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Algerina says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:43:25 2007
Friday Night Quiz

I used to be able to do all these off the top of my head without having to think about it. Either I haven't watched my Dvds enough lately or now that I am 60 my mind has gone. To think I was once the Morella's Queen of Trivia

1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out? Weatherly Park

2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city? 1937

3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook? The future is Ours

4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999?Holly Charleston and Michelle Blake

5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Delta Zeta Kappa Bonus if you know the demons name. Machida

6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale? 12

7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human? Ceciely (sp)

8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'? Rest in Peace or was that pieces?

9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear? Selfless

10. Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday?
Season 1,7
2 - Surprise
3- Helpless
4 - Surpise Party at the dorm
5 - Dawn shop lift a jacket
6 - Haflek visits

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KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:42:04 2007
Hello again,

willa: Wow, that's pretty cool then I guess.

Beldin: I was all about UTV chat--most especially on BtVS night. I was there even more than on the posting board. Those were golden days for me. I remember, time to go to bed, and then staying around just to 'say goodbye' for another two hours. AIM killed that but least that's how I remember it.

newt: Hello. Is the newtlet still enjoying the comic books?

Ty King Fan

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OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:41:48 2007
Annes Buffy Anniversary Quiz

1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out? Weatherly
2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city? 1812
3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook? 'The Future Is Ours'
4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999? Holly Charleston and Michelle Blake
5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Bonus if you know the demons name. Delta Zeta Kappa, Machida
6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale? 12
7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human? Cecily
8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'? Rest In Peace
9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear? ?
10. Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday? 1, 7


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VT says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:40:20 2007
Beldin Hi there!! The VTbratsqad
are amazing.. they are 17, 15, 12, & 5 now..
evil as anything. In fact.. they are all evil
geniuses how the hellmouth do you
spell that.. they clearly do not get it from me
who will one day being ruling the

Kessie we haven't met.. but you
stole my eldest kid's name.. only we spell it
kesi She's the coolest kid ever so .. it's all

Corvus I'm here I'm here!!!
*drops trou and presses loverly little ham
against Ibook screen
did ya miss me ??

Dianne Hey baby!! Thanks for the
heads up cuz you know I'm a little thick hee

who is currently jonesin' for a new
vampire show Bloodties coming on tomorrow
on that girly chick channel lifetime

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WinterRain says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:40:05 2007
Sarah W.: Haha, yes I remember that year. I think I saved off the boards from that day and probably still have it buried in some old files. It was a significant event at the time! You're doing a master's degree? I'm doing one as well, though part-time. It's weird to think how young we were back in the early seasons...

For anyone who's interested, I do still watch a lot of TV and now run a blog where I write about what I watch (and other pop culture topics). My email address is also above so feel free to drop me a line.

It's been fun, guys.

--WinterRain (aka Jennifer)

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white wings says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:38:15 2007
CaughtNTheQuiet - The old Bronze was busy like this every day, four boards a day. This is as it was in Days of Yore.

Little Willow - {{{hugs}}} It's so good to see you again.

Fantasma - If you get worried over your stamina, remember that baby blankets can be made in panels. *g*

TMorel - RIP Flossie.

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newt says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:36:09 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:37:39 2007
Cashmere: Nooo, it's not bedtime yet! What's a little time change when you're having fun ...

tiggy: NOOOOOOO! Don't go posting pictures of me. Aaak! That was a bad hair few years,
when my hairdresser still thought I should have long hair. He and I both know better now. But yes, the
newtlette is huge. She starts kindergarten next year.

Xanderella: Nope, not funny, just completely out of touch. And I completely agree on your "if I
had to choose only one TV series to watch for my entire life." No contest. (And if I had only one poster
to post for me, it would be you. Or maybe Ojagwers. *g*) And I can't believe you have
an 11-year-old ... that's practically a teenager, you know. (Finally old enough for a visit to white
I'm sure ...)

ShirazPetra: I loved VM the first season but have never been able to follow the plot since,
though I do love the characters.

white wings: Thank you! You can take credit for teaching me how to knit too, you
know. My favorite knitting site is probably She could be a Bronzer, if she had the Buffy
love. (And she may, but she's never mentioned it.)
That's great that you're doing that for your mother.

tiggy2: You're totally creative. But that doesn't mean that yarn floats your
boat. I got the itch when my sisters-in-law were all sitting around me knitting, and my fingers wanted
to do it too. It is excellent for tv watching.

Xanderella, tiggy3: We should come back to post about Season
8. I am far too excited about this. I had no idea! It's like a reunion show, only all the actors show up,
and it doesn't matter that Angel's doing Bones, and Willow's doing How I Met Your Mother. (On which
she is completely adorable, no? It interests me (but doesn't surprise me) that Buffy alumni (other than
SMG) seem to do best in comedies.

Closet Buffyholic: Say hi to NARRATOR for me too! Me me me!!! And there's some joke about
her that Adri and I are supposed to make, but I can't remember what it is. Adri?
Help me!

Oh and Closet Buffyholic2: Hi yourself. :)

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willa says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:36:04 2007
okee-doke, gang. it's 3:30AM in london, and i can barely keep my eyes open! it's been great seeing so many old-timers, please give LJ a friending or I'm on myspace at /amandazee.

(KAM, yes! UTV!)

good night everyone. sleep tight.

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Rileyx3 says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:35:38 2007
heya all! so good to see some old names in here! It's been a while!

thumper thanks for the heads up text message...was it you who phoned also? phone went and had a psycho fit and it took me ages just to access your text msg!


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Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:34:35 2007
KAM - I do pity you. You were in chat?

buggo - I'm well, thanks. 15? I don't think I knew that. As I was saying about Sarah W. earlier, we had some very bright teenagers at the Bronze. One couldn't tell the difference from the posts from us old fogies.

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Kessie says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:34:00 2007
Princess of Darkness: hm well sorta.

Anyway off to bed. Have a nice rest of the day everyone, whereever you are!!


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lostinamerica says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:32:59 2007
She stops in briefly for an unscrolled drive-by to say:

Happy 10th Anniversary to Buffy and the Bronze!

She wishes she had been a more regular poster at the old Bronze, but life with four young children was just too busy. It must have really been something. . .


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Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:29:59 2007
buggo Very happy life is going so well for you.

Anne and DELiver's quiz

1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out? Easy Pickin's Pines
2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city? 1886
3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook? [/b]So long and thanks for all the fish[/b]
4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999? Buffy and Cordelia
5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Bonus if you know the demons name. Forgot the frat, Machida?
6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale? 3
7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human? Cecily
8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'? Rest In Peace
9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear? Selfless
10. Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday? 3, 6, 7

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CaughtNTheQuiet says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:29:17 2007
1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out?
2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city?
3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook? The Future Is Ours
4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999? NOT Buffy & Cordelia
5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Bonus if you know the demons name. uhhhh... can't remember the frat... the demon was Machida
6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale? 19
7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human? Celia
8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'? Rest In Peace
9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear? Selfless
10. Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday? 1 and 7

Willow's Promise: the happy ending Willow & Tara *should* have had

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buggo says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:26:30 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:28:08 2007
::random comments from a back corner, from buggo, directed at no one in particular... just anyone who is listening::

it is so nice to be back here tonight, and see this place this active again! I lurk from time to time, but i know it has been a LONG time since i spoke up.

Just brings back all kinds of memories of staying up way to late with all the other LOSERs on school nights, just because i was having so much fun talking. I really did meet so many wonderful people here, while only very few i have met in person, i just feel like i know you all.

quick update
my quick update of whats been going on...
-new house
-new jobs
-new family members (the most awesome neice, nephews, and little sister anyone could ever dream up)
-great friends
-amazingly awesome spaz of a dog (my dog Rooster)

in short i am a whole new person. all grown up, far from the annoying little 15 year old i was when i first showed up around here, that you all quickly shaped into a not nearly so annoying member of the bronze, then later the beta.

beldin hello. how are you?

i am so proud of myself, i got all sentimental, and nestalgic (yeah i know its not spelled right, oh well) and found noy only my siggy, but my SO's aswell....

So's to: ~mere~, AleXander, Angelus, AngelLover24-7, BellaDonna, belmont, Ben, Brewster Vamp Kitten, British Angel, BtVSChick, buffy13, buffygurl, Cate, cabin7man, Ce'Nedra, Closet Buffyholic, Cosmic Bob, cool_chick49, Corvus, DarkLady, DeMoriel, Devil, EverDawn, Eire, Green Falcon, Greengirl, Greengurl, GrimReaper, Hello, Icelord, Janna, Jay25, Jennifer Lynn, Jill, Joshua, Juliet7145 juliet tell me if those numbers are wrong Keywe, Labrynth, Leather Jacket, Lee, lilbufbuf, Margot, meteor, Monique, Natalie, Narrator, Naula, Old One, Oz-27, OzFan, Pippin, Research-Girl, Selenay, Shehawken, Slave2Faith, St.Germain, St. Schultz, TC, TexasWook, Trinity, VaBuffyFan, ValMichael, VT, W-Sky, Willow2, WelshGuy, werewolf, where wolf?, Wolvie, X-Lander, everone else too, let me know if you want to be added

VIP So's: Joss, Sarah, David, Seth, Aly, ASH, Nicholas, Charisma, TV James, RD, Juliet, Jeff, James, Erika, Chris Beck, Elizabeth Anne, Eliza, david Fury, Todd, Jymm, Robia, Glenn Quinn, Mercedes McNab, Emma Caulfield, Danny Strong, Larry Bagby, David Greenwalt, Jane Espenson, Marti Noxon, Sophia, Ty King, Doug Petrie, DV, Jeff Stacy, Chris Golden, Nancy Holder, Marc, Kristine, and anyone else I forgot. Sorry if I forgot you :(

a closet buffy freak
(the next slayer)
PBA member #373
Member of Brethren of Boreanaz
Member of NNC
FTTWP member #7
BWCGG member #74
Adulating Sycophant #47
DBOD #76
University of Sunnydale member #10
Teacher of Spikeology...Former
WPWP member #1572
Joint founder of OUCH!
I stood up for Buffy
Keeper of exactly how black Willow likes her arts
Keeper of the fact that Willow sets her sights somewhat low (homecoming)
Keeper of where Willow ranks in Faith's worldview: Lower than a Playstation (DGL)
Keeper of Willow's opinions on demon gender-reversal (Earshot)
Keeper of Willow's surprise at Buffy's knowledge (Earshot)
94.1% BtVS corrupt
Seth Brigade member #53
For all who want it here is yet another link to David in the tub!!

Founder of OWMP!
Jane Junkie member #47
WWOB #12
CTD #28
Joss is Evil #61
Post like spaz # 36
I am a Buffy Bringer
All For Ayna #33
BGB #33
Total and Complete Protector of David/Angel (in the guttergang that is)
Guttergang Title: David's Guttergal!
SFC #75
down with the homewreckers #20
VIP conjouring club #7

although i feel like there was a more up to date version of both of these.... i can not find it :(

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KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:26:17 2007
Hello again,

willa: Chat...I do not recall this. Do you mean, at UTV? Oddly, I do often wear vests...pretty much every day in the winter, but of the non-stylish fleece variety.
An entire pig you say...that is a meat-lover (or two).

Beldin: Well, the reality of it punches me in the gut (or lower) every single day of my now less happy life. Pity me. :(

Ty King Fan

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Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:25:25 2007
10 years takes a way brain cells. I think the first to get killed off is memory. *g*

1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out? Golden Slain Park?

2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city?2003

3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook?Carpe Dium

4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999?Ben and Jerry

5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Bonus if you know the demons name. Frank, I partied with him in LA..

6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale?3

7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human? I forget.

8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'?

9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear?Heck if I remember.

10. Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday? Season 4

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Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:22:41 2007
VT - Hi there. Good to see you. How are you and the VTbratsquad?

Hi, KAM. four? really? Gosh, it don't seem like it from here.

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Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:22:11 2007
lol Im happy Im not the only Tv junkie lol

dirty socks
lol my life mostly turns around my call agent job and the hope that Ill some day get my breakthrough as writer.

yeah bitter me is something new, right?

well, Im off to bed. But Ill make sure to check back tomorrow. *waves to everyone*

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willa says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:21:08 2007
KAM: You probably don't remember, but you're the person who lured me to the Bronze from the Allyson Hannigan chat. I'll never forget that, your classy vests, and your intense love of The Wheel hashbrowns. My stylish mister is doing fantastic, still looks pretty much exactly the same, and does indeed cook meat over an open flame. Sometimes an enclosed flame, for 16 hours. We even did an entire pig last year! Crazy.

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Sarah W. says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:14:58 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:16:28 2007
quick post

Hello, Little Willow!

willa - Yes, yes, shoot the man, but the important question is, who sired Spike?

Also for old time's sake:

Sarah W.
although my sig is gone and I can't un-highlight my name anymore?

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KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:14:54 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:17:50 2007
Good Evening Everyone,

I am sorry I am running so late on the Anniversary day and all, but busy, busy.

In any case...Happy Anniversary to the show that really did bring me lots of entertainment, and was the springboard into a lot of fun and happiness in my real life. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

So, all you Returning bronzers...glad to see you all.

How did I start watching BtVS...well, let's see--after scoffing at the commercial, happened to catch part of an episode (The Witch) and it really grabbed me. Back then, they were reshowing it all the time, so I quickly caught up on all the episodes.
I was so enamoured by the show that I wanted to do more than just watch--I had to talk about it. I quickly expended my local supply of people willing to listen to me ramble on about how great this show was, so I started looking around on the internet (which wasn't a big draw for me in those days). I found the Bronze and lurked for a while, but then I dove in and haven't looked back since.

Leather Jacket: Well, my house is different, but I am not sure it sticks out like a sore thumb.
Interior design...what's that? Oh right that thing that I've not scratched the surface of.

RTBS: Yo man.

Fantasma: Always good to see my sidekick.

greengirl: Hmmm, I see you all the time.

horizon: Nice to see you.

drunkenfairy: I appreciate you reading what I wrote. I miss the days of being charged up and eager to share my thoughts and hear those of others. No other show has really engendered that urge for me--not that I don't talk about shows still, but BtVS/Angel were always conversation starters--whether I liked the episode or not.

Closet Buffyholic: BWAAAAH! AUGH! WAAAAAAH! It's gone, its all gone, never to return. My life in this respect sucks. I am speaking of course of the Wheel. The machinations of 'the man' and the oldness of the owners led to the demise of my place...the place that gave me so much and asked so little (except a 45 minute drive and a few bucks). Of course RTBS broke the news...sign...and Beldin (Heya B.)
Hope you are well.

willa: Thanks for the sympathy, RE: The Wheel.
Hope you and your very stylish husband are well. The guy is a great photographer, AND cooks meat on fire (last I heard)--what's not to like.

Hollyn: Indeed--this day was indeed lovely.

Beldin: A Month...oh no my friend, the Glorious Wheel has been gone for 4 months...Halloween 2006. The most evil the day in some time.

Little Willow: Nice to see you that is. :)

I'm not going to even try to send greetings to all the old pals I see here, because I know I'll forget someone and feel bad, but suffice it to say...I see you!

You know--I am remiss in mentioning the great appreciation I have for Phoenix and Artie in keeping this place running all these years and giving me an online home. You guys are groovy.

Ty King Fan

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Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:13:39 2007|
Very creative. *g*

I'm so glad you still have Flossie. She had quite a time that year, got a lot of action if I recall. *eg* She was signed in the most unusual places. You should frame her.

Greg Biffle, was doing well in points last year, this year he doesn't seem to finish any better then 25th when he's been finishing. Kasey, well, he's a young up an comer. I see him doing well. FYI, Biffle is from across the River you know. *g* I'm someone who actually considers NASCAR a sport, even if it's nothing but left turns.

Yup, them Ducks is doing pretty well. I wasn't even upset when the beat CAL either.

Hey Dao
Nice to see you.

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tiggy says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:12:35 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:13:53 2007
i love making my posts again! i wish it was for more than one day. sadly, life has a nasty habit of keeping us all away from here.

that's hardly everything i watch! that's just the stuff i'm in LOVE with. i watch a hell of a lot more than that.

*snerk* if you could do that, you might be a fangirl's wet dream. you know there's an webisode of The Black Donnellys that's never going to air, right? i have it dled, but i haven't watched it yet.

white wings
you and me both!!

i remember us figuring out we were both bronzers, but you never told me what your posting name was. i definitely remember your name from when i first started posting.

i've been here for close to 6 years. so you've definitely been here quite a bit longer than that. you and DeAn both on the dead young thing. that's something he always told me...

i've read a little bit of Allyson's book, but it was only enough to whet my appetite. which chapter did she read from tonight?

i'll see what i can do. ;) Lost party in three weeks. excited?

it's not that i don't have time to suck with guys. just that currently i haven't had an opportunity to meet any new guys. sorry you're having a tough time.

i can kill you my mind? is this the alterna-beta?

ha! have you ever had a chorus of tl;dr here? i think not.

i'm glad to see it's still in all its fishy glory!

psssh...Owen is getting big now too!! not to mention Liv. it's crazy how many kids i've seen grow up over the years. they shouldn't be this big!!

*giggle* seeing bronzers is always a priority for me.

not a problem. it's been a little crazy in here today. i'm glad to hear it. is the house fabulous? i'm doing the scouring real estate websites thing and thinking of taking the plunge. i figure it's about time...

[edited because leaving out words is not cool.]

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Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:11:13 2007
Catmint I totally understand that. Work is a superb ***-kicker.

Thumper! Did you get the opportunity to see Tony Head while he was there?

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Anne says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:11:08 2007


Hi all. I am your quizmistress tonight. Hubby DELiver is here with me. (If I let him have the comp, game over *G*I wont get it back) I have attempted to fill his shoes done one myself in honor of the 10th Aniversary of Buffy premiere. Again, bear with me if it sucks. *G*

So, sit back, relax and get those thinking caps on. There are 10 trivia questions under the subject of Buffy, what else? But does anyone know the answers?
Please give other Bronzers about 15 minutes to think about it before posting yours.
Proper answers about one hour later. Remember that your answers don't have to be the same as the official answer - this is just for fun.... so if you can come up with a witty or possible alternative answer then you too can have some chocolatey goodness!
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for good answers!
Boy, I'm so really good to ya'll. *g*

1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out?
2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city?
3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook?
4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999?
5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Bonus if you know the demons name.
6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale?
7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human?
8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'?
9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear?
10. Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday?

#13 I am Evil and Proud of It!
#17 Joss is Evil Club
#97 NBA
#19 Rub-A-Dub Club
#17 "Buffman is a Hottie"
# 85 Spike Lustee Club
# 17 DhELP-the semi-newbile lemming
#5 of the Bronze Bezoar Big Game Hunters
#50 Down with the Homewreckers
# 85 Spike Lustee Club

Asanti Famlet Member
Daughterlet to valMichael,
Sis-let to Buffyenta
Sis-let to SweePer
Sis-let to CHRIS
Aunt-let to Brandy the Slayer

slavishly devoted by DELiver
69.8% BtVS Corrupt
"It's a gift."
"But the real kicker is when you walk in the bedroom dressed as Little Bo Peep, and then all the sheep come in....."
"It's like sex...The anticipation makes the "ahem" all the much better"
"Can I interest you in a shrine?"
"Occasionally, I'm callous and strange."



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Cashmere says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:10:47 2007
CYMru you're not sorry. *g* Ya ******* Welsh 'eader. You'll see! the Grim Reaper'll be on your *** before you know it.

I'd nearly forgotten about the Buffy Season 8 comic coming out (although with the reprint mistake at least I'll have time to get to a comic store this week).

*poof* Really, this time.

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greengirl says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:09:02 2007
hello again!

Little Willow-howdy there sis-in-law! glad you stopped in. miss you!

tiggy-sorry i missed your post earlier. married life is pretty darn good, thanks for askin'.

ozlady-how was the mani-pedi?


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CYM says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:07:26 2007
Cashmere - "Can't go on all night the way I used to." THats what HE said!
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

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willa says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:06:38 2007
Hey! For old time's sake, why don't we talk about that time that Xander didn't tell Buffy about Willow doing the re-souling spell?


I kid.

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VT says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:05:53 2007
just driving by for the 10 year anni Happies!!

woot woot


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Hello Cutie says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:05:25 2007
Hi Back, Tiggy.

Very strange to be lurking at the Bronze today -- a tremendous sense of nostalgia. It feels very strange.

I'm grateful for the people who came into my life via the Bronze, especially newt who has become a very dear friend.

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Kessie says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:04:34 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:07:33 2007
Princess of Darkness: And here I thought I was bitter. But I have my bubble ... he wanted the samples so he has to read them.*sobs silently* Ah well we`ll see. Maybe you can make an agent in LA read something?

*wavies and hugs to Marlene* Hi there!

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Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:02:55 2007
Manatree - Hi. Good of you to step out of lurkdom.

Hi, Little Willow! So good to see you. I know it's pointless to ask if you're keeping busy. How many projects do you have going now?

Sarah W. - I'm still in Lufkin. Still in the same house. I did change jobs three years ago. I'm working at a hospital in Nacogdoches helping folks keep their continuing education requirements up to date.

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Thumper says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:00:50 2007
10th Anniversary couldn't miss this

off to scroll

the silly rabbit

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Cashmere says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:58:32 2007
*waves* to beldin, Princess of Darkness, eirefairie, Dao Jones, wolfguard and Dirty Socks.

amberlynne wrong. DEAD. *smoootch*

I love seeing everyone here. But my kids get up at the crack o' Dawn and I'm very sleepy. Can't go on all night the way I used to. *g*

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Sarah W. says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:56:00 2007
Beldin: Were you? *scrolls* Aww. I mostly remember myself as being very silly. :) ? was 17 at the time, and unfortunately I doubt I'll ever hear from him again. :/ Houston is still my true home, but I am seldom there; I'm in school right now. How about you?

WinterRain: My birthday buddy! Remember the year Seth wished us happy birthday?

My Buffy story: I read about it in TV Guide! No, really, they had some article that I guess is not so easily found these days. So I tuned in a little late into S2, and they were rerunning WSWB, and since I had no idea about PG or anything, I was confused but intrigued, and the score at the very end was so lovely, and I was hooked in no time. (It's probably not surprising then that my biggest mark left here was co-founding the CBCC!)

I showed up to the Bronze the night Innocence aired, looking for comfort, and the rest is history. School and life took over after the first couple frantic years; I was 14 at the height of my posting and now I'm working on my masters degree. I still keep in touch with some friends I made through the board, but it's been a while since I've been back. I guess I was lost through the Apollo shuffle, etc. To be honest, the early seasons will always be my golden era.

These days I watch very little TV, but I do follow Ugly Betty, House, and Heroes. I received the Chosen Collection for Christmas a year ago and over the course of 2006 watched the entirety of BtVS again. It is hands down my favorite show still and probably always will be. I have never gotten fanatical about another show since.

^ v
CYMru says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:55:40 2007
Beldin - I fear its gone the same way as my ability to wear shorts without looking like a carazy zoo keeper.

Xanderella - Ah, but life begins af 40, having ended at 30. That means I've got 10 dead years ahead of me! I've still got like, 5 years till thirsty but I'm officially closer to 30 than 20, and that seems like a pretty negative milestone to me!

Cashmere - I see your still coming out with excuses for not being able to handle our proper european beer. *insert simpsons line here* I had to put up with London remember, I think thats the equivalent of a million jet lags. Ah yes, DeAn's driving. The guy is a maniac, maniac on the M4 ;)

Anne - I was just thinking the same thing. I can't believe how much fun this is, why did I ever stop??

Seska - Pffftttbbb. I've never met a responsible teacher in my life! And I trust you're no different (in fact, I'm 100% sure your no different ;p). Can you do me a favour and pass on my email address to Amorphia so she can get in touch, if she wants to.

^ v
Little Willow says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:54:24 2007
Good evening, everyone!

Happy 10th Anniversary, BtVS!

I hope that you are all doing well, and that the next decade is even better for you and yours than the previous decade. I hope you are happy, healthy, and successful.

I am grateful to BtVS for giving me seven seasons of inspiration and escapism on air, and this community online. There are people I am still in contact with, those I am indebted to, and grateful for, as well as those who aren't online or I haven't seen or heard from in ages that I think of fondly. Some of my closest friends are Bronzers, people I never would have met if I hadn't started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on March 10th, 1997, been granted Internet access on May 21st of that year, and attended events where I was finally able to put faces with names.

Thanks to Kiba Rika for the email. I planned on dropping in this evening, so your message was well-timed.

Thanks to horizon, VaBuffyFan, and Beldin for asking after me in posts today.

I haven't my old shoutout list nor my signature, as they are both on a computer which no longer functions, but I'll recreate my signature using some of my still-running and new(er) websites.

Sweet slaying dreams ~
Little Willow
Slayground | Bildungsroman (Blog/LiveJournal) | Bildungsroman Website | Your Girl | Rock the Rock Webdesign

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:54:21 2007
CaughtNTheQuiet, know what's coming


Just came across something Dean Koontz said. He'd head of an English teacher who told her writing class that all stories needed a religious reference, brevity, danger, a sexual reference and a character with expertise. So one of her students turned in this ....

~ "Oh my God!" said the zoologist, "There's a leech on your breast."



^ v
TMorel says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:54:04 2007
Hope you're not feeling too outnumbered with the Sister In Law visiting.

I found Flossie the other week, I was looking for some wrapping paper and found this mangled bit of plastic at the back of the cupboard.

Hey there {hugs}

^ v
Tiamat says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:53:29 2007
Corvus: I can't believe my Trojans choked ... Ugh!! Now I'm watching the USU v NMSU Aggieathon & hoping that NMSU chokes soon ...

NASCAR would've been better had my two homeboys (Kahne & Biffle) NOT wrecked outta the race ... Stupid Bruton Smith remodeled the track causing chaos & mayhem to ensue ...

DeMorievil: The Farrell's of old was awesome ... I dunno why they shut all of the old ones down & are screwing up the success now by stickin' your restaurant in some game zone thingy ... You should make Goat bbq for dinner ... I've got quesadillas and leftover Olive Garden salad (with hot onions) ...

Where oh where are the other LOSERs ???

Where in the world is Ty King ?? Dirty rat owes me lunch ...

^ v
Dirty Socks says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:52:11 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:53:24 2007
Princess of Darkness Ah, my life revolves around school these days. I'm in second year Communications and am moving into my first apartment in May. What about you?

eriefaerie *glomps* How've you been? =)


^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:51:58 2007
Dao: Twin! At first when I saw your List Of Things That Have Happened, I figured Love of your Life was J, and I was all, "Uh, AREN'T YOU FORGETTING SOMEONE!" she looks so adorable, as always. That hair!

ginger: I'll proclaim it loudly.

Xanderella: No, you were always way cooler than me! Seriously, I have a chart. People Who Are Cooler Than Me vs. People Who Aren't.

^ v
Manatree says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:49:41 2007
I was always more of a lurker than a poster, but I have to say that it is wonderful seeing this board so busy with all of these familiar names! Off to scroll and enjoy the memories.

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:49:29 2007
Hi, Dao Jones. I missed you earlier and by the time I'd realized it you were gone. Good to see you again.

buggo - Hi there.

Cashmere - Hi.

ginger - Greetings.

CaughtNTheQuiet - We do. We do need more Fray.

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:47:17 2007
yes, I love it lol.

hey there. *hugs*

hey you. *hugs*


white wings
you're probably right. :)

you mean the writing that wont get read anyway because we are from Germany? wow am I bitter today or what? lol

lol well, it sometimes does the trick for me. when I write my thoughts are mostly focused on the script and i forget the trouble Im in. I should do that tomorrow.

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:46:32 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:48:40 2007
eirefaerie: I don't think I was a Buffista until late in season 6. I'm sorry you were scared, regardless. I always thought you were one of the cool kids. (You're still a goober, though. Cool and goober aren't mutually exclusive.)

It got so hard dealing with all kinds of drop-ins who didn't care about this community. They viewed it as a semi-official board (because of the VIP presence) and would come in not to join us, but to piss on Joss and the other writers (not that I haven't had my rants, because I sure have -- I still feel badly for one I had about DeKnight and Ultimate Drew after The Girl in Question, because I was always afraid it contributed to Dachelle's decision to take a break, but anyhow...).

The 'shipper factions got a bit too too for me, and then I took off for the Buffistas. Maybe you could tell I was a Buffista Spirit Baby. That said, even at the Buffista site, I think, more often than not, that I'm a Bronzer. I have a lot of dear friends there, but I always feel about a half tick out of step with the community dynamics, because it's not the Bronze.

Closet Buffyholic: Narrator knows how to send a text message? Oh, I feel out of step.

Dao Jones! raithen! Hi. Hi also to LenS.

Does anyone ever keep in touch with Speare? I miss Speare.

{{{OzLady}}} You're never alone, here.

Goodnight, Beta. If Amish Boy stumbles in, kick his tush for me.

There's not enough time. There's not enough time.

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:44:51 2007
Closet Buffyholic and Xanderella! - You really need to stop by the camp. Your presence is missed. And I hate LJ for stealing you all away.

Hi, RD!

- Your house is wonderful!


^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:44:41 2007
closet watson - in truth, i should be baking tonight. but i've got dinner burnout and can do nothing more than goof off on the internet. and you, young lady, should be sleeping as well.

but, alas, my house is a mess and i should straighten something up before going to bed.

^ v
Seska (the Watcher) says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:44:11 2007
Xanderella I hope you're not making fun of me. That would be dangerous for you. Her amorphianess is not so posty these days, but she was pleased to catch a glimpse of a few Bronzers.

white wings Good to see you, too!

CYMru I'll see your almost married to a woman ;) (and nf act constantly being pressured to marry) and raise you a "I have a sofa of my very own" and then use a "I have a job that requires me to wear a suit!" to call you! *Pah* to your suit. I was a TEACHER :P. You win, though, since my sofa is still rented, and I'm not under pressure to get married, thanks be to Joss and all his writers. Possibly because it wouldn't be legal... :D Yep, I still see amorphia - she was over for dinner this evening. I shall ask her about Darren Gough. She is still a huge cricket I want to use a bad adjective here but I shan't :D fan.

Wow. It's been fun, people. I have mostly lurked, but what a grand sense of deja-vu. Here's to the next ten years. See you all around the hinterwebs. :)

^ v
Anne says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:42:23 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:49:14 2007
Quiz in 15...ooohhhh this is so much fun!! I forgot how much fun posting is.

Lets see...
March 10=Buffy show premiere aniv.
March 11=Day I quit smoking (5 years now)
March 12=8 year posting aniv.


(pppppft to AOL..using Mozilla and can edit my posts, so there!)

^ v
Fantasma says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:42:17 2007
Princess of Darkness: My craft work does not prevent me from falling inlove, dating, or the whatnot, the lack of interesting guys jumping from corners does that. I simply have enough time and energy on my hands, and the desire to be proud of something. Plus, warm fuzzy scarves hve been great for the arctic temps I've had to endure lately. But, whaever floats, ya know?

tiggy: I getcha there, a friend of mine at work just bought her first house, and while she does have a housemate, she talks about all those responsibilities like bills and mortgages... and yet, we don't have the "sponsor Moe" weeks like I thought we would in order to get her to still come out with us... hmh. Priorities baby!!

white wings: Thankee kindly. I'm still getting my groove with knitting, but it did produce a few hats and scarves... next step, a baby blanket - now that will take some patience on my part. Whoo!I suppose I should start so that maybe the kid will be born instead of graduating college...

OzLady: *waves enthusiastically*

^ v
CaughtNTheQuiet says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:41:57 2007
CNQ...who has just scrolled for a little bewildered having never seen this much activity in her short tenure at the Bronze(beta)...realizes she has just lost a day and has no clue what anyone is talking about latches on to the few things she understood...

Beldin We Need More Fray.

wolfguard alternate realities are neat...they exist...cuz I say so...
(y'all ... well... y'all who've been around for the past two months or so know what's coming)

[shameless plug font] In my [delusion font] not even finished soon to be best selling novel Willow's Promise: the happy ending Willow & Tara *should* have had the Season 9 novel written within canon (up to and including Chosen and Not Fade Away that everyone is tired of hearing about will be talking about until the rassenfrassen S8 comic comes out and TOTALLY screws it up. Joss Whedon...fair warning: when I meet you I will kick you in the shins after I thank you[/shameless plug font] [/delusion font]

Hollyn I was

you had said
"Could studying for the MPRE be any more boring? *sigh*"

from Graduation Day part 2

Cordelia: I personally dont think its possible to come up with a crazier plan
Oz: We attack the Mayor with hummus
Cordelia: I stand corrected.
Oz: Just keeping things in perspective.

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dish; according to Infoplease, "a paste or dip made of chickpeas mashed with oil, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini and usually eaten with pita." I said...I was being... uh... me. *G*

My intro to Buffy:

I had seen the movie...thought it was "okay" but didn't understand how they could make a series from it... I mocked it. And I ignored it in favor of something I can't even remember now.

Fast Forward...Summer, steamy...Blech... you couldn't go outside for long because you couldn't breathe when you did...I was working at a facility for emotionally and behaviorally challenged kids and my co-worker brought BtVS dvds in for the older kids to watch. I mocked...then a bit of dialogue caught my ear...and I was hooked...borrowed the co-workers dvds and lost a lot of sleep watching S1-S7 in rapid succession. Took me a bit longer to warm up to Angel and Firefly.

S4 is my favorite season. I make no apologies for it. Tara is my favorite Scooby. I've watched every ep at least 5 times with 3 notable exceptions: S6 ends for me about 5 minutes before the end of Seeing Red . On the other hand... November 2005 marked the beginning of my quest to reunite Willow & Tara...within canon. I am roughly 4 chapters away from finishing the above (and below) shameless plug. S8 ... grrr. argh. It is going to mess up my S9 novel.

I found the Bronze(beta) in September or October of 2006 and didn't bother lurking...I just jumped in and was warmly welcomed. Which ... it was cool being able to talk to people about my newest obsession. Especially fun debating such things as Dead Man's Party (She was ONLY 17)...and The Gift (how did the portal know the blood hadn't stopped when Dawn was pulled away from it?)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Willow's Promise: the happy ending Willow & Tara *should* have had

^ v
Kessie says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:40:05 2007
Fantasma : Well Okay then Ill poke you. And as for the chocolate.. I can always send ya some!

Princess of Darkness: Hun I seriously!!! doubt you are going to end up alone. Just wait and see. And write lol

^ v
Dao Jones says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:39:45 2007
Wow! I don't even know where to begin--lookit everyone who's posted today!

By way of an update (I'm loving the updates that some of you are posting--it's awesome to catch up with everyone), in the last few years, I:
--graduated and got my MS
--moved back home to New England
--adopted the best dog ever
--bought a leetle house with a big back yard
--met the Love of My Life that order. :) Now it looks like the plan is to enter a nursing program in the fall, if they'll have me.

So great to see everyone! I'll attempt to scroll and name names and such, as much as I can. It helps that the SO is playing a gig tonight and that the aforementioned Love of My Life (let's call her Baby M) is finally sleeping, so I have a little more time than usual to do so.

I have no idea where my siggy is...

^ v
buggo says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:39:01 2007

it has been way to long since i stopped by here.

Happy Anniversary!!!!

^ v
ginger says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:37:55 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:39:33 2007
Please do! Make sure she knows it is from me.

And I say whatever to ASBO Teen to Beauty Queen. It's all about celebrity talent contests. Fame Academy/ Dancing on Ice FTW!

Hey Marlene!

^ v
Cashmere says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:36:32 2007
CYMru in my defense, I'd just spent 23 hours in four airports, three planes, and two trains to get to London. And YOU picked the pub! The Stella knocked me on my *** and I can barely remember poor DeAn dragging my bag through the tube, catching the train to...was it Kent? I was so dehydrated from travel and drink that I got a raging cramp in my leg that night and I swear I thought I was dying. And let's not discuss the ice-cold shower the next day. Brrrrrr. Or DeAn's driving.

Wasn't it amorphia who got to comment to James Marsters on his hair?

White Wings newt surely does excellent work

tiggy Newtlette is so HUGE! Yikes! I'm scared to see the newtlet. He's probably 6 feet tall by now.

^ v
OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:36:15 2007
willa - but of course.

Shameless Plug - the final details are still being worked on, but the Browncoat Ball will be in Philadelphia this year, Sept. 28-29. Further announcements to come.


^ v
Closet Buffyholic says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:35:44 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:38:24 2007
Xanderella today is her neice's confirmation, so she's doing the family thing. I got a text from her earlier. She's finally jumped on the actual cell phone that works bandwagon, and she's a scary thing to behold. I'll tell her you were asking about her.

Hollyn yes, well, Oregon said "reciprocity, what's that?" so I had to decide whether to do the in-house limited (very limited) admission or take the exam, so I thought - well, I've already taken two, how bad could it be to take a third? remind me not to do that again. Good luck when it's your turn!

RTBS say it ain't so, Ruffy! I'm most sad about the lack of Wheel in the world.

Hellos to Corvus and DeMoriel and everyone else who remembers who the heck I am.

tourosherlock go get some sleep! you've been baking like a fiend!


^ v
raithen says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:33:59 2007
there are others here, and I miss you all, and I am waxing nostalgic and will likely scroll more, later ;). But it's been a WEEK of lambs being born and new jobs being negotiated (yes! I have a CAREER now ;) and an income). And i miss these people and this place.

many of you I see on lj - I have the same handle there, if I don't. I like it there, it works for me.

But, I would be remiss if I didn't say HI! to st germain and white wings both of whom I remember fondly from here.

Anyhow, wine is waiting, but I'll prolly be back.

SOOOO cool seeing you all in one place again.

^ v
white wings says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:32:49 2007
OzLady - Im glad that you are enjoying the stuff I made. Isnt it a fun and useful hobby? I expect that your work is beautiful.

R.D. - Speaking of old names and fond memories Good to see you.

DeMoriel - Good! I would love to see the documentary. I have the book pre-ordered, naturally.

Hollyn - Just what stage have you reached? Because at some point it becomes inevitable. Oh, I see. No bar yet. That explains it.

OldManFan - You bet. As a matter of fact, PuppetAngel is sitting guard in a chair holding one. I havent been making them for a while, but I have the old ones and the fixins for new ones. Alas, I havent (yet) found an excuse to purchase more. *g*

Princess of Darkness - Romantically induced grieving takes a while to overcome. You need to knit. *firm looks* OK, a trip or vacation doesnt hurt.

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:31:13 2007
Hey Xanderella! How's it going?

I'm going to take Sachiel's brilliant inspiration & pop in WttH while I eat some dinner. The tummy's rumbling.

off a bit for some munchies

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:29:54 2007
Xanderella: eirefaerie: Afraid of me? Silly goober. I always loved you. Didn't we meet on the K*tten board (with sassyeggs) before you decamped over here?

They had the best spoilers, before the jihad.

We did! Ah, I remember the Kittens fondly. In, er, season 5. But, yes, terrified. If someone was a Buffista, I was terrified of them. It's really that simple.

ginger: I'll do it for you when I see her on Wednesday. But where will I find thousands of pesos dollars in gaudy jewelry before then? OH IF ONLY ASBO TEEN TO BEAUTY QUEEN WAS STILL ON THE AIR!

Right, you guys don't see me. I don't exist. I'm either cleaning, packing or tallying votes for CFI. Not here. Nope! Not me.

^ v
WinterRain says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:28:59 2007
Okay, I'm back again.

The old names keep rolling in! Hi Sarah W.! Hi EverDawn! Hi VaBuffyFan! Hi SweePer and FASTEDDIE!

Dianne: Thanks for keeping in the loop all these years!

My Bronze story: Showed up probably sometime during the first season and hung around for a couple of years though I never really posted all that much and never got to meet anyone in person since I was in high school at the time. Do still have a lot of really fond memories of this place. Since then I've finished high school and college but I think Buffy still remains my favorite show of all time...

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:28:32 2007
Hope the exams are going well. Ain't she a pretty mountain? Indian name is Wy'East.

Hope you are happy with the screening. All that hard work will finally pay off. Congrats.

white wings

Yes,I do remember your assistance with the "bloody" fish. The stupid thing drove me crazy.

I'm proud of you. LOL I won't even look at the stuff. My taste has muchly improved since those summers we'd sit and drink that stuff like soda pop. I actually opened a 15 year old bottle of Zinfadel the other night. It was wonderful.

^ v
raithen says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:28:14 2007
there are others here, and I miss you all, and I am waxing nostalgic and will likely scroll more, later ;). But it's been a WEEK of lambs being born and new jobs being negotiated (yes! I have a CAREER now ;) and an income). And i miss these people and this place.

many of you I see on lj - I have the same handle there, if I don't. I like it there, it works for me.

But, I would be remiss if I didn't say HI! to st germain and white wings both of whom I remember fondly from here.

Anyhow, wine is waiting, but I'll prolly be back.

SOOOO cool seeing you all in one place again.

^ v
amberlynne says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:28:13 2007
white wings: I knew I could count on you!

*waves to Xanderella*

Man, I am so out of practice.

^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:26:20 2007
willa - tell your friends. and watch for biscotti to join the line-up. :o)

i've got an LJ too. friends locked just i gripe about work alot.


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:25:49 2007
Sarah W. - Wow. I was talking about you earlier today, too. How are you. Still in the Houston area?

Icelord - Tallulahdahling moved to Australia. She posted once or twice since then but I seem to recall something about iffy, or no, internet connections.

DeMoriel - Um. Disregard my last post. I misread your previous post and thought you were commenting on today's postings. I just went back and read it again. What can I say? I'm finding it suddenly difficult to stay away from the board long enough to fix something to eat. That hasn't happened in a while and I got rusty in my scrolling.

Hi, LenS.

white wings - *wave* Been to Tommy Lee Jones territory lately?

CYMru - I'm with you on the multitasking. Somewhere, somehow this has become harder.

Hi, R.D.

Corvus - Oregon basketball looked good today.

Hi, Marlene.

^ v
ginger says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:25:08 2007
I always do. Always. If i only I could grope Dachelle's breasts to make a point too.

Princess of Darkness
Oh, good song!

Squeak! *pokes back*

^ v
SheBit says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:23:03 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:26:06 2007
Right, I really am going to bed now - it's 2.20am and I've got the shower booked for 10am.

It was nice to see some familiar faces, and I promise to try to pop by more often - a couple of times a year just isn't good enough.

Like the governor said, I'll be back.


ETA: Xanderella - if you're going to jump, jump hard. And yes, before the Bronze my usual username had two more letters, but such words aren't allowed here. In my defense, the original name was an Evil Dead reference.

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:22:47 2007
Mrs.Beasley: Thanks for thinking this up!

DeMoriel: I got to beta-read some of Allyson's chapters. The book is going to be spectacular. I can't wait 'til it's out. I'm glad you got to hear her read it.

I hope I get a chance to see DarkLady's IRL. It sounds wonderful. It was such a kick, just seeing the flew clips she has at her MySpace page.

CYMru: I just turned 40, so apologies for my lack of concern that you're approaching 30.

My word, Bronzers, you stole the last moments of my youth. Thank you for that.

Hey, Hollyn, Algerina, Irishrose, k8cre8 and Princess of Darkness.

drunkenfairy!!! Hey, didn't belmont make us drink bodyshots off each other? So you're not wastedfairy on LJ. Are you on LJ?

Janni: What did you get at Home Depot?

Seska: Then whyfor the shifty look, or is that just the Vodka, talking. Stress rants? You? Never. Where's that amorphia chickie?

Denise: Antipodean and I wrote to each other once or twice within the past year. I have no idea if she'll stop by here or not, but it would be great if she did. I miss her.

You've hit the nail on the head with the VM dramas. It's kind of like watching my kids play house. /old crank

I love your anniversary post. It made me all sniffly.

Geneveieve's Lucie: Oh my, your children are so big, now. Mine are, too (11, 8, and 6 [almost 7]). How'd that happen?

Closet Buffyholic: Does Narrator know about this. If you get a chance, shoo her in our direction. I published a notice at a board where she might see it, but that's only if she drops by. She's been whupped bad, lately.

Helygen: How about that Flanvention Browncoats Bash, huh? Oy. I like your memories post.

seniorslayer and newt: The Buffy Season 8 comic was slated to come out on March 7, but there was a delay, so it won't be out until this Wednesday (hopefully). In other words, you shouldn't have any problem getting it.

newt: I figured you were just joking.

Matt the Bruins Fan: It's so good to see you here, not that I don't see you elsewhere, and none of it is as nice as seeing you in person.

white wings: A neighbor taught me to knit when I was little (I still have my pink needles, somewhere), but she didn't teach me how to tie anything off. I can make you the world's longest scarf, with one needle still attached. Hopefully, that will change soon.

Get out? I just got here? Am I gonna turn into a pumpkin?

SheBit: Thank you, and you're on the bandwagon all right, baby. I never knew your intended board name was longer.

tiggy: Thank you. I was afraid I'd come back to a chorus of: tl;dr.

eirefaerie: Afraid of me? Silly goober. I always loved you. Didn't we meet on the K*tten board (with sassyeggs) before you decamped over here?

They had the best spoilers, before the jihad.

nails: Well then, could you explain why Amish Boy still isn't here? Of course, you're probably asleep, so maybe not.

RTBS: I'd say you were lying about BSX, but my youngest -- child I hadn't even conceived when I found BtVS is in first grade, and soon to turn seven.

I too would beg Anne for a quiz, even though I more often read them over when scrolling, rather than took one, but I think I'm signing off for the night.

Denise2: Heck, this is a lot of work, without the drama.

^ v
CYMru says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:22:09 2007
I thought I'd share some of my fondest bronze related moment with you all. I've just realised in a previous post that its been something like 7 years since I first started posting. I remember the first few weeks just lurking trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Then I posted and everyone was sooo friendly. Although, I stepped right into the middle of a BBS debate (Dead :p), which was certainly interesting for a newb.

After that I pretty much spent all of my free time there. I was in college so when I wasn't drinking I was in the Bronze (note, there was no studying). Eventually, I managed to merge my two past times and went drinking with some bronzers. It was very strange. I met up with Dean:) and Amorphia in London and decided to drive. BIG mistake because I got horrifically lost and by the time I made it, I was knackered and ended up being pretty quiet. Which, anyone who has met me will tell you, isn't like me.

After that it all snowballed a bit. I ended up spending a scary amount of time on Amorphia's sofa and DeAn's floor (thank you furry green coat, I love you so) and frequented a few events (UKPBFP, Nocturnal WPBFP etc.). it really was an exciting time in my life, I loved every unpredictable minute. it was amazing. Unfortunately, my activity tailed off a bit after that. I think it was mostly the pesky job thing. Also, getting a girlfriend didn't help. You know, they want to actually spend time with you, thats a pain.

Anyway, some of my favourite moments in no particular order:
Setting my hair on fire at nocturnal
Melting my glasses in spilt Jack Daniels at the UKPBFP
Waking up in a hotel room in London with DeAn (no, not like that) wearing a Burger King hat and with no idea how I got there from Bristol
Amorphia telling me about how she tried to accidentally marry Darren Gough
Drinking Stella in a gay bar in London with Cashmere and being too oblivious to everything to even realise it was a gay pub and we were standing out like a sore thumb
Meeting Amber Benson
Seeing F*M (and getting the t Shirt, which I'm actually wearing now for nostalgia's sake)
Seeing certain bronzers appear on the Big Breakfast with Amber Benson
Becoming really good friends with everyone I met, especially DeAn, Amorphia, Cashmere, Roman Around, Brit Slayer, Joey Emma, Vlad, Rainbow, Mump, PoL and everyone else I shared a bed/pint/shower/slippery nipple with. ;)
UNBELIEVABLY good times.

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:20:35 2007
ginger: Inhale pink. Exhale Blue.

white wings: Actually, you'll be happy to know that it wasn't David Boreanaz that drove me from watching Bones. He was actually, dare I say it? Sort of handsome and charming. But I was a forensic anthro major in school, and the errors just got to be too much to handle!

tiggy: Notice that I said that I was MORE afraid of you then. Still afraid! It's a healthy fear, though. The fear of, "holy crap, she could kill me with her mind!"

^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:20:25 2007
StG - 3 outta 4 ain't bad.

beldin - hi

tiggy - heya chickie!

Closet Buffyholic - nay, i dub thee Closet Watson.

has anyone told TVJames to come by?


^ v
willa says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:18:56 2007
OMF: I think you and I know each other better from our time in the trenches at the Lost party!

Touro: Mmmm. Cookies. Have bookmarked!

Jumping on the LJ bandwagon, here's mine, though I'm a bit of a slacker about updating it. And PopGurls is still alive and kicking -- six years in April!

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:14:53 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:16:17 2007
DeMoriel: Thanks. Hopefully I passed so I don't have to do it again. :P

Closet Buffyholic: I hear you've been all insane taking the 3rd one. I haven't even taken my first Bar, and I'm already sick of it. LOL

EverDawn! *HUGS* We need to do another day to Michigan City or wherever that was again. Get Sanguineus over here! *g*


^ v
Algerina says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:14:51 2007
Qiuz? yes please

White Wings
Waves back

my pleasure

Shade of Bronze
Sorry you are under the weather

^ v
OzLady says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:13:44 2007
demoriel: *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

leave the drama to your mama

^ v
Marlene says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:12:00 2007
So what are we doing?

First, a grateful happy anniversary to BtVS. Pleased to have been an initial viewer and a return viewer and a fan.

At the time of its premiere I was working at an educational/religious television station. Transitioning to a desk job, if I have the year correct on when that happened correct.

At the time I rediscovered the show, it filled a big vacation void. And in that void I gravitated to Bronzebeta, looking for more information on the show over the 2 years I missed. Their college years.

Skip ahead through leaving that job, spending the next year with people I met here and met in valleys and hills and cities and vegases and woods. Luckily I also had the pleasure of hanging out with some of them (more original Bronzers) in 2005. That was the last of my bronzer meetage I think. Going again to DragonCon. If anyone's going, stop me and say "hi."

I still keep in touch with some of y'all from my posting days here through livejournal. And I still lurk here.

Where am I now? I'm approaching year three at the NBC affiliate, which just got a new set of leadership. Spent the early morning as Tape Op for 2 hours of live news and then the rest of the morning unlighting a studio. Came home very dusty. Like a colleague said -- a decade of regular dust and an extra helping of Katrina dust. This city, incidentally, is its own areacode of Bizarro.

On my viewing list these days are Heroes, Studio 60, Lost, Medium, Bones, Shark, My Name Is Earl, Las Vegas, Battlestar Galactica, Dresden Files, Monk, Psych.

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:11:34 2007
white wings - :-P

tourgal - I guess they can't all be easy. And the smart ones are always too smart to be complacent.


^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:10:59 2007
white wings
hey there. thanks. well, unhappy... not really. just frustrated and upset. but it will probably look better tomorrow. and if not, it should be okay when I get back from LA and Vancouver cuz that means that Ill get away from the reason of my feelings for a while. ;) and well Im not sure if knitting would have that affect on me lol. but Im willing to give it another try.

oh and be lucky that you dont have time to suck with guys. I have this a lot in the last time. lol ill soon have to get me a t-shirt saying "I dont do coffee so dont ask!". the guys at my work have a serious problem with dating. and somehow Im their prefered target. that is soooo stressy and pisses me really off lol. and when I finally realize that i have feelings for the guy who would be perfect for me.... who also has feelings for me for a long time... his right now gf is pregnant. And he stays with her because he's just that kind of guy. and i would also never tell him to leave her for me. *sighs* see you are sooo not missing anything. see thats why im thinking about knitting lol

Dirty Socks
hey cutie havent talked to you in ages. how are you doing?

*waves* to Ozlady

did i hear Snow Patrol? In fact Im just listening to "Make this go on forever" *g*

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:10:34 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:14:05 2007
Laurence - Hi there. Um, are you sure about that? From the description it doesn't sound like it should be in anything, much less a person.

Corvus - I was in a store this week that had Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill. And no, I didn't get any.

Closet Buffyholic - The Wheel closed about a month or so ago. KAM's still in mourning. Edit: But I see RTBS has already broken the news.

nails - That link you couldn't find is down below in one of tiggy's posts.

StGermain - Sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis.

Jaan Quidam - I'm well, thanks. Cool instruments.

Hi, tourogal.

EverDawn, EVERDAWN!! -- We were talking about you earlier and hoping you'd show. How in the world are you and how is Mr. ED. It's been too long. Tell all. {{{hug}}} and *smooch*

SweePer and FASTEDDIE - So good to see you both. {{{hugs}}} for you and the usual manly handshake for FASTEDDIE. Enjoy your trip.

DeMoriel - Tell us about the screening.

^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:10:06 2007
white wings -- *waves back*

^ v
OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:07:52 2007
white wings - still knitting with those lethal weapons of yours?

tiggy - well, I'm loopy... does that count for anything? Save those pennies and I'll let you know when I know.

OzLady - {hugs}


^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:07:32 2007
white wings: After an incident this morning, it's apparent that I haven't lost my soul yet.

Sachiel: I hope we can have another meet up when I'm in D.C.! :)

Yes Anne, a quiz would be fun! Even if I'm too tired to actually take it. LOL


^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:07:31 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 02:13:18 2007
Congratulations DeMorial

LOL, I think so. Actually I believe there was also some "fishie-side going on, that's why I'm a former fishie. LOL


Yes, quiz please. We need to stretch our brains. LOL

ETA TMorel
LOL, do you still have that sheep? Speaking of sheep......

{{HUGS}} Hon. Hey good going with the nursing school. Me after being unemployed for a 1 1/2 years, got a job doing purchasing. Small company, but I like who I work for. I've been there a little over a year now.

The last 10 years have been such a blast hanging out with all the Bronzers. The PBP's I went to were fun, the PBFP's were even more fun. It was the hanging out, the arguing, the discussing, the gossiping. Meeting new Bronzers in the elevators. Asking a complete stranger if they are a Bronzer. Seeing people all over year after year.

And for the final Bronze PBP....lets have a cheer for "Frank".....That snake could party. LOL

^ v
DeMoriel says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:06:36 2007
tiggy, white wings: Allyson's reading was great, she's very cute, hehe... the intro chapter had some really funny moments. Can't wait to read her book. And I hope more Bronzers get to see the documentary... it's such an odd niche-ey experience, to know the names and references. Lots of laughs and "awwwws" out of us audience members. I can't imagine how it would play back to someone completely unfamiliar with the Bronze.

Xanderella: I was so frustrated at how stoopit I was that I couldn't get anywhere on that Moloch game. Til everyone realized they couldn't get anywhere on that Moloch game.
So... everyone is stoopit too! Maybe I'll get beat the game when they put it back up. ;-)

Hollyn: Anti evil exam vibes.

Crap, it's impossible to scroll faster...

^ v
R.D. says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:04:00 2007
Hey! heard there was a party here?

Been surfing and have seen many old names around the board. Brings back some fond memories.

Will try to pop back on later.

Take care,

"dingos, the other white meat"

^ v
OzLady says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:03:21 2007
white wings: I still have the beautiful necklaces you made me and wear them often. AND I have started making jewelry, though not as lovely as yours!

I just remembered "The Buffy Dance" 'nuff said! *snicker*

Oh! megdalen is married and expecting her first wee one, for those of you who are thinking fondly of her! :-D

Home Sweet Home

^ v
CYMru says:
(Sun Mar 11 02:01:29 2007
OldManFan - I think you're right. I guess it just takes a while to get up to speed these days.

Janni - I don't believe your sexiness will ever be in question. Its like the sun rising.

Anne - Quiz. Me. Up. Baby! ;)

Tiggy - The ravishes of age mean I can no longer multi-task, dual task or indeed single task. I'm a zero tasker at the moment. Also, my memory is shot. I can barely remember what happened 5 minutes ago (this is the Barney fansite right?) let alone five YEARS ago! Thats such a scary thought. I can't actually remember when I first started posting on the bronze but it was well over five years ago. Now, I'm hurtling towards bloody 30. I honestly thought I'd be dead in a pool of my own vomit by now. One can hope.

^ v
Anais says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:59:11 2007
PDR: Well, stop it. *bap* Honestly, I admire your ability to work and study at the same time. I'm much too old and feeble-minded to do such a thing.

Tiggy: Hee! Yes, I made the connection. And your lj post the other day reminded me that I needed to stop by here. At one point, the Bronze was a big part of my life.

Mrs.Beasley: I'm sorry about your job woes. That sucks hard. But choir sounds fun! (I can't sing to save my life. Not a note.) If it's all right, I'll add you. My lj's friends only these days.

^ v
white wings says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:57:44 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 01:59:43 2007
Artie - Good to see you. *waves* But your filters didn't get me. *g*
p.s. what's with my apostrophes vanishing?

Slayer Steph - *waves*

Ripped Toast - Belated congratulations!

Irishrose - Howdy! Have you been enjoying this last winter?

Denise - I was just funnin'. Nice red pelican pixie dust. *g* Awwwk, did the Unmentionables get loose again?

k8cre8 - *waves*

Cashmere - Our newt does good work, doesn't she?

eirefaerie - Hey! What did I do (this time)? May I take it that you are not watching Bones? *eg*

Jaan Quiddam - Hi back!

The Mayoress - *waves*

Seska - I'm glad you made it in!

Octoquad - *waves* Do you know how greeneyes is doing these days?

StGermain - You are leaving out the part about where it's cool in winter and warm in summer. ;-)

Fantasma - Nice hookingcrocheting! Nice monkey-pants, too. Its an acceptable alternative or accompaniment to knitting.

Princess of Darkness - I'm sorry you are unhappy. Knitting is a calming, distracting exercise, and helps keep you warm. we of the BBKS never miss an opportunity, no matter how far we have scattered

janni - Speaking of WRONGness, it's good to see you.

Xanderella - ROTFLManklesO! One shriek to rule them all. Get out!

Corvus - *waves*

EverDawn - Glad you are surviving!

OldManFan - *waves*

Menomegirl - Forgiven me for shoving you in that closet? *eg*

Shade of Bronze - A long-familiar name. *waves*

Algerina - *wave*

slayerdaddy - *another wave*

catmint - Howdy! Long time, no see!

amberlynne - RIGHT!

DeMoriel - Thank you for the report! Did Allyson get her readings done?

Hollyn - *wave*

Beldin - *another wave*

Thoin - *yet another wave*

OzLady - Hi!

Foot Tapper - I haven't seen you, but hey!

SweePer & FASTEDDIE - Good to see you passing through.

Anne - You bring back memories.

tiggy - Its been a long time since I've done one of these posts. ;-)

^ v
SheBit says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:52:44 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 01:56:28 2007
Ok, so I lied. I'm still here.

OldManFan - *waves*

Xanderella - *applauds* - big yay for successfully (sort of) combining my two top fandoms. Sauron would so kick Glory's arse, though.

I spy a bandwagon - well, Xanderella and eirefaerie and maybe a couple of others did it - so I'll jump aboard.

It's strange to say, but I really don't remember my first introduction to BtVS. I know that I've watched since the beginning, when it started over here in the UK in the once hallowed BBC2 6pm 'cool US culty imports' slot. I miss that slot. Every day as a teenager I'd get home from school (or college/sixth form by the time of Buffy), watch Neighbours and then hunker down for a blissful hour (or forty minutes, without the breaks) of geeky viewing. In fact, when Welcome to the Hellmouth first aired I was probably expecting a bit of Trek and wondered what the hell this thing with the Vampires and the poorly-dressed high school kids was, and where my usual dose of boldly going was.

I guess I warmed to the idea of the vampires and high school kids, because I never missed an episode after that first one.

I mean, what wasn't to like about it? There was the guy from the Gold Blend ads, who, to my seventeen year old eyes, was suddenly rather appealing. There was a hot young guy who would turn out to be a vampire - hence a hot young guy who, in theory, would always be so - sadly, it seems that pigs' blood is a little more fattening than the human variety. There was a slightly nerdy girl for me to identify with. Oh, and did I mention the vampires? Lots of those.

I don't remember my exact thought on first seeing this odd little show, but I remember my feeling during its seven year run. They were varied. I have laughed, I have cried, I have even sung along. I have shouted at the tv and sobbed into pillows. I have spent a fortune on those new-fangled dvd thingies and hardly flinched, because I just had to own them, to be able to watch them whenever I felt like it.

And now I'll have another title to add to my already impressive standing order list at the comic shop. Because Joss just wouldn't let them go - with either a bang or a whimper. Roll on season 8. I've missed you guys.

Then there's the Bronze, of course. I was rather a latecomer to the Bronze, only discovering it in the winter of 2002. I'd graduated and was working in London, but I had internet access and had heard about a chatroom type thing about Buffy in a magazine. I'd never been to such a place before - for Buffy or anything else - so I thought I'd take a look.

There was some initial annoyance when I tried to post and the family board controls wouldn't accept my username of choice, so I cut off a couple of letters and SheBit was born - a name which is now so much a part of me that I even respond to it in person.

I spent a couple of great years here, discussing episodes in fine detail, playing silly games and, most importantly, making friends. Though I've been friendly with some Bronzers who I'll most likely never meet, there are others who are now close personal friends - so close that I sometimes forget how I met them. I sometimes get funny looks when asked how I came to be friends with someone and reply that we met at an online Buffy community. I remember my first Bronze meet, when I was so nervous about coming face to face with people I'd only ever spoken to online. I put faces and voices to usernames. I found out that TheStage was a girl. I made friends who I hope I will still be friends with in twenty years. Hell, I even had a hand in one of them converting to my religion - talk about a tv series changing your life.

So, ten years. Hard to believe. Ten years of making fictional friends and real ones. Ten years of laughing and crying, and hopefully another ten years and more of doing the same with people who I would never have met if not for a silly show with vampires and high school kids.

Thanks Joss, and thanks to everyone else, too - be they writer, director, actor or Bronzer. It's been a good ten years.

Wow, waffle much?

ETA: ginger - *pokes*

^ v
ginger says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:51:50 2007
Woot woot! Action on a Saturday night. Go me!

I would like to knit myself my own personal Snow Patrol. Do i fit in now? (also, just watched second episode of Black Donnelly's. Seriously, can I marry Tommy? I'm Irish too!)

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:50:59 2007
that you call much tv? lol Im such a tv junkie. I have like 10 shows I watch. *g* Veronica Mars is also one of it. But Greys and Bones are just a must for me lol

I got a LJ too... here it is. It's friends locked so just add me. :)

^ v
tiggy says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:49:34 2007
oh and i meant to say:

i can't believe this big girl is this little girl. it's insane!

^ v
LenS says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:48:46 2007
It's good to see so many old pseudonyms again. I can definitely say this board and it's predecessor had an impact on my life.

I hope everyone is well.

^ v
catmint says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:48:30 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 01:52:24 2007
ginger: *gropes* Ooh, what lovely bazoobies you have.

tiggy: *smooooooooch* I love seeing your posts again.

Christopher Marlowe: Hey! Work kicks my *** regularly. I suck at posting anywhere, even my own LJ.

^ v
Dirty Socks says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:46:54 2007
And then of course I had to leave to have dinner at the G-ma's. Did I miss anything? Did I miss anyone?

this is my livejournal. yes, you should friend it. ;-p

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:46:11 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 01:49:24 2007
Catmint! what have you been up to?


KAT in the Dark I love the Dresden files, particularly Harry. I found my new male obsession.

^ v
tiggy says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:44:25 2007
no, this is the knitting board!

Hello Cutie
hi!! how's things?

well...i used to be all about Veronica Mars, but that love has been waning quite a bit. i'm currently in love with Supernatural, The Office, Heroes, The Black Donnellys, Friday Night Lights and Grey's Anatomy. (yes, i still watch entirely too much tv.)

i haven't had a chance to suck with guys lately. i figure there's plenty of time for it.

you are entirely too sweet to me. *smoooooooooooooch*

you're very welcome!

hmmm...are you in a loop i should be aware of? ;)

my posts were long, but should not have been taken in an intimidating fashion. i'm only a b!tch when the situation calls for it. ;)

my favorite peanut next to an m&m! *smoooooooooch*

we were much better at multi-tasking back then, weren't we? at least i was! i'm laughing my butt off that you don't remember what half the crap in your siggy means. that's hilarious!

i'm totally out of practice! these posts are teeny compared to what i used to do.

penny pinching might be a little bit more difficult if i end up buying myself a house. we'll see what happens...

Tartie said she was the most well behaved Kanie, but i think i have to dispute her on that. i think i'm a shoe-in for that one. ;)

i'm frightening? huh.

KAT in the dark
my pleasure!

damn, Xanderella. i've missed posts like that of your's. *sniff*

good to see you.

how the heck are you guys? i've missed your updates! *hugs*


glad to hear it was a success!! i hope we all get to see it soon.

^ v
Icelord says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:43:17 2007
I remember when Laurence hooked all the fishies!! Was it bec who warned of the danger?? The fishies.... they got flushed at like 2am?? yeah?? Good Times! Mawhahahaha *WEG*

My Best to you and DELiver tell him I still have the Black Adder tapes he sent me (never could watch them) *lol* put other things on the tapes I could watch but still get a smile how nice he was :o) My son, he's a Monty Python fan, and Red Dwarf too. Yes! Quiz!! Please *g*

Hi ya EverDawn

wonder if Tallu is about?

and where the Hellmouth is Sarah's Carl??

off to find the grail

^ v
ginger says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:42:38 2007
*sniff*. and stop calling me a slag, slattern.

return *smooooooooooch*

*tackle hugs*

^ v
TMorel says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:40:15 2007
I swear I thought that sheep was over 18!

^ v
OzLady says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:39:47 2007

Wee bit drunk.

Very nostalgic.

Heard the documentary and reading were a huge success. Mazel tov, gals! :-)

Kinda lonely.

I've forgotten what it was I was trying to remember

^ v
Sachiel says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:39:27 2007
That last post was a drive-by. I had to go to lunch and see a guy about a guitar.

Beldin~ Hi! Yep, still am a HMWL. I curse Geocities for eating my website. I'm not sure where my list of HMWL are, if it even exists. If it does, it's long lost with my SO list.

pumpkin~ Hi!

moppety~ Hi!

Jaan Quidam~ Close. It was this one. 'Little person', you make it sound like I'm a midget. :p Get the Alembic. You know you want to. You only live once. Do it. Get it. :)

PDR~ I like it so far. My fingers hurt. Ow. Need calluses.

RSO to Icelord, Maverick, mabb, Hollyn and redruM.

^ v
Sarah W. says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:36:10 2007
*peeks in here*

I probably haven't posted here in five or seven years, during which time I graduated both high school and college, but I still see my name on some SO lists, and I recognize *so* many names. Um. Hi?

*hides again*

^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:35:21 2007
anne - 4 and a half


siggy long gone

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:34:06 2007
oh the monkey is pretty cool. :) But the knitting would only be to prevent me from dating or falling in love lol

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:33:29 2007
Here now. Finally. I didn't mean to be gone so long. Scrolling....

^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:33:05 2007
Well I'm off to do my taxes.

Might pop back in later.




^ v
OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:28:53 2007
Anne - quiz?

named Prince of Trivia by Morella

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:28:17 2007
Hey Everyone!

HAPPY 10th!

KAM: Ah, but today turned out to be quite beautiful after the sun finally rose this morning. :)

Leather Jacket: She's a girl. Heehee!

CNQ: What's a recipe for hummus? *confuzzled*

DeAn: The Windy City is always ready for you! ;) I hope that we're finally seeing a bit of a warm-up, but it could be a few more weeks before it permanently kicks in. As much as I love the summer here, I think one of the best times to come is early fall - like late September/early October. If you are seriously looking at coming this year, I'd recommend before May or after July, because during those months, I'll be crazily swamped. *g* *SMOOCH*

Still exhausted from evil exam this morning.

SOs to Acid Cross, Adina, Adri, Aethelaf, Agslayer, Aiglos, AjO, AKA Becker, Alaric, AleXander, Algerina, Alicat, Allison, Allyson, Alpy, Erika Amato, Amethyst, Amish Boy, anais, andyourlittledogtoo, Angela, Angelphyre, AngelRachel, Angel Rain, Angle Man, Anne, Antipodean, Anya, A Polite Bronzer, Aramina, Araa the Arachnid, Arcadia, Arielle, Asanti, AuroraStar, AussieBullDog, AussieGirl, Balf, banana, Batra, Bawston, bhd, Christophe Beck, Beldin, belmont, Amber Benson, Bentley, biohaz, Blackheart, BlackMagickBitsy, Blade the Vampire Hunter, Marc Blucas, BlueBoy, Blueronin, bluestocking, Boo a mouse, Brandi the Slayer, Nicholas Brendon, Bri, Bruces Mom, BuffyRileySlayTA, Buffy Sheridan, Candy, Candy Kane, Carita, CarpeDi, Cashmere, Cate, Catriona, Celine, ~ceridwen~, Charity aka Taygeta, CharlieX, Cherie, chi, Christopher Marlowe, Chrysanthemum, cian, Circe, Cirrus, Claddagh, Claris, Clattering, Cleio, Corpelia, Corvus, Cosmic Bob, Cricket, Crimson, curiousg, Cyrano, Dachelle, DaddyCatALSO, Dao Jones, darcie, Darla the Vampire, David's Chick, deadboy, deadguy, Steve DeKnight, Del, delf, DELiver, Dellraven, DeMoriel, Alexis Denisof, Destiny, Destructo girl, devil, devilish angel, Dianne, Dirty Socks, DoBoy, Dogmeat, Doppler99, DreamingHawk, DreamLurker, drdan, Dr Lectre, ducky, dudley, Dunlin, Eliza Dushku, Dustem, Dutch, DV Jymm, Echo, Eiddileg, eirefaerie, elusio, Erie, ektagraph, elreyn24, Jane Espenson, esther, Evalie, EverDawn, Faithsbro, Falco, Fantasma, FASTEDDIE, Fatima, Fax1, fenric, 4paws, Frodo R.I.P., FSM CDMan, FYG, gazoo, Genevieves Lucie, genrefan, Glow Boy, Drew Goddard, Godeater, Chris Golden, gray R.I.P., greendude, greeneyes, Gryphon, Harlequin, Harry Haller, Andy Hallett, Alyson Hannigan, Haven, helygen, Hitomi Terwilliger, horizon, Holly Frog, hollygurl, Holy Water, Huntress, Icelord, idream, IMMORTAL, intoit, Irene Adler, Irishgirl, Irishrose, Ivy, Jaan Quidam, Jamie, Jasmen, jennejenn, Jennifer Lynn, Jimbo, jinx, joey emma, J.S.K., judas, Juggernaut, jvs, Kaoru, KaraBear, KateHolly, Kestra Troi, kathypg, Keywe, Kiba Rika, Kiera, Kimberly, KitCat, Robert Kral, KrazyKat, Kristen, kugelmass, Vladimir Kulich, Labrynth, Lady Bathory, Lady Ireland, Robia LaMorte, Lady Jupiter, Lady Wolfsbane, La Timide, *LB*, Leather Jacket, Lee, the Chicken Slayer, Len S, Lil' Tree, Lissie, Little Sister, Little Willow, Lmo, Lookingglass, loop, Lord Mysty Mage, lost boy, Lovely Poet, LunaMoon, lunec, lurkingb, LurkingGirl, Luv_Lux, Mabb, Macheath, Maki Maus, Malista, Malum_Forma, Manx, Mar, Margot le Faye, Masquerade, MeeB, Megdalen, Menkhare, Mh, Miguel, Tim Minear, Mircalla, ~~ m i r e m b a ~~, Miss Dark Kiss, Missi - 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Ozs forgiveness
Cordelias heroic ability to save the day
Wesleys statement they are all right back where they started

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Skittery says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:27:32 2007
Dear Buffy,

Happy Birthday

love, always,

^ v
DeMoriel says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:27:21 2007
Back from the IRL screening. Wow, it was so incredibly cool to see that on the 10th anniversary... to know all the names, and laugh at the references... Major nostalgia folks. So much was covered... from RTBS posting on.. what was it... the first week or so of the Bronze? to PBPs, WITTs, LOSERs, the Penlind debacle, Alyson posting her phone #, Caritas, Wolfram & Hart, Buffy13's wedding, etc. and yet in some ways it feels like it barely scratched the surface of all the things the Bronze has meant to Bronzers, because there's so much that could be said. So much fun seeing folks like Claris, 'stina, Jaan Quidam, RTBS, Monique, the Willas, Chrissy, Godeater, OzLady, Missi, Polgara, Allyson, PDR, SarahNicole, Margot, etc. talking about their experiences as a Bronzer.

TMorel: YOUR picture turned up in the documentary right after the topic of child molesters, as if to say, look at THIS guy!! Wonder what that was all about. *eg*

Tiamat: Farrell's here was a disappointment. What should I make for dinner tonight?

Closet Buffyholic!: woo HOOOO for being DONE. Get down with your bad spa and puppies self all the way. *smoochA!* I am in love with your brilliant, brilliant lawyer scariness.


^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:26:39 2007
It would be cool if there were to be a PBP so folks could get together and see each other.

It was fun the couple times I went to Mayberry to see the gang there, and the one time I went down to Hotlanta.

What I'm watching these days:
The Dresden Files - pretty neat show. I think Bob is cool.
Heros - I just started watching this. There were so many twists and turns in the last ep. I'm bummed I have to wait till the end of April now for it to come back.
reruns of Buffy and Angel when I can chatch them.


^ v
amberlynne says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:23:07 2007

I just thought I'd get that out of the way first.

^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:22:21 2007
StG - the youngest is a stubborn kid. its his way or the highway, but cute as a button, and smarter than a whip. and usually polite. the rest are growing up to be mostly polite. which is saying a bit nowadays.


^ v
Anne says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:21:13 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 01:28:34 2007
SO's to Corvus, CYMru, redruM, Maverick, Icelord, Beldin, Lawrence,

Will be posting in and out...Anyone for a quiz for old times sake?

tourogal I have one of those stubborn/hard-headed ones, too. *LG* How old is yours?


^ v
catmint says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:20:57 2007
*peeks around the corner*

Aw, hey there people. This is freaky but nice.

I have no idea where my SO list is. :)

^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:20:54 2007
A little Anniversary Present... some sample chapters from my new novel.

^ v
Shade of Bronze says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:20:46 2007
Happy 10th to the Bronze!

Not up to par today, so I'm mostly lurking. Mostly.

How I came to the Bronze? I started out right from the beginnig. I watched Buffy right from the start too. I'd seen the movie and was interested in how a tv series would go. When I first started posting, I went under the name Lisa Marie. Not very original but it took me a while to come up with something better.

I've since lost my SO list and my siggy. But to this day I stop in at the Bronze once in a while. It'll always be up there at the top of my screen, an icon symbolized by a comfy red chair. It's where I'd sit with my cup of coffee straight up, enjoying the music and the conversation.

Enjoy the celebration Bronzers!
Shade of Bronze

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:19:30 2007|
tourogal - I didn't know about Thing4. Mazel Tov! Are they still smart, polite, nice kids?


^ v
SweePer & FASTEDDIE says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:18:14 2007
Had to do a quick scroll... visiting family in North Carolina, on our way to Orlando tomorrow (gonna visit Shamu and the Giant Rat).

Happy Anniversary to Buffy!!

Hello to all our old friends! So awesome to see so many familiar names!
Shouts to all!
Hugs to most

^ v
drunkenfairy says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:18:12 2007
Xanderella You are just awesome!

OldManFan Yep. Watching it East Coast time and you are so right. *g*

^ v
Dianne says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:17:31 2007
{{{EverDawn}}} -- hugs to you and Mr.ED.

^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:17:18 2007
corvus - hey.

everdawn - peds is fun. labor and delivery pulls long nights. yeesh, 3rd year. this of course means you've made it thorugh the really hard stuff. :o)


^ v
Menomegirl says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:17:00 2007
eirefaerie-Awwww. That was wonderful.

I still remember being more terrified of tiggy, confused by phrases like eye=suck and wondering why exactly work or school was "whuping" people. And let's not get me started on the whole italics thing - what the hell was Calvinball and why did there not seem to be any clear-cut rules? And what's a fifth, for chrissakes?

*nods* Yep, exactly.

Thanks for posting that!

^ v
OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:14:27 2007
Let's see... right about this time on the East Coast, Giles would be giving the 'one girl in all the world' speech...

SheBit - good to see you, too.


^ v
EverDawn says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:14:15 2007
Hey, Bronzers old and new! (And when it comes to old, I sure as heck know old! ;-)

Hope everyone is well--wild weasel sent me a text and told me I should say "Hi!"

I have no online life right now unless it's the CDC or Wound Care websites! ;-)

I'm in my 3rd year of nursing school (working toward my BSN.) I'm on my Peds and Mother/Baby rotaions right now. It's been interesting for sure!

^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:10:10 2007
willa - too much to update. but, i did start a business. i had this hobby of sending cookies to people. so now you can order them at [a href=""[/a]

StG - my son is in an international choir, my daughter has performed in a local community wide variety show. my little boys are too cute for words.

i hope my html isn't too rusty.


^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:10:07 2007|
Edited: Sun Mar 11 01:12:56 2007
Hi Hi!

You know who we are missing is Angela and Angela's Mom

SOs to
4paws, abpositive, aka Becker, A Polite Bronzer, Acid Cross, Adina, Aethelaf, Aiglos, AjO, AleXander, Alpy, Anais, Angel247,Angelphyre, Angle Man, Anne, Asanti., Basia, Bri, Briolette, bec, Beldin, belmont, BeMu, Blackheart, Brat! BriarRose, Bubbles, Buffyenta, buffy@10, buggo, cabin7dad, cats, carl, CharlieX, Circe, Claddagh,Closet Buffyholic,curlysue, Dana, Dark Lady, DELiver, DeMoriel, devil, Doc, drdan, Earthgirl, Eiddileg, EverDawn, Fatima, FASTEDDIE, Fax1, fibs, fenric, Fiver, Fly-by-Nite, Gangrel, gazoo, Godeater, Grinn, Gryphon, gypsyrat, Grim Reaper, IceLord, Irene Adler, Jade, jayne, Jasmen, jazzybell, JeffK, Kenickie, keylime, Keywe, KitKat, KittyWillow, kim!, KimP, Koshi, Kuglemass, Kronos, Lady Bathory, Laurence, Layrynth, Leather Jacket, Lil, Tree, Little Willow, Lissa, loki, LovelyPoet, LouWho, Lurking Little Feet, Luv2Bbit, Mabb, Maverick, Mar, Masquerade, Megdalen, MeeB, mlanie, Mircalla, Missi (The Bronze Bomber), Moriah, Mr.EverDawn, Muffy the Vampire Annoyer, mudpuppy, Mrs Laurence, Natalie, nya, nil8r, OkiLlbyte, Overbite, OzFan, Ozman, OzLady, PDR, Pixie, Polgara, ?, RJ, Rachie, Rikki, RTBS, Sam Hain, Sanguineus, SarahW, ShadowSlayer, shehawken, Slayed Soul, SpookyMagoo, spoon, St.Germain, stina, StillLife, stormtrooper, Sultress, SunnyD, SweetPer, Tallulahdahling, Tana, TastersChoice, TexasWook, tiggy, thy Slayer, Tourogal, Vaal, VaBuffyFan, Vaedus, valMichael, VoxMaille, WatcherX, Werewolf, Where wolf?, Whelk, Wild Weasel, WitchyWoman, white wings, wolfguard, WolfShadow, Wolvie, X-Lander, Yooper

And SO to all you VIP types out there Andy Hallett, David, Seth, Ty King, RD, SMG, Erika, Nicholas, Alyson, Anthony, Joss, Jeff Pruitt, Sophia, Steve DeKnight, Jymm the writer of the song, Chris Beck , Charisma, Todd, Marti, Tracey, Fury, Robia, Christian, Tim Minear, -mere-, Todd who let me check out the makeup, Stephanie, TV James, Elizabeth Anne Allen, Doug Petrie, David Greenwalt, glad you were there , Marc Blucas keep away from the dip, Leonard, Bailey Chase, Jane Espenson, James and anyone Ive missed.

I survived Camp Cleio
A former Laurence Fishie..><((((o>
PBA #385
Proud Member of SPAGETTI
( you could wake up in a coma)
SDA member owner of the adorable Precious
Proud Honorary Member #75 of Buffy, Eh?
S*C*R*E*W* the B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S member #63
Typing like a Spaz #5
Posting Board Porch Kitty #17
One of Martis Minions
Janes Junkie #93
Member of the NRC
DeKnights Riders #41
Furys Fanatic #359

Take a moment to look up and watch the eagles soar

^ v
SheBit says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:09:17 2007
It's getting late, so I think I'll be retiring soon - wedding to got to tomorrow and it takes me many hours to look presentable.

A few SOs, in the absence of my old list. In no particular order, SO to bossythecow, Amarra, thestage, Mr Holtz, LittleXander, ginger, eirefaerie, helygen, redwitch, Algerina, RippedToast, faithx5, RomanAround and OldManFan

^ v
Xanderella says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:07:29 2007
I amar prestar aen.
The world is changed.
Han mathon ne nen.
I feel it in the water.
Han mathon ne chae.
I feel it in the Earth.
A han noston ned gwilith.
I smell it in the air.

Much that once was is lost. For none now live who remember it.

The Fellowship of The Bronze

It began with the calling of the greatest Chosen One. Then three were given to her -- to manus, the hand: Spiritus, Animus (aka 'key guy' aka 'guy with a rock') and Sophus -- mortal, wisest and fairest of all humans. Four, if you count Oz Caninus. Five, if you count Cordelia Bitcas Regnas. Five they were together: slaying researching, spell casting, howling at the moon, snarking, and being the aforementioned guy with a rock.

And nine...nine...well, I'm sure we could come up with some combination of characters to give us nine (and let's forget that I skipped over seven). Let's see: Angel, Joyce, Tara, Anya, Spike, Dru, Amy, Jenny Calendar, and Riley Finn were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else, desire good TV (and pretty people on it).

For within the Slayer's story was bound the strength and will to govern each race, or at least kick a little demon booty, and stop an apocalypse like clockwork each May, and go out for mochas. And hey, since we never did find out the plural of apocalypse, I would like to propose apocalypsos. It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it, but I digress (which is damnably hard to do much more of, when you're riffing on Tolkien -- I'm just sayin'...)

But they were all of them deceived, for another character was made. In the land of the writers' room, in the fires of Mutant Enemy, the Dark Lord Whedon forged in secret an extra character, to control all others. No. Not Faith. She excited many of the others, but she didn't actually control them. And no, not Warren, Andrew and Jonathan. They couldn't even control themselves. Clearly, it was Dawn.

And into this character, he poured his cruelty, his malice, and his will to dominate all life. "One shriek to rule them all."

One by one, the free lands of Sunnydale fell to the power of the shriek. But there were some who resisted. A last alliance of Slayer and Scoobies marched against the shriek (well, all right, technically they marched to save her, but I'm on a roll), and on the tower of Mount Shpadoinkle they fought for the freedom of the only not be an only child any more. Or something.

Victory was near. But the power of the shriek could not be undone. It was in this moment, when all hope had faded, that Buffy, sister of the shriek, took her sister's place and dove to her second of two deaths, to date. Don't worry though, she's pretty spry, for a corpse.

Glory, the enemy of the free-peoples of Middle-earth, was defeated. The slaying fell to the Buffybot, who had several chances to destroy evil forever, but couldn't pun or talk trash to save her life. But the hearts of Men are easily corrupted. And the redheaded witch had a will of her own.

She dragged Buffy out of Heaven, and some things that should not have been barfed up were, in fact, barfed up. Namely? Snakes. Plus, that whole thing with killing the baby deer was just ook, don't you think?

History became legend, legend became myth, and for two more seasons, we had a lot of quippy talk, unresolved sexual tension, overly-resolved sexual tension, romance, flayings, shopping, hanging out, saving the world from unspeakable demons -- you know -- girlie stuff.

There were all those potential slayers and the static to noise ratio was a little less ideal than it had been in the early years -- but it was still pretty good TV.

But when the hellmouth in Sunnydale was closed, the Slayer and the plus the potentials, who I guess were actuals, and er...where was I. Anyhow, a whole bunch of stuff about Buffy and co. passed out of all knowledge. Until, when chance came, a promised season 8 in comic book form (coming soon -- but don't press them as to when -- from Dark Horse, and your local Comic Book retailer).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I remember when the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie premiered. My husband (who might have just been my boyfriend, then) and I laughed. I remember saying the title really could be something, but it just looked like it came back out wrong. And I remember when the TV series premiered, but we couldn't figure out why they were making a TV series based on a failed movie, and it didn't even have Luke Perry or PeeWee in it, and what was up with that??? Besides, I had a one year old baby. I didn't have the time or interest to watch a 'kids show'.

Fast forward a year and a half to the Fall of '98, and I was on partial bedrest and awaiting the birth of my daughter. When my husband would bathe our son, I'd flop on the couch and watch TV. One night, I was flipping through the channels and decided I had to stop on this Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to see what it was all about. Faster than you can say, "Marlboro Lights 100s," I was hooked. I couldn't hide my addiction forever, so I finally confessed to my husband. I made him agree to watch an episode with me, before he mocked me, and he was a goner, too. They had him at Faith or possibly Cordelia hello.

Because of this show, I went online. I already knew what my board name would be: Closet Buffyholic. Er... I thought I already knew what my board name would be. I went into deep lurk. I delurked from time to time on the threaded board, but couldn't come up with a good name. So I went back into lurk so deep I forgot to lurk, and ended up pregnant again.

I finally came back. First to the threaded board, then to the linear -- where the big kids play. I thank Monique for giving me the courage to do so, just because we had a simple, friendly conversation about her Dawn FAQ.

I had had it up to my ears with the threaded board, largely because of the constant spam and Apollo's utter lack of responsiveness to the threaded posters, but also because of a poster named Geo. Surely I'd be free from that over at the big kids side of the Bronze.

Or not so much.

But I met all you wonderful people whose posts I'd been reading for a couple of years. You were all so smart, and even more importantly, you *got* it. Eventually, I even got to meet some of you in person: Claris, OzLady, Bastion Ridley, Monique, Phantom Denis, Little Sister, Polgara, Megdalen, Leather Jacket, Robyn TSH and I'm sure there are others.

I formed what I expect to be lifetime friendships with people like clarrie, Seska, Amish Boy, Catriona, Cashmere, seniorslayer, Matt the Bruins Fan, white wings and Narrator and more. I'm still in contact with all of them today, and a boatload more too, including nails, Rachie, amorphia, Chrissy, Ripped Toast (angelcakes), Kansas, tiggy, Denise, eirefaerie, faithx5, CarpeDi, Kiba Rika, Little Sister, Claris, paks, amberlynne, Closet B, Vanessa, Suzanne, moppety, Cosmic Bob, *Sunburst*, SarahNicole, tralf, dao jones, elsusio, EverDawn, SquireBoy, Monique, Allyson, Kristen, Polgara, Jipsy Girl, PDR and then some. I'm getting that uncomfortable feeling, where I don't want to turn this into a list, and don't want to leave anyone off the list, so I'm stopping cold.

Anyhow, I cut my teeth on the Bronze, and no other internet community will ever mean to me what the Bronze meant to me and still does. And all of you people taught me so much about being online -- how to conduct myself, and how to reason, and how to think about art (and I feel the need to shout out to Ojagwers, abt, Antipodean, little bam bam and newt here, so I will).

Sometimes it is hard, because other places aren't the Bronze. Other people -- as good and brilliant and wonderful as they are -- don't understand things that to me seem as simple as 1+1=2 -- such as, "If it starts on the board, it stays on the board," and "post not poster," and "For crying outloud, if you're not going to spellcheck, at least give it a skim before you submit it, huh?"

I've said elsewhere, before today, that if I had to choose only one TV series to watch for my entire life, before the Powers that Be folded time, my last words before the clocks turned back would be, "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."

And I have never before said, but will say now, that if I had to choose only one internet community to become a part of, before the Powers that Be folded time, my last words before the clocks turned back would be, ""

Good thing that's not likely to happen, because that's a fricking mouthful.

And now I'm off for a proper scroll, because I'm seeing people were afraid of me, and it is to laugh.

^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:06:53 2007
strolls in after a day of shopping........

Howdy Gang!

tiggy - Thanks for the email!

Good to see you folks.


^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:04:59 2007
Jaan Quidam: A little Korean Syphillis on the side, perhaps? I just went down to Mexico last weekend, so I've plenty of cheap antibiotics we can use to clear it up afterward.

ginger: Ah, memories. Now you're just a slag who forgets her place. KNEEL! kneel before me! (Don't really! I love you! Please let me come back and watch Buffy on your couch and cook you meals high in fat and starches!)

Since everyone else has done it . . .

How I Found The Bronze:Beta: A love story. by eirefaerie

It was the winter of 2001. 2001? Or 2000? ****, my memory's going. No, 2001. Because I only attended one Sour Grapes Party.

Okay, let's continue. It was the Winter of 2001. I would say it was a blustery winter, but I live in Texas, so it was probably a balmy 70 degrees outside. I was residing at the palatial home of my parents for Winter Break. It was December 28 and I, bored because Christmas had passed and New Year's was not quite upon us, decided to spend the day playing on the new computer my parents had purchased for the house. Unlike previous home computers, THIS ONE had the internet. Yes, they were really moving up in the world, I know.

Having already searched for Mexican Goat Porn and the perfect swimsuit to flatter my body shape, I directed my browser to look for Buffy-related goodness. See, I had watched BtVS from the very beginning, but had falled off in season 4, due to time demands from my own collegiate life. But Once More With Feeling had aired a few weeks before, and had brought back my love for the show in full force. Having discovered the Bronze:Beta, I made my very first post, which consisted of this basic sentiment: "Liek, omg buffy is so kewl!!!! HI GUYS I aM erIn!"

I was promptly ignored. So I did what any sensible person would do, and read the FAQ. Scrolled a few boards. Came back and posted a much more grammatically pleasing post: "Oh my god, Buffy is so cool! My name is Erin." And then people talked to me!

I still remember being more terrified of tiggy, confused by phrases like eye=suck and wondering why exactly work or school was "whuping" people. And let's not get me started on the whole italics thing - what the hell was Calvinball and why did there not seem to be any clear-cut rules? And what's a fifth, for chrissakes?

Through the board, I developed friendships with people who I am still close to today - yes, even the frightening tiggy. More, I've met my best friends on this board. I still remember my first Bronzer meet-up - I mentioned that I had a guy in my Civ Lib class who looked like David Boreanaz, and Dachelle wondered why none of the guys in her Civ Lib class ever looked like DB. I replied that she should have gone to University of Texas, to which she replied that, um, she did, and she'd thank me to be a little less snotty in the future. So we made plans to meet up, and one fateful lunch date at TGI Fridays later, we were bonded for life. (Seriously, we are tethered together with chains made out of the hairs delicately plucked from fangirls everywhere. It's really quite touching.)

That successful meet-up made me gung-ho to attend the last ever PBP in 2003. I was excited, but nervous as well. What would it be like to meet all these folks I've talked to nearly every day for a year and a half? And would I even KNOW any of them? My fears were assuaged when I walked into the lobby of the Ren, saw belant stand up and say, "Yo! *****!" And in quick succession, I saw tiggy, Mia, idream, tralf, Kiba Rika, carpeDi and a host of others, contracted Korean Syphillis with Jaan Quidam and the other unfortunates, met halfrek and so many other folks. I went to a sing-a-long and became a Handsome Man. I accosted VIPs. It was good times.

Not to be outdone, the following year I got to meet catmint, faithx5 and darcie, become involved in a dramatic tangle of limbs (and not in the fun, sexy way. Well, a little bit in the fun, sexy way) with *Sunburst* and Ultimate Drew, make illicit suggestions (on accident!) to one of the writers, get wasted on a bottle of Patron (and some champagne. and some martinis. and some whiskey), flash my naughty bits to God and country during a particularly ill-conceived Madonna impression, share a hot tub with swingers and make several comments about other posters' breasteses.

Through the Beta, I've met the five people I consider closest to me. I've learned new things, met great people, and displayed an impressive amount of snark. And I became a Handsome Gay Man, and do you know how many years of therapy and hours of surgery that would have taken IRL? TONS.

So, even though I've been a bad poster for years now, this place will always hold a big place of my heart. The left ventricle. Maybe even part of the aorta, to be honest.

And yet? After all that, I still don't have my VIP colors.

^ v
willa says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:04:04 2007
peanut! it's you! i was hoping you'd stop by and give an update. it's been so long!

St. G.: Your house is utterly charming. Ours is here. Two dogs and one cat! And Tamerlane has two kitties of his own in the downstairs flat.

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MozzarellaDemon says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:00:37 2007
faithx5: You said that you couldn't find this--here's the SO list which you posted on March 13, 2003:

SOs to FortuneTeller (you'll always be at the top of my list), Princess of Darkness, Syrdarya, jessanne, genrefan, Old Man Fan, seniorslayer, darcie, eirefaerie, littlexander, kathypg, Covergirl, Sita the Night Goddess, Old One, Algerina, Dogmeat, Django, HumVee, Amarra, wolfguard, Fad23, elreyn24, Genevieve's Lucie, Raynn, newt, paks, Ojagwers, cuppa_tea, Molly, numba1buffyfan, princessfantastico, atter, strangestgirl, melusine, roja, Kessie, The Host, Mar, Daps, DUNOTS, Lil_Tara, Belle, XanFan32, ShadowQuest, sunlit5, CarpeDi, idream, BlueBoy, tralf, willow_spike, BRAD, chalkdusty, tiggy, Goddess@Home, ducky, abt, Adri, white wings, Narrator, KAM, Morella, Catriona, Ergoshakes, ObisidianEyes, Sir Chris, redwitch, Aramina, ruyen, Yvonne, Ripley, firstwatcher, weebeastie, Nyght Kittee, Kaisa, ZenFlavouredAsheedee, mike-ff, Angeldust, Aylaking, Cassie, nyx, Tears4Tara, willowntara83, Unadopted Angie, Bloody Animal, y2j, shattering, Zoriah, Fearless Strawberry, Schmoopie, Ripper, jazzy173, mimi, Tarness Preacher, buffybot, atomic vamp, JubJub, yellowdog, YokoTara, Bear, Slayers_Gift, Tash, lavender, and even Greasel, should he ever show up again and actually decide to scroll, and everyone else here. All you have to do to be SOed by me is talk to me! Or be new and I welcome you. Everyone should be able to control-F and find their name somewhere. That's my motto.

Famlet SOs to Turk, Kaymyth, and CorruptorofFire

VIP SOs to Alyson, James, Amber, Emma, Sarah, Tony, Eliza, Seth, David, Charisma, Alexis, Amy, J., Glenn, Nathan, Gina, Alan, Jewel, Morena, Summer, Marti Noxon, Tim Minear, Steve DeKnight, Drew Goddard, Drew Z. Greenberg, David Fury, Michael Gershman, -mere- (the third VIP to post to me in a very special three-day time span, and whose Angel episodes always rock), Erika Amato (the first VIP who posted to me, and who is therefore even more awesome, if that's possible) and Velvet Chain, Christopher Golden (who also posted to me!), Joss of course, and everyone else I forgot.

--best regards, and welcome back to all returnees. I can hardly wait until Wednesday morning (the start of "season 8" ...).

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janni says:
(Sun Mar 11 01:00:03 2007
tiggy Don't fight the pervyness grope embrace it!

CYMru I'm great. I'm a granny now! A very young, very sexy granny !

Cosmic Bob So very good to see you, looking so very wrong.

Xanderella But of course, you are so wise.

Miss Tartie smooch

Running off to Home Depot with the hub, oh joy!

Will check back in in a bit.

This is so fun!!


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tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:59:01 2007
StG - not quite...don't rush me. they are almost 12, almost 11, 6 and a half and 4 and a half.


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Fantasma says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:58:30 2007
Cashmere, white wings: I see a subject on knitting, well, I thought I'd share that I've been involved in such things lately... got me a hat and a scarf, my sis has a few things too... but my pride are the monkeys. I've crocheted monkeys. Take a look at the one I gave Candy of the Succubus Club. Don't judge the page, I've not touched it in years... oy. But, the monkey... he mocks...

eirefaerie: Of course, of course, I'm afraid the frostbitten toes and knocking knees had distracted me. The temp finally reaches 50 F outside, but that only means the interior heat works less... would my lady like a hot chocolate instead? Yo! Barkeep! Add a little Kahlua too? *g* Thems is mighty tasty... hmm... maybe...

tiggy: I hear ya... moneys would be a good thing... start saving those pennies!!

Kessie: The occasional poke in the ribs would work, but the chocolate....*happy shudder*

Princess of Darkness: Howdy to you to, sweets! Check out the monkey I crocheted a few years ago (see above), I saw the knitting mention...

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:57:03 2007
tourogal!! - Wow, it's great to see you! How are you? How are the kids? they must be teenagers by now. I'm getting so old.

PDR - I know what you mean - my life after Buffy came into it is more interesting, that's for sure. The Bronzers are so much more important than the show, but the show made it all possible.


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OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:56:49 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 00:59:05 2007
CYMru - c'mon, she's out of practice... those would have been considered short posts for tiggy in the past.


ETA - tourogal - hey there yourself.

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:53:42 2007
NASCAR good, wreckage not, unless no one's hurt, then it's the most entertaining part. :-)
I'm watching the Ducks beat the Trojans. Quite enjoyable.

Another corner heard from. My my, posters from the past. :o)

Guitar shopping huh? Hope she likes it.

Thanks Artie for killing the spam's been rather irritating.

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CYMru says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:51:44 2007
Cashmere - Thats a common misconception. We're actually born with several. The exact number isn't known because you can never pin one of us down long enough to count. Also, there made from carbon fibre.

tiggy - I seem to remember a post every 10 seconds or so in conjunction with, oh I don't know, 10 aim chats. Also, I seem to remember a bit of a lock-in after the bronze had officially closed via the ip address. Ah, good times. Its such a shame that place closed, seems like theres never since been a real central get together place for everyone to get together. Just looking back at that one page brought back so many memories. I have no idea what anything in my sig means. And you're just showing off now with your inhumanly long posts.

Seska - I was just reading my sig and, where I was once proud that everything was so personalised, I can now not fathom any of it. I'll see your almost married to a woman ;) (and nf act constantly being pressured to marry) and raise you a "I have a sofa of my very own" and then use a "I have a job that requires me to wear a suit!" to call you!
Are you still in touch with Amorphia? It must be 4 years since I last spoke to her. If you see her, ask if she ever got to marry Darren Gough? And if she did, was he aware of it!
Personally, I'm a fan of the old school sofas. Once you've been intimate with one, its really hard to even think about another one. I'm no sofa-*****!

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:50:47 2007
hey there. *hugs*

hey you *hugs*

i like pink... can i blame anyone for it? well, it's easier said than done. it's my own fault. after all i knew for quite a while that he might have feelings for me. its my fault that it took me so long to realize that i have the same feelings for him. lol really some days i think that my destiny is to end up alone. *sighs*

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:47:43 2007
Philip! - You know, a good son would show up and say hi once in a while. (How's that for parental guilt?) Tell me all about your life right now.


^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:47:24 2007
yes, i'm showing up. not for long.

but, while i'm here, i might as well say hi to the old guard:

StG! Where have you been?
Quidam! long time no speak.

and i see RTBS, and willa and OldManFan....whee, old home week!


^ v
Menomegirl says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:47:07 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 00:51:41 2007
tiggy3323-Confused and awed is right. Your posts alone were the stuff of legend. It was intimidating, to say the least.

SOs to abt, Adri, Algerina, AmyStar, Angela, Aramina, Austin154, Bossy the Cow, buffyrat, Captain Chaos, CaughtNTheQuiet, Christopher Marlowe, DaddyCatAlso, Deadguy, Dianne, Dogmeat- *bump*, Fantasma, Foot Tapper, Gin Soaked Boy, Glow Boy, Gray, Gothic Avenger, Holy Water, Hollyn, HumVee, Irishrose, Jaan Quidam. KAM, Leather Jacket, kathypg, Leira, Lisa_H, LittleWillow, lostinamerica, lucille, Major Wiggins, Maverick, Morella, Narrator, Nirvana1, neonate, Newt, Mrs Beasley, OldManFan, Ojagwers, Old One, paks, Peace Fire, pfeifferpack, Quaint Little Shop Girl, Red Crayon, Safarigirl, Shade of Bronze, ShadowQuest, Shan, notsoShygirl, slayerdaddy, tiggy, Thoin, Trinity, valMichael, Watchers Pet, wiccachick, white wings, wolfguard, ZedsDead, Zeus, and all others I have yet to add.

Special SOs to Denise, Algerina, angeljade, azyral, BabyKanie, BethTheLimeQueen, Candyace, chickie6969, ElyJan, evildru, felis, gingerpig, gottarhyme, JennJenn, Megan, Mystic, obsessedmuch aka lar, Rattle N Sound, RavenU, rubywisp, RuricAmhari, stir_of_echoes, Tabby, tesla, wingFangel, and everyone else who inspires me.

Yay! And VIP SO's to David Boreanaz, Christian Kane, Andy Hallett, Marc Blucas, Julie Benz, Jonathan M. Woodward, Eliza Dushku, James Marsters, Stephanie Romanov, Emma Caulfield, Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Amber Benson, Anthony Stewart Head, Charisma Carpenter, Vincent Kartheiser, Seth Green, Glenn Quinn, Danny Strong, Juliet Landau, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, Michelle Trachtenberg, Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, Drew Goddard, David Fury, Marti Noxon, Mike Massa, -mere-, Jane Espenson, Tracey Forbes, Todd, Steven Deaton, Ty King, Steve DeKnight, Jeff Pruitt, Sophia, Erika, Michele Waitman, Christopher Golden, Mike Holoway, Sean Simon, Paul Darrow and Tim Minear, who deserved an Emmy for making me cry over Angel.

"I don't understand how you could watch 'Becoming, Parts I & II' and not be a Buffy-Angel 'shipper. And I don't understand how you could watch anything I wrote, and not be a Darla-Angel 'shipper. But really, I'm an Angel-Lindsey 'shipper."-Tim Minear

^ v
The Mayoress says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:47:04 2007
Well it's been nice to see a few familiar faces. Goodnight all, see some of you in LJ land soon.

^ v
Kessie says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:44:49 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 00:46:17 2007
Fantasma: Hm then I just need to send you more remind emails or chocolate? ;-)

k8cre8: Hi there partner in crime. Hope you are having a nice day. Thanks again for helping me yesterday!

sweick: me and me typos *g* Normally its just Kessie! ;-)

Princess of Pink ...ahem I mean darkness: Dont let the boys bug you!

^ v
OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:43:24 2007
tiggy - save up for President's Day weekend 2008... just a hunch I have.



^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:43:00 2007

Thank you for the links. :)

Dianne & tiggy,

Thank you for the colors. *g*


Wave Back. *g*

I read you'd published a novel (?) Congratulations. :)


^ v
PDR says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:41:32 2007
ShirazPetra -
Of course! We kicked *** at the pub quiz!

Seska -
True enough! :)

Jaan Quidam -
Mmmm... I'm drooling a little. It's unpleasant, but I can't help it. Mainly it's over the 1994 Les Paul. I want a Les Paul so much I feel incomplete inside. To be fair though, I have three guitars at the moment, and only have room for one, so it's probably not a good time to go looking in guitar shops. It was only in November I bought my newest toy which I love ver' ver' much. But my next purchase will most likely be a Les Paul of some flavour. Mmm.
I think Sachiel will like her acoustic too.

Selenay -
It's just like old times!

mabb -

TMorel -
Being smashed out of one's teeny tiny doesn't mean one can let the manners slip dear boy!

horizon -
Yes, mine too! In ten years, the Bronze itself has become less of a part of my life, but at the same time, Bronzers have become totally integrated in it. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn't been a part of this community.

Anais -
Sorry 'bout that!

StGermain -
Mum! {{{hugs}}}

Well, 'tis bedtime for me, I think. Take care all!

^ v
Octoquad says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:41:16 2007
Happy 10th Anniversary to the Bronze Community!

I got to the Beta a bit late (2001), and might not have made the scene at all if not for the good graces of greeneyes and Sonia Marie.
And I learned so much from being here(mostly lurking)that I must thank everyone in the house for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

So many people, all so different, all with a common thread.

tiggy: you rock bigger than a big rocky thing that makes all the other rocks wish they were you.

Now if I only could get on Jaan Quidam's SO List I could go gently into that good night...


^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:34:25 2007
yeah me too. Lost isnt one of my fave shows anymore. Im all about Greys, heroes and Bones. lol.
I also just decided Ill start knitting just like meredith. me and guys really suck lol

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:32:19 2007
Quidam!!! - Hiya! How's Mayberry life? Life for me has it's ups and downs, but I keep going. Not that I have any choice.


^ v
Hello Cutie says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:30:07 2007
Just checking in to confirm that I got the memo. Good to see newt, seniorslayer and redwitch here: all bronzers who became RL friends.

^ v
ginger says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:29:48 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 00:42:53 2007
eeek! no. he has a sensitive voice! no germs. but thanks for trying. do you remember back when i was a mere hopeful stalker of you? little did i know that one day that you and i would compose a bedtime lullaby about cheese together. o happy days.

speaking of snow patrol- sublimal message for faithx5: the tall one singing - kidnap him for me. thankies. also an informational message for you- they've also had their songs on ER.

Wait..... this is the Snow Patrol board. Right?

SO's to Glow Boy, helygen, redwitch, Ozlady, White Wings, slayerdaddy, Denise, *sunburst*, CarpeDi, Princess of Darkness.

^ v
Seska (the Watcher) says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:26:37 2007
CYMru Remind me. I no longer remember such things. Why exactly was I "not badgeless ;)"? As for suburbia and tedium - I see your that, and raise you a 'practically married OK, to a Girl, what's your point :D and renting a rather gorgeous flat in north London's incredibly dull middle-class professional wilderness'. If it weren't for a fairly rare long-term illness, I'd be really boring. :D As to amorphia's sofa: pah. That was a long time ago. The two of us then went on to share a flat for two years, where we had an entirely different sofa. :P If she were still here, I'm sure she'd say hi. :)

Kiba Rika Much identification with the 'Buffy just makes you feel better' stuff! I may be mostly housebound, occasionally stuck in a wheelchair and tediously unemployed, but a good dose of The Wish or Bad Girls still cures all ills. :D

nails I had to graduate sometime. I reckon with two degrees, a teaching diploma and a great record of surviving weird stuff, somewhere along the way I got to be a Watcher... Huge thanks for the semi-siggy. I'd forgotten I was Unofficial Bronze Resident English Tutor. At least I was good for something.

PDR! Lookie. I lost the -i-T. :D

Xanderella Did everyone notice Seska is no longer a W-I-T? She's a full-fledged Watcher, now. I wonder if Scotland Yard ever interviewed her in re that big explosion they had a CoW headquarters, a few years back. Hmm... It wasn't me. *shifty look*

Hi tiggy!

Dianne Flowers! Sounds pretty.

Oh, goodness... What WAS ten years ago? I was just finishing up a year in the States - although I do not remember seeing Buffy while over there, it must have been on. It was a long time ago... What I have done in ten years: got a degree and a Master's (I'm sure various Bronzers remember my various stress rants about that); become a teacher; settled down with a wonderful person who makes me very happy; adjusted to a lot of new situations. A lot.

- Seska
Faith Fanatic #32
Co-founder of The BBC Is Evil
Welshketier #29
Bard-let #5 (yay!)
WRATHS member #3
(hence Apprentice Tag Slayer)
Duck Shoot's Eliza Club member #3
Mended Drum denizen #4
Unofficial Bronze Resident English Tutor
Watcher in Training: "Like a disclaimer" - CYMru (*g*)

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:25:12 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 00:44:04 2007
willa! - My house was built in 1849. It's not terribly comfortable, (150 year old windows aren't exactly energy efficient, and the only insulation is that that I'm adding as I can) but I love it! I love my land, my house, having the horses with me. Now I have 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 horses. Here's a pic.


^ v
tiggy says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:23:27 2007
Wild Weasel
i feel that since your wife was once my twinlet that i need to introduce myself to you. so, hi! nice to meet you!

marrying Tommy Donnelly and listening to the Arcade Fire? i'd say it's pretty normal these days... *smooooooooooch*

that is pretty bizarre. you're both from here, but you didn't meet here. that's just...neat.

but counting is math! i don't know. i'm just not all that creative and i can't imagine how something should look just by looking at skeins and skeins of yarn.

i definitely hope there's another gathering with everyone in the near future. i also hope it's during a time i have the money and time so that i can attend!

i'm pretty much the same. i come by here every once in a while, but i even more rarely post. it's not really the same anymore. everyone has moved on to other places and other points in their lives.

i doubt your ability to smuttify will ever die. you'll be 90 years old making lewd comments to the nurses taking care of you. ;) that last board was a nuthouse, wasn't it?

ha! confusion and awe. those are good ways to describe the bronze of yore.

i haven't been to the 'lage in a long time either. don't even really care for Lost anymore. i just have quite a few friends on my flist who do and are planning on going to the party.

i'm not even a tiggy-esque poster these days!

thanks! that thing was a bit hair-pulling inducing.

Glow Boy
you're welcome. if i get a chance i might throw up some more boards later. i remember you telling me your first post was on the last day. that makes your postiversary easy to remember, huh?

yay!! you got in!! no sign of Mia yet. i might have to call her butt and get her to show. it's good to see you. we need to keep in better contact.

the thing about internet dramas of any kind is that i've seen it all before. so it's hard for me to care. that thing last night seriously had me laughing because of the cliches though!

i thought whores only wore red high heels. now you're saying they don't get colors? my world is askew!

you need to hurry up and come back to nashville so we can have dinner again.

speaking of dinner, i'm off to have some steak. be back in a bit.

^ v
The Mayoress says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:20:39 2007
RippedToast Yes things on this side of the world are busy indeed and I have yet to find the sense of organisation to deal with it. It was all much simpler when I was only working part-time, but I really do need to get more organised or I'm going to run into serious issues when I start doing higher papers... I hope the job seeking turns something up soon.. {{hugs}}

^ v
Jaan Quidam says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:18:47 2007
Hello again. Had lunch. Went guitar shopping. And, for the first time since I de-lurked in 1998, I just had a post dingoed.



white wings


LOL Why yes, yes you can. ;)

Mmmm, PVC.


Well hey there, son. ;) Sachiel and I went shopping for an acoustic for her--she wants to learn to play. As it turns out, she's a little person, so she got a smaller-body guitar. I think this is the one she got. And, while she was pondering what she wanted to get, I did a little pondering myself. I played an Alembic Rogue, which is a really great instrument, and then this Spector Euro just for comparison. Much to my surprise, I might have liked the Spector better, even though it was $2000 less. It was incredibly aggressive. I'm thinking of getting it and, well, dude, getting the band back together! Oh, and I recently got myself a 1994 Les Paul--I love it!

Cosmic Bob

Yeah, but I remember it being horrible. I watched the four episodes as they aired, and thought the first two were just one clich after another. But now, I rather like it. It seems the episodes I saw were probably the two least good ones. Also, I might be in your neck of the woods for a few days soon. I'll keep you posted.

Hi there! Thank you! I haven't posted in a while. But I lurk. So I've seen you posting. :)

Please pass the salt.

Hi! Yup, I haven't been here since like last December. Oddly enough, I seem to follow threads more when I'm lurking than posting. But yeah, been a bit busy. Hows about you? I haven't seen you too much lately--things going okay?

Hey there! How you doin', my friend? It's been a while.

Hi! And thanks for keeping us on line.

Well, I'm off. But first, here's a big fat "hi" to everyone I might have missed whilst scrolling: Hi! Okay bye,
No one stops my party

^ v
eirefaerie says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:18:15 2007
Denise: Whores don't get colors! I keep telling you that!

I AM NOT A *****. I worked especially hard and passed my Celibacy Test. It required sitting on my couch and eating Cheetos and watching Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. Oh, yeah, and not doing it for money. It was hard work!

white wings! aah! *scurries*

Fantasma: Good first try, love, but where was the fanning of palm fronds? Geez. I have to do all the work now. *sigh*

GL: I think of you when I watch TXF too! I sadly don't watch it as much as I should anymore, but I'm about to embark on a seven-season (why cause ourselves pain with seasons 8 and 9?) x-files-a-thon with a friend of mine who's never seen it. Should be fun!

ginger: I texted Dachelle last night while she was at Snow Patrol and told her to snog Gary for you. (For you! Somehow, the Gary-kissage would get back to you. Probably through the post, but I wouldn't rule out a telegram.) She said she was too sick, and did not want to infect him, but I think surely he is impervious to disease?

I'm missing people - sorry! I've forgotten how to scroll!

^ v
Cashmere says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:11:01 2007
CYMru I thought the Welsh were born without livers. At least they drink like they are.

White Wings A friend of my sister knitted this cap for Liv. cc: newt

Christopher Marlowe My first obsession was Gatchaman (age 8), Star Wars (age 12) Doctor Who (age 15) and Red Dwarf (16)--I was made for obsessive cult tv shows.

I love Veronica Mars but it still doesn't have the same Buffy feel to it. I think I'm starting to get that feeling from Supernatural, though.

As much as I look for her in other shows, I feel that it will be nearly impossible to recreate what she was to so many people.

I didn't start watching Buffy until season 3 in 1999. I was watching Helpless without knowing what I was watching when DH sort of made fun of the title of the show. I felt guilty and didn't try to finish it. Then I saw Earshot and became obsessed with catching up, watching all the reruns, buying the VHS box sets and reading episode recaps online at work until I was all caught up. Of course, I found the threaded bronze about the same time and eventually moved over to the linear board.

*waves* to Denise, Genevieve's Lucie, Mrs. Beasley, and nails

^ v
willa says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:05:33 2007
St. G! We bought a 1902 Victorian, and it's so pretty that sometimes I can't believe we live there. Nice to see you!

^ v
Tiamat says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:05:10 2007
Closet Buffyholic: Chica la beeka ... When did you move to the 'Hood ?? Err, the Mt of the Hood??? Have you checked out Voodoo Donuts in DT Portland?? Have you gone out east on the 84 to check out the carousel museum?? Have you gone to Farrell's Ice cream parlor?? Have you gone out to Tillamook for some fresh ice cream & cheese?? Have you gone out to check out Multnomah Falls & get the pancakes at the cafe there?? IF ya make it to Seattle, check out Beth's Cafe for their 6/12 egg omelets & killer hash browns ... Have you and 'stina gotten a settlement out of Ty King for false imprisonment of the Seattle Six???

Gosh ... Has it really been ten years?? I found the Bronze during the tv commercials for BtVS before it even premiered ... I saw that Joss was making a show from the movie & how it was going to be how the movie should've been (before Kuzui screwed it up) ... Thus, the Bronze was here when I turned on the tv for the premiere & I was lurking in the Bronze ...

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:04:57 2007
*runs over to hug you* hey cutie. hows life with you?

^ v
Denise says:
(Sun Mar 11 00:04:25 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 00:06:53 2007
Not even fully scrolled yet. Who even remembers when it took this much effort to keep up with the board?

Dao Jones!!! I didn't see you the first time I scrolled. I hope you and the little one are doing well.

Xanderella antipodean? God, I haven't seen her around since shortly after the finale. I'd love for her to stop by.

How about miller's angel? Has anyone seen or heard from her recently?

tiggy, *Sunburst*, CarpeDi, Xanderella, faithx5 VM dramas always amuse me. It's like watching a sequel to a movie and realizing somewhere around the middle that it seems familiar to you, but that you're just not as emotionally vested in it as you were the first.

*Denise crawls out of the chocolate gudder, flinging Democratic ooze everywhere as she reaches in her pocket for one of her few remaining packets of Republican Pixie dust. Happy to find it unharmed by the thick chocolate goo, she opens it and throws it toward Adri, enveloping her and everyone else in the vicinity in a sparkly Republican haze.

eirefaerie Whores don't get colors! I keep telling you that!

TMorel I guess we don't need the big pretty words today, when the little ones will do just as well.

white wings I know, I know...I'm horrible. *hangs head in shame* I wish that life would slow down just the teenisest bit so that I could at least pretend to be successfully keeping up with it. How are you doing? How are your parents? *smoooooooch*

Geneveieve's Lucie Aw, thanks! I'm doing okay. How are you and the girls?

CosmicBob It's definitely a very unique fandom.

Denise watches as white wings' Purple Unmentionables fly by and wonders if there's any tekillya left.

seniorslayer Thank you. I meant every word of it. I love you guys. *smooooooch*

horizon Thank you.

The Partyman!!!!

Off to make dinner and then scroll some more[/deja vu]

^ v
SlayerSteph aka The Roving Reporter says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:59:45 2007
Okay...I've been trying to post for about an hour now...

Hello and hugs!!! OMJ it has been tooooo long...

*waves* to Tiggy, Mia, flipley, Phoenix, fenric, artie, whitewings, BritSlayer, DeAn, AjO, Blade, Little Willow, OzLady, Princess of Darkness, Pooks, TAMZ, notsoshygirl, Zeus, SlayedSoul and KibaRika

And also to anyone else I forgot in my not-able-to-post frustration!

Technical issues not withstanding, I really miss this place!!!

^ v
Glow Boy says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:59:32 2007
helygen, no problem although it looks like it's not needed anymore.

k8cre8 hello to you too.

Tiggy, thanks for posting that link of the last day of the WB Bronze. It makes me all nostalgic seeing that. Especially as my first ever post is in there. *g*.


^ v
SheBit says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:58:33 2007
The 'Bit wanders in hesitantly, checking for familiar faces

Evening all, and happy Buffday. Gosh, has it really been ten years?

I'd post my SO list, but I'm away from home at the moment so don't have access to it. SO to the usual suspects - you know who you are.

^ v
SlayerSteph aka The Roving Reporter says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:54:03 2007

^ v
drunkenfairy says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:53:39 2007
Algerina You are my hero of the day for getting the word out. *g*

Irishrose Hello *wavies*

Since, I'm posting while also waiting on battleground queues I've realized that it's possible my lack of tv watching could be due to too much WoW with the hubby. *sigh*

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:52:46 2007|
horizon - I'm well - i've bought a 150 year old farm house and 14 acres out in Murfreesboro. I still keep waiting for you to come back to Vandy for grad school. What are you doing these days? How's your brother? Did you ever tell your parents about your Buffy excursions?

Cosmic Bob - Have I told you that I acquired an english setter? You need to come by the Camp more often?

RTBS - Did you now my sister was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer recently? We found out today that she also has thyroid cancer. life sucks sometimes. How's Alexander? You didn't send a picture this Christmas.


^ v
Christoher Marlowe says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:52:37 2007
Cashmere Although I don't have kids, my sisters kids were obsessed with Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile a played it endlessly. Guess it's one of those things kids go through. I dont' remember having that kind of obsession as a kid.

Shaun Sometimes it doesn't feel like five years. *g*

^ v
Terwilliger says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:51:45 2007 first, now that I think of it

Hey. Not dead. Still lurky. Just realizing that, somewhere, I have a VHS tape I recorded something I felt would be pretty nifty on a decade ago. Wish I knew exactly where, though...


(Still a lurker, still a Lion.)

^ v
RippedToast says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:48:12 2007
The Mayoress: I'm pretty good, thanks. Jobseeking, which is frustrating, but otherwise happy with how things are going. How are things on the other side of the world? It sounds like you're keeping busy anyway!

Shiraz Petra: We did help to keep certain people busy with our weddings this year, didn't we? Sounds like yours went really well - hope you didn't hear anything too bad about ours ;o)

^ v
nails says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:48:10 2007
wolfguard I'm pretty sure I've seen a copy of the last WB board online somewhere, but I can't find the link right now.

In the meantime (which is a groovy time), here's some other stuff I found lurking in my bookmarks:

fenric's list

Bronze Lore

Who's who

Bronze Action Theater

VIP Bios

VIP Archives

^ v
Artie says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:48:09 2007
Ok, wow.. seems like the spam filter I started test last night isn't as effective as it could be. Way way to manyfalse positives, so I have gone ahead and disabled it for now until I can find a better solution.

Sorry about that.

^ v
Algerina says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:47:42 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 23:49:31 2007
So great to see a busy board on Saturday.

Honors to Master Minds - Queen Olivia, Mayor Freddy, Deputy Mayor FireandIce, Morella Commissioner of Economic Development. Henchman Cyrano, Lackey Zedsdead, Union contractor SlayerDaddy. Coroner Lil Pia,
Our slogan "Today Sunnydale tomorrow the world!"

SOs to abt, Adri, queen of chat,Aethelaf, AmyStar, andyourlittledogtoo, Angeliques Faith, AngelsAngelus, Angel Rachel, Angela, Antipodean, Aramina, AussieBullDog, Austin154, Bitter Sweet, Bones, Bossy the Cow, BuffyBuff, BuffyRat,Captain Chaos, CarpeDi, Cashmere, Catriona, Chiquens, Cleio, Closeyoureyes, Comteacher, CoverGirl, Christopher Marlowe, Cymru - Who is quite a MAN, Cyrano, DaRkAngel, Dayzee Deadguy - Any Questions?, DeAn, DELiver, DelRaven, Dianne, Dirty Socks, Django, Ducky, Dudley, DunkenFairy, Dunlin, el, Extra Flamey - TVStar and snake charmer Ebdim9th, ,Ektagraph, Elly, Everdawn and Mr., Fire&ice, Fred, Freddy, Gazoo - my Angel, Giles Lover, GilesSlave, Gin Soaked Boy, Gray, Greeneyes, Genrefan, Genevieves Lucie, Gothic Avenger, Griffin Spots, Hello Cutie, Holy Water, HumVee, Intoit, IreneAdler, Jaan Quidam. Janni, Jassa, Kameko, Kathypg, Killer, KibaRika, Kronos, LadyWolfbane, Lazy Girl, Leather Jacket, LilBufBuf, Lil Pia, LittleWillow, Loop, Macheath, Maeve, Major Wiggins, Maverick, Melwil, Menomegirl, the slash queen, Midiangirl, Millers Angel, Morella, MargotLeFaye Narrator - the terribly confused, Newt, Noetic Concordance, Niblet, NiteVizhun, Mrs Beasley - whose a real doll , OldManFan, Ojagwers OldOne my old flame, Olivia - the lovely , Ozlady, Prince of Lunacy, Rainbow ReDruM the creator , Red Hood, Red Thunder, Reyna, Rikki, Rosebud, Roman Around, RTBS who is not from Iowa , Sabre, Safarigirl, Sci-Fi-Bard - of the silver words , SeniorSlayer, Seska, Shade of Bronze, Shade of Grey, ShadowQuest, Shan, Shaniah, Shygirl, Slayerdaddy, Slayerette2000, Snowflake, Squirrel, Stonefloat, Suekib, SusieQ, Sushi, The Librarian, the Red Hood, The Stage, Tamz, TB, Tenik, Thoin, Turk, Undead, ValMichael, Uberman, VampChica, VampireViv, Vanessa, Vilia, White Wings, Willow1231 WillowsGimp - the adventure and corruptor , WireGhost, Wolfguard the wise , Xandman, Xanderific, Xanderella, Xlander, Zarthrax, ZedsDead, and all others

Buffy es prcticamente perfecto de cada manera
Buffy est pratiquement parfait de chaque voie
Buffy ist praktisch vollkommen in jeder Weise
Buffy praticamente perfetto in ogni modo
Buffy praticamente perfeito em cada maneira
Buffy-san wa arayuru koto ni hotondo kanpeki desu.
Buffy kelimenin tam anlamiyla mukemmel
Buffy is practically perfect in every way.

Member of the sleepless six

^ v
redruM says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:43:47 2007
A few words and stuff I've not used in a loooong time that made me smile.





And with that my trip down memory lane is at an end.

Night all


*"This guy could be anybody. He could be wierd or crazy or old or..........He could be a circus freak........He's probably a circus freak !"

"Yeah I mean you read about it all the time. You know people meet on the net, they talk, they get together, have dinner, a show.........Horrible axe murder"*

Buffy 'N' Xander I.R.-Y.J.

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:38:59 2007
WOW! Look at all the faces and names! This calls for dusting off my siggy!

How I came to Buffy This seems like a popular thing to do today, but mine is kind of lame. I remember the first episode I saw - School Hard. The reason I saw it? I was bored and flipping through channels. I was instantly hooked. I watched faithfully after that, but was still devoted to my other fandom internet wise. But ever so slowly I started looking for Buffy related places. Eventually, I found the Beta, and have been here since. I have many fond memories of long posts to White Wings and Ojagwers. I'm not nearly so much tiggy-esce poster anymore, but I still love everyone!

SO's and RSO's to: Abt, Acolyte, Adri, Algerina,amystar, Android, angela, AngelicSlayer23, Antipodean, Aramina, AussieBullDog, Bawston, Beldin, Belmont, Blade, Bossy The Cow, Britslayer, buffyrat, CarpeDi, Captain Chaos, Cashmere, Cassie, Catriona, Christopher Marlow, ComTeacher, Covergirl, Crossover, Dachelle, Daps, DaddyCatALSO, Deadguy, Dogmeat, Drunkenfairy, Ducky, Dunlin, Eirefaerie, Extra Flamey, faithx5, Foot Tapper, Genevieve's Lucie, Genrefan, Glow Boy, Gothic Avenger, Halfrek, Helygen, Holy Water, HumVee, Immortal, Intoit, Jaan Quidam, jitsudude, k8cre8, Kaisa, Kam, Kathypg, Kaymyth, Kessie, kronos, Lazy Girl, Little Fear Demon, LittleWillow, LittleXander, Liz, lostinamerica, Mai, Mar, Menomegirl, Morella, Morph, Mr Holtz, Mrs Beasley, MrsBigpileofdust, Narrator, neonate, Newt, Nirvana1, Noetic Concordance, Old Man Fan, Old One, Ojagwers, Ozlady, Paks, Peace Fire, Petrona, pfeifferpack, Princess of Darkness, Quaint Little Shop Girl, Red Crayon, Reyna, RogueHostile17, Roja, RTBS, Scourge, ShadowQuest, Slayerdaddy, Smidge, Spikmeister, Invisible Girl, The Birthday Gnome, TheStage, Thoin, Tiggy, Tralf, Trinity, valMichael, Vlad, Vamp Willow, Vamp Slayer, White Wings, wiccachick, Wolfguard, Xanderella, XanFan 32, Zeus, and anyone else I forgot.

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Mommy to Beta fifths Bitty Bella, Spudnut, and Yirgacheffe, Ghosty,
Spot, Sullivan, Mia, GURM, Rosebud, Rhapsody, Callisto, (and one other a couple months ago I need to round up!)

^ v
Princess of Darkness says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:36:44 2007
you know, some things just never change. My life sucks. :( a well nevermind

Really? I havent been on the fuselage for ages. bad me lol. actually i havent planned much. One day i want to drive up to San Diego to go to Sea world. But other than that nothing special. probably meeting up with bdbdb, Nikka and who else is willing to see me lol.

^ v
white wings says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:34:34 2007
Ooooh, Closet Buffyholic dropped a tag! Oregon? another ledge? Well congratulations on the beautiful surroundings.

buffyrat - *glare* Now why bring up unpleasant subjects?

Mr. Whyt - You think?

Fantasma - Yes, it does take some time. And I should think about doing something productive, too.

newt- Very, very impressive. Did I see that you got Knitter's Elbow? Remember to stretch periodically.

I know what you mean about shows not creating the obsession. I watch Bones, and it can be discussed and I do enjoy the scenery and humor, but its not quite the same.

I havent been to Knitter's Review for a while. I'm not exactly sure what Ive been doing. Latest project is scanning in old old family photos and seeing if I can remove the blemishes. My mother's memory is failing, and photos and digital frames and stuff give her quite bit of pleasure. I got Scanner's Shoulder from repetitive motion with that.

Which reminds me, I need to start on a birthday cake for her.

*flit for a bit*

^ v
Menomegirl says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:32:17 2007
*drive by*

Feeling all nostalgic over all of your posts, remembering the days when I lurked in confusion and awe.

Y'all still make me smile.


^ v
Selenay says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:31:56 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 23:33:02 2007
Selenay stumbles back from not being in the Bronze, to reappear in the Bronze for five minutes and wave at people. Tiredly. Thinking that it might be nice, for nostalgia's sake, to maybe stumble back tomorrow, too.

Beldin Hi! Another person I recognise!

Catriona *tacklehugs* Woo you! And look at you, all actory and on stage-ness *g* I well remember discussing the cuteness of Reepecheek (my spelling is totally off tonight) with you :-) How is it that so much time has passed? Right, I'm an absentee Sel. Bad Sel.

PDR Hail the Harem leader!

notsoShyGirl Gosh, darn, can't imagine where I recognise you from :-)

I found Buffy while I was making my first stab at the university thing - it was late season 2 in the USA. I'd just got Internet in my dorm room and it was the first time I'd really been able to play around with this shiny new concept. So I searched for Buffy sites, naturally. And found the official site first (such a newbie to the entire Internet thing) with this weird thing called "The Bronze". Lurked for about two days, started posting on day three and that was my first introduction to the fandom concept. I have a lot of good memories from The Bronze - staying up super-late to attend the Prom in a rather fetching tuxedo, Calvin and Hobbs-ball, dropped tags, bartenders, question of the day...wait, why did I leave?

It was more of a drift - life got busy, my on-line time got restricted and I found shiny new obsessions. Now I mostly hang around in LJ land (not that LJ, the other one) and in other fandoms.

This place is rather nice and familiar stuff. And I see that it's being kept up nicely, too. Hmmmm....

Selenay wanders into the night, tripping occasionally on tables that have been moved, humming something that sounds rather like 'Wild Horses', but with a few unusual notes added.

And I just got hit by the spam-filter fairies.

Selenay pulls out IT Bod tools, fiddles around a bit, and hopefully has a working post.

It worked!


^ v
CYMru says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:31:01 2007
Tiggy - I hope the last bit of me to die will be my ability to smuttify (look, I just made up a word!) any conversation. Of course, the first will be my liver. I just had a look at your copy of the last night of the bronze, very colourfull and dropped tags all over the place! Also, I've got the last post on there and you've also got my sig, which is below!

SOs go to - Adri(of the guttery weevilness), Algerina (I could be in a choir if I wanted! *eg*), am[!----]berlynne (look no colour and in a sexy accent grrrr.....), amorhottiephia (drinking partner and goat showerer *g* oh of course they don't shower..), Andeeh, andyourlittledogtoo, Angelique's Faith, Anne, Antipodean, Bastion Ridley, Beldin, Bohemiangel, BOO, BritSlayer Jo[!----]ss beater ;) )Bullseye, Cashmere *smoooooootch*, chiquens, Clarri EEEEEVVVVILL eyes ;), DeAn (stereoaholic and general dude! :D if only I had a rocking so list.....), DEL, Dirty Socks, Dr Lectre, Elly, Em, the Everdawns, extra flAMeY (my first SO), Fiveby5, Freddy, greeneyes, gurlgreen, Icelord, Idle Hands, IamDaria21, Imogen, Isis Did anyone get the licence plate on that car?????? *eg*, Joey Emma WELSHGIRL!, Kameko, Kenix, Katiesangel, killer, Kohoutek (Quincy! QUINCY!!!!), Kronos turn off the lights!, Lady Wolfsbane, LilBufBuf, Lil Pia, LJC, LurkingGirl (the good part of the beeb)Madame Butterfly, Maeve, Maldwyn, malista, Margot, MedusA, melwil, Morella, Mrs.Pointy (rugger and a pint? :)), Mr.Whyt, mump hands off the pants!, Nails, Newfan, Nightflyer, Old One, Olivia, Ozrocks, Prince of Lunacy, Rachie Let the mockage commence! ;), Rainbow (thumbing it.....), RedThunder (Bows in presence!), Roman Around, abre, ScaryGodmother, Seska(W-I-T) but not badgeless ;), Shade, Shanniah, ShyGirl torturer no.3 ;), Slayerdaddy, Slayergrl99, SpookyMagoo, Stake, Starr guddery you are, although that goes for all women *weg*, St George, Sushi, Susie Q (GODDESS!!!), Taliesin sut mae, TB (my mistress *g*), the red hood (drunken rogue tag slayer), the Chef, The Sci-Fi Bard {{{hugs}}}, Thoin, THX, tiggy3323, TMorel, ToniI plead stupidity!, pipistrell, Vilia, Vaal, Vlad, wildwolves, willows gimp, wolfguard, zedsdead, Zygy , and all the bronzers and VIP's especially Erika Amato, -mere- and Jeff Pruitt!!! The only VIP's I've ever posted with

SO's also to the magnificent se7en - Lady Wolfsbane, Algerina, SusieQ (GODDESS), Prince of Lunacy, Sushi, Lil Pia! YAY

I hate the BBC and channel Four and Telewest and unix/linux


That makes me sound like I'm insane!

CYMru previously known as cymru, cymru_lover, sometimes known as *WuR*

A man among men Thanx EF, the manly man thanx Freddy, the maaannnnn thanx Susie Q

Official member of the -

Sleepless 6ix
and the
Magnificent se7en

Member number 13 Freaky? of the Faith Fanatics!

Founding member of the Welshketieers!

Honourable member of the NEBRONZERS!

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One of TB's *GIRLS* d:-)* with an asterisk and a cap... *g* WUWT?

Member of BRIT (British Real Insomniacs Team)

SPFS member #7

The rocking Amors drinking partner *g*
Are you Welsh? Part Welsh? Do you like A welsh person? Celebrity? Tom Jones? Leeks? [a target="_blank" href=""]The Stereophonics[/a]? YAY!

Do you like to get drunken and rowdy and then post? You know you do! *g* then this is the perfect place for you!

Then you can join the Welshketieers!

Just drop us a e and you can have a number or use the form at the site!

i think your welsh accent is sexy - Amor *WeG*

Oh what a beautifull morning
Oh what a beautifull day
I've got a wonderfull feeling
That things are going to go our way

I wear the cheese! The cheese does not wear me!

Angel: "Beer sounds great!"

shoot me

stuff me

mock me

pervert me

CYM ~~ :[

^ v
willa says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:29:27 2007
RTBS: Say it ain't so! The Wheel? She is dead? A little piece of me just died. Poor KAM. Also, that was one sexy shirt. I can't believe how inappropriate it was for one so small.

CB: Make yerself some plane reservations, darlin'! We'll fire up the smoker and drink lots of wine! And puppies will frolic beside us. Also, Huck now sleeps on my head. Sound familiar?

Pumpking, JQ, Matt the Bruins Fan, MCat, and others: Nice to see you all!

^ v
drunkenfairy says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:27:52 2007
newt You know what they say, "It's better to have loved and lost your shirt, then never to have loved at all." *g* Maybe it is a first loves sort of thing. I've tried to get involved with the local Browncoats and post about my love of Firefly/Serenity but it just wasn't the same. I think it's more the people. The people here are really special in a good way. I'm so nostalgic today! I need to liven it up. *g* I admit to a certain love of Mr. Welling myself. *wink*

tiggyAwesome to see you also. I'm not really a Lost Bronzer...I'm more of a poster turned occasional lurker. Hope you've been great!

abt Sorry about the 'puter woes! (((anti bad computer vibes)))coming your way.

^ v
Shaun says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:27:37 2007

I'm doing good - although I have been off work the last couple of days with the flu, so that hasn't been so good. Still it looks like spring might finally be hitting the Midwest so it's not so bad (just means we get tornadoes now). Tony told me that everyone was here so I figured I simply *had* to drop by.

^ v
Fantasma says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:27:30 2007
white wings: *waves* I was just thinking something similar... about how it was so easy to watch the day go by because one got so caught up in catching up!

Oh, and since folks seem to be doing the LJ thing, I'll share mine too, though I rarely get there...

Kessie: Yeah, I know... I have no good excuse... but I'll give them later anyway = P

tiggy: Keep the faith (or Faith) alive, one day, right? I'm still holding high hopes that even if my best friend from college doesn't move down to chilly Massachusetts from frigid Maine, that at least she'd free up some time and agree to a get together... but it's been verging on 4 years... same as since I've seen anyone from here! 2003, man, 2003! Seriously, do you think after enough people are here today, there might be another crazy gathering in the future? Maybe I can take my sister again... and she can cower in fear of us fans = P

^ v
ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:24:58 2007
Hi, the legend finally drops in. How are you nowadays.

^ v
Mr. Whyt says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:23:13 2007
boy this place is busy, you'd think there was something special about today

^ v
mabb says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:22:17 2007
i put out a call to one of the Old Ones....we'll

it's been good seeing everyone's names again.
hope the sun shines on all of you.

take care


^ v
The Mayoress says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:20:12 2007
Ripped Toast Hey how are you?!

Miss Tartie any email updates forthcoming, my inbox is so empty nowadays, especially since I got rid of the junk that Next kept sending me even though I cancelled my account with them... Do you think if I sent you my homework you could do it for me... I'm not doing very well with the full-time work and two papers at college thing... very behind in my Accounting Practices paper (well two weeks and we have a test soon and I haven't learned specialised journal formats yet...)

^ v
ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:19:53 2007
I agree with you on Veronica Mars, it has become a close obsession and I watch it all the time, but it still doesnt have quite the Buffy touch.

Hi, nice to meet you too. No, I dont think we ever posted but heard all about your wedding. Congratulations and hi to Wild Weasel as well.

^ v
Shaun says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:15:45 2007
My my .... don't we have a few old faces lurking around here today !?

Doesn't seem like 10 years ...

^ v
newt says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:13:27 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 23:28:56 2007
drunkenfairy: Smallville's as close as I've gotten to obsessing with a tv show post-Buffy, since
the first season of Veronica Mars, anyway. But I haven't had the urge/need to discuss the same way I
did with Buffy. Was it the show, or do you only have that kind of love once? I do love my
shirtless Tom Welling, though, even if it does make me a pervy old lady.

white wings: Well I waste spend a fair amount of time at Knitters Review.
But mostly I waste spend time on knitting blogs. Or playing Spades online, badly. *g*
You can see my knitting here.
I knew I was addicted when someone told me they were pregnant and my first reaction was
"someone to knit for!"


Mrs. Beasley: How does LJ feel about you practicing on him? Oh, that LJ. :)


It's a good thing the Beta doesn't show how MANY times I have to edit a post to get it right ... or how
many times I forget to put in my password when I do.

tiggy: You can knit without math! There are lots of things that require no more than counting
to make sure you haven't dropped any stitches. It is good for fidgeting.

^ v
Mrs.Beasley says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:11:42 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 23:12:47 2007
Anais: I'm doing nothing. My favorite temp job ended followed by a drought of calls followed by two of the most horrible jobs I have ever lived through followed by increasing debt. But, I'm now singing in the church choir, which is where I've been for the last few hours and I am on LJ at a scary beginning level.

^ v
RippedToast says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:10:11 2007
tiggy: I found a box of CDs/floppy disks etc that hadn't been touched in the three years he (we?) had been living in the last place. It's not like I insisted he get rid of them all, I did let him choose what he wanted to keep. Only now have I been told that his SO list was backed up on one of the CDs that got thrown out. It's all a bit weird because by the time I met him he was no longer a Bronzer, and I don't think we'd ever posted at the same time. So to be sitting here in the same house posting on the same board to completely different groups of people is quite odd.

Miss Tartie: Hey! How are you? Still overworked?

Corvus: Hi!

Shiraz Petra: You're another one of those people I don't believe I've ever posted with, but seeing as these days I know people that you know (and think I've even married one), I feel like I should say hello.

~ RT

(LJ - friends only, comment to be added, you know the drill...)

^ v
ginger says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:09:47 2007
Well, hello! i baked a cake! for entirely different reasons, but let's pretend it was a Buffy Anniversary Cake. I burnt it and am now feeling angsty, which seems strangely appropriate for the emotional trauma that Joss regularly visits upon us.

I have not been watching Buffy today. Instead i have been sampling new US tv that I might possibly become obsessed with- The Black Donnellys. I find myself unconvinced, yet with a deep urge to marry Tommy Donnelly, and listen to Arcade Fire. Is this usual?

It's lovely to see familar names on here. I've made tremendous friends through this board, which was my first internet home.

I seem to have totally lost my shoutout list. Damm this computer and its far too frequent crashes. off the top of my head SO's to tiggy, Amarra, eirefaerie, dachelle, catmint, roja, DeAn, RomanAround, bossythecow, thestage, shadowquest, oldmanfan, halfrek, the partyman, slayerdaddy, shebit and a bunch of other people whose posting names i can't now remember. Hurrah for Buffy! And the Pastintry!

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RTBS says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:08:41 2007
Willa - Well, THANK GOD you lost that Britney shirt. Er... I mean, GOSH DARN IT ALL TO HECK. [sarcasm]That's too bad.[/sarcasm] But the thought is appreciated. Because yeah, he's a big feller these days : )

Closet Buffyholic Hey there YOU. Glad to see you. Though I wouldn't mention The Wheel to KAM. It's gone. Gone forever. (though he has pieces of it, and a box of their Hashed Browns on his shelf at home). It was a sad day...and a day I missed, though I wanted to get over there for one last meal.

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Wild Weasel says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:04:51 2007
A small uniformed mustela trots out of The Dark Corner (tm), considers nipping TMorel's ankle for old times sake, realises he forgot something and disappears back into the gloom followed by a string of very small expletives....

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k8cre8 says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:04:03 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 23:19:20 2007
I'm sorta lurking, theoretically working, and feeling nostalgic. I've put on "Welcome to Hellmouth," and it's feeling fresh and new, despite the hundreds of dozens of times I've seen it.

I'm hoping to celebrate more by playing Buffy trivia tonight.

Just a SO to friends I've not seen in ages, that I've seen skirting past in the last few boards, OzLady, whitewings, Xanderella... RSOs to Jaan Quidam and Ojagwers, And so many other familiar names that I recognize, but, never really posted much with. The reunion idea was a great one.

I sorta hang out mostly in LJ land these days, but, have been so busy that I'm bad about posting there, too. but, I *always* read it.

Greetings to Kessie, Princess of Darkness, tiggy, notsoShyGirl

Oh, and, while I'm at it, have you people gotten a copy of The Bronzer Cookbook yet? It's very pretty....

ETA: Scrolling I need to scroll! Yay! Howdy Glow Boy, and helygen!

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Maverick says:
(Sat Mar 10 23:01:50 2007
Mabb: Remember Y to K? That's when Icelord who was nicknamed Icy became Ick.

For all those wanting a flavor of "The Bronze" try (you'll have to make your own link)

which has a page with some -mere~ gems on it. ~mere~ now writes for "Rome", the HBO Series.


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dogtrot says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:56:38 2007
{aka buffyrat)

I'm trying to remember how I came to The Bronze. I remember discovering the WB Bronze but was mystified by the names and shoutout lists, so I lurked for a while. I guess this must have been during season 5? Then when the UPN version opened shop I started posting. I remember Dogmeat as sort of a "mentor", and I think MrHoltz started posting about the same time. I haven't seen him post for a very long while. And there was a poster who went by the name roja who also seems to have disappeared. MrHoltz mentioned the Bronze Beta at the UPN site shortly before it evaporated, and the Bronze Beta became sort of a life raft after the UPN Bronze went under. I think whitewings was the first person who responded to me here. Maybe it was something about Spike?*g*

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Closet Buffyholic says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:56:35 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 23:05:49 2007
howdy Bronzers, those of Bronze!

Beldin I have taken my ethics exam, hopefully I have ethics and thus may be licensed. Again. X2. I am mostly pleased because this means I am one up on 'stina and thus can give her a hard time about only taking TWO measly bar exams. Wimp. of course I am kidding. but not about the giving her a hard time part. that's why she lurves me!. Oh, and yes, it did require some studying, oddly enough. We lawyers don't have ethics naturally, you know. :)

willa willa willa willa! I am SO coming down there for spa and puppies. I am now officially done with everything, and am playing the waiting game until mid-April to find out if I passed it all.

MCat!! MCAT MCAT MCAT! I miss you. That is all.

pumpkin how's the old stomping grounds? I hear you got whalloped with snow in the last couple weeks.

RTBS Howdy, sir! I was thinking about you lately.

Matt the Bruins Fan A name from the past! hello!

horizon! dead! hello!

greengirl gg!

Leather Jacket LJ!

4paws howdy there birthday-share person! this year I turn *cough* 40 *cough* on our mutual birthday. I get to spend it at my company headquarters, because I'll be stuck in a meeting with 35 of my fellow lawyers and the big cheeses of the company. I think I'm going to insist on cake. What? I'm sure they'd not think that was impertinent or anything. Also, cake! And you know what? I've only been here since November and already my new coworkers know me so well they bought me snowman Peeps for Christmas.

Xanderella hello stranger! (well, who am I kidding, I see you elsewhere, but good to see you here too!)

uh, there were more, but I am old and I forget easily. Need to take the Ginko.

So, me. I moved to Oregon. I am living on a big honkin' hilltop. It is unfreakin'believably beautiful here. I look out my back deck and see the majestic peak of Mt. Hood when it's not all cloudy because of the rian, that is. The monster dog is still with me, and still being a montster dog. I miss all my old Bronzer pals and conversational companions. I am still addicted to cheesy teen shows with hot boys ala the WB era. I am going to go to the Special Hell, aren't I?

I cheered and jumped up and down when ASH was on Dr. Who this season. He was so deliciously evil. I thought "kimP and I gave that man a hard hat covered in macaroni." Yes, I know, it's not the kind of thing that comes up in conversation.

Allyson wrote a book. It comes out soon. Look it up.

DarkLady is screening her documentary on all things Bronze communityish in LA tonight. Wish her luck!

-mere- is writing for Rome. I knew that girl was going places.

I bet KAM still visits The Wheel (and I have to admit, I've still to find that level of quality hashed browns anywhere else), and still gives a hearty handshake.

I still see willa and SarahNicole (not nearly enough!), and my brother is back in Texas and life is good, even if I just broke down and bought a crackberry.

that's about all the news that's fit to print. If Muffy comes by, tell her I said howdy!

I don't like getting all sappy nostalgic, because that chapter of life is over, really, but, I have to say the Bronze had a huge impact on my life, for which I will always be grateful. I hope you all had the same experience.


It of course wouldn't be me if I didn't drop an enormous tag and blind everyone in the process. After all, my native american name is "She Who Drops Tags In Bronze".

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drunkenfairy says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:55:09 2007
*drunkenfairy pops open a guinness and dusts off a chair as she prepares to lurk around for a while*

newt *smooches* right back to you! And your comments always make sense to me. :) I just haven't found a tv show to interest me enough to make me long to discuss it since Buffy, Firefly, and Angel went away...sigh. I've been taking solace in books. *g*

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tiggy says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:54:29 2007
hey you!! that's a bummer about being sick and not getting to go to the screening. i'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun.

ha! i don't see why not. you don't really need the palms of your hands, do you? my mom keeps trying to get me to try knitting, but i told her it was too much math for me.

Miss Tartie
to be fair, you have quite a bit of competition in the pervy department. as for footballers, i know what a sacrifice it will be for you. *snerk*

white wings
oh it's good to know you're still the same WRONG-minded person. those Purple Unmentionables certainly have a mind of their own, don't they?

oh believe me, i understand. i've been trying to get Mia to move here for years because she and i would be perfect roomates, but she's unwilling to deal with nashville drivers. *sniff*

The Mayoress
it's been a while since i heard anything from RomanAround or TheStage. she was updating her lj every once in a while, but she mentioned a few months ago that she was probably going to be deleting it.

added back! i post fairly often, but i alternate between tv ramblings, movie ramblings and real life ramblings.

nice to see you again! it's been a while!

i dug up my bronze discs and uploaded the last day of the bronze here. it was a crazy day.

hahahaha!!! you're briasoleil? color me clueless!! i'm tiggz in case you hadn't figured it out. *d'oh!*

i'm getting in the spirit by watching Surprise. i was going to start with the very first ep i saw, but i thought i'd build up to the heartache that is Becoming Part II. after i see Becoming Part II i think i'm going to jump to some good Faith filled eps from season 3.

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Dianne says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:54:27 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:58:25 2007
tiggy -- you weren't drinking milk were you? 'cause milk out the nose and onto the keyboard -- a mess if there ever was one. :nods sagely:

wolfguard -- Final Bronze Board

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Tiamat says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:52:45 2007
Corvus: I'm here ... Just trying to watch the NASCAR Busch wreckfest ... err, race from Lost Wages ... as well as post on the SpeedTv boards ... all at the same time ...

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helygen says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:51:49 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:54:14 2007
*waves to drunkenfairy, white wings, tiggy, Xanderella, faithx5, Kessie, Princess of Darkness (yes I know what that means! How's it going?? *g*), Glow Boy (thanks for the tip, hun) and QuaintLittleShopGirl

Here's my "How I became a Bronzer" story, adapted from my LJ post.
I made a point of watching 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' when it first aired here in the UK, because I'd enjoyed the movie (for all its cheesiness etc) and wondered how they'd spin that out into a TV series. I was hooked before the first advert break, mostly by the dialogue but also because the characters were quirky and cute. Eye candy was not overlooked, either *g*
For me, the launch of Buffy onto the TV networks coincided with my first forays onto the net, and after watching the first episode I began to correspond with fans all around the world. I found The Bronze posting board (WB) and several other forums, and I made online friends in 1998/99 who have become firm and very dear RL friends, and will remain so long after our beloved fandom has faded from memory (although I doubt that that will ever happen).
Over the years, my fandom has grown to include 'Angel' and 'Firefly' and 'Serenity' and my involvement with the fandom family has blossomed. I've been to countless conventions. a PBP (2002), and a Flanvention Browncoats Bash, and I've spent entire weekends with hundreds of strangers who were not strangers simply because we shared a deep passion for these shows.
I've met most of the actors and some of the writers and several of the behind-the-scenes people and many of the novellists ... and even god Joss himself twice. I've met fellow fans of all ages, from all corners of the world, from all walks of life. Without exception, every person I've met - online or offline - as a result of my love for this show, has been a gift to my life. That includes friends on LJ who don't share my love for these shows, because if it wasn't for Buffy I wouldn't even have a Live Journal account!
So today, ten years on, I raise my glass and give thanks to Joss Whedon for bringing Buffy the Vampire Slayer into my life.

My Live Journal is friends only, but please comment to be added :)

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kenickie says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:51:14 2007
Anais - I am happy to have contributed to her upbringing in such a manner. :D

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sweick says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:50:48 2007|
Kessie.kessie: Yep, I have no doubt. :-)

Beldin: School Runion is great. "Every man's nightmare, the current missus meets the ex." And seeing Sarah Jane Smith was wonderful. ASH did a great job. If Joss ever wanted to to the musical version of Silence of The Lambs...

K9, well, never my fav.

Haven't seen "Interstate 60", but I did watch "Ice Princess", for ah Chris Beck's score (yeah, that's the ticket).

Ah, when did I first discover the Bronze board? I'm not sure on dates (as you get older they do tend to run together), but I remember it being around the time some idiot thought it would be funny to post that Alyson Hannigan died in a car accident. Did my first real mocking post attacking that jerk. Yeah, and near that time was the start of the color wars, when Joss made jokes about the sacred ~ . Or maybe further apart, things do tend to blend.

Of course I remember the first attempt to replace the board. It had a 250 character limit on a post or the board looped into a time warp thang. Started singing "Let's Do The Time Warp Again!"

Ah, good time.

Anyhow, will try to drop by later, but if not, it's been great talking to some people I haven't heard from in years. As always, never take anything I post too seriously, unless, of course, you should.

Have a great time one and all. Great reunion. Best of luck to all the folks who made BtVS as great as it was.


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Kessie says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:47:57 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:51:30 2007
Grrr Argh at the spam filters!

edited to add post:

Princess of Darkness: Good girl! *g*

*waves at Kiba* Hi latin queen!

Fantasma: Hehe okay I understand. Sorry that February has been bad for you. Hope that the rest of the year will be much much better! So party away today, okay? Oh and come to lj more often! *g*

*~* You love Buffy? And you love to eat?
Also you like doing things for
Then buy the Bronzers cookbook:

Bronzer cookbook site

Bronzer cookbook at

It has tons of cool recipes of the Bronzers and various Buffy VIPs
like Amber Benson and David Fury and
all the proceeds of it go to the Make A Wish Foundation!
Happy cooking! *~*

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willa says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:47:04 2007
RUFFY! True story: we (I think CB and I. Maybe GG and I?) bought a Britney Spears t-shirt for your little one, and I was going to bedazzle it with "my daddy loves." And then I moved. And it got packed. And I moved again. And again. But! I found it when it was moving into the house. It's so tiny! I bet your little one couldn't wear it, now.

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Anais says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:45:02 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:46:59 2007
kenix: She is 14 now. How scary is that? (Course, I'm still 28.) You do know that I hold you responsible for her snarkiness? You had to give her lessons, didn't you?

TMorel: Hi!


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white wings says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:43:05 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:45:22 2007
Adri - {{{hugs}}} ;-)

abt - {{{better behaved PC}}}

dogtrot/buffyrat - hey!

newt - How's your knitting going? Mine plods along. I have several more scarves from Doctor's offices, though. What's your favorite knitting board?

OMG. I just saw a Weetabix commercial. I suppose it could have been Vegemite. *shudder*

Ten years ago I taped a new show that would air while I was out visiting my horse. I had little hope for something named Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I was desperate, because the TV landscape that season was a dreary wasteland.

I was intrigued. I saw Giles, and had a feeling that he would lend some class to the show. I'd be lying if I said I didn't become a bit more alert when a mysterious stranger was kicked head over heels in an alley, but I honestly think that it was the interaction of Buffy and Giles that had me hooked in those early days.

When laid up with a snakebite in the summer after S3, I hunted for news of the spin-off, spoilers, anything. I found posting boards, but couldn't post from the state computer. I lurked, and yearned to be able to join in the fun. It was a window on a wider world. At the turn of the century I had my own computer and ISP, and made my first post on New Year's Day, and never looked back.

p.s. Denise - Get thee to the druggist and purchase the good stuff, as much as you are allowed. Every one I've visited shakes his/her head sadly at the ineffectiveness of the new stuff.

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seniorslayer says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:40:36 2007
Big happy waves at wolfguard!

newt You know, Xanderella told me about the S8 comic over a month ago, and I completely forgot! Now I have to call the one comic shop around here and see if they still have the first issue. I'll take S8 any way I can get it.

Sets out more cupcakes -- with little stakes on top, of course -- and sprinkles glitter. Opens champagne and makes a toast to the Beta, and to Buffy, the girl and the show.

Off to have dinner with the family, all. It was so good to see everyone!

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Denise says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:40:31 2007
Off to scroll, but you know what pisses me off? Nyquill no longer works for me at all since they took the good stuff out of it.

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newt says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:36:07 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:41:23 2007
What! There really is a Season 8 coming out? And everyone except me knew this? Why didn't someone
post it on my knitting board? *stamps foot*

Xanderella: I thought you were kidding (didn't we used to talk about Season 8?) and therefore
my comments made no sense. But possibly no one even noticed, as my comments never make that much
sense. *sigh*

Oooh, I'm excited now. *hops up and down* Can we pre-order this somewhere? Never
mind, I found it.
Are we all coming back here to post about it?

drunkenfairy!!! *smooooch*

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The Mayoress says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:35:57 2007
Wolfguard Thanks! I was trying to work from memory of what I was doing around then, its a bit hazy!

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wolfguard says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:31:41 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:34:16 2007
The Mayoress,

The Bronze vanished in a blaze of colors early summer of 2001.ETA Joss left the WB and joined UPN. The Beta Bronze appeared sometime during the summer of 2001.

ETA On the last board, the systems administer let go the color codes. Most everyone played. Wonder if there's a record of the last board?


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notsoShyGirl says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:31:00 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary!

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:27:32 2007
(aka buffyrat)

Wow! I haven't seen so many posters for a very long time, names I haven't seen for years and names from so long ago they must have stopped posting before I ever started. It's exciting and gratifying that the Buffyverse is so important to people after all these years.

Hi whitewings.

Hi eirefaerie. It's been ages since I've seen you post!

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ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:26:12 2007
TMorel and posts from this strange person who always makes me laugh and was good enough to take a bunch of strange Bronzers in for a night of truth or dare, streakers, vacuum cleaners and strange drinks concoctions.

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drunkenfairy says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:25:00 2007
Happy 10th Anniversary of Welcome to the Hellmouth Bronzers!

Sorry I'm late..but I see I helped a friend make it back here.

I am Drunkenfairy not to be confused with Wastedfairy my kindred fairy. *g*

So's and RS0's to helgyn, Xanderella, tiggy, Amarra, newt, Algerina, Stake - I'd give anything for my old SO list and siggy, but they are sadly lost.

Stake - You are welcome for the email. There was no way I wasn't passing the message on to any Bronzers I had in my email list. Your career sounds amazing congratulations on your accomplishments.

Algerina - Thank you so much for the email. It was truly appreciated. I try to come by the Beta from time to time.

10 years ago - A college freshman and her roommates watched the premiere of Buffy. It was a show my roommates and I enjoyed together, my sister and I enjoyed to watch, and later that my boyfriend (now husband of 7 years) and I watched together. I didn't discover the Bronze until March 2000. It was such a wonderful place to me. A place to discuss ideas about the show and real life with intelligent, well spoken individuals who shared a love of a great show. I never was able to attend any real life gatherings, but the Bronze and later the Beta were places that I felt at home. I miss the thrill of checking the boards the day after a new episode to see what KAM thought of the latest show, who's ideas I agreed or disagreed with, what the deadguy QOD would be, and who's Yay day or birthday it happened to be.

^ v
mabb says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:19:56 2007
beldin, moppety, meeby, corvus, whitewings,
KibaRika, redruM, RTBS, PDR (*HUGS*),
Cosmic Bob, Thoin (i haven't heard number
claims in YEARS), ShirazPetra, Tiamat,
greengirl, ticklebunny, cosmic (glad you
stopped in! *pet*), Maverick....

just feels like i timewarped.
when was the last post-a-thon?

where's Witchy Woman?!!
and Godeater, i KNOW you're there.

^ v
white wings says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:18:52 2007
Matt the Bruins Fan - Hey! *vigorous waves*

Kenickie - Good to see you.

Fantasma - *waves*

Stumbles in running after people. The board moves like it did back when the world was young.

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TMorel says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:18:08 2007
10yrs ago... {wibbly dream like sequence}
The family was still struggling to cope with the death of my father several years previous. To try and help we'd taken a family vacation to the US - which was his favourite destination.
One evening after a tiring day at the theme parks I stuck the TV on and caught the last 30mins of this strange show that had premiered that night.
When we got back to England I looked up what the show was, and stumbled across some strange website.
Since then, I've stumbled across some strange people too...

None more stranger than at that first UKPBfP
Cobby running around in her Darla outfit (but to be fair, she wears those short skirts so often it's not as if it was anything special)
DingoBaby and her collection of Bobs
Jennie106 - damn, I disliked her all weekend. If anyone had said that she'd end up one of the most important people in my life I'd have laughed in your face.
Shiraz & redruM ahhhh now you two I never saw coming - am so happy how well it's turned out for you.
Kenickie with pants on
MAPB - officially the strangest man I'd ever met!
PDR - the most polite drunk I've ever known "I'm frightfully sorry Tony, I'm afraid I might soon vomit, would you mind if I left and went back to my hotel room"
oooh oooh and was it DELiver with the strange answer about small animals?
as for Shaun... well I'm still haunted by that sock

^ v
ShirazPetra says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:17:53 2007
Hope that wasnt sarcasm about sleeping with psycho cats and fridges, but I know you liked the food.

Tiggy have added you to my LJ, I am terrible at updating but hope you will add me and Ill try to do better.

^ v
The Mayoress says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:17:28 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:21:17 2007
Just had a bit of a scroll... lots of familiar names. Everyone seems to be doing a little "how I found the bronze thing" so heres mine...

I joined the bronze about a week or two before it shut and the Bronze:Beta started which was.... I think sometime in 2000? Feel free to correct me on that though... I posted for around 3 years or something like that, but ended up drifting away... I found this place through my love of Buffy, my utter boredom at work and my totally unworking yet for some reason I stayed in relationship with my ex... Made some good friends, quite a few I'm still keeping in touch with through LJ. Lost touch with a few particularly RomanAround who I used to chat with regularly. Even went to LA in 2002 for the PBP which was a ball!

So thanks to everyone who I've posted with over the years, you kept me going in a bumpy part of my life. Anyone who wants to find me on LJ i'm there as icedbun. I'm just sorry I don't have my SO list it went a very long time ago at my old boring job...

Tiggy yup definitely been a really long time. Can't remember how long its been since I was last here... maybe 3 years ago?

eta: and I'm still using the beta to avoid doing work, only now its college work... I guess I should really *lurk* for a bit...

^ v
abt says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:15:51 2007
My ISP is only giving me 30 seconds connection at a time, and the damn PC keeps shutting down completely and I wish I could be here to chat with all of you that I've missed! Come back in a month when I have the damn thing fixed!

^ v
Fantasma says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:13:08 2007
Ok, so in my mean time I was brought to YouTube - I've never been there before - and I'm catching up on some BtVS music vids... caught something Tom Lenk did... saw a kickin intro to the Faith TV Series that will never be = (... and each one reminds me how much I'm still loving the show! Which begs the question - do I buy each issue of BtVS Season 8 as it comes out, or do I try to wait until there are TPB so as to actually save money? The choices the choices.. the withdrawal... *sigh*

tiggy: Can't agree more... I just wish either more of y'all lived closer to me, or there would be a get together of a grand-itude... and that I could have someone to travel with cuz airports still scare me... not for any legit reason, just the massive hoards of people...

I'm babbling...

Kessie: How could I doubt it? I just felt the need to wave my arms wildly and say I'm here! I'm here!! I've been well enough, I guess... on a scale of one to ten, February sucked, but I'm not bringing the place down today, today is a party! whoo!!!

eirefaerie: Eep! I, uh, er... weee! It's good to see you too!! Oh my oh my, my minion skills are so out of shape... do as you see fit my liege! = PP

^ v
Matt the Bruins fan says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:13:00 2007
Hi everyone! It's been forever since I showed up in these parts,but Xanderella mentioned the 10th anniversary reunion today and I thought I'd drop in to wish everyone well.

I remember back in May 1997 I was laid up at home with a pesky summer flu, and decided (having previously seen the movie) that Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be just the sort of no-brainer cheesefest that I would enjoy whiling time away with.

And then 3 minutes into the teaser instead of being the obvious slutty schoolgirl victim that gets eaten first by the monster, Darla whipped around to reveal her game face. And Joss had me forever.

^ v
kenickie says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:10:38 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:11:31 2007
Corvus - Hello!

Anais - She's never 14 now! Time flies.

As a few other people are doing it, here's where you can find me now:-

MySpace, LJ, and Phonogram website.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:09:46 2007


Maybe someone was mistaken in saying the bizarro-history would be erased. Maybe the hellmouth trapped a standing wave of bizarro-history. And maybe it's in Willow's snowglobe! You didn't think of that, did you? *g*

Kiba Rika

Your, ...In honor of the show while the boyf and myself were at lunch, I put ice cream on my nose. I also declared myself Amish Guy.


Summer 2000 Stories

A trilogy ...

Buffy battles Gumby ... Willow folds with four kings ... Xander dons the bullet man ... Anya plays a scorned queen ... Cordy saves Camelot ... Giles introduces Riley to Mulders Ale.


While Buffy and Riley run a recon in the mountains of Northern California, Xander and Anya hunt vampires preying on a mountain resort.

Mad Vamps & Englishmen

In the nights before Dawn, two hellmouths, two slayers.


... and a stand alone!

An alliance of convenience.

Slayer,Solider, Rebel, Rogue

My second 8th season fanfic...

Where Giles schemes, Willow scrys and Xander returns for Anya.



^ v
white wings says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:09:13 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:10:06 2007
white wings leaps over obstacles to grab the Purple Unmentionables by their ... to grab the Purple Unmentionables. She hasn't the heart to stuff them in a drawer, so she ties them to the arch in the corner to watch the action, just as they were once draped over an arch at a certain Pre-Party. Well, the set-up for the Pre-Party.

horizon - *waves*

tiggy - *narrowed eyes* WRONG! The BBS lives.

seniorslayer - *waves*

Xanderella - *smoooch* I'm here, late as usual. You should take up knitting. Its calming and relaxing. I have a co-worker who started about three years ago and has now far surpassed me in adventurous projects. You can do it!

newt !!!

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:07:38 2007|
Good, VT needs to show, just for plastered ham sake. :)

It would blow up too much dust and scare the cows. :o) Give your Better half my best. Glad fatherhood is keeping you busy. Oh, and Thunderbird, gives me a headache just thinking about it. LOL Ah, you and Beldin remember Boones Farm "wine" don't you?

Hello there.

^ v
Miss Tartie says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:07:18 2007
Tiggy : I was always the most well behaved of all the Kanies! :-p and what a reward! because you know it's so rare for me to get the opportunity to perve over footballers!

Ripped Toast: *waves*

^ v
newt says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:05:31 2007
I thought I'd take a quick little scroll ... ha ha ha ha! That's what I remember from the Old Bronze, by
the time I got through scrolling I never had time to post.

Catriona: How can you still be young and I'm just older? Let us know when you've cured
cancer so we can all beam with pride. What part are you playing in Oklahoma? And with what sort of

tiggy, Dianne: All right, you are piquing my interest in the fingerless gloves. I wonder if you
can knit wearing them ...

Xanderella: "Knitting actually is quite hip right now." Pshaw, woman, do you think
you have to tell me that? Would white wings and Mrs. Beasley and I do anything
that wasn't hip? Don't answer that. Be nice to me and I'll show you my knitting

white wings!!!

Cashmere: At least Dean's not driving? Oh, you mean the newtlet. I'll say.
He's suddenly into big boy things, like all the arcane details of Star Wars. (I don't get it, I
say. How can someone be so obsessive about a movie ... oh. :)

CarpeDi: Congratulations on your impending aunthood! And an extra *smooch* just

^ v
Kiba Rika says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:03:19 2007
Thoin The contact info I have for Joss is, I believe, out of date. So I didn't have a way to let him know about the whole thing directly. (I considered it but as I said - contact info, out of date.) DaddyCatALSO did make a comment in the 10th Anniversary thread at Whedonesque about the event. There's no way of knowing if Joss saw it, sadly.

^ v
Dirty Socks says:
(Sat Mar 10 22:02:32 2007
And back again. =)

So a big SO to all the Bronzers in the hizzah. I'm going to be hanging around while I work on my Labour Studies, Management and Theories of Communication papers. Lets cover where I'm at right now, a little bio if you will.

I turn 26 in July. I just signed the lease for my first apartment. I'm in my second year of university in Communications, focusing in on the digital stream. Seems I'm a natural with Computer Mediated Communication. ;-p I still work at the bookstore where I'm the Magazine Department Lead. Umm...can't think of anything else really important so I'll leave it at that.

I haven't said this in so long...



_burntsienna's LiveJournal

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tiggy says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:58:06 2007
white wings
it's been a long time since i could say this and since Narrator hasn't showed yet, i'm going to use it on you first. WRONG! DEAD! neener...

i don't have a husband or kids making me crazy today, but i still can't manage even that much eloquence. so i'm just going to say, "What Denise said". hey, we don't share a brain for nothin'! *smooooooooooooch*

you'll almost be there around the same time as the Lost party. i'll be in San Fran right after everyone there is on their way home. what kind of fun stuff do you have planned?

Genevieve's Lucie
absolutely! that boy is hella fine. television crushes aren't just for young'uns anymore. not in this day and age! i think it keeps us young. ;)

congrats on the marriage!! sorry to hear about your father. the thought of losing either of my parents terrifies me. i remember my first day on the bronze too. of course, it helps that i actually have a disc with those boards on it. actually, my six year postiversary is coming up on march 22nd. i can't believe it's been that long and it seems like yesterday all at the same time.

p.s. i'm tiggz on lj if you wanna add me.

hey! i was just looking at your siggy and remembering how i helped you fix it so your fishy would work on this board.

oddly comforting, huh? things have changed so much and yet...not at all.

Miss Tartie
well look at that! i was just talking about the pervy Kanies and in you pop! coincidence? i think not!

congratulations and happy anniversary a couple of months early!! is he a Buffy lover? i'm doing alright. not a whole lot going on with me either. working, watching entirely too much tv and trying to buy myself a house.

The Partyman
i always had my suspicions about you and your late nights. ;) *smoooooooooch* i'm glad you stopped in at any rate. i don't see nearly enough of you these days.

Miss Tartie2
a reward? sure! you get to look at pervy pictures of the footballer of your choice for the rest of the evening! ;)

squeeeee!!! that is so awesome!! the car is a character all on its own. what a shame that you didn't have a camera... :(

your comment to nails about being the most changed just made me laugh for a good solid minute. YOU WIN!!

this place is moving fast like the old days! i'm lovin' it! what kind of stuff did you make the poor guy get rid of? how much room could a SO list take up? ;)

The Mayoress
good god it's good to have everyone in the same place again! *smoooooooooooch*

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idream says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:57:39 2007
Hi all! I only posted on the Beta regularly for six months or so, but it drastically changed my life, as did Buffy (of course!).

I was going to go to that screening today, but evil cold has me bedded. Ick.

I so wish I had my SO list.

Hi to CarpeDi, tiggy, faithx5, tralfamadore, Amarra and others that I'm forgetting!

^ v
The Mayoress says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:53:22 2007
Hello, been a long time, thought I'd come in for a flying visit...

^ v
Thoin says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:52:08 2007
Edited: Sat Mar 10 22:09:33 2007
O.k., since Kiba Rika is here, I have to ask...did anybody think to let Joss know we were having this little get-together?

I know he seems to have abandoned us (I have two Fifths who are certain of it), but I think he'd LIKE to know this was going on...and to show up and join us for at least one drive-by post!

Somebody who has access might want to give the man a head's up (if they haven't already...there is the possibility that little Mr. Whyte and little Mr. Kidd might be right, but I'd hate to believe that...)

And my firstest daughterlet was here and I missed her!!! AGAIN!!! Whimper...

ETA: O.k., tell me this isn't the best present the Beta ever gave me!

And now, it MUST be said...


I shall name this little sweetheart Dec, in honor of a full decade of Buffy-goodness.

Thoin scoops up little Dec and gives him a chocolate lollipop, which he promptly whacks her over the head with before settling down in her lap to finish...

^ v
RippedToast says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:51:34 2007
tiggy: Sorry! I missed your post on the last page - went out of the room for a couple of minutes and there was a new page and I kinda forgot how fast this place used to move! As my husband pointed out to me that when we were moving house I forced him to get rid of a load of his old stuff, including the CD he'd saved his own SO list on, I guess it's only fair that I don't have one now either. I found a backed up copy on CD, but the file seems to have become corrupt :(

janni: Bob! I knew I'd forgotten one of my many names. I think DeAn is responsible for that one. I'm pretty good. Work is wearing me down, and I'm looking for a new job, but I've been married almost 7 months and we're living in a lovely little house, and my sister is visiting this weekend so mostly life is good right now.

TMorel: Me, me! I know who I am!

Beldin: Hi. I appreciate you making the effort to say hello to me, it makes scrolling a whole lot less depressing when the odd person actually says my name ;o)

~Angelcakes/RippedToast/Bob/Mrs WildWeasel
Preview post is my friend.
The spam filter isn't.

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Dianne says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:51:21 2007
Maverick -- I watched Welcome to the Hellmouth the first night it was on and didn't miss an episode thereafter. Wandered into The Bronze after B2, and have depended upon the kindness of Bronzers to help me through my roughest times.

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(like "test") then editing your post
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OldManFan says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:49:15 2007
Ten years ago... hmm, let's start with the fact that I like bad movies... and the BtVS movie was wonderfully bad. I'd heard there was going to be a TV show, so I tuned in expecting a trainwreck. Sometime before the hour was over, I was saying to myself "damn, this is GOOD!" I was later than many in discovering The Bronze, but it's been a wonderful experience.

Geez, it took me an hour to scroll from my morning post. It's great to see everyone who stopped in.


^ v
Laurence says:
(Sat Mar 10 21:46:48 2007
Beldin - Thunderbird doesn't go in a computer! Thunderbird goes in the computer USER.

Horizon - Howdy!

Corvus - I'm stuck in a mini-van these days. Though I do hold out hope for one of these. ;)

It wouldn't be a Laurence post without stupid links...

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