beta so my thoughts just get posted as they occur to me, for better or worse!

waves to ojagwers!

abt notices HumVee...

begins strafing run...

HumVee is bombarded with fruits and various meats!

Ha ha ha!

^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 21:03:18 2003|
Algerina - being punished with a fluffy pillow never touches your funny bone? hmmmmm cc notsoShyGirl, halfrek, dudley

Dudley's PC Techie Quiz cause I'm board bored ;0) at work:

1. What type of computer do you have ( Mac /PC and brand)? pc, I think it's an eMachine
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind? yes 2. The other is a Packard Bell
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.) whatever is on it
4. Favorite/Most used Applications? email and the Bronze.. *g*
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? per what??? maybe 10 per week, sometimes up to 40..
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ? 3ish
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats) darned if I know.. note the 3ish for my pc knowhow... I'd just get them all Nintendo games..

^ v
(Thu Jul 3 20:59:08 2003

^ v
littlexander says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:55:54 2003
Dudley's PC Techie Quiz

1. What type of computer do you have? Advent PC
2. Do you have more than one computer? Two, the Advent and an old PC of unknown make
3. What Operating System(s) do you use? The Advent has Win ME, the other uses 95.
4. Favorite/Most used Applications? IE, Wordpad, Movie Maker
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? 50+
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems"? 7
Leaving number 7 cause I'm too tired to think about it...

^ v
dudley says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:49:55 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 20:57:09 2003

Ah, my new lttitle Fifth. Come my little one and I shall teach you the Way of the Hamster. I shall call you Little T-X. I look forward to the the Rise of the Fifths *weg* cc Thoin

^ v
Algerina says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:48:46 2003
Ouch! Those thunking pillows are hard

Dudley/Hafrek/ notsoShyGirl
I have never liked Monty Python. They never made me laughed.

I am glad you found my note noteworthy *g*

Thank you

Dudley's PC Techie Quiz
1. What type of computer do you have? PC Gateway
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind? NO
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.)Window 98
4. Favorite/Most used Applications?
Free Cell, MSWord, AOL
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? 35/35
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ?2
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats)
Buffy: Mochca colored one
Dawn: a Blue one
Xander: Tan one
Faith: lap top

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:47:51 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 20:49:19 2003
HumVee jumps onto the bar and fires an invisible hail of bullets at abt from an invisible machine gun emplacement (Unless the bar actually has a machine gun never know), in an attempt to shoot down the rascally varmit

Rat-at-at-at-at-at-at-at-at-tat! Grr

^ v
valMichael says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:46:35 2003
Dudley's PC Techie Quiz cause I'm board at work:
1. What type of computer do you have ( Mac /PC and brand)? Gateway Laptop, 2 X technology, 1 PC Tech, and 2 home built.
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind? See above.
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.) NT 4, XP, 98, DOS 6.22, Linux 6.2
4. Favorite/Most used Applications? Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Mathematica, Mathcad, The Geometer’s workshop, Deep Junior, ChessLive connection application.
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online? 8-10 and always online – have roadrunner!
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ? At least a 10.
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats) Apple Macintosh Laptops. Simply because they are simplest to use and that’s what Willow has. MS Office for Mac.

^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:43:31 2003|
joins Dudley in a resounding chorus of 'Spam, spam, spam.. glorious Spaaaaaaam!'

halfrek/ notsoShyGirl - amazing isn't it, that Algerina doesn't even know such a classic sketch.. ;0)

Crossover - c'mon now, let's try and be a glass half full kind of guy for Vancouver's Olympic spectacle.. ;0)

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:43:20 2003

Replied to the other two as well. Thanks for liking the Kennedy poem. I guess I have a fan then!


True enough about reaping the benefits. LOL about your Mom and Dad. I guess the hotels at Whistler will be like ticketmaster selling tickets to a rock concert. It'll get opened up on a certain day and it'll just be nuts.

Say, have you submitted any entries to Algerina's poetry corner? I'd like to see them if you have, and if you haven't, I'd love to see what you'd come up with!

^ v
halfrek says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:41:11 2003
voice from halfrek's computer room...

dudley: are you going to name that little fifth? *points to bottom of the board*
which is silly b/c voices cant point. oh well.
be a dear and not weevil law geek and name it, please.

crossover: the inbox doesnt know exactly what to do with all that. *g*
have read, will reply ifn i get a chance this weekend.

and on that note, and the sight of many people *thunking*...the voice is finally quiet. *g*

^ v
Dust'em says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:36:17 2003
Just checking in, reading comments, waving like a madwoman at Comteacher, willowkitten, valMichael, notsoShygirl, Serina, zoni, slayercorrect, Mia, halfrek, Nikka, KAM, Hollyn, bhd, Morella, Artie, Helygen, seaside, Rissa_The Host, Ouroborus, dualslayers, genrefan, OldManfan, Petrona, Phoenix, Lady Ireland, Lester 'Creep' Crawley, Tamz, greeneyes always!, going through Buffy withdrawal and scrolling!

YAY Artie!!

Just look at that smile!

Quick SO's to: Little Willow, Miko, cabin7dad, dualslayers, Lady Ireland, comteacher, bhd, Xanderific, Dellraven, seaside, Rissa_The Host, Dreaminghawk, Squireboy, Morella, greeneyes, Phoenix, Artie, Hollyn, Mia, Chelle, OldManFan, Jynx, hostile 17, Xanderella, fibs, newt, Lester 'Creep' Crawley, Squirrel, Jadia, elusio, Dirty Socks, Lothar, Shygirl, Yummy, Reddygirl, Petrona, genrefan, Lilyana, Roman Around, Prince of Lunacy, Blade, TAMZ, mere, Erika Amato, Drew Z. Greenberg, Joss, Fury, DeKnight, Bailey Chase, Andy Hallett, Mark Lutz, Robin Sachs! and anyone else who's around!

[ PBP 2003 ][ 2003 PB Pre-Party ][ GLR Luncheon 2002-2003 ][ Bronzers! ][ PBP 2002 ][ Andy Hallett ][ Bailey Chase ][ LA Sites ][Chicago Downtown]

^ v
Adri says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:29:58 2003
*Adri does a drive-by to toss some thunking pillows through the Beta doors*

^ v
Dust'em says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:28:37 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 20:28:56 2003
CD Thursday

Cowboy Envy - Wagons Ho!
Velvet Chain - Custom CD
Pulp Fiction - Soundtrack
Annie Lennox - Medusa
Fiona Apple - Tidal

^ v
dudley says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:28:21 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 20:39:51 2003
Dudley meanders into the Bronze, he whistling The Spam Song by Monty Python. He stops and gives Yoshi a Pecan Slurpee and heads to the espresso bar and orders a quad mocha.

Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam. Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam!

Dudley's PC Techie Quiz cause I'm board at work:

1. What type of computer do you have ( Mac /PC and brand)?
2. Do you have more than one computer ? If so how many and what kind?
3. What Operating System(s) do you use ( i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP Mac OS 9 X etc.)
4. Favorite/Most used Applications?
5. Average number of hours you spend on your PC and number of hours online?
6. Rate your PC technical skill on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 = "I can turn it on" and 10 being I can build a PC and install and troubleshoot most OS problems" ?
7. For any or all of the characters from BtVS and AtS what kind of computer would you buy them what would they do with it ( any special applications you would put in it e.g. a database for Mr Trick to track yummy treats)

Genevieve's Lucie: Howdy! How's life in Pennsylvania?

T3 weekend PNW SOs & RSOs to:
1cham, 4paws, abt, Adri, Algerina, Aligator, Amarra, AussieBullDog , Blaze, BlueBoy, bruinbuffygirl, CarpeDi,Cashmere, Christopher Marlowe, Cleio, Covergirl, Closet Buffyholic, Dachelle, Dellraven, Denise, ducky cause she's quackers, Dogmeat, Evalie, EverDawn, Frodo,
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wolfguard, Xanderella, Y_slaybelle & Yoshi the Weevil Hamster


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LWT #46
Thinking Member of the Nekkid Trio
Hamster Defense League #2 "Habitrail Engineer and Defense ContractorTM"
Friend of Yoshi
PRIME member of the Bronze Math Society
Keeper of Giles' Status As "Buffy's Rakish Uncle"; His Torn Emotions At Leaving Buffy - (As Shown On His Face in "Tabula Rasa"); Need For Pretence In The Face Of Embarassing Sexual Moments; & Understated Dry Wit
Beta Chocoholics Society Member #13 - (Guardian of the Chocolate Bunny)
Puzzled Bronzers

Looking at photographs
Watching you grow before my eyes
Remembering the moments the instant
Before the camera saw them
And as I smile at all the times we shared, I'm reminded of all the in between
"babies" - Music for Elevators - Anthony Stewart Head

^ v
Cashmere says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:27:08 2003
Mia & tiggy *petpetpet*

^ v
Mia says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:24:30 2003
*thunk thunk thunk*

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:24:11 2003
Q Great review on "loevrs' Walk"; minor quibble, "lovers'" in the title is a posessive, not a plural, so "walk" is a noun, not a verb. Not familiar w the Elvis Costello song the title comes from but always figured the title in the pe. referred not to "an action of leaving" but the combative, judgemental, quality relationships soemtimes have, a "lovers' walk" akin to the "wizards' walk" in the old _Ars MAgica_ RPG. Eh, whatever, it's a good but hard-to-watch episode, but it just sets up what was, for me, the ultimate "gbhtw" episode coming up. And don't worry, you doidn't actaully coomit the sin of punning with your "visious" comment since thta's actually Gary Oldman singing on the car's radio.

^ v
BigBuffyFan7952 says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:17:58 2003
Beldinawwww, *sniffle,tear*

Mr. Holtz's Quiz

1: What was the first line ever spoken in the series, and who said it? No clue.
2: Which actress, who would appear in Buffy as another character later on in the series, was offered the role of Cordelia, only to turn it down at the last minute? Dunno.
3: In which episode did Xander utter the immortal line; ‘I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away’.
It was Witch?
4: Who was the witch in ‘Witch’?
Well, Amy's mom had switched bodies with her daughter, making it appear that Amy was the witch, but in the end it was Amy's mom, "Kathrine the great"as she was mentioned.
5: Complete this Master quote: ‘You still don’t understand your place in all this. You’re not the hunter’… what comes next? I dunno, din't really pay attention to the master. I didn't like him.

1: In which episode of this season does Jonathan make his first ever appearance? The Inca mummy one?

2: What instrument does Buffy play in Spike’s ‘band’? Drums, and/or triangle.
3: What is Jenny Calendar? That weird name her Uncle called her of her Gypsy tribe thing. And Giles lovey, and computer teacher.
4: Translate the phrase ‘nici mort, nici al fiente’ into English. No idea.
5: “Who died and made you Elvis?” Who said that, who did they say it to, and in which episode? Can't remember. I know I'm lame.Lol.

1: In the episode ‘Anne’, who was Anne? Buffy
2: Name all the recurring characters that died in ‘Graduation Day’. Harmony, Princ. Snyder, Mayor, and that Larry dude Amy was talking about.

3: In the alternate Wishverse, where was Buffy before Giles called her to Sunnydale? Ok, I don't know what that means, but beore sunnydale, Buffy was in L.A.

4: In which two episodes did the Mutant Enemy monster do something different this season? ??
5: Name Xander’s zombie ‘friends’ in ‘The Zeppo’.
Jack and two other dudes.

1: What are Graham and Forrest’s (Riley’s Initiative buddies) surnames?Dunno, I dindn't like riuley or the initiative.

2: Which regular guest star appears for a total screen time of five seconds this season? ??

3: In which episode does Anya confess to actually being in love with Xander? Well, I think it was around the thrid appocolypese. She said she wanted him to runnaway with her because she feared for him.
4: In ‘Fear, Itself’, what were the Scoobies’ fears? I don't remember,
5: In which episodes are Riley and Spike added to the opening credits? fourth season?

1: When Dracula tells Buffy, ‘You think you know what you are, what’s to come, you haven’t even begun’, he is echoing a line from another episode. Who said it first and when? ??
2: Who said “Glory isn’t a demon. She’s a god”? ??
3: When does Spike first openly admit to being in love with Buffy? To Buffy in crush? The one were he sorta sets up a date and dru. returns and he ties them both up.
4: What was the name of the Knight of Byzantium who Glory brainsucked? Can't remember, but I remember he was killed by a "brother"
5: In which episode does Joyce die? The Body ? I'm pretty sure.
1: Complete the following verse from ‘Walk Through The Fire’
“She came from the grave much graver,
First I’ll kill her, then I’ll save her,
Everything is turning out so dark…”
What comes next? Bonus points for including what Sweet sings over this verse.Spike: "First I'll save her, then I'll kill her Tara? I think this line is mostly filler." Ok I'm lost, I know the song though I have the CD.
2: Tom Lenk, who plays Andrew, was in Buffy prior to this season. Which season was it, who did he play, and in which episode? ??
3: Who helps Warren defend himself against Willow in ‘Villains’? ???

4: Who wrote the episode ‘Seeing Red’? ???
5: What’s different about Riley this season? Married to fellow initiative person.Has a scar on his face, and actually says goodbye this time.
SEASON 7 (spoiler fonted for those who have yet to see it)
1: Is the actress who played Nikki Wood (Principal Wood’s mother, and the Slayer that Spike killed in the ‘70s) the same actress as played her in ‘Fool For Love’? Yes in the fight seen.

2: Which actor guest starred as two different characters this season, and what were they? This is a bit of a trick question.
Well JM and SMG played they're first selves?
3: Who plays Kennedy? DUnno, personally don't care, I didn't like her much.

4: Name all the guises the First takes throughout the season.
SPike, buffy, Caleb, WArren, mayor, joyce, can't think anymore.

5: Why did Andrew kill Jonathan? The First as Warren told him to. To open up some seal.

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tiggy says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:17:51 2003
Steviehoney hasn't been here since April 2003. i sincerely doubt he's lurking as well.

gotta love it.

^ v
poetgirl says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:10:48 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 20:13:16 2003
Looking for Diamond Steve DeKnight - Call me / email - Blown away by your success!!!! Steviehoney if you're out there....? Love you!! Janiebaby Paranych

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trouble says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:08:45 2003
Crossover: Apparently, no one is taking reservations before 2007. I guess they need a bit of time to figure out how much hotel rooms will cost then, and how much they can jack up the rates...

Oh, and neither was I around in '67, but I'm around to reap the benefits. Hmmm...'67...I do believe my dad was still chasing my mom around the couch, determined to get one more crack at bat...

^ v
abt says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:08:11 2003
abt runs round the beta, arms outstretched in an aeroplane imitation...


^ v
trouble says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:02:22 2003
Goddess@Home: Thanks for the ‘yay.’ We posted similar comments on KH. Me was a great book. Also, yay on the Tori Amos.

Now, I am about to make you faint. The last pair of shoes I bought was in June of 2002. And the only reason being that I was getting married and needed a pair. I’m a Hush Puppy addict, and the damn things never wear out.

Also – read the Espenson interview. Loved it. Love her.

And Jane – if you’re reading this – you did a more than ‘okay job’ on the Spike/Buffy post-resurrection exchange.

roja: For when you scroll: When I was just a wee girl, we went to visit my sister in Toronto. I must have been about seven or eight. We went to Ontario Place, and there was this huge outdoor concert going on. My parents were thrilled, and I was bored out of my skull. My dad said to me, “If you want, I’ll have one of your brothers take you around while we watch the show.” I, in my precocious (sp?) youth, replied with, “No, that’s okay. I’m sure one day I’ll want to tell people I saw Ella Fitzgerald in concert.”

Seeing your CD picks, I thought you might enjoy that.

DaddyCatALSO: Read your comments on Xander and Hells Bells. Re-watching last night, it was the first time I watched the episode from Anya’s perspective, rather than Xander’s. I paid attention to see if there was any death foreshadowing, etc. After the past few years of trying to reconcile that episode with the Xander character (and yes, I see how he doesn’t want to become his folks), I finally noticed (call me slow) that it was perfect redemption for Anya in the Jossverse. There’s no way she could have gone on to live a happy life without ever having accounted for her previous sins. It’s just disturbing that we had to wait a full year to get the rest of her story in Selfless. Then perhaps we wouldn’t have all felt as crappy as we did (or am I speaking only for myself?), if we had known that Xander was just a passing crutch in the life of Anya.

^ v
Rocksette says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:01:04 2003|
Okay, I've scrolled as much as I possibly can for one night, my eyes are beginning to cross lol. I'm catching up though!

Irishrose and Princess of Darkness - Maybe when someone from the Bronze goes to the next convention they should hassle them into getting their butts back here! lol. I saw an advert for a convention in Glasgow in a few months with Amber Benson and some of the others. Going to do what I can to get tickets!! Anyone else through that way?

Irishrose - (from five boards back) lmao @ your plan to keep Buffy safe when her and Angel get ''happy''. Surprised Joss hasn't come up with that lmao. Thank you, it's been a loooong day and that just really made me laugh and cheered me up lol. Congratulations on getting your part!!!! that's great news :)

VampWillow - Danny Strong for Robin!! hehehe

For those in the UK - There's a new series that starts tonight in Angels time slot on Sky One, looks really good!

Daps - got another movie to add to the list.....Soul Survivors...watched the video today...very good :) Eliza Dushku is one of the leads in it.

Zeus - course its a woman...we rule the world hehehehe

Irishrose - how do we designate days, should we pull names and days out of a hat? Can I put my name in seven times??...oops no, hang on, that's cheating hehehehe cc the rest of the harem

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valMichael says:
(Thu Jul 3 20:00:02 2003
Q Buffy was always portrayed as being sharp, just not academically interested. Here’s a quote from Teacher’s Pet:

Dr. Gregory: (looks at her, then back at his glasses) You have a first
rate mind and you can think on your feet. Imagine what you could
accomplish if you actually did the...

Not everyone thought that Buffy wasn’t intelligent.

^ v
halfrek says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:54:13 2003
notsoshygirl: OMJ, Algerina has NOT heard the Spam song,
or skit? how can that be? *boggle*
one of my personal favorites. *nods*

irishrose: i agree...English words in American speech.
OTOH, very cool if you think about how truly global the country has become.
and it is a way to cuss in polite circles...personally i think it is
way more creative than just limiting yourself to the f word. *g*

all caught up for now....have a lovely weekend everyone.
off to sit in traffic...

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Dr. Magic says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:52:53 2003
CD Thursday: I'm in something of a New York Rock(er) mood.
Ramones - Rocket To Russia
Blondie - Parallel Lines
Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation
Lou Reed - Transformer

^ v
Crossover says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:52:15 2003
RSO's to roja and valMichael


That's interesting about LA and San Diego public transit systems not having turnstiles. I'm bothered by it here in Vancouver as the transit system has lost a bundle of money and had a lengthy six month strike beginning just before two summers ago. It prevented me from being able to go to school, so it's a sore spot for me. Do San Diego and LA transit loose a lot of money as well?


Glad you liked my version of 'Shakespeare in the Hood'. Have a great time in that other place, sweetie.


Great poem today. Very simple, and yet showed the duplicity of a certain hated character very well.


Thank you for the second hand praise. Let me say that the poetry corner is a new thing (at least, new to me) so my sense is that it's all about being creative. What's your favorite poem? Okay, now mimic it. (Shhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone this little secret of mine, 'kay?)


You did a great poem today! Hitting on Tara's death was very nice. Thank you for praising mine. However, I wrote it before threatening you with the big guns. That will have to wait for another day.

Sorry to make you miss Vancouver, lol. The blue and orange tarp comment was priceless.

Okay, maybe turnstiles are a bad thing in some ways. I just remember walking on to the skytran a lot (during peak times) the summer of '86 and there was no one around checking to see if fares had been paid for. It just amazed this kid from Toronto at the time.

Your right about the Kerrisdale folk not wanting the skytrain, but part of the problem there is also that the train tracks are still owned by the CPR who don't want to give them up. The City if Vancouver and the CPR have been battling over those tracks forever.

I'm sure that the building of Glace Bay was done in a much more sturdy fashion than here. I'm glad you're happy where you are!
cc:trouble, Old One

Old One

You are right about Vancouver not being the only place that deals with urban planning gaffs. However, my point was, in lieu of what happened before with Expo, and in lieu of the type of bungling I described, can you imagine what will happen when the amount of money that will be funneled into the city gets funneled into the city because of the Olympics and the geniuses get there hands on it? I'm not looking forward to seeing what happens next.
cc:trouble, el


Sorry. I'll remember for the future, a culinary student told me 'it's all in the sauce'.

There will be positives for sure. Job creation is one of them. Getting more international exposure is another. You're right about that. My hope is that the Olympic Council itself will have some say on how the money gets used, and that they make good decisions for the city. We'll see.

I was not alive for Expo '67, but I've heard that it was good for Montreal. I'm glad the metro system that was developed there was good. The first thing that was a clue to me that the skytrain was going to be a problem was when I learned that they bought the thing second hand from Scarborough (just outside Toronto, now part of the megacity, or as I like to call it, the 'monstro-city).

That is hilarious about the radio station tried to make reservations for 2010 at Whistler. How did that play out?
cc:el, Old One

^ v
BigBuffyFan7952 says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:51:50 2003
AlgerniaI love the note you wrote for your idea to spike from buffy.

Favourite episodes? Oh, Gosh alot.
WHo are you.
What's my line part 1.
End of Days
alot more.

Episode/s that made/make you cry?
The Gift-because Buffy died, Spike cried, and Music was sad.
Lies my Parents told me-because a friend told me Spike was going to die in that ep. and he was trapped.
Chosen-Duh!Because Spike Died, and Buffy told him she loved him, and Buffy's home and town was gone.

Episode/s that made/make you scared to do something and please list.
Walk alone in a dark alley.

Episode/s that you think were the funniest.
Alot!-The witch, because of buffy's hyperness.Hush because of buffy explaining how you kill them.and older and far away-because when buffy was opening presents and things, all the faces spike made lol!
Episode/s that you think were the lamest. The Zeppo
Favourite season ? Explain : Well Season 7 and season 6 and 5.
Favourite quote?saeason 7. and alot of spike's.Buffy: “You’re right, we don’t know how to fight it, we don’t know when it’ll come, we can’t run, can’t hide, can’t pretend it’s not the end cause it is. Something has always been there to try and destroy us, we’ve beaten them back, but we’re not dealing with them anymore, we’re dealing with the reason they exist, evil, the strongest, the first.”

Giles: “ Buffy, I, I, know you’re tired but…”

Buffy: “ I’m beyond tired, I’m beyond scared, I’m standing on the mouth of hell and it’s going to swallow me whole. And it’ll choke on me, we’re not ready? They’re not ready. They think we’re just gonna wait for the end to come, like we always do. I’m done waiting. They want an apocolapse, we’ll give em’ one. Anyone else who wants to run, do it now, because we just became an army, we just declared war. From now on we won’t just face our fears we will seek them out, we wil find them and cut out their hearts one by one until the first shows itself for what it really is, then I’ll kill it myself. There is on;y one thing on this earth more powerful than evil, and that’s us…any questions?

When did you started watching? About two years ago.
Favourite Scooby? Explain: Does Spike and Buffy count?
Favourite Buffy's love interest? Explain : Spike.
Favourite Xander's love interest? Explain: Anya
Favourite Willow's love interest? Explain :Tara
Favourite Giles's love interest? Explain : Mrs. Calendar
The baddest bad on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and why? Spike.He had this sexy evilness to him.
What is the status of the BBS? Huh?
What color is your toothbrush? Blue
Do you like chocolate or caramel or taffy? Chocolate
What other people think about when you talk Buffy? Sarah, James, Alice, my other Buffy fan friend.
What planet are you from? Earth. Or the Buffy verse.
What do you do? Obsesse about Buffy and Spike.LOL!

^ v
tiggy says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:51:30 2003
it wouldn't be so bad except that very same poster has asked that question multiple times and at least been answered three. *thunk*

*smoooooch* it hasn't fully relieved me of my scrolling guilt. i still know i've missed a million things. blah...

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:50:14 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 19:50:59 2003
Hey, how goes it?
yes, I've been dipping into the sales...
As well as the four I mentioned, I also have Radiohead;Amnesiac and The Fall; Totally Wired to listen to.
Vs. is such a good album...I had it when it first came out but only on vinyl, so I got a shiny, shiny disc version.

You been Jazzing it up? Cool. I want an Ella Fiztgerald album actually...she has a wonderful voice. I have about zero Jazz to my name, which will not do.

HumVee waves to roja as she vrooms over the horizon

Old One
Hows you?
Hope your move went smooth. Smooth like sipping Long Island Ice tea on the villa veranda on a hot summers day. You settling in okay?

^ v
nik says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:41:59 2003
roja: Oh, man, how do you live a week without a breakfast taco? I couldn't do it. Seriously, Mexican food, that's my one addiction. Well, that and ice cream.......

Spam Song links:

^ v
halfrek says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:40:02 2003
flying in before i have to go sit in traffic...ah the holidays.

Yay! artie!!

whitewings: some things i have to work up to. *g*
i was a B/A shipper of sorts until i saw Spike. sorry, but he ruined me.
notice that i did NOT say B/S shipper. just a simple Spike fan. *g*
OTOH, Angel did have my "heart" for at least one season.
have a lovely holiday...i will be doing the rose thing myself. i will
try to avoid the thorn in the rear. *g*

paks: oh a list of MB movies. i have seen a few of those, but you didnt mention
Alien2. what did you think of him in that one? i thought he was as hot as ever...
though i did see him in a made for TV where he played a crazy who either killed
his wife or tried to. he was good in that, but scary.
i forgot to mention...jaan with hair. yes, he did have hair...
and looked very good with said hair. *g*
not everyone can pull off no hair and look good w/o said hair. he is lucky
to be able to do both.

dogmeat: the groop? is that like a group grope? hahaha
sounds good...hope i will be able to do that sometime. maybe the fall.
are you still being a hack driver?

roja: thanks. so your move went well, then?

el: oooh talk of yarn shops. i have yarn that i need to do something
with...but no time. i had to stop going to stores, but i love the whole sensory thing.
pretty colors and textures...i just didnt need to buy anymore before i used what i have. *g*
right there with you and the ripping out/fixing crochet. that is why i prefer knitting.

crossover: got the e...will try to get back to in a bit. {{hugs}}
good one about Kennedy. *g*

el2: nice poem...but no i dont think i will try. i do love reading everyones though.

tiggy: total agreeage with the modicum of happiness.
yay! you and relief of scrolling guilt.

myst: good luck on the scroll. hope you get to see Nemo soon.
my two little people loved it. and still do bits of the dialogue for my amusement.
these are also the same two that sing songs from OMWF soundtrack.
they are fond of the Anya/Bunnies song and Anya/Xander number.
the girl also loves to do the Theories song at the beginning.
i hope to work on it some this weekend, but as always i am sure that i will
pulled a dozen diff directions and will get nothing done. *g*

OldONe: {{smootch}}

one page to go

^ v
Goddess@Home says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:39:23 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 19:45:03 2003
*Goddess doin' another unceremonious drive-by at breakneck speed..*

Still upset about Katharine Hepburn. Re-reading her autobiography. Sniffling.

Belated YAY trouble!

And a not-belated.. YAY Admin Artie! *G*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brandi the Slayer!

Kaisa - Ugh. An ex should know his/her place. (That is a galaxy far, far away from wherever one may be posting/shopping/dining/breathing..) Don't let him get to you, honey. {hugs} Did you say something about champagne, btw? *g*

Irishrose - I heard an American person use the word "bugger" (in a four-letter-word manner) a few days ago. The world is collapsing around me ears. Swear to Joss.. *g*

LittleFearDemon - Without having to rent and re-watch Donnie Darko I'm gonna say definitively that the song you're thinking of is "Mad World". A Tears For Fears song performed by Gary Jules. Not REM. Or Michael Stipe. At all. Nice song though.. *g*

redwitch - Hey! *smooch* I'm doing okay. Sorta busy details of which, very dull.. Not much time for quality Beta:Bronzing of late, but still.. How're you? How's the house? Oh and nope, alas, no Oxford PBfP for me. I'll be in Whitby while all the 3D Bronzing is going on. Probably jumping out from behind old stone walls in full goth regalia, frightening the old festival folkies... *innocent g* I'm not going to the DB Brighton Event either.. tempting as the promise of live-and-in-the-flesh Xander(!) truly is. (I'd love to see Nick Brendon.. not so much Boreanaz, but Brendon.. ooh, yes please. *g* And I hear Snyder's gonna be there too.. and Joyce... and there'll be a screening of Amber's movie.. with James (my dear smooch-partner James.. heheh..*G*) and Andy.. and I'm getting toward re-thinking this whole "not going" scenario now.. ah, but I can't.. well, mayb- NO. Can't go. Final answer. ...unless Juliet Landau signs up for it.. then I'm THERE. *g*)

Django - You have e! *smooch* Battle Royale, Battle Royale, Bat-tle Roy-ale! *G*

Just a curious girlie-type question for
~The Ladies of the Beta~
(something I've sorta been meaning to bring up in the past few weeks.. but perhaps haven't due to some well-founded shamefacedness..)

How many pairs of shoes have you honestly purchased since *languishing dramatic pause* The End Of Buffy?

I think I've shown near-draconian frugality, myself. Uh-huh. I've been a veritable beacon of self-restraint in the face of overwhelming bereavement. Yes, I've really been quite good.. and limited myself to.. erm.. just under 10 pairs...
C'mon, someone has to have bought more shoes than me in the past two months! (Paris Hilton non-inclusive..)

CD Thursday
Grace - Jeff Buckley
Under The Pink - Tori Amos
The Big Fear - Common Rotation
Strays - Jane's Addiction (new album! advance copy! I rule! it rocks! mwahaha!)
Green - REM

~Devoted Junkie #168 says READ THIS!~
~All-new, lengthy and highly amusing Jane Espenson interview! W/ Herc from!~

RSO's to willowkitten, redwitch, Dogmeat, ShadowQuest, Morella, Serina, HumVee, ginger, happy, DaddyCatALSO, Watcher's Pet, Django!

Wow. That was damn-near a scrolled post. *Perplexed observation followed by eerie silence*

Hey! And I. Found. My. Sig! Incoming..

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roja says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:36:16 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 19:37:02 2003
quick fly by... Is that redundant?

CD Thrusday Jazz inspired after seeing Brandon Marsalis at Lincoln Center last night:

Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald- Songs for Lovers
Ken Burns Jazz series compilation

nik I am a recently transplanted Texan (temporarily to NYC) and I have lost count of how many times I have heard "you don't sound like you are from Texas." When I tell them Bush isn't from Texas they get really confused. And despite Mexican being the 'new' trend in NYC, there is NO tex mex. sigh.

Dachelle Yay you! I know, I am waayyyyyy behind And no stalking little Nash-y. *g*

HumVee The Cardigans? Pearl Jam???????? hmmmmmmmmm, interesting.

Ooooooooops, the niblet is up. Time to go to the park and try to get a few pages of scrolling in later.

Yay Artie


^ v
CrazyC says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:36:12 2003

Hey all Happy Thursday to all

^ v
Q says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:33:43 2003
The last of "Q's Reviews" for the day...

Lovers Walk
Grade: A

When I had read on the Internet that the next episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was to be called “Lovers Walk” I was intrigued as to what that could possibly mean. Was a “Lovers Walk” some sort of dance? I couldn’t figure it out. When I saw the episode, and saw that it meant that lovers were LEAVING, I was stunned. Many shows feature the break up of romantic couples as a way to create conflict and move the drama forward, but how many break up EVERY romantic couple in the SAME episode? This had to be close to unprecedented. Buffy and Angel—ack! Xander and Cordelia—done! Willow and Oz—Fin! Spike and Dru (this one with the WORST long term effect on the show!)—over! Every couple that I can even think of existing at this point in the show was severed by the end of the show. This was good story telling!

The show opens with a reference to a favorite character of mine, on my OTHER favorite television show—Cletus the slack-jawed yokel, as Willow bemoans her SAT scores. Buffy on the other hand, does very well, which is a new revelation for us. We have always been told she was less than intellectually gifted, and this is a pleasant surprise. It also opens up the door to future possibilities as college now looms on the horizon.

One joke from Cordelia later, and Spike enters Sunnydale again, in a beautiful spoof of his introduction. This is Spike at his best. Hilarious as he bumbles around in a drunken stupor, yet, truly, truly terrifying. The Spike that threatened Willow with the broken bottle, the Spike that threatened to “have” Willow (yeah, right, the attempted rape from Seeing Red wasn’t in Spikes character... sure.), and the Spike that nearly smashed Xander’s skull was the Spike I forever mourn and will forever miss. This was THE most violent villain in the history of the show. Other villains had their strengths, sure: Angel with his psychological manipulations, The Master with his “big-picture, grand scheme”, etc. When talking about the most VIOLENT villain the show has ever seen, I say Spike wins hands down! This episode, to me, is the all time greatest Spike episode, because it shows this villain in both his best qualities, and at the extreme spectrum of those qualities: intensely violent and terrifying, and belly busting hilarious.

Spike’s return did set up some plot developments I did not care for, such as Buffy, Spike, and Angel working together, but it also led to some great scenes. My favorite being Spike’s visit to the Summers’ house. When Spike opens the door and says “Hello Joyce”, my heart rate probably went up as high as Buffy’s. And when Angel showed up, the fireworks really lit up.

Oz and Cordelia walking in on the 4 weeklong affair was particularly painful, as well. Knowing how bad Willow and Xander hurt these two made this all the more heartbreaking. Knowing the lengths Cordelia has come, the sacrifices she has made for Xander—she threw out what was TRULY the most important to her; being popular with the “it” crowd, for him. She finally accepted him and made him locker door material. In short, she changed her ENTIRE LIFE for him, and walked in to find him betraying her. Meanwhile, the first time we EVER saw Oz, he was saying, “who IS that girl?!” about Willow. He had fallen in love at first sight, and though Willow was bursting at the fact that SOMEBODY finally noticed her in a romantic light, I never got the impression that he ever meant as much to her, as she did to him. This was why I felt SO much sympathy for Cordelia and Oz. “Loyal” Xander once again ruins a life with his disloyalty, how a propos.

Cordelia's impalement adds insult to injury, and after a cheap death joke, we see something that confounds me. I have grown to hate the character of Cordelia so much on the series “Angel”. A lot of it seems to be Charisma’s acting. Though great in comedy, and lighter moments, her attempts at serious drama, and sadness have failed MISERABLY on Ats. When I start blaming Charisma, though, I need to watch this episode, because she pulls off an overwhelming emotional hospital scene in the end. If my heart wasn’t already breaking for Cordelia, Charisma’s performance here would have thrown it over the top.

The episode ends with a melancholy guitar instrumental playing over a montage of the heartbroken lovers.... segueing into Spike, ditching the smooth Sinatra warble of previously in the episode for an upbeat, and vicious (no pun intended) Sex Pistols version of “I Did It My Way”, as he rolls down the highway, and out of our life for what SHOULD HAVE been the last time. An EXCELLENT ending to an excellent episode.

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:18:06 2003
fly by...

can only second you.... thats the reason why i go to bed *g* *hugs*


^ v
Beldin says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:14:47 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 19:16:10 2003
Here now.

BigBuffyFan7952 - There will not be another Posting Board Party. They ended when the WB Bronze did. Or, to be more accurate, the one last February was the last one.

Yay, Artie!

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:14:12 2003
You've never heard the Spam
song? That means you've never
seen the Spam skit, either...
Poor, depraved deprived

The dentist was good. Just a
cleaning and check up.

^ v
tiggy says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:09:03 2003
oh. my. god.

*thunk* *thunk* *thunk*

^ v
Algerina says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:05:14 2003
I have never heard the spam song. I could have asked the question the Berserker came up with. He wanted me to ask: What is the only fire station in England that can call itself 'royal'? How was the dentist?

^ v
KAM says:
(Thu Jul 3 19:01:38 2003
Hello again,

MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Ty King Fan

^ v
BigBuffyFan7952 says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:58:02 2003
Wow, I was going back through my Buffy Magizines and in issue #8 page 10 and 11, it has stuff about this board, and it has the adress, so now anyone can get in here, weird. Ya know, you guys are poupular. By the way, when is the next Party?

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:54:42 2003
CD Thursday

The Cocteau Twins - Four-calendar cafe
Pearl Jam - Vs.
The Cardigans - Gran Turismo
The Chemicle Brothers - Exit Planet Dust

I just want to add, The Cardigans new song 'You're the Storm,' is bloody loverly. Go hear it!

Yay Artie!

^ v
Mr. Holtz says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:45:12 2003
valMichael: Well, it has, but only on satellite/cable, which not absolutely everyone gets. For some people, it'll be a year-ish before they've seen 'Chosen'. Well, they'll probably buy the videos instead, but in theory, I mean.

^ v
HumVee says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:45:01 2003
LOL. Yes, American footy is much more manly, what with the ton of protection the players wear and all.

HumVee slings a copy of HPatOotP at Slayerdaddy's head but forgets that his strike has been foiled by some pre-emptive duckery. 'Damn!'

el, Redwitch
Well, how I interpreted what happened is this; the door Buffy went through had opened up to some spirit realm that constantly replayed the scene where the first slayer had been empowered. The shadow play was created to illistrate slayer origin to future slayers. Buffy somehow became part of the scene by going to that realm, and taking the place of the first slayer. The shadow men (or their spirits?) somehow existed in the shadow play realm, and communicated to Buffy that they could grant her more power. The slayer power is sourced from demon's been hinted in previous seasons that the slayer power was demonic, or dark, in origin (ie, in Buffy Vs. Dracula). So I presumed the dark misty stuff that represented the power was what originally granted the first slayer her power. The offer to 'up' it would probably have just increased the forces the that were invoked, if Buffy had accepted. Anyone agree?

^ v
Adri says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:43:05 2003
Yay Artie!

Happy Birthday Brandi the Slayer!


^ v
trouble says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:42:08 2003
Q: Sweeeet, sweet city woman...nah nah nah nah nah...bum, badum, bum bum badum dum....

Seriously, that was my best Winona Ryder/Janeane Garofolo impression from Reality Bites. ("Melrose Place is a really good show"). Sorry if I either a) didn't pull it off, or b) used a far too obscure reference.

Oh, and JR: I also apologize if I offended you. *g*

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:40:51 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 18:43:40 2003
Q Xander as "Animus, the Heart, the Loyal" refers to his being there despite his limitations in "Prophecy Girl" "KBD" "The Freshman", his emotional imsight in "When She Was Bad" "Into the Woods", etc. Like the others, he can't live up to it all the time, or he does it wrong. LEaving Anya at the altar was exactly his version of what everyone else was doing in S-6, acting against his real self.

Kaisa HAng in there.

valMichael The way it's been expressed to me by peopel who know soemthing about rock music (which I don't) the Rollers were overall a bit tame for the kind of crowd Giles was depicted a srunning with in "The Dark Age" and "Band Candy" so i was just aprrotting.

^ v
valMichael says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:37:25 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 18:45:08 2003
CatDaddyALSO The Bay-City Rollers were MUCH bigger in England than they ever were in the US. If I remember right, they were even being compared to the Beatles there. Giles grew up in England, so the remark is totally reasonable.

Q Serious Pop and Rock 'n Roll??? ROFLMAO.

edited to add
Mr.Holtz I thought all of season 7 had been shown in Britain and Canada, both.

Anyone know what happened to Psyche's site? I can't find it any more.

^ v
Mr. Holtz says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:33:20 2003
valmichael: Yes, yes, they weren't zombies, they were people raised from the dead, but 'zombies' was quicker and easier to type.

Spoilers aren't unnecessary as there as still plenty of people who haven't seen S7 (then again, all those I know who haven't seen it are avoiding the Beta at the moment so they don't read spoilers. Meh).

Hello Cutie: Hmmm... I can definitely see the confusion in S7 question 2. I should have made it clear that I meant someone who HASN'T appeared as The First, but who has played more than one character in the season.

^ v
notsoShyGirl says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:27:08 2003
Great. Now I've got the "Spam"
song from Monty Python stuck in
my head.

^ v
Kaisa says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:25:39 2003
Kaymyth - normal . I have heard of this word...

ginger - He He, manics fan, *g* must e-you my story about one of's a short dull story really...

seniorslayer {{not-squishing-the-bump-hugs}} back. I remember hugging my mum once, and my brother (who is 12 now) kicking me really hard in the stomach!

Liz I think smidge's hammer needs a good cleaning now...

Irishrose, ginger, Kaymyth, seniorslayer, Genevieve's Lucie, smidge, SheBit, el, tiggy (who is always lovely) slayerdaddy,
Scourge, trouble, Liz

thank you for all being indescribably lovely. Thinking a name-change may be the best way to go. you will all know it's me somehow, I'll make sure.

I may have said a bit about my recent personal things here, but as I knew it would be read by the other party, (who is not a Bronzer, merely a lurker type) I was careful not to go into too much detail - row on Camden High Street, called me all sorts of horrid things, never wants to see me again and I am heartbroken to loose my best friend . That was hardly unpleasant! And he should know me well enough to know if I unsheath my claws - yeouch!

Oh, to be a black widow spider, Smart creatures, those.

all I know is that people call me a feminist when I express sentiments which differentiate me from a doormat...'

and I cannot remember who said that- but something Irishrose said earlier made me think of it.

I am heading home now, to watch some vintage Buffy.

I have not yet been able to watch any since the con, for fear of my head exploding trying to process - 'that person on screen - I met him, I did.'

but tonight I shall try.

Night (lovely) Beta.



^ v
Q says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:25:25 2003
Wow... Never before had so many comments at once about my posts so, first to...

Seniorslayer, Genevieve's Lucie, and DaddycatALSO: Thanks for the info on the Dingo thing. That is really eye opening. I can't believe this was big enough to be made into a Meryl Streep vehicle and I didn't know about. That is good to know!

JR and Trouble: I am sorry if I offended you by dissing Bay City Rollers... but really, would you consider them to be the caliber of "serious" music as say the Velvet Underground?

Kaisa: I believe you are correct.

Next episode:

Grade: B-

When taken alone, this episode comes off pretty good. However, when compared to other episode sevens, in other seasons, Revelations seems very weak. This may not be fair to compare, but when episode seven had already given Lie to Me and Angel, my hopes were up pretty high. When later seasons gave us Fool for Love, Once More With Feeling, and Conversations with Dead People, it is safe to say that I expect ALOT out of the seventh episode of any season!

Revelations had several events with future ramifications on the show: Faith’s growing mistrust of those around her, and Buffy’s little secret about Angel coming to light. The episode also featured Giles, at the hands of Gwendolyn Post, getting knocked out for the ELEVENTH time—this time with quite sever head trauma.

I liked the way the Angel discovery was handled. Giles acted out at Buffy in a much harsher way than I would have expected from him. His comments about “Angel torturing me for hours... for fun” seemed particularly off coming from somebody who surely would understand that THIS wasn’t the Angel that tortured him. The writers were careful to set this attitude up, however, by putting Giles under immense pressure to look good to the Council and Mrs. Post. This was good writing, and helped me take this heartbreaking scene a little better. Willow also seemed in character—worried about any aftermath of Buffy/Angel smoochies, but trying to be supportive and loyal to her best friend. Cordelia came across as bitchy, but that is her character. The only character that I HATED was of course, Xander, who took the situation WAY beyond the logistical implications, and peppered it with his own personal grudges. Xander was the king of passive-aggressive (heavy on the aggressive) in the early seasons, and I again found myself shouting—“oh, you won’t think you’re so G*******d superior when you get your comeuppance! Try reading with one eye now why don’t you, you *******!” Well, I didn't yell that, of course, because it would be way too harsh, but for a moment... one little moment...nah. Yes, I hated Xander in these day’s, and this is just another example of why. When Buffy asks Xander at the end if they were “cool” I just wanted to puke. Why should she grovel for his approval? The only thing that made him marginally cooler was hanging out with her—he should be groveling to her! I know, that if I was Buffy, I would never speak to Xander again. Her life already has enough pain—she shouldn’t have to deal with “friends” who bring her more!

OK, my rant is over. My hatred for Xander is all that comes out of some of these early episodes, so it castes a murky haze over any other thing that may be worth commenting on. I truly apologize.

Wait... I do have a question. Why do SO MANY people describe Xander as “Loyal”. That is the word that ALWAYS comes up when people write about his character traits. This BLOWS MY MIND!!!! Was Xander loyal to Cordelia when he cheated on her? Was he loyal to Anya when he left her at the altar? Was he loyal to Buffy when he went with Faith to kill Angel? HELL NO! Of all of the characters on this show, Xander is without equal, by a long ways, the MOST DISLOYAL! I , for the life of me will never see why people make this outlandish assertion.

OK. I’m serious now. My ranting is over.

^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:25:24 2003
Kaymyth - it was so convoluted, who would really know if you got the grammar correct.. ;0) wonders if BlueBoy, who does like baseball, might fill the bill hmmmmm

seniorslayer - I hope you're well, my dear. And in answer to your question, the move went surprisingly quickly. I had the truck half loaded with boxes and mattresses/ box springs Friday night, so we just had to load the furniture Saturday morning. The second load was mostly odds and sods and we were basically finished by 1 p.m. and drinking beer while lounging on the deck. :0) Still lots to do around the house, re unpacking, but the family room is reasonably comfortable and the bedroom is set. Covergirl is currently engaging fencing contractors to get quotes on putting up some fences to keep the wandering puppy in the yard.. Lots of fun stuff and I will definitely pass along your smooch. How are you feeling?

^ v
valMichael says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:18:37 2003
Spent *ALL* morning paying bills, and doing the quiz below, and breakfast and watching Wimbledon, and going to the post office and posting and …

seniorslayer, slayerdaddy, Genevieve’s Lucie just a few years ago a few small bones were found in the area that the “Dingo’s” case occurred. They were found to be human baby bones, with animal tooth marking on them. When they did a DNA match, it was related to the parents. It doesn’t prove either side, because the parents could have killed the baby, tried to hide it and the wild dogs could have gotten to it. They didn’t even have to kill the baby either. Just leave it out till it disappeared. However, what was discovered tends to bolster the parents’ case, not the state’s.

Mrs.Beasley I love the name change to SJBW i AO. I’ve got my plane tickets, my hotel and car reservations, and I’ll be there. Might bring homework with me, but I’ll be there.

Wimbledon The Williams/Henin-Hardeen match is really good.

Mr. Holtz's Seven Seasons Quiz

Seven seasons, five questions on each season. (S7 questions are spoiler fonted, as should your answers be).

1: What was the first line ever spoken in the series, and who said it? Darla said: Are you sure this is a good idea?
2: Which actress, who would appear in Buffy as another character later on in the series, was offered the role of Cordelia, only to turn it down at the last minute? Mercedes McNab?
3: In which episode did Xander utter the immortal line; ‘I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away’. The Witch
4: Who was the witch in ‘Witch’? Catherine Madison
5: Complete this Master quote: ‘You still don’t understand your place in all this. You’re not the hunter’… what comes next? You’re the lamb

1: In which episode of this season does Jonathan make his first ever appearance? Inca Mummy Girl in a speaking role
2: What instrument does Buffy play in Spike’s ‘band’? Triangle and Drums
3: What is Jenny Calendar? A technopagan High School Computer Science teacher
4: Translate the phrase ‘nici mort, nici al fiente’ into English. not of the dead, not of the living
5: “Who died and made you Elvis?” Who said that, who did they say it to, and in which episode? Cordelia to Xander, in “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”
1: In the episode ‘Anne’, who was Anne? through most of the episode, Buffy was Anne, at the end, Lilly (Chanterelle, Sister Sunshine) was Anne at the end.
2: Name all the recurring characters that died in ‘Graduation Day’. Principal Snyder played by Armin Shimmerman, and Larry the Jock, played by Larry Bagby III
3: In the alternate Wishverse, where was Buffy before Giles called her to Sunnydale? her watcher says something about Cleveland to Giles, Buffy was traveling, we weren’t specifically told where she was actually, but she probably was in Cleveland
4: In which two episodes did the Mutant Enemy monster do something different this season?
Amends-wore a Santa’s hat, Graduation Day-wore a mortar board.
5: Name Xander’s zombie ‘friends’ in ‘The Zeppo’. Xander had NO zombie friends in ‘The Zeppo’. The four guys raised from the dead were Jack, Bob, Dickie, Parker.
1: What are Graham and Forrest’s (Riley’s Initiative buddies) surnames? Robert and Greg
2: Which regular guest star appears for a total screen time of five seconds this season? Elizabeth Anne Allen as Amy
3: In which episode does Anya confess to actually being in love with Xander? The Harsh Light of Day
4: In ‘Fear, Itself’, what were the Scoobies’ fears? Buffy: being abandoned by her friends; Xander: being ignored completely; Willow: loss of Oz and control of her magics; Oz: he changes into the wolf and harms Willow
5: In which episodes are Riley and Spike added to the opening credits? Spike – The Harsh Light of Day, Riley – The Freshman , removed in season 5 Triangle.
1: When Dracula tells Buffy, ‘You think you know what you are, what’s to come, you haven’t even begun’, he is echoing a line from another episode. Who said it first and when? [/i]Tara say is in “Restless” at the end of season 4.[/i]
2: Who said “Glory isn’t a demon. She’s a god”? Quentin Travers
3: When does Spike first openly admit to being in love with Buffy? Crush
4: What was the name of the Knight of Byzantium who Glory brainsucked? Olando
5: In which episode does Joyce die? I Was Made to Love You
1: Complete the following verse from ‘Walk Through The Fire’
“She came from the grave much graver,
First I’ll kill her, then I’ll save her,
Everything is turning out so dark…”
What comes next? Bonus points for including what Sweet sings over this verse.
SWEET: The distant redness as their
BUFFY: Going through the motions...
SWEET: guide
SPIKE: No, I'll save her, then I'll kill her
SWEET: That single flame
BUFFY: Walking through the part.
WILLOW: I think this line's mostly filler
SWEET: Ain't what they had in mind.
GILES: What's it gonna take to strike a spark?
SWEET: It's what they have inside.
BUFFY: These endless days are finally ending in a blaze
SWEET: She will come to me.

2: Tom Lenk, who plays Andrew, was in Buffy prior to this season. Which season was it, who did he play, and in which episode? One of Harmony’s Minions
3: Who helps Warren defend himself against Willow in ‘Villains’? Rhack
4: Who wrote the episode ‘Seeing Red’? Steve D. Knight
5: What’s different about Riley this season? He’s back in the military hunting demons, and he’s married
SEASON 7 (spoiler fonted for those who have yet to see it) Spoilers should be unnecessary Now!

1: Is the actress who played Nikki Wood (Principal Wood’s mother, and the Slayer that Spike killed in the ‘70s) the same actress as played her in ‘Fool For Love’? [ii]No[/i]
2: Which actor guest starred as two different characters this season, and what were they? Azura Skye played Cassie Newton, and The First
3: Who plays Kennedy? Iyari Limon
4: Name all the guises the First takes throughout the season. Buffy, the Mayor, Warren, Jonathan, Eve, Caleb, Cassie Newton, Joyce, Drusilla, Adam, Glory, The Master, Betty & Nikki
5: Why did Andrew kill Jonathan? To try to open the Seal of Danzigar on top of the Hellmouth

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:14:32 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 18:58:53 2003
anyone General question here. Those of you who live in North America, have you noticed an increase in the use of English words in everyday conversations? (IMO I insist we don't speak English here, we speak American). In the last several months I have noticed a general increase in English words. Just today, while at work, I have heard, "bloody", "bleedin'", "sodding", "Mickey", "loo", and even "snogging". What makes this incredible is that I live in "Middle of Nowhere" Texas. If I lived in a large metro area I could understand, as there is a bit more cultural exposure.


ETA- I really mean no insults here. Just very curious. Maybe all those Austin Powers Movies are the culprit.

^ v
Liz says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:10:46 2003
My usual!! So slow to scroll! Be back in a while!!

Yay Artie!

Kaisa- Hugs and happy days ahead!An ex! Paaleese!!I'd be happy to "talk" to him for ya!*eg*
Smidge-Bezoar hammer please!!!!

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 3 18:04:10 2003
Will Well, then there you have it. I won't be home in time to watch Seeing Red. I will catch Villians, but the flashes are brief enough if I don't watch "Previously on Buffy-" part. That 4 part arc was so well done IMO, but I just can't watch SR. I have it on VCD and even on my own terms, I haven't worked up to seeing it again.


^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:51:16 2003
Q As to "Homecoming" I think Cordelia's nastiness was simply a by-product of competition and mirrored by Buffy's anyway. Thje only explanation of the Bay City Rolers remark I can figure is thta the writer doesn't know what early-mid 70s bands were consdiered bad-boy music and so just went with a first thing in the head line.
As to "Dingoes Ate My Baby" it coems from a real-life incident in Australia. A fmaily was on a camping trip and their infant disappeared. The wife was accused of murder but claimed her child was stolen by a dingo and she eventually was acquitted.

^ v
Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:47:48 2003
seniorslayer: Pssst... It was Australia and the movie, which is quite good, is A Cry in the Dark. If I'm not mistaken, the mother was convicted and spent several years in prison, until the ruling was overturned on appeal. She and her husband sued and won a substantial settlement. However, it was never officially decided that the infant had been dragged off and eaten by a dingoe, just that the parents were not responsible. The baby's body was never found. cc Q

Off to whup. Have a great day everyone!

^ v
trouble says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:46:31 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 17:48:53 2003
seniorslayer: You mean, "dingoes ate my baby" has nothing to do with Monty Python?


Q: The Bay City Rollers are a really good band.

^ v
JR says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:40:58 2003
Q -

Bay City Rollers rock!


^ v
Kaymyth says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:40:11 2003
Old One - Heh. Dyslexia, Hellmouth-style? *giggle* As for trying to pair me off, well, nothing I suppose, though it does depend entirely upon with whom you're trying to pair me.... (Bloody hell, I think I got the grammar right. Amazing.) So long as he's relatively cute, not too tall, and likes baseball. Oh, and isn't a raving psychotic. Those are usually bad.

^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:34:34 2003|
Kaymyth - you know, I scrolled that twice to make sure I had it right. Do your eyes ever see something different than what your mind sees? Obviously mine does. My apologies for my error. .. And what's wrong with trying to pair you off? ;0)

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:33:48 2003
Q The "dingoes ate my baby" thing came from a famous New Zealand I think? Maybe Australia case in which a woman claimed dingoes had, literally, stolen and presumably eaten her baby while the famiky was camping; she was charged with the child's murder, if I remember correctly, and this was her defense. A movie was made about it, starring none other than Meryl Streep, who got to perfect yet another accent.

Kaisa Random {{hugs}} just because.

Old One So how is the new place? The pups settling in okay? I'm sure others have already asked, and you've probably answered, but my scrolling is a little spotty with everything that's going on here. Anyway, {{hugs}} for making it through the move in one piece well, I'm assuming and a *smooch* for Covergirl.

^ v
Kaymyth says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:31:05 2003
Kaisa - Awww. Hugs are always good. And *snicker* how have you managed to read my posts without picking up on my joyful little obsession with that sexy green demon guy? I mean really, normal is /so/ over-rated.........

^ v
Kaisa says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:22:42 2003
I believe it may have been toungue-in-cheek.

I hope it was tongue in cheek.

please say it was a tongue in chhek 'I am old, stuffy & out of touch, aren't I' comment.

The stuffy image suited Giles' intentions back then - and i think in part too he waned to erase Buffy's memory of him as punk-rock-black-magic-destroy-the-world-Ripper too, and what beter way to do that then to fiegn an interest in some really lame music.

^ v
Q says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:18:59 2003
Band Candy
Grade: B-

I believe this was Jane Espensons first episode, and a very good beginning I must say. The episode doesn’t reach elite status because of it’s stand- alone nature and lack of sense of urgency. It doesn’t quite have the pacing or comic timing of other comedy classics (B,B, and B and the Zeppo, pour example) either.

The episode does have some great moments though.

* The return of Ethan Rayne
* The beginning schemes of the Mayor and Trick
* The continuation of Xander/Willow
* The continuation of Angel/ Buffy in the secret recesses of the Mansion
* Joyce and Giles pairing, which paid off big in future episodes like “Forever” and “Earshot”

And most importantly, to me:

* Principal Snyder in a big role, with all of his comic genius on display!

All of these things gave us plenty to nibble on, but the thing that truly captured it for me was Snyder. “You drive like a Spazz!”, “You’ve got the coolest hair”, “There are some FOXY ladies here tonight!”, and “ If you want to splash around in the poo...” were just a few of the GEMS that Espenson gave us through Shimmermans mouth, and for this alone the episode should be applauded.

One quick note on Giles: In “The Dark Age” Giles says “Bay City Rollers... Now that’s music”. In this episode, he mocks Seals and Croft, and listens to (no offense Bay City Rollers, but come on!) decidedly cooler music. In season 4, Oz confirms it with his ogling of the Velvet Underground—Giles has good taste in music. So what was up with the Bay City Rollers line?

^ v
Kaisa says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:17:41 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 17:19:02 2003
kaymyth {{hugs}} before you go.

eta = Lorne ficxation? okay makes me & the Danny Strong thing seem soo normal...

^ v
Kaymyth says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:14:51 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 17:16:15 2003
Heehee. Another quick drive-by before I head back up to my mom's for another stint of near-netlessness!

Adri, Dogmeat, el, tiggy, Smidge, ShadowQuest, slayerdaddy, seniorslayer, Genevieve's Lucie, Old One - *smooootch!*

el - Heh. He's not /that/ young. Kid's twenty, so he's been driving for a good long time. *g* The real down-side to all this, though, is that he's been studying criminal justice at college, wanting to go into police work and eventually try for the FBI as a field agent. I don't know for sure, but I think the physical for both those things is pretty rigorous, and having broken his neck may disqualify him for that sort of career. We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

Smidge - *peer* Hey, I don't think I know you. See what happens? I go away from the Beta for a few weeks, and cool new people start popping up! I feel so out of the loop! *g* Well, hullo, at any rate.

ShadowQuest - Well, not so much back as popping in to update and say hiya. And that I'm still alive and kicking, so don't go breaking out the champagne yet. :-)

Old One - *peeeeeeeer* Umm, you mean stepdad, NOT father-in-law. I don't have one of the latter, see, since I am decidedly not married. Yeesh. You people and trying to pair me off.....though I guess you lot'll do anything to get me off the Lorne fixation. *snicker*

(Yes, I edited. No, I'm not going to say why, because if I told you I'd look stupid. Really stupid. Even stupider than I look by not telling. So there! Nyah!)

^ v
Will says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:08:38 2003|
Irishrose: Seeing red and Villians air Monday at 6 and 7.

^ v
Q says:
(Thu Jul 3 17:00:13 2003
"Q's Reviews"... 7/3/03

Grade: A-

We finally meet the Mayor, and realize he is up to something insidious as the fifth episode of the season begins. We also see the beginnings of the Xander/ Willow affair, and watch as Buffy nurses Angel back to health in the shadows. Giles is knocked out by an old enemy, Lyle Gorch, bringing his knockout total up to TEN times. What a wonderful episode!

Homecoming has the makings of what could have been an excellent stand-alone episode. It was very high paced and had a very interesting plot with the events for Slayerfest ’98 AND the events of the Homecoming Queen election. The episode beams a little brighter though, because of all of the continuity that happens. The mayor and Mr. Trick forging an alliance, Scott Hope dumping Buffy as her and Angel reach a crucial crossroads in their relationship, and the clothes fluke to name a few.

Besides all the fun that was had in the two major plot points, more fun was had because of two characters: Giles and Faith. Giles support for Buffy was very endearing, as they are REALLY trying to build up his role as surrogate father for Buffy in anticipation for the episode “Helpless” that is on the horizon. It was very touching. However, if you add a little more humor to touching, and you’ve got GOLD, and that is what we got in the way Faith took the Scott/ Buffy break up.

One character that was very painful to watch was Cordelia. Cordelia’s behavior would have been hilarious and welcome during the early part of season 1, but with all of the growth this character had done in three seasons, it stung like a slap in the face. Some of her comments, “Two of them... unlike some people” comes to mind, would not have been out of place if said by a truly evil character, like a de-souled Angel. To have a core Scooby say them, and expect us to go back to loving her again the next week was a little too much to ask me to do.

I loved the music in this episode, particularly “Fire Escape” playing over the campaign montage—and Four Star Mary as Dingoes Ate My Baby is always great.

By the way. Where the hell does the expression “Dingoes ate my baby” come from? The Simpsons have made the joke, Buffy has made the joke, and other sitcoms that are not on the top of my head have made the joke. What is it in reference to? Why do people think it is funny to correlate dingoes with baby eating? Just curious.

^ v
Hello Cutie says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:59:45 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 17:06:24 2003
Mr. Holtz's Quiz

1: What was the first line ever spoken in the series, and who said it? I think it might have been Julie Benz as Darla(?). Something like "What's that noise?"
2: Which actress, who would appear in Buffy as another character later on in the series, was offered the role of Cordelia, only to turn it down at the last minute? No idea.
3: In which episode did Xander utter the immortal line; ‘I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away’. It was either The Harvest or Witch. I'll guess Witch.
4: Who was the witch in ‘Witch’? Amy's mother, Katherine Madison.
5: Complete this Master quote: ‘You still don’t understand your place in all this. You’re not the hunter’… what comes next? You're the goat -- on the cusp of the Water-bearer. How about "You're the prey?"

1: In which episode of this season does Jonathan make his first ever appearance? It was either Inca Mummy Girl where he almost got life-sucked at a party, or it was Reptile Boy where he forgot Cordelia's extra foam. I'll go for Inca Mummy Girl since I can't remember the order of the episodes.
2: What instrument does Buffy play in Spike’s ‘band’? According to herself, she plays the drums. According to Spike, she plays the triangle.
3: What is Jenny Calendar? Computer Science teacher, techno-pagan, Giles love interest, football fan, gypsy. Take your pick.
4: Translate the phrase ‘nici mort, nici al fiente’ into English. "Not dead, nor not of the living" according to Willow.
5: “Who died and made you Elvis?” Who said that, who did they say it to, and in which episode? It was either Little Richard or Jerry Lee Lewis.

1: In the episode ‘Anne’, who was Anne? Buffy was Anne until almost the end, when Chanterelle/Lily decided to be Anne.
2: Name all the recurring characters that died in ‘Graduation Day’. The Mayor, Snyder, Larry, Harmony
3: In the alternate Wishverse, where was Buffy before Giles called her to Sunnydale? The hellmouth that is Cleveland.
4: In which two episodes did the Mutant Enemy monster do something different this season? In Innocence he said "I need a hug." In Graduation Day pt 2, he was wearing a graduate cap.[/i]
5: Name Xander’s zombie ‘friends’ in ‘The Zeppo’. I think one of the them was named Bob. Also, Jack.

1: What are Graham and Forrest’s (Riley’s Initiative buddies) surnames? Graham was Graham Miller. Forrest was ??? Gates???
2: Which regular guest star appears for a total screen time of five seconds this season? Anne Elizabeth Allen as Amy Madison.
3: In which episode does Anya confess to actually being in love with Xander? Hush?
4: In ‘Fear, Itself’, what were the Scoobies’ fears? Xander-Being invisible (and inaudible) to his friends; Oz-the wolf inside; Willow-magic that doesn't work; Buffy-basically monsters she can't defeat.
5: In which episodes are Riley and Spike added to the opening credits? No idea.

1: When Dracula tells Buffy, ‘You think you know what you are, what’s to come, you haven’t even begun’, he is echoing a line from another episode. Who said it first and when? In Restless, Tara said it when she was acting as the voice of the first slayer.
2: Who said “Glory isn’t a demon. She’s a god”? Quentin Travers.
3: When does Spike first openly admit to being in love with Buffy? I think he admits it to Riley in Into the Woods?. He admits it to Buffy in Crush.
4: What was the name of the Knight of Byzantium who Glory brainsucked? No idea.
5: In which episode does Joyce die? The Body Ooops, I mean I Was Made to Love You Tricky!

1: Complete the following verse from ‘Walk Through The Fire’
“She came from the grave much graver,
First I’ll kill her, then I’ll save her,
Everything is turning out so dark…”
What comes next? Bonus points for including what Sweet sings over this verse. "First I'll save her, then I'll kill her/ I think this line is mostly filler."
2: Tom Lenk, who plays Andrew, was in Buffy prior to this season. Which season was it, who did he play, and in which episode? He played Cyrus, one of Harmony's minions in S5 The Real Me.
3: Who helps Warren defend himself against Willow in ‘Villains’? Rack.
4: Who wrote the episode ‘Seeing Red’? Steve DeKnight?
5: What’s different about Riley this season? Married, has a scar on his face.
SEASON 7 (spoiler fonted for those who have yet to see it)
1: Is the actress who played Nikki Wood (Principal Wood’s mother, and the Slayer that Spike killed in the ‘70s) the same actress as played her in ‘Fool For Love’? No.

2: Which actor guest starred as two different characters this season, and what were they? This is a bit of a trick question. Camden Toy played Gnarl and "Ubie" the original Ubervamp. However, Azura Skye played Cassie Newton and the First Evil disguised as Cassie Newton. (Same for Danny Strong and Adam Busch, who played their characters and the First disguised as their characters. Adam Busch played "real" Warren in flashbacks in Storyteller. SMG and JM were themselves and the First, but they're not guest stars.)

3: Who plays Kennedy? Iyari Limon.

4: Name all the guises the First takes throughout the season. Spike, Buffy, Warren, Cassie, Jonathan, Drusilla, The Master, Adam, Mayor Wilkins, Chloe, Eve, Joyce(?), a nameless victim of Caleb, Nikki Woods, can't think of any more.

5: Why did Andrew kill Jonathan? The First as Warren told him to? To open the seal of Danthalzar? There are a lot of answers to this question.

^ v
Rocksette says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:57:19 2003|
Hi everyone :) Okay, this is scary, I'm about to do my first real scroll and I'm five boards behind lol...wish me luck!! Talk to you in a week when I get it all read lol

^ v
Algerina says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:53:48 2003
Standing in for MensaGirl who is at the "ouch" dentist

Who wants to be a MEnsa Member
Catagory Mystery Meats
Question It is believed Spam is an acronym of "Shoulder of pork and ham or a contraction of what two words?

Extra Credit
Where was Spam invented and by whom?

Answer: Spiced Ham
Ivented by Hormel in Audtin MN

Mensa Members
Mrs Beasley 1st
Smidge Full extra credit

Old One
Mrs Beasley

^ v
Margot says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:49:15 2003
Driveby, once more. . .

Allyson: You have e, again, this time from my alternate account, because the main one is down.

And, before I leave. . .

Yay, Artie!


^ v
ginger says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:43:48 2003
Probably double posting but I just wanted to say

Yay Artie!

after spending a frustrating day trying to post on other forums and failing miserably I now truly appreciate this place.

/poofing for dinner at parents

^ v
ginger says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:35:37 2003|
You go, girlfriend *fingersnaps*.
And don't worry about upsetting the Manics fans- bring it on we i say. We thrive on conflict and we just don't get it from our boys anymore. Do your worst, I command you!

seriously though, {{{hugs}}} that you are feeling better.

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:26:36 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 16:30:32 2003
Dachelle cc:nik, eirefaerie, white wings, el - So all of the Texas residents need to campaign for a future Dallas Conv. and GOTR has to play it! I can get a flight to Dallas. Heck, I can drive to Dallas if I have to!! We can all meet up and have ourselves a grand time. What do you say???

Dudley Congrats on the fifth! Kind of bummed I didn't get it, but hey, at least it wasn't Daps again! hehe

ETA - Kaisa - cool..alcohol! You go!!! Glad you did that if it made you feel better. Have to stand up for yourself, otherwise people think it's ok to make a carpet of you.


^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:24:06 2003
Genevieve's Lucie - lol! Let's see, in answer to your questions.. great; yes, sort of; no; questionable.. ;0)

^ v
nik says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:12:47 2003
el: Yep, that’s the place. Interesting to note that Austin City Limits is taped at UT in a room about the size of a large classroom. But, they serve alcohol during the concerts, so, that’s a plus.
Big hair = Not really that many people sporting the big hair look these days. (Mine is about two inches long and sticks up everywhere.) It’s a neat town, very forward thinking and weird. We even have bumper stickers that say “keep Austin weird.” They’re on almost every car in town.
And yes, I'm being just like a good little girl……… I’m working on my poem now. :)

Dachelle: Really!! I had no idea there were that many in Austin. That’s too cool. I got my BS from UT also, and my girl got her Master’s from there and she works there now. Great school. I just love the trees. Thanks for the info on your friend’s band. I’ll definitely check them out. Way big into the music scene here.

^ v
Smidge says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:06:16 2003
Kaisa {hugs}

And I'm now off to a three day holiday. Everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend, and I'll be back Monday with more chocolates. *g*

^ v
Kaisa says:
(Thu Jul 3 16:03:16 2003
Irishrose, tiggy, slayerdaddy, Smidge,Scourge,trouble,SheBit,
Genevieve's Lucie

you can all have some of the champagne anyway . thank you.

less stressed now....done with the crying in the loos. copied all of my posts, e-mailed them to him, and told him to contact all the other people who may also be offended(Manics fans, James Marsters, etc) and take a group action. not clever, made me feel better though.

In a way,nice to know I was not being paranoid when I spotted his post! ha - smarter than I look!

Now I have wasted enough energy on this now- topic closed, i hope. urgh.

^ v
Rogue says:
(Thu Jul 3 15:57:46 2003
Daps: Hi there yeah I loved the new Harry Potter book, I found it very dark but I loved it all the same. My favourite book still has to be the third one Prisoner of Azkaban.

Redwitch: Thank you for the tips I might try that as i'm finding the going extremely slow, I am decorating the whole flat apart from my room so its going to take a while. I like the decorating part its just the mess that drives me mad, but when its all done it should look great.

^ v
Mia says:
(Thu Jul 3 15:57:18 2003
Paks *SMOOOOCH* ;-) Never you mind, mouse breath isn't that bad. however the story had me rolling on the floor. Too cute! It's better than what Sophie finds and eats throughout the day! *g* Give the puppies kisses from me as well, and why don't you grab one for you and Starr as well. Preferable BEFORE giving the dogs there kisses. *lmfao*

Lady Ireland *re-ping*

tiggy *smooooch* You and me the loudest in a theatre? No fricken way. lmao. *g* I miss you much! Have a good time this weekend!! :-)

eirefaerie Nope, it's not just you. I've been getting one everytime I come in here lately.

twilight I hope you got the email I sent you yesterday. It was great to hear from you!!

Thank goodness it's a Thursday that's a friday

^ v
dudley says:
(Thu Jul 3 15:52:14 2003
Fifth !

^ v
Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Thu Jul 3 15:52:03 2003
Edited: Thu Jul 3 15:57:07 2003
happy: Hee! I hate to admit it, but I found this week's episode of America's Next Top Model thoroughly entertaining. I just knew that Robin was going to get the boot. Oh my Joss, when she freakin' whipped out the bible and started reading it in the limousine... She was just way too much. I really hope Adrianne wins, but I think it'll probably be Elyse. The final two have to be Elyse and Adrianne, don't cha think? *smooooch*

Kaisa: Just so you know, you are certainly not the only person here whose ex has used the board as a means of keeping tabs on them. My ex spied on me here for months and months. He even posted a few times. Needless to say, I was completely mortified. I think sometimes we all forget that The Beta is a public board, which means that just about anyone with access to a computer can lurk here and read up on all of our doings. If your ex did e-mail Phoenix, I'm sure she will consider the source. I wouldn't worry about it.


Old One: Hey there! So, how'd the move go? Are you done? Are you unpacked? Are you still sane? *g* I HATE moving.

Hi, dudley!

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Thu Jul 3 15:48:43 2003
Oh, we are getting close to Seeing Red on FX. I may have to work myself up to watch it again given Wolfguards recent experiment.

Oh, OH, fifth???


^ v
Dachelle says:
(Thu Jul 3 15:46:37 2003
Briefly delurking from whup

nik - eirefaerie, white wings and I are all residents of Austin, too, although right now I'm back in the D/FW area, where I'm clerking for the summer. I love Austin. I went to U.T. for undergrad and am there for law school now. It's a great place to be a student. Hey, if you like the live music scene you should check out the tour schedule for my friends from Philadelphia, Love Syndicate. I met them during SXSW and plug them every chance I get. I know they've got several shows in Austin coming up this month and the next.

I hear AICN has a new interview with Jane up. I don't have the addy but I'm sure it's advertised in all caps on the front page of the site.

^ v
Old One says:
(Thu Jul 3 15:46:30 2003
MENSAAlgerina - by the same bloke who invented vegemite

slayerdaddy - darn right. We Canadians learn at a very early age the perils of licking metal railings in the winter time.

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