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newt says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:50:36 2007

Happy Birthday KAM!!!

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OzLady says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:47:02 2007


(heh... I had to pot-stir a leetle or it wouldn't have been ME! ;-)

4paws: The Fonz is doing well, thanks! His favorite friend, our cat Sox, got eaten by a fox last summer :-( and he's been a little more anxious ever since. He barks a lot more, he won't always come in when we ask him to, but he's healthy and happy most of the time.

Xanderella: Aw, thanks. You know, I really don't remember ever feeling lonely around here. :-)

Okay, off to the mall! Arielle and I are driving up to Toronto tomorrow to see Anya for the week, so I have to get some supplies. Have a lovely Sunday all!


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Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:43:49 2007

eirefaerie: Yes, you are just that awesome!! :D

Hey Little Willow! I passed along the links to your blog & readergrlz to one of my mom's piano students who is all into the reading. :)


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Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:42:45 2007
Here now.

Good morning/afternoons everyone.

Happy birthday, KAM!

Happy birthday, hunter, Janna, Jen15, Megan, MojoDiva and Old Married Guy!

valMichael - Missed you yesterday.

Christopher Marlowe - My computer changed on its own. I wasn't entirely sure it would. Running Linux means there's no automatic updates like MS provided but I use a Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon that automatically syncs my computer time with the NIST servers. It doesn't work when there's a difference > 300 seconds but it changed itself at 2am. I know 'cause I was still up posting.

Little Willow - Been missing your cupcakes and stake-shaped candles.

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eirefaerie says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:35:47 2007)
Edited: Sun Mar 11 15:36:37 2007
Holy crap! THIS IS AWESOME! (serves me right for sleeping)

I love you Artie! *smooooch*

Okay, you guys can feel free to come to me with all your burning questions now. Yes, anything from what I ate for dinner last night to what I plan to eat for dinner tonight - I know and see all!

ETA: what's with the random spoilerness without a spoiler tag? Am I just so awesome now that I can't have my words out there for the mortal public?

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Lioness says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:27:32 2007
I'm not only a day late,I have no idea what I used to post under, especially as I lurked more than anything.
But I wanted to join in the general celebrations. Couldn't do it last night as I was out with Buffy fans.

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Little Willow says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:27:20 2007
Good morning, everyone!

It's Happy Birthday, KAM! (LW hands her brother a cupcake with a stake-shaped candle in it.)

KAM: I hope you have a fantastic day!

greengirl: Miss you too, sis-in-law. :)

Allyson: Congratulations on your book deal. Best wishes with its release!

Beldin: Thank you. Yes, keeping busy as always! My most recent website is that for Readergirlz, an online book club and literacy project created by four female authors to encourage teen girls to read and discuss books and to become active in their communities. Check it out and pass it on!

DarkLady: Thank you again for inviting me to be a part of IRL (In Real Life). I hope your documentary gets the attention and accolades it deserves.

*waves back to Sarah W. and white wings*

Little Willow

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newt says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:25:42 2007
Xanderella: I am NOT drunk AND I know when I started posting. It was spring of 2001, on
the WB Bronze. I found it when I was looking for information on whether the WB was going to keep
Buffy, so it was almost the end of the season. I didn't post very much at first, because it took me so
long to scroll, which I was already obsessive about, but I do remember meeting you and abt
there. And I thought Leather Jacket and Narrator were official too. And Joss
happened to come by one of the first times I was there and ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!!

I think my first substantive conversation was with Narnian and slayerdaddy about
the marketing of the Narnia books. I don't think I posted to you very much, but we may have had some
brief exchanges about parenting. I remember Red Crayon showed up around the same time I

And then the Bronze closed (and I left the newtlet with my sister-in-law that last night so I could go to
choir practice and stayed home and posted instead!) and I went to the board Kristen set up
for a while, then I went on vacation and when I came back it was GONE! Somebody -- I still have the
email, but I don't know his board name oh no wait, it was Comteacher -- emailed me about
the Beta, and the rest is history, or something. (I have an email from you from 8/14 telling me where to
find topseekrit shooting scripts and revealing your real email address!)

Do you remember our campaign to improve the UPN Bronze? Postcards and polls ... somewhere I have
the sheets of paper with hundreds and hundreds of tally marks. *That* was time well spent, ha!

Well, I would wax on more but the dog hasn't been out this morning and the newtlet has to be picked
up from Sunday School and then he wants to bake a cake for his father's return from out of town, and I
haven't had a shower ... so I will try to get in later. I think the pictures you are referring to are on my
knitting journal. I will post you the link in your LJ. There are better ones at, but you
have to go back a few days (he's been out of town).

How do the civilians amongst us see IRL?

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lostinamerica says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:24:45 2007
Ebdim9th--About new Buffy fans--one of my 16-year-old daughter's friends is a serious Buffy fan. I don't know how she started watching the show, here they air it weekday mornings at 6 a.m. I didn't think teenagers got up that early.

*thinks she will shake her daughter awake in about five minutes as church is at 11*

CaughtNTheQuiet, wolfguard, DaddyCatALSO, Ojagwers--Personally I just can't reconcile the two time concepts put forth in The Wish and Doppleganger--so I'll go with wolfguard's explanation that VampWillow still existed because Joss wanted her too. It is his show, after all :)

neonate--Really, the nerve, thinking the number of birthday candles on my cake is so great as to cause an explosion! You are no longer in my good graces, or in the common street venacular--it's on, ese!

ccAustin154, CaughtNTheQuiet

white wings--Good to see you back! Though I saw the post about your mom--I'm sorry, is she in the early stages of Alzheimers or just getting forgetful?

As for Bones--I'm not sure I like this new love for Bones. I don't really want her and Booth to get together either, I guess I'm not really sold on the new guy. That romance happened awfully fast, didn't it?

Irishrose--I didn't realize you were pregnant, congratulations! Isn't the last month the worst--you're ready to have the baby and the baby isn't ready to come out yet. Hope all goes well and we'll not even speak of the possibility of going past your due date, nope, not a word. *zips lips*

StGermain--Sorry about your sister, best of luck to her and her family and friends.

Happy Birthday KAM! I'm sending you some virtual hash browns from the Wheel for your birthday--so sad it's no longer there so you can have them in person!

*off to church*

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Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:20:18 2007
Morning, Beta.

Surprisingly, Daylight Savings wasn't nearly as hard to handle as I'd been anticipating.

I have a little time before I have to leave for whup ( and the girls are otherwise occupied ). So...

newt: To be honest, I'm a little afraid of BtVS season 8. Oh, I'm all aquiver with excitement, too. But... but... BtVS did not end on a good note for me. I was mega disappointed in the finale ( Gosh, I've so tried to block it from my mind that I've forgotten the name of the episode ). So, on one hand, the story could be redeemed, for me. Or... things could just get worse. And I don't want things to get worse. Really, I don't.

I feel like such a kill joy, especially after all the good feelings of yesterday, but I'd rather have a continuation of Angel. I am just dying to know what happened in that alley. Did Angel slay the dragon? In my heart of hearts, I just know he did.

Still, I will pick up the comic. Because, truthfully, how could I not?

I still haven't gotten over my beloved Cordelia's death.

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Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:05:18 2007
Jymm: It's not *quite* as good as the Midwest in the fall, but it will suit me well. :)

Becker: And until I have a salary, I'm all about the super-cheap as well. *g*

My sexbot & crime-fighting, cheese-eating pardner is a VIP. YAY eirefaerie! :D


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kenickie says:
(Sun Mar 11 15:02:26 2007
Aww man, I missed VT.

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Xanderella says:
(Sun Mar 11 14:47:16 2007
janni: We can't do flowers, yet. They'd die. I think I have SAD, too. I have friends who have gotten those light boxes, and swear by them. I keep meaning to get one, but never get around to it, until Spring comes and I'm feeling better, anyhow.

SheBit: There's always coffee.

nails: You did, indeed, but don't think that will save him from my wrath. "Elderly Dutch Lady," would have been a splendid (if a trifle confusing) board name -- and would have sounded like a show referece (See I Robot, You Jane), and you're so very much nails/nailsie to me, it would be as foreign as calling you something like 'frush' or 'UTTAD'. I like your story about how you found BtVS and the Bronze.

Amish Boy: Harumph. Oh, and I think the dingoes et your "and one day" that should appear between "Ten years," and "how is that possible?"

The Apollo dingoes never ate stuff from the middle of posts.

Dao Jones: There's nothing wrong with you that wasn't wrong with me first. I thought up my Bronze name, because my kids were on a Cinderella kick, at the time. The Bronze was my first stop on the 'net (talk about sticky sites), and I was sore afraid of all you axe murderers, and cyber-you-know-whatters. My children were all pretty much babies at the time, and so I came up with the name MamaLove (or something along those lines) at the threaded board -- 'til my husband laughed really loudly at me kindly pointed out that it might give people different ideas than the one I'd intended.

Anyhow, the children were watching Cinderella and I had the theme song stuck in my head, and something made me sing, "Xanderella, you're as lovely as your name," and that was, as they say, that.

DarkLady: I'm glad the screening and reading went well for you and Allyson. That's too bad about the sound mix.

Allyson's book is fantastic, Bronzers. You must read it, when it comes out. She so captures the essence of fandom and what it does and brings to our lives.

seniorslayer: Your board name is so foreign to me, now. It's funny. When I think about you expecting Peach (usually in context of bemoaning how the time has flown), my mental picture is always of your font on this board, though. Your post was lovely, and I'm not so genius, sweet girl. Nobody's paying me for my words now, are they?

drunkenfairy: LJ works well for me, because for some reason, it is much easier to use reasonably (as opposed to a posting board -- I was here All Day Yesterday). It's free (unless you want to pay to get more features, and I'd recommend you take a free account if you're just trying it out). It takes minutes to register at So many Bronzers are already there. It is simple to use, although it did take me a while to figure out how to do things, but most LJers are happy to show you the ropes or point you to the proper section of the FAQ. Give it a try. Again, I'm cindywrites, there.

Ojagwers: Thank you! Are you planning on reading the Buffy Season 8 Comic that Joss is putting out? There could be discussion. And heh! I was wondering if you and white wings were still doing the Is not/Is so thing. Question answered.

tiggy: Okay, maybe I've never actually heard a chorus of tl;dr here, but I swear I've heard them humming it under their collective breath once or twice.

CYMru: Forty is only a week old on me, so I can't pass judgment just yet, but in all earnestness, my 30s were fantastic. I felt like I came into my own in a new way, and although it wasn't free from troubles and heartaches, I can highly recommend the decade as a whole. Nearly everything about my 30s was even better than my 20s (except, perhaps, my skin's elasticity).

eirefaerie the VIP: I don't think so, baby. I don't think so. I read your music posts, so I can pretend I know what bands people are talking about. (stay tuned, there's more for you)

newt: Please not to bring up the t**nag*r thing, in reference to my infants. Thank yew veddy much.

(We ended up getting him a cell phone for his birthday -- it's called the Firefly [heh] and has a lot of parental controls, but it's making me sick.)

I think I missed a link to pictures of your infants, somewhere back there. If you're around in the a.m., would you mind linking again? If I come across, I'll let you know, to save you the trouble.

I'd invite you to LJ, but you already got an account, and never use it. Silly newt. (you also should stay tuned)

eirefaerie the VIP and newt the newt:

Okay you two goobers. I'm trying to work out from your lovely (truly) memories posts when you started posting, here. Yes, I am obsessive. Have we met (or "met" as the case may be)?

Either you're both drunk (LIKELY), or maybe it's the stunning four hours of sleep I caught last night messing with math(s) (okay, also LIKELY and possibly PROBABLE).

The Apollo Bronze closed on Tuesday, July 10, 2001. That was nearly two months after the season 5 (WB series) finale, The Gift aired. If you ever posted with us during season 5, you posted at the Apollo Bronze. If you didn't post with us until Artie and Phoenix so kindly provided this board, you came to us during the summer prior to season, or sometime thereafter.

Here's where I'd make you a little chart on the back of a bar napkin, if we were together. Instead, I'll have to make a list that totally won't line up, and yet, it will be magical, still.

Season 1: Mar '97 - May '97

Season 2: Fall '97 - Spring '98

Season 3: Fall '98 - Spring '99

Season 4: Fall '99 - Spring '00

Season 5: Fall '00 - Spring '01

Thus endeth the WB/Apollo Bronze Era and Buffy's second life

Sunset of; Dawn of the Beta; Dawn of the UPN "Bronze"

The UPN Era

Season 6: Fall '01 - Spring '02

Season 7: Fall '02 - Spring '03

Sadly, I know all this, because I often figure out dates by what episode of Buffy was on at the time, and vice versa. Like, I know we visited my father-in-law in the hospital for his stroke, the night of the season 5 premiere (Buffy vs. Dracula). (Really.)

I was in the hospital, recovering from my youngest one's birth, when season 4's Where the Wild Things Are aired. Unfortunately, my cousin showed up to visit, and I didn't get to really watch it. Fortunately, that visit outed us to each other as Buffy fans. Even more fortunately, my husband taped it, which I confirmed with a frantic phone call from the hospital to our house.

I associate certain episodes with my father's brief illness and death. I associate others with arguments I had with my husband. Or would, if we ever argued, which we do not.

I lurked on both the linear and threaded boards, and delurked on the threaded board during season 3. Then I relurked. Then I stopped lurking. Then I got pregnant. Let that be a lesson to you. Then I had a baby. Maybe that's the lesson. I dunno. Then I redelurked at the threaded board, during season 4, and started lurking heavily on the linear board (I was lurking for Pruittgate and the homophobic response to W/T, and was lurking one time, when some idiot called Amber Benson fat -- oh, somebody please make me fat like that).

I finally delurked (and was a total peppy spaz [US slang, not Brit slur] about it) during season 5. I'm lucky I didn't have my hat handed to me. The established Bronzers were very tolerant of my over-exuberance and I cringe when I remember some of my earliest posts. I didn't understand HTML at all, and was afraid of it, but didn't know about Control+F and thought nobody could ever find my posts to them in this sea of words. I'm quite sure one of my earliest posts began with repeating people's names, like, "Allyson Allyson Allyson," and "Leather Jacket Leather Jacket Leather Jacket," and "Narrator Narrator Narrator."

I also thought Leather Jacket and Narrator had some sort of administrative position with the board. I thought the 5th WITT was compulsory, but I didn't understand it, a bit. I was also frightened by Calvin Ball, but I did get the reference, so I knew the rules were made up as they went along.

So, where was I? Oh, yeah. When did you two find the board, again? Which board? Who's whatting how with huh?

It's a sickness, Buffy.

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valMichael says:
(Sun Mar 11 14:40:41 2007
Dianne, Christopher Marlowe You can thank Congress for this stupid change. It's not going to save one bit of energy.

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Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 14:36:45 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 14:37:26 2007
Beldin I remembered Daylight Savings Time. My mom didn't. Now she has to change all the clocks in the house. I only had one clock to change.

TallulahDarling Long time no see! It can't be 10 years, can it?

Happy Birthday hunter, Janna, Jen15, KAM, Megan, MojoDiva, Mark Metcalf as the Master vampire, & Old Married Guy !

Professional Lurker My hair has been a light brown, although some have told me it is strawberry blonde. I've always been tempted to color it, but have no idea what color would look good on me. Do I go lighter? Darker? Perhaps highlights?

Just too many choices and shades out there.

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Dianne says:
(Sun Mar 11 14:31:36 2007
Who died and made it Daylight Savings Time?

bec -- in my yard I have daffodils, red and white quince, forsythia, camellias, thrift, hiacynths and a few others blooming. Looks like spring in Atlanta -- and already 60-something. Guess I'll be going to the mountain later.

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ginger says:
(Sun Mar 11 14:22:05 2007
*wavies to shebit and littlexander* *hands over coffee and cake*

YOU UNGRATEFUL WENCH! Who first introduced you to Snow Patrol? And this is the gratitude I get? Good to hear that they were awesome. Feel free to email me with all the details if you want *g*

Yeah, I heard about the webisode- but i don't think the NBC website will let us limey's watch it :(

Hurrah for VIP eirefaerie. There will be no living with her now *g*

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mabby says:
(Sun Mar 11 14:18:57 2007
damn tags.

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mabby says:
(Sun Mar 11 14:13:08 2007
bec!!! lil'tree! charlieX!!![/

iffin you scroll...apparently i'm too old for
LOSERs anymore *sigh* sorry i missed you
guys, been laid out sick & working 4ams
lately. can't tell you how good it is to see
your names again. miss you. and the fuzzy
purple penis. and marathons, thuggies,
pressed ham (& eggs for loki)...all
of it.

bec email me when you get a
chance. been thinking about you *lovelove*

take care :)

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valMichael says:
(Sun Mar 11 13:46:32 2007
Good Morning Bronzers!

Big Bronze Birthday Wishes and SOs to:
Mark Metcalf as the Master vampire
Old Married Guy

Yay BtVS 10 Anniversary ! Yay!

Lots of people posted yesterday who haven't been here in ages!

Very Special SOs and {{{Smoochies}}} to my seven Daughterlets: ANNE, Buffyenta, CHRIS, Garm, Icelord, SweePer, & Talullahdahling!
Special SOs to My Famlet The Asanti Clan! who are: Aly, amystar, Amywyn, Angelic Sweetie, Angle Man, ANNE, Asanti, AUNIL, AuntiAm, banana, bec, Brandi the Slayer, bubbles, Buffy Sheridan, Buffy13, BuffyBrazil, Buffyenta, carlycat, Charity aka Taygeta, CharlieX, CHRIS, Chrissy, Cleio, Closet Buffyholic, Corpelia, Crystal, darkhorse, DarkLady, deadboy, DELiver, DeMoriel, Destructo Girl, Devil, drdan, Drusilla15, elusio, Esther, Everdawn, Everdog, FAST EDDIE, fiver, Garm, Gazoo, holly, Icelord, Jayne, Jennie, Jimbo, Jocor, Jubilee, Kain the Demon Hunter, kate228, Katherine Anna, Kenickie., Krow, Lady Bathroy, Lady of Buffdom, Leitch, lena, LilSprout, LilTree, Lovely Poet, Lurking Little Feet, Manx, marie101, Marissa, McLatin, Mesuvius, Miguel., moonbeam, Mr.Drdan, Mr. Everdawn, Night Owl, nouveaux, NuPhalanx, OzFan, Paris Angel, PDR, Pixie, princesscloud, Professional Lurker, Rachie, raven, Rebecca Lynn, RJ, Rum Spike, SailorMoon, Samsara, Sanguineus, Sarah's Carl, Serendipity, Sherbear, Sonrisa, Southern Girl, Spooky Magoo, St. Germaine, Strange One, SweePer, Talullahdahling, Taster's Choice, The Demon Spawn, the Thinker, Thy Slayer, valMichael, Winter Rain, WitchyWoman, writergirl, & XanderGirl55
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My Siggy My Home Page valMichael
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The Birthday Gnome says:
(Sun Mar 11 13:38:20 2007
Today is Sunday, March 11, 2007,
and The Birthday Gnome brings you
EIGHT (8) Birthdays!

one @ for:
Mark Metcalf as the Master vampire
Old Married Guy

Birthday Happies all,
Happy Birthday to you today,
Happy Birthday from the Bronze to:
hunter, Janna, Jen15, KAM, Megan, MojoDiva,
Mark Metcalf as the Master vampire, & Old Married Guy !

Happy Birthday to you all, all day!
Woo Hoo, and Hip-Hooray!!
For your Birthday!

Yay Myst ! Yay !

There are now 2076 members on the Birthday Lists!!
If you want to be on the birthday lists for SO on your birthday,
E-mail Birthdays or and
Please put Bronze Birthday on the subject line.
It helps to distinguish birthdays from all the spam
A special SO to the Birthday Gnome Minions:
CarpeDi, eirefaerie, Morella

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Selenay says:
(Sun Mar 11 13:19:22 2007
Selenay stumbles into the Bronze, waving a mug of coffee and looking for that comfy old armchair she used to sit in all those years ago.

I see the partying hasn't finished yet *g* Felt so much like old times last night, that I thought I'd wander back again.

PDR So, what have you been up to Oh Glorious Harem Leader?


I know I had the old siggy around last night...

Owner of Taggy, the pet < b > tag
ICTC! BeeGee # 9
HOG # 52
PDRH # 5
U of S member # 110
Amber Benson is a hottie! #32
40.9% Buffy corrupt
Go to The Haven - here there be fanfic *g* And also fanfic reviews. Hmm, there's a pattern there...
All-purpose excuse for dropped tags

We don't have time for bondage fun!

S.O.s to PDR, Kenickie, Wild Weasel, Cobby, Closet Buffyholic, MeeB, fenric, Angel-eyes, Opus, DingoBaby, Angelphyre, Rachie, solo84, Purity, ShyGirl (supporter extrordinare), Catriona (but he's so cute!), Eiddileg, Lady Wolfsbane, TAK4ever, The Narnian, elusio, Yummy (twinlet!), Morella (bravest of the brave), DAISY (my Tim's supplier *g*), Prince of Lunacy (I got photographic evidence *g*), Sanguineus (quit poking! *g*), Vilia (I'm not that scary, honest *g*), DeAn (who isn't a girl *g*), St George (put that camera away!), ACOLYTE (er, undertaker?) and any other lurkers and Bronzers I forgotten.
VIP S.O.s to Sarah, Alyson, Nicholas, Anthony, David, Seth, Charisma, Amber Benson, Joss, Chris Beck, Jeff Pruitt, Todd Mackintosh and anyone else my brain has blanked out (sorry).

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 13:09:02 2007
Looks like someone didn't change their clocks, doesn't it.

CyMru - "Like Romeo and Juliet but with more vomit." LOL

Aw, I missed Cleio and Tahlullahdahling.

bec, Buffyenta - Evans! That's it. "We broke Bob Evans"

^ v
janni says:
(Sun Mar 11 12:41:00 2007
Too early for yays and b-days?

Xanderella Lar got some stuff to paint the kids playroom/den. I got some stuff to start seeds for the backyard. We're trying to naturalize it as much as possible. I need flowers, especially this time of year. I swear I have seasonal affective disorder! Luckily I noticed that the crocuses have poked their heads through the snow. The northeast has had some odd weather. Another good sign, my canary has been singing his little heart out, which usually means that spring is very close. Yay!

CYMru Oh go on with you! *blush* Tell me more. ;) Naw, don't I'm an old woman and my heart can't take it. I'd like to officially go on the record as someone willing to puke on you to save your life. I'm nothing if not a humanitarian.

white wings Great to see you too. Nice that you can admit you are so very wrong. I hear that's the first step!

tiggy *sputters* Um, no. To both of you! Even ergo spent most of her trip to Manhattan looking for mini-me sized slutty underwear, y'all just can't help yourselves.

***While I'm thinking of it. Just to try to keep a bit more in touch, I'm janni518 at lj, but I don't update a lot. I think I feel my life is too boring. I also have a myspace account, have to so I can watch my kids' pages (

^ v
CYMru says:
(Sun Mar 11 12:35:45 2007
Tiggy - Me and DeAn;) are old romantics like that. Like Romeo and Juliet but with more vomit.

Speaking of which...

Nails! - I've been saving my vomit for nigh on 10 years now. Strangely, it smells of Guinness and whisky, go figure. I'm pretty sure that one day it will be taken away from me and used as a cure for leprosy. I guess that means I'm going to die in a pool of someone else's vomit. Meh. Any volunteers?

Cashmere - I think we both know the Reaped, who I don't fear by the way, couldn't handle my Twister A-Game ;) Probably because I'm a biter and there's not much flash on those bones...

^ v
Tallulahdahling says:
(Sun Mar 11 12:28:20 2007
SOs to Algerina, Anais, Asanti, Batra, bec, Beldin, belmont, Blackheart, Blueronin, CharlieX, Closet Buffyholic, Cosmic Bob, Corvus, DarkLady, DELiver, DeMoriel, Devil, Eiddileg, FastEddie, gazoo, Icelord, Labrynth, Lady Bathory, Laurence. Leather Jacket, L'ilTree, Little Willow, Mabb, Malista, Margot le Faye, Masquerade, Maverick, meteor, Mircalla, Missi, Mr. Whyt, Old One, Sppoky Magoo, St.Germain, SweePer, TexasWook, Thoin,ValMichael, wolfguard... I know this is not my full original list, but that one is way on the other side of the world in a computer at my Mom and Dad's house.

Ah! Back from dinner at last! My husband and I have long dinners that include reading things together. They can take a long time. It's a bonding thing.
BONDING not bondage. We read intellekchall, phillersofical n' plitical stuff.

Unfortunately I only just found the e-mail from Icelord about this anniversary shindig about 15 minutes before I had to leave for dinner tonight.

Ebdim9th Pleased to meet you. Yes, I'm a regular feature of the valMichael SOs list. I'm part of the valMichael "famlet".

Drat, I see Buffyenta has *poofed*.

bec Are you still here? How about the "womb bag"? Do you remember Tallulahdahling's "womb bag"? I see that Loki was replying to Laurence earlier. But I don't see any Laurence on this page, so I guess I've missed him. I can never think of you without thinking of him. Glad to see you around, lady.

IMMORTAL A PBP! That would be wonderful! I probably couldn't make it because I live in Australia and it's bloody expensive for an airline ticket or two. Hey, if you have it sometime between May 27 and the 4th of July of this year, I MIGHT be able to come, since I'll be home visiting my Mom and Dad and having another reunion with the theater group from my high school days. Otherwise, I'll be cheering for the rest of you. And if I can't make it, you'd better have Internet Access and people had better post to The Bronze during the party, so that I can virtually be there at least!

Eh... it's 11 PM, and my husband and I were up late last night and my lower eyelids are gaping and my skin is sagging. Funny how it does that after age 50 when you haven't had enough sleep. I look ten years older when I don't get my sleep. But ten years ago, I always looked the same age, regardless of insomnia.

Hey, if anyone is curious to have a look at my husband of three years, you can go here:

TALLULAHDAHLING'S HUSBAND! He's the character at the top of the page crossing the street waving his top hat. The top hat is his trade mark. He actually wears it as his everyday wear. The tights, too.

I'm going to have to say g'night/g'day to everyone, because I want my facial skin to get its elasticity back.

I LOVE you guys. I love! love! love you!

I've posted my "safe" yahoo e-mail above. Please use it if you get the urge.

Over and out.

^ v
littlexander says:
(Sun Mar 11 12:18:44 2007

Looks like things got even busier after I left last night...

SheBit - Hey, you. How's it going?

off to do work, will pop in from time to time...

^ v
Shebit says:
(Sun Mar 11 12:03:06 2007
The 'Bit pokes her head in, wondering if there are hangovers from last night and whether she should avoid making too much noise.

Morning folks. Is there coffee?

^ v
Glow Boy says:
(Sun Mar 11 11:05:45 2007
ginger, and a return SO to you. This is fun. :)

Tiggy, yes it does. I'm so pleased I managed to get myself on there before the WB Bronze shut down. It was a sad day but good times overall. It's a shame I felt I had to change my name after that though. I quite liked Cormorant.

It would be fun to see some of the other pages you have if you can post them. :)


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nails says:
(Sun Mar 11 11:01:51 2007
Xanderella Told you.

^ v
Amish Boy says:
(Sun Mar 11 11:00:26 2007
I was down the pub and forgot. So hi, hi, hi to all the folks.
Ten years, how is that possible?

^ v
nails says:
(Sun Mar 11 10:54:31 2007
Greetings Losers. And because I fell asleep before I could post this last night...

I think it was moving to a foreign country that brought me to the Bronze. I vaguely remember Buffy the first time it aired on the BBC, but was busy with college stuff and never really sat down and watched it properly. I caught up when I went home for the summer, and Sky were showing the second half of season two/start of three. Passion got me hooked, and there was no looking back. Until it came time to got back to Uni: I was on a student exchange to Holland that term, and because of an administrative ****-up, I didn't get a room with the other international students, and was placed in the house of an Elderly Dutch Lady (that was originally going to be my board name, until I thought better of it). Anyway, I had a TV in my room and flicking throught the channels one night, I came across the end of a Buffy ep, sometime late in season three. Got into the lab next morning and looked on this new fangled interweb gizmo (this was late '99 I think) to see if I could find an episode guide to catch up what I'd missed, and came across and hence The Bronze. Spent many a lunch hour whiling away the time at the arse-end of L.O.S.E.R.S. Had my first Bronze meetage pretty soon after, when I mentioned on the board that I was visiting Amsterdam with a few friends and Juggernaut, who was living there at the time offered his services as tour guide. Back to dear old Blightly at Christmas, to do the rest of my time at Oxford, and had my first IRL (snappy phrase, someone should use it) contact with the UK contingent stalking visiting Joss when he was in London, and my first UKPBFP that summer. Which was nice. Even if there are some parts of it don't remember too well. Not because of the booze, I just think my brain's repressed them, which is probably for the best. I don't see as much of people as I'd like since I moved north of the border, but still keep in tough with a whole bunch of Bronze shaped folks, and I'm glad to have them in my life.

CYMru I honestly thought I'd be dead in a pool of my own vomit by now
It's just such an effort to fill up the pool, isn't it?

Beldin Got it, thanks.

Xanderella Yes, I am asleep. Or was at least. I blame PDR the wine. And no I can't, I thought he's have shown up by now. Or at least then.

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 09:41:18 2007
Greetinz Cleio and 1cham sounds like you (1cham) are one of those who refered to the writer in question as Marti Noxious.

^ v
Cleio says:
(Sun Mar 11 09:38:30 2007
Happy Birthday to the bronze. It's good to see familiar faces. Scrolling...

SOs to: ABpositive, Adina, Aethelaf, Algerina, andyourlittledogtoo, ANGELofMUSIC, AngelLover24-7, Amywyn, Anais, Angelic Sweetie, Angelphyre, Arcadia, Arctic Lurker, Arymede, Asanti, banana!!!!!!!!, Batra, bec, Beldin, Beldarin, Blackheart, Blueronin, BuffyBrazil, Buffy Sheridan, Carita, ~ceridwen~, Ch@risma17, Charity aka Taygeta, CharlieX, Chris aka Mommy Boo, Claddagh, Closet Buffyholic, Corvus, Crossbow, delf, FASTEDDIE, DELiver, DeMoriel, Dreamscape205, DReddd, Dunlin, Eiddileg, EverDawn and Mr. ED, Faithful Avenger, Fatima, fenric, Figaro, fiver and mr. fiver, Fly-by-Nyte, Frenchguy, friday, GateKeeper, gazoo, Godeater, Gregg and Greggs Girl, Grinn, Gryphon, Hollyn, horizon, Icelord, Jayne, Jeanie the Tortoise-Fly, Jenny68, J.S.K., Jubilee, Julea, Kaboo, kate228, Keywe, kim!, kooger, kugelmass, La Timide, Lady Bathory, Lady Godiva, Lady Ireland, Laurence, Leather Jacket, Llewellyn, Lena, LilTree, Lisa, Little Willow, Lmo, Lulu, Luv2Bbit, Mabb, Malista, Margot le Faye, marie101, Masquerade, Matt the Bruins Fan, Maverick, melanie, Mesuvius, Miguel, Mircalla, Missi, Moxie and Mr. Moxie, Mr Whyt, Ms. Alucard, Natalie, Nyte-eyes, Night Owl, Nipsy, nouveaux, nya, Ozfan, Paris Angel, Pippin, A Polite Bronzer, Rebecca Lynn, RedThunder, St. George, Seraphim, scooter, Serendipity, Shadowslayer, SherBear, SarahNicole, Sarah W., ShellyanOrphan, Spooky Magoo, Strawberries, SweePer, Tana, Tiamat, the Thinker, TMorel, Todd McIntosh, valMichael, Vanessa, Vlad, VoxMaille, Wagner, wanttoknow, Wendy, Wilo Luvr, Witchy Woman, wolfguard, writergirl, XandersGirl, all Buffy, Eh members, all Team Z.A.M.B.O.N.I. members and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Proud member of Buffy, Eh?
Go Team Z.A.M.B.O.N.I.
Bad Seedlet / founding member of Fandom Dennis / We Ate Flossie! / N&I Fang Gang / Sleepless in Seattle / Cafe Buffy (ain't stuffy) / UBC / CFKASSU / Rambler's Unite / PBA / L.O.S.E.R. / member of BAH, Spike/James Marsters floor, room 818 / BRLQ / JP Gang / it's all part of my master plan / nothing says party like a fire axe / sleep is for the weak / Do you like my mask? Isnt it pretty? It raises the dead . Americans. / I called ahead.

^ v
1cham says:
(Sun Mar 11 09:12:58 2007
Sweick - "Some of the best loved S2/S3 episodes were written by Marti." 0_o They were?! Which ones? None of Marti's episodes would make my Top 100.

Ojagwers -She Pretty much ruined Buffy for me after Season 3, particularly Willow.

Lol every episode she wrote must have been an "off day"...go look at what her episode were about and you will see it is all "sex and pain and sex with emotional angst and sex and break ups and sex and pain". She cant write about anything else and people think men are obsessed with sex! lol

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 09:03:37 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 09:07:25 2007
Hi Hi hi, Marlene, I'm still here greeting the stragglers. Course I came in late myself.

Eta: Wow. Scrolled down a bit. Tiamat knows some NASCAR. I've actually gotten into it after board-monitoring radio broadcasts of the races for the past two years...

^ v
Marlene says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:58:33 2007
There is no Ctrl+F in the month of Mar. How did I forget that?
Alas I needed to sleep, and despite the losing an hour for freakin' "daylight saving" nonsense, set the alarm with hopes of a followup with breakfast. Yup, breakfast is in the middle of the night. All I have to do now is remember to get to work by 5am for the 6am show. Might make it if I don't scroll again.

FSM CDMan (*wavie*) reminded me I'm also watching Doctor Who. And CaughtNTheQuiet, whom I've never posted with but *wavie* as well, that I watch How I Met Your Mother, The Class, and Two and a Half Men. And Thumper, the Stargates *wavie* Gee, that's a lot of teevee.

Professional Lurker's questions:
Cars--The '88 Aries replaced with a spiffy new Maxx last June.
Moves--Just a work relocate to Winter Park following Hurricane Katrina.

buggo reminded me--I didn't know html until I came here either. *wavie* BTW, she takes great pictures. Despite the small children and their parents *g*

RSOs to the afore addressed FSM CDMan, Kessie, Beldin, ginger, Hollyn, Corvus!, MozzarellaDemon, Irishrose, white wings, helygen, Jaan Quidam, Fantasma, Amarra/wastedfairy, OldManFan, valMichael, Algerina
...thanks to everyone whose siggy is alphabetized *g*

Hey, Thoin, how are my fifths?

Y'know what's funny? I turned off the notebook last night after posting and flipped channels before going to sleep. Seth Green was coordinating a heist at Hollywood & Highland on my tv channel. Like whoa. Whenever I see The Italian Job, I wonder how soon after they shot that scene was the one PBP I went to.

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:55:32 2007
Good to almost meet ya faithx5...

Guess that's just about everybody, eh?

^ v
faithx5 says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:38:49 2007
CarpeDi - See, 24 is addicting. It's like Lays. Once you pop, you can't stop. Except, more like, once [Jack Bauer] pop[s some terrorist in the knee], you can't stop [watching]. I'm not as invested in it lately as I used to be. I think its because they KILLED OFF EVERYONE I LIKED last year. Or mostly everyone.

eirefaerie - I almost had to call you tonight because I, like an idiot, neglected to, I don't know, LOOK UP where Stubb's was. I remembered that I had not done this slight bit of research about the time we hit Austin traffic. However, one of the other girls with me called a friend of hers, since I didn't want to bug you about it again. Also, she could dial better since I was busy driving. In Austin traffic. In spring break Austin traffic, actually. But it worked out, we found it, the barbecue was really tasty, and Snow Patrol was AWESOME. As was OKGO. In fact, after OKGO played, I was like, hey, that was worth it right there. But then Snow Patrol came on, and it was AWESOME. Of course, I won't be able to hear, see, talk, or stand up for like two days, but it was totally worth it.

tiggy - Hee. Well, I like hearing my songs in my shows, so it doesn't bother me. I would watch Grey's just for the music half of the time, even if I didn't love it for other reasons. I haven't watched The Black Donnellys, though it looks good from the previews. How is it?

Denise - Your post was plenty eloquent. *smooooch*

idream - Hey there!

MozzarellaDemon - Wow, thanks! I figured my sig was lost forever, but it still exists in some form at least!

ginger - NO. YOU MAY HAVE SEEN GARY LIGHTBODY FIRST, BUT I SAW HIM MOST RECENTLY, AND I AM KEEPING HIM. Seriously, that accent? We were all like, wow we love your music, but you can just talk, and we will still love you. It was so awesome. I wanted to talk to you and tell you how awesome it was, but then, you've probably seen them live like a hundred times, so you know.

Denise2 - Yeah, I feel so old when I read VM drama. And jaded. Or something.

Artie - Omigosh. There's going to be no living with eirefaerie now. :p Seriously, though. Thank you, and thanks to Phoenix, for all the work you've put in over the years on this place. I'm hardly exaggerating when I tell you that it's changed many lives for the better.

My Buffy / Beta pretty boring. But exciting for me, because it was a really good time in my life. I started watching Buffy sporadically in S3, because some of the people I worked with watched it, and even though I was doubtful at first, these people were pretty cool, so I figured, hey, a show they liked must be at least all right. The first ep I saw was "The Wish." And since alt-universes are my favorite ever, I was hooked. But for some inexplicable reason (likely the fact that I wasn't a TV-watcher at that point--oh how things have changed--and wasn't used to paying attention to things like, you know, when shows are on), I didn't really start watching faithfully until S4. Which is ironic, because now S4 is like, my least favorite season. Anyway. I caught up with earlier seaons on video and reruns, and watched every new episode religiously.

I poked around on the WB Bronze a bit, and posted for a day or two on the threaded side as Faith, and then as Faith x 5 once I discovered there already was a Faith. I don't remember exactly when that was, because it didn't last long. Then I read "Bite Me" sometime during the beginning of S7, and decided to check out the Beta. I still liked the Faith x 5 idea, but dropped the capital letter and the spaces. Now it squicks me something awful to see it capitalized. And it's my defacto internet identity now, so it happens every now and again on site that stupidly assume names start with capital letters. /random rant. My first night posting was after "Bring on the Night" aired. So really, I only posted for a half season. And then for a while after that, until my posting here petered out in favor of lj. And now I'm sporadic over there, too. Me = lazy. During my time here, I made a lot of friends, met several that lived near me (CarpeDi, tralf and others I'm forgetting), more at the Angel party in LA (tiggy, eirefaerie, *Sunburst*, darcie, Dachelle, belmont, and...I know a ton more), met more in England (ginger, Amarra), and loved every second of it. I also graduated from college while actively posting here...which I'm still not sure was a good idea, hence my decision to return to grad school (I started a master's in English last semester). Beyond that, not much has changed.

And now, bed. *crashes*

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:37:28 2007
Glad to finally meet you Tallulahdahling, hope you will return soon with postages from Down Under... I think it' svalMichael who has you regularly listed in his SO list. I think.

^ v
Tallulahdahling says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:32:33 2007


Buffyenta! bec! SpookyMagoo!Wolfguard! Thumper! Christopher Marlowe! Beldin! Darklady! Lovely Poet! Slayerdaddy! Polgara! Icelord (who informed me of the party)! Etc!

My SOs list is on my other computer in my parents' house on the other side of the world, while I'm living here in Melbourne, Australia! So there will be no "complete" SOs unless I get back here after dinner and make a new list, which I SO want to do!

Oh my gosh, it's wonderful to see all of your names again! I had such a fabulous time in the Bronzing days and remember it as intensely, absorbingly fun. Sometimes I remember it with a longing achy twinge, regardless of the fact that I am now deliriously happy with my new husband, as Buffyenta said earlier.

I see that Buffyenta has told everybody the capsule version of how I met and married Prodos, an eccentric Australian, and am living in Australia. It is all true.

Where is Laurence?

I have to go to dinner now, but I hope that there will still be plenty of you here when I get back, although the anniversary is fast disappearing - or is it gone everywhere by now? It's the end of March 11 here.

I finally met James Marsters. It was at a convention here in Melbouren brought about with the help of Thumper. My husband and I met James together, and while I was floating with the magic of the theatrical romantic crush, I am pleased to say that I found my husband to be even more charismatic to me, as he and James stood on either side of me, both competing to bite my neck. This is good. Prodos is the real thing for which my Spike crush was the stand-in. Thank you, Spike, for being there until I didn't need you. *g*

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:19:41 2007
Hey it's Artie! Not just a myth but a reality!

FSM CDMan, far as I know its a first-time greeting. Nicetomeetcha. Come back as often as possible. I like it here lots myself.

^ v
Artie says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:15:40 2007
I figured, since you have been asking for a long time, I went ahead and turned on VIP colors for you... I only had one color left, so I hope it works for you. :)

Sorry it only took me a decade or so to do so.

^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:13:38 2007
Beldin: Bob Evans!!! I remembered

I'm old but not done yet! lol

Hey, I see Clover, Hello Clover, good seeing you girl.

good nite all

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:12:35 2007
Ebdim9th: Hello! Have we met
before? I don't recognize your PB handle..

AKA BECKER: Have you spoken to
*LB* lately? Lots of new, wonderful things in
her life lately. You should drop her a line.

Jymm: G'Night pal!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Buffy,,

Thank you Joss for creating a wonderful
I'll thank you in person when I
see you next..

who (like "Q") will be dropping in
from time to time...

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:08:13 2007
Greetings clover & Charlie X pleeze, pleeze, pleeze come back and visit often!

Hey Beldin, seems Christopher Marlow ran afoul of the spam filters as well.

^ v
Buffyenta says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:07:14 2007|
Beldin ~

It was Bob Evans.

and with that, Buffyenta poofs

^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:06:18 2007
CharlieX: Hey, I'm still amazed my kid made it thru college, still lives at home but he's a college graduate, lol And helping you and Jeanie, if it's the only good thing I've done in my life it's good. You two deserve each other. I'm very pleased and happy to have been a part of getting you two together.

Ebdim9th: I was lying, me, I'm not shy or quiet, ask anyone. I've got this bad girl that lives down deep inside of me and it lets it's self out whenever I'm with Buffy-type friends.

It was so good seeing everyone again, gonna have to make this a daily stop again, just for the fun of it. I forgot how good this place makes you feel inside. It's...home

Becker: will wait for your email.

I'll be back.

"there is nothing like a bronzer"

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:01:33 2007
Ebdim9th - One or two people, maybe. He made a "happy anniversary" post and said something about getting caught in the spam filters. That was at Sat. Mar 10 15:11:50.

bec - Much agreeage about SweePer. I keep trying to say "Bob Danvers" but I'm probably getting it confuzzled with Bob Denver. It was a two word proper name, though.

everyone - Well, with the time change it's three o'clock and I have to get up at 6:45 so I'd better go. It was wonderful seeing everyone again and don't be strangers.

Time for me to head out. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

^ v
clover says:
(Sun Mar 11 08:01:11 2007
Hello all!!

Happy 10th anniversary! I can't believe that it's already been 10 years!! I love seeing all of the familiar faces....

bec!!! Hey there! It's been forever!

horizon! omg! **HUGS**

It was so great to see everyone today at the screening. Had lots o' fun.

Boomer. Sooner.

^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:59:36 2007
bec. I was glad I could do that for you. I was kinda wndering if he would even do it. But he did. *g* As for the boy, he's growing like a weed. Just had his 6th birthday party and he's taller than everybody else in his class. No surprise there since all the males on my side are well over 6 feet, except for me of course. I'm the runt in the family at 5'10". Luckily he likes school, just wish he would do better in school. I guess every parent says that though.

CharlieX le Desincarne

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:58:32 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 07:59:34 2007
See you later Adri... rest up right and well...

Hey there DB the Critical Guy, its critical that you return to the Bronze(Bater) soon.

That reminds me, did VampSlayer, SlayerDaddy or DaddyCatALSO make it today?

^ v
Adri says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:56:13 2007
Night all! It was good to see so many familiar people posting again.

^ v
DB the Critical Guy says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:52:28 2007
So here we are.

Ten years.

The show remains timeless.

I, on the other hand, am feeling kind of old...

Happy birthday, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

See you at the comic shop on Wednesday.

- DB the Critical Guy

(This has been a tenth anniversary drive-by. Glad to see you guys are still here. Keep on keepin' on, and I'll try to stop by more often in the future.)

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:51:15 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 07:52:56 2007
G'night Becker and yeah, Buffyrat, that pretty much would be a whar by any definition wouldn't it? That bunch played for keeps didn't they?

Eta: Hi hi hi, HiddenSky, you shine here now, however briefly, come back soon...

^ v
HiddenSky says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:50:33 2007
This is a drive-by since I'm traveling Sunday and won't be able to scroll through, but even though I haven't kept up with the board in ages, I wanted to stop by and join in the celebration of Buffy's 10th.

I have no clue where I saved my shout-out list file, so I'll just give a shout-out and wave to everyone past and present who's frequented the Bronze! :)

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 07:46:18 2007
Drive By Posting!

FSM CDman: I'm currently a dispatcher and courier for a courier company. Not what I want to do, but way happier than my last job, though no longer working down the street from *LB*.

bec: I'll send the e later and I'm about to pass out. hehehe (Getting old!) And, you? Shy? Um, Isn't that pretty much how you greeted me at the Philly PBFP at The Speghetti Factory? I swapped my Spike for your Dru and we were bothy happier for it. ;) And then the blackmail pics later at the hotel. ;)

Night all!

Leaving, and not in a Ty King way.

^ v
buffyrat says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:46:16 2007

Wolfram and Hart Annual Review

ooh, qwerty faced, goodnight for real

^ v
buffyrat says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:40:50 2007
Well it's almost midnight here in San Jose, and March 10 is about to expire. Thank you Joss and all the folks involved in bringing BtVS to my TV. Thank you Artie and Phoenix for the Bronze Beta. Thank you to all the Bronzers who have made this site a special place for me.



^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:38:16 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 07:39:47 2007
Howdy bec that's pretty funny about the Buffy blow pops as is

Becker's explanation about what that word meant.

Hey dogtrot/Buffyrat (anybody ever typed Buffy Buggy before?)what does WHAR stand fahr?

FSM CDMan, greetinz to you too...

Eta: nitey nite, Jymm...

^ v
Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:38:10 2007)
heading off to's been 10 years,
I'm getting old!

Hollyn: The Midwest in spring...very nice.

Beldin: Check 'em out. Other than the
machine I described (hardware issue that
later models have fixed), I love Macs. I'm
posting on my MacBook Pro right now. Easy
for a tech-tard like myself to use! *g*

Ebdim9th: =)

FSM CDMan: "Dad" is now a married man.
Have to drop him a line myself.

Good times today. Old friends and new. I
feel great!

^ v
daphmax says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:31:28 2007
Signing off -- have a good night all! Will peek
back in later this week (to discuss season 8,

^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:30:47 2007
Becker: send me your e. my addy is above if you need it. I'll make a copy and send it to you. And oh my God I saw your post to me below about the Buffy pops. I remember walking around the hotel with that Buffy can of blow pops going "want to suck your favorite Buffy character"...I can't believe I did that, I'm usually so shy and quiet...remember.

Beldin: Sweeper is the hostest with the mostest, she knew just what we needed that day. And I thought it was a Denny's, was it a Bob Big Boy maybe? I remember Kiwi was happy cause she got to sit at our table and got a free meal.

CharlieX: I remember that bear, it was the only thing I won in Vegas, lol How is that lil Sprout doing, is he ready for college yet? lol

more memories, Thuggies, Demon Spawn, so many memories...remember jank?

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 07:30:09 2007
Ebdim9th: Ooops, it's bad typing for floating. ;)

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:29:08 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 07:31:08 2007
Jymm: Sounds like y'all had a
great time! Wish I'd been there too. It's been
awhile since I've heard any new Buffy related
music. *g* BTW: Found "Dad's" MySpace
page. I owe him a big hello.

AKA BECKER: Hiya! What are you
doing for work these days? All good as long
as you're happy.

who's pretty sure that James
Spader no longer needs to call Buffy..

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:27:20 2007
aka buffyrat

If there is to be a re-union---please yesss!---I hope the venue is big enough to accomodate as many folks as would like to come. It'd be awful if not everyone could be included.

Ebdim9th, some years ago (right about the time of the WHAR) I decided to change my screen name to buffyrat, having just seen a rerun of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered". As far as I can remember, the term buffyrat was only used that one time, uttered by Giles.

^ v
Polgara says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:26:08 2007
Adri Hola, chica! :-)

bec Hey, darlin'! We all have our demons! :-D I was doin' great until I read that you have actual footage of me playing BGoD--yikes! I hope you got my sober side. All good for you?

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:23:03 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 07:28:12 2007
Hey Jymm you still get the blue font on your name though, so that's pretty special.

Beldin, so did valMichael at least catch the beginning of the party?

Eta:Hey Becker you have my curiousity piqued. What does: fklaotiong mean?

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 07:21:54 2007
Adri: Too accurate. If you advertize fklaotiong the bottle cap on he foam, it's too thick for me. ;)

Ebdim9th: I just don't kn ow the fingering for it. I'll have Jymm show me next time we're near a guitar. :)

bec: Nice memories. hehehe And If I e-mail you my addy would you be able to send me a copy of that tape? (I got the e with the new e-addy in it.)

Hollyn: I'm all about the inexpensive. ;)

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:21:20 2007
Jymm - I've used Windows and now Linux but I've never even seen a Mac in operation. I need to look into one some day.

bec - Yes, the flat hat was the first SJBW. The hot, hot one.

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:14:26 2007
Jymm: LOL. But because it is technically still winter, I don't mind cuddling up in lots of blankets at 2am. LOL Trust me, every time I go to some reception or happy hour and they ask where I go to law school, it burns. This has been THE worst winter since I left Chicago for LA. I have indeed been missing my walks along the track at sunset. Hopefully that will start changing here. :)

Becker: You can still scout out inexpensive suggestions because being in loan repayment with no income doesn't leave me oodles to spend on intricate soirees. *g* And I'd obviously like to pick something that's convenient for as many peeps as possible.


^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:13:56 2007
Becker: I have 3.5hrs of Becker's Game of Death on video tape. It was from my last trip to LA. I remember Polgara was playing and others, I've played the game 2 or three times myself, never proud of myself.

Polgara: The bronzer with her own demon, lol How's life going for you, good I hope.

Darklady: Went and pre-ordered Allyson's book tonight. Hope to one day see your documentary.

CharlieX" Oh, okay, I remember that. Still have it, up stairs in my closet, one of my most prized possessions. I thank you again for that.

Beldin: It was the flat cap I remember, I think it was the "hot" picnic, the one were SweetPer bought all those spray bottles and squirt guns cause it was 110 in the shade. The first one I think.

Buffyenta: Hey girl, one of my LA dancing partners.

Now I have all these LA memories running thru my head. Sharing a bathroom with Elizabeth at the El Rey. Watching Laurence's face when Allyson remember receiving his stuffed dolphin in the mail, her fuzzy purple sweater. Talking dirty with Becker and having Mark over hear it...and cross dressing men...I just remembered I crossed dress men...oh my

Where's my mabby?
I missed Margot...:-(

^ v
Adri says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:11:53 2007
Becker: LMAO! I haven't heard it described that way in years. Accurate though. ;)

Polgara: hihihi!

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:10:19 2007
So Buffyrats do the dogtrot, eh? Well somebody snag valMike while all the volken are still here.

AKA Becker, you can play that chord (Oz's special chord, a man's chord in fact) or any other on yer guitar here today or anyday. Come and be a regular irregular again. In fact,

Everybody come back often and soon!!!

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 07:08:26 2007
Last post?

It died in here!

Hollyn: Well bowling was just an example as Slay_me went bowling tonight and I mentioned the drinking and mocking, but not bowling thing. ;) I've stopped planning anything for my b-days anymore.

^ v
Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:07:12 2007)
FSM CDMan: Things are well. I haven't been
to that store for a while. I must go there
soon. Your name came up a few times today
(in a good way!). Wish you'd been there.

Ebdim9th: I like the colors. I was just saying
today that I used to post without to not
appear like I was "uppity" but the aesthetics
won out tonight! =)

Beldin: Been there. I just had to delve into
the guts of my iMac to solve a power
problem tonight. I'm an admitted Mac-snob
(just because you don't have to know any
computer-ese to be a power user on them)
but that machine has been one problem after

Hollyn: Not to rub it in (like you know I do
on LJ!) but it's 63 degrees at 11:05 pm.
*basking in the Cali warm* ;-)

^ v
raithen says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:05:26 2007
StG oh, there is reliably food. Beau is just SELECtiVE in his hearing ;).

Your boy is lovely.

Our herd is here ;) JJ is the one with the star - she's almost 3 and was born here. Her Mom has the blaze and snip, and her Uncle is Beau, the chestnut. The pure black is my main riding mare, Joy. All 4 are tennessee walkers. the grey is Shaughns, and she is the head mare ayrab! :)

'night everyone!

^ v
Thumper says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:04:48 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 07:16:11 2007
While I feel I should say something profound, it's simply not me so I decided to head down the simple route.

Buffy to me was not just a well-written, intelligent show that provoked interesting conversation. It bought us the Bronze and the Bronze and later the BB was as much about the people I meet and the friends we made than the show its shelf.

So thank you JOSS for one of the best shows I have had the pleasure to watch.

And thank you the people who created the board that inspired such a wonderful community that brought together a diverse and community of people (friends)

Opps I said I was not going to get profound

the silly rabbit

poof in a non Ty way

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 07:01:59 2007
Adri: Um, I'll keep the beer that eats with teh fork cold for 'stina (who actually has played BGoD with Guiness!) as that stuff is scary to me. I'm a bad Irishman, what can I say. ;) Thanks though!

StG: Thank you. :)

Fizzum Seedyman Hey there.

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 07:01:58 2007
Ebdim9th - Haven't seen valMichael since this morning. Er, yesterday morning now.

StGermain - Your "TB" (letters not the picture) made me think of TC. I wonder where Taster's Choice is today?

^ v
Polgara says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:59:06 2007
Just under the wire! It's still March 10th, so a quick, last Happy Anniversary to all!

Spent a pleasant day with Bronzers, listening to Allyson read a chapter from her upcoming book, Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?, and watching DarkLady's documentary, In Real Life. All was excellent, including the company. It was the bestest way to spend the 10th anniversary.

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:58:16 2007
aka buffyrat

Ebdim9th I haven't seen a post from valMichael today.

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:57:20 2007
Jymm: Aww. If this has been last Saturday, I'd say I missed being there, too, but it was actually a great day in Chicago today. I ate up that 55 degree heatwave and sunshine along the lakefront. LOL And now that the Golden State is a vacation spot for me again, I might actually start coming back. heehee

Becker: Gotcha. Because you are more than welcome to have your own thing as well - or we could have a shared bowling party, because how fun would that be? LOL


^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:54:44 2007
raithen - As long as there's reliably food at the end of the whislte, my horses come. It doesn't even have to be much food. And if I'm just out in the pasture checking fences, they're walking right with me, being nosy. Here's a link to my TB boy.

Becker - Very well done.


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:54:25 2007
Jymm - Mom has gone from Juno dialup to DSL. It was fun except the Windows update was soooo sloooow. In fact, I thought it had hung up once and cancelled it. Then, of course, I had to start all over again.

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 06:54:05 2007
StG: It certainly also worked for the waitress. ;) And you are still a rule in BGoD. "Drink one for choosing StGermain and your sober drinking partner."

(For explanation - ask ClosetBuffyholic) ;)

Ebdim9th: It took me a minute, but I figured out the screen name. Though I don't know how to play that on my guitar. ;) Yeah, the "Drive By" tends to get me mentioned. ;)

hollyn: No, you're not planning my b-day. Just, whatever you want to do that Saturday, I'm in. OK, if it's bowling or something I'll go but jsut drink and mock. But, you know what I'm talking about. ;) I hope

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:54:01 2007
Quite a story AKA BECKER come and play the game that bears your name anytime.

Anybody seen valMichael tonight?

Hey Jymm so you get the musical purple VIP font treatment eh? That just means you'll just have to keep on posting so the board will stay colorful.

Hey Dianne, you still around?

^ v
Adri says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:44:49 2007
*passes Becker a Guiness*

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:42:21 2007
DarkLady: Sounds really
interesting! I hope I get the chance to see
your documentary soon!

DeMoriel: I never got that e-mail
from you. Undoubtedly, it was the filter in
my antiquated system. Addy is above,
please give it another shot when you have a
mo. Congratulations on your position at
Sony! I'm still at Paramount Pictures in the
Sign Department. Not as glamorous as your
job but it's still IATSE. *g*

KAM: I'm hoping that Star Trek
comes back soon as well. I'm currently
watching the exploits of a skinny Brit who
travels around in a Blue Police Box, as I did
in my youth. Goodnight!

Immortal: I love to see a 10th
anniversary paerty become a reality..

Jymm: What up sir?? I should travel
to our favorite video store to see if they have
Casino Royale for sale. How's by you?


^ v
Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:41:58 2007)
Beldin: Sounds like fun! I actually enjoy
doing comp stuff (but I'm a little strange
*g*). DV is working on new stuff. It's
starting to take shape. My solo record is
available on iTunes (just type in Jymm
Thomas and it'll take you there). There may
be a few physical copies left at
(again, search for my name).

Ebdim9th: Hello to ya! =)

Hollyn: We missed ya today! Come back to
the Golden State soon...and good luck on the

^ v
raithen says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:41:10 2007
StGermain I might need to invite you over to call the 21 year old gelding in from the fields at night. He makes me WALK OUT. Selective hearing, you know. the mares all come when I call. the boy? not so much ;).

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:40:56 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 06:42:13 2007
Buffyenta - So glad to hear all is well. I do remember Eric and can just imagine the mischief you two'd get in. Margot was here earlier today. Tell Doris "hi" for me. ETA: Does she still have the Ricky Martin book SweePer bribed her with?

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 06:40:43 2007
Drive by Posting!

Part 2

Today is a very important day to me, though I hadn't the slightest clue at the time.

I did not see Buffy when it aired today. I knew it was on, but I wasn't around a TV. I was in Daytona, Fl having just arrived at about 3am after a 14 1/2 hour drive from Trenton, NJ. After a few hour nap in the back of the car, I found my fraternity brothers and within hours one of the biggest changes in my life would occur.

Joe Haddock kept calling me some name. "Did you just call me Becker?" "Yeah." "Why?" Later some people from another school visit our suite. Everyone introduces themselves. Joe - "Hi, I'm Chad." A girl walks over. "I'm Becker." "Is that your first name." "No." Is that your last name." "No." "OK then." I've been Becker ever since.

An hour or so later, TVs one hte east coast tuned into a new show with a cheesy title. I wouldn't catch it until either The Witch, or Teacher's Pet a couple of weeks later. Buit that show would also change my life.

Two days later, 3/12/97, while waiting to go out to yet another bar, I'm playing cards and am bored so I decide to create my own drinking game. 90 minutes later, Becker's Game of Death was officially born. I have played that game in many cities around this country with dozens of people and have a wonderful time (even the time I died from it).
Here's the rules:

When I finally watched Buffy two or threee weeks later, I swore I knew Alyson from somewhere and watched it again. I then saw The Pack and was hooked, if not for life, at least through season 4.

On May 20th, I went online to research a paper I never wrote for a Stress Management class. Um, papers were my biggest stress, screw you. In any case, within moments of getting online, I decided to check out the website the show used to air at the end of each episode.

I was the ultimate newbie that had to post to refresh the page each time. I had no clue. But I saw immediately the community that had already been started there. And these people patiently dealt with me on my first day ever on the internet website. I decided that once I got my own computer, this would be the second website I would go visit.

August 3rd, I was online and back at the Bronze. By the end of the month I had joined Blade in co-plannign the 1st PBP. I would later leave a message on Aly's answering machine. I would soon after meet my first Bronzer - Psyche who needed to borrow some tapes. Then I would go on to meet, well, half of the world it seems.

10 Years ago today, I had no idea that Becker would stick with me for the next decade and that that decade would see me move frmo NJ to Los Angeles, eventually leading to working on the frist two season of Angel as the PA for the writers. That my TV/stereo cabinet would be given to me from a friend who got it from Alyson Hannigan (who I actually did NOT know from anywhere), and that the futon I got from that would end up going from Alyson, through two guys, to Allyson and be featured in the doc I watched today.

I had no idea that I would meet all these wonderful people as aquantences, friends and occasionally more so. Heck, my parents have now met at east 20 Bronzers and have been in The Bronze, the Library and Buffy's House (set tour).

I had no idea I'd be sitting here on Sat. night refecting on all of this to you all here.

Some PBP 98 and 03 pics:

I live now largely on LJ. I'm no longer in the TV business, though I'm dying to follow the dream many people I know have now followed and become a TV writer. All the congrats in the world to -mere- for her career (and being in the room when she stepped out of the meeting with Joss, David G, Marti and Tim, shaking and near tears, knowing that she had just been hired as a writer for S2, was one of the proudest mometns of my life for something that didn't happen to me. Funnily, she thought she was going to get fired, but her Sopranos spec was amazing) And also to The Kristen for getting her first writing job. I'm currently a dispatcher and courrier, but still in LA. My life is still better and more open ended than it was 10 years ago.

I haven't played BGoD in years and miss it. :(

Happy Anniversary to one and all!
It's been great to see so many names. More that I know than don't which is rare on the Beta for me.

^ v
daphmax says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:40:29 2007
darklady TOO cool. I wish I'd
known ... I'm in LA ... I woulda made plans to
see it. :) all I did today was go to a birthday
party on a yacht ... heee.

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:38:58 2007
Jymm: Yup, things are pretty good. I head back to LA in a couple of months to graduate, then I have a super-fun Bar exam to study for until July. *g*

Buffyenta: There's a name I haven't seen in a while. :)


^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:38:48 2007
bec. I'm saddened that you don't remember. The script that I managed to get Joss the sign for you. You told Lil'Tree about it and that's when we started talking to each other? Ring a bell? :-(

btw, we still have the bear that you won for Logan in Vegas. You won some kind of jackpot thing and you got you choose a prize and you gat the bear for him.

CharlieX le Desincarne

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:37:29 2007
Buffyenta - Scroll back a few pages - Margot was here earlier. How're you doing? We need another NJ party.


^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:34:30 2007
Nice purple Jymm and nice to meetcha as well.

Hi Amystar I'll see your *peek* and raise you a *peep*

^ v
Buffyenta says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:34:18 2007|
Beldin!!! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

So good to see you too, my old friend!

All is very well with me....and Doris is fantastic - just turned 90 in December, and is in amazing shape. Still plays piano every day!

Remember Eric - he of the family of gorgeous blondes? My company was actually almost doing business with him and his brother. It didn't work out, but it was so great to see him when he came to our office once or twice. It was so funny because our secret Buffy connection and inside comments had people thinking so many other unsavory things were going on.....and we milked it for all it was worth!

I hear from Tallulahdahling every so often. She is deliriously happy and married and living in Australia. Met an amazing person (very political, intellectual, creative) online in connection with a book she wrote, and their correspondence moved out of the professional realm into personal and she visited him in Australia. The connection was real and she moved there and married him! A truly magolicious and wonderful story!

Did my eyes betray me, or did I see Icelord here earlier????

Wonder if anyone is still in touch with Margot le Fay?

So many many great memories and peeps.......!


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:32:56 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 06:33:24 2007
Jymm - Well, there's this reunion thingy. That and upgrading Windows XP on my Mom's computer, plus installing Firefox and Thunderbird and deleting Juno, has taken up all my day. What's going on with DV? And didn't you say something once about doing something solo? Is that past or future? I can't recall.

^ v
Fantasma says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:27:13 2007
white wings: as well as yarn and needles, I'll probably pick up more project ideas too! Now, if only I could find the space...

KAM: You are too kind. *g*

Alright folks, it's time for me to pack it in, I think I'm about to turn into a pumpkin. Sooo sleepy... but it's been great! It felt just like the good ole days ... thanks y'all for... everything!

^ v
amystar says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:27:11 2007

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:26:10 2007
Hey there Dao Jones I am sooo slow. I just got your name. That's pretty clever. And funny too.

^ v
Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:25:56 2007)
Beldin: What's happening?

Hollyn: How ya doin'? Hope all is well.

Tell your friends about IRL. It's really good!

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:23:27 2007
bec - I had two different hats two different times in Jersey. First one was a flat cap like hat woven from some fiber and the second was a canvas type. Sorry to hear about the accident. It sounds rough.

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:21:08 2007
AKA BECKER I see you name memorialized all the time here, its nice to finally cybermeet you...

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:20:22 2007
So much for leaving...

Becker: Wait, I'm planning your birthday, like I don't have enough going on that weekend? ;) I guess I should start finding out peeps' availability that weekend & see what, if anything, everyone's up for.

horizon: Nice to see you again!

KAM: Will do!

Thanks for stopping by, Jymm!

IMMORTAL: Who needs a PBP when you can have a graduation party instead? *g*


^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:20:14 2007
is there a posting limit here? okay....

DeMoriel: Sony gots contacts in the film industry...did I ever mention my fantasy of being in the movies...oh never mind...I was young...and thinnner...:-)

Lovely Poet: My little girl is all grown up...sigh. Hell, my real life kid who was 10 when this first started is 20 now...sheesh I'm old. And degrees might be worthless but they look damn good on paper...

CharlieX (Hi Jeanie): okay we won't mention it...but it's okay because I don't remember what I said or did anyway, lol Was it illegal?

Beldin: I just step back there and rumage around for some alcohol any ice? Keep picturing you in a hat...did you have a hat in New Jersey?

I'm amazed that I remember the names that I have. I was in a car accident 3 years ago, knocked my skull open and have trouble with names and faces now. So if I forget you it's not my fault, well yeah it is but that's my life now.

FSM CDMan: Buffyatrics...yeppers older than dirt. We're all getting up there in age now...well except for Pixie, lol

remembering fountain of employment, the hot tub, wrestling matches, fishes and sword fights in the bronze. Lurkers and late late nights...and marathons...

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:17:07 2007
Becker - Hearing is highly over-rated. And I can still call a horse in from 1/2 mile with that whistle.


^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:16:07 2007
Greetinz Lovely Poet; on a positive note, I keep running into 14,15, 16 etc. year olds who are new Buffy converts and a lot who are in all age groups just now turning on to avid Buffy and Jossverse fandom all over the internet and the real-life so-called type-place too...

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:15:28 2007
bec - lol. I haven't thought of that broken building in years. What was the name of that restaurant again? Bob something?

Hi, Jymm.

^ v
DarkLady says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:14:35 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 06:15:25 2007

Momlet! I miss you!

CharlieX hey sweetie! I was thinking about our legendary dances today when we were talking about WITTs. *g* (I hope the Lil Sprout and Lil Tree are well)

Daphmax Hey you! Um, I made a movie, about the Bronze. IRL (In Real Life) is the name of the documentary. We had the first public screening today in Los Angeles. (And Allyson read a chapter from her forthcoming book, Will The Vampire People Please Leave The Lobby). We're looking for a distributor so you all can buy your own copies.


^ v
(Sun Mar 11 06:13:24 2007
Drive by Posting!

Part 1?

Hollyn: If it's a Saturday, I have no plans other than what plans you have for me. :)

Professional Lurker: Sorry I just missed you in passing.

Beldin: Howdy.

bec: You want to trade for the Spike blow pop? ;)

DeMoriel: Long time no see. ;)

StGermain: I think I finally got my hearing back after the whistling incident in Atlantic City. ;)

Horizon: Hey there! :)

I went to the IRL screening today and it was great. All kinds of nostalgia and education and tmie with friends. Even the people out here, other than Jymm, I haven't seen you guys in a long time and I miss you. Great seeing you alls to: MDarkLady, Allyson, Polgara, IMMORTAL, Muffy TVA, Little Willow, Slay_me, DeMorial, Jymm, clover and bdbdb. Dinner after was great as well.

^ v
KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:11:27 2007
Hello again,

IMMORTAL: Hope you continue to enjoy it.

Hollyn: Ok, we can figure it out this week.

It was nice seeing everyone again.

Goodnight Everyone,
Ty King Fan

^ v
Jymm says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:08:39 2007)
Happy 10th Annie, Buffy!!!!

Thanks to Joss for changing my life. Great to
see some of you today as well.

^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:08:37 2007
before I entered the Buffyverse I'd been to the shore near my home. I started posting and within the year I started traveling. LA three years in a row, Vegas, even made it out of the country, Vancouver with Cleo, one of the greatest moments of my life was whale watching in Vancouver.

Not to mention the Philly and New Jersey parties, King of Prussia, the York party I hosted...some of the best people in the world came to me through the Buffyverse. Just thinking of them brings a smile to my face.

Kiwi once said that going to a Buffyverse party was like becoming a kid again. We got together and had a chance to leave the real world worries and problems behind us for a moment, and boy did we enjoy the moments.

I'll never forget my Buffy-type friends and can't wait to see them again, cause I know I will, some day. A reunion would be great, hope it comes together.

I didn't break that building it was like that when I found it...oh it wasn't, well it wasn't my fault it was Margo and Cleo's fault, yeah that's who did it.

^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:03:45 2007
bec!!!!!!!!!. We miss you soooooooo much. It's big thanks to you that I'm where I am today, with a great wife and son. If you hadn't told her what I did..........well we won't think about that, now will we? Not something I want to think about. You really should stay in touch, even if it is just the occasional email.

IMMORTAL. I just have this to say; if you ever organize another PBP, in LA or anywhere, we'll be there with bells on. not literally, of course. But you never can tell. If it will help convince you, I'd dress as a harem girl. *g*

CharlieX le Desincarne
"Love makes you do the wacky"

^ v
DeMoriel says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:02:32 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 06:03:27 2007
bec: I've missed you SOO much. Can mostly be found on LJ and AIM these days. I'm doing fabulously well... bought a house, am working as a sound editor for Sony Pictures.

Corvus: Congrats for what, dearie?

ETA: FSM CDman: I dropped you a quick e-. Did AOL's spam filter eat it? *g*


^ v
Lovely Poet says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:02:16 2007
Oh my god, Momlet! You did, indeed get me so close to the leather pants. But sadly, I have (er... will have) useless degrees that bring in no money and cause me to worship at the alter of student loan debt. Woe! how ARE you?

*waves* just because. I mean, not like I don't talk to you, but it seems like the thing to do. Glad the screening went well... and really, really, really wish I could have been there. A lot.

obligatory Buffy content...No, really, anyone else remember the days of obligatory buffy content?: I actually had to do a presenation on WttH/TH for my screenwriting class last week, and was stunned to realize that half the class (ok, so that's only 3 people, not the point) had NEVER SEEN THE SHOW! My world was askew... cockeyed even!

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:02:05 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 06:03:20 2007
bec - I'm well. We have no regular bartender any more so I guess you can just help yourself to what you need. Or shout it out and someone will provide.

Buffyenta - Yay, you came! So good to see you. How are you? How's Doris?

Just finished WttH/TH. Ah, the earth is doomed.

^ v
sunlit5 says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:01:50 2007


Today Buffy turned ten.

Depending on where you hung out online determines where I met you.

Maybe you hung out at Val's Bob site.

or maybe you were Beta babies ... *huggles them all* All of you who kept it strong and still are.

Perhaps we met at a con. *snuggles all the con people*

Maybe we met through an rp community, or a fan art comm, or dear Lord more than likely a crazy fic group.

Thank Joss lets us expand on his ideas. Hail King Joss!

For he led me ... to you.


Thanks Joss for ten years.

Thanks friends, for being there.


^ v
Professional Lurker says:
(Sun Mar 11 06:00:15 2007
OK, y'all, I gotta go. Really. Thanks to so many of you for making these last ten years something special! You rock! And that's not just the cookies talkin'.

Trying to *poof*. Really.

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 05:58:35 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 06:10:37 2007
I began posting after the The Harvest. I've seem just about everything with this place. I'd like to think I was one of the few who was able to get along with everyone. I know I really tried. Seems a lot of people have been able to move on and accomplish some great things while others seemed to have bounced around. While things in my life have changed, I haven't done nearly all I wanted to by now. A lot of Bronze friends became real life friends and I struggled when we lost touch as the shows went off the air and people stopped coming around. I tried to move on but I couldn't replace what these people were to me, how could you? Especially those you have such a comfortable connection with, after all, that's part of what made the Bronze so great. I'd like to believe though that deep down these connections aren't broken beyond repair. If you lived on the east coast and had a brother who took a job on the west coast, years later you might not be as close but your brother is always your brother. So if you ever counted me as a friend, whether we lost touch or hadn't always seen eye to eye or whatever, I want you to know I'll always be your Bronzer brother.

Ozlady and I have talked about a 10 year PBP reunion on and off for probably 3 years now. It was hard to gauge what the reaction might be. I told her earlier today this anniversary might be some indication. I'm really pretty amazed to see some of the people who showed up today.

Hollyn- Oh yeah.. you're right! :)

loki- I'd never forget a Gotham Bronzer.

KAM- The West Coast agrees with me.

RTBS- I think it's fair to say you were a hit in IRL. No one cuts a promo like the Nature Boy!

Hey beldin

edit for freakin typos

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:58:27 2007
I know what you mean! Can't believe it's
been ten years since Buffy began. Nice to
have a fellow Buffyatric here

Great seeing you here tonight! I completely
agree with your sentiments.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I caught it
the next day.


^ v
horizon says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:57:03 2007
bec!! You know I had to post one more time after seeing you were here. Plus, ya know, I lurk. So good to see you! I'm sure it only sounded like I was 11. ;)

All the best.

The earth is doomed.

^ v
Buffyenta says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:54:45 2007|
10 years, now, is it?

Time it was,
And what a time it was.
It was
A time of innocence
A time of confidences
Long ago ... it must be;
I have a photograph.
Preserve your memories...
They're all that's left you.

Simon & Garfunkle
(as channeled by Buffyenta)

A big nostalgic shout out to everyone at the Bronze who made the Buffy era one of the best times in my life.

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:54:39 2007
bec - I have ten critters now, 4 dogs (Dobe, standard poodle, alaskan malamute and english setter), 4 cats (2 siamese, 1 b&w and one grey that looks like he might be a Russian Blue) and two horses (thoroghbred and mini). And gazoo and I are a tad small, but we're mighty!



^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:54:26 2007
Greetinz back Pro Lurker

Don't run off Vulfie (WG) I just got here!

^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:54:09 2007
DEMORIEL!!!!!!!!! it's the lovely are you doing girl. I missers you big time.

Belden: how the heck are you? Good I hope. God this brings back the bar still here, I need a drink.

Horizon: shoooot...I missed her. You were what, 11 when I first met you. LOL

still waiting on that Spike/Xander know Xander wanted him.

^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:48:34 2007
CharlieX!!! you tell that little lady of yours that I miss her big time.

Becker...hmmm...just Becker...

DarkLady: another one I missers lots and lots

my god I step into the bronze for 3 seconds and I've lost the correct way to talk again...

10 way, it can't be 10 year...1997...Oh My Freakin God, it's been 10 years...and would you look at that, our post don't look a day over 2.

St Germain: Okay, how many animals do you have now? (still remember you and gazoo on that roof in LA--hotel people: can you tell the children to get off the roof please)

Dianne: Any blooms yet?

Is Laurence here yet...I need to sharpen my weapons.

Lovely Poet: it's my little one. baby has a college I borrow a few bucks...for my retirement you know. (remember I got you close to David and the leather pants)

I'm probably missing lots and lots of people...

what's a Buffy?

^ v
horizon says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:47:18 2007
Lovely Poet and Daphmax: Ya know, 10 years ago tonight I was right where you guys were. Senior in high school...of course, I missed the first airing of WTTH...had to catch it during the summer repeats. Amazing how time flies.

FSM CDMan: Believe me, everytime I see LAX (or even LA) I think of my Bronzer buds...and you and Blade! LAX has never like me. ;)

StG: Don't worry...I'm quite immature for my age. :) I'm so sorry to hear that your sister, Lisa, has had to go through so much. My prayers are definitely with her. That just sounds unimaginable...twice in three months.

Good night RTBS and wolfguard

Dianne: :)

Heya AKA Becker! Good to see you!

Well, as it's coming up on 2am and I'm not quite the L.O.S.E.R I used to be I should be heading off. My email is above.

I just want to stress again how much you all have meant to me over the years. I know I haven't posted in quite a few years but I think of you guys often and always remember the great times and laughs we've had. It was one of the best times in my life. Thank you.

Happy Anniversary Buffy!

Thank you, Joss

Excuse me, I have to call everyone I've ever met right now

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:44:49 2007

Pro Lurk
- You have return e-mail!


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:44:38 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:45:38 2007
AKA BECKER - Hi. Good to see you.

Dao Jones - Things are good. Having a good day. Good for you and good luck re the nursing program. Still doing the accupuncture? Are you looking for a multi-disciplined approach to medicine?

bec - Wow, you do exist. Haven't heard from you or of you in a coon's age.

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:43:38 2007

It looks like the party is winding down, but it's still the 10th on the West Coast.

^ v
DeMoriel says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:43:36 2007

^ v
Professional Lurker says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:42:31 2007
Christopher Marlowe: Well, the hair was born brown, but I went dark red for quite a while, and I went jet-black as a gag that was supposed to be temporary, and wouldn't wash out, and now, what's coming in as the black washes out is utterly unacceptable. So now I have to decide whether to fight Mother Nature & pursue artificial brown-ness, or perhaps just face facts & make it all gray. You asked...

I seem to still be here, don't I? I miss Ty...

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:41:31 2007
You said it, Dao - so much harder to stay awake these days. And I'm sure the DST change isn't helping this morning. *g*

KAM: I'll check the date with some peeps namely Mia who seems to be MIA tonight.

Hey Becker! You'll have to let me know if you're planning on anything the Saturday after your birthday, so I can book my flight accordingly and all. *g*

Ethics exams make me sleepy.

Sweet Dreams Everyone!


^ v
bec says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:40:23 2007
Hey, I heard there's a party going on here...

am I too late?

the shy retiring bronzer

^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:36:56 2007
DARKLADY !!!!. I was wondering where you were. Remember the times we had in the good old days? I was wondering if I could draw you out of the shadows. *g*

CharlieX le Desincarne

^ v
Professional Lurker says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:36:45 2007
Ebdim9th : "Pro Lurk" works just as well. And hi.

AKA Becker, bay-bee!!! You would drive by just as I'm folding...


^ v
Dirty Socks says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:34:40 2007
white wings *waves* back! Good to see you! I hope everything is going well for you.

LJ = _burntsienna

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:33:51 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:39:10 2007
Happy Anniversary Buffy!

Good Evening Genevieve's Lucie


That's the secret. Ignore the critics and work the formula. *g*


David Fury may have been around the night before, I do not remember. :(

Professional Lurker,

Three computers, three cars and no moves. *g*

Giles: We're at the center of a mystical convergence here. We may, in fact, stand between the Earth and its total destruction.

Buffy: Well, I gotta look on the bright side. Maybe I can still get kicked out of school!

The three students continue to class. Giles stays behind and watches them go.

Xander: Oh, yeah, that's a plan. 'Cause lots of schools aren't on Hellmouths.

Willow: Maybe you could blow something up. They're really strict about that.

Buffy: I was thinking of a more subtle approach, y'know, like excessive not studying.

Giles turns to go back to his library.

Giles: The Earth is doomed!

- The Harvest

Good Night to All


^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:33:38 2007
Professional Lurker What colors did you have for your hair before?

^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:32:49 2007
Thats funny. lol Every time someone posts your name, Professional Lurker, it looks like they're claiming to be one too...

^ v
(Sun Mar 11 05:31:53 2007
Drive by Scrolling

Post to follow. At some point.


^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:31:24 2007
Dianne - No snarking over my cars. And I was trying to put her mind at ease!


^ v
Adri says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:31:12 2007
*waves bye to Dao Jones* Glad you made it to post what with all the busy-ness you have going on :)

^ v
daphmax says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:30:36 2007
Hi DarkLady! What screening? What
have you been up to?

^ v
Dao Jones says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:29:58 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:39:24 2007
Anne Good luck to you, too! That's very cool--it'll be nice to know someone is going through it with me. :)

Corvus Hey, backatcha! Good to see you. :)

beldin Good to see you, too! How's things?

Cashmere Hello, lady! Nice to see you. :)

eirefaerie Twiiinn! Ha! I'm far too old wise cynical careful to be making such bold proclaimations about SO's (I do love him a whole lotta, however. :)). Baby M is a safe bet, though. Maeve-n-herMommy4eva! And I'm in love with her hair! It's untameable! She's my punk rock baby. :)

Xanderella! I miss your posting name. I always sing it to the "Cinderella" theme song whenever I see it online. There's something really wrong with me.

tourogal! :)

Denise Howdy! We are doing well! Ups and downs and such, but with her I can't get too far down--how could I? I hope your family is well--I haven't seen an update from you in a while (says she-who-rarely-updates. *ahem*).

pooka *wavesbackatcha* Longtime, no see! Update in LJ, will ya? :)

Christoper Marlowe Hiya! Good to see you, too!

Menomegirl, Algerina Hello, hello! :)

tiggy *smooocha* Nice to see you're still posting circles around me. :p This took me a ridiculously long time to type. I suck.

newt Oooh--your little guy likes Star Wars? Show him this photo. Not lego Star Wars, but I'm very fond of it. She's not as unhappy in the costume as she appears to be, I swear. :)

*waves* to Leather Jacket, lokigurlie, willa, whitewings, Anais, newt, PDR, mabb, pumpkin, Genevieve's Lucie, Terwilliger(!), and oh hell...everyone. There are so very many of you, and I'm tired. Mommy Daoist just can't stay up as late as that other Dao did.

ETA: DarkLady *smooocha* I'm glad it went well for you and Allyson. You two rock the house, baybee.

Good night. I hope to be back. :)


^ v
DarkLady says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:28:32 2007



Screening went well (sound mix was effed up). Allyson's reading was awesome. We were awash in nostalgia.


^ v
Dianne says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:28:23 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:29:09 2007
Professional Lurker

How many computers have you gone through since you found Buffy? 2
How many cars have you had? same one (plus inherited my mother's truck)
How many times have you moved? 0

horizon -- "Well, the passenger door doesn't work...but I'm not a serial killer" hee.

Hey boo / cats!

{{{StGermain}}} {{{LaTimide}}}


^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:26:09 2007
I say this as one who missed most of the party, but you can all come back anytime, make new memories, dote over the old ones...

^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:24:26 2007
horizon - Married!! But that's up! I'm still the same old me. Still single, alas. More room means more animals. Working. Ick. You remember Lisa, my sister? Cancer. Twice in three months.

hi hi, catses!!!


^ v
RTBS says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:21:35 2007
G'night everyone. It's been fun. Ahhhh... the memories.

IMMORTAL - One quick WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! to you good sir.

Rowdy Teenaged Baby-Sitter

^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:21:08 2007
ROANNA. Where are you sweetie? We miss you so much. You really should be here.

CharlieX le Desincarne

^ v
daphmax says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:20:55 2007
Hi beldin!

Lovely Poet: eek! Congrats on the
new degree! That's great.

And hellos also to Closet Buffyholic, KAM,
greengirl, horizon, Professional Lurker,
StGermain, thumper, and others!!!

^ v
KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:20:27 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:21:09 2007
Hello again,

Hollyn: Good possibility.

StGermain: Howdy!

Professional Lurker: Good to see you as well.

IMMORTAL: How's the West Coast treating you?

FSM CDMAN: I have been watching all the remastered episodes. I am surprised it isn't getting more publicity...but then again, I don't frequent sites that are big Star Trek communities. I am really starting to miss Trek. Of course, I highly doubt we will ever see anything from DS9 ever again...which was my favorite of all.

loki: Good to see you as well.

Ty King Fan

^ v
Professional Lurker says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:20:06 2007
To answer my own questions:

Computers: 2 Macs, 2 PCS, and three PDA's

Cars: well, after I wrecked the Grand Prix during Season 5, we got the Avalon, and nothing new since.

Moves: one, a big one. New city, new state, new job, the whole deal.

Also since WttH: lost a cat & a dog, added two cats & three dogs, for a current total of four dogs & two cats. Gained 30 pounds, and then lost 60. Working on my fourth hair color, this one natural & quite unwelcome. And have finally come to the age when staying up really late doesn't work, so I think I'm wandering off. It's been wonderful, all.


^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:18:40 2007
Pro Lurk - You should have mail, and my addy is also under my name this time.


^ v
loki says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:17:52 2007
Corvus -- I'm doing well! Nothing too big and grand like some other's updates. I'm still giddy that, the site that willa, eiddy, lunec and I started is doing well. How are you doing?

boo -- hello, hello!

And hi's to IMMORTAL, KAM, greengirl, StGermain, Professional Lurker and anyone else who might remember me!

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:17:37 2007
CharlieX - I'm well. Things are pretty much the same here.

Hi, SpookyMagoo.


^ v
Ebdim9th says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:17:14 2007
I was so busy today I forgot to check in. Here I am, its 11:16 where I am, the 10th is not quite gone...

^ v
horizon says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:16:52 2007
Professional Lurker: So good to see you too! It's great to see so many recognizable names.

StG: I will always love Nashville...such a wonderful place. Well, I'm married now...coming up on 2 years in May...amazing how the time flies. I work at a financial company. After I graduated I got a job with Morgan Stanley...which I hated...but I did meet my future hubby there so it wasn't all bad. Just been doing the job thing, trying to save up for a new house, so we'll see. I still adore sports but, unfortunately, have not found a way to break in to that area yet. What have you been up to?

almost gone after realizing the time change

^ v
Lovely Poet says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:15:01 2007
If my (admittedly questionable) memory is correct, it was Ty, Joss and, I believe Jane.

Excuse the excessive punctuation. I have very vague memories of such an interview... But then, I seem to only have very vague memories of a lot. I do remember that I was in pretty much the exact same place as you ten years ago tonight. God, high school... we're so OLD.

I'm doing well. I'm finishing up my last semester of graduate school (MA in Television/Mass Communications) and live in San Francisco now. Sounds like you're doing pretty good yourself.

That's the one! And yay, it WAS Joss, Ty and Jane. My memory is NOT completely gone. Rock!

white wings
Ah, now bedding I remember. I am jealous of your memory foam. But mostly satisfied with my 600 threadcount sheets and down throw.

Corvus, Hollyn, Professional Lurker & St. Germain (my CP3 Hotel roomie!) Greetings!

^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:14:41 2007
I can't really remember when I started posting. It was first season I believe but I can't be sure. I remember hearing about this weird show that I had to check out since I liked the movie really, I did. I can remember the panic I had when the Bronze moved the first time. I was already hooked on posting and I couldn't find it anywhere. Finally I was relieved to find it and my posting life could continue. Good thing I did since without the Bronze and Joss to inspire the show, I wouldn't have met my wife, Lil'Tree and had a son, Lil'Sprout.

Icefire. I remember you. We didn't talk that much but I remember.

Hi Hollyn.

CharlieX le Desincarne
"Love makes you do the wacky"

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:14:17 2007
IMMORTAL: LOL - it's still the 10th where you are. ;)

StGermain: It's good to see you! I've been told I need to come see your horse the next time I'm in Tennessee. *g*


^ v
Adri says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:13:59 2007
boo! *sparklie, rainbow hugs* Good to see you posting here :)

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:13:29 2007
horizon: It's been so long! Hope
you've been well. I always think of you when
I go to LAX.

Tiamat: I'm astonished that you
had a link to that night. A perfect example
of how special the Bronze really is. Thanks
for the look back.

KAM: Evening Sir! I've been well!
Have you been catching those remastered
episodes of TOS? I have to admit that I look
forward to them each weekend. Mike Okuda
is hugely behind these redos. He's one of
the few people I know that can work on Star
Trek, when there isn't any Star Trek at


^ v
boo (one of little cats) says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:13:15 2007
happy 10 years buffy and the bronze!

and hihihi to corvus and whitewings and lovely poet and loki and anybody else who knew cats or little cats!


^ v
Professional Lurker says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:10:30 2007
StG: Hi, sweetie! You're in Nashville? E- me, please (addy above).

KAM, thumper, Lovely Poet, horizon, dogtrot aka buffyrat, and so many others - it's so good to see you!


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:07:16 2007
Professional Lurker - Computers - 3, cars - 2, homes - same one

FSM CDMan - Hi. It was Ty, Joss and Jane. I saved the boards and read them now and again.

Hi, daphmax.

Greetings, Icefire. I semi-sorta remember the name.

^ v
Thumper says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:05:50 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:07:50 2007
Lovely Poet, FSM CDMan & wolfguard I was posting that day too and wasn't David F also posting that night too or am I going nuts

Corvus Hi and thank for the heads up


^ v
(Sun Mar 11 05:05:43 2007
Better late then never.


^ v
StGermain says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:05:22 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:06:55 2007
test - There's no reason to be mathy about it.

horizon - So, what're you doing? Are you managing the Dolphins yet? And Nashville is a good place to call home - you could move back. Lord knows the Titans need help.

Hi, KAM, hollyn, Lovely Poet, Corvus, Professional Lurker and anyone else I've missed!


^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:04:41 2007
SpookyMagoo: No problem! And there are the journal entries you wrote me and saved quotes documents somewhere, too, if you forget. ;)

Hey CharlieX! Good to hear that Lil'Tree & Lil'Sprout are doing well. :)

Hi Lovely Poet.


^ v
Adri says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:04:40 2007
newt: Hee! But then I am senile. I see paksie LJ side but haven't seen her so far today.

Rileyx3: hihihi! So good to see all you guys posting again :)

KAT in the Dark on a Hot Tin Saturday Night: {{{hugs}}} yup, I still be here.

*baps white wings*

Algerina: I know. I keep thinking Gray would have loved this, too.

^ v
wolfguard says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:03:10 2007
Lovely Poet & FSM CDMan,

I was on board during the earthquake (morning in my time zone). I recall Joss and Ty King were posting at the time.

scrolling, yes, scrolling. *g*


^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:02:56 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 05:04:21 2007
Night all.

Need to step away from the computer. May I say that Daylight Savings 3 weeks early sucks!

And, I am a morning person, after coffee that is.

ETA Spooky!!!

^ v
white wings says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:01:58 2007

Lovely Poet - Webster. ;-)

I remember a discussion about bedding at a PBP. My world now includes memory foam, beech sheets, and a silk-filled comforter.

Dirty Socks - *waves*

Fantasma - Well, naturally it would have to be in a color you don't have. This might require a trip to the yarn shop, which could result in increasing stash. And possibly more knitting needles.


^ v
SpookyMagoo says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:01:04 2007
Wow I can't believe it's been ten years! Thanks for the reminder Hollyn :)

I actually have my sister to thank for turning me on to Buffy. I remember walking in from hanging out with my friends one night and there she was in the couch watching some show I had never seen or heard before. Have to admit, I was a little skeptical as I'm not a fan of movies turning into TV shows. When movies are turned into TV shows 99% of the time they failed.

But man did Buffy hold her own and then some. I was hooked after watching what was the third episode of season one. It became the show I couldn't miss every week. When it was on I never answered the phone, made plans around it and if I had to miss it, the VCR was set.

I remember the days of being on The Bronze posting as I watched and / or IM'ing friends. Posting spoilers as Canada got it a day earlier than the US. Sending people copies of Earshot because the US didn't air it due to the Columbine shootings. Making new friends and meeting them at local PBPs and then the big PBP.

I've made some really good friends thanks to Buffy and some really awesome memories as well - ones that will stick with me for a lifetime and will never forget. And if I do there are pictures to remind

A BIG SO to everyone here - old and new. Lots of names I recognize and lots I don't.

To those I've lost touch with, my apologies - not once have I forgotten about you. My e-mail address is attached above if you'd like to drop me a line :)

^ v
Tiamat says:
(Sun Mar 11 05:00:23 2007
Lovely Poet: Are you referring to this night?? Yeah, I suck at the tags when it comes to urls in this format ...

^ v
horizon says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:58:09 2007
CharlieX: So right about doesn't feel right to be posting on the Buffy anniversary without her. Hope she's doing well wherever she is.

StG: No Vandy grad school in the cards for me. I actually did manage to get back to Nashville for one weekend about 6 months ago. That was the first time I was back since graduating. I'll always remember you picking me up outside the dorms and going to the movies...and how the first time there was that awkward "Well, the passenger door doesn't work...but I'm not a serial killer" moment. ;) I scrolled down and saw the pics of your house. Congrats! It sounds like you're very happy there. My bro is doing pretty well. He's doing the law school thing...I think he's trying to put off working for as long as possible. And now that I'm working I can see why. I did finally tell my parents a bit about my Buffy excursions...I left out a bit about the internet...but told them about the PBPs. That was a bit of a complicated omission. :)

tiggy: Why, thank you. Unfortunately, he never really got into Buffy. Personally, I don't think he gave it much of a chance...but he thinks it's cute that I love it.

Closet B! So great to see you! After re-watching Passion tonight for what must surely be the 40th time I can now proclaim with absolute certainty...ALIVE!!!

4paws: Totally agree. Not nice to see a fellow believer!

More SO's to: Algerina, FSM CDMan, Lovely Poet, and everyone else who makes this place what it is.[/b]

It's a big rock. Can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big.

^ v
Icefire says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:57:27 2007
I doubt many remember me, but Professional Lurker told me this was up, and I just had to take a look.

I still re-watch the Buffy series from time to time, and I love Firefly as well.

^ v
test says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:56:52 2007

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:56:30 2007
aka buffyrat


computers---only 2
cars -------2
domiciles--same one

Am I in a rut?

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:55:53 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 04:58:08 2007
Genevieve's Lucie: So good to see you! I hope the girls are doing well.

white wings: Good night!

Professional Lurker:
How many computers have you gone through since you found Buffy? 9 - but not all of them were my own
How many cars have you had? 2
How many times have you moved? I'm back where I started, but there have been 12 moves in the meantime

KAM: If the 25th is a possibility, I'll look into that from my end as well. :)

An oncoming of nostalgia...10 years ago:
I was a senior in high school living in the same house where I'm living again. (I honestly represent my Boomerang Generation *g*). It was March, so I'd probably just finished my last season on the forensics team and was starting rehearsals for Twelve Angry Women and preparing for my senior voice recital. Unlike today, I was not taking an ethics exam a decade ago. I am, once again, a few months from graduation, except this time, graduation is followed by a nasty summer leading up to the Bar exam, not a fun-filled summer of going to Connecticut and Spain and graduation parties. I think I liked 10 years ago better. LOL


^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:54:59 2007
Gosh, nice to see you posting. How are you?

Montoya, shouldn't have done as well as he did in Mexico City. I agree that he is over rated.

Lovely Poet
Hi ya stranger. And that includes Thumper and Terwilliger

^ v
KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:54:24 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 04:54:58 2007
Hello again,

fantasma: Nah--you are fine just the way you are.

Genevieve's Lucie: How you doing?

newt: It is a catchy slogan isn't it?

Hollyn: Sundays could work well.

FSM CDMAN: Hey--long time no see. What have you been up to?

Ty King Fan

^ v
daphmax says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:52:19 2007
Hi white wings !

Lovely Poet: you were my fave
interview for the school paper. ;) How are you
doing these days?

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:51:58 2007
Lovely Poet: Hello there! I
remember the evening of that Earthquake.
Do you recall the three VIPs who were
posting that night? Maybe TY King was one
of them... I called gazoo after the quake and
woke up a not-so-happy relative...


^ v
Fantasma says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:50:49 2007
Wow... I just realize that my high school had my 10th year reunion at teh end of December and I had no desire to go ... I get the word of a reunion-ish thing going on here, and I waste no time.... I wonder what that says...

KAM: It's great to be seen! Here's to hoping my sidekickinbg skills haven't gone the way of my minioning - which is the same location my french is - essetially retirement. It's ok.. I can loosen up... starts to stretch

tiggy: Well, at least one of us has our priorities... I'm still looking... course, my brain and body say it's time to sleep, and I'm oddle still here...

Princess of Darkness: My best distractions are usually something of a comedic nature, and that can involve a good Scrubs episode - did anyone see the musical episode and think of BtVS? - or going back down the memory lane and remember I do have a knack for writing an amusing tale... wish I could get in touch with that again...

white wings: a paneled baby blanket... that could work... though I still lack in the proper yarn department. I have colors up the yin-yang, but the requested white/offwhite? course not!

^ v
Dirty Socks says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:50:47 2007
Wow. This? Is like the Bronze I remember. I must have an old siggy on this laptop somewhere...

Princess of Darkness Best of luck with your writing, I'm sure it will work out for you. Just keep plugging away. I've stuck to writing plays as it seems to be the writing medium that accepts me the best. *g*

Cashmere *smootchies* dear! It's been so long!

and DS' livejournal

^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:50:45 2007
Hi Beldin Oh you know, same old some old. Both Lil'Tree and Lil'Sprout are doing just fine. The boy just turned 6 last month and he's going to school during the day. How about yourself? Good I hope.

Anne. Hi and {{hugs}}. Good to see you as well. I'll spread the love here and you do the same on your end.

Mabb, Laurence, Maverick, bec. Just a little message from the missus, who's sitting here beside me. She misses all of you and we've been thinking about you in a good way I promise.

CharlieX le Desincarne

^ v
Lovely Poet says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:46:30 2007
white wings I defended spelling? Tori or aaron?

Beldin Hi!

Terwilliger You're right! I could do that. I could. Plus, that way I could ask people if they remember things that didn't actually happen...

Like: remember that time three VIPs were posting at the same time and the convergence of their powers caused an earthquake... oh, wait. That one really did happen.

^ v
Thumper says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:45:46 2007
Professional Lurker because these question were fun and disturbing all at the same time

How many computers have you gone through since you found Buffy? too many to count but at least 5
How many cars have you had? 5 & 2 motorbikes
How many times have you moved? none still in the smae spot

^ v
loki says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:45:30 2007
And back stuffed and sleepy.

RSOs to Corvus (hey you!), Jaan Quidam, SarahNicole, FSM CDman, Icelord

Xanderella -- hello, hello to you!

VT, Mabby -- *smooch* it's been far too long!

Laurence -- hey! How the heck are you? And do you need a little Grease 2 refresher? ;)

CB -- just for postertity's sake -- if he's cool enough, he can polish all my shoooooooes!

^ v
dogtrot says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:43:41 2007
aka buffyrat


You are so right! Talked to him last Tuesday.

^ v
Daphmax says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:43:39 2007
I know exactly where I was 10 years ago
tonight. I was a senior in high school in
Massachusetts, in a rush with a boatload of
homework to do and I was having a crappy
day. And I sat down to eat my dinner in front
of the tv and I gave myself a 10 minute limit
to do it, THEN I was gonna go start the
homework. Of course, I accidentally turned
on WttH and TH and then I lost 2 hours
because I was digging the show so much ...
and after that, I was a fan.

Now, I'm in Cali, trying to be a screenwriter,
and eagerly awaiting season 8. And I am
thrilled ot see so many familiar screen names
tonight ... :)

^ v
Tiamat says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:42:57 2007
Corvus: I'm soooo not happy with the tire Goodyear brought to Lost Wages ... Definitely not happy with what Bruton Smith did to the actual racing surface at Lost Wages ... I got to meet Biffle, Hornish & Bestwick last year - all really kewl ... I've met Kasey's mom & Jeff Hammond ... Been at 2 shindigs that Kasey was at, but have yet to meet him ... Kasey's hawt ...

I sure hope Kasey or Biffle win tomorrow ... That way they can dedicate the win to the HATERS (i.e., Frank Chopp & Larry Seaquist) ... Man, I am soooo embarassed that I live in the same state as Chopp & Seaquist ... At least, my two state Reps are smart enough to sign on as sponsors of the legislation to get the track built here ... Though, after today, I just want to see Biffle & Kasey finish the race ... Lost Wages = NOT kind to my homeboys ...

Biffle's got Mark Martin's old crew chief (Pat Tryson) ... I can't believe Roush let Doug Richert go to Team Redbull to work with TaterSnotBoy (Vickers) ... Biffle would've finished better if the idiot in the m&ms mobile had NOT driven up & into his car ... Kasey's workin' without his crew chief ... I wish Evernham would can Riggs' sorry butt ...

Juan Pablo Montoya = extremely overrated ... After his stunt in last week's Busch race, I have lost all respect for him ... Then, he screwed up this week in regards to the NASCAR politics when he got out of his car & laughed in his crew chief's face for putting the wrong setup under the car ... That boy's got a lot to learn (esp when it comes to the politics of the garage) ...

^ v
white wings says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:41:33 2007
newt - Well, it was a bit of a spoiler for anyone who knows my views on a certain matter, which was the word in spoiler font. *eg*

daphmax - *waves*

seniorslayer - Peach is three? Aaiiiiiiiieeeeee *runs to mirror to make sure the Clairol is doing its job.

Irishrose - 30 days? I'm glad for you. It's a good thing you should have the new blossom before it hits the 90s if you are lucky.

lostinamerica - Should you scroll, howdy! Did you see Mr.Fix-it? Not one of the greats, but there's a scene ...

4paws - RIGHT!

Genevieve's Lucie - *waves*

CaughtNTheQuiet - I'm distinctly out of practice myself. Good luck with the motherboard.

I guess I'd better be off and finish birthday cakes and wrapping, and prepare to lose an hour of sleep.

Good night all!


^ v
Professional Lurker says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:40:31 2007
OK, a quick inventory of my own past decade leads to my question for you all:

How many computers have you gone through since you found Buffy?
How many cars have you had?
How many times have you moved?

Pro Lurk, who is tucked into her easy chair in the corner under the Tiffany lamp and quite terribly nostalgic.

^ v
newt says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:39:25 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 04:42:28 2007
KAM: Well there you go. Everything's funnier when it's Lego. You could probably market

seniorslayer: white wings showed you a wider world? She didn't lure you to Texas just to get
the baby booties, did she?

I don't have any "10 years ago" stories because I didn't start watching the show until 1999, after mr.
newt and I got married and moved back to the States. I had read about the movie, which sounded cute,
and mr. newt had read good reviews of the tv show, which sounded dumb, and a colleague of mine
insisted she watched it "to stay current with young people." One spring evening, home with a newborn,
we watched a re-run of Becoming Part II, which made absolutely no sense to me, and got hooked. The
following year I rented the Buffy-Angel Chronicles from S2, and that was the beginning of the
obsession that eventually led me to the Bronze and the Beta, and to all the friendships and good times
we shared here.


And on that note, I'm off to bed. Unless I'm not. But I think I am.

KAM, white wings, abt, Ojagwers, tiggy, Genevieve's Lucie et al: I'm definitely going to come
back to talk about Season 8! Are they going to integrate the post-Buffy seasons of Angel? (Don't spoil


CaughtNTheQuiet: I thought her Veronica Mars appearances were *not* her finest moments.

^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:33:20 2007|
Christopher Marlow - I'll look into the books. I'm always looking for something good to read.

Well gang it's been a pleasure! Time for bed. Gotta sing tomorrow.



^ v
brat! says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:32:25 2007
Happy Birthday

30 minutes early

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:31:27 2007
KAM: If Sundays are better, they're usually just as good for me.

Beldin: Ah - I didn't know she needed to do that one as well as Bar3. I don't think I'm going to go sharing my score on it. LOL


^ v
CaughtNTheQuiet says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:30:29 2007
newt yes. Aly is completely adorable on HIMYM - but is she ever NOT adorable?

white wings I've not experienced this on the board...and it's been a looooong time since I hosted a chat room...I am sorely out of practice with "busy" ...
(oh...side bar just for you...remembering a discussion we had when I first came to the Bronze(beta) the whole Willow's Promise thing I'm shamelessly plugging? Also has a happy ending for Buffy & Angel... again.. within canon)

CNQ, having finally cleared enough space around the computer area, is off to install the new motherboard and *hopefully* get frankenputer up and running she can quit whining making excuses procrastinating on the gorram thing and finish it and find and agent and get it published and have Joss option it for a movie and win the...oh...sorry...[/delusion]

Willow's Promise: the happy ending Willow & Tara *should* have had

^ v
4paws says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:29:20 2007
p.s. BBS-- NOT DEAD!

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:27:07 2007
My SO list wasn't that hard to find... ]8-)

Warmest SOs to my pals: 3 Cats,
Adina, AjO, AKA BECKER, Alicat, Amelia,
andyourlittledogtoo, Angelfood, Angela,
Angela's Mom, Angelicious, Angellover 24
-7, AngelRachel, Anya, Arcadia, artemis,
Artie, Aug and her Moms, Banana, Batra,
Bec, Angelmom, belmont, biobabe, Blade
the Vampire Hunter, BlondyMu, Blueronin,
Brandi the Slayer, Bridget aka Scotlore,
bruinbuffygirl, BuffyBrazil, Buffyenta, BUFFY
SHERIDAN, Bug!, Camarillo Contigent,
Carita, Carl, Cate, CCool, CD, ~ceridwen~,
Charlie X, chiquens, Christophe Beck,
Christopher Marlowe, Claris, Clattering,
Closet Buffyholic, Clover, Corpelia, Corvus,
Cosmic Bob, Corvus, Cosmic, Cricket,
cueball, Dalia, Darklady, Darling Violetta
Jymm, Deb, Dellraven, Demon Squirrel,
DeMoriel, Destiny, Destructo Girl,
Divaliving, devil, DingoBaby, Dirk, Dirty
Socks, DreamLurker, Dunlin, Earth Girl,
Eiddileg, Erestor, Evergirl, eviLS I T,
FASTEDDIE, Fatima, fax 1, fenric, fibs,
Figaro, gazoo, Gervase, Godeater, Green
Falcon, Friday, greeneyes, Greengirl,
Gretchen, Grifter, Gryphon, Gyspyrat,
Haven, Hollyn, horizon, Icelord,
IMMORTAL, Iris, Irishgirl, IT, Ivy, Jasmen,
Jeanie TTF, Jeff, Jeff K., Jenna, Jennie,
Jennifer Lynn, Jimbo, Joanne, Joel, Jossey,
Juggernaut, KAM, Karen T, Kenickie, Kestra
Troi, Kimmi, kim!, Kim P., KrazyKat,
kugelmass, Labrynth, Lady Bathory,
LadyJack, Lady of Buffdom, Lady Wolfsbane,
*LB*, Leather Jacket, Lena, Leslie, Lexy,
Little Sister, Little Willow, LJC, loki,
LouWho, Lovely Poet, Lulu, Lynch, Mabb,
MacGuy, MadDog, Mar, Maryloye, Mason,
Malista, Mallory, Manx, MeeB, Megdalen,
Menkhere, -mere-, Mia, Miguel, mike-ff,
~~m i r e m b a~~, Moriah, Ms. Alucard,
Morbius, Moxie, Musicbuff, Myslayre, Nad,
Nancy E., Newfan, Nick, Night Blooming
Jasmine, Night Owl, nil8r, NuPhalanx,
Occido, OzFan, OzLady, Penn, Phoenix,
Phoenixflame, Phred, Pixie, Polgara,
Pooka, Prince of Lunacy, Rachie, Raelynn,
the red hood, Ripley, Robyn TSH, Roxanne,
RTBS, Safari Girl, Samiel, Sandy, Sarah W.,
Sasheer, Shadowslayer, Shannah,
Shehawken, Sita the Night Goddess,
Slave2Faith, SlayedMySelf, Sonja Marie,
Speedy, SpikeNip, Spooky Magoo,
squireboy, 'stina, Sunny D, SweePer,
SwingChickee, Talis, Tana, Taquitos,
Taster's Choice, TB, The Birthday Gnome,
Thistle, Thy Slayer, Tourogal, Trixie, TV
James, umbris, VaBuffyFan, Valjean 131,
valMichael, Viva Las Buffy, VT, willowjadia,
Witchy Woman, X-Lander, Zeus, Zomb,
Zoneerg, and Zu...



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Adulating Sychophant #58
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Bucka WOW Eliza Member #5
I am not Jeff K.
Stalkee of Angela's
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]Proud owner of an Apple G4 Titanium

78% pure

"King of the Urban Surfers"

Vita mea est sugere

Firm Believer in Rule #4

^ v
Genevieve's Lucie says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:26:25 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 04:35:23 2007
Evening, Beta.

Went out for Chinese. Spilled brown sauce all over my very pretty, very white shirt. Now I'm sleepy, scrolling and doing laundry. Whup tomorrow and day light savings is going to slay me ( I am so not a morning person ).

It's been much fun waxing nostalgic with all of you. I'm sure I will head off to dream land with pleasant Bronze and Bronze: Beta type thoughts in my head.

Thanks to Artie and Phoenix for this board.

*smooochies* to: newt, seniorslayer, tiggy, Denise, Carpe Di, Y_slaybelle, eirefaerie, Xanderella, paks, Cashmere, Christopher Marlowe, Hollyn, miller's angel Oh, I just know I'm forgetting someone.

Hi, greengirl. Hi, KAM.

Hello to: wolfguard, slayerdaddy, Algerina, Beldin, white wings, Jaan Quidam, Ojagwers, Corvus, Maverick, Adri, Kiba Rika, Dianne, Anne and DELiver, Lester'Creep'Crawley, DeAn, Myst, banshee...So many names. So little grey matter with which to recall them off the top of my head.

Django: *smooooch*



Okay, so I did say maybe.

Hellos to: OzLady, Prince of Lunacy, Petrona, valMichael, OldManFan, halfrek...

Thinking. Thinking.

Edited yet again. I swear I'm going to bed just as soon as the dryer stops.

Hi, Leather Jacket!

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:25:17 2007
Rileyx3 - Oh, but I always comment. That's what I do. You wouldn't want to spoil my fun, would you? <center> and </center>

Hollyn - Scroll down. She took it today. Again.

Professional Lurker, Terwillinger - Good to see you both.

newt - Well, I was grumbling, "How can you have Silver Surfer's introduction without Galactus?" But the effects looked cool. I saw it on the Apple Trailers site.

Hi, seniorslayer.

^ v
daphmax says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:24:41 2007
Happy Anniversary ya'll ...

^ v
Irishrose says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:24:37 2007
Ojagwers Very fond memories indeed!

White Wings I've been sick. But it's a good sick. If one can say such things. My body does not agree with pregnancy at all, but it's the only way to get the little roses. Fortunately, this will be the last! And he'll be here in 30 days!

^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:24:02 2007|
WOW I found my SO list. LOL

SOs to all here and then some: Absinthe, Adri, AjO, amorphia, Angeloudi, angelnbuffy, AngelStarr, Annie, Antipodean, Ascension, belmont, Blade, Brandi the Slayer, Boromir, BuBBle, Buffenta, Buffy Guy, Buffys Crossbow, buggo, Calen, Calypso, Carita, cats, chi, CHRIS, cian, Claris, clarrie, Clattering, coma girl, CYMru, Dalia, DarkLady, deadguy, DeAn, Destiny, devil, DreamingHawk, Drubie, Dunlin, Dusy, Eire, Eirinn, elusio, EmeraldC, Enchantress, Ergoshakes, Extra Flamey, fenric, Frodo, gin soaked boy, Gray, greeneyes, Groovychick, Jellybean, Jen15, Jenny68, Jinni, Jo Jo, Joseph Kiss, KAM, KANE, Karma, Kiba Rika, Kristen, Krow, Lady of Buffdom, Lady of the Lake, Leather Jacket, Legna, Lestat, LilBufBuf, Lotus, Lurker Beth, Mark the Guardian Angel of the Bronze, MeeB, Mel, Meridian, Mia, milkngiles, moppety, Motorcycle au pair Boy, Mr Whyt, mump, Myslayre, Mystery13, nessie, nevets, newfan, Nivea, NJ, NJ Wicca, Old One, Olivia, Ophelia, OzLady, Pam, Pandora78, pdx, Peace Fire, Phil PhuD, Polgara, Portia, Prince of Lunacy, proteus, pumpkin, Queen Maab, Rachie, Rags, Riley x 3, Safarigirl, SarahNicole, Sereph, Seska, Shanna, shehawken, ShyGirl, Slave2Faith, slayergrl99, SocKs, Starr, St.George, St.Germain, TaraAnyaKate4eva, TB, Teen AK, The Dreamer, The Huntress, The Librarian, The Sci-Fi Bard, tiggy, VaBuffyFan, violet, wanttoknow, Warlock. weeping willow, wiccachick, Xanderman007, Xanders Toy, X-Lander, Yooper, and Yummy. (If youre not here and you should be let me know.) :O)

BGB #3 Possessor of the whip cream and costume designer for the guys. Join us in the Gutter.

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BtVS Purity Test
60.1% btvs pure
39.9% btvs corrupt
Love Rating71%
Un-telligent Test61%
@$$ Test62% (OMJ!!! I saw the whole thing!!)
Purity Test72% pure

^ v
thumper says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:23:39 2007
Rx3 yes i let elf know too, tags I know it has been oh tooo long

Beldin Hey mate

Christopher Marlow [ I know I know I'm so not use to doing this any more \it making me feel old *weg*

the silly rabbit

^ v
KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:23:21 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 04:24:32 2007
Hello again,

tourogal: Indeed, and thank you. :)

white wings: I am sure I will get over it...wait, no I won't. But that doesn't mean I won't get along.

Beldin: Well, the same goes for me, but I only read one title regularly until I go to the comic store. I remember having $10 and spending all of it, and wishing I had more. The massive contrast between the spinner rack and the comic I said, glorious.

Hollyn: Saturdays are always tight, but we can figure something out...this week.

newt: I don't know--I find lego Star Wars pretty watch at least. I don't play it much myself. Everything is funnier in Lego form.

Ty King Fan

^ v
Anne says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:19:44 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 04:26:35 2007
Times uplets see how you did.

1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out?
Weatherly park
2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city?
3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook?
Sunnydale High '99 "The future is ours!"
4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999?
Michelle Blake and Holly Charleston.
5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Bonus if you know the demons name.
Delta Zeta Kappa Machida is the snake creature
6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale?
7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human?
8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'?
Rest in Peace
9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear?
10 Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday?
1 & 7

Yes, 4! E me above and I'll send you a pic if ya want to see her.
Yes, me and DEL were/are a Bronze romance. along with...

Big Hiyas and **HUGS**. Good to see you, even it you are lurking. *g* Love to the missus and sprout.

OK, I've gotten older and just cannot stay up like I used to. *sigh*

So glad I started watching Buffy, and stumbled in here after I got my comp a few yrs later. Met some wonderful and interesting ppl. And got me an unexpected perk: a hubby and baby. *LG*

SO's to all
Hugs to lots

See you in 10 years for the 20th! *G*

^ v
newt says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:18:24 2007
white wings: Wait, is that a spoiler for S8? I'm not reading it! I am spoiler free!
(So spoiler free I did not know there was a Season 8 ...) I can't decide whether to pre-order or call
my local comic book store.

mr. newt watches Bones. I like it, but can take or leave it. It's a nice job for Angel, though.

Adri: You mean you don't remember either? *g* and *smooooch* Where's
paks, anyway?

Beldin: I saw the preview! Not sure if it's going to be child-friendly, though, and
mr. newt was grumbling something - Silver Surfer's good? Silver Surfer's bad? I disremember.

KAM: I remember you saying that. I hope I haven't ruined the experience by taking him there.
He's also really into Lego Star Wars games on the computer, which is just strange to me. If you're going to
play Star Wars on the computer, why have the characters be Lego? It's like playing Lego Buffy. I don't get

I might actually have to go to bed myself, now that you've all kept me from getting any knitting done.

^ v
Rileyx3 says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:18:21 2007
oh yeah! how good was that 5th of mine!!!!! *weg*

adri hello and huge *huggles* to you!!!

kiba rika Hush is one of my faves too *s*

if only I could find that disk with my shout out list on it......

^ v
seniorslayer says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:17:52 2007
Peeks back in after a night at the local high school production of Grease...

Wow, reading all these posts really is making me nostalgic.

I can't even begin to match the genius of Xanderella's post, but I will say that finding this place introduced me to so many people who mean so much to me, and as white wings showed me a much wider world than the one I was accustomed to. (And no way can I touch eirefaerie's humor.)

But seeing this familiar black screen today was so sweet! I didn't find Buffy till about when Cashmere did, late in S3, but I didn't discover this place until S5 was over, or almost -- I'm a late adopter, for sure. Until then I'd sort of lurked around some AOL boards, which were mostly scary with the bad spelling and lots of incomprehensible abbreviations, and then I tried the UPN board -- which was sort of the same thing. And somehow, I don't even remember how, I found my way here.

And it was good. Except for the fact that I wished right away I'd given myself a different name, because this one, honestly, sucks. Anyway. There was discussion of the show! And quizzes! And poetry! And a feeling of community I didn't have at that time in my life anywhere else.

I wroet my first fanfic because of Algerina. I met my first Bronzers (or, to be honest, anyone from the Internet) because of SweePer. DAK and his lovely wife attended one of my book signings. Hello Cutie fed me and newt dinner. Dachelle convinced me to write something for the Dirty Bronzer Birds. white wings sent Peach (now a big girl of three) the loveliest baby booties ever. Being here led me to explore the 'net a little farther (or at least the Jossverse corner of it), and I've made wonderful friends because of it -- as Xanderella said, people I know will be lifelong friends.

I'm pretty sure that no show will ever be what BtVS was to me. Just like this place will always be incredibly special to me, Fifths, Calvinball, the BBs and all.

wolfguard I've published a couple of books now! And I have two more coming out this year, and three more in 2007. Yay! Look me up on Amazon or B& under "Amy Garvey."

Okay, we're losing an hour's sleep tonight, damn it. Off to bed for me. Happy Tenth, everyone!


^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:17:34 2007
KAT in the Dark Much as I would have loved to see James Marsters as Dresden, this Paul guy ain't too shabby.

My only real complaint is that the 'damsel in distress' is a bit repetitive.

I would recommend that you and your friend read the books, they are quite excellent and a good deal more action packed than the tv show.

^ v
4paws says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:16:25 2007
OK, gang, packing it in for the night.. but whee this has been so much fun!! Seeing all the names of yore, well, it makes me double my efforts to keep up with this place.. feeling better, and able to concentrate too helps :)
Closet Buffyholic-- ahh, your Peeps history will follow you! And as for turning 40, you young'un on our next BDay, I'll be hitting *gasp* 48! For some reason I just find it amusing that two more years will make 50, when I'm still mentally about 22 :)
ok, poofing.. see y'all later
4paws and the incredibly large bunch of furbabies

^ v
SlayerSteph aka The Roving Reporter says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:16:00 2007
Tiggy We definitely do! I'm actually solid on the job thing now, so my free time has opened up. I've been an awful friend to many! I was might be fun to arrange some kind of trip where a group of us get to meet up and go have fun...

Princess of Darkness Things are going really well! I got my Master's Degree in teaching and I'm a high school English/Theatre teacher. I've had an awesome first year and I'm looking forward to many more. PLUS I just scored a lead role in a new independent film, so I'm really excited about that too. What is new with you?

^ v
Terwilliger says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:13:15 2007
Lovely Poet: You could try busting out an unnumbered list of what bubbles up when you put thought into it and pare down. Or just abandon the list concept entirely and sporadically post "Remember that time _________ happened? That was awesome."

Jus' sayin'.


(I had a shout-out list once. Just the once.)

^ v
Professional Lurker says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:12:58 2007
Happy Tenth Anniversary Buffy! And the Bronze!

(Thanks, Tourogal, for reminding me of this.)

I'm so thrilled: everyone is here. It's so good to see all your names.

Lessee: how did I get started on Buffy?
I sat down to feed Lil Boy (then a newborn, now, well, ten), and turned on the TV just as Xander skateboarded onto "Welcome to the Hellmouth". Two hours later, I moved. Sleeping baby & I sat in the rocking chair & didn't even skip the commercials.

Over the years, I've succeeded in losing my lovely siggy with all its shout-outs & titles. Pretend I added it here: ...

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:12:08 2007
Beldin: I don't *think* so. I would assume she took that test long ago, but I could be wrong.

gg, KAM: Hmmm...possibly the 24th? Needn't worry about this summer; I will have no life until August anyway. *g*

newt! *HUGGLES*

*HUGS* to my cousinlet, Kiba!

tiggy: *wavies* Because I realized I hadn't done that yet. LOL


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:11:34 2007
nest == next

KAM, newt - I didn't have a comic book store. What I had was a couple of shelves in Thompson's Pharmacy and a carousel rack at a grocery store my Mom didn't shop at but I could occasionally get to.

Hi, CharlieX. Good to see you. Whatcha been up to? We need a marathon. How're Lil'Tree and Lil'Sprout?

^ v
Rileyx3 says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:11:16 2007
thumper did you send one to elfie I would try but my phone is certifiably nuts still! :D

beldin biteme, what is the tag for centreing? It has been ever so long (since buffy ended) since I have had had to use html tags! So my suckiness shouldn't be commented on by anyone! :p


^ v
KAT in the dark says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:11:15 2007|
wanders back in from doing her taxes.....

Boy am I glad that's done.

Christopher Marlow - Yeah. Harry is good to watch. :) A lady I work with watches too, and she was commenting how he falls in love so easy. LOL How about that smack he laid on Murphy?

Adri - You still around?

Anyone seen X-Lander????


^ v
white wings says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:07:48 2007
newt - *quiver* You still have an evil sense of humor. Fortunately I couldn't have houseguests. I have too many pictures scattered around, and can't have them messed up.

All I did was encourage you in your knitting (and feed the obsession). ;-)

Its a Shanshued Angel who is doing Bones, you know. It sort of goes on. *sniffle*

Season 8. I did just pre-order the first episode, having been spoiled on a certain point that has had me a trifle bitter since TGIQ.

KAM - I'm sorry for your loss, and that the grief is still so strong.

Hollyn - You don't have much longer to enjoy your soul, then. *g* Good luck with that. And don't move out of state.

Lovely Poet - I still remember your essay in defense of spelling.

Ojagwers - Is so.

Menomegirl - Well, yes, there was The Chocolate.

Adri - Heee! to the frantic cleaning.

^ v
tourogal says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:06:41 2007
greengirl! KAM! (you guys get congrats, no?)

dao jones! moppety! lovely poet!

pro lurk! where are you?


^ v
CharlieX says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:05:37 2007
possible drive-by

Hi folks. Lots of people here I haven't seen in ages. Maybe there is something to this reunion thingy after all. *g* I saw horizon earlier but where's Haven ? Can't have one without the other, now can we?

*poof!* ??

CharlieX le Desincarne
"Love makes you do the wacky"
"Gosh....Look at those"
"Just relax....and take off your pants"
If you're not're not paying attention
Ammo.....the currency of the New Millenium
PHBA Co-founder
Proud WPWP #700
Live Journal
Purity Test
Real Radio
One of Marti's Minions, Jane's Junkies
AIM = CharlieX1
MSN Messenger = CharlieX

^ v
drunkenfairy says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:04:38 2007
Xanderella Yes! We did have a body shot experience. *g* How could I ever forget? Not active on LJ really, but I'm thinking I should check it out.

KAM Thank you for your well thought out, interesting posts. :)

^ v
OldManFan says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:03:37 2007
It was a great reunion, but it's time to go...


^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:03:15 2007
Corvus - My eldest neice was 11. She's graduated from college and gotten a job. My youngest neice was 9. She's in her second year of college.

Rileyx3 - c? What kinda tag is a c? *g*

Hi, Thumper.

Lovely Poet - Good to see you again, she who interviewed DB.

newt - Didja know the nest Fantastic Four movie is going to be "The Rise of the Silver Surfer"?

^ v
KAM says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:02:59 2007
Hello again,

Hollyn: What gigi says.

newt: What, he's not describing each frame to you? Star Wars...not bad. Overwhelmed at the comic store? I would think so. I remember vividly the first time I ever set foot in a comic-book store (having just learned the day before such a thing existed). It was like I had found where I belonged. Of course I was 13, and comic stores were few and far between...simpler times. :)

Ty King Fan

^ v
FSM CDMan says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:02:44 2007
Great Evening All!

Crack of 8:00 just hit here in LA and I
(geekishly) started "Welcome to the
Hellmouth" on my television. Going to
backtrack a bit and see who has been here...


^ v
Algerina says:
(Sun Mar 11 04:01:58 2007
The Berserker and I have to be up at 5am and due to daylight savings time that is only 6 hours from now. So I must say "Good Night!

This has been a wonderful day. Seeing all the old faces. A Anne/Deliver Quiz. All the memories.

On one sad note I can't keep thinking how much Gray would have loved this. I miss him so much. I am sure he is looking down on all of us.

Sleep now.

^ v
slayerdaddy says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:58:59 2007
Battlestar Galactica Behind the Scenes

^ v
buggo says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:57:26 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:58:30 2007
Beldin yep 15.... i was just a wee tot. I caught on quick though. It was the bronze that taught me html... which lead to webdesign, which lead to graphic design, which lead to photography, which is where i am now. It all started here....
glad it wasnt obvious to everyone just how yuong i was then.

visit me on liveJournal (buggo1056)
who I heading towards her bed, as she was to work 11 hours tomorrow photographing small children and their parents...

but just for a little while.

happy anniversary all!!!!!

^ v
greengirl says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:57:00 2007
hello again!

hollyn-well all i know is that we are busy next weekend, but i have no plans for any other weekends until June, when i have work stuff start intruding on my summer weekends. so just let us know when you can make it and we will do something...

Closet Buffyholic-CB!CB! i hear you aren't in the area anymore. have fun taking another bar exam! :)


^ v
Adri says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:56:45 2007
Denise: Ack! The weevilness of it all! *dashes into the Acme Cleansing and Shining Biosphere to eliminate the RedPelican pixie dust* *g*

newt: There's a joke about me and Narrator? Also, *smooTch*

^ v
Menomegirl says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:55:52 2007
Edited: Sun Mar 11 03:56:47 2007
tiggy-Hmmm...maybe it was more along the lines of me taking a longish time to read your posts and thinking about them while y'all were posting. I'd look back and be all ???? and feeling like I'd never understand how it worked. :)

white wings-Of course. There was chocolate, as I recall. :) Besides, I always wanted to come out of some closet for some reason somewhere. *eg*

^ v
Beldin says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:54:04 2007
Hi, Rileyx3.

Hollyn - You and Closet Buffyholic were tested for ethics on the same day? I'd love to see those scores. *g*

^ v
newt says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:53:52 2007
KAM: Hey there. He is though he's gone into a Star Wars obsession lately and is
reading a zillion and one Star Wars books that I never knew existed. I finally took him to a comic book
store and he bought himself a Batman comic and a Silver Surfer comic (that was mr. newt's favorite.) I can't
remember if I already told you all this. He was pretty overwhelmed! He has started reading the comics in
the paper, which is pretty cute, and is in the thrall of Peanuts at the moment. He insists on reading them
aloud to me I keep trying to explain that it's a visual medium. *g*

^ v
Kiba Rika says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:53:51 2007
So I bought the Season 4 set tonight and just watched Hush. It turns out I had much of the episode memorized despite not having seen it in years.

Here's a link to a comic I made back when Buffy ended foreshadowing my purchase (now 4 years later!) of these DVDs - quick context: my friends and I play D&D and the latest happenings on Buffy were a common side topic of conversation, providing much frustration to my boyfriend Will, who was DMing for us at the time.

Buffy Lives On...

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:53:42 2007
Gosh Anne is she 4? Time has flown.
Is DELiver speaking American yet after all these years? You two were a Bronze romance if I recall.

LOL, It's nice to see you.

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:53:01 2007
Thumper Too bad, but a European vacation is an acceptable substitute. *g*

I'm doing fine. Getting a real workout with the scrolling today than I've had in ages.

^ v
Ojagwers says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:52:36 2007
Posting my SO list again today, in honor of the 'versary ...

Good afternoon and SOs to all here, especially but not only abt, Algerina, Amarra, amystar, angela, Aramina, Artie, AussieBullDog, Bossy the Cow, cabin7dad, Captain Chaos, CaughtNtheQuiet, Christopher Marlowe, Dachelle, DaddyCatALSO, Django, Dogmeat, Foot Tapper, Genevieve's Lucie, Glow Boy, GothicAvenger, halfrek, Hollyn, Holy Water, HumVee, Irishrose, Jaan Quidam, Jocasta, judas, k8cre8, KAM, Kiba Rika, Leather Jacket, loop, lostinamerica, lucille, Luv_Lux, Major Wiggins, Maverick, Menomegirl, Morella, Mr. Holtz, MozzarellaDemon, newt, Niblet, Nirvana 1, Old One, OldManFan, paks, Peace Fire, Pfeifferpack, Phoenix, redwitch, Rikki, roja, Serina, ShadowQuest, Shan, SheBit, speare, Trinity, valMichael, Watcher's Pet, white wings, wolfguard, Xanderella and everybody else!

Holy Whedonia, I don't remember the last time it took me an hour to read half a day's worth of posts -- Happy Buffyversary indeed!

Xanderella, hello! Love your "Lord of the Slayers," or "Buffy of the Rings" or whatever you call it! Please come back more often!

MozzarellaDemon, please come back more often, too!

k8cre8, RSOs to you also!

newt, smooches unto you!

Irishrose, I'm glad you remember those epic posting discussions fondly. So do I. Speaking of which ...

white wings, is not :)

DarkLady, Allyson, congratulations on the public presentation -- hope it went great -- looking forward to seeing the doc and reading the book as soon as they are available!

sweick, "Grey's Anatomy" has angst and sex and blood (well, I don't watch it, but so I hear) -- that should be enough. Actually, Marti Noxon was giving a talk somewhere and discussed a conversation with her then-four-year-old, who'd seen at least Marti's part of "Once More, With Feeling." Apparently very concerned by these questions, the child asked, "But Mommy, *why* no parking? *Why* no underwear?" I would have loved to hear the answers ...

Poof ...


^ v
Lovely Poet says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:48:36 2007
Drive by posting of the "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" vareity.

Ten years... jeebus. I was going to attempt to post some sort of special anniversary top ten list, but after staring at the comment window for nearly and hour, I think I've lost the touch.

Go ahead and just insert your own ten favorite memories right here.

I'm just going to wave to all the old familiar names and be every so glad that a little show about vampires made it to TV. Because it brought me to the Bronze... and the Bronze changed my life for so much the better.


*Leaves... possibly in a Ty King kind of way... who knows*

^ v
Thumper says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:45:09 2007
Rx3 Yeah it was me, who else I dropped a MS to B and L as well.

Christopher Marlowe No I missed him I was in the UK at the time, I was pretty bummed about the timing but hey my european holiday was pretty fantanstic so I can't complian. How are u?

R.D. Mate eating dingos I thought we cured you of that while you were here see i even got the dots in just this once

Hi helygen, Jaan Quidam, valMichael

How I became a bronzer I started watch Buffy from ep 1 but only because I was waiting on stagate starting on the same night here (I was hanging for it), I watched very ep butI did not realize how badly I was hooked untill channel seven took it off air midway through season 2 right after angulus killed Jenny I went nuts looking for anything and everything Buffy and I ended up at the Bronze. Shift worker and student at the time I was a LOSER and Coffee Cluber well into the OZ night.

the silly bunny
and for old time sake i didn't spell check *weg*

^ v
Christopher Marlowe says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:45:07 2007
Geez, my scrolling is so out of practice.

seniorslayer How is the publishing going?

^ v
Rileyx3 says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:44:23 2007
I forgot to say this
[c]Happy 10th Anniversary!!![/c]

^ v
Corvus says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:44:11 2007
VT !!!!
Hey Girl!

RSO buggo

Old fogie? I'd say fogie, were not old yet. *g* Though my Nephew is graduating from High School this year.

^ v
Anne says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:44:05 2007
How's everyone doing with the quiz? *G* been a while...I think 4 years, right after we had Fussmonkey, DEL quit doing them. He worked 3rd shift, and I had a wingey newborn and was just too tired. *sigh*

Dao Jones-
I also hope to get into nursing school in the fall. *g* Good Luck!

As always, good to see you. **HUGS**

It's been AGES!! You were one of the first Bronzers in my siggy. Good times back then.

LOL. He still remembers sending them. At least you got some use of them. :)

Quiz answers in 30 or so.

^ v
Hollyn says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:43:55 2007
white wings: Just took the ethics exam this morning. So other than a few journal incorps & about a month more of the judicial externship, there's not much more than the Bar itself.

Closet Buffyholic: See, you're scaring me that I'm going to have to go through it again and again like some recurring nightmare! LOL Thanks! Apparently, people in Illinois are much more optimistic about passing than people in California, so everyone seems to think I'll do just fine. A word of advice, don't change to a fourth state. ;)

KAM: I'm thinking it means you & greengirl need to start seeing what Saturdays are open. :) Better weather = road trip!

CNQ: Ah. I wasn't sure if it was in response to that or my lime fruit water & wheat thins, because that would have really made me wonder.


1. What is the name of the park where most of the vampires hang out? Sunnydale Park - they weren't very creative with names *g*
2. In what year did Sunnydale have an earthquake that buried the city? Like when that temple that Willow was trying to raise up was buried? I have no idea
3. What is the message on the cover of the gangs yearbook? Another One Bites the Dust
4. Who were the joint homecoming queens of 1999? Two annoyingly giggly girls who were not Buffy & Cordelia
5. What was the name of the fraternity that worshipped a snake demon? Bonus if you know the demons name. I know it wasn't Phi Alpha Delta.
6. How many cemeteries are there in Sunnydale? Just one big cemetary that spans the whole town
7. Who is the woman Spike (or William the Bloody, as we was then known as) was in love with when he was human? Cecily/Halfrek
8. Name the song Spike sings (on his own) in 'Once More With Feeling'? Rest in Peace
9. In which episode did the Crimslaw Demon appear? Whichever episode also had the Coleslaw Demon
10. Which seasons did not have an episode about Buffy's birthday? Not very many


^ v
fruiner says:
(Sun Mar 11 03:43:53 2007
Happy 10th to Buffy & the Bronze.

ok bye.

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