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ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:44:38 2007
Sorry I forgot to add, the Bronze community meant a lot to me and introduced me to a load of friends, who I will always treasure and I am honoured to have met.

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Dianne says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:44:17 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 21:44:34 2007
Icelord, Corvus -- I reminded VT a couple days ago when I saw her on AIM. Hopefully she'll pop in.

WinterRain -- You made it!

nails -- ten years ago I was a guy. do I get a prize for most changed? ;D

{{{Denise}}} -- good to see you!

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Lmo says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:43:10 2007
nails I shall remind you much closer to the date! And Ive only changed 28% which surprises me.

tiggy I thought of you a few weeks ago re: Supernatural. Their circus was in the parking lot across the street from where I work. I was in a collegues office which overlooks the lot and I saw the Winchesters car and I swear I squeed outloud. Got lotsa of crazy looks from others in the office :) I was going all fan girl and was cursing that I didnt have my camera with me as I was going to run across the street and stake out the circus and also get pictures of the car. While you may not be such a fangirl as that, I figured you may appreciate the winchestery-goodness contained in that lot!

Shiraz Petra Hello! I hope your trip over to this side of the world was a good one! (and also hope the weather was better than today. Its raining buckets out right now)

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Miss Tartie says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:43:06 2007
Tiggy I showed up as per your LJ post.... do i get a reward? ;-)

The Partyman hello there... working all night hey. not fun. or fun i suppose depending on the job. *winkwink nudgenudge*

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Maverick says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:41:32 2007
How did I get started watching Buffy? Well, as per my usual, I did it backwards. As I clicked through the channels at the time, I kept seeing this guy in bad makeup putting his hand up and striking a wavering atmosphere. Didn't impress me. It wasn't until they kept announcing that Buffy was going to be cancelled for poor ratings that I really became interested (that and I caught sight of Darla in her plaid-skirted schoolgirl outfit.) Then, still not having seen an episode of the show, I happened upon the show right near the end of an episode and saw a listing for a Buffy Website. I had recently purchased WebTV so I checked it out and found myself at the old Bronze which had recently moved from Ultimate TV into new digs on the WB super Website. People were just still arriving at the new URL for the first time. I was amazed at the single-minded focus of people discussing the show in nuances of everything (actor's expressions, slang, Xander's jokes.) I guess I couldn't believe, considering the intense interest in the show exhibited by Poster after Poster, that they were actually considering cancelling it. All posters were in the right demographic, too, BTW. So, I began watching it. The WB was repeating episodes over and over at the time and on different nights of the week. Soon I had seen just about every episode in Season 1. I loved it, but the WB was still reporting low ratings. The Bronze Postingboard was booming, however.

Probably a rash statement but I believe The Bronze saved the show that first year. You know, Website hits were an obscure concept at the time, but suits love numbers, and I believe with the nature of a Postingboard, where you keep refreshing, and each refresh is counted as a hit, that they may have been confused enough by the numbers to renew it. Needless to say, in the second year it found its audience (and two Emmys.) And the youth demographics clinched a long run. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Having said that, I believe Artie's nifty new spam filter may finally signal the death knell for The Bronze. I can't seem to get a MIDI past it.


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ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:38:41 2007
Ok, I have thinking about it and here is my story to add to the pot. It wasnt 10 years ago, I dont think, but I saw a preview for this new programme which sounded fairly intriguing. In those days getting back home for 6:45pm was touch and go thanks to work, but I rushed home and watched the first one and from then I was hooked. But then suddenly, for no reason I could fathom, BBC2 stopped showing the series. New to the internet (which had seemed fairly boring so far despite the fanfare that it was this huge thing) I rushed to see if it could supply the answer and that is how I found the Bronze. Made all the newbie errors but finally got my answer and some kind people finally spoke to me, including redruM, who introduced me to Cobby and encouraged me to come to the UKPBFP thing. I thought I was mad, going off to Birmingham to meet a bunch of strangers and, possibly weirdos!
I thought, at least, I can go to bed early and watch Sky if it was boring. At 6am I finally made it to bed and was back to breakfast in just a couple of hours.
I also met redruM, who I had been talking to and who kindly copied me the rest of season 2 (not 3) to watch so I wouldnt miss out. As soon as I saw him I thought wow but I thought he wouldnt be interested in me and apparently he thought the same. Luckily for once we got over that and now are married happily rowing away (but anyone who knows us knows that is normal).

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Kiba Rika says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:37:45 2007
Hi tiggy!

ShirazPetra I'll be sure to add you right back!

Sigh. The roommate has commandeered the DVD player to show Cowboy Bebop to a friend. No one respects my wishes. (This comment made mostly tongue-in-cheek.)

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The Partyman says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:36:55 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 21:37:52 2007
tiggy: I know, I know... BUT! I have been alseep all day, and now I have to work all night!

Yes. Like a VAMPIRE.

I will take special Anniversary Pride when cleaning the Hotel's Marble Floor with "Buffy the Footprint Slayer" though, if that is any consolation.


I tried to find my old siggy, but no luck so far. boooo. :(

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horizon says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:34:37 2007
PDR: I just love the community here. I've missed you guys. This place will always have a very special place in my heart.

Mabb: Nothing beats Danger Girl...and since neither one of us can remember how it started I'm just going to invent a cool kick@$$ reason and go with that. ;)

tiggy: I know, it's been way too long. I guess the big news on my part is that I'm now married...2 year anniversary is this May. Doing the job know how it is. How are you?

Denise: That was beautifully written. And I wholeheartedly agree!

More SO's to: Laurence, 4paws, white wings, Thoin and MeeB

Thanks to DarkLady, Christopher Marlowe, Cosmic Bob and brat! for filling me on the IRL thing. That is fantastic! Congrats DarkLady! Man, I'd love to see that!

brat!: Love the name. Thanks for the info. I'll have to check out Allyson's book!

slay_me, clover and iris: That's great. So good to hear from you. I've put my email addy in my name as well. Feel free to drop me a line anytime too!

Gone for a bit but I'll be back

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MCat =^.^= says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:33:00 2007
Ten years, in brief:
I found the Bronze after I
accidentally missed the Season
2 premiere and needed to find a
dub (thank you Brianne1215!). I
owe many of you a life-debt for
creating the safe haven online
that helped me exit a toxic
relationship with the

In the intervening years, I
changed jobs twice, am even
more of a perfume diva than I
was when you knew me back
then, more than tripled my
wardrobe budget, married a
brilliant record producer, bought
a killer investment of an apt in
Manhattan, had a gorgeous
baby girl (Audrey is almost 4
now--BTW small freakin' world,
her swim teacher was pals with
SMG in high school).

GAZOO are you here????

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Miss Tartie says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:32:54 2007

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seniorslayer says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:30:48 2007
Look at that! A big ol' post from tiggy like the old days!

Denise Giant smootches back, babe. That was a lovely post. I feel the same way. If I hadn't come here -- my first ever posting board home -- I wouldn't have met quite a few people who have become very important to me over the last few years. I am grateful that the Beta was here, is here, and that it's still a thriving community.

white wings!


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Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:30:13 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 21:33:38 2007
Have Firefox and Thunderbird on Mom's computer. Still tweaking the options. I've ctrl-f'd but not scrolled properly.

Greetings to the new arrivals. You know who you are.

faithx5 - My sister and b-in-law live in Liberty Hill. Their oldest daughter now lives and works in Round Rock. Haven't been there but she likes it.

eirefaerie - Hi there. I'm envious. Have a great time.

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White Wings' Purple Unmentionables says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:28:33 2007
*White Wings' Purple Unmentionables dashes up to the bar, snags a shot of tekillya and dodges among the Bronzers picking pockets and groping seeing who's all here*

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greengirl says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:27:41 2007
hello again! i am listening to some old My Chemical Romance, and every other song is about vampires, and it makes me laugh. it's apparently a vampire themed day for me


RTBS- i am having a pretty good day. i was making a b-day cake for a certain someone for tomorrow and i got frosting overload. :)

MCat!!! hi there! about a month or two ago the group Gnarls Barkly had a haiku contest, and i thought of you :) nice shoes.

siggy and SO list are long lost, i think they are on a floppy disk (!) somewhere. i have a printed out copy somewhere too. but that would be WAY too much to type out

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Corvus says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:25:58 2007
Sheesh, forgot to say Hi tiggy.

LOL, I was wondering when you would show up. ;o)

How is my favorite LAX and Vegas carpooler?

Hey you!

Another across the pond'er heard from. Hi Hi.

Oh my, long time no talk to! VT, will have to appear, just wouldn't be the same without her.

Ah, poor baby. Sorry to have neglected you. *snerk*

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Cosmic Bob says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:25:54 2007
Buffy soundtrack is done. On to Once More With Feeling.

I hope you're doing well!

Great to see you also!

Darn tootin. I find that no matter what kind of other fandom I involve myself in, I always end up comparing it to Buffy and The Bronze. And it always seems to fall short on so many levels. The Buffy people will always have that special place in my heart. The show, while still what I consider to be the best TV ever, is not the main thing. It's the buds, and the memories. Of which I have plenty! Mostly of the awesome variety. Some not so great, but you can't have the highs without having the lows.

Cosmic Bob
I Now Have Titles
"Did I ever thank you for saving my life? Dontcha wish I would?"

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ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:24:47 2007
KibaRika Hi, nice to see you again.
Ive checked out your LJ and added you to my friends!

Tiggy Cant believe it is 10 years. Got married last year, lost my dad last year. Working too much. But I can still remember so clearly that first time finding the Bronze and meeting those crazy Bronzers for the first time!

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:24:36 2007
tiggy: Hee! Yes, chemistry those boys do have. I feel so old, but, I swear, Jensen is just about the sexiest thing on TV. Yes, I do still enjoy the television crush. Sometimes it's all that gets me through the day. *g*

Denise: I thought your post had eloquence to spare. Hope you're doing well.

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white wings says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:23:49 2007
Denise - *tap* *tap* Still waiting. ;-)


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Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:21:48 2007
totally pleasure. *g* but who knows who will meet. Im mostly trying to get my break as writer.

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MCat =^.^= says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:21:42 2007
The answer of course
Is Dolce & Gabbana
Leopard stiletti

What is this 5 minute post
turnaround nonsense?!

shoutouts to
[bold]LeatherJacket, Rogue,
belmont, hilarythedingochick,
'stina, Cyn, Dark Lady, Cosmic
Bob, [/bold] anyone else who
remembers me, and of course
[bold]KMFrye[/bold]if you're
here! *laughs* what a long
strange ride it's been...!

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TMorel says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:20:12 2007
The name's Harries, Philip Harries...
How can I forget ThanksGiving when we had so much fun :)

I know what you mean about planning some big eloquent speach.
Where's MAPB when you need help with the fancy words???

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Tiamat says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:19:04 2007
Is it my birthday yet?? Oh waitaminute, it's Buffy's then in four days it's mine ... ROTFLMAO & HUAL ...

Happy 10th Birthday Buffy

Kasey Kahne's a kutie ...

LOSERs - Charter Member
Seattle Six # 3
Keeper of Ty King's IOU (Dude, where are you??)
Hater of bananas (no, not the poster "banana") ...

Shoutouts to: Members of the Seattle Six -- TV James, microserf, friend or foe, Roanna, QuikSilverGirl ...
All of the strangers of the night ... APN/APB, Avarice, Corvus, 80Legs, DeMorievil, Adina, Adreenis, Adri, AKA BECKER, Asanti (the assassin), Avarice (& his adult beverages), Lady Bathory, bec, Beldin, blueronin, Blackheart & the Mrs, Cleio, Closet Buffyholic, Corvus, gazoo, greengirl, Jayne, KAM, kim!, *LB*, Laurence, Leather Jacket, Little Willow, Lovely Poet, Mabbsters, Malista (mysista), Menkhare, Mircalla , NuPhalanx, paksenarrion, Phil PhuD, ROANNA (Hanson fan), Safarigirl, Shadowslayer, SherBear (Thunder from Down Under), slayerdaddy, SweePer, thy Slayer, umbris, VT, valMichael, Witchy Woman, wolfguard, Brad Grenz, Angle Man, Arcadia, Arctic Lurker, AleXander, Briolette, ~ceridwen~, Destructo Girl, DV Jymm, FSM CDMan, Ozfan & TV James, 'stina (Dude, did you settle the lawsuit against Ty King?) ...

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redruM says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:18:52 2007
OK so the last ten years.

We'll 9 years ago I discovered the bronze whilst using a laptop [strikeout]stolen[/strikeout] borrowed from work, posting from my parents dining room table. Just under 8 years ago I sent season 3 to Shiraz-petra who I had the honour of mmarrying last June.

I've moved house, county and job as well, all in all very little is the same now as it was then.

I first discovered the bronze whilst messing about late one friday evening last millenium. I posted something stupid and was ignored, left in a huff never to return...or so I thought. Buffy was shown on Saturday nights here in teh UK, and not having a life I was in to watch it with my sister (Prophecy girl, who's currently with her boyfriend in Wigan and won't be on tonight) Fot whatever reason I tried the bronze again and met Shaun and Cobby. Two more dissimilar people your unlikely to ever meet, but within a very short space of time a clique of people developed and grew up in losers. My siggy was updated daily as more interesting people were discovered, and after the first UKPBFP it became insane. It was no longer possible to log on without ICQ going ballistic and no work getting done.

I drifted away after the bronze died and ended up at a Proevolution soccer website ( that I'm now an administrator at. Sadley I no longer post there either due to people agreeing with every post to try and curry favor.

Ah well, "Life sucks, get a helmet"

Great to see so many familier faces on here tonight, and having met many of you across the years I'm proud to still call myself a bronzer. It's directly responsible for who and what I am today.

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Anais says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:16:19 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 21:17:57 2007
The spamfilter apparently hates me and even the most innocuous of posts keeps getting rejected. *lesigh* Let's see if this works. *crossesfingers*

MeeB: Hi!

Polgara: Thanks! And hey! It's been ages since I've thought of naughty French. Too long.

Amarra: Without even trying! I was more concerned with what to say and people remembering me.

PDR: Hey! You're making me miss university.

WildWeasel: Congratulations on your nuptials!

Mrs.Beasley: I'm so sorry about the weather. Fortunately, it's above 0C here and the snow is melting. I'm so tired of winter. My poor bosses are tired of me whinging about relocating to the Cte d'Azur. Or northwestern Italy. I'll even take southern Italy or anywhere in Italy. How are you? What have you been up to?

kenix: Hey!

pumpkin: Hi! I've missed you.

wolfshadow: Hi!

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Laurence says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:16:12 2007
kenickie - Howdy. Last time I talked to you I think I was 6 hours east of the UK, lol.

Coruvs - DAMN YEW then!

Mabb - Stranger? Ha, I'm stranger that all ya'll put together. Cthulhu Fthagn! Oh, you meant something else... Errr... Howdy And I ain't forgetting that I owe you email. Well, I do forget, I just tend to remember in the middle of a meeting, or on the highway, etc. :p

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Denise says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:15:10 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 21:34:28 2007
I wish I had something eloquent to say right now. I planned to, I really did. I planned to write some long, glorious post about how much this board, and more specifically, the people, have meant to me. But as usual, I'm sick and the kids are screaming over video games and hubby can't find the VISA card and the noise level in this house right now is such that I'm finding it difficult to even form a coherent thought. Xanderella and I were looking over some old exchanges a week or two back, and agreed that we had no idea where we had ever found the time and/or energy to devote to this and other boards. But, found it we did, and for that I'm grateful.

I'm not the best (probably closest to just about the worst) with keeping up with folks (as white wings can attest to, as she's been waiting for an email from me for about 2+ years now *sigh*). Work is always crazy and Jeff and the kids keep me busy enough for three people. But, when I do have time to pop into eljay or shoot off a quick email, I still find unbroken bonds of friendship. People that are happy to hear from me and quick to offer up words of comfort, compassion, understanding, laughter and snark, if need be. Alot of us have scattered to the winds and various fandoms, but something seems to keep us tethered together, and I wouldn't trade these friendships that I've made or the times we've spent together here and elsewhere, for anything in the world.

So, today I celebrate the anniversary of the show that brought me all of these friendships, and I hope that every single one of my online nearest and dearest and best and brightest, from the ones I spoke to last night to the ones I haven't spoken to in years, are doing well.

So, that's all I really wanted to say, I guess. And while not my most eloquent post ever, it's certainly one of my most heartfelt.

And, for old timesake, *smoooooooches* to tiggy, Xanderella, seniorslayer, CarpeDi, *Sunburst*, Myst, darcie, eirefaerie, faithx5, ducky, paksenarriongurlie, Cashmere, belmont, Adri, white wings, catmint, Dachelle, Octoquad, ginsoaked boy, newt, Catriona, Genevieve's Lucie and anyone else lurking around today that I've missed.

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white wings says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:14:29 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
and the
Bronze Community

Congratulations to those who were at the Bronze from the beginning, and to those still here, and those who are returned today.

SOs to 4paws, abt, Adri, AKA Becker, Algerina, amorphia, amystar, android, Angel101, Antipodean, Arana, banana, Beldin, boo, Bossy the Cow, BritSlayer, BuBBle, Bufidiot, buffyrat, BurningBabyFish, Cabin7dad, CarpeDi, Cashmere, catmint, Catriona, Catherine, cats, chalkdusty, Chrysanthemum, Claris, Clattering, Cleio, Closet Buffyholic, chaos813, Christopher Marlowe, Comteacher, Corvus, Dachelle, DaddyCatALSO, devil, Daps, Dao Jones, Denise, Dianne, Dogmeat, drama_queenie, ducky, dudley, Dunlin, eirefaerie, elizabethdarcy, el, elreyn24, elusio, ergo sum, Evalie, EverDawn, faithx5, ferol, Foot Tapper, freaking_amazing_witch, friday, garnet, gazoo, Genevieve's Lucy, Goddess@Home, Gothic Avenger, Gray, greeneyes, halfrek, helygen, HiddenSky, Hollyn, Holy Water, horizon, HumVee, idream, Irene Adler, Irishrose, Jaan Quidam, janni, Jipsy Girl, Jocasta, KAM, Kaymyth, Keywe, Labrynth, Lady Wolfsbane, Lazy Girl, Leather Jacket, LenS, LilBufBuf, Lil Pia, Lilu, little wiggins, Little Willow, Lord Mysty Mage, lostinamerica, lucille, Marlene, Margot, Menomegirl, Mia, miller's angel, Mircalla, Morella, Mrs.Beasley, Mr. Whyt, Narrator, newfan, newt, Niblet, notsoShyGirl, numba1buffyfan, Oblivia, Ojagwers, Old One, Ophelia's twin, paksenarrion , Q, Raithen, Red Crayon, Reyna, Robyn TSH, roja, RoseBud, RTBS, sanj, Sapphire, SarahNicole, scram, seniorslayer, shadoed, ShadowQuest, singsinthecar, slayerdaddy, SlayerSteph, Slave2Faith, Smidge, SpookyMagoo, Starr, StGermain, Stitch, strangestgirl, sunlit5, *Sunburst*, superrmk, SusieQ, TadpolePhobic, Tana, The Partyman, Thoin, tiggy3323, The Narnian, the red hood, tralfamadore2001,trouble, Trinity, twilight, valMichael, VampSlayer, Vanessa, violet, weebeasties, Whim, Willowhead, wolfguard, Xanderella, XanFan32, XG, X-Lander, Y_slaybelle, Yummy, Zeus

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abt says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:14:26 2007
My God, you're all here!

I'm glad to see you here, don't be such strangers, no matter how long you stay away, I think it's true, we are always glad to see you.

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MCat =^.^= says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:14:12 2007
Sorry I'm late. Hell(mouth) of a
time deciding which shoes to
wear to this reunion!

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tiggy says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:14:08 2007
not all Kanies are pervs. it's not nice to say such things when so many of them aren't here to defend themselves. oh...who am i kidding? we all totally are!!

ooooooh!! cupcakes!! that just throws the walk i just took out the window.

LA visit for business or pleasure? are you still pursuing acting/writing/singing?

i doubt Artie's even around. this place has been forsaken for The Fuselage. ;)

Christopher Marlowe
they're not even that massive, but the spam filter seems to not like them very much. i think i jinxed myself earlier when i said i hadn't had a problem with it.

i've been good. not a whole lot of exciting things going on except house hunting though. how about you?

ahahaha!! good to see you haven't lost your double entendre ability. *snerk*

most recently The Black Donnellys. Arcade Fire was used in the unaired pilot, but the aired version had Snow Patrol's song there instead and i was not impressed. there've been other shows, but i'm drawing a blank at the moment. GA has used them on more than one occasion. i wouldn't be surprised if Shonda decided to have an entire episode centered around a Snow Patrol soundtrack.

if i had been drinking when i read that post, you'd owe me a new laptop. bwahahaha!!!

i shudder to think what i'd have had to do to scroll and work around this spam filter all the time. what a pest!

Genevieve's Lucie
Supernatural is the good kind of crack! that last episode had me laughing so hard i had to pause the tv on more than one occasion. Jensen and Jared have such great chemistry. (no, not that kind of chemistry you naughty Wincest-ers!!)

apparently i've changed 40%. that's more than i would have thought...

glad to hear she isn't as bad as you thought! shopping, huh? i need to do that too. either that or lose some weight. buying new clothes is easier...

hi Kiba!!

me too!! the more the merrier!

(thank you preview before posting. you saved Narrator's Eyes and everyone else's with your brilliant feature!)

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:09:43 2007
seniorslayer I remember you. :) *hugs back*

eirefaerie glad to hear that Lilly is doing okay.

^ v
ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:09:34 2007
Dont how to do the fancy links,but the results of How Much Have You Changed in the Past 10 Years are now on my LJ.

TMorel what! You mean you want to forget all those Thanksgiving dinners!

^ v
WinterRain says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:09:04 2007
Wow, it's been 10 years? Happy Anniversary Buffy! I'm visiting my parents and don't have my DVDs with me but I believe there's an old VHS recordings of the pilot down in their basement. Perhaps I should go dig them up...

So nice to see all the familiar names here! It really seems like old times.

Special shout out to Dianne for the email reminder about today. Thanks so much!


^ v
Icelord says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:08:33 2007
popped out to do taxes and WOW!

You know I love you for much more than your Rum...
can't remember it all, sorry love, but it's quite a glorious list of things I'm sure ....

ooooo, yeah bec....that would be grand *G*

RSO's to: mabb, Maverick, Corvus, moppety(Me too ;o),PDR, Dianne

Great to see Wild Weasel, Cosmic Bob, VaBuffyFan,
OzLady, LaTimide, Margaux Le Gaye, DeAn, CYMru and all the rest YAY!!


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4paws says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:07:59 2007
Back.. meds done, and Shandy successfully pottied..
willa- thanks for the CB update.. hoping she'll pop back in to compare culinary catastrophes!
tiggy-- I got on my IM and tried to get messages to about 7 or 8 more past Bronzers-- hope they show up
How/When I Started Watching BtVs: from day one. Sat down, and was hooked from the second Darla showed up, looking all innocent- I said to myself, "Self, HAH!!" My mom did the same thing- we never missed an ep while she was still here- lost her 7 years ago. I'm thinking she may have been the oldest BtVS fan, at age 80 when it started!
It was right when the show started that I got online for the first time, and the first thing I did was check for Buffy sites and found the original Bronze. Anybody know when UTV started it? Concurrent with the first eps? I think I started posting during season 1.. which reminds me, gonna go stop season 7 and go back to 1-- feeling all nostalgic here!
OzLady-- how is Fonzie?? I lost Sally a couple years ago, but a few months later she sent me another Pem-- I kinda know where he came from, but he was such an emotional wreck, no way he was going back.
OK, off to get the DVD!

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Kiba Rika says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:07:31 2007
Hello again! I have returned from my day's errands, during which I checked out some Buffy novels from the library but markedly did not buy more Buffy DVDs because they were too rich for my blood. I'll just have to content myself with Seasons 1 - 3. (Somehow, I think I'll survive.)

I wish I had the presence of mind to keep track of all the names familiar and give you specific hellos, but I just don't. So I'll say this:

Xanderella, Amarra and Seska are all people I chat with regularly on LJ but don't associate with their Bronzer names even a little anymore.

Speaking of, if you want to check me out on LJ it's kibarika. It's friends only, so you may have to leave a comment on one of the public entries and let me know who you are.

My Abridged How-I-Got-Into-Buffy Narrative

I was very depressed, making myself physically ill, and in the middle of one of these bouts of illness my boyfriend (who is the same one I have now!) said "Hey come watch Buffy. It will make you feel better." And it did.

As for the Bronze? I found it on May 5 in the wee hours of morning, as I was looking for ways to procrastinate instead of writing my paper on Horace's Ode I.11. But my relationship with it really cemented in the summer of 2000, when I spent my whole workday posting.

Wish I could do that now, but we teachers don't get to the computer much. (In case you're wondering: My life has changed minimally. I live in a different house in the same general region, have the same boyfriend, have most of my family still nearby. So if the growing up of other people's kids is jarring and you're looking for comfort, know this: I change very slowly. I'm mostly just a little skinnier than I was back then. Also I teach full-time instead of being a student.)

I'll be in and out.

Gotta respect the driveby.

In honor of the show while the boyf and myself were at lunch, I put ice cream on my nose. I also declared myself Amish Guy.

Yes, I get to be Xander AND Willow.

I found my sig on one of the archives from the UPN switch, in what I can only assume was a greatly reduced form. The only interesting parts were:
groupie of DeAn:)

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:06:22 2007
lol well probably. there is still 10 pages for my wat script.

lol guys are soooo weird.

^ v
Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:05:50 2007

eirefaerie:! I think of you sometimes when I'm watching The X Files, which I try to do as often as I can. Fourteen years later and I am still obsessed with Fox Mulder.

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:05:35 2007
Really enjoying scrolling today, since the posts go so fast!

wolfguard lostinamericaThe only real problem with the temporal fold idea is that based on whatw as said in ":The Wish" smashing the power center "made it didn't happen" so the Wishverse shouldn't have been accessible to temporal folds. But if we accept that tremendous stumbling block isn't one, wg's explanation is simpler than mine, albeit it offers fewer posssssibilites.
And kee p in mind, VAmpWillow wasn't broguht thru specifically ebcause the spell was cut short. She came thru because when the sand was dropped it fell on Willow 's hand, not on the drawing of the pendant.

Christopher Marlowe ShadowQuest Beldin wolfguard buffyratI've had my odd injuries.
One time I was in the living room while my aprents were usptairs getting ready to go out to Sunday dinner and I was scraping off some dry skin with asheath knife and forgot which direction I was dragging it and got a nice 1 or 2 inch slash which required a couple extra-large Bandaids to cover it. Then back in the Eighties a tin can lid gashed my wrist (the outer edge) when I was stuffing a garbage bag.

^ v
TMorel says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:04:09 2007
so, 10 years huh...

is it too late to ask for my money back?

Hello to everyone, especially you you and you (you know who you are)

^ v
DarkLady says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:02:50 2007
horizon um, what everyone else said ;) IRL is about the Bronze, and today is the first public screening, along with the first public reading Allyson's doing from her book.

The screening isn't tonight, though. It's *checks watch* in an hour! *squeak*

Gone. Simple. Direct.

^ v
cosmic says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:00:21 2007
First off, helllooooo to Cosmic Bob, who so sweetly let me borrow part of his name!

mabb Thanks for the reminder about today! Even though I'm only in for a moment...

in other words: This is a drive-by, this is only a drive-by. In the event of an actual posting, I'd know where my siggy was with all my SO's and my titles and all that other stuff. I am some sort of a Happy Meal With Legs, but I don't know my number.... but HUGE ANNIVERSARY HAPPIES!!!!

and VT is more than likely in Kentucky today, so I don't think she'll be on, at least not until later...

^ v
Cosmic Bob says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:58:22 2007
Sitting here, working and listening to the Buffy soundtrack. Most awesome theme song of any TV show. At least that's what I think. Angel comes in at a very close second.

No problem-o dude! I know what it's like to be busy with a five year old! Cosmic Pre-Schooler just lost his first tooth too. Will wonders never cease. I'm reading Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone to him now. He's still a tad young for Buffy.


Cosmic Bob
I Now Have Titles
"Hello salty goodness!"

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:57:57 2007
Cannot control her bouncing up and down. Decides not to try.

Genevieve's Lucie!




Suddenly hopes someone other than Xanderella remembers who she is. Decides to hug everyone anyway.

Waving at SweePer, slayerdaddy, Old One, and everyone else.

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:57:41 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 21:01:37 2007
Amarra: (it feels weird calling you that. I sort of forgot you were you for a second.)

DeAn, the OC has been cancelled. There's nowhere for the indie kids to get their music tastes dictated to them now.

I thought that was what the NME was for.

eirefaerie mentioned yesterday in lj land that she'd probably make an appearance, but her puppy got hurt and she may be dealing with that.
Nah, she's cool. Turned out to just be a bad sprain. She has pain meds that I'm thinking about pilfering . . . alas, I was busy shopping instead. These tragically hip outfits don't just create themselves, you know!

*Sunburst*: I met him! Or, rather, I stood there while eirefaerie harassed him from across the room!" It's even more fun when I watch Lost with my roommate, and Ultimate Drew's name pops up: "Hey! I know him! I was involved in a drunken tussle on the floor with him! It was all eirefaerie's fault! eirefaerie and her goddamned bottle of tequila! And then Dachelle had to tackle him before the Heineken made him say things that would get him fired! Good times, man, good times." And then she looks at me verra strangely indeed

Wait, who did I harass? I have harassed no one! No one! Except that one time that I may have propositioned someone to do the It with me in the bathroom . . . but I swear that came out wrong! As for Drew, he's just sad that he doesn't get into more drunken tussles with becleavaged ladies. Steve DeKnight's got 12-year old girl tits.

Fantasma: *tacklehugs*

Jaan Quidam: Can I interest you in a Spearmint Rhino?

Beldin: This year's SxSW is going to be awesome. Not least because I will be there.

faithx5: Hello, would I let you guys down? Cause I'm sure everyone was on pins and needles wondering if their favorite Handsome Gay Man (Now More Gay! Potentially Less Handsome.) was going to show up. *g*

Xanderella: ! Remember when I used to be afraid of you? Um, like, last year?

Jesus, it's old times in here, isn't it?

ETA: seniorslayer! Geneveive's Lucie! DeAn! Everyone!

^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:56:33 2007
horizon - Yeah, days like today remind me of why I got hooked on the boards in the first place. :-)

OK, now I really am gone! Back later. :-)


^ v
MeeB says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:54:40 2007
Well. Thank goodness for that preview feature, or this post would have had some pretty impressive dropped taggage.

Happy Anniversary Buffy!

And a friendly hello to all the familiar names, and the not familiar, too.

Special hello to L e a t h e r J a c k e t. Just because. It's been too long.

I don't know if it's impressive or pathetic, but I still work in the same place I did 10 years ago when KimP and ~mere~ dragged me into posting. But I'm a boss now, instead of an often-bored worker bee. Yes. That's right. I'm now the Sleestak. Fear me!! Or something.

Best wishes to DarkLady today. And Allyson, your book is on pre-order at Amazon. I keep telling people who probably don't care the title of it, because I love it so much.

Anyway, I'll always be grateful for what Buffy and the Bronze gave me. I can't believe it's been this long.

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:54:36 2007
Here is my sappy 10th Anniversary post. :o)


Many thanks to Joss and Company for the show and for all we have experienced as this eclectic group of web heads from around the world.

It has been so nice to see former Buffyverse Writers and Producers doing such shows as Vegas, Gilmore Girls, Greys Anatomy, Lost etc. you know who you are.  Whats best is I know who you are. LOL

To all my fellow Bronzers who I have had the honor and pleasure of sitting up with until 3:00am or later. Who have also stood in line for coffee, stood in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, stood in line for breakfast, stood in line for the restroom..LOL, Bronzers have always been fun as a group.

^ v
nails says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:52:52 2007
I'm not usually a big fan of these things, but this one seems apposite today:
How much have you changed in 10 years?
thanks Jipsy Girlie

Seska "The Watcher"? Congratulations on (finally!) completing your training!
I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but there's a post from you with a vaguely siggy-like appendage on one of the Bronze pages in the internet archive. It's at 08:05:13.
Say hi to amorphia from me. Or possibly "cheers!"
PDR You're drinking with many friends Well, it sure beats my usual "TV counts as people" excuse.

Xanderella I'm sure I don't need to explain why a Scotsman is in the pub. I'll let him answer as to why he's in the pub rather than here when he scrolls. Not that it's impossible to be in a pub and posting at the Bronze simultaneously at the same time.
Hi Mrs. Pointy!

SarahNicole *waves back*

willa I think CB popped by briefly on the previous board.


^ v
Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:52:48 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:57:37 2007
I'm back.

Holy smokes! It is like I've stepped into a time machine, here. So many names from when I used to lurk at the WB Bronze. Every Wednesday morning, back then, I'd rush to the computer to read everyone's thoughts on the previous night's episode. It was a big secret, ya know. One I didn't dare share with my real life friends and family, who, once I got up the nerve to come out of the closet, so to speak, all thought I was just a little off my rocker. I remember how easy it was to just get lost scrolling and scrolling. The Bronze and The Beta allowed me to indulge my geek TV obsessions like never before. And, truthfully, never since. The end of BtVS and Angel marked the end of most of my online time.

Although, I will admit to popping in and lurking at the TWoP Supernatural, which I am way more into than a woman of my age should be, and Battlestar Galatica boards.

Return hellos to: Xanderella and PDR! It's good to "see" both of you.

Posting without previewing and keeping my fingers crossed.


A big return hello to Carpe Di! No, they're not so little anymore ( But they are still my babies. ). Lucie is 12 and in the 6th grade. Genevieve is almost 8 and in the 2nd grade. Genny was 2 when I started posting at The Beta.

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:51:35 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:56:18 2007
tiggz getting better, you are up to 340 now. Damn, can you imagine what the spam filter would think of your old posts?

eirefaerie Hi there and *running tackle hugs* because I'm giving them out today. One day we will see your name in color here.

"I need to sit down"
"You are sitting down"
"Oh, good for me"

I moved on to The Harvest now.

faithx5 I never did tell you that I got hooked on 24. We caught up on all the previous seasons and just recently started the latest season.

Also, a song with asterik, asterik, asterik, asterik would be so cool and damn funny. cc. tiggy and *sunburst*

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:50:05 2007
I had Fifth Disease in the summer of '05. It gave me terribly (albeit temporary) arthritis.


Really gone. No Ty King here. No way. Uh uh.

^ v
Cashmere says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:49:57 2007
tiggy *smoootch*

Xanderella I assume CYMru is successful at drinking whatever he sets his mind to.

CYMru pppfffftttttbbbbb.

Dean blast from the past, indeed. Where the hell are you?

newt at least he's not driving, which is what I feared.

Christopher Marlowe The angelic ones partners in crime are up to no good. Liv is climbing the tables and the counters like the 20lb monkey she is and O is eating cookies and watching Emperor's New Groove for the billionth time.

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:49:31 2007
I brought cupcakes! That's right. Of course, it took Xanderella to remind me, since I'm usually tempted to eat them all myself...

I see tiggy and eirefaerie, and OzLady and Margot LeFaye were here! Aw, this is nice.

And whaddya mean, get off line, Xanderella?!

^ v
faithx5 says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:49:21 2007
*Sunburst* - Well, most shows can get me swearing at some point. Like I said, it's getting rather over-common in the privacy of my own living room. I watched four episodes of 24 and three of Jericho last night, and swear-worthy stuff happened on both. Or at least, I swore at stuff, whether it was swear-worthy or not. We totally should all get together again! Heh. My parents don't even know. ;) They just think you're a nice Canadian girl.

Xanderella - You do? I'm flattered. Or something. I never expect people to remember me... Perhaps it just confirms exactly HOW MUCH time I spent here for a year or two. I really didn't know Antipodean except by reputation, and the few times I remember her posting.

tiggy - Hee. Do you have specific shows you think they should reserve the rights for? I know they've been on Grey's recently...where else?

tiggy/*Sunburst* - Yeah, you really need to figure out what **** means, otherwise you won't be able to make the song rhyme properly! And saying "asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk" is sort of unwieldy, and doesn't offer many rhyming possibilities, either.

eirefaerie! - Yay! You made it before I left. I'll second your plea for colors for you. I think it's about time, right?

And with that, I must go. It was great seeing everybody here again, though! Like old times. Might pop back after the concert, in case anyone's hanging about.

^ v
Thoin says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:48:20 2007
Thoin, who was hibernating (o.k., not online for a little while with a computer viral infection) bounds in from the Lurkage. She is coughing and swiping great gobs of goo from her hair and shoulders...she marches over to the utility closet and grabs a mess of short-handled brooms, then wades into the mass of dingoes dancing in the corner. Lashing the brooms to the frolicing dingo's tails, she hoists a large box of Liv-A-Snaps and leads the entire horde into the Lurkage, where she scatters the contents of the box into the far corners.

Satisfied that at least ONE neglected chore has been taken care of, she reemerges and saunters up to the Friendly Bartender and cadges a free gingerale-and-lime from him, then proceeds to the Comfy Famlet Couch.

Plopping down on it, she puts the Purse of Doom on a nearby endtable and opens the clasp.

A small crowd of Fifths begin to emerge. (It's not that it's not a lot of Fifths, it IS a lot of Fifths; it's that the Fifths themselves are small.) They quickly scatter to the far corners of the Beta in search of Foster Bronzers and other friendly folk. Some of them haven't seen their Foster Bronzers in awhile and the possible proximity has them all excited. Wise Bronzers groan and watch for small, shiny projectiles aimed at the backs of unwary knees.

Ah...10 years of joyful insanity. Who knew "back when" that it would last this long? O.k., I did, but I wasn't saying it at the time, so I have deniability! I do!

You can't kill a good community! Yay us!!!!

^ v
slay_me and clover says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:48:14 2007
sneaks back in before heading out

horizon oh my. dude how are you?! it has been way too long. I've been here for 6 1/2 yrs and
loving it more and more. clover and iris live here as well and are doing good. It is so very good to see
you around here. My e-mail is above so please drop me a line. I'd love to catch up.

From clover: SOs to all the old gang, too many people to know while heading out the door.
Happy 10th Anniversary Buffyverse!

slay_me and clover

^ v
CYMru says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:46:38 2007
Clarrie - It's ok, I'm used to creepy and weird, I wear it well. I do hope only bad things were said. Also, I'm used to stalkers, which I think many of the Londoners will already be familiar with ;)

Seska - I think I went into suburbia and tedium. Is that depressing enough? If Amorphia is with you, can you ask if her sofa still pines after me. I think for a while I had my very own "groove" in it.

Janni - Wow, theres a name from the past! How've you been?

Tiggy - I think she also deserves praise then. Only I've run out of caps to doth. It seems I've been on the tips of people's toungues lately *ahem* ;)

This is really like the old days. Every time I refresh theres a new post by someone I know, awsome.

^ v
kenickie says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:46:21 2007
mabb - Uh-huh. Likely. Veeeeery likely. ;)

laurence Hullo.

DeMoriel - For some reason I didn't have you on my MySpace. I fixed that.

^ v
ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:44:42 2007
[tiggy] good to see you too. So many names but as for the old thing, I am afraid I am getting there! But fighting all the way. How have you been?

[PDR] I know sorry, ugly life stuff got in the way again, but Ill ring soon and well have to arrange that visit soon we will have a brand new bathroom when you visit!
Did you win the pub quiz?

^ v
PDR says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:43:59 2007
Corvus -
That's right, you haven't! I'm neglected!

Maverick -

redruM -
buys redruM a beer

Cosmic Bob! RTBS! Mrs. Beasley!

I'm in a good mood today. Yay!

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:43:56 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:44:56 2007
I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting. I will refresh before posting.

seniorslayer: You're here. YAY!

Also? eirefaerie!

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:41:57 2007
horizon IRL stands for In Real Life and is also the name of DarkLady's documentary of Buffy fans.

tiggy Your massive posts are a wonder to behold!

^ v
Cosmic Bob says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:41:09 2007
Wrong! Alive! Just ask The Evil OneTy King!

That's DarkLady's new documentary about the Bronze and Buffy fandom. I believe it is having a showing in California today.

Cosmic Bob
I Now Have Titles
"Do you stuff your own shirts, or do you send them out?"

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:40:38 2007
I wonder if this thing still works.

One last plea to Artie - come on, man, I'll give you my first-born son! That's way better than 5 bucks. I Want Colors!!

Heya, bronzers.

^ v
brat! says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:39:03 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:43:27 2007
horizon -- IRL -- In Real Life is DarkLady's documentary film about the Bronze. The premier is this evening. Allyson -- has a new book coming out, Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby.

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:38:53 2007
janni: RIGHT.

Also, it's hard to get the rhythm back, isn't it? I'm pretty good at remembering to refresh before composing, but keep forgetting to refresh before actually posting, and am redundant as often as not.

loki: I remember your name all the way back to my lurking year days.

Seska: You came!!!

Did everyone notice Seska is no longer a W-I-T? She's a full-fledged Watcher, now. I wonder if Scotland Yard ever interviewed her in re that big explosion they had a CoW headquarters, a few years back. Hmm...

amorphia: You drank!

DeMoriel: It's good to see you.

I've got to go see what's taking Senior Slayer so long to get her cupcakes over here, and then get offline for a while, for real.

^ v
RTBS says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:38:11 2007
OzLady Do I still have your e-mail? Mine's the same. YOU drop ME a line and then I'll have YOURS for sure. See how lazy I am?

Cosmic Bob - I DID get your e-mail, but because I suck, I have not yet responded to it. I'm trying to get two weeks worth of housework done today, I'm so far behind.

St. Germain I know, I know... I sorta just vanished, didn't I? Work has been crazy behind belief. I'll see if I can't get back in habit of at least popping by and saying hi. I hope you're doing well, sis.

Xanderella BSX if fine, though he's hardly a Baby anymore. Five years old now. Just lost his first tooth, had to get glasses... getting ready for kindergarten. All the fun stuff that kids go through. I love him, even though he dominates all my time. I even became a SOCCER coach for him. And I LOATH soccer.

Willa - Sounds like you're doing awesome. Good to see you!

greengirl HEY THERE GIGI! Hope you're having a great day.

Beldin Thanks...

Good job Mrs. Beasley!


I'm Ruff, I'm Tuff, I'm Buff... and I'm the Stuff. : )

^ v
Kessie says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:37:49 2007
Fantasma: Love to you? Always hun! *big hugs* hope you have been well!

Glow Boy : *sends lots of healing and chasing flu away vibes*

Princess of Darkness: Well he should. But then he is a boy. ( No offense to all males here ;-) ) Anyway you probably can just wait and see!
So are you going to write today after all the "Avoiding writing" techniques?

Oh and good luck to Allyson and DarkLady!! Hope youll have lots of people turning up!

^ v
PDR says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:37:46 2007
Adri -
Hey you!

ShirazPetra -
You were supposed to be calling me! But I will call you soon. Miss you.

Seska -
Hey WiT!

Hi mabb!


Hey clarrie!

Apparently, it's trying to say hi to OzLady that's causing me this hassle... Weird filter thing.

^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:37:13 2007
Dianne - Glad to hear you are OK, and I am truly sorry to hear about your mother. You keep working on those screenplays. Persistence will get you everywhere. Lots of exciting things with you...working from home, teaching at school...Glad to hear that otherwise, you are still enjoying the same routine. :-) Things are much the same with me, only 10 years later. :-)

Well, I am off to go to the grocery store and do all those Saturday errands, but I will be back in later to see how the party progresses. :-)


^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:36:55 2007
very cool. I'll head over to LA on March 21 and on march 29 i will head over to Vancouver. cant wait.

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:34:13 2007
Oh, Buzz Off

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:33:47 2007
Peeks inside the Bronze, which seems to have been decorated for the occasion. Beams. Wanders inside, looking around and getting a bit misty-eyed, as she is wont to do from time to time. Wonders who's around...

Happy tenth anniversary of the BtVS premiere everyone!

Pulls up one of the compfy couches and hopes to see newt and Xanderella and everyone else.

^ v
horizon says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:33:10 2007
General question: I've seen a few people mention, kinda out of the loop...what exactly is IRL?

VaBuffyFan: It's just great to see so many people posting. I'll have to lurk more often.

OzLady: Heya! Hard to believe that your Ozlets are growing up...time really does fly.

I lurk.

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:32:46 2007
Well, I'll be darned!

Hey Hon! Well, I haven't been on AIM to talk to you when you're up in the wee hours. :o)

Hi, you.

Little Sister

It's so nice that everyone is popping into the Bronze.

^ v
PDR says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:32:22 2007
moppety -
Mooooo! {{{hugs}}} you

horizon -
Blast from the past. Hi!

^ v
janni says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:31:47 2007
I see CYMru and Cosmic Bob!! Whee!

RippedToast Bob! How are you?

I don't mean to miss any old friends, I'm out of practice. Just *bap* me upside the head if you need to.

CarpeDi I have to confess I started with the squealing and worked my way up to the singing.

Xanderella The kanies will forever be saddled with that perv tag. Would be sad if it wasn't so very TRUE!

Since it's been a while,I feel compelled to add, for all those especially Narrator who are/were so very wrong...



that is all.

^ v
mabb says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:30:47 2007

hi stranger :)

kenickie you are your own need no inclusion in such paltry
matters. *hug*

horizon it's odd, because that was
3 computers ago...i'm such a sentimental
dork. and i also have absolutely no idea
about Danger Girl. however... isn't it great to
have that in your repertoire? ;)

^ v
tiggy says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:30:24 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:31:48 2007
go to hell spam filter!

[edited for content]

absolutely. some of the friends i've made here are lifetime friends.

Jaan Quidam
my favorite of the PVC-teers. ;)

we really do need to get together again soon. when i get my house, i totally expect you all to come and break it in, bronzer style.

heya!! *smooooooooch*

i've been not too bad. getting ready to make a trek to Cali next month and looking into buying myself a house.

it was in the comm, but i put a synopsis up in my lj. you should go read.

how dare they! while you're there could you please tell them to stop giving their song rights to every single television show on the air right now? thanks.

CarpeDi and faithx5 are correct! it was the set faithx5 made me that you ended up with. that set has been in the hands of many people since i originally got it. i love it! it's like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!!

but we still don't know what a **** is!! what will we say?!


Glow Boy
i know. this place has been a ghost town for a long, long time now. it's sad.

you're welcome! i'm so glad so many of you still have the same email addys. i only had two emails come back undeliverable. out of the...30 or so i sent. not a bad ratio.


hey you! how's married life treating you?

HO-LY COW! it's been a long time!! how the heck are ya?!

i actually can't take credit for this one. it was all Mrs. Beasley's idea. i just forwarded the message on to bronzers i had contact info for. it's good to see you here. Cashmere was talking about you earlier.

i think i should be offended! i posted to you on the previous board! *hmph*

HI! man, it's good to see so many old faces. not that you're old....

howdy, Seska!

^ v
DeMoriel says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:28:30 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:28:55 2007
Yay! Old names and new! I love it, I love it.

Wish I could stay, but off to the IRL screening... be back later.

Catch me on LJ or myspace.


^ v
clarrie says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:28:17 2007
CYMru - you were quite the topic of conversation amongst the london crowd a while back! (well, that certainly didn't come out sounding creepy or weird...)

Things are going OK here. Just looking to ease back into the employment market after taking just over a year out for health reasons. Living in Bristol in a slightly non-standard domestic arrangement. Putting out fanzines. S'all good.

I shall probably head elsewhere in a bit, as the Beta seems to make my browser go a tad seizuriffic. But I've noted your email (mine should be behind my name now too).

^ v
Dianne says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:28:01 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:34:22 2007
VaBuffyFan -- I'm doing well. Quit my job last April and have been doing freelance volume bookselling from home. My mother passed away last July, and we're still cleaning out the estate. Big news was that I finished my first screenplay, Sorcier, in December. After universal complaints that it was too literary and slow moving, I got pissed off inspired and wrote Seven of Three, which is a fast-paced thriller. Still gardening, dancing, climbing Stone Mountain, and I'm volunteering at the local elementary school. Life is good.

Seska -- Stone Mountain is good. We've had nice weather the past couple weeks and I've managed about 2+ times a week. I've got Camellias, hiacynths, forsythia, red and white flowering quince, and a few other things blooming in the yard. At the mountain, the wild plums and carolina jasmine are blooming. Trout lilies should be blooming next week. Tell amorphia hi for us. :D

From Box Office Guru:

Warner Bros. seized control of the North American box office on Friday with the explosive debut of its Spartan war epic 300 which grossed an estimated $27.7M setting a new record for the largest opening day ever in the entire January-to-April corridor. The violent actioner also generated the biggest opening day of any film since last year's top grosser Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest set sail last July. With sold out midnight shows beginning on Thursday night, 300 is on its way to commanding the third largest debut in history for an R-rated film behind only The Matrix Reloaded ($91.8M in 2003) and The Passion of the Christ ($83.8M in 2004). Intense upfront demand for the stylish battle film should lead its Friday gross to account for a high percentage of the whole three-day take. An astonishing $65-70M weekend gross could result.

^ v
loki says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:27:58 2007
wow. just popping in to say hello everybody! lots of names i haven't seen in a while.

DarkLady and Allyson -- good luck for today! i'm so disappointed i can't be there with you.

Off to scroll a bit...

^ v
Fantasma says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:27:55 2007
Kessie: What? No love? = P Hugs to you!!

Beldin: No no, my mind is meant to be messed with = P Though, it's hard to tell sometimes cuz my mind is pretty messed with already... I need some filing cabinets or something... in any case, it gave me a moment to really think about what I said anyway, cuz golly gee, I barely know what I say half the time! = P

^ v
Adri says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:26:00 2007
*Sunburst* *return bap with a Calvin Ball for 7 points!*

*smooTches PDR*

^ v
Seska (the Watcher) says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:24:30 2007
I have been entirely unable to find my siggy. This is a real shame. Ah well. I seem to remember that it was very rambly and involved too many people.

This is a drive-by, as amorphia is coming over for dinner. (Can I drive by in a small electric wheelchair called Marvin? He's very friendly.)

Dianne Hanging. :) How's your mountain?

CYMru, DeAn Boys! Long time not interwebby contact. Where you go?!?

CYMru2 Give me beer. Beer good. Fire pretty. Or something like that.

clarrie I am a bit confused, but it is unrelated to not seeing you at all. Indeed, it's more related to seeing you at all.

I find myself with little to say. I think I used to post about some TV show... Hmm. Are we talking about how we got to watch Buffy? I had a friend in the first year of university who loved Buffy and we routinely made fun of him for it. Then one day he persuaded me to sit down and watch Nightmares with him and I was hooked. That's mostly it. Ten years later: Buffy taught me how to be resilient, Giles taught me how to be a teacher, Faith turned me gay (the bitca). (amorphia says "I don't know what it taught me. Probably something about booze.")

^ v
PDR says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:23:12 2007
Spamming the board (a bit) because I can't work out why it's filtering me. So I'm cutting this post into sections to see what bit it doesn't like...

Wild Weasel -

Corvus -
Hey, long time no see!

Jaan Quidam -
What kind of guitar?

SarahNicole -
pounce and {{{hugs}}}

^ v
Little Sister says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:21:22 2007
Happy Anniversary! I see many familiar names today, but I'm not going to take the chance of missing anyone, so a big group HELLO! from myself and Mr. Little Sister.

^ v
redruM says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:20:47 2007
Sob, ignored by PDR

The final indignity. I'm off to watch Jerricho.


^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:20:31 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:21:51 2007
*waves* to helygen and horizon.

willa: Closet Buffyholic already popped in, earlier. This board seems to archive more quickly than the Apollo Bronze, so her posts are probably back at least one page, by now.

faithx5: Technically, it should be all about Antipodean, but she's not here. I sent her an e-mail, but I didn't time it well, since she's halfway round the world from me. I very much remember your name from the Bronze.

clarrie: Excellent. They're easier to manipulate when confused. Keep up the good work. Oh and if CYMru doesn't return while you're here, I'm pretty sure Cashmere has contact information for him. I have to get offline for a while. Go poke Seska and amorphia with a pointy stick, will you? They're together, and probably HUGELY drunk, so they should be here.

DeAn: What's this about ink, now?



*Sunburst*: It is, indeed.

Margaux Le Gaye: My sartorial...splendor(?) has much more in common with Margot's than it does with yours.

It's exactly like a Greek tragedy. There should only be Greeks.

^ v
PDR says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:16:17 2007
nails -
Yeah, Harvey's the man (although it was Fabricius who did the le gwork you know) - but you're right - Galen thought that the blood that carried nutrition came from the liver (centre of the veins) while blood that carried animus came from the lungs (via the heart). And no - you're not drinking alone. You're drinking with many friends. :)

Selenay -
Hey Harem member #5!

DarkLady -
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ;)

pumpkin -

*Sunburst* -

moppety -

^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:15:17 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:18:21 2007
horizon - Good to see you too. :-) As long as the Bronze Beta stands, I will be here. Maybe not every day, but some days. :-) I love it, and I am overwhelmed with emotion at the number of fabulous oldtimers that I see posting. It's good to know that everyone is still around. :-)

Dianne - Indeed, I sure am. :-) What a pain if I move and have to change my name. :-) So I stay put. :-) How are you?


^ v
*Sunburst* says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:13:30 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:17:50 2007

Thank you, thank you. It's good to know I haven't lost me touch.


Sooper seekrit messages received. ;) This is all very nice here today, isn't it?

That's what was screwing me up, it was step-by-step evolution so it didn't even register.

Which shows've got you swearing? I think we all need to get together so we can corrupt you some more. (I like feeling like that bad girl your parents try to stop you from hanging out with.)

Y'all, y'all, y'all... why isn't this place decorated for the occasion?!?

*Sunburst* jogs to the storage room, whips out the Magical Key of Buffy and Bronze History, and cracks open the door. She peers into the dark, dusty space, and spies good ole Acathla, off in a shadowy corner. Huffing, *Sunburst* drags the stone-faced figure out and lifts it onto the bar. "My, my," she tuts. "Why so glum, Cathy?" Annoyed, Acathla opens his mouth, and a slight breeze whirls around the Beta - but before the Beta and everyone in it can get sucked into a hell dimension for all eternity, *Sunburst* quickly pops a paper trumpet streamer blowing tube... thing into his mouth, and dons a festive and sparky party hat over his ears. "No need to be a cranky-pants on this auspicious day, my friend. Let me buy you a drink."

Edited because when I type too fast, my fingers get confuzzled by homonyms.

^ v
redruM says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:12:35 2007
Siggy test


Any body out there who wants to complain or discuss/argue(I love to argue) about Buffy or anything else can either post me here, or E-mail me @] redruM.

I promise a reply to one and all. (Come on........ you know you want to!)

SO's Kenickie,Shaun,Cobby,Dingobaby,Wildweasel,Teardrop,Lillith,PDR (Harem Boy), Everdawn[font]Who I owe more than I can say[/font], Sanguineus, TMOREL, Elusio, Supamonkey, Angel Eyes, Sami, Grinn ,Yoda, Alpy, GrimReaper, Alucard, Demonica1313 (1313), Phill Phud, Willow the witch (WTW) Pseudonym(seudo) Fan UK, Jipsy Girl, Kam ,Green Falcon, Charlie X, Vlad the Impaler, Wolvie, Drusie, Kane, Antoinette, Anias, BTVS Chic, Tana, Spooky Magoo, Vaal,The wonderful Kylia, The corruptedThy Slayer AKA Thy Faith, The everhelpfullWerewolf Wherewolf? Kameko, Sachiel, Kitty Willow, Evil willow,Anne, Shadowbound 6, Wherewolf werewolf? Rachie, Sanguinious, Jennie 106, Angelus, Lanny, Tmorel, Deliver, Shiraz-Petra, (whose cat thinks shes crazy) ,, Dru, British Angel, Heaven, Jazzy Bell,Vaal,The cuteCountess, Kane,Medusa AJ&[font] anyone I missed [/font](I'm terrible with names) [font]Let me know and Ill add your name here ;)~[/font]

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CTA #4
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Untrustworthy cancerian #1
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University of Sunnydale # 64
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Proud Keeper of BOB #4 Whos still recovering after emergency surgery
P.T.B.A.V #1
Proud Licker of Cobbys neck

Loyal Defender of Shiraz-Petras self confidenceThe most intelligent and sexy women on the posting board

Drus Guardian Angel

Step-Bro to Demonica 1313

[font]Slavishly devoted to. Shiraz-Petra, Demonica1313,, the wonderfulKylia & most of the other female bronzers *g*[/font]

*"This means whatevers out there still needs a healthy, intelligent brain"

"In other words,..... I'm safe"*[/small]

I will fill you with my naughty evil

My home life is unacceptable. as you can probably tell

Time to go buy some more of that nancy boy hair gel I like so much

Grrr Arghh

^ v
CYMru says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:11:34 2007
Clarrie - People want to get back in touch with me? I'll wax my chest in eager anticipation ;)

I don't do LiveJournal in account of the fact I can't spell it, but my email address is above, hiding underneath my name. The sneaky devil. How've you been?

Hey, Glow Boy. I'm pretty sure it's been years since I've seen you around.

An open question to everyone out there, now that Buffy and Angel have finished, what TV shows am I missing that I should be really into? At the moment I'm stuck into really mainstream stuff like Heroes and 24, but I'm sure theres loads of less popular stuff out there that I should be paying attention to. And, of course, everyone here has great taste.

CYM, abusing italicised text since 1999...

^ v
horizon says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:10:45 2007
greengirl: Hey chica! Good to see you!

pumpkin! It's so good to see all these old timers! How have you been?

VaBuffyFan: That's what I love about the Bronze. You stop by and it's just like old times. Good too see you!

mabb: I love that you found your siggy. Mine has long since been lost. Ya know, I remember you giving me the "aka Danger Girl" but for the life of me I can't remember why. *sigh* I blame the 10 years. ;)

Cosmic Bob: Another friendly face. I remember hanging with you for a bit at one of the PBPs.

How I got started watching Buffy: Well, I actually kinda liked the movie when it came out. It was sappy but had some funny parts...and I was, like, 14 at the time so that worked for me. I have to admit, when I heard they were making a tv show out of it I thought it was a horrible idea and would never work. Flash forward and one night I happened to catch a new show on tv during the summer reruns. Color me stunned when I realized that I was laughing hysterically to the Buffy show I was sure would fail. After that, I was hooked and tried to catch up with all the Season 1 eps I missed the first time around.

I started lurking at the Bronze for a few months...watched WSWB and loved going to the Bronze right after a new ep to read the reactions. I think I posted for the first time a few eps into Season 2.

Anyone else remember when Alyson posted her phone number on the Bronze? I was a lurker at the time and pretty much fell out of my chair when I saw that!


^ v
Dianne says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:10:41 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:11:35 2007
Seskae -- how're you hangin' in girl?

RippedToast -- good to see you!

VaBuffyFan -- are you still in VA?

DarkLady, Allyson -- good luck tonight!

Having Spam-Filter Problems?

Dont give up!
try posting a short test message
(like "test") then editing your post
with your full post.

^ v
Cosmic Bob says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:10:22 2007
No titles that are as importand as "Danced With Eliza", that's for sure.

Cosmic Bob
I Now Have Titles
"It's just like riding a biker."

^ v
Seska (the Watcher) says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:09:54 2007
Good evening, people.

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:08:16 2007
I cant ask him out since he's in a relationship. but i just mentioned i dont get the guy i want. and he asked who I want. and I just wrote back *fg* and he wrote "hmmm?" lol i wrote back how he got the idea that i would tell him.... i could tell you but...." we'll see if he's smart enough to figure it out lol

^ v
Laurence says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:06:30 2007
Ya'll frighten and confuse me. And if moppety keeps using my stupid catch phrases without paying the royalties I'm gonna have do something about it. :p

^ v
redruM says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:05:50 2007
redruM stumbles down the old rickety stairs noticing that 10 years on the same old posters are still on the walls and at the tables.

He makes his way to the bar and try's to figure out what he's been doing for the last decade. Probably nothing of any consequence, but you never can tell


Siggy keeps getting rejected as spam, will post it when I can

Grrr Arghh

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:05:11 2007
Adrimumlet *ouch*

faithx5 Have fun at the concert tonight.

^ v
kenickie says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:03:16 2007
mabb - And where am I on that sig? Hmm?

willa - Woooooo. Oh, and my regular IS shut, so we'll have to find another pub.

SarahN - You shut up.

^ v
DaddyCatALSO says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:03:13 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:04:24 2007

Nice to see some long vanished names again. (OzLady I knew you seemed familiar when I saw you at whedonesque.)

^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:01:50 2007
Hi Corvus! Indeed, there is no one stranger than me. :-) Nice to see you on "Reunion Day." :-)


^ v
Glow Boy says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:01:36 2007
Kessie, I'm okay. I've got the flu at the moment but I'm fairly well medicated so I'm not feeling too bad.

Princess Of Darkness, *Hugs* back.

CYMru, hello there. Its been a while.


^ v
Adri says:
(Sat Mar 10 20:01:21 2007
*baps CarpeDi difficultchildlet with a frozen trout*

^ v
ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:59:56 2007
Hi again everyone. Just dug out Buffy DVD episode one to watch for the sake of nostalgia here is my shout out list.
great to see so many names I remember.
i can't believe if it wasn't for Buffy I wouldn't be married now and my life totally changed.
SO's Angelus, Antipodean, Arana, Boromir, Britslayer, Bubbles, Buff'low, Calen, Christybell, Countess, Cobby, Cymru, Dingobaby, DreamLurker, Dru, DualSlayerss, Elusio, EmJo, Everdawn, Gin Soaked Boy, Gordy, Ivy, Jennie 106, JoeyEmma Jipsy Girl, Juggernaut, Kane, Kenickie, Kronos, Kylia, Lexi, Lioness, LMO, Lurking Girl, M.A.P.B, Medusa, Miserlou, Morella, Morph, Mrs Pointy, Nails, PDR, Pooks, Prince of Lunacy, Rachie, Rainbow, Sanguineus, Sazzi, Sci-Fi Bard, Selenay, Shaun, Shadowbound 6, Spikey, SpookyMagoo, St George, Tiggy 3323, TFB, The Red Hood, TMorel, Vaal, Welshguy, Wildweasel, Xanderphile

Huge SO's to my favourite boys from your European publicity girl: Steve Carter, Chris, Tad, Zu and not forgetting Derrick - FSM are going to take over the world!

&[font] anyone I missed [/font](I'm terrible with names) [font]Let me know and I'll add your name here ;)~[/font]

"Its ok, I have more Scotch."
"And what's with all the carrots?"
"What can't we face if we're together?"
"Everybody here is at least a little bit 'strange', one way and another, and the devil himself ain't so happy as we are here most nights."
"Sometimes I sing and dance round the room in my underwear. Doesn't make me Madonna, never will."

For redruM "Yes, you're doomed to having to give him and his vamp pals a lift wherever they feel like it. And those guys never chip in for gas."

ANAL #15
WSAI #10
Bronze Psychic Circle #3
Hallet is a Hottie #21
James is a Hottie #13
Amber Benson is a Hottie #18
Insane for Kane #7

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:59:48 2007
This is soooo great.

Mabb {{HUGS}}

Hey stranger!!

LOL, Ozlets aren't allowed to grow up. {{HUGS}}

Hey Hey!

Off to read more posts.......

^ v
faithx5 says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:58:39 2007
You know you've been playing with Wikipedia (and its offshoots) too much when you start writing wiki markup everywhere instead of html. I swear, I tried to use it in Word the other day (much like I used to try to use html in Word when I posted here all the time).

*Sunburst* - Well, at least your LJ name used to relate to your Beta name. ;) Hee. Now I've posted about Snow Patrol here, too. I'm sort of excited about it. My swearing...heh. Well, you'd be really proud of me if you heard me while I'm watching TV. But it doesn't extend far past that. Yet.

tiggy, CarpeDi, et al. Never mind. Found the VM post. Sounds like the good part got deleted, though! *pout*

SarahNicole - I have heard this about the tenure process as well, and I pretty much agree with you. I think I'm going to get my master's and then cut and run. But I must say that having "read a ton of books" as part of my job description is appealing... And don't worry, we won't turn you over to the tenure police. ;)

Beldin - Well, I'm not in Austin. But I'm at school near Austin, and some friends and I are popping down for the concert. Not going to South by Southwest, unfortunately. My research assistantship wouldn't cover it. ;) I'd love to, though. Except I'd be constantly torn between the music and film events.

Xanderella - Yeah, I knew you were cindywrites. I don't think I ever really knew you here--I didn't start posting till S7, and I think you were posting more sporadically then, and I held you in awe. *g* I think tralf told me a year or so back, just before I friended you on LJ. Hey, now. I think the various payings forward of the VM discs did some good. Certainly I had a lot more people to talk VM with after I used them to hook everyone I knew on the show, and it's all about me, right? Uh...right. Anyway.

*waves* to helygen, Denise, Adri!

^ v
Maverick says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:57:24 2007
SO's to: (alphabetized to be easy to read so to make our English speaking good) abt, Addict No. 1, Adina, Adreenis, Adri, AjO (#20), AKA BECKER, Alex, AleXander, Algerina (#52), Allicat/Nipsy, Alpy (#29), Ms. Alucard, Erika Amato, amystar (#57), ANG, Angela (#43), AngelLover24-7 (#40), Angelic Sweetie, Angle Man, Anne, Anya, Arctic Lurker, Asanti, Austin154, Avarice, banana (#8), Lady Bathory, bec (#17), Beldin, President Blade-The Vampire Hunter, BlueBoy, blueronin (#23), Bri (#46), Bruces Mom, Buffyenta, Buttercup, Chris Beck, Big Al, Big Tony, Blackheart, Boo, Bossy The Cow, Brandi the Slayer, Lt. Colonel Briarcliff, brittany, buffyrat, BUFFYtvsfan (#48), cabin7dad, Candy Kane (#36), carlycat, CarpeDi, Catriona, Ce'Lisse, chalkdusty, CharlieX, Chelle, chi, Chosen One (#50), Chrissi, Chrissy, Claddagh (#44), clarrie (#54), Cleio, Closet Buffyholic, Corvus, cosmic, Cosmic Bob, Sophia Crawford, DaddyCatALSO, Daphmax, Dark Ivory, Deadboy, DeAn, demonica1313, Destiny, devil (#12), DGH, Dianne, Django (#56), DoBoy, Doppler99, DowntownApartments, drdan, DReddd, Drizzt, dualslayers, dudley, ebdim9th, Edward, Elly (#51), elusio, english, Evalie, EverDawn (#11), Mr. EverDawn, FASTEDDIE, A Faithful Gypsy, fenric, Figaro (#34), Foot Tapper, Forevrnite (#15), David Fury, GF, gazoo, Genevieve's Lucie, Gennifer, genrefan, Glow Boy, Godeater (#1), golden girl (#28), Graceless Lady, Gray, greeneyes, Gregg, Griffin, Haven, Heaven, Hecate, Hollyn, horizon, HumVee, Isobel, Icelord (a spazzy #37), Pwiddy Widdle Ick, Impaler General, Intoit (#18), Irishrose, Jasmen, Jayne, Jenie TTF, Jennifer Lynn, Jocor, Jonathan H (#39), Jubilee, KAM, Kansas (#49), Kar (#30), Karin, kayti, Kendra, Kenickie, Keywe, Kiera, kim!, Kramer, KrazyKat, Kristen, kronos, krypticon, kugelmass, *LB* (#3), Labrynth, Laurence, Luv Lux, Manx, Margot le Faye, Leather Jacket, Liberty, Liche, Lil'Tree (#19), lilmissmagik, Lisa, lisa1, littlexander, Little Willow, lostinamerica, Lovely Poet, Lurking Little Feet, Mabb, MaJoR WillowFan, Christopher Marlowe, Masquerade, Malista, Marissa, Matt the Bruins Fan, Artie McDonald, Todd McIntosh, Meg6 (#32), mélanie, Menkhare, Menomegirl, *~Kathryn Merteuil~*, Micaela, Miguel, Mircalla (#6), Missi (#16), Missy, Morella, Mrs. Pointy, mudpuppy, nails, Natalie, neonate, nephy, newt, Night Owl, Nirvana 1, Noodles, notsoShyGirl, Nouveau, numba1buffyfan, NuPhalanx (#25), nya, Nyte-eyes, Octoquad, Ojagwers, old dog (#5), Old One, Olivia, 1bufffyfan (#22), orangeade, paksenarrion (#55), Pam (#33), Patches J, PDR, pestilent god, Phil PhuD, Pixie, Pnthr44, Poetry Angel (#9), Polgara, Pooka, princess daria, Princess of Darkness, Jeff Pruitt, ? (#13), Qui-gon Jenn, Jaan Quidam, RD, RJ (#14), Rebecca Lynn (#2), redhead, redruM, Reyna, ripley, ROANNA (#10), Robin TSH, RooCH, RyanH, Sachiel (#38). Safarigirl, StGermain (#21), Samantha (#45), Sanguineus, Sarah's carl, Sara the Brown (#31), SarahNicole (#7), Sarah UK, sassy, The Sci-Fi Bard, Scourge of Europe, Selenay (#53), seniorslayer, Sephiroth, Shade of Bronze, ShadowDancer, Shadowslayer (#27), Shalazar, Shelly, SherBear, shtein, Skittery, Slave2Faith (#47), slay_me (#26), slayerdaddy, SlayerNextDoor, sleepy head, SoAnya, Southern Girl (#24), Sparrow, Spiky, Spike, Spike_14, SpikeNip, spikes_luv, SpookyMagoo (#41), Stake, Sultress, SweePer, sweick, Tallulahdahling (#42), Tana, TheaterGirl, Thelma and Louise, Thirsty (#35), Thoin, 3 Standard Deviations from the Norm, thy Slayer, tiggy, TMorel, Kestra Troi, umbris, VT, VaBuffyFan, valMichael, Vampire the Buffy Slayer, vampchica, Vlad the Impaler, WanderLost (#4), weeping willow, Wendy, werewolf123, Whisper2AScream, white wings, Mr. Whyt, Witchy Woman, wolfguard, Xander's Girl, X-Lander, Zeeshan M, Zorander, and all others who will now show up making me feel guilty for overlooking them. (Mystical numeric codes: the numbers next to the Poster's names indicate exclusive membership in the Order of Maverick's Fanfic Recommenders, a valiant band of Posters who have girded their loins and will recommend my fanfic even under the most harrowing of circumstances, such as the actual threat of being viciously tickled by someone of the opposite sex. God bless these brave young Posters)

The Board certainly looks unusually normal today.


My fanfic can be found here: Maverick's Home Page.

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Spaz Poster # 14 / Certified SpazSpeak Interpreter
Stocker-upper on Cheese ever since Amy Became a Rat
Interested in Becoming Da'an's Companion

^ v
mabb says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:57:07 2007
and thanks to the cleaners who will pick up
all those dropped tags. *headdesk*

part deux.


misfitlet of the famlet
ns-CX-d (Master of Firsts)
56% corrupt
smokin' in the Ty King waitin' room (again)
the Seth of three
honorary member of the footie jammie club
the cutie evil alien, dubbed thusly by the
Luscious Brain himself :)
Recommender of Luscious Brain (Laurence's) Fic
eater of brownie crumbs under the table in
the corner, with TheName
I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, if-it-
feels-good-do-it kinda gal (c) bec
sometime NetRadio Route 1 listener...and it's
all Wook's fault
74.545% insane...I'm a looney. But we already
knew that.
former vegas vixen
Missi's evil Insane Insomnia princess
Jr. Master of the Ways of Slothdom
I scare Bathory!! cool, eh?
I rock so much, it's not even funny (c) Alpy :)
You! Off my planet!!
part of the proxy concept
DhELP #13, the distracted lemming
you Boettcher *** the yammish are buried
there *g*
former owner of the Silver Bullet
magic fishie, i am (c) umbris
by God, i know what gunmetal tastes like

Keeper of Oz's Pez Werewolf
Keeper of ?'s Weapons of Warfare
Keeper of Oz's existentialist thoughts

Official Keeper of Cordy's missing *THUD*
Official Keeper of Oz's steely gaze and
pointed silence

"Yeah, I'm talkin to you, ya big COOTIE!" -
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"I'm occasionally callous and strange" -
"As long as you're there, I mostly want you to
wiggle..." - "Angelus"
"Toad me." - Oz
"There is no spoon."
"My life, happens to on occasion, suck
beyond the telling of it." - Buffy
"It tickles. You know, in a good way." -Spike
"Eat a cookie, ease my pain?" -Willow
"What are you going to do, lick me to death?"
"Well, it did seduce me. All and sporty."

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Back! #16/
the flake who is JUST NOT RIGHT.

"I'm a poster girl with no poster,
I am 32 flavors and then some"

^ v
clarrie says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:57:04 2007
briefing = briefly
see = know
eye = suck

Xanderella - Hee. I tried to explain the Catering Ninjas to Japanese pron Tim the other day. He just looked confused and wary, like a kitten with a wasp.

CYMru - Hello! I know various people who are keen to get back in touch with you. Do you do livejournal?

^ v
Margot Le Faye says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:56:30 2007
In the distance, a closet door crashes loudly to the floor, and two feminine voices screech like
demented Harpies
raise in genteel disagreement. There is a sound of someone being *****-
slapped, the thud of a hefty voluptuous body hitting the floor, the sound of running feet, and
shortly thereafter, a disheveled middle aged redhead in sweat pants and comfy shirt enters the Beta.

StGermaine I miss them, too. And I miss you, Buffy, the Bronze, and all myBuffy-Shaped
Buds TM Buffyenta Ah, well. Its great to see you here.

Smooches to tiggy, horizon and everyone else whos wished me well tonight.

And, just much love to you all. Must run and get ready for the reading before the annoying bitka in
the closet wakes up
I run the risk of getting to the reading late, for which my editor will kill me.

And to all a ...good afternoon, and TTYL!



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Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:56:23 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:57:21 2007
Wild Weasel - She was the first person who posted to me waaay back when. Miss her.

greengirl - Hi.

horizon - Hi there.

Margaux Le Gaye - LOL. So good to see you. And, sorry for the misspelling.

Hi, Cosmic Bob. Good to see you again. Pick up any titles in your absense?

willa - CB stopped in earlier today and said she was going out to take a test. Or something like that.

RippedToast - I knew I'd miss someone but I am trying. Hi.

Ok. I have to head to the folks'. But, since the reason I'm going is to set up my Mom's new DSL, I'm sure I'll be scrolling/posting from there. Later.

^ v
pumpkin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:54:59 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:55:24 2007
VaBuffyFan Well, no, not warmer climes, but different climes, anyway. I'm in Chicago now! I refuse to consider myself living in "the midwest" but alas, yes, I live in Illinois.

horizon horizon! horizon! horizon!

willa hi!

OzLady That film sounds hilarious...enjoy the mani/pedi!

greengirl hi!

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Catriona says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:54:14 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 20:01:00 2007

*runs onstage for Kansas City*

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Kessie says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:54:10 2007
Tiggy: me neither. Just too bad there arent any PBPs anymore. Id love to see anyone again and party a bit.

Glow Boy : Hi back at you! Hows you today? Well I hope!

helygen: Hi hun! *hugs*

faithx5: hi back at ya. I cant find my real SOs list either, only one which has about 10 people on it and is very old. Probably from the year I have started. Ah well one can always start a new one!

*waves back at littlexander *

Princess of Darkness: Oh yeah at work. Reminds me of something: You should really ask him!

^ v
mabb says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:51:50 2007
i found it! my extremely obnoxious
signature. part 1, to evade spam filter.
maybe it'll bring back memories for some... i
can barely remember it all.

Warm fuzzies to: A Polite Newbie, AKA
BECKER, Aiglos, Akasha, AleXander the
tour God
, Alias, Alpy, Amywyn,
Angelphyre, Angle Man, Arcadia, Arctic
Lurker, Asanti da matriarchlet,
Arsinoe, Avarice,
bananaramalamadingdong, bec,
Beldin, BeMu Goddess Witchface best
ROOMIE in the world
, Blackheart, Boo
*mwah!*, Brad Grenz, Briolette,
bubbles, calliope, Candy Kane, Carla,
carlycat, cats ::hugs::hugs::hugs::,
~ceridwen~, Charity a.k.a. Taygeta,
small], chi, Cirrus, clarrie, Cleio the
baddest seedlet around
, Cobby, Corvus,
Cosmic, Cultjam, Daphmax, Darkhorse, Dark
Lady, deadboy, the supersexthy
Dead Still Pretty, Decay, DELiver, devil,
Destructo Girl, drdan, Dr. Strangepants, DV
Jymm, Eiddileg, elusio, Everdawn & Mr. ED,
fax1, fenric, sparklyfibs, Figaro,
Fizzgig, FOSman, FSM CDMan, gazoo
*my master of Slothdom*, Godeater,
Haven, horizon a.k.a. Danger Girl,
Holly Frog, Icelord, ILerk, intoit, Jade, Jennifer
Lynn, Jimbo, Jipsy Girl, Jordan, KAM,
KaraBear, Kestrel, Keywe, kim!, kirbyclause,
kooger, Krazy Kat, Kristen, kugelmass, kyle,
Labrynth, Lady Bathory Amazon Queen!
, Lady of Buffdom, Lady Sawall, Lady
Wolfsbane, La Timide, Laurence the
luscious brain
& Mrs. Laurence, *LB*,
Leather Jacket, Lena & hubby, Lexy, Lil'
TreeCharlieXlil'sprout, Little Willow, loki
*the pressed eggs queen*, Lothos,
Lovely Poet, Macho Macho Man, Madrigal,
Malista, Mandy, marie101, Masquerade,
Maverick, MedusA, Megdalen, Melanie,
mellers, -mere-, Michael7770, Mid12am,
Mircalla the almost-roomie, miribeau,
Missikins *my Insane Insomnia
college sammich!
miss jekyll, Mithrandire, Monique, Moriah,
Motorcycle au pair Boy
*smooooooooooooch*, the
Ms. Alucard, Mysty Mage,
newfan, NightBloomingJasmine, Night Owl,
Nipsy, NuPhalanx, Nyte-eyes, Odin, Orbital,
Ozfan & TV James, Peri, Phil PhuD, Pixie,
Polgara, Ponotmabbbutpo,
Pooka, Rachie, Raksasha, RD, redruM, ripley,
RJ, Roanna, Roxanne, RTBS & the Mrs.
zesty!, Sachiel, Sanguineus, Sam
Hain, Sarah W., Scrub & Bubbles,
Shadowslayer, Shalazar, Shiraz Petra,
{Slave2Faith}, SLaYeR, Sonja Marie,
StGermain, 'stina, strigoi, Sultress, SweePer
got dingo?, TV pet
, Texas Wook engaged
, Tiamat the 5 headed
Sumerian beastess
, Timide, TheName
back in his rightful spot, all my THP
trollops i love you girls!, THX,
Tinkerbell, TMorel run away!, Tree,
Tui, umbris, VaBuffyFan, valMichael, VT
*geeky freaky neo-pagan mac arse
, Whelk, Witchy Woman, wolfguard,
Xana, Xander's Girl, ZBear, Zorander, ?...
and everyone else here there and
elsewhere :)

VIP fuzzies to: Joss, David Fury, Dan V.,
Marti, Jane, Chris Beck (miss you!), Ty King,
Tim Minear, Doug Petrie, David G., RD,
Amber, James, Marc, Nicky, Anthony, Aly,
Emma, Michelle, Seth come back![/
small], Kristine, Juliet, Robia
*sob* David, Charisma,
Eliza, Alexis, J. August, Elisabeth, Julie,
Christian, and all the rest :)

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SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:49:50 2007
Channeling Ty King in the worst way!

willa! Co-author extraordinnaire! Punch kenix one time for me, mmkay? :-)


^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:49:45 2007
hey hun. *g* Im at work right now. *G* you know what that means? lol

Glow Boy
hey you *hugs*

^ v
gargoyle says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:49:14 2007
Hi my fellow Bronzers! I want to wish everyone a happy 10th anniversary for Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I think that was the inspiration for me being a substitute teacher. And I can't wait to read the new Buffy comic!

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:48:36 2007

Happy Buffyversary!

Hope everyone is having a spectacular day! Any activities today?

Countdown to Miniature Rose - 30 days!

^ v
willa says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:47:55 2007
Someone was asking about Closet Buffyholic? She and Gryphon and CBbro spent Thanksgiving at our house, and after that, CB moved to the Pacific Northwest. She is battling hills and snow and is once again taking law exams. There were times she was on the ledge, just like old times. Hopefully, she'll surface soon!

^ v
RippedToast says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:47:44 2007
Wild Weasel: Okay, okay, I'm here. I note that you're the only person who has mentioned me or said hello to me, and we didn't even post on the Bronze at the same time. How does that work? :oP

Polgara: Yup, that EverDawn one has a lot to answer for. Because of her, poor Wild Weasel has now found himself stuck with some strange Irish girl who nobody actually remembers from here because she posted about twice and kept changing her name. That would be, erm, me...

~Angelcakes/RippedToast/Mrs Wild Weasel

/away to make food

^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:47:08 2007
pumpkin - Life is grand thanks! Glad to hear you are well. Still in the area or did you migrate to warmer climes?

Hiya horizon! We old Bronzers neither die nor fade away. We just are. :-D


^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:47:05 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:48:51 2007
Xanderella Nah, now I'm like "wow, adding cindywrites as my friend is even cooler than I origionally (sp?) thought."

My VM DVD's got payed forward too, I can't remember who or when now but someone got hooked on it from them.

Now I'm watching Joss's commentary on Welcome to the Hellmouth The quotes that came from this episode alone were enough to keep me going for a long time.

Adrimumlet I know I know, I was born, but I didn't start posting here until around 2003. A couple months before the PBP I believe. I just thought I would give you a hard time.

^ v
OzLady says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:46:05 2007
Okay, gang, I'm off to get a mani/pedi (hey, it's been 10 years, but I am *still* a princess ;-). Will check back in when I get home...

*sniffle* I remember when checking the Bronze was one of the first things I did when I walked in the door. Sigh...

~OzLady, over and outtie

^ v
Adri says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:45:55 2007
CleavageCarpeDilet! *return runningtacklehugs* You weren't born posting yet when I made the SO, I think.

^ v
Anais says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:45:27 2007

^ v
ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:45:02 2007

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:44:14 2007
Okay, I'm home. Got bagels, schmear and Girl Scout cookies. Can we all say carb addict. LOL


It has been a long time, nice to see you. Old home week.

Hey Stranger!!!! Hugs to you and umbris.

Here's my old shout out list...forgive the not updating. :o)

SOs to
4paws, abpositive, aka Becker, A Polite Bronzer, Acid Cross, Adina, Aethelaf, Aiglos, AjO, AleXander, Alpy, Anais, Angel247,Angelphyre, Angle Man, Anne, Asanti., Basia, Bri, Briolette, bec, Beldin, belmont, BeMu, Blackheart, Brat! BriarRose, Bubbles, Buffyenta, buffy@10, buggo, cabin7dad, cats, carl, CharlieX, Circe, Claddagh,Closet Buffyholic,curlysue, Dana, Dark Lady, DELiver, DeMoriel, devil, Doc, drdan, Earthgirl, Eiddileg, EverDawn, Fatima, FASTEDDIE, Fax1, fibs, fenric, Fiver, Fly-by-Nite, Gangrel, gazoo, Godeater, Grinn, Gryphon, gypsyrat, Grim Reaper, IceLord, Irene Adler, Jade, jayne, Jasmen, jazzybell, JeffK, Kenickie, keylime, Keywe, KitKat, KittyWillow, kim!, KimP, Koshi, Kuglemass, Kronos, Lady Bathory, Laurence, Layrynth, Leather Jacket, Lil, Tree, Little Willow, Lissa, loki, LovelyPoet, LouWho, Lurking Little Feet, Luv2Bbit, Mabb, Maverick, Mar, Masquerade, Megdalen, MeeB, mlanie, Mircalla, Missi (The Bronze Bomber), Moriah, Mr.EverDawn, Muffy the Vampire Annoyer, mudpuppy, Mrs Laurence, Natalie, nya, nil8r, OkiLlbyte, Overbite, OzFan, Ozman, OzLady, PDR, Pixie, Polgara, ?, RJ, Rachie, Rikki, RTBS, Sam Hain, Sanguineus, SarahW, ShadowSlayer, shehawken, Slayed Soul, SpookyMagoo, spoon, St.Germain, stina, StillLife, stormtrooper, Sultress, SunnyD, SweetPer, Tallulahdahling, Tana, TastersChoice, TexasWook, tiggy, thy Slayer, Tourogal, Vaal, VaBuffyFan, Vaedus, valMichael, VoxMaille, WatcherX, Werewolf, Where wolf?, Whelk, Wild Weasel, WitchyWoman, white wings, wolfguard, WolfShadow, Wolvie, X-Lander, Yooper

And SO to all you VIP types out there Andy Hallett, David, Seth, Ty King, RD, SMG, Erika, Nicholas, Alyson, Anthony, Joss, Jeff Pruitt, Sophia, Steve DeKnight, Jymm the writer of the song, Chris Beck , Charisma, Todd, Marti, Tracey, Fury, Robia, Christian, Tim Minear, -mere-, Todd who let me check out the makeup, Stephanie, TV James, Elizabeth Anne Allen, Doug Petrie, David Greenwalt, glad you were there , Marc Blucas keep away from the dip, Leonard, Bailey Chase, Jane Espenson, James and anyone Ive missed.

I survived Camp Cleio
A former Laurence Fishie..><((((o>
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Janes Junkie #93
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Furys Fanatic #359

Take a moment to look up and watch the eagles soar

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Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:41:27 2007
clarrie: *thrall* Of course your presence confuses people. You're clarrie, mentally diverse defender of that Patriarchal Council of Watchers, Ninja Catering Wrangler, and there was that business with Pertwee in the shed, but we really shouldn't go into that here.

*Sunburst*: You have stealth commentary, elsewhere. I will have to go check out the flames. It's warmed up considerably here, but it's still a bit chilly.

faithx5: As soon as I submitted that post, I wondered if it was you, instead. Did you know I was cindywrites on LJ, because maybe that's where I got to thinking CarpeDi knew.

CarpeDi: I think I inserted you into a conversation I had with faithx5, but I really did figure all my old Buffy/new VM friends knew who I was. It's cool, in a way, that you didn't (unless of course you're thinking, "Shoot, I never would have added that nutcase to my flist.")

I paid those discs forward, too, and I think they've been paid forward at least one more time since then. Fat lot of good it seems to have done. Now my fondest hope is that they someday end up in the sweaty paws of a Nielsen family who can't live with themselves for not watching Veronica Mars.

nailsie: Then explain to me why Amish Boy is down the pub. He was supposed to be here in his Bronziest finery. Blasted Scot.

OzLady: I know what you mean.

^ v
Cosmic Bob says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:41:06 2007
Ten years. Woah. I didn't watch Buffy the first night. But I did tape it. And taped the second night (The Witch). Then I watched them after that. Freakin' amazing.

Tonight, it's Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest for watchage.

We are doing well. I'm glad you got the email! Snow is melting and it's almost 50 degrees. Can't complain. But I will.

Good to see you around!

I've had a kid. Changed jobs multiple times.

Shout Outs to: Cate, fenric, Chrissy, Jan, BuffyBrazil, -mere-, TV James & OzFan, Heliconia, Erika Amato, Closet Buffyholic, RD, StGermain, pixie, BellaDonna, Circe, Angle Man, Mircalla, Night Blooming Jasmine, 'stina, RTBS, Dianne, Avalon, Karri, Yooper, Lothos, Night Owl, Legal Lurker, Lissa, Catalina, Fatima, Robia LaMorte, Nouveaux, Eliza Dushku, CharlieX, Taster's Choice, SarahNicole, Opus, KittyWillow, Professional Lurker, horizon, VT, MeeB, psychochica23, Aethelaf, Jennifer Lynn, Original Jessica, mlanie, VaBuffyFan, the watcher, angelgazer, Tisiphone, Sanguineus, greengirl, Zophiel, Not a Normal Girl, radiogirl, Pippin, oddstruck, Bridget aka Scotlore, HollyJane, Buffy13, Buffy Book, Amber Benson, Christopher Golden, Chris Beck, Lena, Earth Girl, pumpkin, Jaan Quidam, Jules, noni, bec, Chris - Mommy Boo, katvamp, La Timide, CHRIS, Laurence, gryphon, m-CLOD-b, KrazyKat, Elizabeth Anne Allen, Larry Bagby III, Jeff Pruitt, Sophia Crawford, Karen Shepard, Marti Noxon, Nancy Holder, Seth, Asanti, Kestrel, Jeff Stacy, Emma Caulfield, Wild Weasel, DV Jymm, Julie Benz, SpookyMagoo, FASTEDDIE, keylime, Angelphrye, Kristen, Motorcycle Au Pair Boy, Werewolf, Where wolf?, Bucky, X-Lander, Destiny, TB, Angelkidbuff, elusio, The Polgara Demon, Little Sister, {dru}, nil8r, chiquens, moriah, Alexa Davalos, Iyari Limon, Sarah Hagan, claris, Frank

Cosmic Bob
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"I'm Buffy. The Vampire Slayer. And you are?"

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SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:40:26 2007
Adina *hee* I only count the seconds when he is truly annoying me, which isn't that often.

I now have a visual of Maime's dolls in my head. It smacks of a horror film. *shudder*

kenix Things aren't *quite* the same, as I haven't punched you on the arm in a long time. Or read your draft essay on Labyrinth in years. :-D

Oy. Gotta run. Participating in an interview on interracial couples for a grad student's research project, and then we gotta clean the house and make pizza for Buffy watching night!


^ v
OzLady says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:40:14 2007
pumpkin: Right!?! Ozlet #1 is 5'4 and wears a size 10.5 shoe and is extraordinarily pretty and smart, I must say. Ozlet #2 is still an adorable little peanut of a guy and still has the same whacky sense of humor: for a recent Social Studies project, he made the film "Mummies on a Plane." LOL!

I dropped Blade an email and asked him to stop by... email address is the most recent I had (it's been about a year since I've heard from him :-P), but here's hoping he gets it!

Ten years! Ten! Years!

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:39:35 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:42:42 2007
Adrimumlet *running tackle hugs* to you also. I'm sad though, I'm not even in your SO list. *sniff*

*Sunburst* Hee, you on coffee is fun also, saw your comment and loved it. I will admit that mine was the anonymous one, for only the reasons that I posted, I really didn't want to be stalked by that freak.

faithx5 yup the kerfuffle is from the VM community, if you go just look for the long post in really big font, or you can find it through tiggy's journal.

Denise more *running tackle hugs*. I've got all kinds of them stored up.

It is just like the old days, Denise and Adri beating each other with political props and the chocolate gudder.

^ v
Margaux Le Gaye says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:39:30 2007
A sound of crashing furniture can be heard faintly in the distance, along with a few feminine
shrieks, and the opening of a closet door. This is followed by the sound of something large and
overweight voluptuous being forced into said closet, and a shrill heartfelt "Let me
out of here this instant, you megalomaniacal cow!" to which the response is made "Oh, please, as if you
haven't been in a closet before!" Fists beat against a door, but it is well and truly locked. The sound of
high heels tapping on a floor can be heard as someone walks away from said closet. A moment later, a
woman in a red velvet dress and black high heels enters the Beta....

Beldin Actually, Margot, being the sensible sort she is, is leaving the reading in my hands.
The Golden Age of Lesbian Erotica is not really something she can be expected to really do
justice to all on her own, poor thing. Thanks so much for thinking of me.

Xanderella Margot would have done exactly what you did: outed the bitka and protected her
friends. I am the first to admit that my untwin does have her uses. Thats why I keep her around. And,
you havent said too much at all. Sadly, shes unimpressively dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a
comfy shirt, because she was doing chores (or, she intended to do chores, but never actually got
around to doing them because she decided to stop in here, first) I, however, am wearing a lovely two
piece Christmas red velvet outfit, long, tight, slit skirt and top with three quarter length sleeves that
end in lovely flounces, and a pair of black heels (not as high as I used to wear, but being over 250 lbs
and arthritic makes the higher heels just a tad less comfortable than they used to was.) And, Ive got on
the belly dancing jewelry I bought at the Posting Board 2000 party. Or, Ill be dressed like that
as soon as Im out of the shower.
One has to strike the right note at these things, you know.

DarkLady Im not sure weve met, though I know youve hung out with Margot. She wants
me to let you know that she hopes that everything goes really well with the screening, tonight and
sends her love. I hope everything goes well with your screening tonight, too.

So, how's by everyone else, oh, and of course...

Happy Anniversary, Buffy!

Margaux Le Gaye
Margot Le Faye's Untwin and betterfar superior non-half.

^ v
willa says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:39:26 2007
Hello, all! I am typing to you from London, which was actually sunny earlier today. Huzzah! I'm a bit bummed that I don't have my siggy with me from the old days -- oh, yeah, I still have it, written as it grew on a calendar page that I keep with me wherever my office happens to be.

An update on the willas: Me and the mister have been in San Francisco for over six years now, and in June bought a duplex in Berkeley with Tamerlane (he who lurked) in June. We have two darling puppies, a pitbull mix named Cooper (as in, that's a damn fine piece of pie) and a lab/great dane mix named Huck (as in Toby Ziegler's son on The West Wing). Cooper is 10 months old and Huck is 6 months old. Puppies!

The mister is still in the photography business, and has been at his newspaper for five years. Last year I bounced around a couple of ad agencies before I got out of that business altogether (hooray!) and got a job as Director of Online Community for a start-up cable network. Yep. It's crazy. But sometimes posting on The Bronze and writing a book about Buffy the Vampire Slayer can get you a real, paying job. I still can't believe it.

Happy 10th to everyone! I can't believe it's been that long, but I look around at all the amazing friends it bought me, and the time seems to melt away. Tomorrow I am having dinner with Kenickie! And the timing just couldn't be better.

^ v
CYMru says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:39:23 2007
Well, howdy. Who's got the beers? Ah, who am I kidding, I've got them. Who's the designated driver?

DeAn;) - Mate, I've been trying to email you but I keep getting undeliverable messages back. ?

Tiggy - I must commend you for arranging this. My cap has been dothed in your direction ;)

^ v
horizon says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:38:59 2007
horizon peaks her head into the Bronze and remembers all the dear friends and time spent in years past

Haven't done this in a few years so it make take some time...

SO's to everyone here. I can't believe how many names I recognize. Heya StGermain, Polgara, KAM, pumpkin, Kenickie, Margot Le Faye, tiggy, Xanderella, Beldin, SarahNicole, VaBuffyFan, OzLady, DarkLady, LeatherJacket, RTBS and all else.

StG: Wow. It's been a while! How are you?

slay_me: So good to know you're still out in LA. I know that's where your heart and interests always were. Hope all is well chica.

So where's Little Willow, Blade, fenric, fax1, Haven, gazoo, Jenny68, devil and every other name I'm forgetting?


^ v
Adri says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:38:51 2007
hee! *pushes Denise in the warm Democratic chocolate gudder*

^ v
greengirl says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:38:23 2007
hello everyone!

KAM mentioned to me this morning that is was "Bronze Reunion" day in honor of Buffy's premiere, and i am glad to see a lot of faces, both old and not so old around!

Let's see. i started watching Buffy when it premiered. i am one of those rare birds (hi RTBS) that actually liked the movie version. So when my mom read there was going to be a Buffy tv show in the tv guide she told me about it and i tuned in. i was very happy that i did.

i first came to the posting board between WML 1 and 2. i didn't have internet at my house yet, but i had just started a new job where i did (dial up...). so after watching WML1 i got to work the next day and thought, i should see if there is an official buffy site, and i found the bronze and UTV chat as well. one of the first people i talked to was fenric (hi fenric...) it was good times all around.

anyway, i love the Bronze and i wish i could spend more time here on a more frequent basis (like some tea-time loving guy i know) but even though i don't post, i do lurk constantly.

love to all my fellow bronzers!

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:37:48 2007
faithx5 - Austin? You're in Austin? I didn't remember that. Are you going to any South by Southwest event? I really wish I could. Especially the music week. I checked the website, though and recognized very few band names. Jimmy Vaughn, of course. And Pete Townshend is going to be the keynote speaker.

^ v
kenix says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:37:16 2007
Wild Weasel - I'm about three computers on from anything Bronze-related. I vaguely remember, though - was that because of the effing snooker?

^ v
Denise says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:37:06 2007
*BAPS Adri on the head with a frozen Republican girl scout cookie*

off for a quick scroll...

^ v
4paws says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:37:04 2007
Wow. Just, WOW!! All the Bronzers I haven't seen for ages!
Happy 10th, BtVS!
tiggy-- thanks for the head-up! *hugs*
Haven't been posting regularly for about 2 years, (got some health issues going, but hopefully getting better) but I gotta pop in more often!
Ah, the UTV days.. I just got a computer with the net, and my first ever post was on the Bronze.. a lame, lame post, but hey- total newbie! And the UTV chat.. I'd been figuring out how it worked, but assumed I was invisible, and could just watch and learn, but nooooo... Peter said "Hi, 4paws", which scared me to death, but made me jump right in :) Congas, room hopping, and the oh-so-fun emotes-- I accidentally goosed Moriah once ;)
Anyone seen Vampyreska or Closet Buffyholic? I'm pretty sure I'm on a roof with Vampy, but can't remember why, and I wanna know if CB is planning on microwaving a Peeps for old times' sake :)
Gotta book- time for meds, and taking Shandy out- she's still got 2 weeks of crib-time to go afore she gets to be a normal dachshund again.. back later!
SO's to all :)
my mostly-reconstructed siggy:
Proud AAer
#74leftpaws of the Mighty XDC
Resident of BAH, Joss Floor
SDA-- mommy to Hosehead the Dingo Moof
MA # - neon-orange crushed velvet
BWGDC-- queen of the quadripeds
COB-- sprained ankle while running to start VCR
Kill Buddy Lee-- weapon of choice, Howitzer!
Look, Ma-- I've Been Impersonated!
Member # of the UBC
Keeper of Willow's rainbow candleholder
Blissful Buffyatric!!

LJ-- see?? i can still copy/paste!!

^ v
Glow Boy says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:36:05 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:37:41 2007
Tiggy it's great isn't it. I'm actually having to scroll when I come back to the computer. It's been a long time since that last happened. :)

Kessie & Princess Of Darkness, hello there.

helygen, you should check out Dianne's posts about the filter.


^ v
pumpkin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:35:55 2007
SarahNicole Well then, congratulations and wishes for lifelong marital bliss and etc etc! That's exciting! Yes, I work for them; the company that moved me to Chicago was acquired by them in December 2005. My god. I've been in Chicago for nearly three years! I cannot believe it.

VaBuffyFan Yes, things are good, thanks. I hope the same for you!

OzLady Wow. I cannot believe the OzLets are in junior high!

Polgara Seriously. It was amusing to read. We had some, err, interesting acronyms, which I know you remember (heh) but then I saw someone say "Strawberries!" and it took me a while to remember exactly what that was...*g* Hope you're good, enjoy the IRL showing, and let's get in touch shortly!

Adina re-re-hi to you! You know, I think I see you on IM every once in an while. I should probably, you know, say hi there...

^ v
Wild Weasel says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:34:42 2007
Polgara: I did say it was all Everdawn's fault, so of course she came pre-loaded with Buffy fandom. And now she won't de-lurk. :(

RippedToast Gerrout'ere! In the nicest possible way, of course...
Please don't hit me... I'll make dinner... promise!

Beldin: She did. The last I heard, she was well on her way to becoming a fully fledged medical type.

Oh dear. I just found the Joss Whedon For Director General webpages on The Dark Corner(tm) of an old copy of My Documents. Anyone care to own up to being on that list before I post it for the world to see... Kenickie? *eg*


^ v
SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:34:05 2007
faithx5 Heh. While there were a few times I had to sit under my desk and weep during the diss phase, and of the course the now famous rendition of "Jimmy Crack Corn" whilst I was printing out the final copy to send to the grad school office, I'm pretty sure getting through the tenure process was way more evil. Not even close to as much fun as doing the diss research! Three words: archaic hazing ritual. *snerk*

I'm sure I shouldn't post such things on a public board. Oh well. :-D

^ v
Adri says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:33:47 2007
The sig, for old tyme's sake:

SOs to Alpy, Amaltheia, Amish Boy, amorphia, andyourlittledogtoo, Antipodean, Archaic, Apandora, AussieBulldog, Betaboy (my sonlet), BooBoo *tweak**eg*, Brandi the Slayer (aka Christians Brandi, with the big purple grapes), Buffy Guy (the pants-less one), Catriona, CeCe (with the chocolatey grapes), Christopher Marlowe, Closet Buffyholic, CYMru (frolicfrolicfrolic), devil, Divaliving, DreamingHawk (a triplet), DreamLurker, Drubie (keeper of the condom-mints), Ducky, Dunlin, emjas_C, English Slayer, Ergoshakes, Extra Flamey (extra gentle SO), Frodo, gin soaked boy (permanent chocolate ham salad bap), Gray, Greeneyes (grandmalet), the Huntress (another triplet), Jaan Quidam, Jinni, Jo-Jo (daughterlet), KAT in the Dark (on a hot tin...something and auntlet), Kiba Rika, Kohoutek, Kronos, Lakonikos, Leanne, Leather Jacket, Lestat, The Librarian, Lord Chia Head, Lord Mysty Mage, lost boy, Maia, Melody, Mia, Midiangirl (Minion #2), Milkncookies aka MilknGiles, Misako, Mr. Whyt, Morella, mump, Myslayre, Old One (the bestest rita maker), Ophelia, ]]u]pipistrell]]u], Pooka, PowerGirl (of the handshakes*g* and minion#3), Prince of Lunacy (serial cuddler), Queen Maab, Rainbow, Ranna, Reyna, Riley x 3, Sabre, Sariaangel (daughterlet), The Sci-Fi Bard, Seraph, Seska the W-i-T (who rocks in more ways than one), Shpadoinkle, ShyGirl, Sita the Night Goddess, SocKs (my momlet), Spacebabie, Stina, Supergirl, swttmptation, Taliesin, TB, Tickle Bunny, Thoin, tiggy3323, Toni, Vaal (my minion), violet (who is ultra and a sislet), wanttoknow, white wings (chocoholic), wiccachick (my mango rita friend), Xanderphile, xfiler, Zeus, all the GLRs and the HKCBs.

VIP Sos: Marc Blucas (the great), Bailey Chase (the sweet), Christian Kane (the weevil, cos of the caramel), and Steven Deaton (the weevilest caramelly ApolloWebGod).

Amber Benson is a Hottie Member #147, Hallet is a Hottie #22, Blucas Brigade member #60, Happy, Kind Cheerful Bronzer #7, Keeper of Rileys Innocent Face, Keeper of Grahams Shy Smile and Sharpshooting Rifle, FINNatic #180, PDC #104, TQC #9, GLR #225, Spikes Pet #3, Shapeshifter of the Bronze Menagerie, Proudly Obsessed with Riley, Member of Girls Who Love Lestat, GAB #3, Insane for Kane #13, Citizen Kane #43.

Marc and Christian love me, they said so....

I hate chickens. Chickens got that weird clucking thing going on...and all those feathers. Keep those chickens away from me. -David B.

SMG on unprotected sex with Angel: "He's a 240 year old vampire. The guy is shooting blanks, okay?"

Buffy: "Everybody keep back. Damage control only. Take out any lesser vamps if you can. I'll handle the Smurf." (from Innocence)

^ v
Adina says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:32:20 2007
jq better than you remember? pumpkin re-hi!
moppety moo!
DarkLady good luck today
SarahNicole you don't add in the seconds as well? Oh, and sorry we missed you in November - we preferred Truman to Eisenhower. Mamie's doll collection was creepy.

umbris & I have a TON of housework today but will be checking in periodically when the dust bunnies prove to be too much for us.

^ v
helygen says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:31:14 2007
Hi all


I've been quietly scrolling, and checking out the names here this evening, and I feel like I've stepped back in time :)

Although I only occasionally lurk here these days, due to restricted onlineness which is pretty much taken up by LJ, I miss this place and the people here.

How's everyone doing?

In honour of the occasion, I searched through some old discs and found my siggy from 2003 (and wow it needs updating!) but the Spam Filter doesn't seem to like it so I've cut it down some.

no more Buffy? colour me inconsolable *sobs*

Fully alphabeticized SOs and RSOs and general *wavies* to: 1cham, abt, alexis_angel, Algerina, aligator, Allyson, Amarra(celtic god-daughterlet), Amish Boy, AndeeH, Angel101, Angel Rain, angela, AngelicSlayer23, anyas_wrath, Aramina, Arcadia, atter, Bawston, Beldin, bhd, Blade, Boromir, BritSlayer, BTVS_Fan, Buffy_Addict, buggo, CarpeDi, cashmere, Cassie, Ceirdwyn, chalkdusty, Chosen1, Christopher Golden, Cleio, Cliff Sandstone, Comteacher, cricket, Cushy, DaddyCatALSO, Dao Jones, Daps, Deadboy (long distancerunner!), deadguy, DeAn, DeMoriel, Denise, Django, Dogmeat, Dru in LA, drunkenfairy, DualSlayers, ducky, dudley, Dunlin, Dust'em, eirefaerie, ektagraph, elreyn24, Ergoshakes, Erika Amato, Evalie, Everdawn, Fad23, faithx5, Falco, Fantasma, FASTEDDIE, FearlessGaia140, Fellow Passions Fan, firstwatcher, FortuneTeller, Genevieve's Lucie, genrefan, Giana, ginger, Goddess@Home, greeneyes, halfrek, Happy (*hugs*), HappyMeal, Hello Cutie, Hollyn, HumVee, idream, InspireGirl, Irishrose, Jaan Quidam (thankyou), jitsudude, kaisa, kat, kathypg, Keywe, Kiba Rika, kronos, LaboratoryQueen, Lady Wolfsbane, LazyGirl (oh powerful and inspiring word-mistress), Leather Jacket, Leila, Leish, Lilyana, Little Bubbles, LittleFearDemon, littlexander, love monkey, macpro75, mallory, Mar, Marsgirl, Maverick, Melior, Melusine, memphis, MENSAgirl, Meteor, miller's angel, miremba, Miskatonic, Mistress of Pain, Molly, Morella, Mr.Holtz, Myst, narrator, newt, Noetic Concordance, Nolte, notsoShyGirl, numba1buffyfan, Octoquad, Ojagwers, OldManFan, Old One, Ourobus, paks, Patches_J, Phi Phud, Prince Of Lunacy, princessfantastico, Princess of Darkness, Quaint Little Shop Girl, redwitch (celtic twinlet), Reyna, Rikki, roja, RTBS, SafariGirl, sage, Saint, Scourge, seniorslayer, Serina, Shadowquest, SheBit, shin-dig, Sionell, slayerdaddy, SLayerQueen, Slyzzzrd, SneakyCat, Soph, Southsea, Spikmeister, Squireboy, _Star_, sunlit5, strangestgirl, SweePer, Syrdarya, TadPolePhobic, Tara_the_Sorceress, TB, Tenik, The Black Sparrow, TheApostrophePolice, The Host, The Partyman, TheStage, Thumper, tiggy (*returnwaviesmoochies*), Tijuana, tralfamadore2001, trouble, Uberman (fearless fence hopper!), Undead, ValMichael, vampchica, vampire in a basement, Watcher's Pet, whitewings, WillowJadia, wolfguard, XanFan32, Xanderella, Y_Slaybelle, Yefa, yummy, zoni .... and all you other wonderful Bronzers i met at PBP2002 :)

and my new VIP SO list, cos i've been privileged to meet these guys and it's about time i thanked them for bringing my favourite shows so richly to life ... Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, David Fury, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Anthony Stewart Head, Andy Hallett, Mark Lutz, Alexis Denisof, Charisma Carpenter, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Vincent Kartheiser, Juliet Landau, Danny Strong, Tom Lenk, Michelle Trachtenberg, Robia LaMorte, George Hertzberg, Robin Sachs, Bailey Chase, Dayne Johnson, Brody Hutzler, Tamara Gorski, Keith Szarabajka, James Marsters, Adam Busch, James Leary
and of course, thanks to those that i haven't yet met ... Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson, Eliza Dushku, Seth Green, Kristine Sutherland, Juliet Benz, Tim Minear, Mere Smith, Drew Goddard, eminem et al

^ v
kenix says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:28:34 2007
Polgara - I don't mind, they're non-returnable to the distributor, so once they're sold I get the money. ;)

^ v
Polgara says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:27:30 2007
pumpkin Well, shoot, now I'll have to go back to see as well, but as the archives are on the desktop and not the laptop, I'll have to do it later--must leave soon for pre-documentary lunch!

Kenickie Fine, you take away your hello, and I'll take back my Phonograms. :-P

Wild Weasel You're married? Congratulations! Has she been properly indoctrinated with hours of Buffy viewage?

^ v
Dianne says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:27:25 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:32:53 2007
Margot Le Faye -- I'm not going to go back and dumb down Sorcier, but I'm not going to spend time working on the sequels either (both of which are period pieces involving the occult and witchcraft). Seven of Three was actually kindof fun to write -- hot chicks with super powers, what's not to like? The script I'm working on now (so far, 30 pages) pushes the super-hero boundary even farther -- an immortal seeks vengeance on the men who killed her husband. After that, I think I'll go back to my lesbian transexual courtroom drama virtual reality slapstick comedy religious musical retail farce country-western / ballroom dance movie.

Jaan Quidam, clarrie -- good to see y'all! Where's Rachie? and narrator...

^ v
*Sunburst* says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:26:12 2007
CarpeDi, Amarra
I didn't even think about that, but I'm guilty of the same name-confussiness that I was complaining about, ain't I? Heh.

You'll be happy to know I'm adding coffee to my nostalgia-high, and I'm likely to beging vibrating and then begin bouncing off the walls at any moment.

The VM thing was fun! My evil hands had been snark free for far, far too long. *cracks fingers* Feels gooooood. Also, it's the quiet ones you gotta be most careful of. ;)

Easily findable through tiggy's last LJ post. Not so much drama as someone going down in flames. It was classic early-Bronze, and cracked me up. I'm such a net-sophisticate now, I find it so hard to believe people still flame-throw like that. It's charming!

Stranger person. Going to Snow Patrol, I see (via other means). I = jealous. Hey, how's your swearing? Have you been practicing lots?

Well, of course the words will have to be changed to "When you're a ****"... ;) cc: CarpeDi

Whew - oh, Preview Before Posting, how you just saved Narrator's Eyes from one hell of a dropped tag.

^ v
faithx5 says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:25:48 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:27:18 2007
I can't believe I can't find my SO list. I never delete ANYTHING. Seriously. I have like, twenty or thirty different .txt documents here of Beta post drafts from 2003. And I don't have my sig. Grr.

atter, Kessie, PoD - Hi there!

*Sunburst*, CarpeDi, tiggy - Okay, I'm finally caught up with VM as of this week, so what's going on kerfluffle-wise? I'm been staying so far out of the loop to stay unspoiled (also because I'm just unloopy lately), that I don't even know where the loops are anymore! Was it in the VM lj comm?

SarahNicole - I don't think I've posted with you before, but I see you're a dissertation survivor. :) I'm in my first year of an MA, and I don't think I'm even going to write a thesis...a dissertation would scare the crap out of me.

Amarra/wastedfairy - I'm seeing double! Or something...

tiggy - I know! Too bad I can't stay for more than an hour or so. Snow Patrol had to schedule their Austin concert on the same day as Buffy's anniversary. The nerve!

Beldin - *waves back*

CarpeDi - *collapses under tackle hugs* I know! My fault, I know...I've been absent.

Xanderella/CarpeDi - Yeah, I think was the instigator of the first-season VM DVDs. I sent out several sets, including one to tiggy, and she paid it forward. As well she should have. :)

edited to minorly change wording

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:25:15 2007
Jaan Quidam - Hi. First of the year? Really? I'd not have thought it. Shows how well I'm keeping up.

DarkLady - It's been a very long time since we've needed the HazMat gear. I do seem to remember needing some a while ago. But most of the stuff, except Lea ther Jacket's Fount of Employment is still boxed up from the move.

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:23:49 2007
wow it's been a while since you really had to scroll back to see if someone posted to you *g*

sounds like a life time ago. ;) how have you been?

*waves* back to everyone

^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:23:40 2007
Beldin - Someone needs to hunt him down...what's a day like today without a speech from the President? :-)

pumpkin! Howdy! Nice to "see" you here. Not that I am here that often, or much at all, really, but, today just begged for a visit. All's well, I assume?

Quidam! Now that's a name I haven't heard it a long time...a long time... :-) Nice to see you, hope you've been well.


^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:22:57 2007
littlexander how is the best little minion that a girl could have? {{Hugs}}

Who else is going to come out of the woodwork next?

^ v
SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:20:43 2007
Man. I need an updated SO list, as there are people that are not on it. Like nails! *waves*

pumpkin Um. Yeah! I keep forgetting! 2 years, two months, and ten days. :-D And oooooh! I can't believe that you work for the Well of All Legal Information! AND get to live in Chicago. How very cool! I think I knew about your living in Chicago. My brain is fuzzy though...

^ v
QuaintLittleShopGirl says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:19:48 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:21:35 2007
Just flying through to say hi and Happy Anniversary! It's so nice to see so many familiar faces in here!


aka QLSG

edited because I can't type on this laptop

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:19:13 2007
Xanderella - "Maybe it's better, because it was fleeting." I like that. We do want to hold on, don't we?

"You know they'd never match my sweet imagination. Everything looks worse in black and white."

Fantasma - Well, I understand and agree with that last sentence. *g* Nah, I knew what you meant. I was just messin' wit yore mind.

^ v
littlexander says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:18:27 2007
Amarra/wastedfairy - *bap* for confuzzling people. *g*

tiggy - I know what you mean. I've missed this too.

More *waves* to faithx5, atter, Kessie and PoD.

"...there's moments in your life that make you..."

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:17:38 2007
Xanderella We may have talked about it and I just totally forgot it, because I'm really good at that. ;) I think it was faithx5 who did the DVD's, at least that is where I got mine from. speaking of...

faithx5 running tackle hugs. I haven't spoken to you in ages.

tiggy Okay, as long as I'm still part of the posse. ;) Also, yes I am loopy, but since you have met me (which we so need to get together again soon) you know that first hand. I also will totally pay to see you and *Sunburst* sing songs from West Side Story, I'm only going to pay a dollar because I'm broke, but I will pay.

^ v
Amarra says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:16:16 2007
It's been fun, have to go now! Maybe be back later. Here's to the good times!

Happy anniversary everyone!

^ v
clarrie says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:15:58 2007
Just popping in briefing (because I followed Xanderella mostly).

Hello again to everyone I know and don't see elsewhere. Hello to everyone who doesn't see me at all and is just a bit confused.

^ v
OzLady says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:14:35 2007
Xanderella: I think I would have saved every word, because right now I'd give my, *family board* ;-) to go back and scroll through a few days' worth of old posts.

I'll never have another family like the one I had here. Sigh...

BUT, in case anyone is interested, BOTH of the Ozlets are becoming bar/bat mitzvah this year (Ozlet #1, in true K. style, dropped out of Hebrew School after protesting her lack of belief in G'd. This year she dropped back in and decided she wanted to be bat mitzvah'ed. Hee!) and are both in JUNIOR HIGH! Eeep!

I wonder how many Bronzers from the old days have gotten married/divorced, had kids, graduated from schools, moved, died... ten years is a very, very long time. :-)

older than dirt

^ v
DarkLady says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:13:25 2007
Hey, wild weasel set off a "da bomb"! Where's the HazMat squad???

You are the greatest human ever, I adore you! OK, that's the cookies talking but you rock!

^ v
Jaan Quidam says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:12:50 2007
Afternoon everybody. This is my first post of the year. Been busy. Been lurking. And been watching Firefly! It's much better than I remember it. Then again, I thought it sucked when it first aired. It's nice to see so many old familiar faces. Hello, old familiar faces! I'd write more, but I have to eat lunch first. And see a girl about a guitar.

Shouts to 1vamp, 4paws, aardwolfe, abt, Adina, Adri, Aethelaf, AjO, AKA Becker, Algerina, Allyson, amberlynne, Anais, andyourlittledogtoo, Angela, angelgazer, AngelicSlayer23, AngelLover24-7, Angle Man, Antipodean, Aramina, Arctic Lurker, Arymede, Basia, Beldin, Bella, BellaDonna, BeMu, biobabe, BlackMagickBitsy, Blade-The Vampire Hunter, Boo, Bossy the Cow, Bufidiot, cabin7dad, Captain Chaos, Carita, Cashmere, Catriona, cats, CeNedra, Charity aka Taygeta, CharlieX, Chris Beck, Chrissy, Circe, chiquens, Christopher Marlowe, Claris, clarrie, Clattering, Closet Buffyholic, Cobby, Comteacher, Corvus, Cosmic Bob, Covergirl, Cricket, cymru, Dachelle, DaddyCatALSO, Dao Jones, DarkLady, Deadboy, deadguy, Dead Still Pretty, DeAn:), Decay, Del, Dellraven, DeMoriel, denee, devil, Dianne, Dirty Socks, Django, DoBoy, DowntownApartments, Dreamlurker, Droar, dualslayers, Eiddileg, eirefaerie, ektagraph, E-liza, elusio, Erika Amato, EverDawn, Extra Flamey, FASTEDDIE, Fatima, fenric, Foot Tapper, Fred, Genevieves Lucie, genrefan, Girl, Glow Boy, Goddess Minerva, Godeater, Gray, greeneyes, greengirl, Grifter, Grinning Man, Gwen, halfrek, Hollyn, Holy Water, horizon, idream, IMMORTAL, intoit, jazzybell, Jen15, Jewyl, JoAnne, Joss, Juggernaut, Jynx, k8cre8, KAM, Kansas, KarenT, Kenickie, keylime, keywe, Kiba Rika, Kiera, kim!, Kim P., kronos, krypticon, Labrynth, Lady Samantha, Leather Jacket, Legal Lurker, Lil Pia, Lisl Fox, Little Bam Bam, Little Sister, loki, lostinamerica, Lovely Poet, lulu, lunec, Lurker Beth, Lurking Little Feet, Luv_Lux, Mabb, Maki Maus, Malista, Mar, Margot le Faye, Masquerade, Maverick, MeeB, Megdalen, Menomegirl, Mesuvius, Meteor, Mia, Mircalla, Missi, Morella, Mr. EverDawn, Monique, Moshishi, Motorcycle au pair Boy, Mr. Holtz, Mrs. Beasley, Mrs. Pointy, nails, Narrator, newfan, newt, Night Owl, nil8r, nirvana 1, notsoShyGirl, Nuala, numba1buffyfan, NuPhalanx, nya, Oblivia, Occido, Ojagwers, Old One, OzLady, paksenarrion, Patches_J, PDR, Peanut, Penguin Tux, Phil PhuD, Polgara, Prince of Lunacy, Princess of Darkness, Professional Lurker, Psyche, puckles, pumpkin, quoninator, Rachie, Rainbow, Rainmaker20, Raithen, Rakshasa, RedThunder, redwitch, Reyna, Rikki, Safarigirl, Sgt. Schultz, scullbomb, StGermain, Sarahs carl, SarahNicole, Serina, Shannah, shehawken, SpookyMagoo, Sprout, squireboy, Stake, *Sunburst*, SweePer, Tamerlane, Tana, Tamz, Tasters Choice, tessa, TexasWook, The Mayoress, The Kristen, TheName, the red hood, Thoin, Thumper, thy Slayer, Tiggy3323, typical het boy, TMorel, Vaal, VaBuffyFan, valMichael, Vilia, WallEyed, wanttoknow, Watchers Pet, white wings, wiccachild, Willa, wolfguard, X-Lander, Yooper, Zedsdead, zoni, ?, stina, and all the good people of The Bronze, and another extra nutty shout to my fellow groupies in the Peanut Gallery, with apologies to everybody listed more or less often than theyd prefer....

I'm the twinkle in her eye

^ v
pumpkin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:11:59 2007
StGermain Greetings...long time no talk!

SarahNicole heh. And, nice tag. *g* And, good story! And, umm...your spouse? Clearly I am waaay out of the loop. Short loop on me...I'm consulting for LxsNxs (vowels removed to protect me from search engines!) and am loving loving LOVING Chicago.

VaBuffyFan Hello old neighbor!

if a dingo buys you a drink, he wants to get into your post. sigh I miss krypticon.

^ v
nails says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:11:57 2007
Darklady Ouch! (the old ones are the best). Hope the screening goes well.

Allyson Good luck to you too tonight.

PDR Something rings a bell in a distant dusty section of my brain. I did a short course on the history of science, mostly the scientific revolution and its aftermath we skipped through the whole of the ancient greeks in a single lecture and anatomically, we only really went into detail on Harvey Hi Pooks!, but I seem to recall Galen thought blood came from the liver.

Speaking of the liver, I too, have wine now. Cheers!
we both have wine, so this doesn't count as "drinking alone", right?

Xanderella If I had to put money on it, I'd say that Amish fella is in the pub.
As for the "ie", I'm waiting until I need to explain something.

Catriona Maybe I could make it if I hop on a train right now. But I can't be bothered. I have wine, y'see. Break a leg!
at the show, not the party

Leather Jacket demonic human resources folks, what could be more realistic? Did Wolfram and Hart have an Inhuman resources department, or am I just making that up?

The bouncers don't seem to be that effective, if you can get by with the internet equivalent of a big hat and a false moustache.

Lmo I'm not good at planning my life more than a few days in advance, but I can't see any reason why I couldn't pop over for an evening.

^ v
Kessie says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:11:23 2007
Atter! *runningtacklehugs* How is married life treating you, hun?

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:10:41 2007
Wild Weasel - Didn't she go back to school? She musta got herself a life outside of the internet.

Hi, Selenay.

atter - Hi.

faithx5 - *waves*

VaBuffyFan - That's right. President Blade should be here.

slayerdaddy - lol. Some day someone may mistake you for the real thing and give you a knot on the head. Or a pat on the back. I'm not sure which.

^ v
Fantasma says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:10:20 2007
Beldin: Ok, so it worked in my head, not so much out loud... in the end it's a vice versa thing... I think of it in a fate kind of way... you can be sitting down minding your own business when someone comes up to say hi, or you might sit down next to someone who's reading a book or whatnot and you say hi... friendships happen or they don't. So, in the context of my mind, I took the control away. I can't say I chose to be friends (or enemeies) with anyone, but paths have crossed, someone responded or initiated, and friendships happened. You can choose to say hi first or second, but in the end, they have to choose too.

Did I make any sense? Basically it was just a boost to my self-esteem thinking of how my actions may or may not have changed over time, but in the time I am experiencing now, I think I've had more friends, folks I think I can truly count on, then I ever had in school - not to dismiss the ones I did have, they just seem more now... and in the end, it felt like they actually chose me... and so, in turn, I chose them.

So, I guess I should clarify my thought process... maybe, it's more in my mind of I didn't choose, I just was?

Bah, I need coffee. *g*

tiggy: I wish I'd stumbled upon the place way back then myself... but at least we found it eventually, and have realized that no other place compares quite the same, yes?

*trying to post SO list again*

My very first official SO (and even some RSO!) list inluding but not limited to such wonderfuls including 1cham, Amarra (my new daughterlet), AngelLover24-7, Aramina, atter, AussieBullDog, BritSlayer, bruinbuffygirl, CarpeDi, Comteacher, darcie (my wonderful minion), Dachelle (Full of wit is her gloriousness!), DowntownApartments, dualslayers, eirefaerie (Amazing is her non-lethal stalking ability!), ektagraph, elreyn24, Frodo (candle lit for you), genrefan, halfrek, Hollyn, Jaan Quidam (the uber of cool), Jamboski, jessanne, Jocasta, KAM, Kansas, Kessie, Kronos, LaTimide, Leather Jacket, Malum_Forma, Mar, MarsGirl, melusine, Morella, Mr. Holtz, Nikka' (my coz), Noetic Concordance, Oblivia, Octoquad, Ojagwers, Old One, quoninator, Raithen, redwitch, roja, S2K, seniorslayer, Spikmeister, Squirrel, Stitch, The Host, TheStageyStage, tiggy3323 (sister in long postage abilities), tralfamadore2001, Undead, Urbanite, Watcher's Pet, Zeus, zoni, and I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting.

Keeper of Jamboski's Battered Heart

Minion of Dachelle, for her excellent wit in writing

Stalker type minion to eirefaerie, [/i]
cuz every stalker needs a stalker of their very own - "'re the bestest minion of all minions. You're the uber-minion (although you're not all gross like the UV)." - the highest of praise from she who the earth rotates around!

KAM's Fan AND sidekick!

^ v
Margot Le Faye says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:10:08 2007
Dianne Bob Dunbar, author of
The Pines had a hard time selling
that novel because of the same thing:
everyone told him it was "too literary." When
he finally sold it, his publishers told him they
were going to have to "dumb it down" for the
public. Which absolutely killed him. Then,
there was a long period during which the
publilsher sold the rights elsewhere, it went
out of print, came back into print, all while
gathering a cult following. He finally got the
rights back, and his original version has
come out (the collector's edition of which
sold out in, like, five minutes on line--Bob
didn't even get a copy). Plus, the sequel,
"Chill Factor" is either out, or coming out
soon. All of which is by way of saying, "Don't
give up hope." Oh, and SMOOCH!

^ v
kenickie says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:09:35 2007
SarahNicole - Glad to see things are the same as ever, then. ;)

^ v
tiggy says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:09:16 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:09:42 2007
first time the spam filter got me.

[edited to add my content]

you didn't have to show your armband because i know you still have your's. what with that lj icon and everything.

*giggle* you are seriously un-loopy. i can't believe you didn't realize Amarra = wastedfairy and Xanderella = cindywrites. that's too funny.

*waves* to Margot. good luck with your book reading!

i love that picture. roll my eyes? i would never do such a thing. *ahem*

glad to hear that. it's hard when your animals are hurt because they can't tell you what's wrong.

i don't think i remember the sooper seekrit handshake. so the snapping will have to do. can we sing "When You're a Jet"? i love West Side Story. *g*

that VM kefluffle still has me laughing. the little tyke posted in her lj about it and says she's "done" with it and that people are sad. oh they hypocrisy! it buuuuuuuuuuuuuurns!!

Princess of Darkness
hey you! i was cleaning my room the other day and found the demo cd you sent me so long ago. made me a bit nostalgic.

you're welcome! good to see you!

Glow Boy
hey you! i'm loving today. i've really missed this.

what's this? too lazy to keep typing out the whole name?

i heard you were the one who talked Britney into shaving her head. something about how it would help her career out...

it's such a foreign concept to people who've never been part of a community like this that i've flown to LA and other parts of the country to meet people i post with on the internet. i wouldn't have it any other way though.



ack! stop that!!

ahhhhhhhh!!! i have missed this so much. everyone here in the same place. *sniff*


be back in a little while. gonna go for a walk.

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:08:49 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:13:07 2007
CarpeDi: I think we did talk about it when we found each other again through VM fandom on LJ, but maybe I'm imagining things. Was it you who made the VM S1 DVDs that tiggy sent to me?

Polgara: I don't know. The spam filter was driving me nuts. It's very sensitive. Poor LJ can't even put in his name. Do you think Little Sister will drop by, today?

*Sunburst*: Oh, I think I need a link to the VM drama. I'm all about the nostalgia. Of course I recognize a few of the VM fandom drama queens from BtVS fandom, so it really is an awful lot like old times. Only the actors have changed.

Amarra: I think I probably figured drunkenfairy was wastedfairy. Ha.

Margot Le Faye: Right at the new year, we had a faked death at another community, from a long time poster who was someone who always pressed all of my -- shall we say -- faux-Ph.D. buttons.

When people started talking about creating a memorial thread, and sending donations to Heiffer in the faker's name, I shook my hair out of my face, squared my shoulders, opened up a second window, scrolled through old conversations, then said, "What would Margot do?" Or possibly, "What is Margot wearing?" No. Wait. Perhaps I've said too much.

It's good to see you here, today. At one point, TV James had an archive of the UTV boards (which were way before my time), but I can no longer find them. If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have saved every word, from the beginning. But maybe it's not supposed to be like that. Maybe it's better, because it was fleeting.

All the best with your reading, today.

OzLady: Flattery will get you everywhere, m'dear. they say. *smooch* backatcha.

RTBS: Well you've got to recapture her. She's a mess. I mean she's making Cletus K-Fed look good. Won't somebody please think of the children? Speaking of which, how's your sprog?

StGermain: I hated LJ (not LJ of whom I've always been fond) with a passion, and thought it might be the First Evil (and it may), but I liked it once I tried it. Blame Cashmere for my defection. I had to get an account to comment on her posts, and it was all downhill from there.

PDR: The birthday was very nice, thank you.

Oh my word, it's what o'clock? I forgot what a time suck this place can be.

Xanderella waits for clarrie, Seska (who may well have finished her training), amorphia, Rachie, Amish Boy, antipodean and others, and none too patiently.

^ v
SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:08:12 2007
...And it's my first dropped tag of the day. *hangs head in shame*

^ v
john edwards says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:07:48 2007|
leatherjacket -- I like a really big house because it keeps that unsightly second America from spoiling my view...

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:05:50 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 19:10:25 2007
Drive-By 1 of Many

It's neat to do serious scrolling again. *g*

My first post on the Bronze was on The Wish, c. November 1998. The first person to post to me, said ~ I agree, but others won't. *g*

My first three BtVS fanfics...

When youre not the Chosen One.

The Coming Out

The strange case of the misplaced tattoo.

The Maltese Gryphon

A mysterious dorm fire leads to emergency housing in an historic Spanish mission and an unusual duty for Buffy.


My first 8th season fanfic...

While Buffy and Willow follow the scythe's singing to Italy, Faith deals with a rogue slayer.

Beyond the Horizon

Stories (partial collection)


^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:04:17 2007
Hiya Beldin!

OK, where's Cate, Little Willow, and Blade? The fog is slowly lifting from my mind, and by sunday I'll remember all the rest of the names of that illustrious first wave of pioneer Bronzers. :-)

Oh and Dianne - Thanks for the heads-up. :-)


^ v
SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:02:50 2007
Holy schlamoly!

I jokingly wished out loud that the wasp would fly into the ceiling fan. And. Um. IT DID!

I think it must have been Anya. Or something.

Now my spouse is running all over the place looking for it, 'cause he says if it wakes up from just being stunned, it will come straight for my neck! Because it is apparently some sort of vampire wasp.

That story was for kenix and [/b]pumpkin[/b]. :-D

^ v
Dianne says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:02:05 2007
Slay_me -- Know any producers, directors, or actresses who're looking for a fun action-filled screenplay? Just finished Seven of Three in response to criticisms that my first screenplay, Sorcier was too literary and too character-oriented. Log line is: Before a soldier from the future and a porn queen can save the world, they must first out-maneuver the crime lord who's out to kill them. ;)

Margot le Faye -- good luck with the reading! See above comments to Slay_me WRT new screenplay. Getting pissed off is inspirational.

Having problems posting?

Dont give up!
try posting a short test message
(like "test") then editing your post
with your full post.

^ v
atter says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:00:30 2007
Happy Anniversary everybody!

It's been a long time since I've stepped into this place. I don't even have an idea where my SO list is so... *waves to everybody*

^ v
faithx5 says:
(Sat Mar 10 19:00:19 2007
*waves* to CarpeDi, *Sunburst*, tiggy, Amarra (wow, I almost forgot that was your name here!), Xanderella, tralf, littlexander, and whoever else I know around here!

Happy Buffiversary!

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:58:34 2007
Hi, Margot. Luck with the reading. Wouldn't it be something if Margeaux should put in an appearance right in the middle of it? *g*

VaBuffyFan - Hi, there.

StGermain - Greetings.

RTBS - Mrs.Beasley deserves the kudos for thinking this up.

^ v
Selenay says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:58:11 2007
Stumbles out of lurkdom for the first time in...ouch, many years

Prompted by a couple of posts on LJ, I'm peeking in here to wish a Happy Birthday Buffy!

And wow, I recognise so many names!

I don't think I've posted at the Bronze since the shutting-down party for the original several years ago. So many fandom, so little time. But Buffy is still the original and best.

I think I even have my old siggy on this computer somewhere...

Owner of Taggy, the pet < b > tag
ICTC! BeeGee # 9
HOG # 52
PDRH # 5
U of S member # 110
Amber Benson is a hottie! #32
40.9% Buffy corrupt
Go to The Haven - here there be fanfic *g* And also fanfic reviews. Hmm, there's a pattern there...
All-purpose excuse for dropped tags

We don't have time for bondage fun!

S.O.s to PDR, Kenickie, Wild Weasel, Cobby, Closet Buffyholic, MeeB, fenric, Angel-eyes, Opus, DingoBaby, Angelphyre, Rachie, solo84, Purity, ShyGirl (supporter extrordinare), Catriona (but he's so cute!), Eiddileg, Lady Wolfsbane, TAK4ever, The Narnian, elusio, Yummy (twinlet!), Morella (bravest of the brave), DAISY (my Tim's supplier *g*), Prince of Lunacy (I got photographic evidence *g*), Sanguineus (quit poking! *g*), Vilia (I'm not that scary, honest *g*), DeAn (who isn't a girl *g*), St George (put that camera away!), ACOLYTE (er, undertaker?) and any other lurkers and Bronzers I forgotten.
VIP S.O.s to Sarah, Alyson, Nicholas, Anthony, David, Seth, Charisma, Amber Benson, Joss, Chris Beck, Jeff Pruitt, Todd Mackintosh and anyone else my brain has blanked out (sorry).

^ v
Wild Weasel says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:57:42 2007
Polgara: Caramel and handcuffs. Ahem.
Whistles innocently!
Good grief. Has it really been 10 years? I'm an old married fogey now rather than just an old fogey...

Beldin: I almost never hear from the EvilBunny any more. And it's almost entirely her fault that I'm married too!

Wild Weasel threatens to stick his whiskers in Ripped Toast's ear if she doesn't come out and play...

Oh. Yeah. Mustn't forget... Sara Mishell Gellar is da bomb n I fink dat Buffy and Angle shud get bak togeva n all thta stuf.

Anyone still got a copy of the HOG Posters List?


^ v
wastedfairy says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:57:05 2007
*Sunburst*: How's this for confusing??

^ v
raithen says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:56:56 2007
Hey all! Checking in :).

Hard to believe it's been so long!!

^ v
Kessie says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:56:06 2007
Ah well still like old times. I still cant type.


Yay Myst!

Birthday Happies to Anwyn-na-gig and
Piper Angel (Angelique's childe)!!

^ v
SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:55:21 2007
Back from the store. I resisted buying cheesecake...

Beldin Yup, still here at A&M. I'm on leave this year, so I wouldn't be in my office if you dropped by!

Back when I first started at the Bronze, I was writing my diss, and this afternoon I'm getting ready to read some chapters from one of my student's dissertations!

Xanderella I know! In my head, I can't keep your Bronze name matched up with your LJ name...

moppety Moo! :-D

Ack. There's a giant wasp flying around my bookcase. It's currently sitting on the spine of a book entitled: The Midwest: Myth or Reality?. That it's chosen that book has some deep meaning, I'm sure...

^ v
NumfarGal says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:52:44 2007
Well, I haven't been here in years, but I had to come back for Buffy's 10 Year Anniversary. Where would I be without Buffy? Well, I'd probably have an actual life, but that's OK. Who needs one? It threw me into fandom, and while I've never quite found another to take its place, I've been a fangirl for this that and the next show ever since. I'll probably spend the bulk of the day on here and see what y'all have been up to, but I just wanted to say hi :)

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:51:24 2007
Polgara - Nope. She was here when I got here in July '98. Either that or she came in shortly thereafter. She was one of the Texas Bronzers, living in Friendswood, a suburb of Houston. A very bright 14-year-old, she could hold her own in any debate.

Speaking of bright people, I wonder where's Little Willow?

Hi, Corvus.

^ v
Kessie.kessie says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:51:04 2007
tiggy: Well I still can remember when the first episode of " Buffy- Im Banne der Dmonen" ( translates to Buffy In the thrall of Demons-- which still makes me laugh and shake my head at the translators, cause hey she is hunting the demons, isnt she?)came on. And i remember liking it but not watching it religously until they changed the time slot from saturday afternoon wednesday prime time. That was the 3 rd or 4 season I think. And if someone would have told me I was going to become such a great fan of it and flying to LA, I would shook my head at him at this time.

sweick: Just wait. The SM and chains will come. Cause hey its Marti. Haha.

Princess of Pink ahem I mean darkness: Hi sister in crime!

^ v
OzLady says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:50:48 2007
tiggy, Leather Jacket: Thanks for the responses! So far a number of people want to help and nobody wants to helm. HUGE shock. ;-) We shall see...

Xanderella: If I wanted to give you something pretty to look at, I'd buy you a mirror! *smooch*

RTBS: *hugs* I still have an automobile named after you, you big hunk o'burning love! ;-) Hope all is well with you; drop me a line when you can, k?

DarkLady and Allyson: GOOD LUCK tonight! I know it's going to be a smashing success. Oh, and Ozlet #1 just called and her math team place 17/29 and she personally improved, so my hanging around the Right Coast to be supportive was well worth it. Woo hoo!

Uh... I've forgotten how to scroll. So, uh, *waves* to everyone who has stopped by and, uh, everyone on SarahNicole's SO list!


^ v
DarkLady says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:50:28 2007
Margot! moppety! RUFFY!

etc. Too many names to keep up with here.

Slayerdaddy um, was that "dragon lady" thing aimed at me? Cause I think we had a "Dragon Lady" who posted and it wasn't me. ;) Also, I'm sorry but the parking list for the studio lot had to go in yesterday. If you'd RSVP'd I could've gotten you on it so you could park on the lot. :(

PDR stop stealing my lines. You infant. :p

Do we still have the ACME Allergy-Free Biosphere? I feel a freak out impending and I should contain myself. DL retires to a dark corner to chew her nails compulsively

I don't like vampires. I'm gonna take a stand and say they're not good.

^ v
wolfshadow says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:50:04 2007
angelgazer, StGermain...

wow... Many people I haven't seen in a long time.

Very cool.

Anais: email in 18:43 board post... Send me an e... Would love to hear how you are doing~!..

^ v
RTBS says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:49:40 2007
Polgara - *smooch* back to you.

Beldin - KAM and gigi had also mentioned it to me a few weeks back, but I sorta spaced it off. Cosmic Bob sent me an e-mail. He said he was going to be here. He's probably watching Buffy instead. Just to make it feel like old times.

Xanderella Did I see your name? Holy Catfish... Hope you're doing well too! As for Britney... I have no idea. She ran away about a year ago and I haven't see her since. Yep. That's the best I can come up with. Sad isn't it?


So many names.... so little time.

Whoever thought of this... good job out of you.

Really Tired of Britney Spears

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:49:16 2007
In honor of the anniversary, while I'm sitting at the computer I went and got my portable DVD player and put "Welcome to the Hellmouth" in. I will never forget the first time I saw Darla ask if they were alone and when reassured, vamp out. It was just such a leap from everything else on tv and I knew I would love the show.

^ v
kenix says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:48:50 2007
moppety moo!

La Timide, Polgara, Darklady, Anais, SarahNicole - Hello hello. Although I see a bunch of you on Livejournal anyway, so maybe I take back the hellos. ;)

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:46:19 2007
Hi guys.

RTBS - You're missed at home. Come back!

Xanderella - I don't like LJ (Not Leather Jacket, LiveJournal). Come back to the Camp!

Margot - I remember the UTV days. How, when it got too busy, we'd take over the Love Boat boards. TVJames running the ship, and very well, too. I miss the old days.


^ v
VaBuffyFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:46:10 2007
I just had to swing by for this. :-) Happy 10th Anniversary BtVS!

And "hi" everyone. :-)


^ v
pumpkin says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:44:00 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:46:37 2007
Oh goodness, I need a notepad window to post.

ETA because of the SpamNazi--no posts for you!:

Leather J acket Wow. Yeah, I'm having trouble with your name too. You should be sure to to scroll for LJ. *g*

I just need to say that it is SPOOKY how easily my fingers remember things like "*g*" and "*eg*" and "LOL" and bold tags for names.

kenickie Aww darling, it's not abuse, it's admiration. Really. *snerk* (ha! another one I remember!)

DarkLady {{{vibes}}} (see! there's another one I remember!) for the showing! I watched the YouTube clip, very nice, I hope it does well.

angelgazer Wow. hi!

newt Wow. Hi!

Polgara Oh my goodness. In a fit of nostalgia, I've been reading through the last week of boards before the switch to the UPN thing, and...My God.

janni Hi!

Adina Hi!

Sachiel Hi!

Anais!! Hi!! and, nice first!

SarahNicole Hi!



moppety Hi!

Corvus Hi!

Hmm. All of these "hi" posts makes me want to dig out my old sig from the last week's boards...I just saw it earlier today...but perhaps these things should stay in the past. (c) you!

GRRRRRR. This spam filter is killing me.

^ v
wolfshadow says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:43:57 2007
Anais~! WOOT~! Hi~!


Happy 10th anni Bronzers~!

^ v
k8cre8 says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:42:18 2007
Happy Buffyversary!

It's so good to see everyone!

Yay Myst!

Birthday Happies to Anwyn-na-gig,
Piper Angel (Angelique's childe)

I've been searching, and failed to locate my sig, so I'll just SO to, well, everyone. Again.

deadguy's QoD: Buffy's got exactly the friends she needed. Thank goodness. Although, I'm wondering if they had it to do over again whether they'd have picked *her* again... *g*

I'm still surprised it was 10 years ago that our little show made such a huge impact. Admittedly, I didn't see any of the show until "The Dark Age," and I've been kicking myself.

Most of you, I think, know that the first episode I saw all the way through was "Earshot," which, changed my Tuesday nights, and so much more. Working less than 3 miles from Columbine, and knowing some of the people involved, nothing I'd seen or heard actually captured the complexity of the events as The show with the perfectly silly name.

I found you all much later even than that. But, I'm immensely grateful. You all are beyond awesome.

Anyway, I'll update in a bit. Have to do a bit of work before I can justify more play.

^ v
Glow Boy says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:41:00 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:44:22 2007
Willow's Gimp, hi. They've been showing The Chart Show on one of the satellite channels. Channel 356 The Vault. It's actually one of the few channels I can see, I have a very limited satellite service. They show one of the programmes a week but they repeat it several times. I saw it at 11am. I know what you mean, It's an instant nostalgia trip. Much like what today has been. *g*.

Catriona, it's great that things are going so well for you. :)

As for me not so great. I've had a pretty rough couple of years but I'm doing not so badly at the moment. I just wish I could get rid of this cold I've got. *Wheeze sniffle and cough*

ETA, Hi DeAn and Tiggy. Enjoying today?


^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:40:11 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:41:06 2007
Amarra I think it is because with you, I mostly started talking to you on LJ so you are wastedfairy to me. I'm glad to hear that Lilly is doing better so eirefaerie may be in later.

*Sunburst* that is weird typing that again also. I suppose since it was a birthday party we will let you pass this time. ;) The VM kerfuffle is where I broke out my armband last night, and you know me, I'm the quiet one of the posse.

I'm kind of glad that today was going to be a lazy day until the party I have to go to tonight. That gives me more time just to sit around and be nostalgic. I really hope that Denise, eirefaerie, Myst, belmont, Mia, paksie (*smooooch*, Dachelle, idream, darcie, faithx5 and everyone else I'm forgetting makes an appearance.

POD hi there!

^ v
Polgara says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:38:46 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:39:16 2007
grr. what's with the spam filter?


RTBS! *smooch*

Wild Weasel! I can see a picture of you from where I'm sitting right now, in the Bronzer collage I still have hanging by the door. Hi!

Beldin Hola! I don't think I remember SarahW. Did she post in the later seasons?

moppety Hola, chica!

Xanderella Hola, chica!

Corvus Hi! Wow, long time no see!

Can't keep up! Also, must shower. Back later!

^ v
Lmo says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:38:38 2007
Hey all! Heard something about an anniversary..

nails if'n you might be planning on being in Glasgow again on June 9th I could be persuaded to buy a drink or two (I'll be there from June 9-13th)

My last trip to Scotland seemed to involve a fair amount of alcohol which is very strange as I really don't drink much usually. Must be something in the air or my family genes kicking in or something.

Mr. Whyte What up with your Oilcans dude, could they suck more? ;)

tiggy Hey tiggz! Thanks for the heads up via your LJ ;)

Even if I lurked more than posted its still nice to see the old names!

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:37:29 2007
Wow. It's been a very long time since we've had so many posts I've had this much trouble keeping up. It's wonderful.

Hi, moppety.

RTBS - Good to see you. Cosmic Bob gave you the heads up and you beat him here? I guess he'll have posted by the time I get this on the board.

Wild Weasel - Hi. I'm still hoping to see EverDawn, Keywe, Tana, and SweePer. Hope they make it.

sweick - I've preordered the first issue of Season 8 from TFAW but I'm not sure I'll read the rest. I'm really not that interested any more in what happens to the Scoobies or the new Slayers. Like I said earlier, we need more Fray. I've not seen Love and Monsters, though I've read comments about it. Ir seems your opinion is shared muchly. The only thing I've seen in season 2 is the Christmas Invasion, the next one where they go to the future and meet Cassandra again, and School Reunion. I downloaded that last because I couldn't wait to see Elizabeth Sladen and ASH. As for DVD's I just watched "Interstate 60". It's not great but it is good and it's fun. IMHO. Plus, Chris Beck wrote the score. Have you seen it?

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:34:33 2007
Hi everybody!

^ v
*Sunburst* says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:32:55 2007
Man, there's even mini-drama going on in a VM LJ comm that's bringing me waaaaaaaaaaay back to, like 1996. Sniffle. This day is making me all misty.

Do I have to whip out the Sooper Seekrit Handshake? Or just come out snapping, a la Sharks v. Jets?


Wavies to you, too, CarpeDi! (It was a birthday party! Legitimate reasons, I swear!) I'm pretty wired at the moment, high on nostalgia; hopefully I'll be able to imitate my patented PUI Moments,TM

Man, this day is gonna be great.

Christopher Marlowe
Oh, not much. All graduated and stuff. Moved to B.C. for a year, hated it, back on the east coast. Gainfully employed and all that jazz. I don't have a boyfriend, but I have a kitten, so I'm better off all around, methinks. You?

Ha! I do that with 24 too - "I met him! Or, rather, I stood there while eirefaerie harassed him from across the room!" It's even more fun when I watch Lost with my roommate, and Ultimate Drew's name pops up: "Hey! I know him! I was involved in a drunken tussle on the floor with him! It was all eirefaerie's fault! eirefaerie and her goddamned bottle of tequila! And then Dachelle had to tackle him before the Heineken made him say things that would get him fired! Good times, man, good times." And then she looks at me verra strangely indeed.

Which reminds me... *dons orange robes* Oh dear. These robes do clash with my armband, indeed. Tsk.

Nostalgic SO's to... Adri, Amarra, belmont, CarpeDi, Cashmere, Catmint, Christopher Marlowe, Dachelle, darcie, deadguy, deadguy QOD, DeAn, Denise, eirefaerie, faithx5, firephly, EverDawn, Kaymyth, littlexander, miller's angel, Narrator, Narrator's Eyes, newt, the newtlets, Original Jessica, paks, PDR, tralf, themusesbitch, white wings, Xanderella, and everyone else I'm totally and completely missing here, because I just cobbled this together lickety-split, and I'm also getting screwed up with people's LJ names, Amarra.

^ v
Amarra says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:32:49 2007
tiggy: Ah, you're the opposite to me. I only chose Amarra because there was already a drunkenfairy on here. wastedfairy has always been my real screenname.

Her puppy is a lot better - I think she'll definitely be in today.

DeAn: You should be! It got to the point where I was ashamed to like a band that the characters were championing. I was very disappointed when they played The Sunshine Underground - I thought they were vaguely edgy. At least the show ended before it could ruin my love for IAMX.

Xanderella: I recognise your LJ name too, probably from Erin's LJ. Yup, wastedfairy is me. It's weird posting under another name, very weird.

CarpeDi: That really surprises me! But I guess I had to be difficult with a drastically different Beta name.

^ v
DeAn says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:30:24 2007
tiggy its a disgrace its been so long. the photo of us from 5 and a half years ago kinda upsets me. i look all cute and innocent and you can actually see my skin, ink free. dont roll your eyes.


^ v
Corvus says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:30:06 2007
Hi all. Just driving by to say. OMG, it's been 10 years since Buffyverse was dropped on the little screen.

Can't believe I've been posting that long, or how many of you Bronzers I've had the pleasure to meet.


Okay back later, off to run errands.

Hi Polgara:)
One of the "funnest" Monsters. ;)

^ v
Margot Le Faye says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:29:38 2007
SMOOCH! Bronzers, Baters, Buffy fans, all.

So, here's the obligatory

Happy Tenth
Anniversary, Buffy!

And here's the obligatory SHOUT OUTS
well, everyone whoever posted at
the Bronze, or any of it's many
incarnations...with the exception of
the "Ph.D" mentioned below and others of
that ilk....

That said...

Dianne and bec Thanks for letting
me know that there was going to be a reach
out to old posters today. (I'm a much older
poster than I was ten years ago, to be sure,

Xanderella And before there was
the Apollo, there was Ultimate TV. But, I
don't have anything from there to post here,
sadly. Although the wayback machine
swears that it is currently constructing
archives for March 2, 1997 and April 15,
1997, which, not having started to post at
the Bronze until November of 1997, I would
dearly love to see.

And all of THAT said....I can't actually stick
around much today. I have to go into
downtown Philadelphia (Giovanni's Room, at
12th and Pine, to be precise) where I will be
reading from one of three stories I have in
The Golden Age of Lesbian Erotica
which came out in January. I actually didn't
realize I was going to be doing a reading, or I
would have come here and posted so that the
SJBW gang, at least, might have been able to
drop by. But, I thought this was just a gig for
my editor, because we got our wires crossed,
but when I said I intended to be there, she
said that was good because I'd be reading,
so, there you go. The anthology is actually a
compilation of works from the 20's, 30's and
40's, and I helped do the research to find
original material. Unfortunately, there is a
dearth of material from that time which has
survived, and, of the copyrighted material we
had been given permission to use, one of our
primary sources cut way back on the pages
we could use at the last minute. So, I ended
up having to write three short stories (one
from each of the subject decades) in,
something like two weeks, in order for us to
meet our drop-dead publication deadline. It
wasn't quite as much fun as it should have

All of which is to say that I have to start
getting ready to leave soon, then take a one
hour drive to pick up my friend Stasy, then
head into Philadelphia, which should take
another hour. The reading starts at 5:30,
and I have to be there a bit earlier, of course.

But, I can stick around for a bit longer, and, I
hope, come back again, soon.


Margot Le Faye
Member of many Bronze clubs and Mistress
of Vice in the Blade/Mere administration
(somewhere, I still have my Blade/Mere 2000

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:29:36 2007
Xanderella I never realized that you were cindywrites either. I really wanna know where my head has been lately.

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:25:41 2007
Hi, SarahNicole - Are you still at TAMU? How're things over there? I haven't been for a visit in far too long. Not since the day I stopped by your office and met you, I don't think.

Hi, La Timide. I remembers you.

Hi, tralfamadore. I remembers you, too.

Polgara - Hi, there. As I recall, SarahW was 14. I think ? was somewhere around there, too.

^ v
DeAn says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:24:01 2007
christopher marlowe the answer is a balance. an example being this band:

Amarra im impressed with my lack of OC knowledge.


^ v
tiggy says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:23:02 2007 far i haven't had an issue with the spam blocker.

sta has some kind of work meeting there and she wanted to make it a family vacation and since she needs someone to watch the kids while she's in her meetings, she asked me to come along for the ride. i can't say no to California. especially a part of California i haven't been to before! we'll be landing april 3rd and we're staying until the 8th. it'd be good to see you again. you do realize it's been, like, 3 years. right?

yeah. there used to be a hell of a lot more bronze archives there. i guess i'll just have to hold on(for dear life!) to those discs Cosmic Bob made me oh so many moons ago.

eirefaerie mentioned yesterday in lj land that she'd probably make an appearance, but her puppy got hurt and she may be dealing with that.

funny thing is, i don't think of myself as tiggz. not really. i'll always be tiggy.

i haven't seen a single freakin' girl scout this year! i'm craving Samoas like nobody's business too.

howdy! it's good to see you.

Christopher Marlowe
ha! you stole my answer to DeAn. apparently he didn't get the memo about the end of the OC.

where's Denise, paks, belmont, Mia, and Myst?

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:23:00 2007
RTBS: What the heck have you been doing with Britney Spears?

moppety: It's good to see you dropped by.

Heya, tralf!

Amarra: I saw her mention it on LJ, but still, I want my peeps here (and not the kind of peeps you can blow up in the microwave -- although I wouldn't put anything past Closet Buffyholic, iffn she had a microwave).

SarahNicole! Heh. It's funny we didn't really get to know each other too well until the Bronze was over and we found each other in LJ.

La Timide: I remember you. You've been so busy.

Catriona: How are ya such a wee millie, and still the oldest soul the Bronze has ever seen?

So, where is everyone hanging out on the interbunny?

I'm mostly at LiveJournal. My LJ name is cindywrites. If you have a LiveJournal, pop in. If your LJ name is significantly different from your Bronze name, I'll probaby need a heads up though (yeah, I'm looking at you, Amarra -- you're wastedf...? Heh. I recognize your LJ name).

^ v
CarpeDi says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:21:38 2007
Wow, this is just like the old days. I have one window open to type in and one window open to see who I have to respond to. Deja Vu.

Dianne It's been so long I don't even recognize the names you said, but it is the people who you post with on a regular basis that become your really good friends I have found. There are too many to mention but the friends I have made through here have gotten me through some really rough times.

*Sunburst* You? posting hungover, I don't beleive it. I really wish you would have posted while intoxicated, you're funny that way.

Christopher Marlowe *waves* just because I didn't before.

Genevieve's Lucie awww, I've missed seeing you too, how are your gorgeous little ones. Not so little anymore I suppose.

janni I don't use the "they got the mustard out" but I do clap my hands and squeal David Fury every week, my boyfriend just looks at me and rolls his eyes.

newt for when you come back. I'm doing okay, you honestly don't know how much I would actually love a nanny job right now. I miss seeing kids on a regular basis, although I will be able to see one in particular in a few months, as I am going to be an aunt.

tiggy you are right, that post was pathetic, and your latest was only 219. What is the world coming too. Also, why didn't I have to show my aquamarine armband. I broke it out last night and everything.

Xanderella I think that eirefaerie was thinking about popping in at some point today.

Amarra is it sad that I honestly didn't know until right now that you were wastedfairy I think I'm losing it.

I don't know if I even have my old SO list anywhere anymore, if I do it is on a disk with the old computer, since I think I have moved twice since the last time I really posted here on a regular basis.

^ v
sweick says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:20:34 2007|
LeatherJacket: Well, yes, I guess some of us are stuck like a dinosaur trapped in a tar pit. :-|

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

(William Shatner: "Get a Life!" :-)

Well, cable cost at least $40 per month. I got the DVDs for $70-$80 each at Best Buy. Figure it's about the same.

I enjoy the DVD extras over just what you get on cable. And I'm hooked on the $5 bargain bin at WalMart, got Sunset Blvd two DVD set for $4.50 along with Marathon Man, Fatal Attraction, The Big Chill, etc. And I go up to $10 for some Special Editions, like Patton, East of Eden, etc.

I get the shows I want to see without the extra channels of annoyance to waste my time with. And rewatch them at my own lesure.

Beldin: Not sure I'm gonna follow "Season 8". It won't really be BtVS series and it'll just screw up my fanfic vision of the post series continuation!

Cause trust me, my fanfic is better than his comics. ;-)

On Who, loved Series 1 Dalek. Thought the S1 ending was a bit of a cheat. Have you seen the rest of S2? Did you dislike Love and Monsters as much as I did?

Christopher Marlowe: Figured I should say howdy during a celebration.

Dianne: Still alive, if not always living it up.

Ojagwers: Grey's Anatomy? Isn't that the nighttime sex soap that has something marginally to do with Doctors? Someone named Doctor McDreamy or some such rot?

Can't be. I haven't heard of leather, S/M, or chains on that show, so Marti can't be writing it. ;-)

Always imagined her kid coming up and wanting to watch an episode she wrote:

Kid: "Can I watch it Mommy, can I?"

Marti: "Sure honey, when you're 35."

^ v
moppety says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:18:51 2007
Happy 10th Buffy!

Hmmm.. I see Leather Jacket, DarkLady, Polgara, angelgazer, PDR, kenickie, Xanderella, Catriona, Beldin, Sachiel, Icelord(10 years later and I'm still a spaz!), mabb, nails... Deer Loward, it's been an age. So many changes in so many years. My friends from Buffy remain my friends today, all because of a TV show. Who'da thunk?

Nice to see all these names agan!

^ v
Wild Weasel says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:18:12 2007
The worrying thing is how many names on this page I *do* recognise...

Waves to Anais, as the first one I've spotted, then carries on past Polgara, PDR, Mabb and gets in a huff that neither Everdawn nor Keywe are here...

The SOs list is archived. No, I have no idea where.

^ v
Amarra says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:17:59 2007
Hi tralf, hi DeAn!! DeAn, the OC has been cancelled. There's nowhere for the indie kids to get their music tastes dictated to them now.

Xanderella, I'm pretty sure eirefaerie will be in later.

^ v
Mrs.Beasley says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:17:51 2007
Anais!. I've been wondering about you lately and not just because I wanted to blame someone for the horrible Alberta Clippers Ohio's been hit with this winter.
;-) You're here! wheeee! excitement!

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:17:48 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:32:18 2007
DeAn As the OC had it's last ep not too long ago. I think I might prefer the cool answer.

Is it better to be cool than popular?


Polgara I'm going to be 39 this year, *wince*.

^ v
RTBS says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:17:19 2007
Wow... it's as if I've stepped into a time machine. All the old names... doesn't seem like ten years ago does it?

Shouts to all my friends... old and new. But a couple quick shoutouts...

Muffy TVA - (if you pop in today, I don't want to miss saying) "Howdy to you, my SoCal Sweetheart."

DarkLady - Good luck with IRL tonight. : )

Cosmic Bob - Thanks for the heads up, good sir. Hope you're doing well.

KAM - Howdy.

greengirl Howdy as well.

Leather Jacket - Hello Mr. Dead Cow Coat!

Have a day everyone. A nice one if you like.


This is theme to Ruff Tuff's post, the closing theme to Ruff Tuff's post, this is the music that you hear, as you watch the credits...

^ v
Polgara says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:14:27 2007
Christopher Marlowe How's this one? Il tue les mouches à quinze pas. Which apparently, according to the book, means, His breath could kill flies fifteen feet away. But as Anais used to tell me, the book has been known to be wrong.

La Timide We were just talking about you! ("We" being me and DarkLady.) We were trying to recall all the youngest of the Bronzers.

^ v
mabb says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:12:24 2007
Dianne i do indeed. except that my
nutso schedule does not allow for much
posting time...once a LOSER always a LOSER.
and it's good to see you!

Icelord LOL *snort* somehow, i still
think it will be appreciated. baahahahahaha

as for what we're all doing now...
no longer posting during silent reading,
that's for sure. started with Buffy in Vegas,
ended in LA, moved to San Jose and then
ohio, and now i live in michigan, work as a
manager at Trader Joe's for the past four
years. pretty happy overall. and i ate thin
mints for breakfast. stupid little girls and
their cookies.

VT come out come out wherever
you are.....

^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:11:58 2007
happy 10th Anniversary, Bronzers

dragon lady... i'll try to IRL but it depends on if I'm helping a co-worker move.

slayerdaddy enters the Bronze(bater), tattered Burberry flaring dramatically, for a tappet-hen of steaming espresso en route home from whup...

Day by Day


9 Chickweed Lane

Liberty Meadows

Girl Genius

^ v
DeAn says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:10:06 2007
Xanderella im a visitor to these parts about once a week. this place is my cheers.x hope all is good and well your end

tralfamadore2007 well 'ello sailor.


^ v
tralfamadore2001 says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:08:21 2007
Hmm. Hi. Happy Anniversary!

^ v
PDR says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:07:35 2007
Well, the essay's done. Huzzah! And I have wine.


kenickie -
Yep, there's no arguing with that, young whipper-snapper that you are.

Dianne -
Nice to know you have faith I'll get to 49.

Leather Jacket -
I'm a grown-up! Yay! I should stop by more often, I like flattery.

Icelord -
pours rum

DarkLady -
Ow! Hey, this is the oldest I've ever been!

Xanderella -


Sorry boss. But also happy birthday there.

Catrionalatreenceamus -
Break a leg!

Anais -

Genevieve's Lucie -
*waves* at you too - remember me to the wee things!

^ v
Amarra says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:07:29 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:11:18 2007
Anais, you got first!

*hugs* to littlexander

tiggy: I know! It's very confusing. I keep typing wastedf... It's also quite odd not calling you tiggz!

I've kept in touch with a lot of people via livejournal, which is great. When I started here I was at uni, stressed out doing my English degree. I then went on to do a series of depressing, boring jobs in admin. Last year I finally got my dream job in the marketing department of an up and coming bathroom company, and now I'm about to be made a junior executive. Things are going well! It's taken a long time to get there, though.

What's everyone else been up to?

^ v
SarahNicole says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:06:55 2007
Just popping in to say:

Shout Outs to: aardwolfe, Adina, Aiglos, AKA Becker, AliCat, Allyson, Alucard, ANGELofMUSIC, Antipodean, Amywyn, Angle Man, Anime Nut, Alex, Alpy, Anais, angelgazer, Arctic_Chat, Arctic Lurker, Asanti, AuntieAm, banana, banshee lover, Batra, bec, Beldaran, Beldin, Bella, belmont, Bethy, Big Al, BioHaz, Blackheart, Blade, blondymu, BoBo, Buffy13, Buffy21, Buffy Sheridan, Buttercup, Calen, Calliope, The Camarillo Contingent, Candy, Carita, carlycat, Cate, CBBro, Celtique, Chameleon, Ch@risma17, CharlieS, CharlieX, chi, Chrissy, Chrysalide, clarrie, Cleio, Closet Buffyholic, Corporate Lurker (AKA Corpelia), Cosmic Bob, Cricket, Dalia, Daphmax, Daria TVS, DarkLady, David Fan, Deadboy, Dead Still Pretty, DeMoriel, Destructo Girl, devil, Dianne, Dr. Strangepants, Dreamer, Dreamscape205, Droar, DV8, Eiddileg, Eliza, Ellette Rae, elusio, Emerald, Erestor, FastEddie, Fatima, fenric, fidelis, Figaro, fiver, French Guy, friend or foe, frith, Frodo, FSM CDMan, gazoo, Ghost, Glitter Girl, goldspike, Gooflah, greengirl, Gryphon, Gypsy Giles, GYST, H.Alger, happyfantm, Haven, Heliconia, Hello, horizon, IMMORTAL, Ilerk, Jaan Quidam, Jan, Java, Jaxom, Jayne, jazzybell, Jeannie, JeffK, Jennifer Lynn, Jionna, jt4, Jubilee, Kaboo, Kain the Demon Hunter, Kameko, kate228, KAT in the dark, katvamp, Kazanjian, Keri, Kiera, Kenickie, kim!, Kim P., Kitty, kirbyclause, KiND, KitCat, KrazyKat, Kristen, krypticon, Krys, Krystele, Lady Bathory, Labrynth, LadyJack, Laurence, Lazarus, Lazarus Prime, Leather Jacket, Lena, Liche, Lil Dana, Little Sister, Little Willow, loki, Lothos, Loup-Garou, Lovely Poet, Luv2Bbit, lulu, Lurking Little Feet, lurknomore, Mabb, Macho Macho Man, mairin, Malista, Margot le Faye, marie101, Matt, Maverick, m-CLOD-b, MedusA, MeeB, Megdalen, Menkhare, ~mere~, Mesuvius, Meteor, Michael7770, Miguel, mike-ff, Mischief Maker, Missi, Monique, moppety, Moriah, Morphia, Motorcycle Au Pair Boy, Mr. EverDawn, Mr. Willa, mudpuppy, Muffy the Vampire Annoyer, M.W., NancyE, Narrator, nevsky, Night Owl, Nouveaux, nov w, NuPhalanx, Occido, OzFan, OzLover, PDR, petitechou, piasalady, Phred, PhilPhuD, Pippin, Polgara, Professional Lurker, PsychoChica23, pumpkin, Pyro, ?, Rakshasa, Ras, Raven, ~Rebel Girl~, Red Thunder, Roger Irrelevant, RTBS, Safarigirl, StGermain, Sam Hain, Samsara, Sanguineus, ~sara~, Sarah W., Seraphim, Shannah, Shelly, Sherbear, ShiTan, silverclouds, Silverfox, Skyler, SlaYeR, Southern Girl, Spikette, stina, strigoi, The Succubus Club(!), Suzanne, SweePer, Tamerlane, Tasters Choice, TechZero, TeddiBear, The Thinker, 3Cats, thy Slayer, TMorel, TouroGal, TXYankee, valMicheal, Verity, Watcher X, Wendy, Whisper2aScream,Willa, WinterRain, wolfguard, writergirl, Xana, XandersGirl, X-Lander, Yooper, and Zophiel.

VIPs: TV James, Ty, Joss, Sarah, Alyson, Tony (Tony Head, Instead.), Nick, Charisma, Juliet, James, Armin, RD, Jeff, Sophia, Erika Amato, Jeff Stacy, Todd, Chris B., Eliza, Elizabeth, Larry, Danny, Jane, Chris G., Marti, Fury, Marc, Four Star Mary, Amber Benson, Alexis, Leonard, Bailey, Steve, and Seth.

Destructo Girls Super Natural
Keeper of Willows Flashlight (IOHEFY)
Hander-Outer of the Bejeweled Scepter of Trivia
Member of the Unofficial Buffy Stake Through the Head Club
RAK-PACK Charter member #7: Deadboys personal tormentor
Night Owls Good Luck Girl
Keeper of Ch@risma17s lost 17
Chrissys Psychic Wonder Twin
Mavericks fanfic recommender #7
Janes Junkies #20
moppetys High Priestess of Moo (in charge of drinks/offerings)
JP Gang Member #126
Bronze Camp Counselor: Communicating Through Slogans T-shirts and Bumper Stickers activity

Now, it's off to the store for munchies for the viewing of BtVS later today! :-D

Good Luck DarkLady and Allyson!!!

Hi Beldin!

Leather Jacket!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeee! :-D

Gone, but not like Ty King

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:05:49 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:54:29 2007
My weekly BtVS moment is more like daily. I don't think I go through a single day, regardless of where I am, without regurgitating at least one line from the show. This leads those who have never watched to believe I'm far wittier than I am, and ferrets out the closet Buffyholics (but not Closet Buffyholic).

janni: You thought I was holding my breast rather than my breath because I am you can take a Kanie out of the gutter, but you can't take the gutter out of the Kanie.

Also, it seems like Buffy's Left Bra Strap knows from Romper Room. That show totally jumped the shark when Miss Jane left, though. /old wounds

DeAn: I keep seeing people addressing you, but haven't actually seen you. Are you blinvisible?

newt: Knitting actually is quite hip right now. A group in our church (less hip) is going to start knitting prayer shawls (even less hip, still) and I might join (and suck out all the hip, entirely).

Where is my white wings, anyhow?

So I am to understand Leather Jacket was probably banned in absentia for something he would have done if he had been here, but you can't parse the thing about your board name being his board name?

Excellent! /if you ask me, the newt name still means something.

tiggy: The web archive used to be better. It seems to me that when UPN opened its "Bronze" (Ptui, we shall speak of it no more), it messed up some of the archives.

Cashmere: He's successful at what?

littlexander: So Joss wasn't just slacking, then? Oh, we should have gotten word to Joss about the reunion. Someone with a Whedonesque account ought to post about it, there. That's daddy's new family.

Beldin: I have most of the Fray issues, but never got into it as much as I suspect I'll get into the Buffy season 8. I have established a "pull" (whatever that is) with my local indie Comic Shop, and everything. And the comic has already retconned the one thing I needed retconned. I was so hoping the issue would be out before today, so that we could actually discuss new Buffy.

Leather Jacket: Seriously, I'm sorry for the name hassles. That's more in the UPN Bronze oeuvre.

pooka! Kansas! Monique! Polgara! Genevieve's Lucie! abt!!!

*Waves* to all of you nice people who still have me in their SO lists: OldManFan, valMichael, Ojagwers, Amarra. Okay, maybe "all" makes the list sound bigger than it is. /barely plural

We were Bronzers once, and young, indeed, Ms. Bra Strap. Indeed.

Desperately seeking Narrator, Antipodean, little bam bam, Vanessa, Meeb, amberlynne, eirefaerie and many other lost Bronzers.


Oh sure, now DeAn becomes visible, again. Hi DeAn!

^ v
La Timide says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:04:19 2007
Hey everyone! I wonder if most of you even remember me. It's been so long!

I didn't actually see the first episode of BtVS when it premiered; I saw "Angel" first and was hooked. I was a 14 year old 8th grader at the time.

Ack, what have I been up to? I'm 23 now. I graduated from University back when I was 21 with majors in Jewish Studies, Neuroimaging Psychology, and Religious Studies with a minor in Hebrew. Since then I've been working various legal and research positions whilst competing at an adult figure skater (Sectionals are in a week *gulp*). Oh, and I'm going to law school in the fall! I'm still in Minneapolis, but that might very change to California (most likely Sacramento; possibly LA) for school. And I've got me a boyfriend which is pretty snazzy, too. ;)

Hope all is well with everyone! I definitely want to buy a copy of "IRL" if it comes out on DVD. Too bad it wasn't the 2000 PBP that was featured since I was actually at that one!


^ v
DeAn says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:02:34 2007
tiggy what brings you to san fran? i am 100% game. send me the dates. my friend lives out there in a neat part of the red light district;) im just waking up. a bit tired. i gotta go pretend to be a dj in a couple of hours.

hollyn i need to go to the windy city. is it ready for me yet?

christopher marlowe the next big thing in music? i could give you a cool answer, i could give you an answer to whos gonna sell more, or i could give you an answer about whos gonna get most tracks played on the oc.


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:02:19 2007
Hi, Anne. Good to see you. A DELiver quiz would be good.

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:02:14 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:03:11 2007
Beldin Now I'm getting the error message.


Polgara I would love to know a few French phrases.

^ v
Polgara says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:01:23 2007
Excellent first, Anais. I'm feeling a nearly uncontrollable urge to pull out my naughty French phrase book...

^ v
slay_me says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:01:00 2007
Dianne I'm doing really well, still living in LA and as happy as ever. I work for Sony in their
Domestic TV servicing department.

who is off to enjoy the sunny day and the IRL screening

^ v
littlexander says:
(Sat Mar 10 18:00:45 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 18:01:09 2007
Amarra - *hugs*

Wish I could post my SO list - it's on my other hard drive, which is broken. And the Internet Archive was thoroughly unhelpful...

ETA: darn, second...

^ v
Anais says:
(Sat Mar 10 17:59:11 2007

Wow. The child really was four when we started watching this show.

It's been so long since I last posted at anything Bronze-y. Probably the last day of the (official) Bronze.

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